NS。Maybe you are really this disease.。Not necessarily the disease of your neurology。
Neurologist, haha, laugh,That’s like,Also don’t go to our department,Still to the endocrine department?
Then go to the endocrine department.,I don’t think about it tonight.。The emergency is touched, and the top of the hair is smile.。
These dialogues are of course the place where the patients and their families can’t hear.。
Walk away the neurology,I called the endocrine doctor.。
Ms. Sun has seen two consultations in a short time.,Faint feel worried,This will not be a tricky disease.。
The endocrine doctor listened to the illness,Nod,Said this situation does not consider the protox(Primary aldosterone increase)possible,If you don’t process it in time,In case of respiratory muscles in case of patients,Respiratory failure,That’s trouble.。
Ms. Sun heard this,Suddenly I feel that I have a breath.,Faceful。
Emergency doctor see,Say we have taken emergency measures.,Already added to your replenishment,Generally don’t have big problems,Don’t worry too much,Cooperate with us。
Introduce endocrine in the evening。
When reviewing the electrolyte in the early morning,Tone potassium has risen29ol/LNS,More than before。Ms. Sun, I feel that the hand is very good.,When the doctor went to the bed, she finally exposed a little smile.。
The feeling of no strength is really a helplessness.,Ms. Sun said。
Your wife has high blood pressure,You should accompany her for the hospital in the morning.,Instead of any reason,If you come to the hospital earlier,Maybe you have discovered the problem earlier,There will be no today.。
Blame you。The doctor is half-joke, and the Ms. Sun is said to her husband.。
it’s me,Blame me,Didn’t take care of your wife。I hope that the doctor can do their best to help us。gratitude。Ms. Sun husband is sincere。
The next morning,The Director of the Endocrinology will come to the room.。
Director listening to the medical history,Agree to first consider the possibility of primary aldosterone increase this disease,Director and Ms. Sun explained,There is a glandular body above the human kidney,Adrenal gland,The adrenal adrenal can secrete many hormones,One of them is aldosterone,If some pathological factors are caused by excessive secretion,There is a problem。Because aldosteone itself can cause sodium retention、Potassium、Extracellular fluid expansion、Hardbrose increase, etc.,So you will have high blood pressure、Performance of low blood potassium,And low blood potassium can cause muscle weakness,The lower blood potassium,The more muscle involvement。simply put,It is a lot of hormones in your body.,A series of performances appeared。
(The yellow triangle hat above is an adrenal gland.)
Director,Popularity is easy to understand,And amiable,Search Ms. Sun’s tears。But Ms. Sun does not understand,When will you start this disease?,Why is it suddenly so serious?。
You may have a long time this disease.,It may also be in the near future.,This is not good,As for why it will increase,It is estimated to be related to your movement,Studies have shown that exercise exercise、Or use diuretics, etc., it will also induce this disease.。Generally, the lower limbs are weak,Then the upper limb is weak,Finally, it may be breathing muscles.,Some people also swallowing weakness。
Next step,We must make a clear check,Do you have this disease?。As long as the hormone level inside the blood is knew。Director said with Ms. Sun。
Plasma aldosterone concentration、Uroated monoxide concentration,Because the concentration of aldosidone in the body is affected by the position,The aldosterone concentration is low when the lying position is low.,The aldosterone concentration is high when the position is,So, you should be in Ms. Sun.、Lift blood。
Also checked renin、AngiotensinIILevel,These two hormones are associated with aldosterone concentrations,These hormones are closely related。Thyroxine,thyroidBSuper also done。Because hyperthyroidism can also cause low potaemia muscle weakness。Director said。Don’t forget to investigate,This is a lesson。
Do hormone check,Further adrenal glandCT。Director said。Hormone level can only show that the hormone in the body is really high.,But what is caused by elevated,It is a neat gland tumor,Orgive,Or there are other problems,Still needCTTo further confirm。for example,Now there is a group of secret killers on the rivers and lakes.(Aldehyde),We as a decent person,I can only find these killers.,I have to find their old nest.,Take their old nest,Only。Where is this old nest??It is only one training ground.,Still there are several separate files,Can only rely onCTCome,CTCan see a problem with the adrenal adrenal,Still there is a problem on both sides,Tumor is one or more,Unclear,Can you cut off,It is very important。
Director’s metaphor,Ms. Sun suddenly understood。
There was a result.,Plasma is significantly increased in the plasma,Diagnosis of aldosterone increased disease。
At that time, the drug was used.,This medicine is specifically antler.,The function of aldehyde isonate is a sodium potassium potassium,The spironolactone is exactly the opposite,Is sodium potassium potassium。
afternoonCTThe result is there.。
Sure enough,Ms. Sun has a small tumor on the left adrenal gland.。Tumor is not very big,Probably diameter0,7。If not high resolutionCTNot easy to see。
It is estimated to be aldosterone tumor。Because this tumor is present,Result in increased aldosterone secretion,Thereby causing a series of issues,Including rising blood pressure(Ms. Sun officially diagnosed with high blood pressure.,Previously available,Just not diagnose)、Hypokalemia、Weakness。
Water falls。
Not a brain,Not a geometry weakness,Not hyperthyroidism,Not horizontal muscle solubility,But the aldosterone caused by this aldosterone tumor。
Director joked and said,You can buy lottery tickets.,So how many high blood pressure,roughly has10The person is because of the higher blood pressure caused by aldosterone.,This kind of high blood pressure is controlled with antihypertensive drugs.,Only use of the spironolactone,Or cut off tumor surgery。
director,Is this tumor vicious??Will not transfer?Ms. Sun husband is most concerned about this problem。
It looks like an adenoma,It can be said that it is a benign tumor,As long as surgery can cut off,The problem is not big。But there are also very little possibility of aldosteone cancer,Cancer is malignant,Specifically requires surgery to cut out to do pathological organization inspection。

