19+22 Utah monster Gobert is too scary Zhou Qi draft market is rising!

19+22 Utah monster Gobert is too scary Zhou Qi draft market is rising!
On March 13, Beijing time, the Houston Rockets lost to the Utah Jazz 91-109 on the road. The Jazz center Rudy Gobert played 36 minutes. He scored 19 points, 22 rebounds, 2 assists and 4 blocks in 8 of 11 shots.under.  In terms of strength comparison, the Rockets ranked fourth in the Western Conference are obviously much stronger than the 11th Jazz in the Western Conference.But unexpectedly, in today’s game, Jazz teenager Gorbert turned out, completely defeated the Rockets.Today’s Gorbert, tomorrow’s Zhou Qi    Gorbert is a sophomore. In the rookie season, his performance is not eye-catching.So much so that ESPN did not pay special attention to him in the player report.ESPN just emphasized that Gorbert’s wingspan reached 7 feet 9 inches, setting an NBA history record, good blocking and rebounding, but needs to be stronger.However, there is no ability to attack in the low post, nor the ability to shoot in the high post, and can only score by air cut and second offense.  But today, Gorbert clearly achieved a big explosion. In the first quarter, he got two doubles!Although the poor have only 10 points and 10 rebounds in the double-doubles, don’t forget, it only took 12 minutes!In addition, he also sent out a cap.what does this mean?The Rockets grabbed only 10 rebounds in the first quarter, and Gobert won the Rockets alone.  At the end of the halftime, Gorbert had scored 14 points, 18 rebounds and 3 blocked shots, including 11 offensive rebounds-the Rockets had only 22 rebounds and 7 offensive rebounds.Gorbert caught the Rockets’ rebounds by himself.Look at the comparison between the two centers: half-time, Donatas-Motiejunas 7 points and 2 rebounds, Gorbert 14 points and 18 rebounds, scoring twice as much as Motie, rebounding is Motie’s nineTimes!  In the second half, Gorbert still did not relax.In the third quarter, he grabbed 4 rebounds and improved the data to 12 frontcourt rebounds and 10 backcourt rebounds. The frontcourt rebounds still surpassed the Rockets team, and the total number of rebounds was only 6 fewer than the Rockets team.If it weren’t for Gott to step on his teammates and sprained his ankle, he might grab more.  Although sprained his ankle, Gott’s physical advantage was still too shocking: 9 minutes and 23 seconds in the fourth quarter, Josh Smith made a layup, although the Eagle King had already seen Gott’s sitting inside, andI chose to take a jump and shoot early, but Gorbert still fanned the ball like a fly with a strange wingspan.And from the slow-motion playback, it can be seen that Gobert first jumped in the air, glanced at the position of his teammates, and then bent his arm to fan the ball in the direction of his teammates, directly launched the fast attack-then he ran towardsIn the frontcourt, catching the ball completed a strong dunk with both hands.  In the game, Gorbert scored 19 points, 22 rebounds and 4 blocks in 36 minutes in the early game, setting a career scoring record.  In fact, Gottbert’s characteristic is that, as ESPN said, his advantage is its arm span and physical fitness. The disadvantage is that it has rough technology, no low-level offense, and no high-range long-range shooting technology.But it turns out that as long as Gorbert has improved some confrontations, then his talent alone is enough to set off waves in today’s NBA.This can’t help but remind the Chinese teenager Zhou Qi. Zhou Qi’s characteristics are almost the same as those of Gorbert, who is 2.16 meters, wingspan 2.36 meters, while Zhou Qi is 2.18 meters, wingspan 2.28 meters, not worse than Gobert, but it still needs to strengthen its strength-Gobert’s 111 kg body weight is still called a lack of confrontation. Zhou Qi’s 95 kg weight is still too light as a center.If Zhou Qi can gain weight and maintain his flexibility and bounce, then his future is definitely worth looking forward to.(Grunt)

Guang Yuyuan (600771): Funding problem is resolved

Guang Yuyuan (600771): Funding problem is resolved

The report guide company released the third quarter of 2019 report.

Investment points Digesting channel inventory led to improved performance and reduced reported companies’ operating income8.

54 ppm, a decrease of 16 per year.

39%, net profit attributable to mother is 1.

74 million, a decline of 23 per year.

09%, net profit after deduction is 1.

5.6 billion, down 30 a year.

38%, achieving EPS0.

35 yuan, down 45 each year.


By quarter, Q3 company achieved operating income3.

1.3 billion, down 14 a year.

68%, net profit attributable to mother is 0.

5.7 billion, down 30 a year.

