NBA Playoffs Finals-13th 9-00 How do the Heat fight back against the Spurs?

NBA Playoffs Finals-13th 9:00 How do the Heat fight back against the Spurs?
At 9:00 on June 13th, Beijing time, the fourth round of the NBA Finals will begin!With a total score of 1-2 behind, the Miami Heat will continue to face the San Antonio Spurs at home.After the last defeat, the Heat are eager to fight back!  In the last game, the Heat back to Miami was brutally abused by the Spurs at home.In the face of the Spurs’ aggressive offense, the Heat were caught off guard.Today, the Heat conducted a two-hour video analysis class. LeBron James said that coach Spoelstra pointed out the problem of each individual.At the same time he also said that the performance of the third game is not acceptable, the fourth game must play better!  The Spurs broke the Heat at home and gave their opponents their first home defeat in the playoffs this season.In the last game, the Spurs scored 41 points in the first quarter, scored 71 points in the half, and maintained 75.8% terror hit rate.Leonard, the future star of the team, gave the Spurs a big gift. He scored 10 of 13 in the game and scored a career-high 29 points, becoming the absolute hero of the Spurs’ victory.  The defending champion’s first home match suffered a defeat, and a counterattack is imperative. What will the Spurs do?

Makihara (002714): September average price was beautiful and performance exceeded expectations

Makihara (002714): September average price was beautiful and performance exceeded expectations

The average price in September was beautiful, and the number of listings increased month-on-month, proving that the company’s death rate has dropped significantly.

In the third and third quarter alone, the net profit attributable to mothers was about 1.5 billion, exceeding expectations. In the future, costs will be reduced, and the number of listings will be increased.

We continue to strongly recommend Makihara Shares.

Event: On October 8th, the company released the first three quarter results forecast, and the report is expected to achieve net profit attributable to mothers of 1.3 to 1.5 billion, an increase of 271.

23% -328.

34%, of which net profit attributable to mothers was achieved in the third quarter.

5-16 years old.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 238 in ten years.

12% -284.

75%,都市夜网 performance exceeded expectations.

In addition, the company also released a sales briefing, selling hogs 72 in September.

520,000 heads, a slight increase from the previous month, with an average sales price of 26.

17 yuan / kg, an increase of 29 from the previous month.


The pig farm renovation is gradually completed, and the future cost advantage is expected to gradually expand. According to the profit interval released by the company, we have calculated that the full cost of Q3 pigs is 14.


Between 4 yuan / kg, the increase in cost according to Q2 is mainly due to the decline in the amount of sales, which significantly increases the cost amortization, and the cost of production conversion will not change significantly.

We believe that after the company’s pig farm renovation is completed, the farm 北京桑拿洗浴保健 environment gradually stabilizes and the new production process is smoother, the overall operating efficiency of the farm, the production performance of sows and the growth performance of pigs will be significantly improved, and the slaughterThe increase in volume will bring about the dilution of expenses and labor costs. It is expected that the cost will begin to decline at the latest in the fourth quarter, and the cost may return to the level before the non-pesticidal disease in the second half of next year, at 11.

5 yuan to 11.

Between 7 yuan, the cost advantage is expected to continue to expand.

Q3 performance exceeded expectations, profits began to accelerate release Q3 profits exceeded expectations and cashed in, future performance will be more predictable.

In the context of the current rapid rise in pig prices and the significant improvement in corporate epidemic prevention capabilities, the company’s profits have begun to accelerate. The third quarter is only the initial stage. The results will continue to rise in the next 6-8 quarters, continuing to refresh historical extremes.

It is worth mentioning that in the channel of rising pig prices, the company can sell piglets in large quantities, bringing greater flexibility to the amount of slaughter, which is a unique advantage of Makihara.

Currently, the company weaned the piglets (6.

5 kg to 7 kg) sales price is about 1,500 yuan, sow pigs (can be left as breeding pigs) sales price is about 3,000 yuan, the cost is only 200 yuan.

In the future, the price of piglets will continue to innovate following the rise in pig prices, which will bring great profit elasticity to Makihara, who has too many sows.

Earnings forecast and estimation: We expect the company’s sales volume to be 1050/2000/30 million heads in 2019-2021, with net profit attributable to mothers52.



9 trillion, EPS is 2.



68 yuan, giving 7-9 times PE in 2020, with a target price of 97.


01 yuan, with 38%-77% growth space, maintain “strongly recommended-A” investment rating.

Risk reminders: sudden large-scale uncontrollable epidemic disease, major food safety incidents, macroeconomic systemic risks, extreme climate disasters leading to large-scale reduction of crop production and food prices, and listed companies infected with African swine fever.

Hailan House (600398): Steady multi-brand layout of the main brand in the future

Hailan House (600398): Steady multi-brand layout of the main brand in the future

Investment Highlights The company released its 2018 annual report and realized a real revenue of 190.

900,000 yuan (+4.

89%), realized attributable / deducted non-net profit 34.


3.3 billion, an increase of 3 respectively.

78% /-0.


Among 深圳桑拿网 them, 18Q4 achieved 60 in a single quarter.

4.7 billion (+5.

67%), realizing attribution / deduction of non-net profit8.


5.9 billion, an increase of 1 each.

09% /-6.


At the same time, a profit distribution plan was announced, and it is planned to pay dividends for every 10 shares3.

80 yuan, the index rate is 3.


  By brand: The long-term revenue of the main brand has increased steadily and the gross profit margin has increased. The growth rate of Aiju Rabbit has improved and the proportion of revenue has increased.

① Channel expansion drives steady growth of major brands (+2.


In 18 years, the main brand Hailan House achieved revenue of 151.

4.3 billion (+2.


