12 Academici in 5 belangrijke velden in de industrie, experts feihe hele-domeinonderzoek

Het is duidelijk dat volgens de leiding van de bevoegdheid van de leden van het Comité van de deskundige, de FEIHE All-Industry Chain Broad Research Center omringde het project "Hoogwaardige Milk Project", de Feeding Screen Screening, verse melk droge stof nam toe, hoog -Allield lactoferrin-vee groepscreening doorbraak.

Chen Wei, de academicus van de Chinese Academie voor Engineering, heeft in het verleden succes rond het productkwaliteitssysteem en heeft succes bereikt bij het bieden van meer geschikt voor Chinese baby fysieke fitness, en toekomstige hoop kan nog meer inspanningen leveren in voeding Gezondheid.

Tijdens de vergadering hebben de voorzitter van de FEIHE-zuivel en de experts van Zhu Wei en andere 12 Academician-werkstations benoemingscertificaten uitgegeven. Hij zei dat Chinese zuivel de wereldleider wil doen, Feihe wil honderd miljard doelstellingen bereiken en onderzoeksinnovatie is de eerste ondersteuning. Ik hoop dat alle experts in de Chinese zuivelindustrie zijn in termen van talenttraining, wetenschappelijke onderzoeksprojecten, fysieke fitnessonderzoek en industri?le keten, voor de Chinese zuivelindustrie, voor de vliegende kraan. Tegelijkertijd zal Feihe onderzoek en ontwikkeling en investeringen blijven verhogen, die vaste fondsen, menselijkheid en hulpbronnenbeveiliging bieden voor het onderzoek van werkstations.

In de eindvergadering voerden de deelnemende experts diepgaande discussies uit over het toekomstige werkplan van het werkstationwerkstation.

De Chinese Academie voor Engineering, Yue Guojun benadrukte dat onderzoek en ontwikkeling niet alleen een techniekprobleem is, maar ook een strategisch probleem, de richting moet duidelijk zijn, de sleutel is om stevig en consistentie te handhaven, om een ??open platformsysteem te bewerkstelligen Relatie tussen toepassing en ontwikkeling van toepassing en open onderzoek en ontwikkeling.

China Communist Party Map · 2008

  At the beginning of the year, some parts of China have encountered serious low-temperature rain freezing disasters.

Under the leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council, the Central Military Commission, the whole party’s all-in-party people united to struggle and achieved victory of disaster struggle. February 25th to 27th, the Second Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee was held, and the "Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Administrative System" and the State Council Institutional Reform Plan.

  On February 29, Beijing Capital International Airport is officially put into operation. The overall building area of ??the terminal is nearly 1 million square meters. On March 3rd – 14th, a meeting of the 11th National CPPCC was held, and Jia Qinglin was the chairman of the National Committee of China. March 5th – 18th National People’s Congress, one meeting, ratified the State Council’s institutional reform plan, explored most of the institutions that implement functional organic unity, adjusting 15 migration agencies, and reduced 4 of the positive level institutions. After the reform, in addition to the Office of the State Council, 27 departments of the State Council were set up.

The meeting election Hu Jintao is the President of the State, the Chairman of the National Central Military Committee, and Wu Bangguo as Chairman of the National People’s Congress, Xi Jinping as the National Vice Chair, and decided that Wen Jiabao was the Premier of the State Council.

  In mid-March in Lhasa and other places vandalism burning serious crime.

After the incident, the party and the Government has taken decisive proper disposal, control developments, restore normal social order. April 18 Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway (Beijing South Railway Station to Shanghai Hongqiao Station) started across the board, a total length of 1318 km. 4 May 12th Wenchuan Richter 8 earthquake caused 69,227 people were killed and 17,923 missing, affected people 1510 people. Under the CPC Central Committee, State Council and the leadership of the Central Military Commission, my country’s quickly organized the rescue in the history of the fastest, most widely mobilized and committed more resources in disaster relief activities, to win a major victory in earthquake relief struggle. June 8th CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued the "Opinions on Promoting the reform of collective forest right system," and proposed to use about five years time, the basic completion of clear property rights, reform of collective forest right system tenure, the implementation of the household contract collective forest land system; provision of contract for forestland for 70 years, the expiry of the contract period may continue the contract in accordance with relevant state regulations. August 8 –24, September 6 – 17, Beijing successfully hosted the twenty-ninth Olympic Games, the thirteenth Paralympics.

Chinese government adhere to the Green Olympics, High-tech Olympics and People’s Olympics concept, nationwide system to play a role, rely on the masses, adhere to carry out international exchanges and cooperation, to provide a strong guarantee for the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games a success.

A total of 204 countries and regions delegation of more than 10,000 athletes participating in the Olympic Games. Chinese sports delegation in the Olympic Games 51 gold medals, 21 silver medals and 28 bronze medals, ranking first in the gold medal standings; won 89 gold medals in the Paralympic Games, 70 silver and 52 bronze medals, ranking the gold medal standings and medals first. September 15th CPC Central Committee issued "on the in-depth study and practice the scientific concept of development activities in the Party" and decided to start from September 2008, with a period of about half a year, in-depth study of scientific outlook on development in the party Activity. September 16 my country’s first over a million billion times supercomputer Shuguang 5000A off the assembly line in Tianjin. September 25 – 28, the Shenzhou VII manned space mission was a complete success. Our first implementation of space astronaut extravehicular activities. October 9 – Third Plenary Session of the 12th Communist Party Congress convened, through the "CPC Central Committee on rural reform, development of a number of major issues" to make comprehensive arrangements to further promote rural reform and development. October 27 –30 National Bureau of Statistics released 30 years of reform and opening up economic and social development achievements report series.

my country’s GDP in 1978 to 364.5 billion yuan has been quickly jumped to 24.953 trillion yuan in 2007, ranking in the world’s major countries rose from tenth place in 1978 to fourth place, behind the United States, Japan and Germany. GNI per capita rose from 190 dollars in 1978 to 2007 to $ 2360.