84%, net profit after deduction is 0.

56 trillion, down 32 a year.

45成都桑拿网 %.

The reason for the decline in performance was mainly to reduce the number of shipments to kill the digestion channel inventory, and at the same time, more discounts were used to deliver goods.

Accounts receivable is 14.

7.2 billion, the first decline in two years.

Dating Shanxi SDIC, the funding problem was resolved On July 30, 2019, the company’s controlling shareholder Dongsheng Group and Shanxi SDIC signed a “Cooperation Framework Agreement”, dating Shanxi SDIC as a strategic investor.Japan will have 40 million company shares (8% of the total share capital).

13%) The agreement was transferred to Shanxi SDIC, and the major shareholders’ funding problem was resolved. It is expected that the company’s operations will return to normal in the future.

Earnings forecasts and estimates Due to funding issues affecting the company’s 2019 business plan, we lowered the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 to 19 respectively.

70,000 yuan, 24.

300 million and 30.

31 ppm, an increase of 21 per year.

73%, 23.

31% and 24.

74%; net profit attributable to parent company is 3.

710,000 yuan, 4.

7.8 billion and 6.

14 ppm with a ten-year increase of -0.

96%, 28.

88% and 28.

62%; corresponding EPS is 1.

05 yuan, 1.

35 yuan and 1.

74 yuan, corresponding to the current PE is 15 times, 12 times and 9 times, maintaining the “overweight” level. Risks suggest high selling expense ratios.

成都桑拿网Accounts receivable cannot be recovered.

Subsequent cooperation with Shanxi Guotou was not smooth

Jinjia (002191) 2019Q1 Performance Preview Comment: Steady Growth of Traditional Businesses and New Businesses in Order

Jinjia (002191) 2019Q1 Performance Preview Comment: Steady Growth of Traditional Businesses and New Businesses in Order

Investment highlights: The company announced a 19Q1 performance forecast and maintained steady growth in each business: It is expected that net profit attributable to mothers will be achieved in 19Q2.

55 ppm to 2.

770,000 yuan, an annual increase of 20% -30%.

The company’s traditional cigarette label business grew steadily, including product innovation capabilities to seize new products and continue to increase market share.

The focus of the tobacco 合肥夜网 industry’s work in 18Q4 is to reduce channel inventory. At the end of the year, the industrial and commercial inventory was only about 4 million boxes, which was a historically low level, which is the basis for the healthy and healthy growth of the industry after 2019.

New products in the industry, such as fine cigarettes, popped cigarettes, medium cigarettes, and high-end cigarettes, have shown growth rates of 50%, 134%, 76%, and 12% in January-October 18 years.

The company surpassed the bidding of new products, and still achieved a share of counter-trend improvement (the proportion of fine cigarettes market accounted for about 20%), ensuring a steady growth in 18Q4.

The company’s 18-year sales of cigarette labels remain at 8.

0% solid growth, among which the sales of fine cigarettes grew faster (+12.


We expect 杭州夜网论坛 the first quarter to continue its steady growth.

The high-quality gift boxes have grown at a high speed, and the major customers have developed very effectively.

Famous cigarettes + famous alcohol color gift boxes continued to maintain high growth. In 2018, the revenue of color gift boxes increased for ten years.

8%, 18Q4 achieved an increase of about 85%.

Based on the advantages of the first-level cigarette labeling field, the company integrates accumulated design and production management advantages, vigorously promotes product transformation and upgrading, and has achieved significant results in the expansion of the premium tobacco and famous wine packaging fields.

The boutique cigarette boxes have new and old customers such as Zhonghua (Jinzhongzhi), Nanjing (ninth five-year honor), Yunyan (big heavy nine) and other products; among the wine bag customers, Moutai launched the “Moutai alcohol · Constellation” in November 18″Jiu”, which was developed by Jinjia, designed and provided marketing services. Customers such as Jinjiu, Wuliangye, and Jiang Xiaobai also gradually started to increase the logic of Jinjia to replace the Moutai supplier’s benchmarking effect and expand other wine bag customers’ logic.

In addition, the demand for gift purchases is strong at the end of the year, as the company’s color box business has outstanding performance in the early stage, such as the fourth set of RMB commemorative coin sets for new customers.

Wine bag business: strategic cooperation with Moutai, the future growth of wine bag is highly determined.

At the end of 2017, the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Moutai Technology Development Co., Ltd. to increase capital and acquire Shenren Packaging 40.

6% equity.

Moutai Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for the integration of Moutai Group’s upstream and downstream, and is the only packaging supplier of the Group in the future.

