Can the eye have really eye-catching? You need to know the use of eye drops

On June 4, 2014, the volunteers of Jiangsu University School of Medicine preached scientific eye knowledge through the eyeball structure model.

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Drops we said in daily life, actually belong to artificial tears.

Eye drugs have different types of division according to their components. Under normal circumstances, the eye has the following categories: 1. Antibiotics; 2. Hormone; 3. Non-steroidal drugs; 4. Artificial tears; 5. glaucoma drugs; 6. Antiviral drugs; 7. antifungal drugs; 8. Immunote inhibitors, etc. We can use your own eye disease under the guidance of a doctor or pharmacist. In most cases, we often use artificial tears to soothe your eyes, fatigue, and false myopia that caused by long-term eyes. Artificial tears in the market often contains: vitamin B6, ice sheet, taurine, sodium glass sodium, carboxymethylcellulose and preservative (benzapium bromide), etc., these components can not only simulate natural tears to moisturize their eyes And make a graph, but also ensure the safety of eye drops in a reasonable time period. In addition to artificial tears, other types of eye drops are also used in clinical practice, such as hormone eye drops, some of which contain sodium phosphate phosphate, which belongs to glucocorticoids, with anti-inflammatory effects, can be used for iris ciliary Symptoms such as inflammation, iris, keratitis, allergic conjunctivitis, eyeliditis, tearduritis.

Antibiotic eye drops can be used to treat eye red blood from bacterial infections, as it contains chloramphenicol, compromumycin, and the like. In the process of using eye drops, we should pay attention to the following questions: First, you should clean your hands before use, shake the eye drops well, floating 1 to 2 drops in the eyelid, then close your eyes for two minutes. Second, if two or more eye drops should be used, it should be dripped in a small to large according to its irritation, and the time interval between each two should be more than five minutes. Common use of different eye drops is done under the guidance of a doctor or pharmacist, and the self-contrast will reduce the risk of efficacy or increase toxicity.

After the use, the ophthalmic water is required to be stored in a refrigerated office, such as refrigerator preservation room, and it is required to be used within one month after opening.

Finally, artificial tears can not be used for a long time, otherwise it will cause a reduction in natural tears secretion, causing dry eye.

In addition, other medicinal substances can cause drug glaucoma for long-term use. This article was scientifically checked by Ding Qingming, deputy director of the Pharmacy Department of Peking University People’s Hospital.

Certification of Yunnan Chengjiang Real Estate Registration Convenience Service and then upgrading

Since 2020, Yunnan Province Chengjiang City has implemented in-depth implementation of the spirit of "ventilation suits" reform and optimizing the environmental work conference, closely around "do not seek people, approval, and runs most", from streamlined, convenient, Quickly start, take the tree benchmark, the creation point, strong service, and continuously improve the work mechanism of real estate registration and handling process work, and comprehensively promote the improvement of real estate registration work. Entering the Chengjiang City Government Service Hall, I only see the window of the real estate registration certificate is under an orderly business, to optimize window settings, streamlined processes, promote one-stop convenience service, real estate trading department, registration department, and tax department unified to government services The hall, set the comprehensive acceptance window, implement "one window acceptance, parallel handing". At the same time, there is also a green channel, setting up a business window, promoting property rights registration services into enterprises, entering the community, entering the family, and focusing on the problem of the masses "to have difficulty, difficult to test".

The person in charge of Chengjiang City Real Estate Registration Center said that since the unification of the real estate is launched on 28 June 2016, the center is strictly in accordance with the relevant regulations, the registration of pre-trial verification – application acceptance – preliminary review – charge – certification – archiving " Process, and combined with the registration application materials required for dispersion, the real estate registration business is carried out to ensure that registration within 30 working days of legal processing.

October 2020, by adopting real estate registration and housing transaction payment, "one window acceptance, parallel handling" model and real estate registration, and further streamlined application materials, such as comprehensively cancel the copy of identity certificate, Cancellation of shareholder meeting resolutions, cancel the materials such as laws and regulations such as marriage relationships, and further simplify registration processes, such as consolidation or cancellation, and optimize to "Apply Acceptance – Review Walkbook – Fees – Archive" registration Process, eventually complicated to 2 working days to complement the time limit, improve the quality of service, enhance the masses.

"Now, give our business and owners to the most direct, most beneficial to provide our business and owners to provide a green channel, owners and enterprises come to handle, it is more fast, efficient, almost everything, almost every day. Neited.

Li Deliang, Manager of a Real Estate Development Company, Chengjiang City, said.

