De eerste winter Olympische Spelen in Beijing begint te schalen

Sinds 12 november begon Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics uit te voeren in sommige stedelijke wegen, en de speciale rijstroken voor de Olympische Winter gehandicapten, en ondersteunde een speciaal verkeersbord.

De eerste speciale Lane bevindt zich in Olympus West Road, Chaoyang District, in lengte.

Olympische Speciale weg bestaat uit speciale rijstrookmarkeringen, ondersteunende identificatiemarkeringen.

Onder hen gebruikt de toegewijde rijstrookmarkering alternatief oranje roodgloeiende melting coating, de identificatie van het oppervlak gebruikt de voorvormlijn met de toegewijde wegstartpositie, de twee coatings hebben de kenmerken van kleur, hoge erkenning..In de speciale weg van 20 stedelijke wegen, een totaal van 4422 vierkante meter toegewijde rijstrookdieren, suggereert het ondersteunen van identificatiemarkeringen 185 groepen, stelt 93 sets aan, al het werk zal naar verwachting vóór het einde van november worden voltooid.

De speciale rijstrook kan normaal reizen voordat de kennisgeving van de verkeersbeheer niet wordt vrijgegeven.

Na de aankondiging van de daaropvolgende wijze Lane verkeersbeheer moeten verschillende soorten voertuigen de instructies volgen in overeenstemming met de kennisgeving.

Core Value Bai Player Hometown Article 34

Professor Second level and enjoy special allowance of the government of the government. Main research direction: ethics principle, economic ethics, Chinese and foreign economic ethical thinking history, Marxist morality. Director of the Committee on the Academic Committee of Nanjing Normal University, director of the Professor of Public Administration, Ph.D.

KeyWord: Nanjing Normal University Marxist Research Institute. Dean.

Lid Tree Practice System Construction Collaborative Innovation Center Executive Director.

Central Marxist Theory Research and Chief Expert of Major Project Construction Projects. National Social Science Fund Chief Expert.

Chief Expert of Chinese Characteristic Socialist Moral Culture Collaborative Innovation Center.

As the main member, the "Ethics", "Ethics", "Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis".

Jiangsu Province University Advantage Discipline Marxist Theoretical Discipline leads people, Nanjing Normal University Ethics and Doctoral Point. Vice President of the Chinese Ethics Association, President of the China Economic Ethics Association, Vice Chairman of the Nanjing Social Science Community, Executive President of Jiangsu Ethics Association, Deputy President of the Registrar of Marxist Research Association, Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Deng Xiaoping Theoretical Research Association President.

China North Town Caozhuang flower market brand new debut

  Tianjin Northern News: In order to improve the influence of Cultural Tourism Brand, Zhongbei Town, create a national tourism demonstration town, Zhongbei Town has improved the transformation of Caozhuanghua market, and the current renovation work has been completed, starting the trial operation, November 26 Will be officially met with the public. As one of the largest floral intensive land in North China, Caozhuanghuahua market in Zhongbei Town has always been a good place for Tianjin people and even surrounding provinces and cities.

In the first half, the Zhongbei Town Government conducted a comprehensive improvement of Caozhuanghua market.

After the transformation, Caozhuang flower market, clean ground, extends the construction main body of flowers, showing a strong exotic style under the blue sky and white clouds.

  Caozhuanghua market is set out five of the topics such as sightseeing, leisure, science and education, shopping, and entertainment. The surrounding transportation is convenient, and the subway line 2 is straight, and it is convenient to park in self-driving.

