Ancient Fai’s "new" wine de Mountain has wine floating

Changde City Wine Association President, General Lake Group Executive President, Guo Zhiqiang, Chairman of Deshan Wine Industry.

Cheng Pengwei’s photo "Chang Dedde Mountain has morality, Changsha sand water is seamless." Listening to Changde, Changde, who is wide, is placed in the Dushan winery, moss, green trees, and ramping.As the largest liquor production base in Changde, the De Mountain Winery is built in 1952, inheriting the ancient Chinese style brewing process, the antique cherry pool, and you can feel the historical and cultural connotation of Due Mountain."Changde is a cultural place, the De Mountain Wine is based on the German Mountain, telling the story of good cultural and moral cultural culture." President of the Water Concerta, Changde City Sino-Water Industry Association, De Mountain WineGuo Zhiqiang, chairman of the industry.

"If you are good if you are in water, you will not fight." "Just as the realm of good moral culture, the De Mountain Wine has launched a long-standing moral culture, exudes a unique wine culture. Take a wine, with wine. The ancient De Mountain culture is given new connotation, and the Due Mountain will also glow new vitality. As the "Xiang Xiang’s first thick wine", Due Mountain alcohol is only a rush, but it has grown up, but it is always on earth, and she has kept the ancient method and keeps humility.

Thick historical mountain culture infiltrating nourishes "Speaking of Deshan wine, you have to mention the culture of Germany, and you will not be able to make good volume.

"Speaking of De Mountain, Guo Zhiqiang is like opening the words.

The so-called mountain is Germany, it is Changde Dend Mountain, and the ancient times is hidden in this, advocating human morality, magistrate, and cultivating.

Time flies, change the star shift. The good roll has been driving to the crane, and the truth of good volume has been introduced into the Chinese mainstream culture and has become an important part of Chinese culture. The Deshan Wine is located in a long-term reputation, and the heavy good culture is the gene and basic kernel of Destan Culture.

Guo Zhiqiang said that Liu Yuxi wrote "the mountain" of the mountain is not high, there is a famous name. Water is not deep, there is Longzhi.

"At this time, the location is in Due Mountain and Lijiang.

As the earliest ancient city site, the old ancient city site found by China, and there were many wine bottles and a large number of citaries unearthed, which proved that Changde has already mastered mature brewing technology as early as 6,000 years ago.

Since the Tang Dynasty, Changde in the Bin of Dongting, the wine industry has been very prosperous, and Hanshou Maojiatan has more than ten kinds of brewing, and more than ten wine. From the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, Ma Wanlong’s Wizard has introduced Mao Jiaba’s ancient way to wine and wine. After five generations, the technology is mature, and the eve of the founding of New China has become a leader in Changde City. In 1952, the national Changde winery established by the 72 private wine workshop officially listed. As a predecessor of the Demhan Wine, it was the first white winery in Hunan Province after the founding of New China.

7 years later, the "Deshan Grand Qu" wine with the typical style of Xiangpai, in Changde Winery, has been awarded, and has been awarded, laid the status of "Xiaoxiang’s first thick wine", becoming unknown Hunan Wine, marketing, Jiangnan North. Inheriting the Millennium Age Skills Careful Brewing, Keeping ancient Wine Silk, has always been characteristic of De Mountain.

Wu Xinqun, the famous national winemaker, said that "the Dushan Wine Industry is a collection of Changde Ancient Fair Silk Silk Skills, which inherits the 100-year ancient brewing skills including water, selection, production, fermentation, storage and other links, etc. Handmade skills, and taking the euro between the masters, the key 诀窍 is no secret. "Wu Xinqun was the head of the German Dagu winery factory. After retired, the identity of technical consultants was still the development of D’. Play waste heat. "The ancient law’s wine skill seems to be backward, in fact, the process is quite demanding." Wu Xinqun said, in an ancient law in the formula process, the above, the wheat is a raw material, using artificial stepping, palletizing fermentation, hand control, Color, natural vaccination, can be put into production over 6 months, with a unique aroma of wheat.

"Millennium, Wan Ye." Wu Xinqun said that the ultimate Yourchi in the Due Mountain Wine Industry is also in 50 years old. It is one of the oldest Laojiao pilings in Hunan to date.

De Mountain is also unique "old worn" craftsmanship, to obtain the best microbial fermentation environment, ensuring high-quality ramping alcohol.

In addition, Deshan winemaker adheres to the requirements of traditional wines, and the scalgage wine is accurate into 12 grades. It is stored in the deep underground ten meters in the old wine in the old wine, and it has caused long-lasting. The wine is more alcoholic. In 2012, the ancient law of Dushan Wine was listed in the Intangible Cultural Protection List of Changde City.

It is ancient inheritance of the ancient wine craftsmanship, so that the wine in Due Mountain is farther. What is unfortunately in the cultivation of Xiangyi’s revitalization, and the performance of Xiangco in the Chinese liquor market is not ideal for a long period of time.