In accordance with the criteria for the classification of the World Bank, my country has jumped from low-income countries to the ranks of the world’s middle-income countries.

Foreign exchange reserves increased from $ 167 million in 1978 to 1.5282 trillion US dollars in 2007, ranking first in the world. The total import and export trade from 20.6 billion dollars in 1978 soared to 2.1737 trillion US dollars in 2007, an increase of 104 times, ranking in world trade rose from 32nd position with the reform and opening to the first time since 2004 three. November 5 held a State Council executive meeting.

For triggered by the US subprime mortgage crisis in the international financial crisis, it was decided to implement a proactive fiscal policy and moderately loose monetary policy, identified ten measures to further expand domestic demand and promote stable and rapid economic growth, by the end of 2010 about 4 trillion investment yuan.

  November 15th Hu Jintao attended the G20 summit in financial markets and world economy held in Washington, DC, issued a "work together to ride out the hard times," the speech.

  December 8 –10 central economic work conference held for the rapid spread of the international financial crisis impact on my country’s economy, stressed the need to maintain stable and rapid economic development as the primary task of economic work in 2009. December 15 held simultaneously cross-strait direct shipping, direct air and direct mail launch and celebrations in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Shenzhen and Taipei, Kaohsiung, Keelung and other cities, respectively.

Cross-strait "three links" taking a historic step.

  December 18 to commemorate the third plenary session of the 30th anniversary of the convening of Congress. Hu Jintao delivered a speech, a comprehensive review and summary of reform and opening up 30 years of great history and glorious achievements, spoke highly of the significance and historical achievements of the Third Plenum of the Party, systematically expounded the reform and opening up "Ten Combinations" valuable experience, clear that the way forward continue to promote the great cause of reform and opening.

  In late December, the State Council approved the introduction of refined oil tax reform program, the abolition of road maintenance and other charges, to improve the refined oil consumption tax unit tax, the establishment of a new mechanism for the fuel tax.

  December 24th Hu Jintao put forward the "loyal to the party, love the people, serve the country, dedicated to the mission, advocating honor," the contemporary revolution in military core values in the enlarged CMC meeting.

  December 26 People’s Liberation Army Navy ships the Gulf of Aden waters off Somalia escort mission. December 31 Hu Jintao delivered a speech at the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the "Message to Compatriots in Taiwan" published symposium stressed the need to firmly grasp the theme of peaceful development of cross-strait relations, and actively promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations and realize the unity of the whole nation, harmony, prosperity . (Source: "Events People’s Republic of China (1949-2009)" Party History Research Center People’s Publishing House) People’s Daily 4th edition.

2021 Meiyou Miles Chinese and foreign media large interview activities started in Xining

  Drink a river, talk about it.

In order to in-depth, Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thoughts, build the ecological civilization highlands, showing the glory of the poverty, ecological protection, national solidarity, grassroots governance, etc. in Qinghai, Yunnan, Tibet.

On October 13, the "2021 Meiyou Mall Chinese and Foreign Media Large Interview", jointly hosted by the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, and the Tibet Autonomous Region Party Committee Propaganda Department jointly hosted by Xining City. The event aims to further promote the Black Technical Mechanism, telling the wonderful story of the phlegm of the phlegm of the phrase, to create a new humanistic communication platform in the phrase, showing the economic development, ecological protection, humanistic exchange, people’s livelihood, etc. Result. In the 18-day activity, journalists from more than 20 media at home and abroad will cross the three provinces, doing the recorders and communicators of the Black Cooperation, and also doing the participants and practitioners of the Black Cooperation, deep into Qinghai, Tibet , In Yunnan, an interview was carried out. The Minister of the River – the Mekong River is the international river flowing through Asia, known as "Oriental Danube", region "Gold Water".

From the Qinghai River in Qinghai Tanggula, China, the two provinces in Tibet, Yunnan Province, known as the Mekong River after China, and flows through Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, 3 countries, the whole length is about 4880 kilometers, basin The area is about 810,000 square kilometers. "Wanli is not so far, the Teminated six countries ended due to water. Promoting the exchange of national exchanges in the Kaikos basin, is the vivid practice of sharing sharing in the basin countries." Gong Bo, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of Qinghai Province, said that Qinghai is The source of the 江 is also an important node of "all the way", takes responsibility, performing the source of the source, and promoting the "all the way" construction and the sustainable development of the basin are the glorious mission given Qinghai. The in-depth development of the event will will be a new element to create new elements to strengthen economic and trade cooperation, human exchange, pragmatic cooperation, and add new elements.

  "Last year’s activities left a very good memory of the media reporters of our Physical Exam.

Today we will once again open an interview trip, friendship journey, cooperation journey and memorable trip. I believe that everyone will feel more beautiful nature, humanities and folk customs, and show all the most exciting scenes along the River to all friends.