Shenren Packaging’s achievements in process technology and production capacity in recent years. After dating Jinjia, it will learn its technology and management experience in high-end packaging and implement strategic transformation. It will supply 80% of the packaging needs of Maotai Group in the future, currently accounting for only 15% (Corresponds to 2.

4.5 billion in revenue), still more than 5 times the growth space.

As the purchaser’s factory is still in the capacity renewal stage, the incremental part of Moutai has not yet been quickly reflected. We expect to gradually start to start volume in 2019.

New Tobacco: Recently, relevant media reported some chaos in the e-cigarette industry. We believe that this incident is conducive to the accelerated development of the new tobacco industry.

The original research and development of new tobacco products was intended to reduce the harm of smoking traditional cigarettes, and some mature products have also been recognized by consumers in overseas markets.

However, as new tobacco is an emerging industry, its policies and regulations are still incomplete: products such as heated non-burning cartridges (including tobacco) will only replace the scope of traditional tobacco monopoly regulations, and the relevant regulations for e-cigarette electronic cigarettes are still blank.
As a result, some non-standard businesses add too much nicotine or add inferior / harmful ingredients, causing potential harm to consumers’ bodies, and indirectly causing young people and even minors to smoke electronic cigarettes, which is contrary to the original intention of new tobacco products.

This media report aims to promote relevant governments to accelerate the implementation of relevant laws and regulations and strengthen the control of nicotine-containing products.

We believe that this will also accelerate the implementation of industry standards and the integration of the electronic cigarette industry in the future, which is conducive to becoming a leading manufacturer of technology and product strength.

Jinjia Co., Ltd. established a joint venture with Yunnan Tobacco and Xiaomi to deepen the development of new tobacco fields, and has significant advantages in card position.

PMI’s heating and non-combustion smoking IQOS has caused a surge abroad, and has also promoted the State Tobacco General Administration and China Tobacco Corporation to accelerate the reform and innovation of new tobacco products. At present, Sichuan, Yunnan and other China Tobacco companies have already sold products abroad.Initial water test was successful.

With the gradual accumulation of product technology in the future, related laws and regulations are also expected to be improved.

Tobacco’s main business is growing steadily, new product design and development are leading, and the development of color box customers is quite effective, and it is expected to continue doubling growth; the new tobacco field has joined hands with Yunnan Tobacco & Xiaomi, and the card advantage is significant!

The company grasped the changes in the structure of the tobacco industry and seized changes in new categories such as fine cigarettes. The main tobacco industry was steadily picking up; fine tobacco labels are still being rapidly ramped up. Together with Moutai, it is forging ahead into the field of wine packages. The release of new tobacco policies is expected to usher inMassive opportunities; initially extending the packaging industry chain, transforming from manufacturing to service, enhancing the value chain, design capabilities and new technologies highlighting competitive advantages.

The company’s air force has gradually repurchased and reset 2996.

390,000 shares, accounting for 2 total shares.

0%, expected total equity is 14.6.5 billion shares.

Since 2017, the major shareholder Jinjia Venture Capital has accumulated an increase of 22.98 million shares. In March 2018, the company’s executives increased their holdings by 190,000 shares, showing the company’s confidence in the future development.

We maintain the EPS for 2018-2020 at 0.

50 yuan, 0.

63 yuan and 0.

The profit forecast of 75 yuan, long-term growth of 27% / 27% / 20%, is currently expected (10.

(26 yuan) The corresponding 2018-2020 PE is 21 times, 16 times, and 14 times, respectively. The company’s downstream business is stable and has the ability to cross the cycle.

44 yuan has a margin of safety, keep buying!

