China @ 四川 | In the face of the risk of zerozoat cases, what is the immunity after winter?

  · "Xinhua Daily Telecom" reporter Xie Jie on December 10, there were 6 cases of new local cases in the country, including 4 in Sichuan, 2 cases in Heilongjiang. Chengdu epidemic, the source is still investigating.

After the winter, new crown pneumonia faults have diagnosed a case, affecting national sight. People can not help but worry, will winter neoguan pneumonia will come back? How to correctly understand the current domestic immunity? Where is the anti- confidence? To come from science.

Recently, Zhang Wenhong, director of the Infect Director of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, said to the media, in the process of close contact person in recent patients, found the overall route, rarely happening. After the second generation case, there will be few three generations, four generations, this is a feature of Shanghai epidemic.

  Wu Zunyou, chief expert Wu Zunyu, who was "how to prevent and control the autumn and winter epidemic" forum, the overall judgment, even in autumn and winter epidemics, my country will never have a serious new coronary pneumonia epidemic like Wuhan. Where is the anti- confidence? To come from an epidemic attitude.

After the Shanghai citizens encountered the dissection of the case, there is no panic, and everyone is very strictly wearing masks, keeps social distance, washing hands, this is also one of the reasons why Shanghai has no expansion. Since this year, public transportation in Chengdu has always insisted that it is not to wear masks. In the hottest summer, if someone does not wear a mask, the bus driver will never start the vehicle.

Wear mask, measurement temperature, canteen is not gathering, and the green code of the entry is in the present, and these common sense is branded in the public, and it is implemented in daily behavior.

Therefore, while Chengdu is working well on the prevention and control, the city is still busy, the business is still prosperous, showing a stable and orderly side. Where is the anti- confidence? To prevent and control from the epidemic control system. At present, the epidemic prevention and control has four "whit yet", that is, the prevention and control system has not changed, the partitioned grading should have not changed slightly, and the mechanism of the police and the police, the mechanism of the corner is not changed, obeying the masses of the big world The foundation has not changed. In contrast the difficulties in the beginning of the year, our current experience is getting more and more abundant, and the anti-prevention materials are increasing, and the compressive capacity and circulation order of the entire economic operation are getting better and better. The whole society deals with the substance reserves and spirit of the epidemic. More and more improved, these conditions can bring people confidence.

  Of course, the epidemic prevention experts have not been sentenced, and my country’s epidemic prevention and control has two pressure: First, the reason is similar to Beijing Xinfadi market, Wuhan Hua Nan seafood market is unknown to outstad, Overseas input risks continue to increase.

  This requires the whole society to first need to defend, to treat overseas inputs, including people, things, cold chains, etc., let the wearing masks, hardworship, keep social distances, etc., the physical isolation belt in the living environment; second It is necessary to control. If you are discovered, you will completely isolate your admission, quickly screen your source, build the physical isolation wall in secondary communication.

  Since this year, many cities such as Beijing, Qingdao respond to the experience of distributed cases, most of the route of viral spread, all cut through effective prevention and control measures.

Epidemic prevention and control requires a sensitive reaction, but it does not have to be too tight. Where did the anti-vlastness after winter? It has to be tightened by the people of the people, working together, and cultivation of the disease.


4 cars in Haimen let the alert ambulance, Nantong Net

On the 10th, in the streets of the slightly chilly sea, there was a uncomfortable scene: 4 owners did not pee with the ambulance, warm the city.

At 1 o’clock in the afternoon, a fire lamp, the fire light, the ambulance of the alarm, the Jiefang Road, the east of the east, and the long-distance West, I met the red light, and there were several vehicles waiting for the traffic to block the road. . At this time, in front of the ambulance, the Su Fa831k, Su F5z902, Su F5Z902, Su FC2X34 three vehicles were taken in a more standard "45 degrees to make the line", and the Su Ff7k98 also took the initiative.

A few cars made a channel for the ambulance for ambulance. Subsequently, the ambulance passed smooth and quickly passed the intersection.