Wang Shouji laughed:“Mayor Xia!I didn’t expect you to have this and brilliant idea。it is good!Can’t hesitate about this,I will talk to Secretary Wang in the city tomorrow“

“Mayor Tong will enter the city with Secretary Wang tomorrow,To contact computer training,Must tell them,Closed training,During this time,Can’t make calls。You must discuss this with them clearly“Xia Jian made arrangements for Tong Jie seriously。
It was twelve o’clock when the three left,A rectification of village officials,It’s about to start。
First1524chapter Tentative
Ninth day of the first month,Some rural people call Shangjiu。This day is also a special day,There will be some shows to be staged in some places。Are all local programs,Such as high elevation、Yangko。
Pingyang Town is no exception,Early in the morning,The Yangge teams in each village are heading to Pingyang Town。This day will be a joyous day。
Xia Jian stood on the balcony in front of the office,Seeing the driver Xiao Zhang carrying Secretary Wang and Tong Jie to the city,His heart lifted up at this moment。There will be a big storm in Pingyang Town,He knew,Once this storm blows,Will involve the entire village of Pingyang Town。
It’s almost time to see,Xia Jian went downstairs,So he drove his car to Hejiapu Village,He is going to test the reality of He Shuicheng’s husband and wife。
Hejiaping Village,As a large village with thousands of people,There should be some entertainment。But because of the poor village hat。The village does not support any activities at all,So the villagers in the village can only run to the town,Or go to another village。
Along the way,Xia Jian met a lot of villagers who went to Pingyang Town to watch the show。

Because there is Chen Gong to support the waist, Zhouhai Tide, who is shattered, seeing the instructor dares to blink the beads,It is also the medical room to the medical room.。