McGmitter (002851): Stealth Champion Takes to the Next Level

McGmitter (002851): Stealth Champion Takes to the Next Level
Event 2018 achieved revenue of 23.940,000 yuan (ten years +60.2%), net profit attributable to mother 2.0.2 million yuan (ten years +72.7%).Excluding the impact of share-based payments and major asset reorganizations, net profit attributable to the parent is approximately 2.3.7 billion (+82.3%).The company plans to transfer 5 capital shares for every 武汉夜网论坛 10 shares of capital reserve. A brief comment is that the company’s business is fragmented and it is not easy to achieve a revenue growth rate of more than 60%. Smart home appliances and new energy vehicles are the main contributors.In terms of different products, the average value of the business of inverter household appliances power converters and smart toilets has increased by more than 60%, and the growth rate of new energy vehicles and rail transit businesses has reached nearly 400%.Preliminary consolidated gross profit margin 29.49%, a decrease of 1.84pct, mainly due to the rapid growth of low-margin smart home appliances, and the decline in the gross profit of new energy vehicle electronic control modules. Looking ahead to 2019, we believe that new energy vehicles are still the focus of attention.The focus of BAIC’s new energy strategy this year has shifted from EC to the EU and EX and other mid-to-high-end models, and the company is a major supplier of EU and EX electronic controls, which will directly benefit from the heavy volume of mid-to-high-end models.Sales increase by 20 per month.46%, EU aircraft sales in March, sales of the month 1.30,000 vehicles, + 9308% a year, + 419% qoq. The company intends to issue convertible bonds and raise no more than 6.US $ 5.5 billion to strengthen research and development, expand production capacity, acquire the remaining 14% equity of Jardine Sanitary, and supplement working capital.This will further consolidate the development of new energy vehicles, digital welding machines and other related products, broaden the product line and production capacity of the new energy vehicle sector, and the acquisition of the remaining equity in Jardine Sanitary Ware will further increase the performance of the parent company. The company has established a highly educated, high-level management team with an international background and vision. The management mode of “Business Department + Resource Platform” has matured. We once again highlight the company’s ability to use electronic control technology 杭州夜网 for downstream applications.Will bring strong business scalability and imagination.Optimistic about the company’s long-term development! Profit forecast: It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to its mother in 2019-2021 will be 3 respectively.40 billion, 4.36 billion, 5.48 ppm, maintaining the “overweight” rating. Risk Warning: Power Device Out of Stock, New Energy Vehicle Policy Changes, Trade Frictions

Collis (603808): Outstanding performance among similar companies

Collis (603808): Outstanding performance among similar 武汉夜网论坛 companies

2019Q1 company achieved revenue 6.

23 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.

32%, net profit attributable to mother was 8,916.

320,000 yuan, an increase of 11 in ten years.


The main brand and Ed Hardy have grown steadily, Laurel has improved, and from the perspective of IRO China’s fast-growing sub-brands, the company ‘s main brand revenue is 2.

53 ppm, an increase of ten years6.


Laurel revenue is 0.

24 ppm, an increase of -13 in ten years.


EdHardy Revenue 1.

24 ppm, a six-year increase of 6.


IRO revenue 1.

61 ppm, an increase of 10 in ten years.

45%, of which IRO China revenue increased 270.


VT revenue is 0.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 454 in ten years.


In terms of channels, there are 307 channels of GLS, with a net increase of 5, Laurel 39, a net increase of 2, EdHardy 180, a net decrease of 1, IRO51, a net increase of 2, VT14 and a net increase of 1.

In terms of channels, direct sales revenue3.

27 ppm, an increase of 13 in ten years.


Franchise revenue 2.

40 ppm, a ten-year increase of -0.

twenty one%.

The overall gross profit margin decreased slightly, the expense ratio remained stable during the period, and the operating indicators remained stable.

82%, 67 in the same period last year.

05%, mainly due to the slightly broadened price band of the main brand Gorius, while the proportion of EdHardy’s X series increased.

Period expenses 42.

95%, 42 in the same period last year.

06%, of which the sales expense ratio increased, and the management expense ratio decreased. The former was mainly due to the increase in expense, including the increase in new brand expenses, and the majority was mainly reduced by share-based amortization.

In terms of operating indicators, the inventory turnover days and accounts receivable turnover days were 208 days and 49 days, respectively, compared with 198 days and 48 days in the same period last year.

The expected EPS for 2019-2021 is 1.

32 yuan / share, 1.

59 yuan / share, 1.90 yuan / share We are optimistic that the company’s growth 杭州夜网论坛 rate is expected to accelerate quarter by quarter. In addition to the decrease in the base year-on-year, the impact of the Spring Festival in January-February was basically eliminated. The growth of terminal sales returned to normal in March.The future development accelerates the opening of stores. Compared with the fourth quarter of last year, EdHardy has improved significantly and is expected to remain stable.

The current price corresponds to 13 times the 2019 price-earnings ratio. With reference to comparable companies, the company is given a 16-year price-earnings ratio for 2019, with a reasonable value of 21.

12 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminders of goodwill impairment risk; terminal retail downturn risk; multi-brand management risk.

