It’s about the new car and the employment of students! These new rules will be implemented in May

Original title: It’s related to the new car and the employment of students! These new regulations will implement China News Service in May 28th, Beijing April 28th, electronic vehicle registration is more convenient, electronic cigarette management is more strict, and vocational school students are more guaranteed to be employed and employment … From May, a number of new rules will be implemented, affecting us, affecting us, affecting us life. The new private car license plate will be exempted from inspection of the newly revised "Motor Vehicle Regulations" of the Ministry of Public Security will be implemented on May 1st. This revision further reforms and improves the motion vehicle registration system, and has launched five new measures for convenient motor vehicle registration.

The first is to promote the free inspection of new private cars. The second is to implement the "one certificate of one certificate" nationwide.

The third is to promote the "cross -provincial generalization" of vehicle information.

The fourth is to promote the electronic application materials and archives.

Fifth, the implementation of departmental information network sharing verification.

Employers shall not set up employment thresholds for graduates of vocational schools on May 1st. The newly revised "Vocational Education Law" will be implemented. For the first time, the newly revised "Vocational Education Law" determines that vocational education and ordinary education status are equally important.

This revision is clear that vocational school students enjoy equal opportunities with ordinary school students at the same level in terms of further studies and employment; improve the social status and treatment of technical and technical talents; employers must not set up applications that hinder the equal employment and fair competition from vocational school graduates. , Requirement and employment conditions.

When recruiting and recruiting technical skills positions, institutions, institutions, and state -owned enterprises should clarify technical skills requirements and use technical skills as an important condition for hiring and employment.

Public institutions publicly recruiting positions with vocational skills levels can appropriately reduce their education requirements.

Fruit flavored electronic cigarettes will be officially implemented on May 1, issued by the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, which clearly prohibits the sale of seasoning electronic cigarettes except to Tobacco flavors and electronic cigarettes that can be added by themselves.

The management measures are also proposed that electronic cigarette products are prohibited to minors. Electronic cigarette operators should set up a sign of not selling electronic cigarettes to minors in a significant position; for those who are difficult to determine whether they are minors, they should request them to show their IDs; prohibit the use of self -service sales methods such as automatic vending machines to sell or sell disguise in disguise in disguise. Electronic cigarette products; ordinary primary and secondary schools, special education schools, secondary vocational schools, specialized schools, and kindergartens shall not set up electronic cigarette products sales outlets.

Personal damage compensation standards will realize the "Decision on the Interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court on the Supreme People’s Court on the Supreme People’s Court on the Supreme People’s Court" on May 1st. This amendment will modify the disabled compensation, death compensation, and the living expenses of the supporters from the original urban and rural compensation standards to uniformly use the standards of urban residents. Disability compensation and death compensation are calculated based on the original disposable income of urban residents or per capita net income standards for rural residents to calculate according to the per capita disposable income standard for urban residents; Or the calculation of the per capita annual consumption expenditure standard for rural residents to be calculated to calculate according to the per capita consumption expenditure standards of urban residents. The crime of crime is formally implemented from the law on May 1st, and the "Anti -Organic Crime Law" was officially implemented on May 1, and the backing of the rule of law for the normalization of the rule of law for the normalization of the rule of law.

The "Anti -Organizational Crime Law" clarifies the concept of organizational crime and evil forces. The organization of evil forces can apply the punishment and preventive measures stipulated in the law, and clarify the qualitative of the use of the network to implement organizational crimes and "soft violence" behaviors. Essence The "Anti -Organic Crime Law" stipulates the handling of organizational crimes involving organizational crimes. It clarifies that those who have organized crimes involving state staff should be fully investigated and punished according to law. At the same time, it is stipulated that the development of minors participating in the underworld organization and overseas underworld organizations, instigating and deceiving minors to implement organizational crimes, or implement the legitimate rights and interests of organizational crime infringement of minors, and investigate criminal responsibility in accordance with the law. The "Measures for the Supervision and Management of Medical Device Production Supervision" and "Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Medical Device Management" revised by the New State Administration of Market Supervision of the Medical Devices are implemented from May 1st. The two methods implement the "Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices", comprehensively implement the system for the recorder of the registrant of the medical device, optimize the process of administrative license handling, and further increase the punishment of illegal acts. For example, the "Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Medical Device Production" adds penalties for the registration of the registration of medical device production licenses in accordance with the "Measures", or the relevant requirements of the unique identification of the medical device in accordance with the national medical device are organized. If the data upload and maintenance and update work, the drug supervision and management department shall be corrected within a time limit in accordance with the responsibility and refuses to correct it. Essence