The ambulance that is performing the task is carrying life, and the channel that 4 drivers makes it a passage of life. After receiving the information sent by the ambulance driver, the Haimen Traffic Police Brigade received the intersection of the intersection, and said to the four drivers who took the initiative to take the ambulance "Thank you", and call on the general public to encounter urgent experience. When the ambulance, fire truck, police car, and engineering rescue truck, it is necessary to take the way, which is active, which is not only an embodiment of personal literacy, but also a high degree of urban civilization.

Chen Feng reporter Chen Yadong Chen Jing.

China Express enters "100 billion times"

Original title: China Express enters "100 billion times" yesterday, the national post office express big data platform real-time monitoring data show that my country’s express delivery business has reached 1 billion, marking a new development of my country’s postal express industry. Stairs. It is reported that the first 100 billion express mail this year is a box of Electo, which is sent from Zhengshankou Village, Yue Town, Meishan City, Sichuan Province. It is issued by Zhongtong Express, issued on December 8th, will be delivered in the morning of December 9 The recipient in Xi’an, Shaanxi.

  No. 100 billion Express energy can "flowers" Zhengshankou village, directly benefit from the courier into the village.

Zhengshankou Village Express Supermarket officially opened on July 1 this year, is organized by the local postal and village committee, Zhongtong Express led a rural express station jointly established by all brand expressions. Send the express delivery to the villagers’ doors, and effectively solve the problem of rural "sending difficulties" and "pickup difficult". Express brother Liu Qiang introduced that in recent months, the number of express packages in the opening of the village has been raised by 50 pieces every day to more than 200 pieces, and the number of sites to receive citrus is increased to more than 1000 pounds per day. In the past three years, China’s express delivery has doubled from 50.7 billion in 2018. The birth of 100 billion pieces this year marked China Express into the "100 billion era". Chen Kai, deputy director of the State Post Bureau, said that the comprehensive strength of my country’s postal express industry continues to increase. The annual express delivery volume exceeded 10 billion pieces, and he ranked first in the world for 8 consecutive years. Express support for the online retail sales of physical commodities, agricultural sales, manufacturing output value, and cross-border e-commerce sales have reached a new high.

8 express delivery companies have successfully launched, forming more than 10 billion pieces of business volume, with more than 100 billion yuan in income. At the same time, express delivery of people’s livelihood is continuously consolidated, connecting urban and rural, covering the national, Tongdu world express service system, the express delivery network is basically realizing the full coverage of townships, the service network accelerates to the village level, the average service users are nearly 700 million, year New employment is maintained above 200,000.

  From the perspective of regional distribution, this year, the growth volume of express delivery traffic in the middle is clear, the business volume of the western region is basically the same, which has also vigorously promoted the "Express to the West" service expansion project in recent years, and continued to improve the central and rural areas. Network is related.

Structurally, there is now 100 million packs every day, and the rural areas, more carrying agricultural products, the mission of industrial products, in promoting consumption upgrading, and smooth economic cycle. (Beijing Daily reporter Ma Wei) (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Gao Hongxia) Share more people see.

Datong Ping District: Fully open up the community "Family Party School" new position

…… In order to strengthen the "new position" of party members and education, create a new situation in community party construction work.

Recently, Xinhua Street, Pingcheng District, Datong City, built a "family party school" in the "Double Hundred Engineering" as a "Double Hundred Engineering". At present, the 10 community party branches under the street have fully launched the "Family Party School" activities, form a variety of forms,The content is rich, greatly played the role of "Little Party School", which is realized in the distance between community party organizations and party members.

The "Family Party School" activity launched the grassroots party building leaded in the jurisdiction, ranking roots in the masses, closing the relationship between party organizations and new party members, close the party’s relationship, promoting the battle of the grassroots party organizationAnd the play of the party members’ pioneering model, also injecting the vitality and vitality into the construction of a harmonious community.

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Agricultural Development Shanxi Branch is fully deploying autumn grain acquisition credit work

On October 12, the Agricultural Development Shanxi Branch held a meeting, analyzing and analyzing the Situation of the autumn grain acquisition of this year, and fully deployed Qiu grain acquisition credit work.

Agricultural distribution as a professional bank for service national food security, with the main line of the structural reform of agricultural supply, to safeguard the national food security strategy, around the supply chain industry chain, forge the longboard, make up the short board, and fully protect the grain and oil credit The need for funds, and do a good job in food credit business.

