Xiao Gang, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference: Special attention should be paid to the risks of small and medium-sized banks under the impact of the epidemic

Xiao Gang, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference: Special attention should be paid to the risks of small and medium-sized banks under the impact of the epidemic
Sauna, Yewang (Gu Zhijuan Cheng Weisei) On May 22, Sauna Yewang held a series of national “two sessions economic strategy” salons to challenge China’s economy, and invited CPPCC members to interpret the freshly released government work report today, including economic value-addedSpeed, fiscal and monetary policy and other important rules.Xiao Gang, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and former chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said that in the battle to prevent and resolve major financial risks, due to the impact of the epidemic, the overall macro leverage ratio has increased gradually, and the financial system should pay special attention to the risks of small and medium-sized banks.Small and medium-sized banks have insufficient capital strength and a relatively high ratio of non-performing assets, and they also undertake the important task of increasing support for small and micro enterprises.How to balance risks in this situation has the smallest disadvantage for small and medium banks.Xiao Gang proposed that a variety of channels and methods should be adopted to properly supplement small and medium-sized banks; at the same time, small and medium-sized banks should improve internal management and control, and improve risk management. One of the important aspects is to use technology to help banks identify customers and prevent risks.Sauna, Ye Wang Gu Zhijuan Cheng Weisec Editor Li Weijia Proofreading Liu Baoqing

Wolong Electric Drive (600580): Steady growth of non-net profit and strong expansion of overseas electric vehicle market

Wolong Electric Drive (600580): Steady growth of non-net profit and strong expansion of overseas electric vehicle market

In 2019, non-net profit was steadily increased.

The company issued an announcement of 2019 pre-increasing results.

In 2019, the company returns to its net profit9.

7.8 billion, an increase of 53 previously.


Deduct non-attributed net profit 7.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 19 in ten years.


Non-recurring gains and losses are mainly derived from the company’s accounting measurement adjustments, financial assets such as Hongxiang shares, which were originally measured at fair value through M & A and sales of financial assets. Now they are measured at fair value and their changes are included in current profit and loss.The resulting revenue is expected2.

5.4 billion.

The main business grew steadily.

On the whole, the company’s downstream industry continued to maintain a high degree of prosperity, and its main business grew steadily.

(1) High-voltage motors and drives: With petrochemicals, oil and gas as downstream, we expect petrochemical companies’ refining and chemical projects, etc., to have stable demand for large motors and explosion-proof motors.

(2) Low-voltage motors and drives: The assets related to GE’s small industrial motor business acquired by the company will be consolidated from 2019.

Through the Mexican factory, the company expanded and fully opened the North American market, and integration helped the company to use the distributor channel, increase the distribution ratio, and improve operational efficiency.

The overseas electric vehicle market is expanding rapidly.

In June 2019, the company received a fixed-point letter from the German ZF electric vehicle motor supplier with a period of 2020-2026 with an estimated amount of 22.

59 million, mainly for luxury pure electric SUV models.

In November 2019, the company and ZF signed the “Guide to Establishing a Joint Venture Company”. The company invested in all the assets of the automobile motor, accounting for 74% of the registered capital.

The joint venture focuses on electric vehicle motors and parts and supplies products to ZF and the global automotive market.

We believe that first of all, the company’s new energy vehicle motor core competitiveness will be enhanced to lay the foundation for the company’s continued development of major overseas customers in the future. Under the global wave of electrification, the company’s new energy vehicle motor business will achieve rapid breakthroughs and become the 深圳桑拿网 future core growth point.

Profit forecast and estimation.

It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to its mother will be 9-2019.

7.8 billion, 10.

5 billion, 12.

82 trillion, 0 budget benefits.

75 yuan, 0.

81 yuan, 0.

99 yuan.

With reference to a comparable company’s assessment, the company will be given 23-27X PE in 2020, corresponding to a reasonable value range of 18.


87 yuan, maintaining the “primary market” rating.

risk warning.

(1) New energy vehicle motor business development exceeded expectations; (2) Downstream demand trend of high-voltage large-scale drive business; (3) Low-voltage industry-driven North American market development exceeded expectations.

China Automotive Research (601965) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Inspection Business Continues to Accelerate

China Automotive Research (601965) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Inspection Business Continues to Accelerate

The report reads the cumulative revenue of 16 in Q3 2019.

9 billion US dollars -15.

89% in the third quarter +8.

75% MoM +4.

13%; 2019Q3 gradually returns to the mother’s net profit2.

87 billion +11.

33% in the third quarter +15.

93% QoQ + 3%. Q3 performance was in line with our previous estimates.

Investment Highlights Guoliu Gong’s concentration has led the inspection business to continue to accelerate the parent company’s statement (mainly the technical inspection business) is the core variable of the company’s performance (net profit contribution in the third quarter of 2019 96%).