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Chujiang jade,Just talk,But there is a voice that sounds in advance。

“What is it?。”
With the sound,Front door push。
The old man came out.,“Strong me home,Is the guardian have arrived so?。”
Gu Yang Wang,Eyes are smashed,Ambient,“Fierce?”
“I am me。”
Both people look at each other。
Didn’t actively speak。
Suddenly,The clothes on the Qianyang body drums,A small momentum is quickly rushed。
In his eyes,The other party is just an ordinary old man,I am a pressure,It will definitely put it in an instant.,Let him go on the spot。
However, he didn’t expect。
Just a moment of lying the momentum,The old man is quickly lifted by the arm.。
Holding a pistol of a black hole in the palm。
No hand, hesitate to raise hand, it is a shot.。
This gun,Not accurate。
Not used to kill people。
But this gun is enough to use amazing to describe。
Gu Yang has to avoid it,The drums are turned off.。
Gu Yang smiled,“Very good。”
“Nor well。”The father is also a faint opening.。
Gu Yang did not be in the moment,Cold and cold,“I sent people to the next battle.,But put my people into this,If you don’t give me a business today,Hum!”
I heard him say this.,The old man is a little smile.,“Overcome?What do you want?,Moreover,Before you want to explain,First ask what he did。”
Gu Yang did not speak。
Of course, it is impossible to ask。
He is very clear,The opponent is so foot,Affirmation。
What I asked on the spot,Can only be self-suction。
“No matter what he did.,Do you want to make people in this way??Whether it is too arrogant??”
“I didn’t kill him.,Already gave a face。”

Add vitality to the development of rural areas (China Road China Dream · Dream Chasing the Decade ③)

  I was born in a poor mountain village in Jingning County, Gansu Province. My parents hope that the three of our brothers can make a difference in studying. We have also realized their wishes. When I was still in college in 2012, I set my own goal of life, that is, I returned to my hometown and told the children in the village with my own struggle experience to realize my dream through reading.

Kung Fu is worthy of care. After graduating from college, I would like to make a job as a college student village official.

  When I first worked, my Liugou Village was still a deep poverty village, which was the critical period of poverty alleviation.

During the village, we actively visited the masses and planned for development. With the strong support of the town party committee and the village committees and the unremitting efforts of the folks, we implemented hardening the roads of the village group, completed the renovation of the old houses, and drove the masses to plant more than 2,000 acres of fruit trees. After more than 3 years of hard work, the village team has been strong, the people’s industry has, and the masses have high income; the street lights are on, the roads are wide, the drinking water is safe, and the village is clean. The appearance of the village and the production and living conditions of the masses has been greatly improved. The village successfully removed the "poverty hat", and everyone’s energy was renewed. Because the results of poverty alleviation were affirmed by the organization, I came to work in the Propaganda Department of the County Party Committee.

I always think about doing something for my hometown. In April 2020, I came to Yangwan Village, Weirong Town as the captain of the village assistance team, and began to explore how to achieve rural revitalization after poverty alleviation. How to build a rural industrial system, improve the linkage mechanism of interests, and promote the development of rural industries? How to promote farmers’ income and let farmers share the results of reform and development? In order to solve these problems, we can lay a solid foundation for the realization of rural revitalization.

  The revitalization of the countryside, the prosperity of the industry is the focus.

We use party building to lead the countryside to revitalize the countryside. Fruit industry technical experts conduct orchard management training to form a mechanism of mass division of labor cooperation, complementary advantages, and sharing of interests, organize the masses to strengthen standardized management of the orchard, and promote the local apple industry to transform and upgrade the direction of the modern fruit industry. In 2021, Yangwan Village Apple was ordered by fruit merchants before picking, and Apple planting brought significantly income growth. Rural revitalization must be shaped and soul.