It is understood that the implementation of reserves and regulatory policies and guarantees funds. The bank actively supports the provincial, municipal reserve grain and oil resservation, rotation and existing new county-level regulation grain and oil, which is established for local governments, and established grain and oil temporary reserves, emergency reserves, finished grain oil Reserve supports the premise premise premise that the closed operation management requirements are met.

At the same time, the initiative to cooperate with local governments to properly solve the problem of "difficult" problem of farmers "selling difficulties" due to flood disasters. Do a good job in market-oriented business, support the development of the food industry. Under the premise of effective prevention and control, it supports marketization acquisition.

Support for the promotion of local state-owned food enterprises reform and restructuring, consolidating the "one county and one enterprise, one enterprise" grain oil marketization business customer layout. Based on the "special" "excellent" drought agriculture in Shanxi, support high-quality food acquisitions, including miscellaneous grains, potatoes, etc., supports brand, food products, food and oil supply, promoting agricultural green, high quality, and characteristics Chemical, brand, meet the needs of the people’s life. Taking the grain and oil industry chain supply chain as a starting hand, promoting market-wide business development.

Focus on high-quality food project, support large grain processing enterprises, engaged in green, healthy food manufacturing. Select customers who have highlighted the main business, before the industry ranking, and strong risk capabilities, as core companies, find support target customers, integrated financing, deposit, payment settlement, account management, cash management and other product services, providing integration for all kinds of subjects Financial Services.

In addition, the bank puts the autumn grain acquisition credit work as the current center work, and the opening must go deep into the enterprise and acquisition site, understand the loan distribution, fund exchange and acquisition, and timely solve the problems and difficulties encountered during the acquisition process. Ensure that the policies and systems are implemented in place and manage the specification.

Apply the good party history to learn the results of education, will "learn the history" "I do practical things for the masses", reflect the Qiu grain acquisition credit work, as the grassroots, for the masses, do practical things, and solve problems. It is reported that all kinds of enterprises supported by the Shanxi Branch of the Agricultural Development Shanxi Branch are expected to exceed 1.8 billion pounds, and the agricultural issuance has been provided with a special credit size of 2 billion yuan to ensure that the acquisition fund supply is continuous. (Li Zhi Right) (Editor: Lei Wei, Zhang Linshan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Shangqiu City launched the fourth round of all nucleic acid detection, forged information, strictly

People’s Network Zhengzhou August 16 Electric (Schth) On August 16 Shangqiu City Xinguan Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters decided to carry out the fourth round of nucleic acid detection in the city of Shangqiu. In the announcement, the residents who do not participate in the nucleic acid detection of this round of the round, the Shangqiu City’s epidemic prevention and control code is marked as yellow code; two consecutive rounds do not participate in the participants, will be marked as the red code.

In addition, residents should actively cooperate with each sample collection work, and those who refuse to cooperate, do not support nucleic acid testing, disrupt order, report, lie, and forged information, public security organs will be strictly investigated according to law. Legal responsibility . Regarding the announcement of the four-round national nucleic acid detection (No. 1521) to address the new crown virus epidemic, thoroughly investigate the potential population infection, cut off the dissemination chain, Shangqiu Xinzhong Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters decided to launch in the city of Shangqiu The fourth round of nucleic acid detection is now the following: First, the sampling time This sampling time period, the wrong peak is carried out, the counties (cities, districts) can further subtract according to the inspection power in the city Refine the time schedule and inform the people in the jurisdiction, the city’s unified time is 8:00 to August 16th to August 17th, 2021.

Second, the sampling location sampling point is divided into fixed sampling points and flow sampling points. If the residents are arranged in accordance with the organization of the village (community), the group staff, to the designated sampling point (in principle, according to the resident site), non-special reasons must not span County (city, district) for inspection.

Third, all residents in Shangqiu City (including local residents, temporary population, foreign population, etc.), excluding the centralized and home medical observer in the country. IV. Special Info, for residents who do not participate in the nucleic acid detection of this round, the exquisite prevention and control code of Shangqiu City is marked as yellow code; the residents of the nucleic acid detection of the whole staff will not participate in the nucleic acid detection of all-round, and the Shangqiu City epidemic prevention and control code is marked as a red code. At the same time, according to the relevant provisions of the "Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Law of the People’s Republic of China, I will assume corresponding legal responsibility.