Parent company Q2 income 2.

920,000 yuan (ten years + 30%, chain + 22%), net profit 0.

93 ppm (previously + 33%, chain + 6%), in line with our estimates

Driving parent company performance Q3 continues to accelerate Reason: The number of new car announcements is a leading indicator of company performance.

Passenger car new car announcements 2018Q2-2018Q4 maintained high growth, and the growth rate in the first three quarters of 2019 has improved.

Commercial vehicle new car announcements 2019Q1-Q3 continued high growth, the high probability is still high growth in the fourth quarter.

However, due to the prolonged detection cycle of the National V Model Announcement of the National Six Model Index and the pressure of downstream customers’ own performance, there is a certain degree of lag in company performance confirmation.

Historically, the number of commercial vehicle announcements is more related to company performance than passenger vehicles.

With the initial confirmation of orders, it is expected 佛山桑拿网 that future performance will be further accelerated.

Industrialization business income narrowed. Industrialization business is the core performance source of consolidated statements.

According to the report’s broad division, the industrialized contribution 2019Q1 / Q2 / Q3 is close to -32% /-44% /-5.

5%, contributed to the mother’s net profit 2019Q1 / Q2 / Q3 divided into contributed net profit 0.

110 thousand yuan, reduced to zero in 2019Q2.

07 million yuan, 2019Q3 transition to 0.

04 billion.

The inspection business continues to accelerate, maintaining the “Buy” rating and is expected to earn 25 in the consolidated statement for 2019-2021.



500 million, net profit attributable to mother to 4.



800 million yuan, corresponding to PE of 14.



22 times.

It continues to be optimistic that the company will usher in a new round of growth under the catalysis of Guoliu: 1) The volume and price of inspection business will increase with the catalysis of Guoliu 6, which will help the rapid growth of performance in 2019-2020.

2) The wind tunnel and intelligent network testing base will become the company’s new long-term growth point.

3) Continuously promote system reform and innovation, and gradually improve the company’s core competitiveness.

Maintain “Buy” rating. Risk reminder: new entrants have been announced to compulsory inspection related certification qualifications; downstream customers’ repayment cycle exceeds expectations.

Guangzhou Restaurant (603043) 2019 Interim Report Review: Equity Incentives and R & D Interventions Impact Q2 Performance Interim Report

Guangzhou Restaurant (603043) 2019 Interim Report Review: Equity Incentives and R & D Interventions Impact Q2 Performance Interim Report

Investment Highlights Company Announcement: 1) Revenue in 19H1 9.

51ppm / + 20.

22%, net profit attributable to mother is 64.3 million yuan / + 10.

19%, deducting non-attribution net profit of 5,130 yuan / -4.


Among them, Q2 single quarter revenue4.

1.9 billion / + 20.

77%, net profit attributable to mother is 18.79 million yuan / -4.

92%, deducting non-attribution net profit of 9.43 million yuan / -41.


2) Change the accounting estimates, and change the lease deposit of other business receivables from the provision for bad debts in the previous aging analysis method to no provision for impairment of bad debts.

  In the first half of the year, Q2’s profit accounted for a very small proportion of the previous, and the range of change was normal.

Since the moon cake business with the highest profit margin in Guangxi mainly recognizes revenue in Q3, and Q2 is also quick-frozen, and the sales of wax products are low season, Q2 is the lowest in terms of net profit and net interest rate.

The highlight of the company’s interim report is that the target business revenue has maintained double-digit growth, advance receipts, inventory and operating net cash flow have increased compared with the same period of the previous year, and the construction of the new factory in Xiangtan has been accelerated and the first phase has been trial-produced.The performance in 19H2 and the next few years will grow rapidly.

  Revenue from various businesses has grown steadily, and online marketing network construction has achieved initial results.

19H1 company revenue 9.

51 ppm / + 20.

22%, 1) By product: Mooncake series revenue is 0.

34 ppm / + 107.

99% of this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival is slightly ahead of last year.

60 ppm / + 22.

77%, revenue from other products3.

03 ppm / + 17.

63%, catering revenue 3.

3.7 billion / + 14.

01%; 2) By region: revenue in Guangdong Province 8.

2.5 billion / + 17.

64%, domestic and foreign revenue is 0.

91 ppm / +45.

The 34% rapid growth comes from the gradual emergence of the effects of Internet marketing construction, and overseas revenue is zero.

1.7 billion / + 3.

18%; 3) points model: direct sales 5.

2.6 billion / + 18.

15%, distribution 4.

08 ppm / + 21.

The growth rate was slightly faster at 42%, of which dealers in Guangdong Province increased by 34/11 in 19H1.

  Gross profit margin stayed flat, net interest rate declined, and rates increased during the period.

19H1 company gross profit margin 47.74% / + 0.