“I thought I thought this little nine cow.!Still nothing!”
“Yes!How can he and Zhou Big Brother?!But it is a Wu Wu.!”
“Humph!”Zhou Hai tide can be 拽,I don’t pleading the pace of walking on the pace of six pro.,This kid is not stupid,Four people quotas,Hand left one,Let go of the wind to let the students binated him,These two days have been happy.!
Pool Tiecheng heart is not like Zhao Ji’s head,He and Songzi two people are responsible for giving rituits and Zhao Ji.,Most of these two days are waiting in the medical room.,Zhou Haibang did not find pool Tiecheng, because Chen Gong, I have long, this is what he looks.。
Xu Zhengyuan observed that he did not close his mouth after two days.:“No wonder the old six like!The feelings are like him.!Zhouhai tide!Zhou Haibang!When you are in the training camp, you will suffer.!”
Wained the big exam,Ritual,Zhao Ji’s two people sang a small song from the medical office,Zhou Haibang and the other four sneak attacks were all seriously injured.。
“This stinky boy and Zhao Ji yesterday have been in the middle of the night. Zhou Hai tide they sleep asleep.!Then tied them to the bed to beat a mouth.!Denang is found to be discovered,Five people now have only half-life.!This little nine can be really embarrassed!But don’t let him know that our brothers are despised.!Do you have to sleep, you have to open a eye.!”Chen Gong smiles,
Indulgent:“How can the devil six?!If he is looking for me, I will take Xu Zhengyuan.!This is what his big brother!I can’t blame.!”
“Zhou Haichao is really an endless egg.!I don’t want to take him.!”
“does not matter!It is half a year later.!”
Qi Rui and Zhao Ji participate in the test,The project of this assessment is more armed than in the Qinglong Mountain Base.,Weight-bearing off-road,Two-month mobile target and three hundred meters fixed target,Rui Rui all passed,And big ranking ranked second,Second to Tiecheng,Mainly hurt, no good land,Weight-bearing off-road and armed ferry have poor。
After the big test, there were several people in the pool Tiecheng who were taken away by Chen Gong and intoxicated.,Songzhi is taken by others,Xu Zhengyuan is called Qi Rui to the front.:“Do you know who I am?”
“Xu Jiao official!”
“I am Zheng Yao first worship big brother Xu Zhengyuan!”
Listen this meaning, Xu Zhengyuan knows that he and Zheng Yao’s relationship,Rui Rui and respectfully shout:“Big brother is good!The younger brother worshiped the brother!”
“Does your injury still need to raise a few days??”Xu Zhengyuan looked at the gauze on his head.,
“Then you have packed up with me to see you.,Six brothers and six brothers!”
“Big brother!Can you bring one person again??”
“You want to bring Zhao Ji.?”
“Yes!”Qi Rui is the master of Zhao Ji also,Because you have to go to Japan,It is also a good helper to stay with the six brothers.。
“Row!Although this kid is almost,But heavy feelings!Put on!”
Zheng Yao first,Sink,Xu Baichuan put a table in the Fasiss Temple Yongheyuan,Because of the loose identity, I didn’t call out.。
“Big brother!have not seen you for a long time!”Sink,Xu Baichuan saw Xu Zhouyuan very respectfully。
See only three worship brothers,Xu Zhengyuan has some regrets:“People are still uniform.!”
“Big brother!Old three and old five in Beiping,Old seven in Shandong,Old eight in Shanghai?!”
“I know!Who is this?”Xu Zhengyuan saw a round face young man straight standing on the side of the beads,
“This is my student Song Xiaofan!At that time, the results of Qinglong Mountain were second only to Rui.!”Xu Baichuan said,
“Four brothers!He is the sixth.?”Qi Rui,

Chapter 27 You Are Not Worthy

“what happened,Don’t you surrender now??”
“If you don’t surrender,Then my people,Will clean up you fiercely!”
When Chu Tianxing looked at Ye Xuan in front of him,I’m talking here unceremoniously。
And as Chu Tianxing said this,at this time,Stand in front of him,Ye Xuan was very indifferent。
Actually such a thing,For Ye Xuan,It’s very calm。
“Want me to surrender,You do not deserve!”
Say what Ye Xuan said,The speed of the whole person starts to accelerate,Coming straight to the distance。
It’s undeniable,Ye Xuan’s strength,Absolutely tough。
And in front of Ye Xuan,Chu Tianxing in front of him waved his hand。
“Did you hear that,Since he has said so now。”
“Then i think,You should also know,What should I do next?”
When Chu Tianxing’s words are finished,The people around see here,Are accelerating,Coming quickly, desperately。
After all now,What will these things represent。
Actually just these things,It’s already obvious。

