4 cars in Haimen let the alert ambulance, Nantong Net

On the 10th, in the streets of the slightly chilly sea, there was a uncomfortable scene: 4 owners did not pee with the ambulance, warm the city.

At 1 o’clock in the afternoon, a fire lamp, the fire light, the ambulance of the alarm, the Jiefang Road, the east of the east, and the long-distance West, I met the red light, and there were several vehicles waiting for the traffic to block the road. . At this time, in front of the ambulance, the Su Fa831k, Su F5z902, Su F5Z902, Su FC2X34 three vehicles were taken in a more standard "45 degrees to make the line", and the Su Ff7k98 also took the initiative.

A few cars made a channel for the ambulance for ambulance. Subsequently, the ambulance passed smooth and quickly passed the intersection.

The ambulance that is performing the task is carrying life, and the channel that 4 drivers makes it a passage of life. After receiving the information sent by the ambulance driver, the Haimen Traffic Police Brigade received the intersection of the intersection, and said to the four drivers who took the initiative to take the ambulance "Thank you", and call on the general public to encounter urgent experience. When the ambulance, fire truck, police car, and engineering rescue truck, it is necessary to take the way, which is active, which is not only an embodiment of personal literacy, but also a high degree of urban civilization.

Chen Feng reporter Chen Yadong Chen Jing.