Among them, there was a net increase of 594 stores to 5,097, and the operating area increased by 7 as well.


In terms of store efficiency, benefiting from the closure of inefficient stores and the growth of commercial supermarkets, the same store is expected to achieve a growth rate of nearly 1%.

At the same time, due to 73.

59% of the new stores were established in 18H2, and the contribution of the new stores will be realized in 2019. It is expected that the efficiency of the main brand stores will be further improved.

During the same period, the gross profit margin of the main brand was 43.

40%, an increase of 3.

06PCTs, mainly because of higher gross profit margins, the proportion of buyouts increased (31% to 34%), direct sales increased (in the past 144, channel ratio increased from 1% to 3)

4%), and the optimization of joint policies between the company and franchisees.

② The growth rate of Aiju Rabbit has been increasing, but its proportion has increased to 6%.

In 18 years, Aiju Rabbit increased its net sales by 231 stores to 1281, achieving a revenue of 10.

RMB 990,000 (+22.

68%), of which the operating area and the Ping effect increased by 17 respectively.

53% and 4.

38%.Gross profit margin decreased by 3.

86PCT to 23.

93%, mainly affected by new stores and brand promotions.

③ In 18 years, San Keno / other brands achieved revenue 21 respectively.


77 ppm, an increase of 12 in ten years.

82% / 25.


  Sub-channels: Optimized offline channel structure and slightly increased online share.

① The offline channel structure continued to improve, and the proportion of shopping mall stores increased.

It is estimated that the total number of shopping mall stores exceeds 1,300, and the number of stores accounts for nearly 20%.

Among them, the main brand shopping malls accounted for 18% (16% in 2018Q3), ijutu shopping malls accounted for about 20%, and over 90 of the other brands (295 in total) were shopping malls (mainly newBrand).

Looking at the settlement model, direct sales / joining in 2018 saw a net increase of 244/637 to 291/6382, and revenue increased by 118.

37% / 1.

93% to 6.


4.6 billion.

② Multi-platform layout, online share increased slightly.

Through social e-commerce (WeChat / Xiaohongshu, etc.), multi-platform operation of traditional e-commerce and self-media, the total number of online members has reached 13.84 million (+ 28%), and nearly 3,500 stores have launched omni-channel retail systemsThe O2O model further optimizes the shopping experience for consumers.

Based on this, developing countries achieved online revenue11.

51 ‰ (+ 9).

25%), and the income ratio is 6.

14% (2017: 5).


  New brand cultivation and inventory impairment provisions increased, and net margin declined slightly.

Initial company gross margin increased by 1.

89PCT to 40.

84%, but the net interest rate dropped by 0.

19PCT to 18.

10%, mainly due to the cultivation and development of new brands, leading to an increase in sales expense ratio / R & D expense ratio / management expense ratio of 0.




In addition, the income growth rate increased the inventory depreciation reserve for more than 2 years by 2.

US $ 4.2 billion, total budgeted asset impairment losses increased by 2.

5.6 billion (+ 202%).

However, investment income increased by 1.

48 ppm (+ 1153%). Taken together, the overall net margin dropped slightly.


  The consolidation and stocking of the new brand caused the initial inventory turnover and decreased cash flow.Consolidation of HEY LADS (about 3 billion), new brand stocking, resulting in an increase in inventory of about 1 billion, inventory turnover days increased by 9 days to 286 days, and net cash flow from operations decreased by 4 from the previous year.

6.1 billion.

  Profit forecast and investment advice.

The stability of the domestic brand’s leading men’s clothing brand of the main brand is expected to remain under the background of improved supply chain efficiency (enhancing support for core suppliers, improving product quality and replenishment ratio), improving inventory structure, and optimizing channels (increasing the proportion of shopping mall stores).Steady growth. At the same time, the new brand is expected to accelerate store opening in 2019, and jointly promote the company’s steady growth in performance.

In the long run, the company has played a platform role, promoted the informatization layout, continued to optimize the channel structure and deepened the cooperation with core suppliers, in order to continuously improve the efficiency of the supply chain and the synergy of multi-brand operations, and forged strong competition barriers for the company’s long-term development.

At the same time, the company’s underestimated high yield can also bring deterministic returns to investors.

The 2019/20/21 results are expected to be 37.



80,000 yuan, the corresponding EPS is 0.



95 yuan, corresponding estimates are 12/11/10 times, maintain “Buy” rating.

  Risk warning: weak consumption, sales exceeded expectations; new brand cultivation is not up to expectations.

Russia calls on Japanese ambassador to protest Abe’s distortion

Russia calls on Japanese ambassador to protest Abe’s distortion

On the 9th, the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Japanese ambassador to Russia last month to protest against Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s recent improper statement on Russia-Japan disputed territories and the conclusion of a peace treaty between Russia and Japan. The distortion has gradually become the essence of consensus on accelerating the negotiations.

  Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov said that Russia has noted that the Japanese leader will explain to the original islanders of the disputed territories that the ownership of these (disputed) islands will be transformed into Japan and that the Japanese government will initiallyIdentify reports of joint abandonment of budgets related to disputed territories.

  Morgulov 北京桑拿洗浴保健 reminded the Japanese ambassador to Russia that such a Japanese statement seriously distorted the curve to point to the essence of consensus on accelerating the negotiation of a peace treaty, and let the content of the negotiations mislead the public opinion.

Russia believes that Japan has deliberately created a tense atmosphere for the negotiation of a peace treaty and will inevitably sell the Japanese plan to Russia.

  Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin met in Singapore last November and agreed to accelerate the process of the Japan-Russia peace treaty based on the “Japan-Soviet Common Declaration” issued by Japan and the Soviet Union in 1956.