It is understood that through the business integration, the original South Hall is transformed into fun pauses, mainly engaged in ornamental fish, pets, aquatic equipment, etc., the original North hall is transformed into a flower art hall, mainly operating flowers, crafts, landscapes. Plus the theme flower street selling fresh cut flowers, forming a scene everywhere, always experience the space, will be a new landmark of Tianjin’s red card. The Tourist Office of Zhongbei Town Tourist Office said that the purpose of retrofitting the unity of Caozhuang Flower Market and the North Hall is to solve the problem of building aging security, with a total construction area of ??more than 20,000 square meters. Inside the new hall, the bathroom and a variety of guides, some soft decorative items, and overall environments have been greatly improved. The relevant person in charge of Zhongbei Town said that in order to adapt to the development trend of the modern cultural industry, it is necessary to make more digital, integration, and personalized flower markets, and the transformation is imperative.

Cao Zhuang Village is a national famous latexual hometown, history is long, a brightly speaking business card in Zhongbei Town. The exterior of Caozhuang flower market after upgrading is clean and tidy, the exhibition hall is spacious and bright, the flowers are filled, and the merchants and customers who are mainly involved in the main body as the market. What is their feelings? Cao Zhuanghua Market Merchant said: After the completion of the market, the environment is better, and management is also more standard. We must arrange the booth, create more characteristics, attract more tourists to the flower market to buy flowers.

  Customers who are purchasing in the flower market say: I am also convenient from the city to take the subway. This time I feel very good, the environment is very improved before, including the booth, including the booth. There are a lot, clean, look at the flowers that have the right home, buy some go back. (Reporter Zhang Yizhen Jia Yixianqing correspondent Jiang Zhe Li Li Zhe).

Datong City exceeds the target task

The Yellow River News Network Da Tongxun (Reporter Hu Yan) Recently, the reporter learned from the Datong City People’s Social Security Bureau that in accordance with the province’s "three-year 50,000 Youth Employment Traditional Training Plan", Datong City has been organized since 2019. 3,800 young people participate in employment trainees. Up to now, Datong has exceeded this target task, so that more youth enhance employment capabilities through employment, and enhance employment competitiveness.

The second batch of employment trainees in Datong City, the public recruitment work was completed in the near future.

It is understood that the employment trainee is unidentified in the school for 2 years, the graduates of Jinquan’s daily colleges and universities, and the provinces of the Shanshan Xiyuan (including senior mechanic class, preparing technician class, special) Educational colleges and universities, graduates and secondary vocational graduates; 16-24 years old urban and hural unemployed youth (including unemployed land youth farmers, urban registration unemployed youth, etc.). This year, he graduated from the college of the Chengdu University of Technology. It is the first batch of municipalities in 2021, the first batch of people who saw the academic employment, starting from September, and entered the Datong City Medical Insurance Center.

"After a few months of exercise, communication skills have been significantly improved, and it has also learned a lot of methods for dealing with work. I believe this internship will be a precious spiritual wealth in my life.

"Xiao Wang, who is trained in Datong Teachers College, is also quite abundant. She hopes that through a year of trainees, she can further clarify future job search directions, thereby adjusting their positioning, avoiding blindness of the job.

According to the person in charge of the Datong City People’s Social Security Bureau, the establishment of college graduates employment trainees, providing employment "buffering period" for the unregisteer college students, enhancing college students’ comprehensive quality and professional capabilities, and enhance employment competitiveness, Provide strong support to promote the development of youth growth. This year, Datong City implements the "three-year 50,000 Youth Employment Training Plan" in Datong, increased 50% of the minimum wage standard from the occupy unit to 60%, which is 60% of the financial burden, the burden of employment 40%, given the basic living expenses for participating in employment trainees not less than 1880 yuan in local minimum wage. And the trainee is required to purchase insurance for trainees for trainee, less than 850,000 yuan, is not less than 850,000.

In addition, the trail contract subsidy is given to the tragene of the study period, and gives the study unit for the surplus of the study, and gives an increase in rewards in accordance with the regulations.

At present, there are 1210 jobs in employment, which have been completed in the city, and complete this year’s mission. [Edit: Zhao Hongyu].

