All 14 ecological restoration projects in the Bohai Sea passed the acceptance

Original title: All 14 ecological restoration projects in the Bohai Sea passed the acceptance of July 30, the reporter learned from the Provincial Natural Resources Department that the Ocean Ecological Repair Project of the Bohai Comprehensive Management of Liaoning Province completed the acceptance work of vegetation planting. At this point, the 14 ecological restoration projects of the Bohai Comprehensive Management of the Bohai Sea in Liaoning Province are all accepted.

Liaoning Province Bohai Comprehensive Management Attacking Ecological Repair Project Mountain, Longgang, Xingcheng Liuhekou, Sui San Anchorage Bay, Dalian Pulandan Bay, Dalian Bay, etc. Development and natural disasters caused by marine ecological environment, such as wetland, damage, shore-beach line damage. During the ecological repair, Liaoning Province adheres to the ecological problem-oriented, according to the guarantees of ecological security, highlighting the ecosystem function, and has deployed 14 projects, and has deployed 14 projects to restore the wetland, repair the coastline, Improve the target of marine resources and ecological value, ensuring that the scale of the coastal wetland project is not less than 1900 hectares, and the shore shore beach rectification repair length is not less than 30 kilometers. Through the implementation of the cultured surrounding wedding, the other structures cleaning, tide dredging and other measures, restore the repair of coastal wetlands, improve the marine water dynamic environment, and achieve a good cycle of marine ecosystems, a class and two kinds of excellent water quality area are significantly increased. During the implementation of the project, the first establishment of "Ministry of Supervision, Provincial Politics, Municipal Implementation" work program, strengthening organizational coordination, implementing responsibility, overall management, and establishing an ecological repair new pattern.

As of the end of last year, Liaoning Province repaired the coastal wetland hectares, completion rate; rectification repair shore line kilometers, completion rate%. According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Natural Resources Department, the next stage, Liaoning Province will further strengthen project supervision and management, and track the ecological repair effect of the Bohai Board, ensuring that the project has achieved better ecological benefits, economic benefits and social benefits.

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