Every year, we will select a group of "most beautiful villagers" through mutual evaluation and recommendation in the village to issue honorary certificates for farmers who have become rich and family harmony, have a good reputation, and high recognition. Demonstration and rushing goals ", strive to be the inheritors and practitioners of traditional virtues. Continuously use excellent traditional culture and positive rural atmosphere to infiltrate, infection, and lead the masses, subtly affect the rural culture and ecology and villagers’ living habits, and promote the formation of positive, civilized, upward, good, and harmonious rural customs. As a native rural baby, I hope that through my own efforts, the folks can have more sense of gain. In the future, I will continue to work hard as always, work hard with everyone, add vitality to the development of rural areas, and make the lives of the folks more popular. (The author is the captain of the assistance team of Yangwan Village, Weirong Town, Jingning County, Gansu Province).

“This road is not,There is only the road in front of you.。”Take a breath of pink,“Ate,Let’s go in first,After robbing?”

“I solved you first, you are not very good.?”Jiang Hong louderd。
Satisten to the laugh:“You solve us,The second generation robot dogs also rushed up,You can’t escape。”Speaking, he told five people in the first military school,Less two people,But these five people are good.,Not just like fighting with the North Army School。
Is Zuo Luo really so strong,One person can easily deal with seven people in the North Military Academy?
The sight of the Take Riches is more than a few seconds in Zuo Luo Huan.,Also let the Ji Yue gave his idea。
“Ansteosaine information is opium poppies。”Suddenly。
“what?”Treatment of the ritual and listened to the words of the coming,But there is no reaction。
“Do you think the North Army School is eliminated??”Oki’s continued asking。
Not your first military school……Take this sentence is coming to your mouth.,Only when I first linked about it.,He shocked in his heart,Dew on the face of confused:“How do you know that the information of Anscape is poppy??”
“We have encountered,Almost sacrificed two players。”Semi-hairy half holiday,“They lead the second generation robot dog to us,In the case of we grabbed the energy block,Anscape released his pixel,The North Military Academy is also eliminated.。”
No wonder two people,But I’m trying to expose the look of the unbelief:“Obviously you have eliminated the North Military Academy,Also depend on the joint military school,Ansteosaine information is opium poppies?Do you know that this information is ranked first in the most rare information list?。You want to make a story,It should also be found a real basis。”
“Letter don’t believe you。”Oki’s voice has heard the sound of the second-generation robot dog behind the rear,Made a gesture for those of the first military school,Run forward。
I have already tried half a letter.,The more it is too much, the more you can say that the Northern Military Academy is suddenly eliminated.。Luo Shao is so able to play one person,There are also many people in the North Military Academy.,If you encounter a poppy,Almost allAlpha,It is easy to be eliminated。
“Keep up。”Treatment of ceremony。
The second generation robot dog is coming.,Why do you want to leave this first?。
The people of the two military schools all the way,Finally finally arrived in the central outdoor door。The outer gate is made of thick steel plate,No key and password can’t go。
At this time, the helmet channel of the first military school sounded the sound of the snow.:“team leader,We have entered the central room along the ventilation.,There are second-generation robot dogs,We have to get the technology take time。”
Not moved,The side of the side knocks on the helmet with the finger.,Subsequent to the test:“The joint military school has not appeared yet,They might go to find passwords and keys,Do we want to cooperate,First in addition to An Liang?”
now,Tracing ceremony has already believed 90%,Judging only the last step,Also choose to cooperate with Yundong Military Academy,It can be seen that he is jealous about the joint military school.。
“You don’t know where the Ansheng Jing is coming.,It is better to keep the Yundong military school here.?”Treatment。
“also。”Zuo Luo Huan,“However, in the case of a panoramic view of the panorama,Half you have to break。”
When I took it, I have observed since I was stopped.,There are no places where you can hide this.,What is true, the Yue is true.,Waiting for them to hit an interscape,Trouble is really big。
“I probably know which direction is in the joint military school.。”Ji Yue,“His pixelAlphawithOgaAll affect,But unable to be effective for second-generation robot dogs。”
“what do you mean……”Take a little bit of understanding,“I want to lead the second generation robot dog?”
“Choose in your Yundong military school。”Oki’s words are not urgent。
finally,I agree with the test.,But ask them to first go in the central room。
“Can,After entering,。”When you speak,Specially read a look, Zuo Luo,It seems that the hope of their first military school will rely on her.。
Treatment of the face is really not very good,The first military school will not have a Zuo Luo who can play.?After entering,Who can win still not necessarily?,The Yundong Military Academy also can play people。
After entering the ground,All routes and second-generation robotic dog positions are calculated in the brain of Ji Yue,So in a few places with them,Accurately discover the joint military school that is going to recall key and password clues in one data room。
“Now this point is going to lead the second generation robot dog。”Ohcompose allAlphaAll sent out,Only he and Qianmao。
Take a photo,There is only one left by sideOgawithBeta。
leftAlphaWe have very fast,Several two-generation robot dogs are chased in this direction。