05pct is basically flat with a net interest rate of 6.

65% /-0.

82pct decreased slightly.

In terms of period expenses, the sales rate is 27.

58% /-1.

24pct reduces costs from advertising and other management costs (excluding R & D) 11.

64% / + 1.

26pct is derived from the additional supplementary equity incentive expenses of 7.43 million yuan and increased staff costs, and the R & D expense ratio2.

28% / + 1.

26pct originates from the company’s increase of new production lines and new product research and development expenditures, and the financial rate is -1.

18% / + 0.

23pct is basically flat.

Taken together, excluding the impact of changes in accounting policies, the company’s performance in the first half of the year has improved. The main sources are: 1) increased distribution incentive costs; 2) increased R & D investment;
  Earnings forecast and investment rating: The company’s non-performance maximization in the 北京夜网 first half of the year was due to the increase in original incentives and R & D expenses, but the increase in advance receipts and inventory indicated that Q3 moon cake sales were good, and performance gradually returned to normal growth.

Looking forward to the future, the new factories in Xiangtan and Meizhou will be gradually put into operation, and the transformation of the production base of Liangfeng Park and Likoufu will be advanced steadily. The marketing network inside and outside Guangdong will continue to be built, and the expansion of supply and demand will promote rapid growth of performance.

According to the performance situation, the profit forecast is slightly reduced, and the EPS is expected to be 1 in 19-21.



60 yuan, the closing price on August 27 corresponding to PE is 33/27/22 times, maintaining the level of “prudent increase”.

  Risk 杭州桑拿 reminder: The development and growth of attractions are less than expected, natural weather disasters affect the passenger flow of attractions, and the risk of goodwill impairment, etc.

Hualan Biological (002007): Blood products industry resumes sales, rationalizes demand release

Hualan Biological (002007): Blood products industry resumes sales, rationalizes demand release

2019H1 results are in line with our expectations of Hualan Bio’s 2019H1 results: operating income14.

30,000 yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.

77%; net profit attributable to parent company 5.

07 million yuan, an increase of 11 in ten years.

94%, deducting non-net profit4.

62 ppm, an increase of 14 in ten years.


Corresponds to a profit of 0.

36 yuan.

Performance is in line with our expectations.

Development Trends In the recovery of the industry, the inventory of operating improvement has declined.

The company’s revenue and net profit in the first half of the year increased by 16 each year.

77%, 11.

94%, net operating cash flow 5.

390,000 yuan, an increase of 41 in ten years.

47%, faster than the growth of revenue and net profit.

In the second quarter, the company’s single quarter revenue and growth rate were obvious, increasing by 10 respectively.

57%, 0.


Various operating indicators showed a marked improvement, and accounts receivable in the first half of the year6.

64 ppm, a decrease of 14 per year.

95%; for inventory, every 30 items in stock fall.

48%, raw 北京桑拿洗浴保健 materials only increased by 5.

21%, an increase of 11 in ten years.


We judge that the supply of the company is slightly tight during the recovery of the industry.

In the first two quarters of 2019, the company’s sales expense ratio decreased quarter by quarter, respectively, at 11.


09%; compared with 10 in the same period last year.


25%, a significant improvement in the second quarter.

Following the release of capacity supply, the performance of the company’s blood products segment is expected to resume.

The quality of batches issued declined, and sales prices were stable.

The industry average of 40.38 million batches of blood products issued from January to July (after being converted to standard products), basically unchanged from last year.

The company’s two major blood products, albumin was only issued in the second quarter of 24.

270,000 bottles (converted to 10g), exceeding the decline of 56.

78%; Jing Cing only issued 10 in batches.

940 thousand bottles (converted to 5g), exceeding 70%.32%.

From January to July, the proportion of batches of imported albumin issued was 59 last year.

9% dropped to 51.

4%, albumin price pressure eased, the company’s albumin income in the first half of the year5.

10 ‰, an increase of 7 per year.

94%, gross profit margin increased by 0.

91ppt to 54.

53%; Jing Cing income 4.

720,000 yuan, an increase of 73 in ten years.

67%, gross profit margin stable around 61%.

Revenue from other blood products remained flat, structurally affecting gross profit margin.

We judge that under the environment of large fee control, even if the supply is tight, the terminal price increase may be extremely small.

Blood products have recovered for two years, and vaccines will be the highlight in the second half of the year.

Blood products recovered in the two years of 2019-2020. The performance elasticity in 2019 comes from the improvement of the rate side after the improvement of the supply-demand relationship; the performance elasticity in 2020 comes from the increase in supply after actively collecting pulp in 2019.

The company’s quadrivalent influenza vaccine is currently the only high-end vaccine approved in China. The flu vaccine volume in the second half of the season is highly expected.

Earnings forecast and net profit forecast remain unchanged. Taking into account the impact of capital increase, we lower the EPS forecast for 2019/2020 to 1 in the same proportion.