Huagong Technology (000988): Two-wheel drive helps the company to meet 5G development opportunities

Huagong Technology (000988): Two-wheel drive helps the company to meet 5G development opportunities

The two-wheel drive helps the company to meet the 5G development opportunity. The optical communication business and laser equipment business are the “two wheels” that drive the company’s growth. The construction of 5G networks and the expansion of 5G mobile phones promote the prosperity of the telecommunications optical modules and laser processing equipment.The merger of the leading domestic optical module and laser equipment manufacturers will share the industry’s growth dividend, and another convenience. The integration of the industrial chain is designed to consolidate the company’s competitive advantage and drive participation and improvement.

We are optimistic about the company’s development potential in the 5G era. Is the company expected to be 19?
The 21-year EPS is 0.



80 yuan.

Comparable companies have an estimated PE average of 35 in 2020.

4x, giving the 2020 PE estimated interval of 35?
36x, corresponding to a target price of 24.


twenty four.

84 yuan, the first coverage given a “buy” rating.

  The company is the leader in the application of domestic laser technology. The company is the leader in the application of laser technology.Laser equipment is the two main business pillars.

The company’s historical performance has grown steadily, 15?
The compound growth rate of revenue and net profit for 18 years was 22 respectively.

12% and 13.


With 5G commercial soon, the company is expected to usher in a good development opportunity relying on the prospective layout of 5G-related products and sales channels.

  Optical communications business: Time, geography, people and help start a new 5G journey Time: Lightcounting is expected to 2020?
The compound growth rate of the optical module market for global wireless 杭州桑拿 base station applications will reach 41 in 2022.


Existing and will start 5G scale construction in 2020 and promote the prosperity of the domestic telecommunications optical module market.

Geographical position: As one of Wuhan’s local leading optical communications companies, the company is expected to give play to its advantages in the industry and benefit from supply chain control, manufacturing, and talent recruitment.

Renhe: The company is one of the few domestic companies with complete chip-to-module integration capabilities in the field of optical communications, which makes the company have breakthrough advantages in product quality, customer responsiveness, and cost control, and has won Huawei’s 2019 gold medalSupplier title.

With regard to new 5G products, the company has a wide range of products and 淡水桑拿网 its capacity expansion continues to advance.

Time, place and people and start a new journey of business development.

  Laser equipment business: 5G helps the industry boom, and the integrated layout builds development. The moat company is one of the domestic laser equipment leaders. The related business has ushered in two major development prospects, of which the growth in the number of 5G mobile phones will drive the boom in the laser processing equipment sector;The subsidence, technological excellence, and cost reduction brought about by localization help laser equipment continue to penetrate other industries. Intelligent manufacturing and new energy vehicles will bring new opportunities to the industry.

The company has realized the integration of the industrial chain in the field of laser equipment, and its products cover different products such as high, medium and low power. It is expected to usher in a growth trend driven by the rebound of the boom.

  Investment suggestion Two-wheel drive helps the company to meet the 5G development opportunity. We expect the company 19?
The 21-year EPS is 0.



80 yuan.

Comparable companies have an estimated PE average of 35 in 2020.

4x, giving the estimated PE range of 35 in 2020?
36x, corresponding to a target price of 24.

15?twenty four.
84 yuan, the first coverage given a “buy” rating.

  Risk warning: The downstream demand of the laser equipment business is lower than expected, the competition in the telecommunications optical module market is intensified, and the operating expenses exceed expectations.

Zhonggong Education (002607): The teaching and recruiting industry in vocational units is changing.

Zhonggong Education (002607): The teaching and recruiting industry in vocational units is changing.

Event: The company released 2019 performance forecast: net profit attributable to mother is 17.


200 million (+ 49-58%).

Net profit growth + 49%?
+ 58%, as expected.



2 ppm (+ 49%?
+ 58%), in line with our expectations.

In 2019, the company has been working on several directions: 1) enhancing research and development capabilities and management efficiency; 2) product technology and Internet; 3) all categories of vocational training.

We have also seen that the company has been surpassing expectations in the areas of graduate entrance examination, teachers, and IT.

Channel expansion continues to sink, from regions to colleges.

There are 880 direct-operated branches in 2019H1, and the channel continues to sink, and the speed and breadth continue to increase.

The channel expansion dimension was previously a region, but now it is from region to college.

The demand for vocational training industry is long tailed. China has 2876 county-level cities and 2663 colleges and universities. The county-level cities have channel extensions and continuous coverage of universities. The demand for employment training in fourth- and fifth-tier cities may be further stimulated.

The reform of public institutions has strengthened their public welfare attributes and further marketized competition.

A small number of public institution personnel undertaking administrative functions are transferred to the civil service administrative establishments, military-operated public institutions are shifting to enterprises, public institution reforms are more biased towards people’s livelihood, employment rigidity is more sufficient, and dating market competition.