The relevant person in charge of the Chengjiang City Real Estate Registration Center, in addition to this, in order to improve the quality of service, help economic development, Chengjiang City Real Estate Registration Center is also limited to the registration time limit, and the real estate registration is committed to the commitment time limit to 2 working days, And strengthen planning supervision, improve planning enforcement, and eliminate the behavior of "first getting on the car, after getting on the car". The relevant person in charge of Chengjiang City Real Estate Registration Center said that the next step will continue to adhere to the "registration and efficient service according to law", do a good job in various registration work, and effectively improve the business and the masses. (Hou Rui, Bao Na Chengjiang Municipal Rong Mongolian Media Center) (Editor: Mu Jingyu, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

Bai Bo border Two thousand refugees stay Poland Plans to build a seal block

China News November 17th According to Russian satellite network, Belarus and Polish refugees are still continuing. On the 17th of local time, the Belarusian Border Defense Committee stated that about 2,000 refugees were stranded near Belarus with the Poland border. In order to prevent refugees from entering Poland, the wave is planning to build a fence in the border area. According to reports, the white side also introduced that these refugees spent the three locations overnight on the 16th, and Bai Fang decided to place some refugees in other locations on the morning of the 17th.

The Belarusian Ministry of Health also published a statement that 15 medical assistance events occurred on the border between the two countries in the past day. On the other hand, the Polish Defense Minister Bovashi, in the local time, on the 17th, the night of the day "is not calm", there is an array of illegal immigrants attempt to break through the Polish border from Belarus on the night.

Bovashgi also pointed out that the immigration crisis in the border areas of the two countries will continue for a long time. He said, "The border issue will not be solved soon, we should be prepared for a few months, I hope not for a few years." On the same day, the Senator Mrtz said in a Polish TV show, the wavefound will be 12 On the 15th of the month, the fence is built with the Belarus border in Poland.

Previously, Poland Interior and Administrative Ministers Camingsky said that the construction of the border fence will be held 24 hours in three classes. He said that the wave is planned to build an engineering fence 180 km long and 5 meters high, and it will also be equipped with electronic equipment for the fence, including night vision camera, motion sensor, and daisies.

In August, in order to enter Western European countries in Germany, more and more refugees from the Middle East have entered the EU member states from Poland and Lithuania. This issue has been more serious in recent weeks. Poland, Lithuania and the European Union blamed the current refugee crisis on Belarus, but the white side stated that Western sanctions led to its weak control of refugee tide.

Deep Network Observation No. 6 ? New Traffic Management Regulations issued the implementation standard should keep up as soon as possible

Artificial intelligent reading: The newly revised "Shenzhen Special Zone Road Traffic Safety illegal Punishment Regulations" will be officially implemented next month (November 1), but the citizens don’t know much about some rules, in new, old rules In the alternating information is asymmetrical, plus some people in the misleading of "Shenzhen’s traffic rules", "Yue B driver is the most difficult", etc., indirectly leads to raging rumors. Wang Yu, Shenzhen News Network commentators, recently, "Shenzhen launched the country’s most strict regulations from the beginning of November 1", "The news said that from November 1st, Shenzhen traffic police will For the "Operation Navigation" "Operation Navigation" "Operation Navigation" "Operation Navigation" "Operation Navigation", the penalty of 300 yuan 2 points is given.

This message was spread at a time.

In the end, the Shenzhen traffic police had to come up with further explanation and instructions on the relevant penalties.

The cause of the event is the newly revised "Shenzhen Special Zone Road Traffic Safety illegal Punishment Regulations" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations) will be officially implemented next month (November 1), the citizens are not very understanding for some rules. In the alternation of new and old rules, there is information asymmetry, plus some people in the misleading of "Shenzhen’s traffic rules", "Yue B driver is the most difficult", etc., indirectly leads to rumors.

The author contracted the "rule" in rumors and the official "online interpretation", found that the contradiction points between the two mainly concentrated on mobile devices such as mobile phones and punishments. The punishment listed in the rumors is informative, specifically, accurate to "using navigation", "headphone answering call", etc. This kind of almost every citizen will "touch" driving behavior. The new revised "Regulations" is just "from November 1 this year, manually operate mobile phones, electronic devices, or other will be finely fined 300 yuan in the safety driving behavior." Although "handheld" in the original "handheld" has been changed to "manual", the law enforcement content is more accurate, but the specific situation and time of use of mobile phones, electronic devices are not implemented. This also gave the rumors "play" space. The reason why rumors has "market", or because the law "leaves white" too much.

There is a very common circulation in the legal community, and the far-reaching slang: "There is no prohibition of the law, and there is no authorization.

"Reflections on the whole event, the new" Regulations "is in the process of formulating, and the punishment is unclear, too broad, failed to give the corresponding rules, and is not operative, which leads to the objective conditions of rumors.

What is "long-term operation", "frequent operation", the driver is unclear, even some law enforcers are not very clear.