The declaration mentioned that after the long-term peace treaty, the Soviet Union handed over to the Japanese side the smaller islands of Sertan and Dancing Islands among the disputed islands.

However, Russia reminded Japan that discussing territorial disputes on the basis of the “Japan-Soviet Common Declaration” does not mean that Russia will automatically hand over the disputed islands.

  Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono and Abe will visit Russia in mid- and late-January, respectively.

Kyodo News said that the Russian side protested the prediction to contain Japan and improve the wisdom of the negotiation gate.

  The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated in a statement on the 9th that in order to conclude the Russia-Japan peace treaty, Russia-Japan relations need to be substantially improved, public support exists, and Japan unconditionally recognizes the results of the Second World War, including what the Russians call the South Kuril Islands, todayRussia claims the sovereignty of the four northern islands.

(Liu Xiuling)[Xinhua News Agency Microblog]Original Title: Russia Calls on Japanese Ambassador to Protest Abe’s Distortion of Leadership Agreement

Zhonghuan (002129) Company Research: Layout IBC Efficient Technology Rapid Manufacturing Transformation

Zhonghuan (002129) Company Research: Layout IBC Efficient Technology Rapid Manufacturing Transformation

Event: On November 11, 2019, Central Shares announced that the company plans to cooperate with Total. Total expands its global solar business outside Sunpower, which is controlled by the United States and Canada, to MAXEON established in Singapore.

8480% of the shares became the second shareholder of the new company.

Sunpower: Beyond shingles, IBC technology cannot be ignored.

Sunpower is a solar technology provider in the United States, focusing on the development and application of photovoltaic technology.

The shingle technology developed by the company is one of the most distinctive advanced new technologies on the market.

Beyond that, the company has been involved in IBC (Cross Back Contact) battery technology for many years.

In 2016, the company’s IBC battery conversion efficiency exceeded 25%. In the first half of 2019, the company launched a new generation of IBC battery products, MAXEON Gen5, for the company’s A series module sales, and the mass production module conversion efficiency reached 21.

twenty two.

3%, which is much higher than the conversion efficiency of mainstream components in the current market.

The company’s A series of products mainly compete in markets such as household photovoltaics or decentralized photovoltaics, which have high unit cost and resist high conversion efficiency demand.

After the split, MAXEON and Sunpower complement each other. MAXEON focuses on the manufacture and sales of high-end photovoltaic cell modules.

According to the company announcement, the main body of this split MAXEON mainly includes Singapore headquarters and R & D centers, battery factories in Malaysia and the Philippines, factories of Chinese battery and module joint ventures (20% equity of Huansheng PV (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.), Mexico and FranceModule factories, sales centers in Switzerland and sales companies in more than ten countries.

MAXEON will continue to use the “Sunpower” brand to sell its IBC products to markets other than the United States and Canada, and sell its products to the United States and Canadian markets through a multi-year exclusive supply agreement signed with SunPower.PV sells shingled module products to the international market.

Zhonghuan entered the market, laid out high-efficiency technology, extended applications downstream of the industrial chain, and promoted the gradual progress of manufacturing.

This time, Central Shares contributed 2.

$ 9.8 billion to 1.

54x PB subscribed for MAXEON 南京夜网 28.

8480% of the shares became its second shareholder.

The subscription will promote the new company to continue to expand the production capacity of Maxeon Gen5.

At the same time, the technology and application prospects of Zhonghuan Co., Ltd. in the transition to silicon wafers and the advantages of Sunpower’s IBC battery technology and shingle module technology are combined to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and accelerate the progress of global parity Internet access.

Zhonghuan’s extension to the downstream of the photovoltaic industry chain will help its silicon wafer products get better downstream applications and feedback.

Sunpower’s overseas visibility will also help speed up the manufacturing process of Central.

Performance forecast: Expected company 2019?
Revenue will reach 185 in 2021.



390,000 yuan, net profit attributable to mother 11.



690,000 yuan, an increase of 77 in ten years.

9% / 48% / 54.

3%, corresponding to PE29.



9 times.

Risk reminders: 2020 silicon wafer capacity release is higher than expected, silicon wafer price changes are lower than expected; overseas installations are lower than expected; forecast deviations and estimated risks.

Ping An of China (601318) Semi-annual Report Review: Traditional Business Continues to Be Good

Ping An of China (601318) Semi-annual Report Review: Traditional Business Continues to Be Good

Conclusions and recommendations: Ping An’s net profit increased by 68 in the first half of the year.

1% to 97.7 billion, of which the diabetes back to 10.4 billion, basically consistent with our previous exclusion.

The company’s life insurance focuses more on protection products, and optimizes agent channels to achieve positive growth in new business value.

The company’s property and casualty insurance was driven by non-auto insurance to grow rapidly, its cost rate was stable, and its margins improved.

Benefiting from the improvement of the equity market, the investment side of Ping An Group recorded a good performance.

We suggest that investors should pay more attention to the development of the Ping An technology sector and its role in nurturing the group as a whole.

The overall valuation of the company is at a relatively reasonable level, and we continue to give “buy” investment advice.

  In the first half of the year, net profit increased by nearly 70%: Ping An of China released its semi-annual report and achieved net profit of 97.7 billion in 1H2019, an increase of 68 year-on-year.

1%, of which 10.4 billion is the reflection of reduced plasma in 2018 in 2019, which is basically consistent with our previous precipitation.

If this factor is deducted, Ping An’s net profit in the first half of the year will increase by 50%, of which 2Q will increase by 30% in a single quarter.

The company announced an interim dividend of 0 this time.

75 yuan / share.

  The value rate of new business increased, and agents’ ability to create value was stronger.

