TCL Group (000100): The panel industry has changed and the Huaxing Optoelectronics remains the king

TCL Group (000100): The panel industry has changed and the Huaxing Optoelectronics remains the king

Semiconductor display: The remainder of the inventory size is king. Large-size panel demand growth rate has not seen a significant tilt, supply continues to release, and oversupply continues.

The industry is about to usher in a new round of reshuffle, backward production capacity will further drive the clear, emerging applications will accelerate penetration.

With the withdrawal of old production capacity and the slowdown of more production capacity after 2020, the oversupply of the industry will slow down. In 2021, the industry may once again enter a new cycle of booming capital seeking.

At that time, the leading addition of Huaxing Optoelectronics will be further enhanced.

New technologies are driven by counter-cycles, and the increasing demand for large-scale products will trigger the boom cycle after the end of the downward cycle.

TCL Group: After the completion of the reorganization of the Huaxing Optoelectronics-based technology industry group company, a new architecture model with Huaxing Optoelectronics as the core, and industrial finance and venture capital as the supplement, was formed.

Huaxing Optoelectronics is currently one of the world’s leading TV panel manufacturers. It also has small-sized panels with LTPS and AMOLED, leading the scale advantage.

Through continuous R & D and perfect technical layout and breakthroughs in various fields, Huaxing Optoelectronics has become a model of high operating efficiency and efficiency in the panel industry.

Expanding categories, repairing internal strength, and gradually expanding the advantages of production capacity, Huaxing Optoelectronics’ operating indicators are at the forefront of the industry.

Breaking through the mystery of Huaxing Optoelectronics, the panel industry is about to usher in the dawn of the panel industry. For the panel industry, the cost advantage and capacity expansion of new competitors disrupt the balance of the industry. The accumulation of late entrants during the expansion period determines the company’s performance at the inflection point of the cycle.Profit elasticity. When the industry is at the bottom of the cycle, the strength of profitability and changes in future expectations determine the bottom of the estimate.

The boom cycle and self-expansion stage of the industry determine the estimated level.

The shift of the industrial chain is accelerating the reshuffle of the panel industry pattern. The domestic panel industry is about to usher in dawn, and leading companies are gradually moving out of the bottom.

Risks suggest that the semiconductor display continues to be sluggish, and downstream demand is not up to expectations; the company ‘s capacity release is not up to expectations, and new technology and new product expansion are not up to expectations.

One of the outstanding panel industry leaders, maintaining the “Buy” rating is expected to the company’s net profit attributable to the parent company in 19-21 37.



07 trillion, the growth rate was 9 respectively.

2% / 9.

8% / 22.


EPS are 0.



38 yuan.

Corresponds to 19?

The PE in 21 years is 12/11 / 9X, and the company’s current expectations are lower than comparable companies. According to the results of our 南京龙凤网 absolute and relative estimates, the company’s reasonable variable interval in the coming year is 3.


2 yuan.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

Western Superconductor (688122): Performance in line with expectations in the future will benefit from continued heavy volume of the next-generation paradigm

Western Superconductor (688122): Performance in line with expectations in the future will benefit from continued heavy volume of the next-generation paradigm
Performance summary: The company achieved operating income in the first three quarters of 20199.800 million, an increase of 31% in ten years; net profit attributable to mothers1.US $ 100 million, a year-on-year increase of 12%; net profit attributable to mothers after achieving non-recurring losses and gains of 09 trillion, a 22% increase in ten years. Performance was basically in line with expectations.The company’s Q3 single-quarter operating income was 3.14 ‰, a decrease of 3% from the previous month and an increase of 41% from the previous quarter.2.6 billion, a 48% decrease from the previous month and an increase of 0 in ten years.3%, Q3 net profit after deductions to the mother is 0.180,000 yuan, a decrease of 58% from the previous month, and an increase of 55.6%; taxes and fees in the first three quarters increased by 0 each year.52 ppm, an increase of 30% in ten years, and the non-recurring profit and loss in the first three quarters was zero.21 trillion, a 17% reduction in one year.Bills receivable and accounts receivable increased by 1 at the end of the previous period.1 and 1.770,000 yuan, the inventory ratio increased by 2 at the end of the previous period.10,000 yuan.The increase in the company’s receivables was mainly due to the payment cycle of the downstream military industry enterprises, while the company’s larger inventory was mainly due to the long product production cycle which caused the inventory to occupy funds. The rise in the price of titanium sponge, the raw material, caused a slight decline in gross profit margin.In the Q3 quarter of this year, the price of domestic sponge titanium increased by 12% from Q2, and the company’s product pricing was subject to relatively fixed military orders. As a result, the gross profit improved.8%, down 1 from the previous month.4 shares per share; the price of titanium sponge increased 16% in the first three 都市夜网 quarters of this year, and the company’s gross profit margin in the first three quarters was 34.9%, falling by 2 every year.3 units. The future will benefit from the continued volume of the next-generation paradigm.The company is the main supplier of a new generation of high-end miniature titanium alloy materials for military aviation. It is based on the company’s independently developed brand advantages and the only irreplaceable supply.Continuous release, the company’s performance in the future will benefit from the continued heavy volume of the new generation. Earnings forecasts and investment advice.We expect the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 to be 13 respectively.200 million, 15.800 million and 18.600 million, net profit attributable to mothers were 1.6.3 billion, 1.9.5 billion and 2.31 ‰, corresponding PE is 89 times, 74 times and 62 times respectively. Due to the current high level of evaluation of the science and technology board, it is recommended to pay attention and do not give a rating. Risk warning: the downstream application of the product is less than expected, the risk of high customer concentration, and the risk of large fluctuations in raw material prices.