Guo Zhiqiang lamented.

"In response to the development trend of liquor industry, Guo Zhiqiang believes that future liquor industry brand concentration and product concentration will be higher, consumers preferred big brands.

"The first-line brand will take advantage of the brand story, the market share will be more and more high, and the second and third line brands will be more and more squeezed. At present, many wine companies cut a brand, integrated resources, but also to concentrate on brand building How is Xiang wine to revitalize? Guo Zhiqiang thought a lot.

Then, enhance the consumer recognition in the region.

Analyze consumer psychology, study consumption habits, pay attention to consumer experience, who seizes consumers, who can grow long-term development.

In addition, enhance the integrated marketing ability, the liquor industry should pay attention to Internet marketing, brand publicity should be sold, and regional wine companies should sell flat. "The Deshan Wine Industry is also so practical." We worked hard in these three things, especially in developing high-end products, the main grasp the public consumer market, launched the secret Hidden Mountain small wine, drip hole Small wine and other small bottles, mixed honey, consumers can also scize, and continuously cultivate the core consumer groups.

"Guo Zhiqiang mentioned that in response to the young consumer group, the Deshan Wine Industry also launched the osmanthus wine and other products, the beautiful packaging, with the beautiful wine of the flowers, is loved by many female consumers. In the past five years, Due Mountain Wine Industry Sales revenue and tax remaining have grown close to 20% -30%. It can be described as steady growth, small and achievements, but Guo Zhiqiang is not proud. "We are not good and far away, we will keep your strength, keeping more than about 30% a year, this is Our goal. (Editor: Luo Shuai, Tang Li Wei).

De dagelijkse commentator van mensen: begrijp de historische betekenis van de strijd van de partij – op de studie van de 19e plenaire zitting van de partij

  Xinhua News Agency, 13 november People’s Daily november 14 Commentator Artikel: Diep begrip van de historische betekenis van Partij 100 jaar – op de studie van de 19e plenaire zitting van de Partij, heeft de Chinese Communistische Partij altijd de eerste missie geoefend, eenheid leidt de mensen van Alle etnische groepen om het prachtige beeld in de geschiedenis van de menselijke ontwikkeling te schilderen, en de grote verjonging van de Chinese natie toont ongekende lichte vooruitzichten. De 19e China-plenaire zitting van de partij van de Communistische Partij van China heeft de resolutie van de Communistische Partij van de Communistische Partij van de Communistische Partij van de Communistische Partij van de Communistische Partij van China goedgekeurd. Op basis van uitgebreide beoordeling van de honderd jaar van de partij Van worstelen en grote prestaties, samenvatting van vijf aspecten, het harde werk van de strijd van de partij, de honderd jaar strijd van de partij, heeft het toekomstige lot van het Chinese volk fundamenteel veranderd, opende de juiste weg om de grote opwekking van de Chinese natie te realiseren , toont de krachtige vitaliteit van het marxisme, en de impact van het proces van de wereldgeschiedenis is in de Chinese Communistische Partij in de voorhoede gesmeed. Deze vijf samenvatting, zowel gebaseerd op het Chinese land, en de menselijke toekomst bekeken, die de relatie tussen de Chinese Communistische Partij en het Chinese volk, de Chinese natie weerspiegelde, die de relatie tussen de Communistische Partij van China en het Marxism, de Wereld, het Socialisme, weerspiegelt Menselijke sociale ontwikkeling, en loopt door de historische logica, theoretische logica en praktische logica van de Communistische Partij van China. Al meer dan honderd jaar leidt het feest de mensen door de prachtige grote strijd. De Chinese mensen kwamen volledig af van het lot van gepest, onderdrukt, begon, werden de eigenaar van het land, de maatschappij en hun eigen bestemming, de mensen Democratie blijft zich ontwikkelen, meer dan 14 miljard mensen uitgebreid goed, de Chinezen blijven realiteit zijn voor een goed leven.

Al meer dan honderd jaar, de Partij leidt de PERSOONDE PERSENDE STORGEN, voortdurend ingegaan en met succes de juiste weg openen om de grote opwekking van de Chinese natie te realiseren, China heeft een vierpunts vijf gebarsten, een bord met fragmenten tot zeer verenigd , Nationale Eenheid, van hevige, één slechte twee wit voor uitgebreide goed-off, welvaartrijk, van passieve kloppend, lijden aan onafhankelijkheid, stevig zelfvertrouwen, slechts tientallen jaren, na enkele honderden jaren van industrialisatiegeschiedenis, waardoor de snelle economische groei werd gecre?erd en de stabiliteit op de lange termijn van de samenleving. Miracle.