Direct anti-epidemic first-line medical worker: from the morning to the night, escort the people’s health

  The picture is in the work of medical staff. The Jiaocheng District Mong Media Center is for map to meet the needs of all people, and the first-line medical person does not dare to drink plenty of water, try to have less toilet, only to ensure hundreds of thousands of inoculation per day. The reporter saw that every time they vaccinated, they did a hand disinfection, causing some workers’ hands like allergies, wrinkled skin problems.

  Chen Xiaohua, the head of the Ningde People’s Hospital, said that they never painted hand cream, because it was too inconvenient, washed, and some colleagues were allergic to bubble, they can only apply a painted ointment when I can go home. The second day is still disinfected. The night is deep, the workers remove the mask, take off the protective clothing, from the morning to the night, they have been fighting for more than a dozen hours. "Overtime is a frequent event, once more than 11 o’clock, two new vaccination nurses take off their masks, the lips are pale.

Chen Zhenying, director of the Ningde People’s Hospital New Crown Vaccination, said that they see their kindness, feel like their children.

Tianjin two countries enterprises into the benchmark enterprise and benchmark project

Original title: The two countries of our city were selected to the State-owned key enterprise management benchmark, the State-owned key enterprise management benchmark was announced, respectively, and the list of state-owned key enterprises, benchmark projects and benchmarks were announced. Tianjin Chengdu Group Co., Ltd. successfully Selected a benchmark company, Tianjin Port Group’s shareholding lifecycle digital management system successfully selected a benchmark project. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Enterprise, this selection, a total of 200 benchmark companies, 100 benchmark projects, 10 benchmarks, including 57 benchmark companies, 19 benchmarks, and 1 regulatory company Reed mode.

The state-owned key enterprise management benchmark creation action is an important measure to implement the "State-owned Enterprise Reform" (2020-2022) ", which promotes state-owned enterprises to continuously strengthen management system through the establishment of advanced benchmarks Management capacity building, accelerate the pace of first-class moving into the world.

  The Tianjin Entrepreneur Environmental Protection Company of the Selected Rod Enterprise is the first state-owned controlling water enterprise in China. Since 2005, he won the "Top Ten Influential Enterprises" in China Water Industry for 16 consecutive years. In the past five years, the new level of water has nearly 1.8 million cubic meters / day, standing the first echelon of the country, extends the water project to 15 provinces and municipal autonomous regions across the country, and the controlled subsidiaries increase to 51; successfully entered a dangerous disposal, Sludge treatment, photovoltaic power generation, sponge city, industrial water treatment, water environment comprehensive management, etc. pattern.

At present, the company has 100 effective patents. The Tianjin Port Management System of the Selected Rod Project will be uniformly incorporated into the equity system in advance management, post-management, and equity exit, and realize the informationization of equity management, thus improving the timeliness of the shareholder changes and management analysis of the unit. Sex and safety.

(Reporter Wu Qijun) (Editor: Tao Jian, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.

Urumqi Branch: "Party Building + Head Media" Lets Party Membership into Ears

The current party’s construction work is facing a new requirement from the strict governance of the party and is facing new challenges in the era of digital information.

Recently, Urumqi Branch fully utilizes Internet technology, innovation adopts "Intelligent Media Learning Station" to create "point" integration of media education, so that party members education is very worried.

"The socialist system of Chinese characteristics is a strict and complete scientific system system, which has a distinctive Chinese characteristics, significant system advantage." This is the company’s use of the integrated media learning station to play "early broadcast", so that the party members can do not leave home. Learning and sharing for the spiritual interpretation of the 19th National Committee of the 19th CPC, more effectively transmits the "party’s voice" of the central authoritative voice, the hotspot news, authoritative duration of the government. "It is necessary to attach great importance to the impact of information development on the party’s construction. If the network is developed, where is the party’s work, it is covered, and the information technology improves party members education.