Yunda shares (002120) semi-annual report comment: performance in line with expectations continued fine management

Yunda shares (002120) semi-annual report comment: performance in line with expectations continued fine management
Event: Yunda shares released its semi-annual report for 2019.2019H1 operating income 155.540,000 yuan, an increase of 163 in ten years.51%, net profit attributable to mother 12.96 ppm, an increase of 29 in ten years.6%, deducting non-net profit 11.870,000 yuan, an increase of 27 in ten years.46%.2019Q2 revenue 88.70,000 yuan, an increase of 173 in ten years.27%, net profit attributable to mother 7.30,000 yuan, an annual increase of 22.31%. The express delivery business volume maintained a high growth rate, and the revenue from the project of increasing payment income increased significantly.In the first half of 2019, the company achieved operating income of 155.540,000 yuan, an increase of 163 in ten years.51%, of which 142 was revenue from express delivery business.830,000 yuan, an increase of 174 in ten years.24%, mainly due to the increase in the volume of express delivery business and the increase of payment income items.2019H1 company completed 43 express delivery business volume.3.4 billion votes, an increase of 44 in ten years.71%, a growth rate higher than 19 mergers in the industry, with a market share of 15.62%, an increase of 2 over the same period last year.06 foreign countries.We exclude the factor of fee distribution and estimate that the gross profit margin has decreased by about 1.98 points, less affected by market competition than peers.In terms of expenses, sales expenses have increased by 28 per year.3%, mainly due to the increase in employee compensation, rent, etc .; management costs extended by 59.71%, mainly due to employees, due to the increase in informatization expenses, of which 杭州桑拿网 the Q2 management expense ratio decreased by 1 compared with Q1.56 points, mainly due to the impact of express transportation business; R & D investment increased by 33.51%, mainly due to the increase in research and development personnel; financial costs increase by 110 per year.72%, mainly due to the increase in interest rate expenditure. Refined management reduces costs and improves the express service experience.The company continues to deepen its “cost-leading” competition strategy based on technological innovation and refined management. In the core areas, the core route has increased the proportion of tractors and the average loading rate, and developed “car-to-car matching” and “no-load vehicle management” on the wayLoad system, through automatic equipment upgrades (development and expansion of multi-layer cross-belt, the efficiency is doubled compared to the previous), to promote straight running, reduce transfer interchange, and continue to reduce the marginal cost of a single ticket.In terms of service quality, the company effectively replenished in the first half of the month.06 (per million), a 96% annual decline. The efficient, convenient, high-quality express service experience and the company’s express business volume have achieved rapid growth in the industry, and the market share has steadily increased. Force aging and fresh products.The company regards “same day delivery, next day delivery” as the key progressive direction of aging products, and the monthly delivery rate of “inter-provincial 800 km next day delivery” has increased by up to 14% compared with the same period last year.The company has promoted the “Fresh Freshness” project of fresh-sealed delivery products in limited time. In Shaanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and other places, the business volume of specialty fruit customers has increased by more than 300% and the growth potential is huge. Investment strategy: We forecast the company’s net profit for 2019-2021 to be 29.2.9 billion, 36.500 million, 44.61 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.5%, 24.6%, 22.2%, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk warning: E-commerce growth is lower than expected risk, price war exceeds expected risk, and labor cost rises sharply.