Al meer dan 100 jaar stond de partij aan op het schrijven van het marxisme in zijn eigen vlag, voortdurend bevorderde marxistische China’s tijden, met behulp van de brede geest om menselijke creatieve prestaties te absorberen en een grote praktijk te leiden met de wetenschappelijke en waarheid van het marxisme van het marxisme. Volledig ge?nspecteerd in China. Marxistische mensen van mensen en -auto’s zijn volledig ge?mplementeerd in China, en de openheid en tactieken van het marxisme worden volledig aangetoond in China. Al meer dan honderd jaar heeft het feest een gelukkige Chinese mensen gemaakt. Het is ook voor de Chinese natie. Het is ook voor de mensheid. Datong de wereld. Het heeft de trend en het patroon van de wereldontwikkeling met zelfverbetering diep veranderd . De partijleiders met succes uit China. Moderne weg, cre?erde nieuwe vormen van menselijke beschaving, breiden de manier uit om de ontwikkelingslanden tot modernisering uit te breiden, waardoor nieuwe keuzes voor landen en naties die de ontwikkeling willen versnellen en hopen hun eigen onafhankelijkheid te onderhouden. Al meer dan 100 jaar hield de partij aan in het natuurdoel, hecht aan de ideale overtuigingen, blijf bij de eerste missie en dapper in de zelfrevolutie, met de strijd van leven en dood, en het harde werk om de verschillende werkzaamheden te ervaren Risketests, betaal enorme offers, en humeur het onderscheidende politieke karakter, het vormen van de grootheid die de geest van de partijgeest is, is de bron van de bron, waarbij de geavanceerde aard en zuiverheid van de partij wordt gehandhaafd en het governance en leiderschapsniveaus van de partij blijven verbeteren. "Resolutie" is uitgebreid, diepgaand en systematisch de mensen van de partij uit de Chinese volk, de Chinese natie en de historische bijdrage aan de menselijke vooruitgang en de historische bijdrage aan de bouw van marxistische politieke partijen, en onthult diep de betekenis en waarde van de strijd van de partij. De locatie.

  De Chinese Communistische Partij leidt de grote overwinning van het Chinese volk, zodat de Chinese beschaving nieuwe giek heeft in het moderniseringsproces, zodat het wetenschappelijke socialisme in de 21e eeuw gloed heeft, laat de Chinese natie uit de nieuwe hausse gloeien. Tegenwoordig zijn de Chinese mensen zelfverzekerder, zelfredzaam en sterk, sterk verbeterd de ambitie, het bot en de krachtige energie, de sterke energie die is verzameld in het historische proces, gloeit ongekende historische geest, geschiedeniscreatie, is het schrijven van een Veel vertrouwen Grote geschiedenis van de ontwikkeling van China in New Times.

Tegenwoordig toonde de Chinese natie een troon van de wereld, stond in het oosten van de wereld. Tegenwoordig is de merken van Marxist China succesvol geweest, waardoor het marxisme in de wereld met een nieuw beeld werd, waardoor de socialistische en kapitalisme van de wereld en de historische evolutie van twee sociale systemen, conaculair is voor de grote transformatie van het socialisme. Tegenwoordig bevordert de communistische partij de constructie van menselijke lotgemeenschappen, om de grote problemen van de mensheid op te lossen, de constructie van duurzame vrede, algemene veiligheid, gemeenschappelijke welvaart, open-inclusieve, schone en mooie wereld bijdragen aan de Chinese wijsheid, Chinees programma, China , en word de voortgang van belangrijke kracht van de menselijke ontwikkeling. Tegenwoordig is de partij ‘s werelds grootste heersende feest geworden met meer dan 95 miljoen mensen, die meer dan 1,4 miljard mensen leiden, en’ s werelds eerste grote heersende partij ‘s werelds’ s werelds eerste heersende partij, leidt het Chinese volk om de Chinese natie op de weg van het socialisme te leiden Chinese kenmerken. Geweldige verjonging, verdiende als een geweldig prachtig feestje. Wandelen door het briljante verleden, loopt in de huidige kans om te veranderen, naar de toekomst te gaan, de Chinese Communistische Partij wordt bepaald aan de duizenden herfstwijnen van de Chinese natie, en het is precies in de afgelopen 100 jaar! Staand in het nieuwe historische uitgangspunt, kijk uit naar de strijd in het verleden, kijk uit naar de weg vooraan, ons hart is vol, de kracht zit in de borst, en de trots is vol. Worstelend een nieuw tijdperk, de nieuwe reis, de all-party mensen van de hele partij, in het sterke leiderschap van de partijcentra van China, die de kern is van Xi Jinping, volledig ge?mplementeerd het socialistische denken aan Chinese kenmerken, verenigste, vasthoudende strijd, Wind en regen, het doel van het bouwen van een socialistische modernisering van de socialistische modernisering moet worden gerealiseerd, en de Chinese droom van de Chinese natie moet worden gerealiseerd! .

A series of "30 ° C" is coming, the Shencheng National Day holiday 5 days before sunny

Original title: A series of "30 ° C" is here, the 5 days before the Shencheng National Day holiday, there is no rain today to open a new week, National Day holiday also enters the "countdown". From the current weather trend, the highest temperature in Shanghai in the next period of time is quite stable, between 30 ° C and 32 ° C.