High -quality development Create a high -quality life (talk about the two sessions today)

  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "The development of the new era and new stage must implement the new development concept, and it must be high -quality development." In the two venues, high -quality development is a hot word; in the government work report, high -quality development is also a key word. High -quality development is not an abstract concept, but reflected in various fields.

Innovation, innovation and vitality, and abundant innovation results; pay attention to coordination, coordinate, east -west, north, south, medium, south, medium, medium, medium, medium -south, and complementary advantages; pursuing green, ecological environmental protection, historic, turning, and overall changes; Opportunities; promote sharing, so that everyone can enjoy the opportunity of life and dreams … Innovation becomes the first driving force, coordination becomes endogenous characteristics, green becomes a universal form, openness becomes the way to become the fundamental goal. High -quality development, pace.

  Starting from the personal feelings of the masses, high -quality development and the needs of the people’s good life need to be closely integrated, which is reflected in people’s daily life.

Scientific and technological innovation continues to stimulate new formats, new models, and new industries, so that people’s lives are more convenient and create more employment space; beautiful Chinese painting rolls stretch, the sky is blue, the mountains are greener, and the water is clearer, which improves people’s quality of life; The wealthy and solid advancement, the dividend of reform and development has incorporated everyone’s life.

For hundreds of millions of people, this is an era of continuous improvement of living standards, and an era that can achieve dreams.

State development and personal destiny have stirred each other, leaving warm marks in high -quality development in high -quality life. High -quality development and high -quality life are the consensus on behalf of members, which is in line with the expectations of the people. At the two sessions, the representative members contributed suggestions and suggestions for high -quality development, and injecting strong impetus into the promotion of high -quality development. Continue to move forward on the road of high -quality development. Our country will definitely win the future and take the initiative. Our life will definitely be high in sesame flowers.

“Betty!”Cromwell Saint Magister ordered“This is your brother Wright,You go and clean up,Tell you about the other brothers and sisters。”The Cromwell Saint Magister suddenly felt a heart-stuck feeling。