"Cambodian" Khmer Daily "reporter just said.

(Editor: Yang Wei, Liu Peiran) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Bijie: Strive to create a new future of the new development concept

  Pounds Wul Meng, Vientiane Update. In the mountains and mountains of the land, the high-speed railway is in the mountains, the car is very good … Relying on the "high-speed plains" in the traffic, the pace of the development of Bijie is continuously accelerated, the ecological construction is achieved, the characteristics of the industrial star, the beautiful village is embarrassed … … In July 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important instruction on the work of Bijie Test Zone: To be performed, it is necessary to make accurate, and ensure that the Bijie Test Area will win the poverty battle on time. At the same time, we must focus on the long run, planning, doing a good job with the reunion strategy of rural resolution after 2020, focus on promoting green development, human resources development, institutional mechanism innovation, and strives to build the Dragonfly Test Zone a demonstration area that implements new development philosophy.

  Keep in mind, grateful to force.

Bijie children are determined to tear off the absolute poverty of the millennium with the determination and braveness of "not breaking the land," in promoting green development, human resources development, and institutional mechanism innovation, surrounding "four new" main attack "four) , Row in the new journey of the construction of the new development concept. Tear off thousands of years of absolute poverty label is located in the Yuxi Municipal House Village in Wujiangyuan Baili Gallery, the canyon is majestic and blue water.

  In the relocation point of the mountain water, the village Zhao Yucheng began to invest in a year. "Light of Huang Yu and Open Agriculture, Mao Yund 50,000 yuan." Zhao Yuxue said that it is stronger than going out. Zhao Yuxue once is a poverty of the establishment of a settlement, and these years have been supported by the party’s deferred and sturdy policy. Today, Rustic Tourism, which is more and more fire, Zhao Yucai, has a "tourist meal", and a family day is more and more happy. Bijie, located in the northwest of Guizhou, the hinterland of Umon. It is a typical karst geomorphology, and the peaks are towering, the gully is vertical and horizontal, the land is broken, and the stone desertification is serious. The poverty of Bijie has attracted the high concern of the central leaders, and China’s only test area in the theme of "development poverty alleviation, ecological construction" is born. For more than 30 years, the Bijie Test Area has come, especially since the 18th National Congress, a hard battle in the battle of the battle in the Wumen charter. In 2016, there is still no poverty in the city.

The rest are poor, sleepy, strong, is the hardest "hard bones". The majority of party members and cadres started the "hard bones" very war with the determination of "biting Qingshan does not relax" and "do not break the land"! Very War requires a very good policy. Bijie City constructs strong organizational system, command system, responsibility system, assessment system and supervision system, and the power of the city, the gathering of the eighth party, the decision of the battle, the decision of the poverty.

  More than 6,000 residents in the village, the village cadres were fighting in the poorest place in the village cadres day and night. A famous poverty alleviation "special forces" went to the poorest place. Industrial poverty alleviation, Easy Poverty Alleviation, Infrastructure Construction and Education Medical Housing Security "Four Hard Slays" continue to achieve victory, water circuits and other infrastructure continuous improvement, 10,000 people move out of the mountains, 12 agricultural characteristic advantage industries development … 2020, it is the year of the end of the university.

This year, in the face of sudden epidemics, Bijie City adheres to the "Tattoo" and "War", and the poverty and getting rich synchronization, successfully smashed the poverty "the most hard bone".

  On November 23 last year, the People’s Government of Guizhou Province announced that the last 9 poverty counties in the province realized a poverty poverty.

Nazhen, Weining, Hezhan three counties named.

  The data shows that in the past five years, Bijie has reduced the poor population; 1981 poor villages are listed in accordance with the national standards; all national poor counties are taken in accordance with national standards. Bijie, completely torn off the absolute poverty! In-depth practice of "three themes", focus on promoting green development, human resources development, and institutional innovation, is the focus of Bijie City Construction and Implementing the New Development Concept Demonstration Zone.

  In recent years, Bijie City has always adhered to the green water Qingshan is the idea of ??Jinshan Yinshan, and the green concept is penetrating into space layout, industrial structure, production method, lifestyle.

  Winter’s 嘎 嘎 湖 水 水 镜. The lakeside, covering the 300mW photovoltaic power station of 3 townships in Wending County, with Hongjiadu Hydropower Station to realize grid-connected power generation, forming a new energy development pattern of woven gold "water scenery".

  Seven Star Guanzhan Arch Forest Park, relying on the good ecological development of the recreation industry is gradually going to the right track, outdoor expansion experience, forest leisure fake wooden house, outdoor square, Valentine’s Valley Leisure Entertainment Center and other forest contributions to attract tourists Go to.

  According to the data, the past five years, Bijie City completed the 142 square kilometers of rocky desertification, 2,645 square kilometers of soil and soil, and the local environmental governance and other ecological protection repairs the square kilometers, creating Lin Wan acres, the national storage project accelerated, forest coverage rate More than 60%.

  Green development has continued to advance in depth, and human resources development provides strong support.

Bijie City firmly established the concept of "human resources is the first resource" concept, always put human resources development work in the high-ranking position of economic development, adhere to the principle of party management talent, strengthen the top floor design, and the introduction of talents, tightly in the industry Cultivate talents, vigorously promote the quality improvement of the whole people, and achieve significant results in human resource development. Once Dafang County Cat Town, Qikou Village, was passed down on "The Mao House is big, and there is no change in the day. If you want to eat rice, unless the people of the daughter", poverty can be seen. The change of the mouth, originating in 2017, the first college students who walked out in the village Zhang Ling gave up the high-paying work in the city, returning to the hometown, and the villagers who led the villagers and decided to deal with the lesion.