V. Work arrangements (1) Ask the residents to actively cooperate with the sample collection work, refuse to cooperate, do not support nucleic acid testing, disturb the order, report, illegal, and forged information, public security organs will be based on law Strictly investigate legal responsibility. (2) If the residents are organized according to the village (community) organization, carry ID card, foreign identification certificate, etc., can also hold the third full-employed nucleic acid detection to register the QR code, order to the designated sampling point to sample, ensure that not Leak one person. (3) Ask residents to do personal protection during the sampling period, wear a mask, orderly queue, and maintain one meter or more, avoid gathering and mutual talk. Shangqiu New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Office August 16, 2021 (Editor: Since Edior, Xu Chi) Share more people see the recommended reading.

Pixabay billion yuan GDP target, Wuxi Zishan introduced "strongest brain" driving industry upgrade

Zhou Wenqing, secretary of the Xishan District Party Committee attended the event. The Xishan District Committee Propaganda Department is awarded the high-end ‘think tank’, a broad ‘friend circle’. "On October 18th, in the 2021 Wuxi Shan University, the Cooperation Development Conference of the Wuxi Shan University, Zhou Wen The building will promise, "will provide strong protection with the largest sincerity, the best service, the best environment, and provide strong protection for the smooth promotion of the cooperative project, and the product innovation ‘store is a small two’." Zhou Wenqing promised the object, both Tsinghua 18 schools in the university, Tongji University and the enterprise cooperated with enterprises, as well as 15 schools in the National Technology Transfer Center of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Tianjin University and Xishan District Dongting Street, Sheep Town and other cooperation.

Zhou Wensong hopes, "The majority of research institutes introduced better scientific and technological resources, scientific research talents into Xishan, put more cutting-edge technology, innovative achievements in Xishan transformation, school land work together to write mutually beneficial win-win new chapters.

"The University of the University is the innovative talents to collect gatherings and original innovation strategies. Xishan District has a clear understanding, which is not the first time in Xishan District to cooperate with the University of the San District. The University of the University has enriched innovative resources, and technology innovation is active. The innovation results are rich, and they have always been a hard work of Xishan’s transformation.

In recent years, Xishan District has established close industrial research cooperation with well-known colleges and universities at home and abroad, Stanford University, Tsinghua University, etc., has been approved by national international technology transfer centers, China’s production and research cooperation innovation demonstration base Innovative pilot zone in Jiangsu Province, won the advanced area of ??national scientific and technological progress in succession six consecutive times. At present, Six Mountain has established cooperation with 112 colleges and regions of the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and has 2 national-level enterprise technology center and 39 provincial enterprise technology centers. Increasingly implementing 25 provincial major achievements conversion projects, introducing 23 national key talents, 69 talents of the province, "double-creating plan", high-tech industrial output value, the total output value of the industrial output value of the industrial output value is%.

The cooperation between the University of the Court has promoted the innovative resource agglomeration and industrial transformation and upgrading of Xishan District. The pressure of development, it will force Shan Mountain to accelerate the link to import the "strongest brain" and high-end resources in the Capital University, and promote the high quality development of Xishan District. The Xishan District is Wuxi’s "Dongda Gate", with the first China Baiqiang County – the pure gene in the original Wuxi County.

In 2020, Xishan completed GDP97.5 billion. Standing on the GDP 100 billion yuan, the competition in Xishan and the surrounding area is increasingly fierce. At present, Wuxi is "Accelerating the first-class international influence" "" Walking in the first place of socialist modernization ", and asked Xishan contributed more power. In this regard, the Xishan District not only promotes the school-enterprise cooperation, and the school is cooperative, and in the conference, the national industry association of the science and technology front is signed a long-term stable strategic cooperative relationship with the China Technical Market Association. It is formally become "scientific and technological achievements transformation strategy "Cooperation unit" to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, high-tech industrialization.