From the perspective of life insurance, premiums in 1H2019 reached RMB 315.8 billion, an increase of 9 year-on-year.

2%, of which the new single premium is reduced by 6.

6%, renewal premiums increased by 18.


  This is due to the fact that life insurance companies have been more focused on protection insurance since this year, and the new business value rate has achieved a higher level, and has improved compared with the same period last year.

From the perspective of Ping An, the new business value of 1H2019 supplements 44.

7%, an increase of 5.

7pct and drive new business value to achieve 4.

Positive growth of 7%.

In terms of agents, the average number of agents in 1H2019 was 1.24 million, a year-on-year decrease of 5.

5%, but the per capita new business value of the agent channel increased YOY by 8.

5%, reflecting the improvement of agent value creation ability.

  Non-auto insurance increased faster and the margin of cost rate improved.

From the perspective of property and casualty insurance, 1H2019 achieved 130.5 billion premiums, an increase of 9 year-on-year.

7%, of which auto insurance increased by 9.

0%, non-car insurance increased by 11.


In terms of cost, despite the decline in the company’s expense ratio under the background of newspaper and bank integration: Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance 1H2019 expenses 37.

4%, a year-on-year decrease of 1.

0pct, but the payout ratio increased in the first half of this year, recording 59.

2%, a year-on-year increase of 1.

8pct, driving the comprehensive cost rate to rise by 0.

8 points to 96.

From a month-on-month basis, Ping An Property and Casualty Insurance’s costs have improved marginally. The cost ratio in the first quarter of 2019 was 97.
The 0% level has declined.

  The investment side performed better.

From the investment side, the net investment income in 1H2019 increased by 4.

5%, the annualized total investment income is injected 5.

5%, a year-on-year increase of 0.

3pct, 1.

5 points, the increase in net investment yield is mainly due to the increase in fixed income asset income and equity investment dividends since the beginning of this year. Against the background of the overall equity market, the total investment yield has also improved.

From the perspective of capital allocation, the proportion of Ping An’s preferred stocks, stocks, equity funds and long-term equity investments has increased since this year.

  Non-insurance business is remarkable.

In terms of non-insurance business, the performance was remarkable. For example, Ping An Bank’s net profit grew faster than expected, and retail conversion has achieved fruitful results. As one of the financial technology service cloud platforms, Financial One Account has gradually cooperated with 3,707 customers (615 banks, insurance companies(81, 3011 in other categories); Ping An Good Doctor has 62.7 million active users, an increase of nearly 30% year-on-year; Ping An Medical Insurance Technology has provided refined medical insurance management services to more than 200 urban medical insurance management institutions, covering more than 8 billion insured persons;The average daily number of independent users of the car home reached 37.8 million, and YOY increased by nearly 50%.

In the non-insurance business, we have seen the technology sector of Ping An Group continue to incubate, and it is expected that it will continue to erupt in the future.

With the continuous development and application of the company in the field of science and technology, it can also achieve a certain effect of nurturing the traditional financial business.

For example, Ping An currently uses AI to provide interviews 北京保健按摩 for agents, the high-simulation robot AskBob provides sales assistance to agents, and uses exhibition assistants and robots to improve the efficiency of property insurance operations.

  Growth disease insurance group: On the whole, the company is still a growth alternative insurance group, with an embedded value of 1H2019 growing earlier11.

0% to 1.

1 trillion, mainly due to the increase in the value of new business, operating experience expectations are assumed, and investment returns are better than assumptions.

From the perspective of ROE, the non-annualized ROE in the first half of this year was 16.

3%, a fairly high level among financial companies.

  Investment suggestions: We expect the company’s net profit in 2019 and 2020 to be 166.4 billion, 187.1 billion, and EVPS to be 68.

0 yuan / share, 83.

8 yuan / share, corresponding to PEV is 1.

27X, 1.

03X, reasonable estimate, continue to give “buy” investment advice.

  Risk Warning: Macroeconomic Downward Expectation

Obesity gene begins with hypertensive hyperactivity and activates obese genes

Obesity gene begins with hypertensive hyperactivity and activates obese genes

A large number of netizens on the Internet refused: “The diet is not effective, and the rebound is even more powerful. What should I do?”

“Obesity is an appetite (extraordinary), and the environment (such as stress) and many other reasons have jointly initiated the results of too many genes.

Lose weight, only the idea to turn off the obese gene!

  1, obesity gene makes appetite increase too much gene, how does it work in the process of human obesity?

  There are too many genes, and the energy that attracts people increases!

For example, the gene “FTO”.

  Scientists conducted experiments on 2,726 children aged 4 to 10 years old in Scotland. In the experiment, children were free to choose meat, cheese, bagels, various fruits and vegetables, water and other foods.

The results showed that children with mutations in the FTO gene prefer to consume foods such as traces, oils, and sweets, and they consume an average of 100 calories per meal.

  In other words, “FTO” changes the way people eat.

  In addition, dopamine, a brain nerve conduction substance, is mainly responsible for the transmission of pleasure, such as excitement and pleasure in the brain.

The study found that the proportion of obese and lean people, the number of dopamine receptor genes in the body is less.

In other words, they need to eat more food in order to have a sense of pleasure.

  2, obesity gene makes it difficult for adults to decompose excess genes, which will inhibit the body’s energy consumption.

  In the comparison, the researchers found that the weight of the Mexican-Americans found that the CRTC3 gene was active in pairs, because the expression of CRTC3 slowed down the rate of burning adults and slenderness led to obesity.

  Obesity is also associated with insulin secretion.

  In the process of adult breakdown, insulin plays an important role.

If the plasma is too low, it will decompose slightly, and it will accumulate in the human body.