The "learning station" is a "smart brain" that will think, will choose, and will remember, providing party members to the immersive learning environment of "listening, viewing, reading, talking" integrated, so that party members are in office, rest, " Three will be a lesson, the theme party, through the mobile phone "sweep" and app "order", it will easily realize the political theory of party members and employees, so that party members have worked hard to grasp the political theory.

Since the use of "learning station", it has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of the majority of party members and people to participate in the company’s party construction work. Party members and cadres have said: In the 5G era, the "integrated media" learning station, truly let party members education achieve normalization and All coverage and build a "information highway" in the context of new media.

People’s Daily bell: US provocative words and make a further tense situation in Taihai

Any of the United States "Take the Taiwan China" mitigation, any confusion is right, reversing the words and deeds of black and white, any political intimidation, will only push the Taiwan Site to further nervanic seniors recently claimed that from the deterrent and diplomatic perspective, the United States will take everything Action ensures that China’s mainland force unity will never happen. The US is irresponsible provocative words, not far from the fire, and seriously threatens the peace and stability of Taiwan. The US uses the "Taiwan independence", distorted the Chinese mainland China to Taiwan policy, and this is to promote "Taiwan China", which is a strong determination to realize the national unity of the Chinese people, firm will and strong abilities.

The current Taiwan situation is facing a new round of nervousness, the root source is that the Taiwan authorities have repeatedly attempted "relying on the unique", and some people are interested in "Ten China".

For a while, the US military has a sense of brush in Taiwan, US Members and government senior officials frequently visiting Taiwan, high-profile speculation so-called "Taiwan International Space Questions", and 恿 Allies have provoked events on Taiwan issues … US Pattern destroying Taiwan The status quo, the "Taiwan independence" forces, challenges a Chinese principle, undoubtedly playing.

The latest statement of the United States also "strives to" work hard in the past eight months "and the Taiwan issue, once again prove that the US" India Tan Strategy "is not aimed at third parties, but it is for hidden eyes.

At the fundamental, the US is in the "Taiwan independence" and inciting the Taiwan Sea situation to achieve its containe the geopolitical chart of China. The US is consuming to create a lie chain, claiming "China unilaterally change the status quo, the US has to take action", neither in line with the current Taiwan Nationality, and the rule of the Chinese-related policy position.

Realizing the unity of the motherland in peaceful way, the overall interest of the Chinese nation, including Taiwan compatriots. We are patient, wish to strive to strive for peaceful unity, but if the "Taiwan independence" split forces, even break through the red line, we will have to take panic measures.

The Ministry of Public Progressive Party "Relying on the United States", the US "Take the Taiwan China" moves, the US Taiwan is challenged in the first, and the Chinese side makes a resolute response, the facts cannot be reliable.

The US reversed causal, deliberately rendering China’s "change status", this kind of words and deeds, just prove that it is not Taihai peace, but use Taihai tension situations to suppress China.

Taiwan is part of China and solves the Taiwan problem is completely Chinese. China has a strong determination to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity, firm will, and powerful.

This is a basic point that should be accurately grasped when viewing the development of Taiwan Sea.

Regardless of the actions of the US, how to improve the door, it is impossible to block China’s completely unified historical general. The US should fully understand the height sensitivity of Taiwan issues, carefully handle the problem of Taiwan, and do not issue any error signals to the "Taiwan independence" split. Any "Tai Wahua" mutter, any confusion is right, reversing the words and deeds of black and white, any political intimidation, will only push the Taiwan situation to further nervousness.

China’s complete unity is the historical trend of unstoppable, will not change due to any person, any forces, any country. We are in the United States to abide by a Chinese principle and the three joint communiqués of China, immediately stop challenge a Chinese principle, and destroy Taiwan’s peace and stability, stop with "Taiwan independence" forces, give "Taiwan independence" forces, otherwise you will play with fire .

"People’s Daily" (03th edition, December 10, 2021) Edited: Ye Zhuang.

Speed-slip World Cup creates a personal achievement, Ning Zhongyan once again placed a podium

This morning, the men’s 1500m A group A group competition, Ning Zhongyan and the US star Mandaya, and the two were extremely exceptional.

