Just after being elected the best of the week, he offered a lore, is Ding Weidi the Nets’ real thigh?

Just after being elected the best of the week, he offered a lore, is Ding Weidi the Nets’ “real thigh”?
On November 26th, Beijing time, the NBA officially announced that Ding Weidi and Dong Qiqi won the best players of the East and West Week. Both of them were awarded for the first time in their careers, and Ding Weidi used 6This achievement was only achieved in three seasons.Immediately after leading the Nets to challenge the Cavaliers, Ding Weidi completed the key blockade at the last moment, with 1 remaining.Complete the lore in 6 seconds, leading the team to a 108-106 victory and a 4-game winning streak.In the long absence of Irving’s shoulder injury, Ding Weidi stepped up from the bench and scored 20+ in 6 consecutive games. He led the Nets to 5 wins and 1 loss, and the ranking has climbed to 7th in the east.Last season the team’s top star Russell left the team, two new aid Durant, Owen was absent, it turns out that Ding Weidi is the Nets’ “real thigh.”Ding Weidi was elected the best player of the week for the first time in his career.Figure / vision China Gaoguang “Big Heart” leads the team more efficiently than Irving. The first 11 rounds of the new season are over, and Irving has contributed 28 per game.5 points, 5.4 rebounds, 7.Two assists, some data reached a career high, but the New East Nets’ record is slightly bleak, ranking only 11th in the East with 4 wins and 7 losses, far from the internal expectations before the season.Due to a shoulder injury, Owen has been absent from the game since November 17, and Ding Weidi, who has been serving as a substitute for Owen, took the starting position.Considering Lewell, leading players such as DeAndre Jordan also suffered injury traps, and almost no one thought that Ding Weidi’s record to the team has improved.However, the Nets have scored 5 wins and 1 loss in the past 6 games, the record has improved to 9 wins and 8 losses, ranking stable in the top eight in the east.If we only compare personal data, Ding Weidi does have a certain gap with Irving, but from the perspective of mobilizing teammates and the performance of key moments, Ding Weidi’s performance is not inferior to any All-Star player.On November 17th, Irving was absent in the first game. Ding Weidi, who represented the starter for the first time in the new season, scored 20 points in the last quarter to help the Nets achieve a major reversal of the Bulls in the last quarter and stop the team’s losing streak.On November 26, the Nets were about to be reversed by the Cavaliers. In the last 10 seconds or so, Ding Weidi first blocked Sexton’s layup on the defensive end, followed by 1 left.At 6 seconds, he hit the “Lore” and the Nets won four straight.Ding Weidi lore knight.With 9 assists against the Cavaliers, Ding Weidi set a new season high and scored 20+ in 6 consecutive games, which is the best record of his career.Although ranked with Trey Young, Bill, Siakam and other stars, Ding Weidi’s personal data is not so good, but can make a significant contribution to the team, Ding Weidi became the best player of the Eastern Week, which is also his careerHe won this honor for the first time in his career.In the history of the Nets, Ding Weidi is the 25th player of the week to be the best player. It is also the Nets player who won the player after Russell on January 22 this year.Growing a second round counterattack is not a step forward. As the 38th pick in the second round of the 2014 draft, Ding Weidi played for the Pistons in the first two teams of his career and has very few opportunities to play.After joining the Nets in the summer of 2016, Ding Weidi gradually gained more playing time, improved his personal data, and gradually established a firm foothold in the team to get the starting position.In the summer of 2018, Ding Weidi renewed the contract with the Nets in advance, with a contract value of $ 34.35 million in three years. In the NBA, where billions of dollars are contracted all over the world, this contract is not huge.Due to the arrival of Russell and Irving, Ding Weidi in the same position was quickly squeezed into the bench, but it was precisely this competitive relationship. Ding Weidi found the most suitable role for him and ushered in the two best in his careerA season.Especially last season, the Nets are a veritable civilian team. Although the star Russell is a high-level rookie, his NBA career has not started smoothly. Ding Weidi, Lewell, Joe Harris and other players areA group of unsavory low-ranking rookies, but they made a joint effort to enter the playoffs, causing no small trouble for the 76ers.Ding Weidi played a “thigh” rating.Figure / Vision China’s new season is slightly different, the Nets’ star has changed from Russell to Irving, but led by Ding Weidi, the team’s spiritual temperament has continued.Even Irving, Lewell and DeAndre Jordan were sidelined at the same time. Through more reasonable sharing of the ball and Ding Weidi’s “big heart” performance, the Nets can still continue to win.Last season, he contributed 16.8 points, 2.4 rebounds, 4.Six assists, obviously not Ding Weidi’s limit, he raised the average number to 19 this season.8 points, 2.4 rebounds, 5.With four assists, this improvement is really rare when Irving has more possession.If he can continue this excellent state, Ding Weidi is likely to become a strong contender for the best sixth man of the season.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreads Wei Zhuo