“Hong this guy,Obviously strength is enough to crush the entire world area。Why are you still playing the killer assassin set。”Li Ming shook his head,Yihong’s strength,Entering the core layer of the virtual universe company is basically determined。The only problem is,Is it stopped in the secret realm of heaven and earth or the secret realm of the beginning。

“Raytheon also has an opportunity,Actually completely integrate the sword technique and the body technique,The body is like a thunder knife,If you don’t meet the top masters,Definitely make it to the primaries—But whether you can enter the virtual universe company depends on the sky。”
“Luo Feng’s progress。。。A real immortal guide is really powerful,I’m afraid that Bihong is not much worse than fighting head-on。And this secret method used by Yan Shenbing,That strange golden light,Really awesome。”
Li Ming didn’t mean to point the three of them,After all, Hong and Raytheon took a completely different path from him,Luo Feng can give pointers,But Luo Feng’s teacher is also an immortal,Even the most ordinary immortal,The realm is almost the same as myself。
And just as Li Ming was observing the three powerhouses behind the earth himself, working hard to shine in the cosmic genius war,He doesn’t know that a great being is watching him。
“Humph!At this critical moment of cultivation in Chaos City,I actually separated my consciousness to watch the cosmic genius battle。。。Those so-called geniuses,Even if it’s held 10,000 times, there is no master who can touch him.!”It is clear,The Lord of Longxing with his authority,Is watching this disciple silently—Of course it’s just an incarnation,After all, as the master of the universe,He needs too much attention。
“But are you observing the descendants of your hometown?,Not bad,After all I am waiting for humans,Just because of unity,Can have more resources to train younger generations,Humans are only stronger from generation to generation。。。But this kid,Your own practice is just as important!”
The Lord of Longxing is not really angry,More than some‘young’The strong,He rose from before the birth of human power。For his own people,Hometown has a kind of caring feelings that parents treat their children—Of course now as the master of his universe,It’s the human beings in the entire universe that cares about。
This complex,It is difficult to understand some new generation of geniuses and strong men。After all, many geniuses,He was born and powerful,family、Optimus Prime already exists in my hometown。
For Li Ming,He has experienced the great Nirvana period of the earth,Where monsters surround humans,Leading the human race to overcome obstacles in an environment where the world is enemies,Abruptly continue human civilization。
Actually Li Ming’s xinxing,Is indeed closer to the original ancestor、Lord of the Dragon、Lord Peng Gong, the oldest human existence,That’s really leading the people from the harshest environment,The strongest among the most brutal enemies。At that time, there was a real disparity in strength,Humans survive in the cracks。
By contrast,Is the founder of Giant Axe,The mood of Chaos City Lord is different,After all, when they rise,The original ancestor is already at the pinnacle of the entire universe。
Until the original ancestor is sealed,They already have the strength to support the entire human race。
So although the Lord of Longxing is a little dissatisfied with Li Ming doing other things during such an important practice time,In fact, there is a sense of identity deep in my heart,
And Li Ming in Chaos City,Sneezed a few times in a row。
“Damn it,Chaos City environment,In addition, I have a body that is comparable to a domain master,How could you catch a cold!?”
Put aside the small episode,Li Ming only slightly followed Xiahong and the other three,I withdrew my consciousness,I just plan to wait for them if they join the core layer of the virtual universe company,Just prepare a gift,And make them go smoother in the beginning。
Cosmic genius war,Probably not lasting20year,And in the original universe,In six or seven years,After all, the time ratio between the original universe and the outside world is approximately1:3Such a ratio。

Lingju hasn’t spoken yet,Jingpu raised his eyebrows suddenly:

“Do you like this fan?”
Jingpu saw this Lingju staring at the palace fan in a daze,I wondered if Lingju liked it。
After Lingju recovered,Dang Even nodded repeatedly:
“Of course I like……This is the most beautiful I have ever seen……”
most beautiful?
Just pass this,Jingpu made a lot of fans,It’s much better than this,Immediately Jingpu shrugged and said:
“If you like,I gave you away。”
Jingpu’s sudden generosity,Lingju was a little confused and said:
“give away……Sent me??senior??”
Lingju doesn’t know what kind of artifact this palace fan is,But I want to come here just because of the reasoning,It’s enough to be comparable to the gate artifact of the Jade Lake Holy Land,on……Just give it to myself?
Jingpu nodded indifferently and smiled:
“Fairy Lingju said everything,This fan is very beautiful,Beautiful things are naturally given to fairies,I still think this fan is less than one-tenth of Fairy Lingju,Fairies don’t dislike it。”
No one does not like others to praise,It doesn’t hurt to be sweeter,Talking,Jingpu really feels so,These mundane things,If Lingju can see,That’s better。
Lingju, who was already a little flustered, heard these words,Never have that empty valley before,Noble and glamorous color。
But lowered his head,Blushing,Add some fireworks,Face flushed,Head down,A little nervous:
“senior……Just joke……Lingju is not as good as the predecessors said……”
Chapter Twenty Eight The disciple of the world’s first sword saint
Jingpu is a bit serious:“What’s the joke,Fairy Lingju is the most beautiful I have ever seen,No nonsense。”
Jingpu is very honest,Just say anything,Lingju is indeed the most beautiful person I have ever seen in Jingpu。

“master,Let’s go to Xiaonanmen in the city“Chen Xia said to the driver。

“Damn!Where can I go this time?“The driver turned around and said to Chen Xia。
Chen Xia laughed and said:“Nothing,Just open it,I’ll pack your car tonight,money is not the problem“Chen Xia said,Said to Xia Jian again:”My company originally sent me a car,But these two days are a bit unfortunate,Drive4sShop maintenance,I haven’t got it back until today“
“Nothing,Just have a car“Xia Jian said with a smile。
The car moves together,Xia Jian’s eyes kept looking outside,He watched,Involuntarily admiring,The place where the economy develops quickly is different,He was thinking silently in his heart,When,Can develop Bucheon like this,It’s just fine。
Arrived at Xiaonanmen,Chen Xia registered them a hotel first,Put away,Then I took Xia Jian and Fang Fang to eat supper,If it weren’t for the hospitality,Xia Jian really doesn’t want to go out,This stays in the hotel’s air-conditioned room,Better than anywhere。
Watching the bustling crowd,Feel the different hot air,Although this night scene is beautiful,But Xia Jian has no thoughts to look,He said to Chen Xia kindly:“It doesn’t matter if the food is good,We must find an air-conditioned house to eat,Otherwise the heat will be too hot“
Chen Xia laughed and said:“I know this,See you are afraid of heat,But just get used to it,It’s all like this when I first came,I almost ran away from the heat“
Three people talking and laughing,So I entered a Chaozhou seafood store,Chen Xia asked for a small box,Sit in the air-conditioned room,Xia Jian came to the spirit,While eating so-called seafood,While joking with Chen Xia,HeresCity’s first meal,Let him remember。There are a lot of these shells on the table,I just feel my stomach is still empty。
“President Xia is here this time,Is there any detailed plan?,I’ll arrange the route according to your plan“Chen Xia persuaded Fang Fang to eat more vegetables,Ask Xia Jiandao。
Xia Jian put down his chopsticks,Shook his head and said:“Really not,I want to know about the so-called industrial park here,See what kind of profit model,Then if there is a chance,See if you can go to other people’s factories,Laoting automated assembly line,But I haven’t seen it in person“
“Oh!These two for me,It’s not a problem,There is a Jinfeng Industrial Park outside the city,Where i have a friend,Just in the management office,As to the factory,You definitely can’t enter other factories,You just come to our factory!Take a rest tomorrow,Start the day after tomorrow!“Chen Xia said with a smile。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“Do not,We will go around tomorrow,work on your businesses!I don’t have to worry about you anymore,If something happens,I will call you“
Chen Xia thought about it:“When you are out,must be careful,It’s no better than Bucheon,Because of the high turnover of personnel,There are many things like this,Cell phone、The wallet must be managed well,For example, who asked for money just now,You mess with him,They are fighting in groups”
“what!So!No wonder”Xia Jian nodded,He was a little convinced in his heart,No wonder who is more cows than him,It turns out that they have confidence。