Today’s Xiangkou Village, the road is clean and tidy, the people are new and beautiful, the industry is in the wild, the mass motivation is full.

  Bijie City vigorously developed vocational education, through the exploration of the production and education, school-enterprise joint construction, surrounding orders, student internship training, teacher enterprise exercise, etc., increase talent training. According to statistics, as of now, the total amount of talents in Bijie has increased to 10,000 people. At the same time, Bijie City focuses on the innovation of institutional mechanisms, planning to launch 122 aspects of 353 reform initiatives, a batch of difficult plug-in points of batch development and the hot problem of the people concerned are effective, more than 100 typical reform cases have been promoted in the province . The institutional mechanism innovation attracted 39 500 companies to land on the bikay, activated the kinetic energy of Bijie Innovation. Around the "Four New" main attack "Four", in the development of the West China, the new bureau is opened in the village, and the new machine is implemented in the implementation of the digital economic strategy. Create a new future of the people rich and ecological and beautiful.

"This is the historical mission of General Secretary Xi Jinping to give Guizhou.

  Bijie City made the ""’s strength, took out the state of "robbing", showing "new".

Give full play to the advantages of your own characteristics, fully promote the industry’s big breakthrough, urbanization, agricultural development, tourism improvement, strive to explore the road in the province, take the forefront, demonstration, and go all out to promote high quality development. Weaving Jinxian Tea Shop Township, China Petrochemical Weaving Gold 500,000 tons / year PGA (polyettoxal acid) project accelerates advancement; Weining Autonomous County, the top of the mountain, big wind car swallowing power; new building materials development After the light industry is full of enthusiasm … The new industrialization of Bijie City is constantly accelerating.

  Human, the "agate red" cherry is favored by tourists; the golden autumn season, Weining has more than 700 tons of vegetables from the source of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, and the new golden saponi finishing base is still hot. .

  Qixingguan accelerates the pace of construction of urban parks, forming a new pattern of garden green space systems in the "park in the city, city in the park"; Wending Jinxian relying on the construction of the ancient city and the gland of the Golden River, so that the city has both "color" "There is" temperament "; the old community in the central city of Qianxi is in full swing, the urban taste is continuously improved … Today, the Green Tree, the green trees, the mountains, and the urban appearance have long been in the past. The first year of the year, the world geological park is woven, the spring blossoms, "Earth color band" Baili Du Du 5A level scenic spot is more than 60 million daily tourism comprehensive income of 60 million yuan; golden autumn, "Cloud Huahai" leek pier Accept tourists 20,000 … With the continuous upgrade of each scenic spot, Bijie Tourism Industrialization "comprehensive flowering", 2021 accumulated tourists expected to reach 80 million, year-on-year growth, expected to achieve tourism comprehensive income of 8.2 billion yuan. Guarding green mountains, harvesting Jinshan Yinshan.

The highlands new development concept, biking, retrieving, gratitude, focusing on "four new" main attack "Four), writing the" papers "of high-quality development in Umon Hill, the bank of Wujiang, a total of people rich, The magnificent picture of ecological beauty is in the west of the earth. Syaway the new journey, ruthless and then fight.

Standing in the new historical starting point, the broad masses of cadres in Bijie are riveting, struggling to fight, hard to promote the revitalization of rural resolution, struggling to create a new development concept. New future.

(Reporter Xie Dao Zheng Wang Ruimiang Liang Pei).

10 stuks Hegemony Spring Festival-bestand?Verder is de variabele nog steeds op de weg.

Wacht even in de enquête.

Als er al lang geen reactie is, vernieuw dan deze pagina volgens de professionele versie van de kat, 10 films zullen strijden om 2022 Spring Festival.

Meer nauwkeuriger worden ze vrijgegeven op de dag van 1 februari. Er is echter nog steeds een grote verandering in het Spring Festival, er is nog steeds een grote variabele – gevolgd door "Super Family" en "Cherry Small Menu: Fantasy Notes", andere films hebben ook de mogelijkheid om "te rennen"; meer van cruciaal belang Dat de huidige industrie op grote schaal wordt geruchten: "Changjin Lake Water Bridge" streeft ernaar het lentefestivalbestand in te voeren. Als dit waar is, zal dit "gigantische" werk het patroon van het huidige lentefestival volledig veranderen.

  Vanwege de twee films van "Changjin Lake Water Gate Bridge" en "Miracle", zijn er Yi Yan Qianli, en sommige mensen spelen in de voorspelling. Het lentefestival van dit jaar zal zeer waarschijnlijk "dubbelzegel" zijn. "Super Family" en "Cherry Small Meatball" ingetrokken op 5 januari, de originele Spring Festival Film "Super Family" kondigde plotseling intrekking aan.

De verklaring van de film is: "Vanwege de enorme hoeveelheid werk in de productie van postfilm, hoewel inspanningen nog steeds niet in staat zijn om alle productiewerkzaamheden op schema’s te voltooien, kunnen ze alleen spijt hebben om de geplande publicatie-regelingen op 1 februari te annuleren , 2022. Dankzij de publieksteun zullen we opnieuw kiezen. "" Super familie "is geregisseerd door Song Yang door" SHYDDIAN TIEQUER "Director Song Yang, Shen Teng Starred.