Shiji Information (002153) Quarterly Report Comment: Rapid Growth of Third Quarter Revenue

Shiji Information (002153) Quarterly Report Comment: Rapid Growth of Third Quarter Revenue
Matters: The company announced the 2019 third quarter report, and the first three quarters of 2019 achieved operating income24.3.7 billion, an annual increase of 22.43%, net profit attributable to mothers3.2.2 billion, an annual increase of 1.83%, EPS is 0.30 yuan. Ping An’s perspective: The company’s third-quarter revenue achieved rapid growth: According to the company’s announcement, the company’s revenue in the first three quarters of 2019 reached 24.37 ppm, an increase of 22 in ten years.43%.By quarter, the company achieved revenue 9 in the third quarter alone.20,000 yuan, an annual increase of 25.27%, the company’s single quarter revenue grew rapidly, the growth rate increased by 4 in the first half.51 units.The company achieved net profit attributable to mothers in the first three quarters of 20193.2.2 billion, an annual increase of 1.83%, net profit attributable to mother continued to grow steadily. The company’s gross profit margin and period expense ratio increased to the smallest margin: the company’s gross profit margin for the first three quarters of 2019 was 47.29%, an increase of one year.2 units.The company’s expenses during the first three quarters of 201931.06%, increase by 0 every year.77 units, of which the sales expense ratio increases by 1 every year.The 33 single ones were mainly due to the consolidation of the sales expenses of Hisense Smart Business and the increased expenses of the company’s overseas subsidiaries; the management expense ratio (management expenses including research and development expenses) decreased by 3.The 94 exceptions were mainly due to the company’s continued strengthening of R & D expansion, which increased the increase in R & D expenses76.61%, the proportion of revenue from R & D expenses increases by 2 every year.96 units; each decrease in financial expense ratio.The 51 singles were mainly due to the overlapping interest income reported by the merged company and the increase in exchange gains. The future development of the company’s “internationalization + platformization” strategy can be expected: At present, the company is in the process of changing from a software supplier to an application service platform operator (“internationalization + platformization”).In terms of internationalization strategy, the company’s Infrasys Cloud platform POS system has a good momentum of development. On the basis of successfully becoming the standards of Intercontinental, Hyatt, Peninsula and other hotel groups, many international hotel groups have entered the pilot test stage.As of the end of June this year, the total number of hotel and restaurant users in Infrasys Cloud has exceeded 1,000.After years of large-scale R & D investment, the company’s new generation hotel information management system platform has made substantial progress. At present, the development and preparations for online launch are progressing as planned.In terms of platform strategy, as of the first half of this year, Changlian’s direct-connected output exceeded 4.1 million, an increase of approximately 36% per year; the total amount of payment business transactions between company customers and Alipay and WeChat direct-connected services was approximately US $ 73.5 billion, an increase of approximately 48%To maintain a rapid growth trend.The future development of the company’s “internationalization + platformization” strategy is worth looking forward to. Profit forecast and investment recommendations: We maintain our company’s profit forecast for 2019-2021, with EPS being 0.50 yuan, 0.60 yuan, 0.73 yuan, corresponding to the closing price of PE on October 29 are about 75.2. 62.8, 51.4 times.The company is a leading information technology company in the domestic consumer industry and a leading domestic software supplier across the hotel, catering and retail industries.The company is currently in the process of transforming from a software supplier to an application service platform operator (“internationalization + platformization”). In terms of internationalization, the new generation of cloud platform PMS will open up the global market growth space for the company;In terms of cooperation between the company, hotels and channels, the company’s payment business traffic continued to grow at a high speed, and traffic distribution is expected to become a new growth point for the company’s performance in the future.We are optimistic about the company’s future development and maintain a “recommended” rating on the company. Risk reminders: (1) The growth rate of the company’s consumer industry informatization business is less than expected: the company’s main business is affected by the prosperity of downstream 北京桑拿洗浴保健 consumer industries such as hotels, restaurants, and retail.If it meets the expectations, the company ‘s hotel, catering, and retail information management system business will grow at a lower rate than expected; (2) The company ‘s internationalization progress is not up to expectations: the new generation of cloud PMS products is the company ‘s internationalizationThe essential.If the company’s new-generation cloud PMS product development progress is not up to expectations, or the promotion progress in overseas markets is not up to expectations, there is a risk that the company’s international transformation is not up to expectations; (3) the company’s platformization progress is not up to expectations: In the short term, the total amount of payment business transactions of corporate customers directly connected with Alipay and WeChat maintained a rapid growth trend.However, if the company’s promotion progress of customers’ direct-based technology-based payment platforms is gradually expected in the future, there will be a risk that the growth rate of the company’s payment platform transactions will fall short of expectations, and the company’s platform transformation will have the risk of falling short of expectations.