A few students who are still alive,All a little frustrating,Not addicted to power,It is emotional frustration and then collapse,The most beautiful—Is a warrior!The youngest student is a foolish little girl,Although serious,But how can I inherit my alchemy?!Is it really my education problem?I hope this newly recruited student can fight for his breath!
Watching the little girl walk out of the courtyard clumsily,Cromwell Saint Magister said to Wright:“Wright,Betty is your school girl,She mainly studied alchemy,Her talent as a magician is average,Young grade,From now on, you and the other brothers and sisters will take care of her,You know。”Seeing Lay’s first name is,Cromwell Saint Magister waved his hand,“You can go down,She will introduce your brothers and sisters to you later,If you have something you can also ask them for help,They also have some power。”
“next time,You come here again next weekend,I will explain the fire magic for you。”
Letta thank you again,People exited the courtyard,Wiped a sweat,Although this teacher is very kind,But the aura of the sanctuary powerhouse is too scary。
after awhile,Little girl Betty seems to have changed her clothes,Bluffing and running to Wright,“Leiden,wrong,It’s Brother Wright,I’ll take you to meet senior brother and sister now!”
Speaking of pulling Wright out of the shop,Call a carriage,Drive along the road out of Heishui Street。
Along the way,Wright found that the little girl was clumsy,But in terms of knowledge, it is very mature,And unexpectedly talkative,The carriage just left the North District,Wright had some understanding of his senior brothers and sisters。
Teacher as the Holy Magister,Long life,My big brother、The second brother and the fourth sister have passed away long ago。
Brother San has stepped into the sanctuary,Just disappeared many years ago。It is said that this is already three thousand years ago。Until nearly three hundred years,The teacher only accepted the fourth student,Which is the oldest brother four in the current grade。
Brother Five“Joyce·Kito”,Yes‘Temple of the Earth’One of‘High deacon’,His position is much higher than the Obadiah priest in his hometown,He is also an eighth-level fire magician,but‘deacon’Different from‘Sacrifice’,Most deacons are to perform various tasks under the arrangement of the temple,Although he is quite old,No need to run for a long time,But it is also the city of Hanhano in the northern province of Gesa,Not currently in the Imperial Capital。
Six sisters“Garcia·Penny”,Now called“Garcia·Emma”,Married‘The Marquis of Emma’Patriarch of the previous generation。Is now the mother of the current Marquis Emma,It is also the only one of the three brothers and sisters who is resident in the imperial capital,I’m going to visit now。
Brother Seven‘Nelson’,It is said to be the only one who is quite strong and then apprentices,It is said that he has been training fighters since he was a child,I’m already a seventh-level fighter before I realize my magic talent is extremely high.,Even before becoming a magician,Have a great reputation in the mercenary circle,Now a ninth-level fighter、Eighth-level magician。Famous in the north of the empire‘Bear Mercenary Group’He built it by himself。
Wright now understands what the teacher said‘It’s a shame not to be a level 9 magician’Meaning,The students who feel that their teacher is alive do not have a ninth-level magician。There are ninth-level strong,But they are ninth-level fighters!Suddenly I feel a little stressed,Will I become a ninth-level warrior before becoming a ninth-level magician?!
Chapter Twenty Six Senior Magician

Listen to these voices of "Innovation and Establishment and Establish and Strong" -On the National Science and Technology Workers’ Day, I would like to build suggestions for the construction of a strong country to build a strong country.

The investigation problem is loaded, please wait. If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page [Tribute! You and you who climb the peak of science] The reporter Zhan Yuan, a reporter from the light newspaper, gathered in the Xinghe.

The most beautiful look of a science and technology worker is to integrate his youth, enthusiasm and wisdom into the needs of the country’s development, and in response to the needs of the times, the urgency of the country.

Standing at the intersection of the "two hundred years" goal, the majority of science and technology workers are closely unite around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, with the motherland’s prosperity and national rejuvenation as their own responsibility, innovation and self -reliance.

On May 30, the sixth national science and technology worker day came. The China Science and Technology Association held a symposium of combining online and offline. Many scientific and technological workers represented the voice of "innovation and self -reliance" to build suggestions for the strong country of science and technology. Make suggestions.

  The R & D team of the Nuclear Power Research Institute’s nuclear fuel component research and development team is doing experiments. Zhao Weisheng, Executive Deputy Dean of the Graduate School of Xinhua News Agency, Zhao Weisheng: Relying on imported scientific instruments is the suggestion of building a pavilion in the air. my country has introduced the scientific and technological progress law, and has repeatedly emphasized the autonomy and controlling of scientific instruments. I have experienced it deeply.

  In 2018, because imported scientific instruments could not be purchased smoothly, I experienced the dark moment of life -the laboratory stagnant for more than half a year, and the order of imported equipment was canceled every day. The test equipment was stuck in the customs of various countries. The problem allows me to deeply understand that only the scientific instrument is autonomous and controllable, can we realize the true technology independence and self -reliance. Under this huge pressure, we scrambled against time, and finally developed the most important and most important magnetic light instrument in our independent development. Now not only we are using this instrument, but also to other scientific research institutes supplies Help them solve the problem of instrument.

  On the sixth national science and technology worker day, I have an initiative: the use of domestic equipment usage as a core application indicator for applying for national projects.

This is because today we rely on imported equipment to build pavilions in the air, and may collapse at any time. I suggest to promote the use of domestic scientific research instruments with the power of the whole society.

  Ouyang Ziyuan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: innovation is difficult, but the Chinese must have strong confidence and innovation, to stand on the shoulders of the giant and find a new solution or plan for difficult problems. This is a very difficult work.