Kitakami Capital’s change in May: 6 consecutive days of net overlap in favor of low-priced stocks

Kitakami Capital’s “change in May”: 6 consecutive days of net overlap in favor of low-priced stocks

Kitakami Capital’s “change in days” in May: 6 consecutive days of net overlap, preference for low-priced stocks. On May 23, the three major A-share index adjustments were weak throughout the day, with a weak performance.

At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell by 1.

35% at 2852.

52 points, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index fell 2.

56%, GEM Index fell 2.


  On the disk, the industry sector fell nearly across the board, and artificial meat, pork, Huawei, 5G, information security, industrial hemp, and blockchain all fell sharply.

  Funds from Kitakami continued to move up and down, and the data showed that the net was over 38 on the day.

7.9 billion yuan.

Among them, the Shanghai Stock Connect saw a net decrease of 13.

5.1 billion yuan, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange net reduction of 25.

2.8 billion, a net overlap for the sixth consecutive trading day.

  After the preference for low-priced stocks entered May, due to the increasing instability of the surrounding environment, Kitakami Capital continued to sell net.

  Judging from the stocks with more than 10 million shares reduced by Kitakami Capital, since May, China Construction, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and other large-cap blue-chip stocks have been the main targets of the sell-off.Compared with the shareholding data at the end of April, the share reduction ratios have exceeded 10%.

  In addition, Hikvision, Yili shares, Midea Group, Gree Electric Appliances, Hengrui Medicine and other white horse stocks can reduce the number of shares, but from the perspective of the proportion of reductions, relatively low.

  However, under the slump, Beijing Capital still increased its holdings on some stocks.

According to Wind statistics, the increase in capital of Kitakami has a preference for stocks below 10 yuan.

For example, on May 21, out of 1,341 shares of China Stock Exchange with a change in shareholding, 665 shares of Beijing Capital increased the number of shares.

According to statistics, only 665 stocks that have been overweighted are multiplied by the number of overweighted stocks and the average stock transaction price of the day, and then divided by the total number of overweighted stocks.

34 yuan / share; in the same way, 676 Northbound funds sold net stocks, with an average price of 16.

7 yuan / share.

Shows that the current northward capital favors low-priced stocks.

  On May 20, the net capital of Kitakami could be reduced by 24.

At 26 trillion, of the 1,342 Mainland-listed stocks whose shareholdings have changed, 693 Northbound funds have increased their shareholdings and 649 shareholdings have decreased. On the day, Northbound Funds’ overall shareholding increased by one.

1.7 billion shares.

The expected average price of an overweight stock is 9.

78 yuan / share, the average price of stock reduction is 17.

82 yuan / share.

  Institutional outlook Huaxin Securities pointed out that the current market has indeed entered the end of the decline, but one point can be found through the recent two days of the market’s rebound momentum is not strong.

In the recent period when the overall rebound volume can be weakened and the rebound strength is excessively weakened, it is believed that short-term indexes even occur repeatedly, and it does not even rule out that the index will bottom out twice, but for investors, the current index is generally downThe space also tends to be limited, so if the index adjusts again deeply, you should dare to make a bottom.

  China Development Securities pointed out that the increase in short-term events, the pressure on the index to test 2800 points in the short term.

Recently, the MSCI announced the decomposition factor time and continuous stable exchange rate replacement, waiting for the market to rebound after the risk is released.

Before the end of June, the market lacked a new main line and innovative high momentum. It is recommended to maintain low and medium positions.

Recently, urgent attention has been paid to anti-risk large consumption and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as domestic alternative companies in Huawei’s industrial chain, to avoid overvalued and underperforming stocks.

  The AVIC Securities Research Report pointed out that although short-term uncertain factors affect swap allocation, in the context of accelerating financial opening, the expansion of MSCI expansion will take effect in the next five months for the relative factor of A shares, and structural factors will still drive overseasFunds flowed into A shares.

Against the backdrop of increasing external environment uncertainty, expectations of domestic policy hedging efforts continue to adjust at the same time, and the market may usher in more capital inflows in the future.

  Ping An Securities believes that due to the uncertainty of the external environment, global asset price sentiment is still mainly risk aversion.