ZTE (000063) Interim Review: Further focus on 5G operator business overseas business eye-catching gross margin continues to increase

ZTE (000063) Interim Review: Further focus on 5G operator business overseas business eye-catching gross margin continues to increase

Event: On the evening of August 27, ① The company released its 2019 interim report: the first half of the year realized operating income of 446.

09 million yuan, an increase of 13 in ten years.

12%; net profit attributable to mother 14.

71 ppm, an increase of 118 in ten years.

80%; ② The company released the first three quarter results forecast: the company expects to achieve net profit return to mother 38 in the first three quarters.


00 ppm (previous year expected 72.

6 billion), of which in the third quarter achieved net profit attributable to mothers23.

2.9 billion?

2.9 billion.

Endogenous growth: Net profit increased by 125 after deduction.

73%, Q2 single quarter non-recurring profit and loss impact is small.

According to the interim report, the company achieved operating income of 224 in Q2.

07 million yuan, an increase of 88 in ten years.

18% (last quarter quarter-19).

34%), Q2 single-quarter net profit attributable to mother 6.

08 million yuan, an increase of 125 in ten years.

16% (115 in the previous quarter).


In the first half of 2019, the company realized net profit after deduction of non-return to mothers6.

120,000 yuan, an increase of 125 in ten years.


Among them, Q2 single quarter net profit after deducting non-return to the mother4.

79 ppm (Q1 single quarter net profit after deducting non-return to mothers1.

3.3 billion).

The company recognized non-recurring gains and losses in the first half of the year8.

59 trillion, of which only 1 in the second quarter.

29 trillion, while 7 in the first quarter.

US $ 3 billion, mainly due to fair value transfers.

By business: the proportion of operators’ business and the growth of gross profit margin increased, and the consumer business contracted.

Reporting intelligence, the company’s operator network realized operating income of 324.

850,000 yuan, an increase of 38 in ten years.

19%; government and corporate affairs realized operating income of 47.

00 ppm, an increase of 6 in ten years.

02%; consumer business realized income 74.

24 ‰, 35 from the previous decade.

The company’s three major businesses have gross profit margins of 44.
73%, 36.

95% and 16.

48%, an increase of 3 each year.

49, 8.

33 pct and 8.

1 pct.

In addition, the company’s operator’s network business revenue ratio reached 72 in the first half of the year.

82%, a year-on-year increase of 13.

21 pct, corresponding to the proportion of consumer business income replaced to 16.

64%, a decrease of 12 a year.


Sub-regions: The rapid growth of foreign countries in Asia + Africa reflects the restoration of confidence among major customers in Asia and Africa. The domestic relay is expected in the second half of the year.

Reporting information, the company’s domestic market achieved revenue of 274.

2.2 billion (previously +6.

51%), accounting for 61.


The company’s international market achieved revenue of 171.

8.7 billion (previously +25.

57%), accounting for 38.


Among them, the company’s Asia (excluding China) region revenue increased by 83.

16%, Africa’s income increased 111.

The gross profit margins of the two places increased by 61% respectively.

75 pct and 9.

02 pct.

At the same time, the company’s revenue in Europe, America and Oceania replaced 18.

14%, gross margin continued blood sugar.

Therefore, the company’s gross profit in China, Asia and Africa accounts for 88%.

8%, the European region’s contribution to the company’s performance has increased.

We will continue to increase R & D investment.

The company’s R & D investment in the first half of 2019 reached 64.

72 ppm, an increase of 27 in ten years.


R & D funding accounted for 14 of the revenue.

51% (12 in the same period last year).


On August 22, the company’s non-public offering was reviewed and approved by the CSRC (the written approval document of the CSRC has not been received).
According to the preliminary plan, the company’s fixed increase of funds raised this time does not exceed 130 trillion, after the replacement of the issuance fee, it is used for “technology research and product development projects for 5G network access” (91.

10 billion) and supplementary working capital (39.

00ppm), will complement the company’s ammunition and support the company’s subsequent research and development of 5G.
The headquarters base project continued to advance, which had a positive impact on pre-tax profits.

The company issued an announcement on July 11, 2019: The company signed an 杭州桑拿网 agreement with Vanke, Vanke will fully entrust the company to own the office property and cultural facilities of the Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base Project, bear all development and construction funds, costs and risks, and own ownership and occupy correspondingAll the proceeds from the project will be handed over to the company for use.

