The place where the fairy lives in Namtso

The place where the fairy lives in Namtso

Namtso is very far away. He left the city of Lhasa for more than 200 kilometers. He spent the time imagining it in the snow-capped mountains and grasslands. He passed through a valley, yak and flock, tents and ghee, singing pastoral songs.It seems that because of the strong atmosphere of the human world, the missing Namtso is still far away.

  ”Where to go,” the little girl in the same car asked impatiently.

  ”To the horizon, to the place where the fairy lives.” The young mother stared at the child and then said, “Namucu, don’t be sorry for us.”

No, I said that although I haven’t seen Namtso, but in the pen of many people, Namtso has shown its charm.

But after I said it, my heart was not enough. I can’t guarantee that Namtso could make me marvel. Because of Shenhu, we can make it too much imagination and hope.

  Arriving at the Nagan Pass at an altitude of more than 5,000 meters, the car could not climb.

We got off the bus, the wind of the plateau blew the mountain, it picked up your clothes and blows your hair, as if you can raise your hand and fly.

When we pulled our hands and climbed to the mountain pass, everyone exclaimed: Namtso, the Namtso in the sky!

At the foot of the snow-capped mountains, in the place surrounding the pastures and flocks, it connects the gaps of the grasslands and the sky.

  Have you seen the movie “Dream Come True”?

It uses virtual methods to bring the beauty of people’s imagination to heaven, and now heaven is not far from us. It is so real and not in the face of it. It is more than the paradise of imagination.More ethereal, more distant.

It is 4,718 meters above sea level and covers an area of 1920 square kilometers. It is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet.

  After a strong tremor in the heart, we can’t wait to pounce on it.

  There is no road on the grassland. We followed the coach in front of the foreigner and turned to the rut to arrive at the place where it should be.

The road to the grassland seems to have no end, and Namtso is so unreachable that it is clearly in front, but we are not able to walk by it.

It is so big, so deep, but it is covered with some swamps around it, you can only land on a certain section of its shore.

In a certain array, we stopped the car, in the middle of the infinite grass, I was confused, I don’t know how to go.

The driver stood on the roof of the car and looked at the coach that we were squatting behind. We said that there was no shadow of the car. The grassland above appeared like this. We felt the mystery of the Shenhu Lake.

  Namtso, who was in front of him, only really came to the front of the grassland around it after more than 30 kilometers.

The lake is wide and distant, like a crescent moon, embracing the grassland and cuddling the snowy mountains.

Near the lake, the blue light flashed, and the waves rolled to the shore, and the sand was washed away. I grabbed a stone by the lake and I wanted to swallow it.

The lake in the distance is submerged in the clouds of smoke, just to answer the bitter question of the little girl, the fairy is in the clouds, sitting under the lake.

  According to the custom of Tibetan tradition, in the Year of the Sheep, Nanmu will be connected in a circle, which is a pilgrimage to the Year of the Goat.

There are countless piles of horses on the lakeside, and there are countless people who want to turn to the lake. The reefs on the lake are also engraved with the six-character mantra of “嗡呗我咪哞”.

Now is not the season to turn to the lake, no one sells souvenirs, no guides, no merchandise, everything is original, use your life to feel the lake of God.

  No melancholy, no sadness, no impetuousness, a transparent heart like crystal, red jumping in the sun, red dust road has been left on the side of the Nagan Pass, you found that you are so simple for the first time, do not need to prayDon’t forget to forget that familiar life is like the past.

You didn’t think about boating on the lake, nor did you want to become a fish in the lake. You just want to be an eagle. After flying, you can guard the reef.

Namtso has no human creations and does not require human imagination to enrich it.

Namtso does not need language. It is in a place where a wide crowd is a place where Su Shi wants to fly by the wind. It is the cleansing place of the world, and it is the end of the world.

  I sat by the lake and couldn’t find the proper language to tell the mystery of Namtso and the immortality of the beautiful fireworks.

I just read the names of some people and said: I went to Namtso, I went to Namtso.

  I admire those foreigners. They set up tents by the lake, leisurely watching the lake and listening to the lake.

And we can only embark on the road of return after a short hug.

A feeling of leaving behind, a feeling of wanting to look back, as if it is the love of Namtso, so reluctant, so unforgettable.

  More than 30 kilometers of grassland road, I kept looking back, Namucuo blue is more and more incredible, every time I look back, I am shocked and jumped as follows: Hey, that blue!

  Once again, standing in the mountain pass, once again staring at the gaze, making a final farewell to the paradise of life.

At that moment, I felt heartbroken, Namtso!