Als een gelukkige metroke-film heeft de film oorspronkelijk het grootste aantal mensen met het hoogste voorjaarsfestival op de ogen van de kat, dus de terugtrekking maakt veel kijkers in de war en teleurgesteld. Onverwacht, de volgende dag van "Super Family" -ontwikkeling, 3D-geanimeerde film "Cherry Small Meatball: Fantasy Notes" wordt ook aangekondigd. De film wordt geproduceerd door China, het oorspronkelijke team van Japan, de introductie van het perceel, "vliegen kleine gehaktballetjes over de nieuwe wereld vol fantasie uit het dagelijks leven." De hele mensen zijn enthousiast, of zullen zich verspreiden naar de schaduwstad "Ik wil zien", de eerste drie in het veerfestivalbestand, de top drie, van hoog naar laag, "vier zee?n" en "deze moordenaar is niet erg rustig ", de kwaliteit van de directeur en de hoofdrol het verleden, bepaalt de verwachtingen van het publiek, de komedie en cartoon hebben ook een hogere zorg in dit schema. Volgens het ziekenhuis is de "Sniper" van Zhang Yimou, de "Sniper" "Sniper" "" Sniper ", officieel vrijgegeven", dat mag niet worden ingetrokken "."

De werken van Zhang Yimou zullen kwaliteitsborging hebben. Als de "Water Gate Bridge of Changjin Lake" succesvol "Airborne", "Sniper" is of de grootste concurrent van de eerste in dezelfde film zal worden. Daarnaast zullen de Olympische Winterspelen en de Olympische Spelen van de Winter gehandicapt, of worden een extra hulp van dit Spring Festival-bestand.

Onder het rijden van de nationale patriottische sfeer, de binnenlandse film op het Spring Festival dit jaar, of zal een meer enthousiasme winnen dan het voorgaande jaar. "Water Gate Bridge" komt het Spring Festival-bestand in? Het gerucht zal waarschijnlijk rekening houden met de recente "Changjin Lake Swage Bridge" komt het gerucht in van het Spring Festival-bestand, vervolgens de intrekking van "Super Family" en "Cherry Small Menu: Fantasy Notes" zal gemakkelijk worden begrepen.

Als het "Changjin Lake", de Hoogste Box Office-film "Changjin Lake" in China, als het vakje "Airborne" het hele jaar door de grootste voorjaarsfestivalmarkt heeft, zal het ongetwijfeld het patroon van het schema veranderen. In de afgelopen jaren zal het Spring Festival geleidelijk de nieuwe regels van het spel van "sterk" onthullen. Neem het Spring Festival in vorig jaar als een voorbeeld, China’s belangrijkste schaduwmarkt heeft het kassa meer dan 7,8 miljard yuan geoogst, en het is het hoogste record van het veerfestival Vluchtbox Office en het kijkpersoneel van het Box Office van de lente Festival en de Bekijk persoon.

Het is echter de moeite waard om op te merken dat er 7 grootschalige deelname aan het Spring Festival-bestand zijn, maar het einde van het Final Box Office is eerst gerangschikt in de Box Office "Tang Dynasty" en "Hallo, LiAnying" -inkomen. In de capsule. Rekening houdend met het krachtige marktconcurrentievermogen van "Waterbrug van Changjin Lake", als de film dit jaar officieel het Spring Festival binnenging, dan kunnen veel originele idee?n in het Spring Festival, de meesten van hen "Sang" worden. In die tijd ben ik bang dat er meer films zullen zijn om de opname aan te kondigen.

Op dezelfde manier, als de grootste reeks investeringen in het beleggingsvolume in de afgelopen twee jaar, als er geen harde obstakel is, zal "Changjin Lake Swage Bridge" niet gemakkelijk het Spring Festival opgeven, dit jaar, het grootste marktvolume is de grootste goede geografische periode. Het Spring Festival is momenteel een jong publiek om het "Miracle" te zien: "Medicine God" -directeur en vervolgens schot, "vier woorden" in de "Wen MU" in de hoofdrol: Yi Yi Qian Lu, Tian Yu, Chen Hailin, Qi Sai, Leni De 20-jarige Jing Hao kwam naar het leven van Shenzhen met de jonge zus, en het leven van de broers en het zussen is warm.

Voor de hoge chirurgie van de zuster greep Jinghao een toevallige kans om te beslissen om alleen te zijn … van het verhaal, het lijkt geen "geschikte" lentefestivalfamilie, maar de afgelopen jaren werkt het werkelijke werk in het publiek de steeds populairder, en "Miracle" is het laatste werk na het WEN Muye’s Word-of-Mouth Box Office in 2018, "Ik ben geen drugsgod", en de in de hoofdrol Yi Yan Qian Yan is in "Youth" "om je een kracht te sturen en Strong Box Office weerspiegeld in de kleine saffloer "," Miracle "is mogelijk in staat om het vak ‘Miracle’ van dit jaar ‘Spring Festival-bestand te maken. "Four Seas": Shen Teng en Helping Han Han "One Arm" Director: Han Han Starring: Liu Yuran, Liu Hao, Shen Teng, Yin Zheng, 未 家 家 家 家 家 家 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 Zhou Huan Song, Zhou Huan, maar ook allerlei soorten gedaan van onbetrouwbare Vos Hondenvrienden.