In addition to the rain in the afternoon, there are some other time before the National Day, it is fine.

The National Day holiday is also in the past 5 days.

  Shanghai Center Meteorological Station forecast

The meteorological department reminded that the season is alternated, the summer is hot and autumn dry, pay attention to hydrating and sunscreen. Typhoon "Dandelion" this year has also received attention, but as its development and strength reaches the peak, the path is gradually clear. Can it bring cool to Shencheng? The meteorological department said that the "Dandelion", the more farther the "dandelion", the next five days have not directly affected my country, although it will break from the sub-tropical high pressure, but the Vice High School will quickly and resurrect, firmly control Shencheng. So the temperature is still stable in the next period, and the lowest temperature is between 23-25 ??° C, the highest temperature is 30-32 ° C. The autumn in the meteorological sense of the year is on October 2nd, last year is October 4.

From the current weather conditions, autumn may be late. (Editor: Yan Yuan, Han Qing) Sharing let more people see.

Shanghai Bencai Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Under the 26th line of China

Hello, friends, because the epidemic repeatedly, I have repeatedly passed the second year of "Tour Short Trading Short Training Class" offline course, and finally moved to us. And the wonderful soldiers of this line, only the scene can be realized.

The feedback on the friends in the seat is quite excited, and we have a thumbs up to our own next level.

The "Short Travel Survival" course focuses on stocks around the shares, buyers, choices, mentality, wind control, technical analysis, etc.

Among them, technical analysis is more good players with Mao Mao and Wang Xin.

Teacher Mao Mao first summed up the soul of technical analysis. He also throws the flourcing leader. Tuesday, Tuesday, Wang Xin, a real explanation, take you to interpret the early morning newspaper, to see the market emotions, see the market emotions, and see the logic behind the board.

After receiving the market, more teachers took you with your hand, let you earn your own cognitive money, let you skip the leeks trap, let you grow into mature swap. After learning, let investment Xiaobai overlook the market, understand the market hotspot, understand the market trend logic, and play a wave of beautiful leeks; let this hand holding big funds. Friends, It’s a further expansion of your own investment system, faster, earlier, and better to grasp the theme than yesterday.

After friends’ class feedback said that there is a lot of feelings, watching the policy, seeing the newspaper, looking for a stronger entry point, more friends playing Call, recommended to friends around you. Of course, after the back of the class, there is a hard work of the students, and there is a hard work of a group of staff.

Pre-class preview VIP meal card, as well as the refreshing fruit, snacks, and drink line short-term short-term seminars from the first phase to the 26th, inseparable from the powerful basic plate. Behind the Finance Federation, the strong supermarkets in the supermarket; the field of the field, Feng Chenmun, the teacher of the investor, and the current investor education industry, more than 40 companies, footsteps more than 40 Urban … The powerful strength is to make friends’ cheers. Yes, the majority of courses have always been our friends, many of which have mailed snack spots in the course of the course.

Nowadays, there are friends from afar. How can I not carefully prepare a little brother, every centimeter is a thoughtful number of friends noticed the courseware on the desktop, this is what Mao Mao and Wang Xin are in the class. New courses that have been revised in a few days.

The investment system has not changed, but the teacher’s courseware is also advancing with the times from the main line of the last line, the main line of investment and the changes. New courses after the closed customs we have worked in the details, the high pursuit of teaching quality, so that friends’ satisfaction appear to be successful.

Among many friends, there is no shortage of business executives, and the elites of Bo Shu. The busy people in the two days of the counsel; have the old friends under the family, friends Amway, have already studied for two or three years, come to open a new lesson; … one after another, The full seat class. The classroom III PART1 PART1 Mao Mao teacher as an example, telling the story from a small white tape from an art professional, so that the friends understand the great trader from being unlimited from professional, occupation, and origin.

Of course, there will always be a problem in the process of growth. I have learned what the teacher’s war is how I should use the short-term core of the short-term, how to make an imagination of life, seize the theme of Mao Mao to explain this series of questions, and can grasp the stock market for friends The main line, seize the subject earlier. PART2 has been used for lunch, and Mao Mao’s classroom has once again opened again. Mao Mao’s starting point from the most critical tourist leader, for everyone to directly hit the soul of the battle, appreciate the core of the fingerboard, teach you how to buy it in the 苞 放, sell it in the flowers.

Part 3 is a good thing to taste with friends, good views, and the principle of sharing with friends. Tian Ye is also debut! As a field teacher who is projected, it is a wave of macro theory, bringing everyone. The wave market, and then it is also a focus on why the energy revolution can choose the current time point to make the A-share market in many themes in many themes. Friends who have the heart of Tian Ye can move the live and shake on the field.

Part4 Mao’s mainstream eight high-tech analysis of the mainstream, the story of the Silver Competition, the main rushing method, take you to see the main force.