In the mobile Internet age, each public is self-propagating attribute, and when the public lacks a realistic understanding of new regulations, the rumors have a media. Therefore, when formulating laws and regulations, the rule makers must invest in more ways to investigate, in-depth research, consider all aspects of factors, and the corresponding rules and explanations, do not "leave white". In this way, the rumors do not have a machine.

I also hope that the traffic control department can take out the operational ways and identification standards as soon as possible, so that the driver is more in mind. In this way, the general public can have something to do, and the heart is sent. Further reading: The previous content:.

14 Provincies uitgebracht 2021 Corporate Salaris-richtlijnen voor de Grassroots-arbeiders – Politieke Consultative Conference

14 provincies hebben uitgebracht 2021 Corporate Salaris-richtlijnen – Gids ondernemingen tot redelijk verbetering van het salaris van de werknemers dit jaar, Tianjin, Xinjiang, Inner Mongoli?, Shaanxi, Tibet, Shandong, Jiangxi, Shanxi, Fujian, Sichuan, Liaoning, Gansu, Jilin, Hunan 14 provincies 2021 Corporate salaris-richtlijnen werden vrijgegeven. Onder hen is de basislijn van de salarisgroei tussen 12 provincies tussen 6% en 8%. Het kantelen van de zogenaamde Corporate-loongeleider voor de Grassroots-arbeiders, is een methode voor het uitvoeren van een macro-begeleiding van salarisverdeling op basis van economische en sociale ontwikkeling, residentieel levende consumptie, enz. Samengesteld uit de baseline, de online (ook bekend als vroegtijdige waarschuwingslijn) en de onderste regel, is de basislijn een gemiddelde jaarlijkse groeiamplitude van het gemiddelde salaris van de onderneming. De bovenste lijn is de hoogste amplitude toegestaan ??door de gemiddelde salarisgroei, En de offline is de laagste, die geen groei kan zijn. Het kan negatieve groei zijn.

In tegenstelling tot de minimumloonnorm, wordt de loongeleidingslijn van het bedrijf alleen geleid en heeft het niet afgedwongen bindend, en het zal ook niet toezicht houden of het bedrijf deze richtlijn aanneemt. Ondernemingen kunnen de specifieke economische voordelen van dit apparaat combineren, hiermee voor referentie en werknemers om looncollectief overleg uit te voeren en het niveau van de salarisgroei te bepalen.

Sinds het begin van de jaren negentig is mijn land begonnen met het opzetten van dit systeem, tenzij ze speciale omstandigheden tegenkomen, de provincies in het algemeen een lokale loongroeidegeleidlijn hebben uitgegeven, die een belangrijke verwijzing van het bedrijf is geworden om het salaris onder de markteconomie redelijk te verhogen. Su Hainan, de speciale onderzoeker van de Labor Society van China, vertelde de verslaggever dat de informatie om deze informatie te publiceren om de onderneming te begeleiden om te verwijzen naar de verschillende intervallen van de loongeleiderlijn en redelijkerwijs de groei van werknemers te regelen. "Momenteel hebben de meeste ondernemingen betere productie- en managementherstel, die de belangrijkste ondersteuning biedt voor het stijgende salaris." Su Hainan is van mening dat het beginsel van uitvoering van "synchronisatie van arbeidsvergoeding en arbeidsproductiviteitsgroei" vereist is om de loonniveaus van verticale richting te verhogen . Vooral kantelende de eerste lijn Grassroots-arbeider, en daardoor hun kwaliteit van leven vergroten.

De inhoud die is vrijgegeven door de verschillende communities-afdelingen weerspiegelt dit ook. Volgens de provincie Jiangxi moeten ondernemingen streven naar het verbeteren van het loonniveau van de eerste lijn werknemer, met name technische werknemers, migrerende werknemers en de groei van het loon van het bedrijf, dat niet minder is dan het gemiddelde salaris van het bedrijf. Province Hunan duidelijk, begeleiding van ondernemingen volgens de specifieke omstandigheden van economische voordelen en arbeidsproductiviteit en onderhandelen over het aandeel van de salarisgroei in 2021, die redelijkerwijs redelijk salarisgroei regelen en focussen op het vergroten van het lage loonniveau en de trage werknemer, met name de productielijn en Technologiearbeider post personeel loonniveau.

Elastische aanpassingsgeleider-industrie-expert zei dat de aanpassing van de richtlijnen van het bedrijfsloon in verschillende regio’s gebaseerd is op de groei, per capita-salarisverhoging van verschillende regio’s, gezien de verwachtingen van de economische groei, en beschouwt de verwachting van de economische groei na het basisleven van de economische groei. de kosten en het basisleven van werknemers. Vanuit de basislijn van de Salaris Growth Set is Jiangxi, Shanxi de hoogste, die 8% bereikt. De enige provincie die de basislijn heeft verhoogd, is Shaanxi, van 7% tot%. De rest van de provincie blijft ongewijzigd. Online instelling, Hunan, Gansu, Tianjin, Jiangxi, Fujian, Shandong, Shaanxi en Tibet hebben geen loongroei online. Van de set provincies is Shanxi 12%, Sichuan is 10%, Jilin is 8%, Xinjiang%, Liaoning is 8%, innerlijke Mongoli?%. Op de onderste regel drijven 10 provincies in principe tussen 3% tot 4%.