Met het brullen van de nachtlocomotief luidde Ayao oorspronkelijk eenzaam leven in een gigantische golf, en verschillende mensen kwamen aan bij de handen om aan een vakantie-reis te beginnen … Han Han’s zelfstandige werk zoals "Flying Life" "Rayed" "Risico" , altijd behoud van de stabiliteit van het kassa en de reputatie, de ervaring van het tweemaal binnendringen van het lentefestivalbestand is ook genoeg om hem niet gewone tegenstanders te laten zijn. Deze nieuwe film is ook "een gestage" van lineup – Shen Teng, Yin Zheng en 春 春 元 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合 合Het verbinden van de mannelijke en vrouwelijke protagonist en Liu Hao is uiteraard om jonge doelgroepen aan te trekken.

  Ontsteken van de enthousiasme van patriottisme: Zhang Yimou kwam de Lente Festival Regie: Zhang Yimou, Zhang Yong, Zhang Yong, Huang Yan, Huang Yan, China is Commercial Gemaakt van China, Zhang Yimou, heeft nooit in de Lente Festival. Dit jaar nam hij eindelijk zijn dochter, en lid van de Spring Festival Oorlog met een oorlog de belangrijkste melodie. De film is gebaseerd op de "koude gun" beweging in de oorlog van de Verenigde Staten, door middel van een speciale overleden aan de Chinese vrijwilliger Sniper en de VS Elite Sniper, met de heldhaftige verhaal en de geest van het vrijwilligerswerk krijgers op het Koreaanse slagveld de geest van de ziel.

  Laosteen, meestal een boetiek. Vorig jaar heeft de "cliff" op de kliffen van vorig jaar, moeilijk om een hoge kwaliteit, sterke plots en nieuwe ritmes anders dan vergelijkbare film te schieten. Deze "sniper" is ook de moeite waard naar uit.

  "Mijn hart vliegt": China Olympic Sports Movie Regisseur: Wang Ayan, Xia Yu, Samina, Liang Wenhui, is "China Olympic Sports Movie Trilogy (" A Human Olympic "" Xu Haifeng’s Gun "My Heart Flying") "De derde een deel. De film is ge?nspireerd door de Olympische Winterspelen van China, de Chinese shorttrack schaatsen nationale team vertegenwoordigen Yang Fan, en de twee van hen hebben de gouden medaille gelanceerd. De relatie tussen de mensen wordt ook geconfronteerd met een felle botsing en zware test. .. Met de Olympische Winterspelen en de Olympische Spelen met een lichamelijke Winter in China, deze meest "cut" film of zal bijzondere aandacht en steun te winnen in de binnenlandse publiek.

  Animatie is de beste van de familie "Bear uit, terug te keren naar de aarde": Xiong Erbeng Regisseur: Lin WORLDTEX Dubi: Zhang Bingjun, Zhang Wei, Tan Xiao, Li Yan Yao, Cheng Ziyang, een vliegende openhartig, de val van de hond bear Senthounce, Xiong 2 onverwacht met de buitenaardse nucleaire "fit", wordt een beer met alien wijsheid energie! De toekomst is het beroven van Alien Abu, en hij een einde maakt met opzet, laat de beer twee zijn rebelse … Wat is Abu om de aarde ware doel? Heeft u een self-gewelddadige en zichzelf ontdekte beer om zijn held droom te verwezenlijken? Dit is de achtste van Guangdong beroemde animatie IP "Bear out" serie. De reeks wordt bekroond met de Lente Festival voor vele jaren, en de full-leeftijd laag is welkom. Elk jaar, de Lente Festival nieuwe film is "het hoofd gebroken bloed", en de beer eredienst is: "Ik kan me niet bewegen."

De "Bear" vrijgegeven door de Spring Festival bestand vorig jaar nam ook de miljard yuan box office, en er wordt geschat dat er wordt geschat om door te gaan "shake een hoop geld" dit jaar. "Pleasant Geit en Big Big Wolf": De grote film keert terug naar de bestuurders na 7 jaar: Huang Weiming dubbing: Zuqing, Zhang Lin, Deng Yuting, Liang Ying, Liu Hongyun Xi Sheep, Big Big Wolf en een bewaker team bestaat uit kleine schapen in het basketbal topevenement de finale, maar het was onverwacht verslagen, en het team was verdisconteerd. Hoewel elk verspreid, het enthousiasme voor basketbal en het verlangen naar het kampioenschap laat iedereen team, maar dit keer zij worden geconfronteerd krachtiger. Ook Guangdong Classic Animation IP, nieuwe film wordt persoonlijk geleid door "Ouders van Pleasant Geit", in combinatie met de jongeren favoriet basketbal elementen, en is een box office in de Lente Festival "steady". Dit is de "Aangenaam Geit en Big Big Wolf" serie reboots na zeven jaar van de film, dat is heel loyaal aan de verwachtingen van hun trouwe publiek. "Ik ben de Draak": "Crossing" tot 65 miljoen jaar geleden Director: Shang Ming, Si Lin nagesynchroniseerde: Volgens Yubi, Lin Yan, Wenchi, Zhao Duang, Li Xin, "Ik ben Dragon" toont 6500 Wannamine Tijdens Krijt, een mysterieuze en kleurrijke dinosaurus nieuwe wereld. De film is levendig en reproduceert de vreemde en spectaculaire prehistorische prehistorische, en een spannend avontuur over de sterkste koning van het land staat op het punt aanwezig … Met science fiction kleur en de wetenschappelijke en technologische betekenis cartoon te zijn, in de Lente Festival, dezelfde film is uniek.