Taking my personal experience as an example: I first studied geology and wanted to go to the mine after graduation, but the school asked me to be a deputy doctoral student of Soviet experts. However, my Soviet mentor was going to return to China. I could only take the deputy doctoral exam exam again and was admitted by the Institute of Geology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. At that time, I studied iron and copper mines, but the director said, "You have a nuclear geology with me." But I have no foundation and I don’t know the nucleus.

Study from the basic course of the undergraduate, I returned to the Institute of Geology two years later, and was immediately arranged to find a place suitable for the explosion of an underground atomic bomb.

  I was really in my heart at that time: "This hasn’t been done!" But a leader said: "No one in China has done it, you young people do not know to learn while doing it, do you complete it?" It seems that there is a heat flow rush Entering my head, a strong motivation was pushing me.

I immediately took 16 people out of the wild, tried their best, and successfully completed the task.

  The launch of the first artificial earth satellite in 1957 announced the arrival of the era of human space.

I believe this is the common goal of human beings, and we will definitely achieve it in China. We want to build rockets, missiles, spacecraft, satellites.

But what to do in the moon and what problems are worth studying, Mars? No one is doing.

  "Then I come!" Since studying various meteorites, I slowly cultivated a team and established a laboratory. In the field of lunar exploration, we have made a total of 35 years of basic preparations and passed 10 years of demonstration. In 2004, the State Council approved the Chinese lunar exploration plan, and I was the chief scientist.

  Innovation is difficult, but we Chinese must have strong confidence. Even if we consume five or 60 years, we must speed up the speed, fight for innovation, and complete this task. Du Xiangzheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: The diversification of values ??must be inherited and promoted to the day of the sixth national science and technology worker day. I want to talk about a little bit of understanding of the spirit of scientists. soul. In the 1950s and 1960s, under extremely difficult circumstances, a group of scientific and technological workers, workers, and PLAs achieved the "two bombs and one star" career. As a result, we condensed 10 words: "cast national defense base stone, be a nation, to be a nation, and to be a nation. Symptom.

This backbone is not a person or some weapons, but a culture and spirit.

The core of these is the spirit of struggle with national revitalization. It is this spirit that condenses everyone, becomes a spiritual pillar of overcoming various difficulties, and has become an indestructible spiritual force. In the 21st century with diversified values, this spirit requires not only inheritance, but also promotion. In fact, the young and middle -aged generations who are becoming the main force of the science and technology community have made innovation results and practiced the new generation of home country feelings. For example, the weather team of China atmospheric base, which is located in Qinghai and nearly 4,000 meters above sea level, has made a contribution to China in response to climate change. Essence Although our science and technology have achieved great achievements today, there is still a distance from the goal of a strong science and technology country.

To achieve high -level technology self -reliance, we must cultivate a group of world -class scientific and technological talents, so that China’s science and technology level can truly go at the forefront of the world, achieve the historic goals of a strong science and technology country, and make greater contributions to the progress of human civilization progress. Essence

  Lu Yanhui, deputy director of the Institute of Plant Protection of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences: I am mainly engaged in the research of cotton pest prevention and control from farmland and cotton farmers. The old -generation scientists of the team are not afraid of difficulties and pursue the truth. Since the 1950s, they have taken root in the countryside of North China for more than 60 years. Planting safety provides important technological support. They interpreted what the scientist spirit, and used practice to answer the agricultural scientific research for whom. Their teachings made me establish a scientific spirit of overcome difficulties and climbing peaks at the beginning of the graduate career. Demand, cracking the bottleneck of industrial scientific and technological, and the original mission of supporting the sustainable development of agriculture. In the 21st century, with the strategic adjustment of cotton planting layout, Xinjiang has gradually become the main battlefield of my country’s cotton industry. The majority of science and technology workers should write the paper on the land of the motherland and apply scientific and technological achievements to the great cause of modernization.

I left the Beijing Laboratory with excellent conditions and led the team and students to the north and south of Tianshan. I successfully broke through the bottleneck of green prevention and control technology of cotton pests in Xinjiang, effectively helping the green and high -quality development of cotton green in Xinjiang. In the past 12 years, I have been familiar with Xinjiang from strange to familiarity. Although I have experienced many difficulties and challenges, whenever I face the vast farmland and hard -working cotton farmers, I have been responsible and responsible. Entering strength and motivation.