After the completion of this cooperation, it is expected that the company will recognize a total pre-tax profit of approximately 3 billion during the whole cycle of the project?
3.3 billion, including a pre-tax profit of approximately 2.6 billion in 2019?
2.9 billion, the rest will be realized between 2020 and 2022.

Investment advice: We expect the company in 2019?
Income in 2021 will be 1021.

8.9 billion yuan (+19.

5%), 1231.

7.5 billion (+20.

5%), 1455.

3.2 billion (+18.

2%), the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company is 50.

07 billion, 66.

6.2 billion (+33.

1%), 80.

2.4 billion (+20.

4%), corresponding EPS is 1.

19 yuan, 1.

58 yuan, 1.

90 yuan, corresponding to PE is 25 times, 19 times, 16 times.

Continue to be optimistic about the company’s medium- and long-term investment value as the core target of 5G main equipment, and maintain the “Buy-A” investment rating.

Risk Warning: Changes in the international trading environment and changes in market returns.

Desai Battery (000049) 2019 Interim Report Review: The first half of the year to improve the power battery business is expected to reduce losses

Desai Battery (000049) 2019 Interim Report Review: The first half of the year to improve the power battery business is expected to reduce losses

Core point of view The company is a well-known domestic consumer electronics BMS and battery pack manufacturers, while focusing on large customers, expand well-known 深圳桑拿网 Android manufacturers.

In addition, the company’s active layout of the power battery business is expected to help the company grow further and maintain a “Buy” rating.

Net profit attributable to mothers was achieved in the first half of the year1.

700 million, ten years + 28%.

In the first half of 2019, the company achieved revenue of 73.

300 million, + 16% a year, net profit attributable to mothers1.

7 percent ten percent a year + 28 percent.

In terms of quarters, the company achieved revenue of USD 3.9 billion in Q2 2019, which was + 16% consecutively, + 12% sequentially, and achieved net profit attributable to mothers1.

02 ten percent, + 79% a year, + 50% MoM.

It is mainly due to the report that the combined company’s increase in receivables and decrease in stock preparations. In Q1 / Q2 2019, the cash received for selling goods and providing services was US $ 4.9 / 3.8 billion, respectively +7% / + 37%.

In terms of costs, the total amount reported is three.

44 ‰, + 4% per year, and sales expense rate +0 per year.

05pct to 0.

67%, the management expense ratio is flat.

16%, financial expenses fluctuate significantly, at least -63% to 0.

1 trillion, the cost rate is ten years -0.

29 points to 0.

14%, mainly due to exchange gains.

R & D expenditure + 4% to 1.

3.5 billion US dollars, R & D expense rate of ten years -0.

22 points to 1.


The gross profit margin of Q2 2019 was outstanding, with accounts receivable and inventory size effectively reduced.

Report average gross margin 7.

99%, ten years +0.

4pct, in a single quarter, 2019Q1 / Q2 are 7 respectively.

36% / 8.

56% -0 per year.

22 / + 0.

96pct, significantly improved in the second quarter.

Accounts receivable decreased by 25% from the beginning of the year to 3.2 billion, and the turnover rate was 1 from the same period last year.

Increased from 93 times to 2 times, and the turnover days were replaced by 186 days and 180 days.

Inventory decreased by 33% from the initial period to 1.7 billion, and the inventory turnover rate was 3 from the same period last year.

41 drops 3 times.

Fifteen times, the turnover days increased slightly to 114 days.

The three major areas focus on core business, and the power battery business is expected to narrow.

In the field of consumer electronics products, the company’s downstream customers include A customers, Huawei, OPPO, VIVO and other mainstream mobile phone manufacturers. Under the weak overall mobile phone migration, the Huawei brand maintained a high growth of + 26% in the first half of the year, driving the company’s business performance.

Looking forward to next year, 5G mobile phones can increase or drive the increase of battery capacity, thereby driving mobile phone battery ASP.At the same time, the company actively develops the market for notebook computers and power tools, and focuses on the power management system and packaging integration business in the future. The revenue share promotes continuous improvement.

In the field of power batteries, the company focused on business and reduced costs to reduce costs. It reported a significant decrease in Huizhou Xinyuan, a serial subsidiary, and its operating conditions improved.

Risk factors: Mobile phone sales fall short of expectations, downward pressure on gross profit margin, and demand for power batteries falls short of expectations.

Investment suggestion: The company is a 青岛夜网 well-known domestic consumer electronics BMS and battery pack manufacturer. Based on consumer electronics, it is actively deploying power battery business, which is expected to help the company grow further in the future.

Due to the weak overall volume of smartphones, we lower the company’s EPS forecast for 2019/20 to 2.


70 yuan (previous forecast was 2).


84 yuan), plus EPS forecast for 2021.