  "Xiaohu Dun grote held": Jaar van de Tijger Looks "Tiger Film" Regisseur: Zou Wei, Zeng Jingxiong Dubwater: Shen Miao Ci, Liang Dawei, Zou Liang, Chen Shihu Punner’s ouders ging naar reizen voor vele jaren, de grote raad van bestuur van de vier zee?n darts vertelde Tiger Ponsen "zolang je terug als een ouder van de pijlen zal komen, ‘Dus de’ Tiger" Tiger Pun Zhi, die oorspronkelijk was geliefd, een dart zou zijn.

Een misverstand misdragen, de Tiger Pier kreeg een nooit eenvoudig bodyguard missie, begeleid door de meester van de meesters, begon hij aan een spannende lichaam van het lichaam van lijfwachten en de groei reis … Jaar van de Tijger Kijk naar "Tiger Film", de net red "Weinig Tijger Pier" kan ook trekken veel publiek van kinderen.

  De glimlach van het nieuwe jaar "" Deze moordenaar is niet te rustig ": Ma Li" out of the horse "director: Xing Wenxiong Gastrollen: Ma Li, Wei Xiang, Chen Mingxi, Zhou Da Yong, Huang Cai Lun, het nastreven van de Dream van de mannelijke, eindelijk de vrouwelijke ster van Milaan "Waardering", werd uitgenodigd om te spelen haar mannelijke nummer 1 "killer Carl", hij was zo opgewonden dat de rol werd ge?nterpreteerd, maar hij had niet verwacht te zijn gevallen in een crisis en moesten vertrouwen met zijn eigen "voortreffelijk" acteren en absolute succes is een belachelijke komedie die lijkt op de "super familie" smaak, maar "Shen Ma combinatie" wordt overgelaten aan elkaar met een box office garantie? "Ik wil zien" De eerste "super familie" is ingetrokken, "deze moordenaar is niet rustig", zal het worden overgelaten? Het is nog steeds niet gedefinieerd door een halve maand na de Lente Festival. "Het drama is als het leven": Wat is de waarde van het recht of het geschil? Regie: Debai, Meng Lingqing Gastrollen: Wang Zhi, Wang Ning, Wei Xiang, Zi Rui, het uiterlijk Lin Xue’s van Wu Wei het raken van de muur, onder alle van de buitenlandse druk, wordt haar uiterlijk angst steeds diep, de binnenste is zeer gewenst om een mooie kans te hebben.

Zodra een mysterieuze en onverwachte verrassing, ze kreeg uiteindelijk een onge?venaarde schoonheid van … De schoonheid is welzijn, en het zal ook een valkuil zijn.

Dit is een satirische komedie met realistische kleuren.

Reporter Li Li.

Share teahouse, charging seat, warm heart station … Qingyuan new "running group" support service

Set warm heart station in the street party service center. In order to do a good job in management, Qingyuan Street established a WeChat group, adopted "reporting mechanism" – rider reported in group, staff statistics, doing a good job of prevention and control safety reminders.

At the vicinity of the human flow-intensive Zayuan Subway Station, the other riding hand is also established in the near future. "Convenience Service Corner" is the largest bright spot, raincoat, pump, first aid kit, mask, charging treasure … must have a must-have material on the road, and it is necessary to solve the urgent rider. Targeted service demand list item-by-item "Open-air to find a seat, etc. Plug the charging port on the side of the seat. "We have developed, the rider has rely on mobile phones, and the power consumption is large, but there are not many places that can be charged.

"The staff of the Qingyuan Street Party Group Office introduced that it is difficult to compete for the difficulty of solving the cycling of the rider, the street coordinates resources, and 2 Taiyang charging seats are installed in the pocket park.

In order to put practical work, the Qingyuan Street is accurately asked, the "Demand Investigation Form" is created, covering more than 20 subdivision, and more than 100 cases are required, more than 500 questions are issued by WeChat group. Understand the urgent needs, research and judgment.

And use this as a basis, combing the list of demand.

There is another cross-river bridge in the central city of Chongqing to start construction

The picture shows the renderings of the Maameng Stone, the bridge will be in parallel with the existing Mathshi Bridge.

Xinhuanet issued Xinhuanet Chongqing November 12th (Han Menglin) On the 12th, Chongqing Housing and Urban and Rural Development Committee issued news, Chongqing downtown area also started construction of a cross-river bridge – Maameng Fuxing Bridge recently officially started construction. The bridge is the control node project of Yunwu Express to rebuild the project. In order to cross the Jialing Jiang Shi Bridge, the whole length is 1422 meters. It is located upstream of the existing Mathshi Bridge. It has the parallel line of the Maameng Bridge, and it will further alleviate the existing Ma Sanesh Bridge accepted traffic congestion.