Brother Ming doesn’t know。

Brother Ming can’t reach the top level,Many examples,Among them are the various cultivation methods he knows about armed sex,But I can’t practice。
Ming Ge’s armed color is only on the same level as Leo,The fourth stage is not reached,Probably not as good as Vergo。
This is also a manifestation of physical aptitude。
Armed color does not reach the fifth stage,How to fight the Four Emperors How to fight the general for a long time?
In addition to fruit ability,All aspects of strength are average,I can only say that I barely reached the level of the strong。
“Don’t think about head-on,You are not strong enough to make you act like this,Let’s get the fruit ability directly!”Leo said。“I heard that your fruit is well developed,Let me see!”
“it is good,as you wish!”
Ming Ge gritted his teeth,There is a feeling of facing the peak power,This kind of slashed armed look is really bad。
Shadow ride line!
Brother Ming waved his hands quickly,quickly,A new brother Ming came out。
Leo looked at this new brother Ming,Just waved twice。
This new Ming Ge will also use part of the line fruit ability,But this ability is too weak。
Two sword lights flashed,This new Ming brother is chopped up。
“Ming Ge,You are here to be funny?Use this thing against me!”Leo doesn’t know what to say,This thing is okay against ordinary lieutenants,But I didn’t look at him enough。

Monsters are really not the point,The main Tianlong people are too idle。

I’m free to compare each other every day besides having fun,Who has something special more than who。
And Char Rose is undoubtedly a mentally retarded shit-cutter,He is that stick。
I ran to other Tianlong people at every turn,The mentality of those Tianlong people exploded。
A group of people watched Charl Rose pretending,There is no way to break him,It makes them angry。
As the Denon people of the rich world,When have you been so angry?
It’s not what they want to watch others pretend,I should say very reluctant。
Only oneself,They must not be themselves as spectators,Watching others pretend。
Leo is not fast,At this time, the Tianlong people have left Mariejoa and came towards the shampoo.。
When Leo walks to area 1,,Five or six Celestials have arrived early。
Those with a little brain will come faster。
That fellow Charros must have said,Very few monsters,The six heads I saw that day are actually all,Now there are only five left。
Denon……There are already seven。
Seven Dracomen of different ages,30s older,Young teenager。
Don’t think you should be calm in your thirties,It’s not like that。
As a self-confessed world nobleman,They have been coaxed since childhood,Do whatever you want,In his thirties, he has a temper,It’s not much different from the ten or even seven or eight-year-old Tianlong people。
“My name is St. Torchak,You are the Leo who sold the Charroth monster mount?”

“correct,Where are the ancestors of the eight great families??”

“Since they are going to slaughter the snake tonight,I saw it didn’t show up,Only send these shrimp soldiers and crabs here!”
“Do they have any other players??”
When Chen Xiu was wondering,Suddenly there was a burst from below the bottom of the valley
“Sizzle!”sound,Chen Xiu felt the earth tremble on the edge of the valley。next moment,That terrible giant python that is dozens of feet long,Suddenly got down from the night。
After the wolves heard the cry,Fell down immediately,Their huge bodies cling tightly to the marsh mud。Like that,It’s like welcoming a king。
The children of the eight great families who had been in the valley mouth suddenly became quiet,All stunned,The timid thing is that the torch in your hand is so scared that you can’t consciously fall on the ground。
“four……Tier 4 Fierce Beast!”
I don’t know who among the crowd called out first,Suddenly exploded the pot,There was a lot of discussion。
“Fucking,Tier 4 fierce beasts also killed it,Wouldn’t the inner alchemy be refined in one step?!”
“Climb to the sky is impossible,But it can definitely make us a second-rate master!”
“So many of us can?”
“Hundreds of people won’t work,But the inner alchemy of a Tier 4 fierce beast should be seven、Eight people have cultivated to the second-rate state!”
“There are only seven or eight people,so little!”
“But it doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough inner alchemy,Blood of the beast、Meat is also a great tonic for us。”
“Yes indeed,This thing is so big,Even if we can’t get the inner alchemy,Snake meat for one person,It’s enough to cover our ten-year cultivation base!”
Everyone is even more excited now,Shouted one after another:“Lying,so good,What are you waiting for,Kill it!”