Public institutions recruited 170,000 people in 2018 and 230,000 people in 2019, a significant increase.

The examination format has changed, and CPG Education, an innovative training method, will continue to seize market share in the future.

Examination grading, stricter examinations, and the nature of examinations changing from qualifications to similar competitive examinations will increase participation rates.

According to Sina Education Data, the number of teachers participating in the exams in 2019 is about 9 million, and 2.9 million are in postgraduate entrance examinations. At present, the participation rate of the huge test population has increased, but it has increased.

Small class training, full-process services are changing the format of teaching, recruiting, and postgraduating. Zhong Gong is the driving force of the industry 北京桑拿洗浴保健 transformation and continues to seek scale growth.

Earnings forecasts, investment ratings and estimates.

Taking into account the rapid growth of the company’s teacher examination training, postgraduate entrance examination and IT business, the recovery of the civil service examination training business and the public institution examination training business, and the improvement of the company’s profitability due to the dual teacher classroom, we maintain Zhongguo Education 19?
The 21-year net profit forecast is 17.



9.5 billion.

The current market value of about 110 billion yuan corresponds to a P / E of about 62/43 / 31x in 19-21, maintaining the “Buy” rating of Zhong Gong Education.

Risk Warning: Risk of failing to fulfill promised performance and enrolling more students.

Zhentang senior membership system is launched, opening a new model of health care services

Zhentang senior membership system is launched, opening a new model of health care services

The golden autumn is cool, and the osmanthus fragrance is fragrant.

On October 17th, at the opening of the 3rd “Internet + Financial Pension” Industrial Innovation Conference in 2018, the “Old Age Membership System” platform launching ceremony held by Yu Zhentang at the Tianjian Pension Service Center opened a new model of health care services.

According to reports, the “elderly membership system” platform is based on Internet technology, characterized by interconnection, mobility, openness, sharing, and service. Through online and offline linkage, members are the core, and the whole life cycle of 50+ middle-aged people is around.We will build a service system for all aspects of health, health care, and financial insurance.

For the middle-aged and elderly people, brand service providers, government agencies and other relevant personnel and organizations, the construction of an information platform for the management of old-age management services nationwide.

Yang Zhiyong, Chairman of the Senior Zhentang article: “The membership system for senior citizens is the result of our many years of research and development, covering health checkups, living and living, insurance protection, and residential care for the elderly. It aims to provide convenient services for the elderly.

“Overall, the platform membership level is divided into three levels: “wind”, “ya” and “颂”.

Zhentang uses the Internet of Things, Internet technology to upgrade older products, and uses information technology applications and intelligent products to upgrade old-age services to provide comprehensive, wide-coverage and intelligent aged care services for the elderly.

In the future, the platform will be committed to innovation and create a new model of old-age services, further enrich the health care service industry projects, and strive to bring new changes and upgrades to the old-age industry.

Yang Zhiyong, chairman of Zhenzhentang, said, “The problem of old-age care is imminent, and the establishment of “energy-raising forces” and the active exploration of new models of old-age industries are the only way to meet the growing demand for aged care services.

Test your career

Test your career

“Professional quotient” is the abbreviation of “professional intelligence quotient”, which is an index comprehensively transformed by a person’s IQ in the workplace and the suitability of the current occupation.

I found some psychological tests in the field of professional quotients, and you can do it, maybe you can have a new perspective on yourself and work.

  There are 19 questions below, choose an option according to your current feelings, it is best to take notes, and finally you need to calculate the total summary.

  1. Before going to work every day, you face the mirror: A carefully observes whether he is decent and B shows a big smiley face and encourages himself.

  Crush hurriedly looked in the mirror to see if his face was still sleepy. D didn’t have the mood to look in the mirror at all.

  2. The number of times you are grooming yourself every day is about: A: about once every two hours, keep your professional image at all times B find a time to make adjustments during the break C will not go unless there are important occasions to attend弄  D根本就不会顾及这方面的事情3,你现在愿意在家办公吗?
  One does n’t, and I do n’t want to leave the mainstream workplace. B is attractive, but I still do n’t choose. I want to keep in touch with the society. C does n’t matter.Do you often call or chat online?

  A does n’t have time to do these. B occasionally makes a phone call. Most of the time, C is free to call or go online. D. Almost half or more of the time is spent chatting online every day.

What must be on your head?

  A clock B flowers C photos or toys D are all file 6.

When you are working, you will be surrounded by dreams. At this time, can you put your work on hold?