  Yubwu Expressway broadening the project started from Jinkai Avenue, stopped from the fast road, the road is full of kilometers, the design speed is 80km / h, the status is two-way 4 lane + emergency lane, the project symmetry broadens the two sides form two-way 8 lane + Emergency lane. Including a special bridge (Madan Stone Rehabilitation Bridge), 6 sets (Da Yun Li, Baiyun Road, Baimi, Shuangshui, Emerald, Cai Jianduan), has started in March this year. According to the relevant person in charge of the Chongqing Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee, the project was taken by the Chongqing City Real Estate Group. This is a part of the high-speed transformation of Yunwu to the north and south of the central and western regions of the central city. It is the city’s north and south to an important fast passage. After completion, it will effectively alleviate the traffic congestion of the current status of Yuwu Expressway, and improve the northwest direction of the central city. The traffic environment of the exterior portal channel is connected in series, and the central urban horizontal channels, and promotes the cooperation of Cai Jia, Lijia and Beibei and other groups. The figure shows the bridge effect.

Xinhuanet issued.

The list of the new batch of national rural tourism key villages is released in Shanxi 7 villages

  Original title: The list of new batch of national rural tourism key villages is released in the list of 7 villages in our province, and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will release the National Development and Reform Commission "on the announcement of the third batch of national rural tourism key villages and the first nationwide countryside. Notice of Tourism Key Town (Township) List of Tourism, published the third batch of 199 national rural tourism key villages and the first group of 100 national rural tourism key towns (townships), and there are 7 villages in China.

  Shanxi enrollment third batch of national rural tourism key villages: Taiyuan City, Yuyun County, Jingyou Town Fengling, Lugu, Zhangzhou City, Lao Niuwan Village, Yangquan City, Wang Chao Village, Jinzhong Shouyang County Lenzhou Village, Changzhi City Pingshun County Yuejiazhai Village, Linyi City Yonghe County, Yonghe County, Yuncheng Yuncheng Longmen Village, Hejin City. The first batch of national rural tourism key towns (hometown) has: Yangquan Niangzi Town, Changzhi City Grand Canyon Town, Jincheng Yuncheng Town.

  It is understood that the two commissions have expanded the national rural tourism key village directory as a national rural tourism key village area, in accordance with the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee on the Comprehensive Promotion of Rural Rural Rural Rural Modernization, " "The planning scheme on comprehensive promotion of rural resolution and promoting urban and rural integration, all aspects fully exerted the connection function and element advantage of township Liancheng Village, bringing township construction to the regional center of rural tourism development, driving rural tourism clustering, scale Chemical development; on the other hand, make full use of rural tourism radiation effects, driving urban and country staff, capital, information, resource exchanges, and help from urban and rural elements to exchange, two-way flow, and promote urban and rural integration in the county. (Reporter Zhang Ting).

Vision: Long March 7 launch rocket first flight success

On June 22, Long March 7 launched rocket safely transferred to the launch tower.

CFP June 25, 2016, 20 o’clock, Long March 7 launch rocket first launched from Hainan Wenchang Space Transport Field, successfully sent load to scheduled track after 603 seconds, and successfully successfully successfullyThe first flight of the Long March 7 rocket is successful, marking a major breakthrough in my country’s new generation of launch rockets, will greatly enhance our ability to enter space.Long March 7 launch vehicle general command Wang Xiaolun said that the Changzheng seven rocket promoters non-toxic and non-pollution, reliability, and applicability strongly represent the mainstream trend of future space development, Chang Zheng No.7 is a cross-age, milestonesignificance.At 20:00 on June 25, the Long March was launched.

The CFP Long March seven rockets leaving a strong white smoke, people take the mobile phone carrying.CFP June 25, 2016, the commemoration of the staff of the Longlou Aerospace Post Office in Wenchang City, Hainan Province."China Economic Week" cover.

Shanxi Lingshi: Developing Bee Industry Brewing Sweet Career

Lingshi County is located in the north latitude, east, and the county is divided into a variety of high-quality honey, such as roses, Yangchao, etc., has a unique bee-bee-level advantage and natural conditions. Bee breeding has a long history in the county.

Various beekeeping patterns such as garden breeding, mountain forest breeding, alpine ditch farming have emerged, family bee field, joint nutrition bee base, bee collaborative, and other production and operation organizations, flowering, spring bamboo shoots. The county’s honey, propolis, and royal jelly and other bee products increased year by year, production, business scale gradually improved, government guidance, leading enterprises, and cooperative organizations, farmers’ industrialization development patterns have been basically formed.

Up to now, there are 825 households and 17942 boxes of bee, and more than 1,263,634 bee practitioners. The annual production ton of honey, the output value of 10,000 yuan; the annual output of the royal jade, the output value is 10,000 yuan; the annual output value of propolis is 10,000 yuan; the total output value of the beekeeping industry is more than 10,000 yuan. In addition, the county "Jingbao Honey" won the national agricultural product geographical symbol certification. Wang Vinting, Director of the Lingshi County Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Service Center, said: "The county’s bee industry has formed five major beekeeping demonstration bases, with a point, radiate the county, to start the scale. We must put the bee industry and the village revitalization. Promote the scientific, standardization, sustainable development of the beekeeping industry, improve the number of bee group, production, quality up and down, focus on improving the standardization and histolution of bee breeding; in the industrial chain extension and excellent brands To make an article, speed up the construction of bee product quality and safety system and technical service system, and promote the development of beekeeping industry to green, high quality, specialization, branding, and make the real construction of the bee industry have become distinctive, the benefits are highlighted, farmers benefit The rich industry. "(Xu Jun Zhang Hui) (Editor: Zhao Fang, Chang Huizhong).