  The study found that the DNA of obese people showed some strangeness.

Some DNA inhibits the normal secretion of insulin; some DNA inhibits the normal secretion of insulin.

In addition, β3-adrenergic receptors (β3-AR) are distributed on human abdominal fat cells. Studies have shown that mutations in the β3-AR gene have lower basal metabolic rates than non-mutant populations.

  In the obese population, there are more mutations in the β3-AR gene than in the non-mutant population, and the energy consumption of the basic life activities of the obese person’s body is reduced.

  Obese in childhood, a small number of cells, easy to gain weight in adulthood; but why do many people do not get fat when they are children, but also get fat after adulthood?

  American scientists have recently discovered a gene called Girk4 that is involved in regulating food intake and energy expenditure.

The normal function of this gene is disrupted and is a potential cause of obesity in adults between the ages of 20 and 60.

  More than 200 genes or chromosomal regions associated with obesity have been discovered this time.

  3, hypertension genes start genes in the beginning of hypertension, is genetic, but environmental factors will change the strength of the gene!

  The most typical is the American Indian tribe. Their lives have been extremely poor. After entering modern society, their lives have been greatly improved. As a result, more than 95% of the Indians have become obese.

  Furthermore, the number of obese children is now exploding, because junk food is cheap, highly convertible, and easy to obtain, tempting a large number of FTO genetic variants.

Studies have confirmed that the FTO gene has been presented in childhood, which is “related to the child’s overeating.”

  The initiation of the obese gene begins in the critical period.

  A mother was afraid of malnutrition and desperately tonic. As a result, she gave birth to a big fat boy weighing 13 pounds. This child has been obese since childhood, childhood, and juvenile.

  Why is this so?

Scientists have found that high levels of glucose and free fatty acids in the intrauterine environment promote protein release, and giraffes affect the appetite control and metabolic systems of the developing brain.

Further studies have found that fecal cells in obese infants do undergo metabolic changes that make burning adults difficult.

  4, excessive stress will also activate obesity genes German researchers from 2006 to 2007, surveyed over-rejected Germans, found that 25% of them are obese; and in the general population, the proportion of obese people is only 11%.

  British researchers have been studying the workplace for 19 years and found that “the population with high work stress is 73% more likely to suffer from obesity than those who never feel stressed.”

  Why does stress make people obese?

  Because stress activates the genes of high blood pressure – some of the excess genes have a lot of appetite: when people are in a stressful situation (such as facing financial problems or pressure from the boss), they will ignite your passion for food. When eating these foods,The stimulating hormone will improve.  Some extra genes can add a small amount of reserves: for our prehistoric ancestors, stress means natural disasters or beasts approaching, the body needs extra energy to cope with food substitution or fight with wild animals, so the process of quickly storing adults is veryimportant.

  ”Lack of malnutrition” is also a huge pressure on the body.

The study found that if pregnant women are malnourished in the early and middle stages of pregnancy, their children may be 50% obese in adulthood.

The reason is that humans have evolved in the environment of food debris, and the body has produced gene-saving genes that can enhance the body’s digestion, increase energy absorption, reduce energy consumption, and promote unfortunate synthesis.

  It is currently believed that prevention or malnutrition in infants and young children leads to an increase in gene expression levels and the differentiation of more stem cells into fecal cells.

  ”Insufficient sleep” also put pressure on the body.

According to a survey by a French scientist, if a person sleeps for an average of four hours in a row for two consecutive days, the hormone-induced hormonal obesity hormone in the body will nearly double, and the hormone leptin, which regulates the free content and appetite in the body.It will be relatively reduced.

  So how do we close the obesity gene?

  5, the scientific diet to close the obesity gene said above, FTO gene mutation is closely related to obesity, but the facts show that many children with this genetic variation are not overweight.

Further research found that “as long as you don’t eat too much, FTO will not make people fat!”

  How should we eat?

  Dieting or not eating stunned “hungry thin” science?

  Insufficient nutrient supply, weakened cell physiological function, the overall metabolic function of the body declines, and the energy consumption of basic life activities declines, so that you will even get fat (puffiness) even if you drink!

  What should I do?

  Use “high protein, low instant, low carb recipes”!

  Trace: It is mainly oxidative energy supply. When it is too much, it will enter the blood in the form of glucose, stimulate the islet to secrete too much insulin, and promote the synthesis of obesity. Therefore, it is necessary to “low blood sugar diet”!

  Lipids: involved in the formation of cell membranes, hormone synthesis, vitamin D3 synthesis, etc. There are three types of fatty acids (linoleic acid, linolenic acid, arachidonic acid) that cannot be synthesized by the human body and must be supplied by absorbed food.

Therefore, it is necessary to “absorb the lipids, and the amount is sufficient”.

  Protein: It is the building material of tissue cells, and the absorption should be “appropriate and sufficient”.

Animal protein, red meat, is eaten because of its high content of essential amino acids and all types.

  Vegetables and fruits: its potential “supplemental fiber”, which has obvious delipidization and hypoglycemic effect; can be used as an antioxidant to prevent free radical damage to the satiety center; vitamins, minerals, beneficial physiological functions and metabolism.

  At present, it is believed that the three critical stages leading to simple obesity in children are the three stages of rapid development of human micro-cells, namely: 3 months before birth, 1 year after birth, and about 10 years old.

  Closing the obese gene begins with the high blood pressure period.

First, prevent high blood pressure from being too light or too heavy.

When the child is born, the ideal weight is 6 kg?
8 pounds.

  In addition, the baby should be exclusively breastfed within 6 months of birth.

Breastmilk is tailor-made for your baby, and with manual intervention, it can be “malnutrition” or “over-administration”.