Of course, for the transfer of major funds, it is of course not enough! Mao Roof is a means of war, and the market may market, take you, escape, find the selling point. The Part5 fighter is very exciting, but the exercise and imagination have always been more hands and stroke.

Don’t worry, Mao Tong takes you to watch the preparation, slave the attitude of watching the disc, taste today’s investment decisions, let your tomorrow sand table is no longer a plate. Change, is the only custom change in the market! It is also in our constant changes, self-cultivation, implementing our own trading systems and plans to realize the best and combined with the war.

Behind the top6 sector is the subject matter, behind the subject matter, the funds are funds, behind the people.

However, how can I get a steady plate in the district, see clear funds, seeing the people’s heart compared with Mao Mao, Wang Xin’s technical system is not only jumped on paper, but also rotates in more than 3,000 stocks in A shares, jumping.

From the Fin Federation agency, I explained the logic of today’s sector flow, Wang Xin takes you.

On the occasion of the small mountains, Wang Xin is unlikely from the announcement, theme, sector, and mainstream direction. On the occasion of the closing, it takes you to remember today’s trading strategy, close to tomorrow. When Feng Teacher Feng debut, everyone should prepare.

Because of this teacher’s charm, special charming.

Mr. Feng is an investment clock, bringing us a macro environment and monetary policy. Of course, monetary policies are important, but the industry’s investment logic is equally important.

In this regard, Mr. Feng explained the logic of the current financial, real estate, chip, new energy, etc., says why some industries have no expectations and some industries can exceed expectations.

Eight contents, giving friends to exceed the exciting. The teachers on the after-school exercise platform looked at the beads, and they were exciting, and the friends under the stage were also awkward.

However, friends also have some doubts in the process of listening, with some question marks.

How can we let everyone go home with a basket of question marks. After the course of the day, the teacher of the day will collect everyone’s problems.

Let each student be in the beginning of the new course, not only to see the morning, but also see that their own problems can be solved.

To this end, Mao also spent two afterno pond times and a pair of students a one-to-one communication, targeted solution.

After the end of the class, everyone can also talk to the adjacent students, and talk to the old friends such as Ling sister, Xiaolong, even with their favorite hair, small Q, Feng Chenmian, Wang Xin, Tian Ye, and Tagan.

In addition, the success of offline courses is not equal to the end of the course! In the next three months, online courses are climbed with the VIP live broadcast and everyone climbed a peak peak, and further.

Of course, we accompany you to learn the tourism courses, but we are not only stopped in the beautiful world of swaps.

The small Q teacher analyzes the theme, let you know early than the market; Feng Teacher took you from an development of 4,500 listed companies, understanding the big funds, the mind of the agency; Tian Ye, from the long-term value investment, let you see I understand why some companies can live a monk. Follow four mentor, more professional, know you, more reliable. Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.

Core Value Bai Plant Forum No. 4

  Credit Bin, University, is currently the deputy director of the Political Work of the National Defense University, professor. He has served as a deputy director of the Institute of Military Political Work, and a positive teacher.

From the army for 32 years.

3 times participated in border combat, honoring one class, three times, 1984 by the Guangzhou Military Region awarded the honorary title of "Model Ideological Work Back", won the secondary hero model medal, 1999 won "China Youth M4 medal".

Hold or participate in more than 80 research topics given by the state, military, etc.

More than 20 research results prizes such as national and military are obtained.

Won the secondary hero model medal, the Chinese Youth M4 medals, the national poverty alleviation and development advanced individuals.

Director of the 10th National Youth League Standing Committee and Social Science Commission. It is the executive director of the Chinese Youth Preventive Crime Research Association, the foreign military universal expert, the National Defense University Outstanding Chinese Youth Experts. When the public is encompassed, it is the day of the Southern border war. He went in less than half a year, his father knew that he had to go to the front line, and the letter said to him: "If you are fear of death, if you are afraid of death, you don’t want to come back!" The father stunned him in the battlefield.

Tianjin Binhai-Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park listing 5 years agreed with 3,000 registered companies

Original title: The accumulated registered enterprises have exceeded 3,000, and the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of national small miniature enterprises, the list of national small miniature enterprises, Tianjin Binhai-Zhongguancun Collaborative Innovation Base is famous, became the 5th anniversary of the establishment of Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park Another highlight. Since November 22, 2016, the Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park is the same resonance in Beijing Zhongguancun, and the technology innovation will continue to increase. Innovative demonstration role is more prominent, and the ability to serve the national strategy is constantly enhanced, and the accumulated registered enterprise breakthrough 3,000, fully build a new engine in regional high quality development. These days, Zhingshanghui (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhingsunhui") was busy in the Binhai-Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park.

This is mainly engaged in virtual reality application technology (VR / AR) research and development, training technology companies are beginning to advance new projects after setting up.

"We have built an off-campus internship base with more than 10 universities of Tianjin Sino-German Applied Technology, Tianjin City Vocational College, and has also opened a virtual reality application technology.