12 yuan, giving 20 times PE in 2019, corresponding to a target price of 45.

78 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Bank of Jiangsu (600919): Performance continues to grow rapidly

Bank of Jiangsu (600919): Performance continues to grow rapidly

This report reads: Bank of Jiangsu’s operating income and net profit maintained rapid growth in the first half of 2019, due to the net interest margin expanding month-on-month, but the pressure of its bad exposure rose marginally, maintaining its target price of 9.

42 yuan, corresponding to 19 years 0.

96 times PB.

Key points of investment: rapid growth in performance, pressure on bad margins.

Maintain 19/20/21 net profit forecast[1T3a.

6b0le% _S / 1u3m.

7m0% ary / 1]3.

90%, EPS1.



57 yuan, BVPS9.

81 (-8bp, due to changes in equity) / 10.


20 yuan, the current price corresponds to 5.



20 times PE, 0.



54 times PB.

Maintain target price of 9.

42 yuan, corresponding to 19 years 0.

96 times PB, holding level.

Performance summary: 19H1 return to net profit of mother +14.

9%, revenue +27.

3%, ROE 15.


Defective rate 1.

39%, unchanged from the previous month; provision coverage ratio was 218%, +6 from the previous quarter.


New understanding: Performance continues to grow at a rapid rate, and margins of adverse pressures continue to increase.

Bank of Jiangsu’s net profit attributable to mothers in 19H1 exceeded the growth rate of 14.

9%, an increase of 0 from 19Q1.


The driving force for the accelerated growth of profits comes 成都桑拿网 from: ① 19H1 interest spread (beginning and end of the period) increased by 10bp from 19Q1.

② The provision and provision speed decayed, the asset impairment loss in 19H1 was at least + 61%, and the growth rate decreased by 14pc from 19Q1.

The interest rate spread expanded sequentially.

① The interest-bearing impedance cost rate (beginning and end of the period) decreased by 10bp from the previous month, which mainly benefited from the decline in interest rates in the interbank market.② Yield of interest-earning assets (beginning of period-end) + 1bp qoq, due to 19H1 retail loan share rising to 34%, qoq 19Q1 + 2pc.

Bad marginal pressure.
The 19H1 NPL ratio was flat compared with 19Q1, and the provision coverage ratio increased by 7pc to 281% from 19Q1.

However, its attention rate increased by 8bp compared with 19Q1, and the overdue rate and bad deviation increased by 11bp and 4 respectively compared with 18A.

3 pieces to 1.

70% and 91%.

Since 18H2, the leading indicators of asset quality have risen slightly, and the pressure of adverse exposure has risen marginally.

Risk Warning: The downturn in the economy has led to an increase in credit risk and an unexpected deterioration in asset quality.

99% don’t know, 15

secrets for eyes

99% don’t know, 15 secrets for eyes

Although the eye is the window of the soul, little is known about it.

Recently, the US “Huffington Post” invited the American Ophthalmological Association to give a speech. Ophthalmologist Dr. Rebecca Taylor will explain the mystery of the eyes for everyone.


The limit of human vision is 6 meters.

  People with the best eyesight can see things from 6 meters away, but for most people, it is good to see things from 3 meters away.


Heterochromia can be inherited.

  Heterochromia is hereditary.

But if you suddenly find that the color of one eye has changed in your life, this may be iris heterochromia and you should seek medical treatment in time.


Some people have phobia.

  Fear of looking into other people’s eyes is called phobia.

It is a temporary disorder of high-level neural activity and a common disease in adolescence.

Adolescent men and women, physiological development is faster than psychological, coupled with academic pressure and other external factors, it is easy to produce this type of nervous system maladjustment.


Eyeballs recover quickly.

  Some eyeball abrasions can be at 24?
Heal within 48 hours.

However, eyeball scratches cause infections that can lead to blindness.

Therefore, when you feel eye damage, you should seek medical treatment in time, and use antibiotics to avoid infection if necessary.


Eyes may also be sunburned.

  The sunburn is characterized by pain, redness, and peeling. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause thickening of the tissue in the eyeball, which may require surgery to recover.

Wear glasses to prevent long-wave and medium-wave UV from damaging your eyes.


It is possible that vision improves with age.

  But this is not necessarily a good thing, because it may be a problem for health problems.

Diabetes, for example, can affect people’s vision, so if your vision has changed significantly, you should see your doctor in time.


Eyeballs are slightly smaller than spherical gum.

  The diameter of the spherical chewing gum is 27?
Between 28 mm, the average eyeball width is 24 mm; the size of the lens in the eyeball is equivalent to chocolate beans.

The lens has a focusing effect, and it is located just behind the pupil.


The visual center of the brain is located below and to the right.