Ning Zhongyan, Manrtia slipped out of the personal best results, Mantia won the championship at 1 minute 41 seconds, Ning Zhongyan won the runner-up at 1 minute 41 seconds 386.

Ning Zhongyan creating a personal achievement in 1 minute 41 seconds 386, gaining a man’s 1500m-year-old army. Network screenshots, New Beijing News (Reporter Xu Bangyin) In the early morning of December 5th, the 2021-2022 season speed skating World Cup is at the end of Salt Lake City, and China’s players Ning Zhongyan create personal achievements in 1 minute 41 seconds 386, winning men 1500 Miya army, followed by Poland Station, Norwegian Station, this season has been on the second awards. The Polish station competition in November 14, Ning Zhongyan slipped out of 1 point 46 seconds, with a slight disadvantage, the Korean player Jin Wei, the first show won the runner-up.

Two weeks ago, Norwegian stations, Ning Zhongyan’s state of the state, slipped out 1 point 45 seconds 16, force Mematia, Jin Wei won the championship, ranking up to the 1500-meter list of men in the World Cup.

The US station is the third stop of this season, the Salt Lake City also carries the most beautiful memory of the Chinese Winter Olympics.

In 2002, Yanhu City Winter Olympics, Yang Yang got a short drive of 500 meters gold medal, became China’s first Winter Olympics.

Come to the US Salt Lake City, Ning Zhongyan’s competitive state is still hot.

In this morning, the men’s 1500m A group of competitions, 20 players were divided into 10 groups, Ning Zhongyan and the US star Mandaya, and the two were extremely fierce.

Ning Zhongyan, Manrtia slipped out of the personal best results, Mantia won the championship at 1 minute 41 seconds, Ning Zhongyan won the runner-up at 1 minute 41 seconds 386. In addition, women’s 500m group A group 2 finals, Poland players got championship, Tian Yanning, Jin Jing, Zhang Lina 3 Chinese players to separate sections 7, 10th, 18th. After the speed of the World Cup US station, he rely on the excellent results of 2 gold 2 silver in the 3-stop competition, and Ning Zhongyan continued to be in the World Cup stand. According to the schedule, from December 10th to 12th, the last stop of the Skating World Cup this season will be held in Canada. (Editor of Responsibility: Liang Yunjiao CN079).

The Securities Regulatory Commission: The judgment of the Kangmei Special Representative Litigation has a significant signative meaning

  Wang Jianjun, Vice President of the Securities Regulatory Commission, pointed out that the judgment of Kangmei Special Representative’s proceedings in the 18th Global Annual Conference on December 4th. The parties involved, this is the entrepreneurial initiative to implement the new "Securities Law" and "Opinions on the Opinions of Strike Securities in accordance with the law", which is a milestone event in the history of my country’s capital market.

  Specifically, one is to announce false statements, and the era of fraudulent issuance is too low.

It is made up for the basic system of my country’s securities civil compensation relief, and the institutional integration of the administration, criminal responsibility mechanism has improved the illegal cost, providing a strong judicial guarantee for comprehensive implementation of registration system reform. Second, it is shown that the responsibility of listed companies and intermediaries is the truth. Listed companies, planning listed companies and their responsible personnel should learn from lessons, standardize operations, improve quality, give investors a real, transparent and compliant listed company.

Intermediary and their employees should strengthen their investors, their respective division, diligence, and give full play to the role of "watching people" and constantly improve the integrity of capital market. The third is to highlight the people of supervision, highlighting our legal rights, the legitimate rights and interests of investors are serious, serious.

Through the public welfare organization representative, professional strength support and litigation cost reduction and other systems, it is difficult to solve the difficulty and prosecuting the prosecution of small and medium-sized investors. Advance the beneficial exploration of market governance efficiency. (Reporter is beautiful).