Insulin1Type diabetes patient,The consequences are very bleak。We don’t want to see similar tragedy.。I hope everyone can formally insulin the role。certainly,Insulin is not always so beautiful,Inappropriate use of insulin,Sufficient insulin dose is too large,At that time, it may cause hypoglycemia.。Hyperglycemia,Low blood sugar will also be,And the speed of the destination will be faster。so,Reasonable use of insulin is the treatment under the guidance of a doctor1Key to diabetes。

Unfortunately,Vast majority1Type diabetes patients have not yet obtained regular effective treatment,This number may be hundreds of thousands or even more,This requires a long-term effort。Especially these1Most of patients with diabetes are children,More need parents’ attention。
I was brushed by a news for two days.,Dr. Li’s brain touched some treatment details(Factual brain supplement,Wales only,Inadvertently hurt anyone)。
One22Years old woman was urgently sent to the hospital emergency rescue room!
According to news reports,When the patient was sent to the rescue room,A coma,Blood pressure is only95/37Hg,Double-side pupils, etc.5,The emergency department of the medicine doctor quickly took blood for her。
The emergency doctor is most afraid of a coma patient,Dr. Li repeatedly introduced you.,certainly,stomach ache、Chest pain is also the most emergency doctor’s headache,Because these symptoms may be deeply hidden by fatal causes,And it is not necessarily to pull out for a long time.。
Coma is also the same。
There is a mouthful in the line:Low low heart lobe,Epilepsy interpretation of urine。Short ten words,But it covers common causes that will lead to a coma.。They said this。
Blood gas analysis、Liver and kidney function、Electrolyte、Blood routine、Coagulation、Bloodfluorfinum、Blood sugar detection,I still have a patient’s urine,Urinary routine、Urine sugar、Urindenant。
Waiting for results,Emergency doctors are not idle,On the one hand, reduce blood sugar in insulin,On the one hand, active fast replenishment。Use insulin to understand,Insulin is like a key,After entering the human body,Can drive glucose into cell utilization,Glucose will not be crowded in the blood vessel,Thereby reducing blood sugar inside the blood,Cells also get glucose utilization,Two full beauty。
Why do my daughter use insulin??Parents ask。
Such high blood sugar,Only insulin can quickly reduce blood sugar,Can maximize cerebral edema、Organ failure and other issues。The doctor explained a sentence。
Is insulin not addictive??Parents are very worried。
Will not。Patients lack insulin will be sick,It seems that the stomach is hungry.。Supplemental insulin is eating。
The result is very fast.,Blood gas analysis tips“Metabolic acidosis”、blood sugar30ol/L,The emergency doctor was scared,Preliminary diagnosis“Diabetes ketoacidosis”。
Look,SkullCTI don’t have to do it.,Because the patient’s coma is obvious。Such high blood sugar,Such an acoustic environment,It may cause a coma at any time.。
Diabetes is most often listening2kind,A kind of call1Type diabetes,Another kind of call2Type diabetes,Actually2Type diabetes is most common,Tens of millions of tens of millions of diabetes,95All2Type diabetes,Mainly insulin resistance or lack of insulin,Most of the middle-aged disease。1Type diabetes is young、Children are on the disease,Mainly because of islet damage caused by autoimmune,Cannot continue secretion of sufficient amount of insulin,Causes high blood sugar,Such patients may not know how to have diabetes,Wait until excessive intake sugar(Diet is irregular)、Or when the cause of severe infection, the acute concurrency of diabetes will be induced.
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It seems that your daughter is the same,Diabetes ketoacidosis occurred,I know that I have diabetes.。Doctor continues。
Doctor explains,This is an acute complication of diabetes,There may be infection、Renal Failure、Acute liver damage, etc.,It will endanger life,Must be rescued immediately。
Given the critical condition,Urgently transferICUtreatment。
ICUNurse found,The patient’s blood is milky white,It is rare in young people.。This is the original words of the news,Does this still have to be investigated?。
And why does the female patient have ketoacidosis??
Inquiry,I know that the patient has recently been drinking milk tea.,Drink a lot of milk tea,Must take a large amount of sugar,Causes the blood glucose in the body is too high,Naturally, ketoacidosis。Very likely this young girl itself1Type diabetes,I don’t know if I have.。
Generally,1Type diabetes patients themselves have a tendenzone,In other words, this complication may occur when it is slightly unspeakable.。in addition,Many incentives can cause ketoacidosis,The most common is to infect,Whether it is a lung infection,Urologous infection is still infection in other parts。also,Interrupt insulin treatment also induces ketoacidosis,Various stress、Alcohol and some drugs(Glucocorticoid, etc.)It may also induce ketoacidosis。
When the patient knows that he is possible because of drinking too much milk tea and other drinks,High blood glucose is too high,Its blood is almost turned into“Sweet drink”Wait,Regret,And said that it will actively cooperate with medical treatment。This is also the principle of press。
However, if the specific patient is drinking milk tea to induce ketoache acid poisoning, it cannot be found.,But for one1Type diabetes patients,Diet is irregular、Excessive intake sugar、It is not right to use insulin hypoglycemic without regularity.,Even if you don’t have problems today,I have problems tomorrow。Even today is not a milk tea,The day after tomorrow may also be induced by ice cream。In short,No formal understanding、Formal treatment,Patients are exposed“Snipe”Under the muzzle。
Patient finally escape,Revolve。
The key is two,We also mentioned before.,An insulin,Another large amount of hydraulics。Because of patients with diabetic ketoacidosis, severe hyperglycemia、Hypertrophone、Various acidic substances accumulate and cause permeability diuretic,The ketone is discharged from the lungs to take a lot of water,The patient may have a bad appetite without having to eat, and there is a lot of moisture.,Therefore, the patient is generally very short of water.,Must give a lot。
Discharge,The doctor also explained the patient and his parents.,Insulin is used for a long time,It may even need to use life.。This is not a drug!This is not addictive。But the patient is inside islet cells in vivo or immunized.,Can not produce insulin yourself。The only hormone that can lower blood sugar is insulin,No insulin,Blood sugar will of course rise,Diabetes can’t control。
Insulin is life!
So it takes long-term use of insulin.。