"Zhang Xiang, general manager of Zhi Dinghui," The new business sector here includes several parts of the R & D center, talent training base, entrepreneurial incubation platform.

For example, our new project will arrange virtual reality vocational skills engineers to provide students with professional training and school counseling for 6 to 12 months. Each year can introduce 50 to 12,000 graduates of undergraduate colleges, promote virtual reality professionals. Employment gather in Binhai New District. "Zhang Xiang said, settled in Binhai – Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park is a good business environment, all-round high-efficiency and high-quality service, let us be in the innovation business. According to statistics, 2019 is now, the Binhai-Zhongguancun Nearly 2,000 registered enterprises in Science and Technology, with an average annual growth rate of more than 35%, and the annual annual growth of registered capital increased by 45%. This is about 600 in technology.

The effective national high-tech enterprises in the district, national science and technology-based SMEs, and the average growth rate of 184%, 182% and 252% respectively this year. More importantly, in the past three years, Beijing companies have accounted for 1/3 of the newly registered enterprises, China Sinocheng Group, China International Technology Intelligence Cooperation Group, China Electronic Technology Group and other central enterprises have settled, and Beijing companies in the park The role of agglomeration of scientific and technological resources, creating intellectual property rights, supporting economic transformation and upgrading. "With the support of Binhai New Area, we firmly grasp the independent innovation and collaborative development attributes of the Binhai-Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, play the first trial system advantage, promote the construction of integrated layout in the park, and Energy Technology Park sustainable development, and introduce integrated services In order to undertake high quality assurance, promote integrated linkage, help integration, and help collaborative innovation sectors. "Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the opening area. At present, Binhai-Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park is fully building "3 + 1" industrial system, forming an intelligent technology industry represented by UNITED science and technology, representing an extension son, life exchange, Dianjie, etc. The new energy new materials industry represented by Blue Star cleaning, and can horn, and the technology service industry represented by Yongcheng, Yongan Tessed, China (Binhai New Area) Intellectual Property Protection Center, Tianjin SME Credit Financing Guarantee Center, etc., is constantly developing and grown. At the 4th China International Import Expo, Shanghai Zhibian Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhizhong Medical Technology Co., Ltd. plans to establish Internet Hospital and pharmacies projects in Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park, and the integration line offline resources, complete Online consultation, prescription distribution, slow disease management closed-loop medical services, is expected to reach 200 million yuan.

"We hope that the strategic direction of the park and the leading industry can not only serve the industrial upgrading of the Binhai New Area, but also complement each other with industries such as advanced manufacturing industry in our city.

"According to the relevant person in charge of the opening area," the park will mention before the service settlement project, continue to make investment promotion, accelerate the innovative entrepreneurial ecological construction, attract more quality projects, driving the industry to upgrade, and help the region to achieve high quality development. "(Reporter Wanhong) (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Zhang Jingqi) Sharing let more people see.

The pactor says the story of a hockey lamp.

  In the showroom of Xujiacun, Wangyi Village, Tongcun Town, Tongcun Town, Kaihua County, Zhejiang Province, showcases in the showroom of Xujiacun, cherishing a unusual horse.

The mottled rust in this hocker showed the mark of the years, but also carried out the Red Army Warrior and the Soviet Warrior and the Soviet Union of the Soviet Union, witnessed the great victory of the Chinese Communist Party united to lead the people of all nationalities.In this issue, "The President’s Savory Collection", listened to the "Story of a Horse Light" from the "Park Pioneer" 8090 New Times Theoretical Propaganda Group.

  Editor: MA River film system: Hu Siyi Zheng Yuqi Yang Fan Yun Xie Xie: Open Media Group Produced: Xinhua Net Zhejiang Channel Responsible Editor: Ma Jiang.

Sichuan Jiange: Take the "Quadruple" to write a new chapter of the "four play"

Since this year, Sichuan Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province, the strategic opportunities, write deep-reviews, talent management, talent exchange, talent training, talent practice "four articles", with heart, "four play", deepen Zhejiang ProvinceThe exchange of people in Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, providing strong talent guarantee and intellectual support for the development of the two places.

"Home is almost returned" to expand talent management "new path" "I am a grassroots medical and health staff from townships. It is fortunate enough to participate in the Shangcheng District of Hangzhou to participate in the job. At the same time, study advanced medical philosophy and technology, for meThere are a lot of help growth, thank you for the organization to believe me and give me this glorious task.

I will work hard to work, and I will contribute my own power for the health of the local people.

Li Mingfang, a practicing physician, Bailong Town, Jiange County, said.

At the beginning of December, Jiange County selected 5 medical professional and technical talents such as Li Mingfang to go to Shangcheng District to carry out a job.