However, high-quality leading listed companies with stable performance (especially in emerging industries) will continue to benefit from the support of real economy and capital market policies, and it is still worth expanding.  Haitong Securities said that there is limited room for further downside of the market, and it is expected that the Shanghai Index will continue to oscillate around 2830 to 2960.

At the same time, after the continuous expansion on May 28, the MSCI conversion A-share segmentation factor increased from 5% to 10%, and the capital of Northbound is expected to be transformed again, which still has a good positive impact on the funds.

Therefore at this stage, investors are advised not to be too pessimistic.

  CITIC Construction Investment said that considering the expansion of MSCI at the end of 5 months and the replacement of the current currency exchange rate is only one step away from 7, we expect the passive capital allocation and exchange rate to stabilize again at the end of the month.

The current overseas funds are paying special attention to the Chinese market. Overseas institutions are actively studying the A-share target and finding qualified internal investment entrustment agencies. However, until China’s economic recovery is increasingly strengthened, Beijing Capital will continue to wait and see.

Dividing A shares by the MSCI index will not necessarily bring foreign exchange inflows in a short period 杭州桑拿 of time, but once the economic recovery is confirmed, we expect that the capital of Northbound will resume its transfer. At this point in time, we need to wait patiently.

Tongwei (600438): High-performance growth in the second half of the performance is expected to continue to release capacity

Tongwei (600438): High-performance growth in the second half of the performance is expected to continue to release capacity
The company released the semi-annual report for the year 19, and the H1 revenue in the year 19 was 161.2.4 billion, an annual increase of 29.4%, net profit attributable to mother 14.51 ‰, an increase of 58% in ten years, net of non-attributed net profit13.86 ‰, an increase of 55 in ten years.7%.Q2 achieved revenue of 99.55 ppm, an increase of 37 in ten years.5%, an increase of 61 from the previous month.4%, achieving net profit attributable to mother 9.600 million, +60 in ten years.5%, +95.7%.The company’s performance is in line with the performance performance forecast, high-quality production capacity has been continuously released, and the interim results have grown rapidly. New solar cell projects have reached production one after another, and the scale advantage has been consolidated. The first half-year report shows that the company’s photovoltaic cell sales are about 6GW, + 97% per year, and the capacity utilization rate is> 110%.According to research data, the company’s non-silicon cost for single / polycrystalline batteries is zero.2-0.25 yuan / W and presented a downward trend, far below the industry level.According to PVinfolink data, the current stock price of single crystal PERC batteries is zero.93 yuan / W, approaching the cash cost of new capacity in the industry, old capacity, and restructuring capacity are exiting.From a single quarter point of view, the price of pure battery may affect the third quarter profit, which may be under pressure from the previous month. However, driven by the reasonable price difference of single polycrystalline battery, the price of single crystal PERC battery is expected to return to 1 yuan / W, which will bring about improvement in battery business profit. High-purity crystalline silicon has steadily expanded its leading edge, and its production capacity is expected to continue to be released in the second half of the year. According to the company’s semi-annual report, the company’s silicon sales in the first half of the year2.28 per year, at least +162.85%, the production cost of the new production line has reached less than 4 million tons / ton, and the 杭州桑拿网 production cost of the old production capacity is expected to continue to decrease by 10% compared to 18 years.At present, the price of silicon materials has fallen below the cost line of most manufacturers, and the subsequent prices will gradually stabilize. In the first half of the year, the new production capacity of Baotou and Leshan will be released by about 20%.The old factory in Leshan has full horsepower. We expect that the company’s silicon material capacity will be fully released in the second half of the year, and the gradual expansion is expected to reach 6.5Cobalt and silicon materials business will contribute more profits to the company in the second half of the year. The 2019-2021 results are expected to be 0.81 yuan / share, 1.01 yuan / share, 1.Driven by 27 yuan / share of photovoltaic and agricultural and animal husbandry businesses, the company’s net profit attributable to its mother is expected to be 31 in 19-21.27/39.12/49.150,000 yuan, EPS is 0.81/1.01/1.27 yuan / share, the closing price on August 14 corresponds to PE of 15.89X / 12.7X / 10.11X.The company has obvious cost advantages in the field of photovoltaics. The expansion of production capacity consolidates the scale of the leader. The leading edge is expected to expand. The company’s 19-year photovoltaic business estimates 20 times PE, and the agricultural sector 22 times PE, corresponding to a reasonable value of 16.46 yuan / share, continue to give a Buy rating. Risk reminders: PV installations are less than expected, and the price of the industrial chain has fallen sharply; risks of changes in internal policy environments and risks of changes in international trade conditions; and battery technology updates have made the company risk of backward production capacity.