  Li Hongbo, deputy chief engineer of the First Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group: It is necessary to strictly require ourselves as an aerospace engineer. In the field of aerospace, we must explore the vast universe, develop the aerospace industry, and build a aerospace power.

As a science and technology worker, on the scientific research front, we must build a world science and technology power.

Scientific achievements are inseparable from spiritual support. In the field of aerospace, we have the spirit of "two bombs and one star" spirit and the spirit of manned aerospace. Our generation of aerospace youths also grew up under such a mission call. Scientific and technological innovation has now become the main battlefield of the international strategic game. As a scientific and technological worker in the new era, we need to shoulder the heavy responsibility given by the times and strive to achieve high -level technology self -reliance. Cultivated and strive to maintain the spirit of scientists.

I can have the opportunity to shoulder the responsibilities given by the times. I deeply feel that the mission is glorious and the responsibility is great. I must strictly ask myself with high standards, promote the spirit of scientists, contemplate excellent learning style, innovate and strive for self -reliance.

Inheritance, carry forward, spread the spirit of scientists, and work hard to build a strong country for science and technology.

  "Guangming Daily" (08th edition of May 31, 2022).

Phi Jay is like a nobility that killed the animal,Its bloody picture,Let the little emperor who have never seen a big scene,Directly scare pants。

Time in this crisis,Little emperor can rely on,Nature has only its most trusted ministers。
“Ministerial,What should we do now??The lions will be crazy,He wants to kill me.,Ourselves!”
The little emperor is now scared to have no Lord.,Hello to catch the last life of the minister。
The minister is now a face of iron.,I didn’t expect that he did not gather enough strength to the night.,The latter has already started。
Now the current situation,The minister who wants to continue to the world is impossible.,But if you say today’s words,Not a completely no way。
Chapter 417 Night Wars Borde General!
“His Majesty,Can now stop rebellion,And betrayed only you.。
As long as you use the Queen Emperor of the Queen Generation,Did not try to kill。”
“Are you not always envious of the first emperor??Now you have a chance to kill rebels.。
I believe that as long as the majesty,I will no longer have someone to challenge your authority.,That’s afraid of the Junji, you can’t say this.。”
The minister followed the truse persuasion that this little emperor,The royal family has always been killed.。
And this killer,That is the master of the founding“Emission”Be left behind“Strong emperor”。
Prostitute body to the high throne,Initially also the strongest emperor,Both the origin of the emperor,It is also the vertices of all emilms,is called“Sower emperor”。
Legendary of this emperor power,Can even be comparable to the gods。
It is the highest vertex of emperor and alchemy,Because it is too powerful reason,Open the country is still worried that the hand falling into others,Therefore, let alchemists are making,Add some restrictions。
And this limit is to use this emperor,Must have a royal blood,Can be activated。
This is also why the minister is afraid that it has been right to hold.,But always stayed with a small emperor’s reason。
He has long agreed that there will be such a day.,This is that he left behind。
Original minister,The will be a rebellion,I didn’t expect it.“Andro”Earlier hitting the door。
And the minister did not think,In the past, the little child didn’t care.,Today, it will grow into such a huge power.。
Through just observation,Minister even discovered,If you add a night’s strength,The threat of this army even far beyond the dramatic army.。
Although the Guard of the Guodu is known as the strongest emperor,If it is the onset of the army,Minister also has a small confidence。
But now the words of the night,The minister feels that the hope of victory is estimated。
Originally he is planning to provoke the relationship between the night and Esdes,Refer to the night,Let Bude University join hands with Esdes,Coupled with the guardian of the country, thoroughly smash the night.。
But the plan can’t change the change,The most powerful Esdes is not here now,The nursing body is not activated。
But the minister also wants to retreat.,Although the guardian machine will not uniform,But it has the secret skills“Clear model”Ability to be used as a price,Extensive power。
Although the uniform can’t be night,But it is estimated that he can make him drink a pot.,And I am fully able to run at that time.。
Wealth has accumulated countless,Is lost power,But still can live。
As for the use of the high machine mystery skills,Finally, it will be eroded and become a small emperor of the murder.,Guan his ministers fart?
The little emperor has not used value.,Finally, you can take the temple,It’s already a pleasure to be honored.。
I pushed him to the throne.,Let it enjoy the taste of the world,Replay yourself。
The little emperor is naturally trusted to the minister.,Three words are not found in the north.。
Even the mind has begun,I only have a rebellion。
“The minister will go to the treasure house?,Supreme armor god is stored there,I can only start the emperor.,Let these tricks look good.。”
The act of secretly touched the minister,Naturally smashed the eyes of the night,He knows the man who knows the plot。
The presence of the armor god is known.,But for his strength,Just then。
But things that can be simplified,Why let the other party open to high emperor??
Night is a virtual hand,A few ice cones quickly condensed in the air,And to the minister to shoot with the minister。

