“Night,I will know that your guy cheats.,You just used the mind to make the picture carton.!”

“fart,Laozi’s technology is so good,Is it cheating?,A bald area,Taking me for many years of game technology,I am not a minute.。”
Just in the black sperm in the mind,Describe your own vibration arm,When the boss’s perfect picture,A figure suddenly hits him,Directly put his entire body into the wall。
And just inadvertently attached to the night of Si Yu,It feels behind that there seems to have no pain came from hitting.,Seeing the black briquette is completely embedded in the wall,Just act as a back。
But at this time, the night is not much.,Because the bald head is already ready to delete the game record,Plan to destroy the evidence of the three wins just five games。
“Your bald head is really inspirable.,Want to do it is,Eat Laozi!”
Dragon Ball World Practice Game Technology,That is to hang the bald head toward one day,Now he is hard to win once.,Naturally, it will not let the bald head succeed。
So the game,Soon, I evolved into a real derived.,Qi Yu’s hand just hit the game’s delete file,I suddenly felt that it is a crazy strike.,Then he was directly flying directly.。
And this punch,Can be more than that of Qi Yu just,The body of the bald flying directly crashed into the wall of the room.,It became a meteor to fly away from the distance。
And the night is also instantly igniting blue airlamps,Super blue storm,Directly swept everything in the house,Subsequently, the body is also taken out.,Packed the Qiyu flying out before。
And the moment of blue airlane broke out in the night,The picture in Jenos is constantly jumping out of the red pop-up window.。
A bunch of high energy warnings,Continuous let Jenos keep the distance from each other,Energy response to each other,Already exceeded the operating limit of the computer!
Before“Warfare”after,Jenos’s equipment,It’s updated here.,Especially the force calculator,Is Jenostere Doboto Los Update。
But now Jienos sorrow discovery,No matter the speed of his war computing device update,,It seems that the speed of the strength and the power of the night, and the power limit of the teacher who can’t calculate the teacher.。
Looking at the nights like the explosion,Jenos is naturally not hesitant,Data compared to the game with Qi Jade,Jenos absolutely practical data clearly helps him more help。
As for the sweetness of the stove in the room, the black sperm,At this time, it is facing each other.。
They didn’t think of dreaming,Playing a fighting game,Actually, I’m playing with a real person.?
Black sperm looks at the far away Siyu and Night,Take a look at the sweetness of the side,The eyes are turned,Thinking now,Suitable for running?
Take the war of Qi Yu with the night,If you have discovered yourself by the other party,Then the consequences can naturally know,So after thinking,Black refinement or feel this kind of good opportunity,To save the next door
Being a punch,Make free falls in the air,But soon, I’ve been chasing the night.。
And a hammer that has been in the night’s eyes directly to the bald head,Let the light head free fall speed,Directly suddenly the third universe speed,Take the ground directly to the ground。
And look at the huge crater that appears on http://www.wffsj.cn the ground,Night in the air figure instantly dismissed,Brew into a large number of sandstorms。
at the same time,Heroes Association Headquarters Headquarters,The huge energy impact is detected at this time.,Judgment should be a geek disaster.。
“coordinateX666,Y666,Reaction according to energy reactions,Speculative disaster level is“Dragon”,But this value is still rapidly rising!”
The emergence of dragon-level disasters,I am alarmed the Heroes Association’s West,And see the coordinates of disasters,Xiqi is also tightly frowning,Because that position is actuallyZcity。
Chapter 945 Also become a strong bald head
If it is before,Monster happeningZcity,This will not make people feel strange.,Because it is itself a geek number area。
But since the war of the Ark Association,Showing terrorism will be better than the http://www.youzhihuagui.cn goddess race,NightlyZcity,Has been a blame’s penalty area。
And because of this reason,ZCity from the original high-risk area,Changed the high price area with ground prices。
But nowZcity,Actually there is a dragon-level energy reaction,In other words, the dragon level may appear.,Even the monsters。
“Notify Miss No. 18,ZLong-level disasters in the city,Her chance of her exhibition is coming。”
Xiqi did not think,Today, I just promised the 18th.,I suddenly appeared a dragon level today.。
To know“Dragon geek”Not a big cabbage?,Generally this kind of geeks,It is very few,
And this level of geeks,Usually evenSLevel hero does not necessarily handle。
But the strength of today’s 18th,Give a sufficient confidence in Xiqi,The same is not ordinarySLevel hero can be comparable。
But look at the continuous improved http://www.bomexsolar.cn energy response on the screen,Xichen hesitated,Still let people notify itSLevel hero’s throttle dragon roll and hell’s blow。
Xiqi’s idea is simple,If the 18th can solve the dragon-level disaster alone, it is nature.,If not,Also have a thrilling dragon, their level of insurance。
As for the new hero association,At this time, I also detected it.ZCity huge energy reaction,And also quickly responded quickly。
Self-defense team captain Axus、Original Heroes AssociationSLevel hero metal bat、Papo master lightning,Magnolio high,Four team leaders also wear a big pile of new hero associations,Ready to go to disaster location。
Although the weirdo appeared in this period of time,But most of them are a row of rivals.,Even ghosts are very small。