Blu-ray Development (600466): New Growth Forces Strong Results and Continuously High Growth

Blu-ray Development (600466): New Growth Forces Strong Results and Continuously High Growth
The incident described the company’s 2018 operating income of 308.$ 2.5 billion.53%; net profit attributable to mother 22.24 ppm, an increase of 62 in ten years.91%; expected increase in average ROE by 4.27 up to 17.07%. Incidents commented on a surge in revenue and improved profitability, and the company’s performance continued to grow rapidly.Benefiting from the nationwide strategic layout and the enhancement of product power, the company’s gross profit margin in 2018 reached 27.75%, up 2 every year.71 averages; net margin 8.10%, an increase of 3 per year.01 single; the company’s profitability has significantly improved, in the future or continue to benefit from the advancement of strategic layout and product strength. Regional contributions have become more diverse, with eastern and southern China rising brightly.The company achieved sales of 855 in 2018.390,000 yuan, an increase of 47 in ten years.10%; sales area 801.650,000 square meters, an increase of 31 in ten years.58%; overall sales maintained rapid growth.By region, Chengdu’s regional sales accounted for about 33%.61%, the proportion in East China is about 24.46%, Central China accounts for about 15.59%, the regional contribution is more diversified.The company’s sales in East China, Beijing and South China increased by 107 each year.13%, 84.52% and 1252.94%, becoming the company’s new growth pole. Land storage resources have grown rapidly, and financing has been smooth and stable.The company’s top management adheres to the national strategic layout of “going eastward and going southward”. In 2018, it has entered Fuzhou, Nanning, Ningbo and other cities, and currently has more than 50 cities.In 2018, a total of 14.96 million square meters of new soil reserves were built. At the end of 2018, the total capacity of the land to be developed 天津夜网 reached 1044.48 million flats, an increase of 48 in ten years.16%, which can effectively support the company’s future growth.In addition, the company raised 509 in advance at the end of 2018.USD 9.5 billion, a significant increase of 62 every year.33%, to a certain extent, guarantees the certainty of previous performance. Operating force, active financial operations, the company’s net debt ratio and financing costs remained stable.The company’s net debt ratio at the end of 2018 was approximately 102.70%, about 91 at the end of 2017.53%, which remains stable overall; the average financing cost is 7.54%, a slight increase of 0 from 2017.35 units, effectively controlled financing costs in a relatively tight liquidity environment. Benefiting from the nationwide layout and the enhancement of product power, we maintain the “Buy” rating.The company’s nationalized layout and improved product performance have been recognized by the market. Performance growth has entered a fast track, and future operations are expected to reach a new level.It is predicted that the EPS of the company in 2019, 2020 and 2021 will be 1.11 yuan, 1.70 yuan and 2.03 yuan, the profit growth rate was 49%, 53%, 19%; corresponding to the daily PE of March 18 was 6 respectively.47x, 4.23x, 3.55x.Maintain “Buy” rating. Risk Warning: 1. Uncertainty in macroeconomic trends and industry breakthroughs may have a certain impact on the company’s operations; 2. The company’s settlement progress has some uncertainties, or it will have a certain impact on the company’s performance.

Clever use of Chinese and Western medicine to soak away stinky feet

Clever use of Chinese and Western medicine to soak away “stinky feet”