In order to strengthen the management and service of the Co-employment of the East and Western, Jiange County will have a multi-sector and the relevant units of Shangcheng, and the "Western Cadre Management Measures for the Western Cadres of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Zhejiang Province", formulated all kinds of supporting management services, innovation proposes " Five-one "task requirements, that is, a trafficked diary must be recorded during the time of handling, form a summary of the employment, a teaching experience, write a research report, bring back an advanced results, and promote the cadres and talents. In order to make the cadres in time and "home to return", the organizational departments of the two places provide funding for each employed cadres, provide funds, transportation, health, etc., solve the worries, let the cadres in the work. "Shangjian joy", built talent exchange "big stage" on October 20th, Yang Zhu Bin, secretary of Jiange County Party Committee, pointed out that when the party and government delegation of Jiange County pointed out that the Sword of the Sword, the mountains, the mountains, and seek common development Good start, hoping to work in two places, focusing on the "133" model in-depth cooperation, to deepen the exchange of cadre talent, increase the two-way traffic, two local training, and class learning exchange.

Since the establishment of Shangcheng District and Jiange County in April 2021, the two places have been carried out more than 3,000 cadres, and 19 people, the two-way cadres, involved in party and government, medical, education, etc., and contributed to the development of two places to contribute huge energy. . In order to promote the employment of the masses, the "Labor Collaboration Workstation" is set up in the two places, and the "East Western Labor Cooperation Skills Training Center" "The World Skills Competition Championship" "National President Studio" and other helping agencies. In June 202, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou – Guangyuan City, Jiange County, 2021, the first recruitment fair held in Jianxi County, providing more than 2,000 jobs for Jiancheng urban and rural laborers, effectively solving Shangcheng Enterprise "recruitment Difficult ", the" two difficulties "issues of" difficulty "in Jian Pavilion job seekers. "Taking people with fishing" Zhi Talent Cultivation "conveyor belt" On October 18, Jiange County "a hand" political quality improvement training course officially opened in Zhejiang University, 39 county-level departments and township leading cadres in Jiange County "a hand "Transformed" students ", surrounded by courses such as the spirit of the Red Boat, the integration of rural cultures, and think deeply.

"It is better to teach people to fish with fish, and this training opportunity is precious and very quench.

We must grasp the opportunity to learn, do not live up to the deep expectations of the county party committee, and transform advanced experience into the implementation of the practice of the county party committee ‘1233’ ruling Xing County strategy, in order to accelerate the construction of a socialist modern Jiange contribution. "Participants of the Judi County Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Relying on the special funds for the exchange of talents in the East and West, 3417 people in the county in Jiange County participated in different special training courses, and the participants basically covered all the counties, and the township main responsible comrades. At the same time, each participant strictly implements the "three one" requirements, that is, before the departure, the training will hold a mobilization meeting before the training, and the training must be written in the training. After training, it is necessary to write an idea according to the actual work.

At the same time in the training, Jiange County also polished the local training brand, relying on the innovation of the funds, the 4th "Xiongguan Lecture Hall", invited teachers in colleges and universities at Tsinghua University, and the members of the county party members and cadres. Combining, rural revitalization and other special lectures, nearly more than 3,000 people participated.

"Chuan Yue Hangguang" did a deep talent practice "Suggestive" "" The stone of the mountain can attack the jade. "After the Secretary of the Shuangliu Village Branch of Yuanshan Town, Jiange County, Li Guohu, who went to Shangcheng Shangcheng, Zhejiang, learned from local experience, and built an eco-turtle breeding base 110 mu, driving more than 20 employment in local labor, expect annual sales of more than 8,000 kilograms of eco-turtle, more than 500,000 yuan. Li Guohu said that in the future, he should teach the advanced experience learned to the country, leading everyone to get rich together. Since the beginning of this year, two places have intensified and deepening the poverty and deepening all-round cooperation, coordinating advantages and cooperative development – oriented, signing labor collaboration, Wen Travel, Education and Junjian Fields, and promotes the cooperation work The intelligence of talents has gone full of solid foundation.

Since the two professional and technical talents from Shangcheng Weijian and Education System, since the time, take the initiative, actively coordinated, promote the development of public utilities in Jiange County, is the "witnesses" and "practitioners" and "practitioners" in the two places. .

In the past six months, the professional and technical talents of the education system visited nearly 60 primary and secondary primary and secondary schools in Jiange County (72% of the total). By sending a lecture to the countryside and launching the lectures, there are more than 2,000 teachers and students, and 24 people in Chengcheng Mission team. Teachers bring careful courses for teachers and students in the 5 primary and secondary schools in Jiange, and coordinate Netease Public Welfare Tak Niu Reading Pavilion to donate to Yaojia Primary School Paper Books 2,000 books, and more than 500 pieces of cotton clothes.

The professional and technical personnel of the Weijian system effectively promoted 12 medical institutions in the two places to sign the help agreement. Using the weekend time, organized to go to the countryside, and the short-term flexibility helped 20 times, benefiting more than 200 people, organized in the organization Lecture 6 times, 3 times, new suitable technical demonstration 3 times, the number of trainees reached 210, and strive to create a team that is not going.