  A has never, I am a doer B. Occasionally, when I am too tired, I may be in a daze unconsciously C sometimes suddenly surrounds a mood of nostalgia, but it is not too wasteful D often surrounds dreams, almostNot self-controlling7.

On the road, you hear the sound of a key falling to the ground, and your intuition tells you, that is: A is just an illusion, how can I leave something so rigorous B has only one key C two or threeKey D is a long list of keys 8.

When you receive a bonus at the end of the year, you: A is very happy, and you can ask the customer to play a big game. B is very confident about the thickness of the red envelope. Now you have to comfort yourself. C is nervous, like watching the report card.Can’t bring interest 9.

Attend a social meeting with your boss, your performance is: A is unrestrained, trying to express his “exquisiteness” B may be reserved at the beginning, but proper etiquette can create a harmonious and harmonious atmosphere.Still able to greet and speak voluntarily. D is very cautious and feels very out of touch with the atmosphere. When you have nothing to do with the last opinion, you will: A strive for reasons, insist on expressing your position, and improve yourself.His voice B was Rou Kegang, and he tried to propose a solution acceptable to both parties. C kept arguing. If he couldn’t, keep silent. Everything made the boss decide that Boss D was so fierce. I didn’t dare to raise a controversial issue with him.

What would you do if your big boss jumped over your immediate boss and assigned the task directly to you: A.

Complete it flawlessly and seize the opportunity for this performance; B.

Ask the top boss humbly and transfer half of the credit to the top boss; C.

Directly push to the boss; D.

Spread the hype to show off that he was taken seriously by the big boss.


When a colleague discusses the length of other colleagues in front of you, you will: A shows disgust and may interrupt his work in a rough way, and gently proposes that he is working time. Although C does not express opinions, he also makes funHe discusses who is right and who is wrong.

When you encounter a joke from a colleague of the opposite sex, you will: A jokes with you, who is afraid of whom B expresses his dissatisfaction in a euphemistic manner, letting the other party stop without hurting C Ceng swallows D and immediately turns his face.

Who do you eat dinner with most recently: A boss B customer C colleague D lover 15.

How do you adjust your mentality in the face of stress at work?

  A participates in various sports, completely relaxes, B learns to make a side dish, some kind of sweet and sour pork ribs, and surprises his lover. C replaces the appearance of work, changes his face, goes out with friends, d, cleans the room, goes online, and by the way.Find a way forward for your own development16.

What do you think of company training, group travel, bonuses and other benefits?

  A I prefer the company to send me to train abroad. B I like travel and fitness. I can cultivate my sentiment and exercise, and I can learn a lot. C No matter what the benefits are, the company must fully share what benefits D want.Exchange for cash 17.

For various couple tests, you usually: A disdain to look at B sometimes test and play, with good expectations, but not controlled by the result C Although the mouth says not to believe, but the emotion is greatly affected by the result D as long asIt’s a kind of test, you can do it if you believe it or 18 if you don’t.

Have you ever dreamed about the same dream multiple times? A never, I rarely dream at all. B seems to have had it, but I ca n’t remember C clearly remembered it. I feel weird. D often dreams about the same dream.Very confused and sometimes scared.

What do you often feel about winter?

  A年终年尾,一定要做好工作总结B白雪飘飘,美不胜收,只是下雪了容易塞车迟到C天气太冷了D不喜欢冬天,心情和天气一样阴霾计分方法:A:8分 B:5 points C: 3 points D: 1 points Test result: 121-152 points: It means that you are a workaholic and you are a typical professional strongman.

I suggest you just relax and live more and more.

  Score 93-120: It means that your vocational business is very high, fully capable of the current job, you are a smart and capable person, and know how to care for yourself.

  Score 7o-92 points: It means that you are a life-oriented person. If you don’t want to be a boss for the time being, then you can still develop smoothly next year, but there will not be much improvement.

As a professional, you may be envied by most people, stable and not too laborious.

It is recommended that you do not easily change jobs, of course, do not give up if there is a great opportunity.

  Score 43-69: Explain that you are not well suited for the job, or rules that you really don’t understand.
In the next year, you can pay more attention to some new developments in the workplace and give yourself a chance to start again.

  Score 19-42: Failing, your career is sick!

You are extremely dissatisfied with your career and every day is like working for an enemy.
There is no doubt that there is no need to continue, otherwise it is likely to contract mental illness, and immediately pluck up courage to “hop”

Spring eats spring vegetables to keep health, do not eat from time to time less sick!

Spring eats “spring vegetables” to keep health, “do not eat from time to time” less sick!