  During a fall, temporary blindness can occur if the back of the head is on the ground, because the occipital nerve that connects the eyes to the occipital lobe is in the back of the brain.


The length of the eyes can affect vision.

  The short-sighted eyeball is longer than the normal eyeball, while the far-sighted eyeball is shorter than the normal eyeball.
A 1mm change in eyeball length will affect the distance you see things.

Eyeballs become larger through the growth of the human body.

  At birth, the width of the eyeball is 16 mm; when it reaches 3 years of age, the width of the eyeball increases to 23 mm; after entering puberty, the width of the eyeball will reach 24 mm and stabilize.


Melanocytes determine the color of the eyes.

  Melanocytes produce the color of the skin and iris.

Some people have more melanocytes, and their eyes are darker. The number of melanocytes is determined by genetic genes.


The eyes were lighter at birth than they are now.

  Because the pigmentation of the iris is not fully developed at birth, pigmentation occurs in the first year of life, so the color of the human eye will deepen with age.


Staring at the sun can make people blind.

  Remember when you were a kid, you used a magnifying glass to burn paper through the sunlight?

The same thing happens if your eyes are directly on the sun.

This is because the lens in the eye focuses the sunlight on the retina, which can burn the retina and cause permanent vision loss.

Its medical term is solar retinopathy, so never do it for curiosity.


The eyes are like two rooms.

  The cornea is located in the anterior chamber of the eye. It contains a liquid (aqueous humor) that contains nutrients that are good for the eyes and moisturizes the iris. The lens is behind the iris, which is located in the vitreous cavity, which is equivalent to the back room of a house.

This chamber contains a glassy liquid with a viscosity equivalent to egg white and is made up of water and hyaluronic acid.

The cause of mosquito disease is not exactly the same for everyone.

  With the increase of age, black spots will often fly in front of you, just like flying mosquitoes, hence the name flying mosquitoes.

For people over 55, flying mosquito disease is usually caused by separation of the retina from the vitreous membrane.

However, mosquitoes can also be caused by metabolism.

In the event of flying mosquitoes, seek medical attention in a timely manner.

The efficacy and role of kiwi

The efficacy and role of kiwi

What are the benefits and functions of kiwi?

Nutritionist introduces that kiwi is a kind of fruit with rich nutritional value, has multiple functions and functions, and is known as the king of fruits.

The macaque head contains more than 10 kinds of amino acids such as leucine, phenylalanine, isoleucine, tyrosine, and alanine, as well as rich minerals, including rich calcium, phosphorus, iron, and carotene andMultivitamins play an important role in maintaining human health.

Can be used as a beverage to treat scurvy.

A cup of kiwi drink a day can improve skin tone and thickness within a month.

  Can be used as a beverage to treat scurvy.
A cup of kiwi drink a day can improve skin tone and thickness within a month.

The vitamin C it contains helps lower plasma levels in the blood, expand blood vessels and lower blood pressure.

Strengthen heart muscle.

Drinking a teaspoon of kiwi powder regularly with a moderate amount of warm water can help stabilize blood cholesterol levels.

  Kiwi has the potential to fight diabetes.

It contains chromium and has medicinal value for treating diabetes.

It stimulates the isolated group of cells to secrete insulin, so it can lower blood sugar in patients with diabetes.

Its powder is mixed with balsam pear powder to regulate blood sugar levels.

Regular intake of sweet, sour, spicy and greasy foods can cause acidity in the body.

In addition, eating late at night, drinking coffee or tea can trigger acidity conditions.

No matter what acid-related problems occur in the body, such as heartburn, or acid reflux, kiwi can be a good antacid.

Treatment can treat diarrhea and dysentery.

A glass of kiwi juice or powder can reduce gastrointestinal upset.

  If your hair is thin and dull, use kiwi juice to wash your hair for a week.

Soak the dried kiwi in a quart of dehydration and mix with regular tap water.

It even increases hair vitality and can solve many hair problems.

  Because it is rich in nutrients, it can increase total protein levels.

Drinking a cup of kiwi powder after a meal can solve the problem of weak stomach.

Kiwis can be effective in treating breathing problems and improve your vision.

It is used in combination with honey to effectively improve vision.

In addition, it is a powerful antioxidant that eliminates wrinkles and fine lines.

But if the skin is damaged or allergic, you should consult your doctor before using kiwi.

  The efficacy of kiwi also includes boosting immune function, treating liver diseases, indigestion, anemia, urinary system problems, respiratory diseases, brain diseases, etc.

First increase red blood cell production to strengthen teeth and nails.

It should be remembered that a healthy and balanced diet, supplemented with plenty of water daily, and the use of kiwi can cure many health problems.