Athlete’s foot, commonly known as “athlete’s foot” and “Hong Kong’s foot”, is most common among all kinds of ringworm.
The skin of the feet, like the skin of other parts of the body, is constantly undergoing metabolism every day, and dandruff comes off at any time.
If you don’t wash your feet often, these dander will be mixed with sweat and dust and accumulated in the toe seams and skin folds. It is warm, humid and nutritious, and is an ideal “life paradise” for fungi.
If you put on non-breathable shoes, your feet will become hotter and more humid, which can easily cause athlete’s foot.
  How to type athlete’s foot 1.
Acute or chronic interphalangeal infections: are the most common types of athlete’s foot, including pimples, scaly, and dipping erosions.
It is characterized by pruritus, desquamation, maceration, and toe web slits. Itching can be mild or severe.
Redness and exudation can occur under white impregnated erosive skin, and sometimes unpleasant odors.
Various antifungal ointments can be used to treat pimples and scales. If it is erosive and wet, first use alum powder or athlete’s foot powder. After the skin is dry and desquamated, treat with 1% gram myconazole cream or compound rezoxin tincture;Patients with secondary bacterial infections should first use antibiotics to control the infection before antifungal treatment.
Chronic hyperkeratosis type: Cover the pale red skin with white fine scales, no blisters and pustules are seen.
Hyperkeratosis is usually limited to the soles, heels, and sides of the feet.
This type of athlete’s foot is often dry and without pruritus.
Various antifungal ointments are available for treatment.
Blister type: Infection is characterized by the formation of blisters, which usually begin on the soles of the feet, arches, and toes.
The blisters vary in size and can stand alone or merge into bullae, which are filled with clear liquid.
This type of athlete’s foot often has intense itching.
Can be treated with compound salicylic acid tincture, compound roxoxin tincture or 1% gram myconazole cream.
  Athlete’s foot can also be treated with traditional Chinese and Western medicine soaking feet, such as western medicine foot gloss powder, coral ringworm net, etc. Chinese herbal medicine hibiscus bark, snake bed, cork, gallic, etc. have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, or fungal inhibitory effects.Blister-type tinea pedis is more effective.
At the same time, immersion method is used to treat athlete’s foot, which is conducive to the complete penetration of the medicinal solution into the skin, comprehensive contact and killing of fungi lying deep in the skin.
  Foot light powder tincture Comments: powder.
It consists of Sophora flavescens, salicylic acid, benzoic acid and boric acid.
The general specification is 40 g / pack.
Add 1000-1500 milliliters of boiling water to each package of medicine powder, stir, dissolve, and soak for 20-30 minutes after warming.
1 packet each time, once daily.
1 course of treatment for 3 consecutive days.
  Efficacy: Insecticide, antipruritic, gather sweat, inhibit mold growth.
Can be used for various types of hand and foot tinea.
  Athlete’s foot ringworm comment: Alias coral ringworm net, consisting of coral ginger tincture, salicylic acid, glycerol, acetic acid and so on.
The medicine has the functions of disinfection, sterilization, astringency and antipruritic, and has a strong killing effect on a variety of dermatophytes such as Trichophyton floccum, Trichophyton gypsum and Trichophyton rubrum.
  When using, pour a bottle of medicinal solution (250 ml) into the basin, dilute it with warm water, and soak for 30 minutes.
The medicine has a strong penetrating effect on the skin, and can dissolve the skin keratin. It is effective against athlete’s foot, fingernails and onychomycosis.
  Glauber’s salt lotion Comments: 10 grams of Glauber’s salt, dissolved in 500 ml of boiling water, placed in a basin, when the water temperature drops to a moderate level, soak the affected foot in the solution for about 30 minutes, after the water is cooled, take out and dry naturally.
If there are secretions in the toe rupture, you can sprinkle some talcum powder on the affected area and use it 1-2 times in a row, which has a significant effect on athlete’s foot and a high cure rate.
  Comment on vinegar: Vinegar has a significant inhibitory effect on fungi. In addition to secondary bacterial infections, all types of athlete’s foot can be coated with vinegar or diluted with the same amount of water and soaked.
This method is simple and easy to implement, and can often achieve good results.

Simply play with your fingers to aphrodisiac!

Simply play with your fingers to aphrodisiac!

Want to have stronger sexual function?

In fact, it is very simple. You don’t need to eat this whip and whip chaos. You just need to take some time to do these massages, which is better than taking aphrodisiac!


Stimulating Shangyang Point Shangyang Point is located next to the nail on the radial side of the index finger tip.

Traditional medicine believes that stimulating the acupuncture point has obvious effect of strengthening the essence and impotence, and can delay sexual aging.

When commuting by bus or tram, you can use your index finger to grab the handrails or rings in the car; or you can repeatedly pull with your index finger in your spare time; or use your umbrella to massage your index finger.


Stimulating Guanyuan Point Guanyuan Point is located 3 inches below the umbilicus and belongs to any vein that runs through the chest and abdomen along the middle of the head and face.

The so-called “Renmai” refers to a meridian that is closely related to the reproductive system for both men and women. There are a large number of acupoints on the Renmai that have a strong and aphrodisiac effect.