Zhou Wendong said that the Xishan District will cooperate as an opportunity to bring scientific and technological innovation as the core password that leads the development, and the advantages, technical advantages, resource advantages and Xishan’s location advantages, transportation advantages, and industrial advantages. Close, speed up the innovation "seed", gather innovation "talents", improve innovation "ecology", build innovative "brand", build scientific and technological innovation all-chain service system, build "long triangle important innovation strategy, long triangle first-class innovation results Transforming bases, contributing greater strength for Wuxi development. (Enron) (Editor: Zhang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing let more people see.

Through the coal flow, look at the sunshine butterfly, the future, aim at the "Northern Energy Hub" this heavy business card

In order to serve the coal industry and the coal-up and downstream industries, the construction of energy infrastructure construction and the construction of the transaction platform. At present, the country has built a national coal emergency reserve base in the Rizhao Port. On August 3 this year, the Shanjiao Shuo Shui Coal Base is officially put into operation. The coal storage reserves can reach 10 million tons, and the production of coal can be sent to the coal from the coal from the railway. Store, when all local use of coal demand, it can be quickly shipped quickly to the destination through Rizhao Port, which greatly reduces the coal transportation delivery time.

At the same time, Sun Dong Commodity Trading Center energy trading platform was formed, forming "ore-coal-steel" black metallurgical industrial chain, Linang chemical industrial chain and other sections.

With the increase in the reserve capacity of the sunshine, the increase in coal storage has gradually become a national coal trading base. At the same time, it is gradually improved by various support services such as warehousing and logistics while pulling local economic growth.

Focus on coal but is not limited to coal! In recent years, the sunshine has been crafted to create a northern energy hub represented by coal.

In 2019, the Rizhao City proposed, adhere to oil and gas coal, entity and virtual fusion, vigorously promote energy infrastructure and trading platform construction, improve the development of energy industry development, and create a northern energy hub. Four major capabilities surrounding coal, crude oil, natural gas, new energy promotion, transportation, reserve, transaction, production (transformation).

With the help of the original coal, crude oil reserve facilities and crude oil, natural gas pipeline, Rizhao City actively communicate and coordinate, strengthen foreign exchanges, improve energy cooperation results, and the key projects related to "Northern Energy Hub" is accelerating.

Sun Zhenfang, deputy director of the Rizhao Energy Industry Development Service Center, said: "At present, a group of projects such as Japanese Luoli crude oil pipeline, Shanjiao coal-saving base, 6 million LNG pepper gas storage facilities, the energy trading platform steadily operation Huaneng, Ningxu, Zhiheng Ranong complementary, five lotus pumping energy storage projects solidly advance; Rizhao Hong Kong Huadong Electric Coal Reserve Transit Base has successfully signed a contract. "Rizhao has gradually become an important energy distribution center, trading center, supply center, supply center, supply The center, the "Northern Energy Hub" will be a beautiful business card in the sun. Before this year’s national coal fair, the coal market supply and demand experienced greater fluctuations, and unknown market prospects highlights the importance of regional coal reserves and trading centers in the national regional coal reserve.

This year, the Rizhao Municipal Government and Central Coal Association have signed a 10-year strategic cooperation framework agreement. This coal fair is also a start-up point of the Rizhao City and China Coal Common.

"With the help of the national coal fair, coal, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, chemical coal industry chain representative enterprises in the sunshine, through the coal fair to issue a city business card to the outside world, attract more people to the sunderation of sunshine .

Zhang Hong, secretary of the China Coal Industry Association Discipline Inspection Commission, whether it is the coal reserve base established in the Rizhao Port, or the increase in Shaanxi Coal Industry Chemical Group to transport the coal number of coal portions is through the coal fair, let people go deeper Understand the sunshine, see the potential, prospect, and advantage of the sunscape development of the sunshine, due to coal construction, due to Hong Kong, Rizhao is a continuous driving force for coal and related industrial chains, raising the sails, starting new A round of industrial upgrading and urban butterfly. (Anzhen Peng Yanwei letters).

