“Brother Bingxuan?Why are you here?”Tu Cancan recognized who the person is at the moment,Asked in surprise。

“you know?”Xia Chenglong whispered。
Tu Cancan nodded,Of course she knows,The young man of the Tu family,Have a high position in the whole family,Almost as a master trained as the next generation of patriarchs。
The key is that their relationship is pretty good。
“YoYo,I didn’t expect you to be alive,It seems this guy is a little capable,Can bring you here。”
Xia Chenglong is not interested in the chat between the two,Also not interested in how he is here,He wants to know if the other party threatens him。
Whether he is a genius of Tujia,Or Tu Cancan’s brother,Once the other party wants to do something with him,There is only one result。
now,Tu Bingxuan turned his eyes to Xia Chenglong,Did not speak,But look up and down carefully。
“I heard that a master appeared in Lingxiao City some time ago,Solved the president of the Warrior Association within 50 strokes,Compare it to you!”
From the moment he entered here,Already felt the attributes of the aura in his body,This is the right to stand in front of him and speak。
Tu Bingxuan smiled:“Don’t be surprised,What I practice is ice attributes,Here is my home court,Perceive more naturally。”
“What do you want?”Xia Chenglong asked directly。
Tu Bingxuan smiled again:“When my butcher held an ancestor worship,You should be the one who made the sudden move!”