04 yuan, 1.

28 yuan, an annual increase of 28% / 24%.

The current contradiction corresponds to a P / E of 32x / 25x in 2019/2020.

Taking into account the recent improvement in the evaluation of the pharmaceutical industry, we have lowered our target price by 25% (excluding the effect of equity and raised by 13).

02%) to 40.

00 yuan, corresponding to 2019/2020 price-earnings ratio of 39x / 31x respectively, maintain outperform industry rating.

Risks Industry policy risks, volatility of vaccine sales.

Eating whole grains properly can help you lose weight to the greatest extent

Eating whole grains properly can help you lose weight to the greatest extent

Weight loss measures include diet control and strengthening physical exercise.

In terms of diet conditioning, proper consumption of coarse grains can not only meet the needs of the human body, but can also lose weight, which is increasingly popular.

Here are two types of coarse grains for weight loss.

  Maize Maize is an annual gramineous plant, also known as bud valley, corncob, and six grains.

According to research, every 100 grams of corn contains 196 kcal and crude fiber1.

2 grams of protein 3.

8 grams, aunt 2.

3 grams, carbonic acid 40.

2 grams, plus minerals and vitamins.

The crude fiber containing cobalt in corn is 4-10 times higher than polished rice.

Corn also contains a large amount of magnesium, which can strengthen the peristalsis of the intestinal wall and promote the excretion of body waste.

The above ingredients and functions of corn are very beneficial for weight loss.

When the corn is mature, the ears of the flower have a diuretic effect, which is also beneficial to weight loss.

  Corn can be used as a tea substitute for soup or pulverized into corn flour and corn cakes.

The puffed popcorn is large in volume, which can eliminate the dry feeling of excessive people after eating.

  Sweet potato Sweet potato is a convolvulaceae plant, also called sweet potato, sweet potato, potato, etc.

According to research and determination, each hundred grams of sweet potato contains only 127 kcal of denaturation, and the crude fiber is 0.

5 grams, aunt 0.

2 g, carbonic acid 29.

5 grams, including inorganic salts and vitamins.

Sweet potatoes contain only half of the steamed buns.

Sweet potatoes can replace hunger with food.

Sweet potatoes are alkaline foods, which can inhibit the growth and accumulation of the subcutaneous aunt.

In addition, sweet potatoes are also beneficial for defecation and weight loss.

  Sweet potatoes can be eaten raw, steamed, boiled, and roasted.

Before cooking, dip the sweet potatoes in salted water for one or two hours before cooking or roasting, which can reduce the discomfort of pantothenic acid and bloating and exhaust after eating.

  Tip: What is coarse grains?

  Most people don’t know much about coarse grains.

So, let us introduce you to several main coarse grains.

  Sorghum corn black nests, rice cakes, pancakes, pancakes, polenta, millet porridge, sorghum rice porridge, black rice porridge, cornmeal noodles, corn batter, rye buns, rye flower rolls, rye pancakes, rhubarb rice sticky beans, Cornmeal radish buns.

  Wild vegetables such as wild mother-in-law, wild edible amaranth, wild wild cucumber, and my hometown are beautiful radish, wild thorn sprouts, wild mushrooms, wild radish, wild cress, and other wild wild vegetables and wild wild eustoma.

  There are many types of mushrooms, including shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, and orchid mushrooms.

Women’s beauty and eating soy

Women’s beauty and eating soy

Soy nutrition is absolutely rich, but soy is very beneficial to women’s health and not everyone knows.

Soy’s effect on women’s health mainly determines the soy isoflavone content.

Soy isoflavones are phytoestrogens that are similar in structure to estrogen and have estrogen activity. They can make female cells age, keep skin elastic, maintain beauty, reduce bone loss, promote osteogenesis, lower blood lipids, and reduce women’s menopause.Syndrome symptoms, etc.

  After women enter menopause, due to the decline of ovarian function, insufficient estrogen synthesis and secretion in the body can lead to complications and metabolic disorders, autonomic dysfunction, and make menopausal women’s blood lipids and hypertension, emotional depression, insomnia, and susceptible to cardiovascular disease.
Soy isoflavones can effectively regulate blood lipids, lower cholesterol, protect cardiovascular and stabilize mood.

In addition, foreign scholars have found through long-term epidemiological investigations: whether it is expanding in Europe and the United States, or in Asian countries, the daily consumption of soybean products by transfer residents increases, and the relative risk of resonance is decreasing. The mechanism is that soybean isoflavones have the ability to prevent fluorideBreeding, gradually eliminating the role of death.

  Medical research shows that after entering middle age, women need to add more than 50 mg of soy isoflavones daily, which can effectively delay aging, retain youth, and improve menopausal symptoms.