Qiqihar Flower A obligations haircut small teams walking streets to serve the elderly

The early winter of Hecheng, the cold wind, but in the Jianhua District, Jianhua District, Jianhua District, Jianhua District, is warm, and the five women’s hairdresses are carefully for the old people living here. This hairdressing team is a "Huadian obligation hairclen team" that is known as the Qiqihar mayor of Hecheng. When the Mayor of the Community, the Minister of East Lake Community, Liang Shumei learned the haircut when he was a hairdressing tool. She often volunteered to have a good news for her loved ones and their neighbors, and they were praised by everyone.

In late February 2019, when I learned that there were a hairdressing craft in the East Lake Community Division, Liang Shumei proposed to organize you to work together to the old people, this idea has agreed, and also got a long-distance love association. Vigorously support.

Considering that the average age of the barber small packets was 66 years old, everyone named the small team as the "Huafu Obligation of the Flower Obligation".

In order to make a more targeted haircut activity, Liang Shumei and the small team members walked street skewers to contact "live". Two and a half years, the flower armor obligations haircuts have entered Jufu Xing Elderly Apartments, Sunset Red Tower, Kekin Old Apartment, providing hairdressing services more than 300, and is warmly welcomed by the majority of elderly friends.

It is reported that Liang Shumei, the captain of the flower armor obligations, is 73 years old this year, and most of the other members are also about 70 years old. And they lived more scattered. Every time I went to the old people, they went to the old apartment before they took the bus. Sometimes I have to reach a bus, but everyone has no complaint.

For more than two years, some small team members have left Qi Qihar City, and the team members remain continue to engage in volunteer services. Not long ago, after a big snow, Hecheng small team players Liang Shumei, Wang Chunru, Liu Yuebao, Yang Yulong, Zhang Yuzhen, etc., come to the Phoenix Elderly Apartment to obligative to the elderly, and also enter the room for the bedroom.

Phoenix Senior Apartment Manager said: "You have a hard period of regularly, we are confidential, don’t eat water, don’t drink, is a veritable ‘Lei Feng’.

(姬 永 发) (Editor: Wang Sidi, Wang Yan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Sichuan-Chongqing cuisine "smashing the battle" 62 cooking masters

The first dining industry labor and skill competition in Double City Economic Circle (Chongqing Division) was held in Kowloon Slope Area. Chongqing Federation of Trade Union is supplied by Chongqing on December 7 (Hu Hong) on ??the 7th, the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Trade Unions, Sichuan Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, hosted by the Sichuan Double City Economic Circle, the first dining industry labor and skill competition ( The Chongqing Division was held in the Kowloon Slope Area. The 62 cooking masters are competitive, and the Chongqing chef Yang Jun won the first prize. At the final scene, the competition project requires highlighting cooking skills innovation, taste innovation, vegetable design innovation, reflecting the people, inclusiveness and market competitiveness of Sichuan-Chongqing flavor.

The player needs to prepare 3 dishes, one is to designate the variety "dry squid"; the second is the self-selected variety, that is, the innovative dishes with Chuanyu specialties are cooked, and the food production is Sichuan " Innovative dishes 1. It is understood that the contest judges the expert group consisting of senior evaluation of the Sichuan National Catering Industry Jubish and Provincial Vocational Skills Identification. According to the person in charge of the expert group, the participating work should reflect the inheritance and innovation of Sichuan and Culinary skills, and the trend of the rapid development of Sichuan cuisine, reflect new ingredients, new tastes, new style, new food, new cultural packaging, and traditional dishes Fashion, banquet dishes, the marketization of home food, diversified in new dishes, and highlights the characteristics of the food and food culture. "The food is carved with the ingredients. The chef is basically successful. Nowadays, there are now flowers, fruits and vegetables are swaying, but our traditional crafts can not fall, so I chose to spend time for fine.

Yang Jun said. Although it is a spicy taste, compared to the red vegetables, Chengdu dish is more generous, in terms of sewing, and more precise. It is reported that the competition has begun to prepare since the beginning of the year, in Sichuan More than 400 well-known food and beverage enterprises, 3058 Sichuan-Chongqing chefs have launched a 40-game selection, and there were 62 cooking masters to stand out and entered the final. This competition not only cultivated the food and drink skills, but also It is a "big training" of vocational skills, providing power to achieve sustained prosperity of the two places of catering consumption market.

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