  After reading the introduction of kiwi’s efficacy and effects, don’t forget to pay attention to the taboos of kiwi. Remember to eat kiwi and don’t drink milk immediately. Kiwi and milk will not only affect digestion and absorption, which will cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

At that moment love was in the guise of deception

At that moment love was in the guise of deception

At that moment, George seemed to know what was happening, desperately struggling and crying in the arms of the robber, and his mother had been forced out by security guards.

In the empty lobby, only George and the fierce robber remained.

Hearing the police, the bank had been surrounded by the gangsters, and the robbers could not escape.

Little George became the last straw of the robber, and he threatened to kill him if he could not get $ 50,000 and the Ford car above.

  Helpless little George looked at the police close at hand, crying in despair, he seemed to foresee the arrival of death.

Poor Lucy’s eyes were tearful, but she didn’t dare to make a little noise, for fear of infuriating the gangsters and making George’s situation more dangerous.

The police will not agree to any conditions for the robbers. A slight slack is a little encouragement to the motives of the offenders.

But with George in his hand, the robber’s finger just moved, and George could soon be killed by Huang Quan.

  Neilson, a negotiator who arrived in time, suggested that he be held hostage to replace the young George.

The smart, agile robber flatly refused, he knew that at a critical moment, a child had better control than a trained negotiator.

People’s attention and sympathy for a child will increase his assurance of escape.

Negotiations were temporarily stiff, and police comforted the robbers that money and cars were in preparation.

Nielsen’s top priority is to work hard to deal with the robbers, keep him quiet, reset the hostages, and prevent the sniper from reaching the designated time.

  At this moment, the robber seemed to grind the police without sincerity, and his expression became restless.

He made a final shout with little gun against George’s head, saying that if he could not see the car and money within 3 minutes, the child would go to see God before him.

  The nearly collapsing little George cried heartbreakingly in the robber’s arms, screaming shattering the hearts of everyone present.

The kind people outside the bank looked nervously at the unfortunate child through the glass, and no one knew what the end would be.

The troubled media have consulted psychologists at the scene and asked if the robbery would have some effect on George’s future.

Experts assert that even if he is saved, this thrilling scene will leave a lingering shadow in his heart, which will have an inestimable impact on his health and growth, and may be accompanied throughout his life.

  There are more and more people around, waiting anxiously for the latest developments in the incident.

The snipers had their own positions, and they waited for an order to pull the trigger.

The robber will die in less than a second without a chance to fight back.

Little George will be rescued intact.

  Everything is ready.

Just before the robbers decided to kill George with a fishnet, the police decisively ordered to kill him.

With a bang, almost simultaneously, three bullets from different angles hit the robber’s head accurately.

As the police had expected, he fell to the scarlet carpet before he could react.

  The moment Little George slipped from the robber’s chest, blood splashed over his body.

The bloody little George was stunned as if in front of his eyes, and stood there overwhelmed, as if stupid.

Neilson, the nearest negotiator, ran quickly and hugged George.

Facing the crowd and the omnipresent media, Nielsen suddenly shouted, “The exercise is over!

“Everyone froze there, staring at him for a moment without understanding what Nelson said.

“Yes, the exercise is over. This is just an exercise.

“He seriously claimed to people and the media.

  ”Is it really an exercise?

Little George, who had awakened from his nightmare, noticed Nelson in doubt, asking.

  ”Of course, because you haven’t had any warnings before, you can behave so realistic.

Now, I declare that the exercise has come to a successful conclusion.”Nelson comforted him carefully.

  Little George’s mother, Lucy, had stepped forward and hugged her son in tears.

  ”Mom, is this just an exercise?

“Little George stared at Confused Big Eyes and looked at Lucy.

  Nelson squinted at Lucy while he wasn’t paying attention.

Lucy choked and said, “Yes, George, this is a police exercise to take hostages.

“Several comprehension of Nelson means that the police also came forward and praised George, saying that he had performed very well and deserved the bravery medal submitted by the police station.

At this time, everyone seemed to understand what was going on, and they all praised George George’s presentation just now.


But I was still crying.

“The little fellow’s pale shell finally showed a ruddy color, and a few freckles on both sides of the nose were particularly clear because of excitement and shyness.

  The next day, the local media in Chenigles collectively lost their voice, leaving no mention of the bank case.

  Soon, Lucy left the town with little George and went to San Francisco.

Before leaving, George was still thinking about the medal that the police station had never submitted.

  Many years later, someone found Nelson, who had retired, and brought up the old thing, and asked him how he thought of saying that.

He said: “When the gun rang, I was thinking that this child is over, and he may not be able to escape the psychological shadow left by the terrorist incident in his whole life.

But as soon as I approached him, God gave me a revelation and made me say the phrase ‘End of the exercise’.