However, there is only about 1 millimeter of soybean isoflavones per 100 grams of soymilk, so it is not enough to continuously improve the aging by using only ordinary soy products.

At present, there are soy isoflavone nutritional tablets extracted from soybeans in the Shanghai market. For example, each tablet contains 25 mg of pure soy isoflavones. Since 1998, it has been exported to the United States, and is favored by women in Japan, Europe and the United States.

Types of Yoga Meditation

Types of Yoga Meditation

1. Yoga speech meditation Among all the yoga meditation systems, no one is as direct, time-tested or widely used by people as yoga speech meditation.

Yoga voice meditation can be practiced together with exercises that enhance the vitality of life, or can be practiced individually.

In fact, a person can first control the sense of life by manipulating the air of life to control the senses, and then start focusing on his yoga voice a little bit, or he can ignore the state of his consciousnessPerforming yoga voice meditation.

Such yoga voice meditation itself will lead to the withdrawal of the senses, persistence, meditation, and ultimately into the realm of destiny.

  Yoga Voice Meditation is also called Mantra Meditation.

The Sanskrit word “Mantra” can be divided into two parts, namely “Man” and “Tetra”.

“Man” means “mind” and “Tra” means “lead away”.

Therefore, “Mantra” means the individual voice that can draw the human mind from its various mundane thoughts, anxieties, desires, spiritual burdens, and so on.

A person can gradually move beyond ignorance by focusing on his yoga voice.

From this step, yoga meditation develops deeper, gradually evolves into perfect Zen, and finally enters a state of intimacy.

  Patanjali described the eight branches of yoga in his Yoga Sutra, and Zen and Inclusion are described as the three stages of yoga meditation.

In the perseverance stage, the mind of the meditator is always left upstream from the object of meditation attention; in the meditation stage, the highest perfection of the mind’s state of concentration is called ruling.

  Yoga voice meditation practice is extremely easy and has no strict rules.

Sometimes it’s repeated thoughts at the same time, sometimes it’s just meditation.

When speaking aloud, sometimes it is whispered and whispered; sometimes it is read aloud with ordinary voice; sometimes it is chanted in a rhythmic manner; sometimes it is synchronized with the breath, sometimes it is not necessary; sometimesSitting and sitting, sometimes standing, sometimes walking.

  The two most commonly used voices OM voice (OM) “OM” represents the original sound of the universe, the voice of God.

In all yoga speech systems, “OM” speech is the most effective and simplest, which can lead people’s minds to tranquility and peace.

  Methods: (1) Sit up in any of the meditation sitting positions, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths to adjust yourself.

  (2) Pay close attention to your breathing, and chant “Ohm” with a deep voice every time you exhale.

  (3) The voice is prolonged to chant, which is as long as the process of exhaling. It is not a short rush.

  (4) After entering the state, you can mutter “Ohm” in your heart every time you inhale and say “Ohm” every time you exhale.

  (5) It can start from 11 times. There is no limit to how many times this exercise can be done. Pay attention to your own grasp of breathing.

  OM HARI OM Many yogis are attracted by this voice and are strongly attracted by “Oh”, which can better lead people’s minds to peace, peace, and love.

  (1) Sit up in any one of the meditation sitting positions, slightly closing your eyes.

  (2) Pay close attention to your breathing, and chant “Oh-Harry-Oh” with a deep voice every time you exhale.

  (3) The voice is prolonged to chant, which is as long as the process of exhaling. It is not a short rush.
  (4) You can mutter “Oh-Hari-Om” in your heart every time you inhale and say “Oh-Hari-Om” in your heart every time you exhale.

  (5) Unlimited how many times this exercise is done, pay attention to your own grasp of breathing.

  2. Candlelight meditation. Take a candle, place it on the front side with a long arm, the height is the same as the horizontal line of eyes, stare at the black candle heart, 1-3 minutes, the tears will slowly leak out, then, close your eyes and tryContinue to stare at the heart of the eyebrow.

Repeat 3-5 times.

  [Efficacy]It can eliminate eye fatigue, purify eyes, strengthen eyesight, and calm the brain; through long-term practice, you can get fascinating eyesight.

  3, sleep meditation supine on the ground, so that all parts of the body remain relaxed.

Close your eyes and scan your whole body from your toes to the top of your head, as slowly as possible, and then scan the entire front.

To do this, do a body scan 11 times.

  [Efficacy]It can help people to put their body and brain into a state of extreme relaxation in a short period of time, effectively practice, can guarantee a deep sleep, and 30 minutes of meditation can supplement 3 hours of sleep.

  4, sitting or lying posture for charging meditation, mainly comfortable.

Start observing your breathing-there is no thought in your brain, keep observing breathing, 10-30 minutes.