Shandong is niet ingesteld door de online en offline.

De Shandong Provinciale Afdeling van de sociale zekerheid van de menselijke sociale zekerheid zei dat ondernemingen, in overeenstemming met het "Shandong Provincial Bureau of Labor Contract", "Shandong Provincial Enterprise Loon Collective Regalations", zich houden aan het principe van arbeidsverdeling, gelijke werkverstrekking en Normale groeimechanismen van salaris voor werknemers, optimaliseren de interne toewijzing.

Het is geen verplicht stijgend salaris, en het is een losse houding wanneer het op het bord is afgebakend, hoe co?rdineert de werknemersloon? SU Hainan heeft uitgelegd dat er geen waarschuwingslijn is, wat betekent dat het bedrijf flexibel op basis van zijn eigen voordelen kan roossen, niet afgetapt; de rol van de offline is om het bedrijf te begeleiden om het werkelijke inkomen van werknemers niet af te leggen, salaris met prijs Index Het is verbeterd of vermindert de impact van onzekerheidsfactoren zoals epidemie.

Tijdens het tekenen van een geleidelijn heeft het ook een aanbeveling voorgesteld over hoe u naar het bedrijf kunt verwijzen. Onder hen is de suggestie van Shaanxi dat de productie en de werking van de productie en de operatie, en de economische effici?ntie-groei de lonen rond de basislijn moet omringen.

Ondernemingen hebben de moeilijkheden van productie en bediening bevestigd en de betalingscapaciteit is niet genoeg. Als de loongeleidlijn is gepland, kunnen we het loonniveau bepalen onder de loonrichtlijn, maar moeten worden bepaald volgens het collectieve overleg met de werknemer, En het bedrijf betaalt de lonen van werknemers die normale arbeid bieden, zijn niet lager dan het lokale minimumloon binnen de wettelijke werkuren. Streef ernaar het implementatie-effect te verbeteren wanneer het bedrijf zich in de specifieke referentiebetalingsregel bevindt, de situatie ontmoet verschillende, vooral enkele niet-state-eigendom van Enterprise-medewerkers, "hopeloos, niet", hoe deze richtlijn "stippellijn" te maken " het "solide lijn"? SORPS Alle lokale aankondigingen ontdekten dat, hoewel de richtlijnen van het bedrijfsalaris niet moeilijk zijn, ze een gidse rol hebben van looncollectief overleg, een bepaalde invloed spelen, een van de aanwijzingen van lokale inkomen en levensomstandigheden.

Veel vraag ook, geef het volledige spel aan de geleidingsrol van loonrichtlijnen en streven ernaar de implementatie-effecten en de sociale invloed van salarisrichtlijnen te verbeteren.

Vanuit het perspectief van ondernemingen passen ondernemingen werknemerslonen, naast longitudinaal in overeenstemming met de bedrijfsomstandigheden van de onderneming en onderhandelen met werknemers, moeten ze ook worden vergeleken met sociale factoren zoals lokale inkomsten, prijsindex, enz. werknemers om te kunnen vergelijken. Anxint is in de ontwikkeling van ondernemingen.

Daartoe stelt de SICHUAN provinciale menselijke sociale afdeling voor dat ondernemingen redelijkerwijs het niveau van looninkomen van bedrijfsmedewerkers moeten verbeteren, met name de eerste lijn, en de salarisgroei moet worden gekanteld naar belangrijke posities, harde posities en vaardigheden.

Het is de moeite waard om op te merken dat, naast het aanpassen van de loonrichtlijn, veel regio’s het minimumloongarantieniveau sinds dit jaar hebben verhoogd. Bijvoorbeeld, Beijing van dit jaar 18 sectoren, zoals voedselproductie, productie van algemene uitrusting, elektrische machines en apparatuur voor het maken van elektrische apparatuur, hebben de lijnen van de industrie loonbegeleiding vrijgegeven. In dit opzicht zei het Social Social Social Social Security Bureau van Beijing dat de minimumloongarantielijn van dit jaar 27.000 yuan / jaar is. Dit is het jaarlijkse niveau van de minimumloonnorm voor 2320 yuan / maand en de eerste 7 maanden van de minimumloonnorm voor de minimumloonnorm, en het voorgaande jaar is 600 yuan op basis van 26.400 yuan vorig jaar.