You can use Shiatsu massage to stimulate Guan Yuan, or alternately use left and right hands to rotate around the umbilicus to massage the abdomen to stimulate the relevant points on the veins.


Stimulate Sanyinjiao Sanyinjiao, as the name suggests, is the place where the three meridian of liver, spleen and kidney intersect.

The Sanyinjiao Point itself belongs to the spleen meridian and is located at the upper and lower bones.

This acupuncture point treats nocturnal emission, impotence, penile pain, unfavorable urination, testicular shrinkage, etc. It is one of the most commonly used acupuncture points for treating male sexual dysfunction.

Therefore, regular massage of this point with your fingers can enhance male sexual function.


Stimulating Yongquan Point Yongquan Point is located in the palm of the foot and belongs to the Foot Shaoyin Kidney Meridian.

Wash your feet with hot water every night before going to bed, and insert your finger into the hole, or put a small wooden stick, and repeatedly roll on the red pedal, etc., can stimulate the hole and help sexual function.


Stimulating the Zhubin Point The Zhubin Point is located about 2 inches above the Sanyinjiao Point. The lower abdomen of the calf belongs to the Kidney Meridian of Foot Shaoyin. Massage to stimulate this point can increase sexual desire.

How to deal with boredom

How to deal with boredom

Doing things that you are not interested in is a required course for everyone, and it is also a secret for some successful people.

So how do you do things that you are not interested in?

  Reflect on your situation and know your current response and consequences. You can ask yourself if you can say “no” to what is currently abandoning you.

If not, then what are the negative coping strategies you are adopting, such as procrastination, and what are the consequences of perfunctory, can you still bear these consequences?

You can scrutinize these questions on paper, and in the end you will find that the adverse consequences are far more terrible than the current annoying work.

  To analyze why you are not interested in this matter, and whether you can cultivate your own interest. If you are not interested because you do not understand things, you can cultivate your own interest in your work.

For example, when deeply processing boring report data, you may become interested in the corresponding spreadsheet software and find that the software has statistical functions that you are not familiar with. After mastering these statistical methods, you can effectively improve your work efficiency.

Some do it beforehand, and interest may slowly develop.

Autumn health supplements recommend several practical autumn health medicated diets

Autumn health supplements recommend several practical autumn health medicated diets

Click to buy The autumn weather turns cold and it is very dry. If you do n’t do related diet conditioning, you are susceptible to autumn dryness, colds, cough and other diseases. So in order to prevent diseases and do well in health, what is better to eat in autumn?

The following is a practical autumn health medicinal diet recommendation for everyone to understand what medicinal diet to eat in the fall can keep two Sydney Tremella syrup, 50 grams of Tremella, 100 grams of rock sugar.

Slice the Sydney and remove the hard roots when the fungus is soaked.

Add water to the pot, add pear, white fungus, rock sugar, and cook for half an hour before serving.

Yiqi, nourishing yin, relieving cough, preventing dry cough in autumn.

Yin and blood deficiency constitution is more appropriate.

  120 grams of steamed lilies and 30 grams of honey.

Mix the lilies and honey well and steam them.

Contains several tablets from time to time, mouth food, and pharyngeal fluid.

Tonify the lungs, moisturize and clear the heat, apply to the symptoms of dizziness, or cough, dry throat and soreness.

  Sugar cane yam porridge fresh sugar cane juice about 100?
150 ml, 50 grams of yam, 50 grams of rice.

Porridge with cane juice and yam, previously rice.

This porridge clears heat and promotes hydration, nourishes yin and moistens dryness, and is suitable for upset and thirst caused by fever or insufficient fluid, lung cough, dry stool and so on.

  Fresh shrimp braised winter melon with dried shrimp (that is, the shell has been removed) 250 grams, winter melon 1000 grams, 2 eggs, 2 slices of ginger.

The melon is washed, peeled, simmered, and cut into pieces. Served in the pot and mixed with wine, steamed through the salt, picked up, and simmered with ginger, add 1500 ml of water (6 bowls), and lower the melonWhen the fire is boiling, add the wet horseshoe powder, turn it to simmer, shrimp, and half a spoonful of egg white, and then turn to medium heat. When the shrimp is cooked, add an appropriate amount of salt and raw oil.

Add a bit of pepper and soup and vegetables for 3?
4 people.