  At the same time pay attention: full sleep, emotional management, relieve stress.

  6, exercise can change the many results of recent research by obesity genetic scientists show that exercising one hour a day will change your obesity gene.

  Swedish experts found in the experiment that some extra over-metabolized genes lost methyl groups after free radical movement.

The gene after demethylation is able to convert protein synthesis more efficiently.

This will make it easier to turn into protein to achieve weight loss.

  They believe that calcium ions produced during exercise demethylate genes.

  A new study announced by the American Heart Association shows that a one-hour walk a day can change the genetic predisposition of obesity.

  In this new study, researchers at Harvard University measured the excess genetic potential of participants based on 32 observed obese gene variants.

It was found that the body mass index (BMI) of the participants increased by 0 each time they carried an obese gene.

13 kg / square meter.

Exercises such as walking can change the role of obesity genes.

  A study published in the Journal of the Public Library of Medicine shows that cycling for 5 days a week and exercising for 30 minutes a day has the effect of curbing excessive genes.
  Recently, the extra netizens lamented: “From a young age, I was fat and determined to lose weight. Suddenly, after seeing the age of 20 on the Internet, the number of cells will not change. My heart is cold. Is it destined to be a fat man for a lifetime?
In fact, through exercise, “reducing adult muscle gain”, the body will be strong and healthy!

Girly impulsive escape is wrong!

Girly impulsive escape is wrong!

女孩舒馨:“我是一名正读高一的女生,由于我的性格活泼开朗,什么烦恼、不愉快的事在我面前都似过眼烟云,因此学校的男女同学都叫我‘快乐天使’,They also like to make friends with me.

  ”But something that happened a month ago suddenly pushed me into the mire of misery.

That day, the school organized us to take a spring trip to Huqiu. A Feng, a first-year senior, found me in front of the car, asked me to go with him, and proudly held the camera in his hand to tell me that he was willing to leave me beautifulBeautiful shadow.

  ”A Feng is two years older than me. He is very carefree and cares for me. In addition, we live in the same building, so I have a little more intimacy with him than other students.

When taking a picture at a scenic spot, I almost fell in order to pose an unstable posture. A Feng grabbed me in a lunge and was shocked. His arm happened to be on top of my plump body, and it was suddenly an electric shock.The feeling spread throughout my body, I really wanted to make this feeling eternal, but in a flash I panicked and pushed A Feng’s hand away.

  ”I was lying in bed that night, and my head was full of A Feng’s shadow. The electric shock during the day always stimulated me like a caterpillar.

Since then, I look forward to being with A Feng every day, but I’m particularly afraid to see him. I’m afraid he will cut my mind, and I’m not ashamed of him for making jokes.

In order to drive A Feng out of my mind, I forced myself to read, often looking at the book without knowing what to read.

But it’s strange, for special novels, poetry and love guide books that describe love, I have a special issue.

Under the torture of this ambivalence, my academic performance declined.

  ”I know that this is the period of schooling and that this evil is the beginning of the fall.

But I do n’t know how to solve this kind of obscene thought . ”Actually, Shu Xin ‘s psychology is normal. This is an inevitable reflection of the sexual enthusiasm of adolescent boys and girls. There is no need to worry about annoyance or worry.Feelings of fault, shame or depravity.

When a girl enters puberty, her body will inevitably be accompanied by a series of unique sexual changes: menstruation begins, breasts begin to develop, and a slight deposition under the skin makes the girl ‘s body plump and rounded . these mean that the girl ‘s bodyThe secretion series begins to mature and estrogen begins to be produced.

This is a girl’s normal physiological phenomenon. Through the maturity of her physical development, sexual consciousness has begun to quietly germinate in her heart. She has an unusual feeling for the opposite sex, curious about them, admires them, and finds them attractive.
At this stage, many girls’ emotions will be confused: they want to show off their physical charm, but they don’t want to be noticeable; they want to get the boy’s favorite pursuit, but they are also afraid of being unpopular, or afraid of being considered humble and shameless.
  However, if, like Shu Xin, they have been confined to the view that sexual desire is degraded, guilty or obscene, or their views on “decent” girls are deeply rooted, then their sexual turmoil will be suppressed, although they are eager to grow upBecoming a woman, but at the same time with fear, always want to stay or go back to childhood, in order to escape the reality of youth commotion.

  So how do girls deal with sexual commotion in adolescence?

  The first is to boldly learn sexual knowledge and understand yourself.

You can learn about sexual knowledge without any hesitation, read some books in this area generously, or open up to your parents, teachers, and sisters, tell them your secret experience, and get knowledge from them.

As long as you have general sexual knowledge as a foundation, you will correctly understand the mature sexual physiology and sexual psychological changes that are developing, so that you will not be frightened, confused, upset, worried, and distressed by normal sexual commotion.

  The first is to concentrate on your studies and don’t fall in love early.

When boys and girls reach puberty, most of them will have normal sexual desires, but their strengths are different.

But sexual physiology and sexual psychology do not mature at the same time.

The former is much earlier than one.

Therefore, early love is extremely inappropriate for girls who are far from mature in sexual psychology.

And the most important thing is that the girlhood is the period when people are toxic and full of life, and the memory is the strongest. They are at the stage of learning with a strong thirst for knowledge. If they are adjacent to the quagmire of early love, unless they will be distracted by learning, it will delay their lifeThe golden age of schooling, and physiology will also be harmed by interference.

  Because 15-year-old girls are in the physiological stage of development, the inhibition and excitement of the brain are very calm, they are prone to emotional impulses, and lack self-control. They often show obvious “sexual impulses” in sexual characteristics.Knowledge and moral education, with little knowledge and shallow experience, is still in a hazy state of love and gender relations, and it is easy to “stuck.”