Ondernemingen kunnen dit jaar het gemiddelde loonniveau van werknemers meten volgens de richtlijnen van de industriesalaris.

Van de "Business" naar het woord "Industrie" bevat het de minimale loongarantijn.

Inleiding tot de experts van de industrie, de minimumloonnorm is verplicht, omdat het minimumloon van Beijing geen emissierechten, overuren, sociale zekerheid, huisvestingsprovisentiefonds, overuren, sociale zekerheid, huisvestingsprovisentiefonds en voorschriften en voorschriften, niet in overeenstemming met de staat en deze stad niet omvat Inbegrepen in het minimumloon Andere inkomsten, dus de minimale loongarantielijn van de salarisgids van de industrie is slechts de theoretische laagste waarde.

Wanneer het bedrijf daadwerkelijk de leidinglijn van de industrie toepast, overweeg dan de voltooiing van andere economische indicatoren zoals ondernemingen om winst te bereiken, en ook rekening houden met de daadwerkelijke groei van werknemersloon. Onder het beginsel van het invoeren van de 2021-loongeleider, werkt samen met de begeleiding van de industrie lijnen. Pas het in hetzelfde jaar aan. Onze Reporter Yan Rong Editor: Li Minjie.

Autonomous Region Government Information Office held the second quarter of the second quarter of 2021

  On June 10th, the Autonomous Region Government Information Office held a press conference in the second quarter of this year, and the relevant person in charge of the Autonomous Region National Development and Reform Commission conducted the topic.

The relevant person in charge of the Autonomous Region National Development and Reform Commission, the Autonomous Region Natural Resources Department, the Autonomous Region Administration, the Hohhot Municipal Committee, the Autonomous Region Market Supervision Administration, attended the press conference and answered the reporter’s question. The party committee and government of the autonomous region attach great importance to optimizing the business environment. On the 1st day after the Spring Festival in the Spring Festival, the party committee and government of the autonomous region held an important speech of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, the Director of the Autonomous Region, and Comrade Shi Taifeng. The various departments of the autonomous region fully condensed the work together, the upper and lower parties, and the overall development of the business environment is promoted. Alliance strengthened structural arrangements, all of which were formed to optimize business environmental work organizations, formulated a supporting policy and refined work initiatives.

The Autonomous Region has developed policy measures such as "Optimized Business Environment Action Plan" on Further Optimizing Business Environment, and outlined the development direction of optimized business environment policy systems.

Guiding alliances, a series of pragmatic initiatives have been introduced, and there are several policy documents such as a number of initiatives (implementation programs, action programs or decisions) of the optimization of business environments (implementation plan, action programs or decision), and jointly build an optimized business environment. Liang Ba Pillar "ensures that the decision-making deployment of the optimized business environment in the autonomous region is guaranteed, which can be effectively seen.

  According to reports, through the efforts of the whole region, the business environment in the region continues to be good.

In terms of enterprises, continue to streamline processes, combine social security registration and enterprise to set up registration into one link, basically realize the establishment of registration and social security registration and seal, and the application invoice is within 1 working day, and canceled All administrative charges. The market supervision department signed a political and silver cooperative strategy agreement with 8 banks, and promoted banking services in the entire area. In terms of building licensing, the examination and approval of the project construction project has been completed, and the autonomous regions have been incorporated into the industrial reform system.

Autonomous Region Engineering Construction Project Approval Management System and Autonomous Region Investment Project Online Approval Supervision Platform System has implemented interconnection and information real-time sharing.

In terms of taxation, reduce the number of pay taxes and time, improve the function of the Electronic Taxation Bureau, actively expand the "non-contact" tax payment method, the taxpayer’s main tax-related service matters can be implemented online, realize tax registration, etc. Top 6 matters.

In the implementation contract, achieve the full coverage from the grassroots people’s court to the high-level people’s court across the field, 50 courts in the region established a smore-of-sharing and tipping platform system, realizing the precision of simple and fast trials and purity. Next, the autonomous region will fully implement the decision-making deployment of the central and autonomous regions, with the same frequency resonance, the same direction, the focus policy, the service pain points, optimization, and public opinion, promote the implementation of various tasks, and constantly Optimize the business environment, fully promote the high quality development of the region. (Reporter Feng Xueyu) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze).