In recent years, people in the two places have provided strong talent support and intellectual guarantees for the revitalization of rural villages, education medical, grassroots governance, and industrial development. (刚 汪)) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

Tongzhou’s first home center is built to create a "5-minute living circle"

In a layer of community cafeteria, the package (one of the two) membership is 16 yuan, the staff introduces, if you hold an old card order, you can enjoy the price of the member, at the same time, the community cafeteria can set the meals for membership cards. Ordering a meal according to non-member price, ordering needs to be booked in advance to avoid waste. According to the head of the home center, the second floor of the home center is the reading room and children’s activities. The third floor will become a healthy cottage, introducing resources for residents to provide healthcare services, meeting residents to supplement their pension and medical facilities. Zhongang Community Home Center is based on small integrated services to build "Elderly Service + Confuciors + Public Welfare Services", and 3,000 residents nearby can order, leisure, reading, health rehabilitation. It is understood that during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, Beijing has launched a comprehensive rectification of old communities, Zhongang Community has become one of ten pilot projects in the city, launched the comprehensive remediation of old communities. On the basis of full solving the opinions of residents and property rights, Tongzhou District Housing and Construction Committee launched the construction of Zhongcang Community Home Center. The original area of ??800 square meters of waste boiler room is built into a building area of ??1825 square meters. The one-stop community center center center of the rice, the home center has retained the original original boiler room "Red Brick" original, such as the original red brick wall and "safety qualified boiler room" iron sign, quite a sense of era For residents, many citizens take pictures in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. In addition, according to the news of the city, the first community-level home center of Beijing City, the first community home center, the first community-level home center, recently approved, an old cadre activity center in the jurisdiction of Yuqiao Street will usher in gorgeous transformation and become covered 9 + X "The Community Key Home Center of the Composite Function.

The project is the first public service facility complex of the city’s deputy center and even the city, will be the first demonstration of the city’s deep storage resources to improve the high-quality public service facilities.

The project is expected to be available at the end of the year. It will be opened next year. It is about about 10,000 people around the world, involving seven communities such as Juji Jiayuan, Board, Buckwheat, Canal, Liu’an Fangyuan.

It is reported that the secondary center of the city will also be in the homes in the city management service system, and the urban center is divided into 12 people’s livelihood groups and 36 beautiful homes (blocks). (Meng Siyu) (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.

Gu Yue could see what he meant from Xia Jian’s eyes。She gasped and said:“I’ll knock on the door,I am a woman,Even if they are angry,I can’t help it”

Gu Yue finished,And walked over。Xia Jian is still worried,Followed up a few steps。Gu Yue raised her hand,Took a few hard shots on the door panel,And shouted loudly:“Open the door to shop!”
It may be the reason Gu Yue tried too hard,The commissary lights up soon。Just listen to a man’s extremely reluctant voice cursing:“Looking for death!”The local language is used in the back,Xia Jian can’t understand。
Gu Yue immediately said a few words in vernacular,Probably means they are drovers。Want to buy something to eat and drink,And you can give more money。
A few minutes later,The commissary door opened。A man stretched his head out for a look,When I just wanted to retract my body,Xia Jian has already dashed up。
The man in the canteen didn’t pay attention,Has been pushed back by Xia Jian two steps。Which man faced Xia Jian who charged in,A look of horror,What are you swearing?,But he dare not speak loudly。
Gu Yue quickly explained to him in vernacular,This person is quiet。Xia Jian saw that there was a landline phone on the counter,Catch and hit。
110Get through。Xia Jian hurriedly recounted the whole incident in detail。After hanging up,Xia Jian asked for a few bottles of water,And some snacks。Anyway, less than fifty yuan,But he gave this man 100 yuan,And told him not to find。
profitable,Everyone will be happy,The same for this man。Gu Yue slumped in a chair,Sipping mineral water,The whole person is rolled into a ball。He is really tired tonight,A woman like her,Ever so desperately。
Xia Jian is also exhausted,He drank two bottles of mineral water in a row。About half an hour later,A police car drove over,Stopped at the door of the canteen。
“Did you report the case here??We suffer110Command center deployment,Is the nearest local police station”The male policeman who got off the car said loudly。
Xia Jian nodded,Took a breath and said:“I called the police,We are the victims”
“it is good!Then get in the car!From now on,You two are under our protection”The male police said loudly。
When Xia Jian pulled Gu Yue into the car,Gu Yue stopped,She said:“Please show your ID”
Which male policeman reluctantly took out his police card and lighted it up,Then he smiled and said:“Believe it!Get in the car if you believe it。We have to send you to the city criminal police team”
“Why!”Xia Jian asked a little puzzled。
Male police said:“You this is a big case,The city criminal police team is responsible for detection”
First2334chapter misunderstanding
It took a morning,Xia Jian and Gu Yue came out of the city criminal police team,They are to cooperate with the police in handling the case。