  [Efficacy]It can be closer to the energy source of your body, helping to discover and activate your own latent energy more effectively.  5, dance meditation choose the music you expect to have a special feeling, can quickly lead people into calm music, eyes closed, the body dances freely through the melody.

After 30 minutes, lie flat and start watching the whole body for 15 minutes.

  [Efficacy]can effectively improve depression and help reduce autism.

How to find obesity?

How to find obesity?

The cause of human obesity has not been eliminated before, and there are some factors to consider, such as heredity, nervous system, eating habits, and metabolic disorders.

In particular, energy supply and demand disorders, as well as endocrine regulation dysfunction.

The specific pathogenesis is the same, that is, the dietary energy intake is more than the body consumption, and excess is formed. The excess energy is stored in the body in a small amount, and the slight tissue is increased to form obesity.

  First, primary obesity: 1.

Genetic factors Obesity is often associated with heredity.

According to statistics, the normal incidence of obesity in children with parental weight increases by 10%; one parent is obese, the incidence of obesity in both children is obese, and the incidence of obesity in children is as high as 70%.

The same as lecithin grows in the same environment, its body weight is similar; even in different environments, its body weight is smaller than the difference between the isoflavones.

Obese patients are not only hereditary, but also the location of the adult and the state of bone metabolism.

The genetic height of obesity is still manifested in a small number of cells and/or an increase in cell volume.


Diet, lifestyle and social factors often have a history of increased diet, reduced food intake, eating sweets or eating in the middle of each meal causes excess energy.

In the same transient state, there is a habit of sleeping on food and eating more.

Physical activity is too low or bed rest due to fractures, tuberculosis, hepatitis or other causes, resulting in low consumption and obesity.

Especially after people reach middle age, the amount of physical labor is gradually decreasing, and there is often a fracture of the tibia.

Most people develop obesity after stopping regular exercise.

In addition, the energy consumption of obese people is significantly different from that of normal people. When resting and slightly active, the energy used is less than that of normal people; in the same diet, anabolism is more advanced than normal; the basal metabolic rate is relatively reduced, resulting in reduced energy consumption and obesity.
  Changes in the social environment have a certain relationship with the occurrence of obesity.

Before liberation, due to low living standards, the incidence of obesity was very low.

After liberation, the incidence of obesity has increased dramatically through improved life.

Family education is related to childhood obesity.

The study found that the only child or the youngest child in the family is prone to obesity.

First and foremost, it is wrong to think that the baby is getting too much fatter, the child is over-nutrition from breastfeeding; excessive love, bad habits, such as snacks, especially candy sweets; and other nutrients stimulate appetite and increase food intake;Lack of necessary physical exercise.

The pre-recognized over-nutrition of children is a preliminary cause of extra years for children and adults.

  Second, secondary obesity has obvious complications of endocrine abnormalities, including secondary obesity, including hypothalamic obesity, pituitary obesity, hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome, hyperinsulinemia, and hypogonadism., polycystic ovary syndrome and congenital hereditary obesity.

  There are two kinds of nucleus regulating the feeding activity in the hypothalamus. The ventral nucleus is the center of satiety. When excited, the nucleus is full and the food is absent. The ventrolateral nucleus is the obesity center. When the excitement increases, the appetite increases, and they are related to each other.Under physiological conditions, it is in a state of dynamic equilibrium, which makes the appetite in the normal range and maintains normal body weight.

When the hypothalamus is damaged, such as inflammation, injury, new biological stimulation and other pathological changes, the satiety center of the hypothalamic diarrhea nucleus is destroyed, the inhibition of the ventromedial nuclear metabolic center is relieved, and more food is eaten, easy to survive, andA lot of time to eat and lead to obesity.

At the same time, there may be fatigue, lethargy, and low sexuality. Most of these patients have hypogonadal hypoplasia, lack of secondary syndrome, and women have menstrual disorders, amenorrhea, and infertility.

  The most common cause of hypothalamic obesity in children is cranial tube tumor, which is ruptured in adults, caused by trauma and new biological stimuli.

Treatment is mainly to treat the primary cause of hypothalamic obesity.


The hypothalamic and high-level nerve activity satiety center is located in the hypothalamic ventral nucleus, and the feeding center is located in the hypothalamic ventral nucleus. There are nerve fiber connections between them, which are functionally related to each other and related to each other.

Animal experiments have shown that these two centers are affected by sugar, traces and amino acids in the body.

Therefore, when the hypothalamic malformation or certain metabolic changes in the body can affect the appetite center to eat more food, resulting in obesity.

This is the initial stage of hypothalamic syndrome.

In simple obesity, it is thought that there is a functional change in the hypothalamus.

  The high level of neural activity in the cerebral cortex affects the appetite center of the hypothalamus through neurotransmitters and plays a role in regulating fatigue and satiety.

Mental factors often affect appetite, and the function of the appetite center is subject to mental state.