The 3rd Party Building Innovation Achievements Display Exchange Activities are held deeply

From October 26 to 27, the 3rd Party Building Innovation Achievements show exchange activities in Shenzhen, reviewed 6 "Top Ten Cases" gold medals, 9 silver awards, 15 copper prizes. Zou Xiaodong, deputy secretary of the Central Committee and the State Administrative Committee, Yao Yongsheng, executive deputy secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Department of China, Ai Xuefeng, Deputy Secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Feng Ling, Minister of the Ministry of Dell, Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Secretary-General, Secretary of the Municipal Directors Tao Yongxin attended the event. Hou Yongfeng, the Banner Magazine, the Working Committee of the State Administrative Committee, hosted. Zou Xiaodong pointed out that the party construction of the organs is an important part of the party’s construction, the status, the status of the responsibility, must take the lead in implementing the General Secretary of the Top Secretary, the "7 · 9" important speech, active Adapt to new requirements for new tasks, adhere to the times, courageous to reform and innovate, and comprehensively improve the quality, in deepening the comprehensiveness of the party, carry out the self-revolution, and work in the pre-revolution, and actually play an important wind direction for other fields effect.

The third party building innovation results show exchange activities, both in-depth implementation of General Secretary of Total Pace, "7 · 9" important speech spirit, is also an important platform for displaying organs and promoting learning exchange.

It is necessary to summarize experience in time, pay attention to improvement, and strive to put exhibition exchange activities into an important brand of the party building innovation.

Ai Xuefeng said that Shenzhen entered the "double district" driver, "double district" superimposed gold development period, ushered in the major strategic opportunities of "double-change" demonstration, and puts forward new and higher requirements for the party construction of the organ. Shenzhen will learn from the experience of all parts, promote the construction of the party building high-quality development with the first demonstration standard, and provide strong political and organizational security for the construction of "double district", and strive to create more "Shenzhen experience" to create more "Shenzhen experience" for the national government party construction.

At the same time, he also introduced Shenzhen in recent years to build a soul, strong base, responsive, synergy, quality "five party construction", exploring the "standard + quality + demonstration" construction and "party building +" action, and take the lead in building an indicator quantification, The combination of supervision and inspection, assessment evaluation "three integrated" closed-loop implementation system, innovation to create a model agency, to build a five-star branch, strive to be a brand activity such as five-star party members. This event was jointly sponsored by the Central and State Organization Working Committee, and the Shenzhen Municipal Department of Working Committee, from the central and state organs, provincial (districts, municipalities), and deputy provincial government party construction workers attended about 200 people participated in activities. .

After first review, on-site display, Question, Questional Defense, etc., the party committee of the Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, the Party Committee of Jinhua City Radio Radio Administration, the National Radio and Television General Administration, the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau directly under the party committee, Fujian Provincial Party Committee The six units of the Party Committee of the Organization Department and the Ministry of Education have won the "Top Ten Cases" Gold Awards of "Building" "Construction Team" "Service Mass" around the Center. During the event, the organizers also held "in-depth learning and implementation ‘7 · 9’ important speech spirit solid promoted the party building theory and practice innovation", 2 central and state organs, party committees and 12 provincial government work committees Comrade, surrounding how to advance the idea of ??innovation, the means of innovation, the grassroots work innovation, the new and old difficulties faced by the party building work, combined with theoretical thinking and practice exploration, further enhance communication, strengthen the mutuality.

It is reported that this event aims to study in-depth study and implement the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, and fully implement the spirit of the important speech at the construction of general secretary of the Central and State Party, further promoting the party building work and the times. , Keeping innovation, constantly improving quality.

The activities have been well received by the Central and State Administrative Committee, Guangdong Provincial Department of Working Committee, has received the enthusiastic response of party construction peers across the country. Since the launch of the country, since the launch of the country, focus on "party building innovation", a total of collected excellent cases 528 Piece. After 15 experts independently reviewed the "Top Ten Baiyou Cases", "Top Ten Cases" was selected as an exchange study. (Source: People’s Daily Client Guangdong Channel) (Editor: Bai Xiang Sign: Bai Xiang issued: Zhang Tao Ying).

Under Helan Mountain, there is a dating of poetry and stars

"Star Sky Read" went into the third season of Ningxia. Ningxia Wen Hall is a "Star Sky Read" into Ningxia event, starting in 2019, now, it has entered the third quarter.

The theme is "Star Hometown Xingyao Ningxia", divided into "My Story" "My Hometown" "My Motherland" three chapters, tells the "Ningxia Wen Travel" to "Ningxia Industry" Struggle The charm journey of the beautiful new Ningxia is building, showing people’s Ningxia Story.

It is reported that "Star Sky Read" into Ningxia’s third quarter to further expand the popularity and influence of Ningxia Tourism in the country, especially in the Yangtze River Delta, so that "Star’s Hometown", "Helan Shandong Wine Culture Tourism Promotion", etc. IP The brand is deeply rooted. The activities are complementary through tourism resources, "poems Zhejiang" and "Seminan Jiangnan" are perfectly integrated, and through the form of "Media + Wen Travel" integration communication with network red large V and other forms, show the development of Ningxia Wenhaobao IP and domain tourism development. Under the most beautiful starry sky, use the best voice to tell "beautiful Ningxia".