So if you have a hazy sense of love for a male student, you have to bear it.

  The third is to be generous and friendly.

In order to avoid “electric shock”, shouldn’t we associate with male and female students?

of course not.

The tighter and more separated the boys and girls are, the more mysterious, nervous and sensitive they are about sexual issues.

A girl who does not have normal contact with the opposite sex, once exposed to the opposite sex, will be too sensitive to sex and even think wildly.

If you already have discrimination, fear and mystery against the opposite sex in your heart, then pay more attention to normal interaction with male students.

As long as you have a pure mind, your attitude will be natural, and it will not let the other party have any doubts or anxieties.

  It should be said that male and female classmates who are generous and friendly with each other can not only enhance friendship, but also learn from each other’s strengths.

However, when interacting with boys, in order to avoid misunderstanding, substitute open places; when traveling, it is best not to lean too close, and not to have any intimate actions; you should not spend too much time alone, not alone at nightIt’s best to meet; talk elegantly and naturally, don’t pretend to be brave; don’t use eyes to watch the opposite sex for a long time and enthusiastically, etc.

  The last is to strengthen emotional cultivation and improve self-control.Fifteen or sixteen is the age of innocence for girls, and it is also a “dangerous” age.

But as long as you strengthen your own moral cultivation, pay attention to cultivating your sentiments, concentrate on your studies, correctly treat adolescent sexual commotion, and have a clear understanding of the serious consequences of adolescent sexual indulgence, you will control yourSexual commotion, using scientific methods to promptly drive sexual desire, and spend the crucial and wonderful moment of life safely.

Learn Yoga Pranayama

Learn Yoga Pranayama

Through yoga Pranayama exercises, these five kinds of vitality of life in the body can work harmoniously, while maintaining our vigorous energy, start the higher energy center (air wheel) in the body and develop higher consciousness and wisdom of life.

This is a more subtle and advanced exercise than yoga asana.

  Our breathing is divided into four parts: l, Puraka-inhalation 2, Antara kumbhaka-holding breath after inhalation, inward suspension 3, Recaka-exhalation 4, bahya kumbhaka-holding breath after exhalation, outside suspension yogaVarious techniques are used to combine the four parts of the breath in different ways, duration, speed, strength, amplitude and intensity to achieve energy control.

The state of our heart and mind is closely related to our breathing. When our breathing is rapid, superficial and scattered, the mind cannot be quiet, and the mind is difficult to have deep thinking and judgment.

This makes it difficult to enter the higher realm of yoga-control of the mind.

  Yoga breathing is an important part of yoga practice, and it is also the key to whether yoga practice can be beneficial.

Breathing is the link between physiology and spirit. The correct yoga practice must begin with the practice of breathing and not with the asana.

However, the utilitarian ideas in this era make it too easy for people to ignore the internal training and the superficial display, so the practice of asanas is prosperous and the breathing methods are not realized, which is a serious mistake in the direction.

  In breathing, consciousness must be concentrated, just like a mother caring for her child and caring for her child.

  When performing yoga breathing method, you must use the posture method to cooperate with the following exercises for the lungs, diaphragm, intercostal muscles, and diaphragm muscles, and brakes for rhythmic breathing.

Until breathing becomes correct and rhythmic, consciousness remains one with breathing.

Consciousness guides breathing through how the inhaled breath is distributed through the relevant channels to cells throughout the body.

Breathing eventually reaches the inner self.

The role of consciousness is to connect the inner self with the breath and the body.

  During inspiration, the practitioner changes his brain into an organ that receives and distributes energy flow.

When inhaling, do not over-inhale to avoid causing dizziness, body bloating, etc.{This is a factor that does not open the body’s veins. Therefore, do not bulge the abdomen, otherwise the lungs cannot be fully expanded.

Inhale and exhale can not be carried out reluctantly or too quickly, otherwise, it will increase the burden on the heart and cause brain disorders.

  The so-called exhalation is to expel impure air (carbon dioxide) from the body.

When exhaling, consciously lift your upper jaw and slowly, rhythmically expel the gas.

Pay careful attention to the rhythm of breathing.

Some people inhale for a long time, while others exhale for a long time.

As with difficulties and challenges, blood pressure and blood flow are different for each person.

The purpose of yoga breathing is to eliminate imbalances and obstacles in breathing and blood pressure, eliminate irritability, stop your unique thoughts and habits, and free yourself from attachment.

  Be careful not to breathe deliberately when practicing breathing.

Breath penetrates the whole movement.

When a bottle of perfume is placed in front of you, you will normally inhale and exhale, but when you are reminded to smell the perfume, your breath will intensify subconsciously.

Practicing yoga also encounters the same problem. Often when it comes to breathing, the human brain becomes nervous subconsciously, making it difficult to breathe freely.

Adjustment method: practice more.

Breathing can be practiced. Control your thoughts slowly. Don’t imply that you intentionally breathe.

Slowly restore the subconscious breath to a free, natural state, coordinate breathing and many body movements, and drive the movement to swim in each form.

  The tension of yoga pacing exercises: 1. Practicing deep breathing can fully exercise and strengthen the transverse muscles, intercostal muscles and abdominal muscles, and increase lung capacity (oxygen intake is one of the ways to receive prana).

  2. Enhance brain and nervous system function (neurasthenia, insomnia, hyperexcitation, impetuous or depressed mood).

  3. Enhance cardiovascular function, beneficially massage and stimulate the heart and blood circulation system, and eliminate toxins in the blood.