When the spirit is over-stressed and the adrenergic nerve is stimulated with sympathetic stimulation, the appetite is inhibited. When the vagus nerve is excited and the copying secretion is increased, the appetite is hyperthyroidized.It is known that stimulating hypothalamic diarrhea reduces nuclear secretion to promote increased secretion, so the appetite is hyperthyroidism; stimulation of the ventral nucleus inhibits insulin secretion and strengthens glucagon secretion, so the appetite decreases.

An obvious high-level neurological activity is the hypothalamic appetite center and replication secretion through autonomic nerves, and the boots produce polyphagia or anorexia.


Endocrine factors In addition to hypothalamic factors, other endocrine hormone disorders in the body can also cause obesity.

Among them, insulin changes are recognized as the most critical part of the pathogenesis of diabetes, followed by changes in adrenocortical hormone.

  (1) Insulin insulin is a hormone secreted by islet β cells.

Its function is to promote the synthesis of glycogen in hepatocytes, inhibit gluconeogenesis; promote the uptake of glucose into feces by micro-cells, and inhibit the decomposition of feces.

The latter two roles are particularly important in the pathogenesis of obesity.

The characteristics of insulin secretion in obese patients are as follows: 1 The fasting basal value is higher than normal or normal high level; 2 During the oral glucose tolerance test, plasma insulin is further increased with the increase of blood glucose; 3 plasma peak is often later than the blood sugar peak.So after the meal 3?
Hypoglycemia can occur in 4 hours.

In recent years, it has also been found that the number and affinity of insulin receptors in hypertensive patients are reduced, and insulin insensitivity and resistance are present.

Due to the insensitivity and resistance of insulin, in order to meet the needs of glucose metabolism, it must be maintained at a high level, and hyperinsulinemia means that a small number of cells and a few metabolisms mean that the corresponding micro-synthesis increases, the decomposition decreases, and further development is made.

After obesity loses to normal, plasma plasma levels and insulin receptors return to normal, indicating that this change is secondary.

  (B) Adrenal Glucocorticoid Adrenal glucocorticoid is a hormone secreted by the adrenal cortical bundle, and is mainly leather alcohol in the human body.

Simple obesity may have a certain degree of adrenal hyperfunction, plasma cortisol is normal or elevated; and in secondary obesity, Cushing’s syndrome plasma cortisol is significantly increased.

  As plasma cortisol increases, blood sugar rises, causing an increase in the increase, resulting in excessive micro-synthesis and excessive formation.

Because the trunk and limbs of adult tissue are different in response to insulin and cortisol, they are obese.

  (3) Growth hormone Growth hormone is a protein hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary. It promotes protein synthesis, mobilizes storage assistants and anti-insulin action, but in the early stage of action, it still acts as an insulin-like one.

Growth hormone and insulin have complementary effects in the regulation of glucose metabolism.

If the growth hormone is reduced, the insulin action is relatively dominant, alternating with small synthetic increments, resulting in obesity.

It is gradually confirmed that the basal level of growth hormone in diabetic patients is low, and the secretion reaction under stimulating conditions such as arginine, hypoglycemia, obesity and physical activity is also low, and as a result, a large amount of energy cannot be slightly decomposed in neonates and sports activities.

If fasted for 2 days, normal human plasma growth hormone increased from 10 μg / liter to 15 μg / liter, while obese people rose from 2 μg / liter to 5 μg / liter.

This change will gradually increase and disappear and return to normal.

  (4) The relationship between thyroid hormone thyroid hormone and obesity is not clear.

Obese people generally do not have thyroid dysfunction, unless the basal metabolic rate may be slightly lower than normal, and does not mean thyroid dysfunction.

Occasionally the two merged.

  (5) The male hormone of gonadotropin is mainly testosterone, and more than 90% is synthesized and secreted by testes.

In women with ovarian, adrenal synthesis and secretion.

Estrogen and progesterone are mainly synthesized and secreted by the ovaries.

Sex hormones do not directly affect abnormal metabolism.

  The proportion of female body mass is higher than that of males. The percentage of female body impurities is significantly higher than that of males. Except for individual parts, the thickness of the relative parts of males is generally doubled.

In women during pregnancy, menopause, male or male livestock after castration, complications appear obesity.

But the mechanism is still unclear.

It is believed that menopausal obesity is associated with excessive secretion of pituitary gonadotropins.

After the animal castration, the guide island hypertrophied, causing increased replication and promoting unfortunate synthesis.

In addition to a small number of hypogonadal obesity, generally obese people do not have sex hormone secretion disorders.

  (6) Platelet glucagon Glucagon is secreted by islet α cells, and its action is opposite to that of insulin, inhibiting accidental synthesis.

Whether plasma glucagon is disturbed in diabetic patients remains to be studied.