Pakistan Food Ministry: Zhongba Economic Corridor is Pakita Booster

  China – Pakistan Agricultural Cooperation and Outlook Seminar Screenshot Economic Daily – China Economic Network Beijing November 20th (Reporter Liu Qiyu) November 19th, Pakistan National Food Safety and Research Department Minister Said Fahar Imam When participating in the "China-Pakistan Agricultural Cooperation and Outlook" seminar, the Chinese Pakistan Economic Corridor is a booster of Pakistan Agriculture. It is hoped that China’s two countries continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation in agricultural sectors and achieve a win-win situation. This seminar was guided by the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, the Pakistan’s Embassy, ??China Economic Net, Pakistan Peace and Diplomatic Research Institute, Pakistan Forum Express Joint hosted. Pakistan National Food Safety and Research Department Minister Said Fahar Imam speaking Said Fahar Imam Minister affirmed the promotion role in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to the Palestariana.

He said that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has entered the new stage of enrichment, and as a new cooperation in China, the agricultural sector can be available.

He stressed that the corridor project is not only a booster of the Pakistani industry, but also a booster of Pakistan. The road network under the corridor will create more opportunities for Pakistan farmers, and the potential of Pakistan agriculture is huge.

He hopes to strengthen communication and cooperation in the fields of irrigation, crop breeding and production, animal and plant disease prevention, agricultural mechanization, agricultural remote sensing and information technology.

  China’s Ambassador Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, ambassador to Pakistan, said that the construction of the China-Pakistan economic corridor has entered the second stage. It is recommended that China Bika has exchanges, agricultural cooperation planning and existing project implementation, Pakistan agricultural products China, agricultural enterprise cooperation continues to advance cooperation.

"China is willing to strengthen communication and coordination with Pakistan, promote the completion of the inspection and quarantine procedures as soon as possible, and realize the export of agricultural products such as cherries, onions and potatoes. Chinese market.

"Pakistan’s Ambassador to China Most Huacheng. Economic Daily – China Economic Net Wangyan Photo Pakistan’s Ambassador Mogen, in the speech, agriculture’s contribution rate for the GDP in China is about%, agriculture The number of employment accounts for more than 30% of the total number of labor in the country.

For Pakistan, realizing agricultural modernization is a top priority. Huck said that China’s poverty alleviation is the miracle in human history, and China combines poverty alleviation and agricultural development. From the field of seed, agricultural product processing, agricultural investment segmentation, China and Pakistan agricultural cooperation is very broad. In the field of agricultural "chip", Zhongba Cooperation has now won many results, and the two countries in the future will be in the future.

Zhang Qin, Vice President of the Chinese Seed Association, said in the seminar, since China Hybrid rice varieties have been listed in Pakistan, China’s accumulated output of more than 80 million kilograms of hybrid rice, accumulated covered cultivation area of ??more than 5 million hectares. Muhammadazeemkhan, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), said that in the future, the two countries will cooperate in cooperation in hybrid seed production, crop improvement, crop production and management technology, seed production machinery.

In terms of cotton seeds, Zhang Rui, director of the Biotechnology Institute of Biotechnology, China Academy of Agricultural Sciences, believes that China’s cotton planting area is comparable, the output difference is obvious, and the production of cotton production is huge, and China is willing to share advanced Cotton biological breeding technology, cotton seed production technology, etc.

In addition, as an important collection of foreign exchange products, cotton industry with long value chains is also an important support for poverty.

  The Pakistan’s agricultural product processing industry also ushered in the development opportunities under the promotion of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Yan Xueling, director of the Market and Trade Research Office of the Rural Economic Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture, analyzed that Pakistan’s labor intensive agricultural product processing industry has great development potential.

The future two countries can work with agricultural products such as food, livestock products, vegetables and the diversification supply of products.

  The PakistanAn investment environment is another focus of China ‘s recent attention.

EHSanullahtiwana, Chairman of the Pakistan National Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee, said that the epidemic, agriculture is the only department in the country to achieve a short-lived growth. Fareenamazha, the Pakistani Investment Committee, believes that China has a huge advantage in agricultural mechanization and water conservancy, and the cooperation potential of the two countries is huge. With the second phase of the "China Safe Self-trade agreement", the Bar Investment Committee has drafted the relevant framework to further strengthen cooperation between agriculture and food processing.

(Editor: paragraph Chang Ying).

Rongchuang China Wang Mende: Adhere to quality leading to build a beautiful city

  Xinhuanet Beijing September 17 (Wang Ji Chen) On the 16th, the Subcutong China Holdings Co., Ltd. was selected in Beijing, the signing ceremony was held in Beijing.