I am grateful to all the people present who directed a seamless scam with me to convince the child that this was just a police exercise without notice.

It is amazing that the little guy actually believed it.

“Yes, everyone in the town,” collusion “to deceive the cute little George.

The disaster did not leave him with a bad mark, and he can grow up healthier than anything else.

Winter constipation drink honeysuckle drink

Winter constipation drink honeysuckle drink

Winter is the peak season for hot pot. Many people are easily constipated by getting angry. Today, I recommend a delicious honeysuckle honey drink. While enjoying the hot pot, you may make good use of this tea drink to clear the fire and dry it, to prevent it.Constipation!

Honeysuckle honey dietary ingredients: honeysuckle 30 grams, honey 15 grams, water amount Method: 1, wash honeysuckle into a pot, add water to a high heat and boil, turn to low heat and cook for 10 minutes and turn off the heat;Residue, add honey and mix well after cooling.

First, honeysuckle clears heat and does not hurt the stomach. It is advisable to take honeysuckle, also known as honeysuckle, in decoction. It is a well-known Chinese herbal medicine. It began in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” and has been known as a good medicine for clearing heat and detoxifying.

It has a sweet and cold odor, and it can clear away heat without hurting the stomach.

Honeysuckle can both disperse wind and heat, and also be good at clearing blood and detoxifying. It is used for various thermal venereal diseases, such as body heat, rash, spot, heat sore, sore throat and so on.

Modern research proves that honeysuckle contains pharmacologically active ingredients such as chlorogenic acid and luteolin, and has inhibitory effect on various pathogenic bacteria such as hemolytic streptococcus, staphylococcus aureus and pathogenic virus of upper respiratory tract infection.In addition, it can enhance immunity, anti-early pregnancy, liver protection, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, hemostatic (coagulation), inhibit interference with plasma absorption and so on. It has a wide range of clinical uses.

With Forsythia, Banlangen Fried Honeysuckle Decoction can treat mumps; Honeysuckle Tea can relieve heat and bright eyes; Forsythia Honeysuckle Cool Decoction can treat exogenous fever and cough.

At the same time, boil honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, lisianthus and licorice for 10 minutes with boiling water. When it is cool, drink it and treat laryngitis and tonsillitis.

Honeysuckle not only has good effects in decoction, but also has a sweet and sweet taste. It is also best served with a moderate amount of rock sugar or honey. For children who hate bitter drugs, honeysuckle tea is more effective and better than bitter drugs.effect.

Second, honeysuckle tea is not suitable to take polysaccharides. Honeysuckle decoction is one of the commonly used prescriptions. Considering the taste, certain sugar, brown sugar or honey are often added to it. If polysaccharides are added to it, honeysuckle tea is added.As a beverage mixture, not only the coldness of honeysuckle may cause sun damage, but also the excessive intake of sugar, which may cause excessive dental caries.

Therefore, when supplementing honeysuckle tea, it is best to take 1-2 cups per day. At the same time, during the process of making sugar, you should reduce the amount of sugar to avoid excessive energy absorption.

Wu Yan San umbilical can cure baby diarrhea

Wu Yan San umbilical can cure baby diarrhea

Infant diarrhea is caused by a variety of reasons, such as indigestion, lactose intolerance, rotavirus infection and other bacterial infections, which leads to increased bowel movements, increased stool frequency, and arteriosclerosis.

Although there are many methods for treating infantile diarrhea, the course is long and the cost is high.

The use of Wusong powder umbilical therapy is economical, convenient, and reliable.

  Take 3 grams of dogwood and clove 1.

5 grams, woody fragrance 1.

5g, Atractylodes 3g, Cinnamon 3g, Galla 10g.

The above medicines are researched together, mixed with vinegar, mixed with an appropriate amount, adjusted to a paste, applied to the umbilical cord, fixed with adhesive tape or wound pain analgesic, and changed every 2 days.

If severe diarrhea has symptoms of dehydration, rehydration salts can be taken orally.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that diarrhea is caused by inadequate diet, stagnation, or feeling of heat, which causes damp heat resistance in the middle coke, spleen and stomach dysfunction, so vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms occur.

Fructus Evodia, syringa hot, vomiting cold, warming stomach; woody lukewarm, stagnation and stomach air conditioning; cinnamon hot, Tongmai, Wenbu, bitter temperature of atractylodes spleen, spleen and dampness, sweating wide; gallic acid, Convergence and astringency, it is estimated that vinegar also has the function of convergence and astringency.

The umbilical Tongshen Acupoint is applied in combination with various medicines, which has the effects of ventilating and drying the spleen, relieves abdominal distension and regulates blood circulation, so as to achieve the function of rehabilitation and recovery of disease.