  (7) Catecholamine catecholamines are produced by the brain, sympathetic nerve endings, chromaffin tissues, mainly adrenal medulla, which can promote micro-decomposition. The cerebral cortex regulates hypothalamic function through catecholamines and serotonin. The sympathetic nerves regulate secretion through catecholamines.

Fecal tissue in obese patients is not sensitive to catecholamine hormones, but returns to normal after weight loss.
  In short, the causes of obesity are multifaceted, such as genetic predisposition, eating habits, physical activity reduction and mental factors are important reasons.

Yougrati: New Fashion in Fitness

Yougrati: New Fashion in Fitness

In a girl’s dictionary, “beauty” is always one of the keywords.

However, the gym’s schedule is always full of pedal exercises, aerobic Latin, women’s boxing, cycling . It is fresh to play a few times, and it is always the same over and over, but it is tiresome.

Yoga has been a hot knife, but as soon as the coach saw his feet rest from behind to his ears, he immediately thought of running away.

  I heard that the Star Fitness Club has a new flower head-YOGALATES. It is a combination of yoga and Pilates. It is suitable for girls who can’t stand strenuous exercise, but also have difficulty practicing yoga., And quickly went to experience it for yourself.

  As you inhale, let your stomach pile up on a hill to get a long mat and a pair of pound dumbbells.

Just standing still, the lights suddenly went out completely, and only two green lanterns shone on coach Casey, making people have a “settlement” mood.

  The course officially begins.

Immediately, a “mysterious garden” music sounded.

  The first step to becoming a Yograte is to learn “belly breathing”.

Ordinary people breathe, always with a slightly higher chest and a slightly closed abdomen.

The “abdominal breathing method” is the opposite. The abdomen is lifted when inhaling, and the abdomen is retracted when exhaling.

When I first started, I was a little overwhelmed-I took a deep breath, and the black hair couldn’t help but raise my head. When I thought of something wrong, I tried to swell my belly again.

  Lying on the mat with eyes closed, the coach put his hand on my stomach and kept stopping: “Higher!

-It turned out that until the belly bulged into a hill, it was considered “inhaling the right breath.”

  Yogalates is a combination of yoga and Pilates. Suddenly, Carmen sings a song to lie down with closed eyes and dim lights, which makes people feel drowsy.

Suddenly, Kathy picked up two small dumbbells, twisted her arms and twisted her waist, and the music also became enthusiastic from the etherealness of the “Secret Garden”-the famous “Carmen”!

So suddenly dragged into the excitement rhythm of the “Pilates” stage.

  It’s hard to keep up with the dance tempo, and I’m sweating!

But don’t be happy, you are still panting, and when the God is coming, the music has turned into a voluptuous Indian taste.

The coach sat on the ground and started practicing yoga-arms straight to the sky, toes straight, legs also turned to the sky, the whole person stood on the floor like a V shape!

Seeing other scholars do the same without changing the color, I had to bite the bullet and try it . well, admit that beginners can only be as messy as a tumbler . unexpected, this is just a piece of cake, the nextAlmost every action is like playing a “body letter” game, while stepping on one foot with both hands forward, the other leg is parallel to it, like a T-shape; after a while, the hands are compressed toward the sky, and the foot is resting on the other leg.Aiming at the top, the tip of one leg is like a lowercase B . The coach is always stable and steady, but I can’t stand firmly or sit firmly, and 45 minutes becomes extremely long.

  Tiramisu’s lifting, Tiramisu’s pulling movements only found out that Yograte was originally a unit of yoga movements, coupled with a unit of Pilates molding. In this way, it can strengthen the flexibility andIt’s more interesting to balance and take care of the increase in muscle strength than to do just one of them.

  Asking Kathy Eugrati exactly how to write it, she explained: “The mention of Tiramisu, the pulling of Tiramisu.

“But this girl who loves Tiramisu has the most enviable skinny and compact body. She said that after practicing Eugratia, she lost some weight.

  Ugrati Notes 1.

Do not eat for 1 hour before taking Eugrati.

Because there will be a lot of leaning and head movements, if there is food in the stomach, it may cause discomfort.


You will feel hungry after exercising, but do n’t eat right away. Drink some water or sports drinks first-this time, it ‘s easiest to get fat!


It is best to do it more than 3 times a week for this to be effective.


There are not many restrictions on clothing, just comfort.

In addition, sweating a lot when doing exercises, it is best to choose clothing made of breathable fabrics.


Although Yograti’s requirements are not as high as yoga, there are still some flexible movements. It will be difficult to do it at first. Don’t force it when you encounter this situation.

Do this again and again, and naturally meet the requirements.
When doing stretching, some scholars will feel cramps, because they have not done enough preparation before.

Therefore, before doing Eugrati, you must run and turn your joints to stretch your body.

If you really have cramps, you can rest on the mat for a while and wait for the next movement while recovering.