The two sides will carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation to build a national brand, helping to promote China’s brand construction and high quality development. At the signing ceremony, it is formally settled in China to "Xinhua Credit" platform. Wang Mengde, who was in China Executive Directors and Chief Executive, said in an interview that, fortunately, I was "Xinhua News Agency’s National Brand Project". For mergers, it is not only recognized and spur. In the future, Baochuang will explore an excellent brand building and dissemination of innovation initiatives, and continuously forging its own capabilities, strive to use better products and services, stronger industrial capabilities, and help national brands. , Contribute more strength for China’s beautiful life and beautiful urban construction. Continuous innovation leads the quality of the "Xinhua News Agency" is a comprehensive service reflection of the strategy of brand strong country, aims to "serve the development of national enterprises and help China’s brand building". The "Xinhua News Agency National Brand Project" is selected, and the industry head company is responsible.

  "Let the people live in a good house, enjoy a good service, this is what we have been doing these years.

"Just like Wang Mende, Bangchuang has always put quality first. In 2019, in the assessment of professional institutions, Bao Chuang was rated as the first product, and customer satisfaction was as high as 90.

  With long-term strategic strategies, it has gone high quality growth, and also wins the word of mouth, and has become a "Chinese family a good life integration service provider" trusted by millions of customers.

  In the first half of 2020, it was blended in China to achieve contract sales amount of approximately RMB 100 million, and the head of the industry was in the industry.

"2020 China Real Estate Brand Value Research Results" shows that the value of China’s brand is 83.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth.

  "Only provide good products, good service, meet consumption upgrades, and enhance the beauty of the people, and enterprises can have truly powerful competitiveness.

Wang Mende said that sustainable innovation leads quality people to meet the needs of people’s good life. This is the long-term adherence to the good life. Actively serve as "Beautiful City Assistence" Currently, China’s new urbanization has moved toward high quality development. The city needs multiple power to participate in co-construction.

During this process, some brand companies combine the development needs of the city and the industry to play their own advantages and help the development of the city. It is one of them in China. In the new pattern of the present, Blending proposes to actively practice the mission of "Beautiful City Association", relying on the rich industrial abilities to participate in the construction process of a beautiful city. Wang Mende believes that as long as every city is energetic, then China’s overall competitiveness will increase, and people’s lives will be better.

He pointed out that the industrial and urban development of the integrated layout is closely related. With the capacity accumulation and brand accumulation, it will make the city more competitive and better.

  At present, the six strategic sections around the "Real Estate +" layout, it has already had a certain ability in the industry: in the mainstation, the national housing sales ranked fourth, integrated service, with the strength of strength and Marketization expansion has become the fastest large-scale property management service provider in China; in the Wenbao, the conference industry, the integration is the largest cultural industry operator in China, and is also one of the country’s largest convention and exhibition projects. One of the holders and operations Business; and in cultural and medical conservation plates, Blending also continues to help the national film and television industry upgrades and the rapid growth of medical emerging industries. "Blending will adhere to the innovation leadership of quality people, and continue to contribute to the development of China’s urban construction in the social development of cultural, cultural, conference fairs, and integrity.

"Wang Mende said that in the next five to ten years, we will build a beautiful city will be the direction and mission of integration efforts. Public welfare is a business culture only with strong social responsibility, in order to be stable and long-youth. Therefore, Wang Mende said that Blending has always used public welfare as an important mission of enterprises, and the public welfare undertakings are part of the integration cause.

While providing a good life for the Chinese family, it is aware of the social responsibility and establishing a Bank of Public Welfare Foundation. As of now, it has accumulated more than 2.3 billion yuan.

  "We are doing public welfare, pay attention to effectiveness, long-term, long-term, continuous investment in education, rural revitalization, and civil build protection three major areas, can truly contribute their own power, play value, and effectively.

"Just like Wang Mende, the integration of its own abilities and resource advantages, focusing on three major areas, striving to explore more scientific, more sustainable innovative public welfare models, have also achieved the actual achievements and development of social practical effects.

  While insisting on the three major fields of public welfare, in the face of this new crown pneumonia epidemic, the integrace is also the first to provide donations and assistance in Hubei, Wuhan, such as Hubei, which is troubled.

In terms of stable employment, the bailout industry, the integration is actively contributing to the power, and the employees in the various positions are also concentriced in the epidemic, guarding the interests of customers and owners, and has achieved recognition of society. In addition, the Fusion Volunteer Alliance is an important part of the integration of public welfare undertakings. Through work together, owners, owners and partners participate in public welfare behavior, bring together multi-strength, and combine to provide a longer and resolute support for public welfare. In fact, public welfare culture is also part of the cultural culture. As Wang Mende said, it is necessary to create a "happy enterprise", which must not only make the employees and family members feel happy, but also create happiness to customers, and deliver happiness for the society. This is a better goal that is coming together.