In March, the world is full of life, the fresh ingredients that nature prepares for us to correct, the leeks, spring bamboo shoots, leeks, spinach from the soil; the fragrant buds from the top of the treetops, the eucalyptus leaves; even the squid in the waterDuring the half-dormant period of eating in the winter, the body is slightly depleted and the meat is firmer and more delicious.

In order to live up to the taste of this spring, each family has several favorite spring foods, such as fragrant scrambled eggs, oily spring bamboo shoots, spinach dipping sauce, glutinous lean broth. these are the natural diet recipes.The clear heat of the winter helped the yang of the rise.

Here are some of the most popular spring vegetables to eat, let’s go home and try it.

1, the weather is warmer and the bacteria are more “active”.

The fragrant scent is cool, tastes bitter, has the effect of clearing away heat and dampness, diuretic detoxification, and is a “good medicine” for adjuvant treatment of enteritis, dysentery and urinary tract infections.

At the same time, the camphor is rich in vitamin C and carotene, which helps to lubricate the skin and is also a good beauty.

Spicy scrambled eggs are a kind of therapeutic dish suitable for spring. The fragrant taste is strong and the taste is spicy and delicious.

Method of scrambled eggs with fragrant rice: Wash the fragrant scallions, boil them with boiling water, then remove them and put them in cold water to cool them, then cut them; pour the eggs into the bowl, add the citron, salt, cooking wine, stir into the egg paste, stir fry untilCooked.

2, spring shoots every spring, spring shoots this fresh “vegetarian first product” is always mourned.

The spring bamboo shoots are thick, delicious, refreshing and nutritious, and there is a saying that “the early adopters have no springs.”

There is also a little known benefit of spring bamboo shoots, which can dissolve fiber insoluble and often eat to prevent constipation.

The spring bamboo shoots have no special taste and are a versatile dish.

It is used in amaranth to absorb the aroma of meat and to absorb grease and greasy.

“Hot Spring Bamboo Shoots” is a traditional snack with a fresh and refreshing taste, fresh and salty, and sweet.

Oil boring spring bamboo shoots practice: washed bamboo shoots, peeled, bamboo shoots cut into thin strips, cut the chopped spring bamboo shoots in the boiling water to take out; stir fry the oil to heat, add spring bamboo shoots stir fry, add raw soy sauce, white sugar seasoning;Add a small amount of soup, stir-fry, simmer for 10 minutes, until the soup is thick and dry.

3, spring spinach dishes are edible all year round, but the best in spring.

“Spring Pine” is tender and unusual, the most delicious, its nutritional value is very high, there is heat and trouble, the effect of laxative diet, there are complications for anti-spring dry.

When eating spinach, it is advisable to add boiled water for a few times before distillation. This can remove the oxalic acid and astringency contained in spring spinach, which is beneficial to the body to absorb the calcium in spring spinach.

Spinach dipping sauce practice: Take 250 grams of fresh spinach, boil for a few minutes in boiling water, and put it in cold water to cool it; put in excess water and put it on the plate, topped with your favorite sauce.

This kind of income can be equipped with a lot of sauce, some egg paste, chopped green onion sauce, shrimp paste, etc., according to personal preferences.

4, amaranth amaranth is sweet and flat, with the effect of clearing the liver and regulating the spleen, and blood and water.

The precipitated fiber in the dish, vitamin C, calcium, carotene and other nutrient content is higher.

Amaranth has two kinds of broad leaves and serrated leaves. Generally, the amaranth of the serrated leaves is richer in taste and tastes better.

There are many kinds of leek, which can be mixed, fried, kneaded, stuffed, porridge and so on.

It is best to eat the stuffing of the dish: to say fresh, or to use fresh leeks and pork to make the filling is the best, neither greasy nor faint, filling stuffing dumplings is a lot of people’s choice.

5, 枸杞 leaves know that 枸杞 leaves are a good thing, but few people know 枸杞 leaves.

The leaves are sweet, bitter, and cool. They can be used as a simmering or boiled water for tea. They have the effect of clearing away heat and quenching thirst, phlegm and eyesight, and nourishing the liver.

In the spring breeze, people always feel dry and their skin becomes dry.

Therefore, we recommend a kind of eucalyptus soup, which can be used for eyesight and anti-aging.

Practice of 枸杞叶猪肝汤: Take 200 grams of gardenia leaves, 200 grams of pig liver, a little bit of scorpion; wash all the materials, put the pig liver in the boiling water, and immediately remove it after usePut water into the pot, add ginger, wait for the water to open, then add the scorpion and scorpion leaves, add the pig liver that has passed through the water, season the water and boil it to eat.