  4. Massage the internal organs to prevent all other internal organ diseases of the digestive system.

  5. Energize the digestive fire in the body, eliminate toxins, and make the body lighter.

  6. Purify and balance the left and right sutras, make your mind clear and focused, and your emotions calm and peaceful.

  7. Excite higher energy kundalini shakti (Kundalini Shakti).

  8. Be prepared to enter deeper meditation and experience higher spiritual consciousness.  Precautions when practicing breathing: 1. Keep a good posture for preparation before practicing, such as sitting on the ground, flexing your legs and sitting cross-legged, straightening your lower back.

  2. Practice chest breathing or abdominal breathing, both inhale and exhale. 3. Focus your consciousness on breathing during the practice, pay attention to the chest or abdomen fluctuations, and capture the spirit to ensure that your mind is free from thoughts.

  4. When inhaling, you should inhale the air slowly and deeply through your nostrils, like the sponge that absorbs water.

  5. When exhaling, you should also keep it soft and exhale slowly, like exquisite silkworm spinning.

Have you ever used these cardio equipment?

Have you ever used these cardio equipment?

Fitness equipment is also divided into aerobic fitness equipment and anaerobic fitness equipment. If you want to exercise, then we must choose the appropriate fitness equipment, so do you know which aerobic fitness equipment is suitable for you?

What are the precautions for using fitness equipment?

Let’s take a look at friends who like fitness!

  You are suitable for an aerobic fitness equipment. In this competitively growing society, many people will choose to exercise in fitness clubs, in order to make themselves healthier and more competitive, because humans have evolved to have different IQs.It ‘s not that big. If you fight to the back, you will see who is in good health, and whoever can resist, whoever can laugh.

  There are many aerobic equipment, including treadmills, bicycles, climbing machines, stair machines, elliptical machines and so on.

Therefore, today, the editor summarized the opinions of many star coaches, and answered the kind of aerobic fitness equipment that is really suitable for you.

  Treadmills Treadmills are a common type of aerobic equipment. You can use the treadmill to do fitness activities such as walking and running.

Good treadmills take into account the impact of walking and running on human joints in the design, so when you step on the treadmill platform, they will be more flexible, which will protect your joints and joints, especially the knee joint.You are safer to walk and run on the concrete floor in Colombia.

  Here I will tell you that if you have an injured or weaker exerciser, try to use the treadmill less, and then use the treadmill to exercise the stress above.

  Elliptical machine The elliptical machine is specially designed for people who cannot run on the treadmill. The elliptical machine is an ellipse every time you walk or run on it.

  When you exercise on the elliptical machine, it is not the same as the treadmill. When the treadmill is working out, your feet must be off the ground, but the elliptical machine is not. It feels like walking and running, but the feet do not leave the pedals.I also enjoyed the joy of running, and the stress on the knee joint was reduced to a minimum.

  Stair machine Stair machine is that your feet do not leave the pedal, the pedal moves with your foot, and there is no joint impact on the body.

In fact, this is not a big point. The big thing is that it mainly uses the muscles of the hips and legs for aerobic exercise. If you exercise on the stair machine for twenty minutes, you will feel a slight acidity in the hips and thighs.Swelling.

  The long-term use of stairs will enhance your cardiopulmonary function, and then strengthen the muscle endurance of hips and thighs. The aunt who will let you consume your body will make you slimmer.

This is why many women like to use a stair machine for aerobic exercise.

  Indoor cycling Indoor cycling is a very good exercise equipment. Many coaches recommend indoor cycling. There are two types of indoor cycling, one with a backrest and the other without a backrest.

Many of these two people like it. There is more support for back, back and waist with backrest. If you have a bad waist or have an injury, it will be more comfortable to use this backrest.

  There is another advantage of indoor cycling. If you want to take advantage of the time spent in the gym to read books and read newspapers, indoor cycling is your best choice, because you do not need to control your body balance, as long as your feet work hard.Okay.

  Mountain climbing machine As the name suggests, the mountain climbing machine is an aerobic device that feels like climbing. This device does not leave the pedals on the feet, and the two feet are alternately pressed on the pedals.

By using the thigh to force, this device has less pressure on the implant and is better for tightening the thigh.

  Use fitness equipment should pay attention to some 1, pay attention to scientific and reasonable methods each training must have a certain order, first warm-up exercise preparation activities, especially in winter or when the ambient temperature is low, it is important to open all joints.

Slight sweat is better.

Then there are formal exercises and relaxation exercises.

In formal training, pay attention to the cooperation with breathing during aerobic exercise; if you want to lose weight, arrange more groups and fewer times, if you are fit, you should reduce the number of times.

High-intensity short-time training is conducive to the development of strength and speed, and medium- and small-intensity long-term training is conducive to the development of endurance.

  2. Step-by-step practitioners who just started exercising, in order to ensure safety, in addition to looking at the device description before use, they must also pay attention to their age and physical conditions and many other factors, so that they can practice under the guidance of a doctor and coach.

Consistent exercise can strengthen your body and achieve the desired purpose.

  3. Comprehensive development Long-period simple mechanical training to correct inadequacy can easily lead to one-sided development of the body in strength, endurance, and muscular development, which deviates from the development of response, speed, softness, coordination and other aspects.

  Such physical functioning is imperfect.

Therefore, in addition to the regular equipment training, necessary auxiliary exercises should be performed.

Such as ball, track and field, martial arts fighting, gymnastics, swimming, ice skating, dancing and chess and card activities.

These contents can be carried out selectively, and targeted exercises can be combined with their weak transitions.

  Concluding remarks: I have introduced some common aerobic fitness equipment in detail. I hope you can learn more and choose the aerobic fitness equipment that suits you.

Our main purpose is to hope that everyone can have a clear understanding of fitness equipment and use these equipment correctly. I hope this knowledge can help everyone!