Rich activities to care for migrant workers to spend warm "May Day" Labor Day

The Ci Yun Temple project of the Contractive Branch strictly prevents and control the requirements and implements closed management. In order to better care about the farmers’ workers in the closed state, let them have a warm May Day Labor Day.The activity includes knowledge and interesting sports, and the content is colorful, winning the continuous praise of the workers.

Consciousness and protection awareness.In the safety knowledge contest, the project safety supervision randomly extracts 10 topics. How many meters of the benchmarking surface of the falling height is a high place?When the topic was thrown, the workers scrambled to start the answer, 2 meters, a worker quickly said the answer.

The knowledge competition also interspersed interactive answers and physical operations, adding fun and interaction to the competition.In the fun sports session, the project managers and workers participated in the tug of war and fixed shooting activities together. The process of the movement brought closer each other, and they felt the joy of teamwork, and everyone’s face filled with a smile.

Toned,Naturally cold drink,“do not forget,Your mother is still in our homes.,If you don’t want them to die,now,immediately,I will roll me right away.!”

Wang Shengnong’s face is pale to the extreme,The little body is dramatic.。
She has been born,I only wait for five years.,Later, like a small wild cat wandering。
In other people’s bullying and smashing,Drinking, a day, one day。
She didn’t blame my parents,Little age has already understood many。
She is difficult to survive,Use the whole power to live,Little pays more money……She met the summer,Redemption for yourself,I thought I would have a happy life from now.。
But why!Why it came out like this。
Wang Shengnan does not understand,I also want to understand。
suddenly,One hand is gently held in her shoulder。
Wang Sheng male tears and women looked up。
Summer temperature,“Win male,You pass the past……”After the end,Immediately sound,“I have a way to deal with them.,But it is afraid that you are misunderstood,In the past,Soon will solve。”
“Summer brother……”“Go back。”
Wang Sheng male war walked out after summer,Extremely difficult to go forward。
step,Two steps,Three steps……Both parties are not far away,Can Wang Shengnan only feels more than 100,000 thousand miles。
When she walked,The legs don’t stop,It seems to fall at any time。
“Win male。”
Behind the sound。
Wang Shengnong figure is stiff,Tough,Light bite,Don’t let yourself cry。
Summer temperature,“Remember what I have said?,Whenever there is a darkness in the world,How unfair,Don’t give birth to resentment,Remember the heart to light……”“Um……Hoot……”Wang Shengnong’s voice with a crying chamber,Look back,Re-step。
White man disdain,“A small antique,You are very difficult,Also think about educating others,Ah……”Zhang Shiyun is even more,Hand ring shoulder,Wang Sheng male who watched it。
The long life lock quality of this wild head is good.。”
Just when Wang Shengnong is around the white dress,Other side,Laugh,“Poetry,This long life lock, I look familiar,Will not be a parent of the wild?。”
Wang Sheng male shadow,Under the bouting to protect the long life lock hung in the chest,“Do not,I didn’t steal……”Speech,White men’s face is cold,Extremely cold,A single hand,Strong suction。
Wang Shengnan felt a giant strike,Little body is from,Taken。
Immediately after extremely rude guns。
“It’s really good,Quality is not high,But the effect is very good,Not only can you,Also beautiful effect。”
He smiled and talked.,Those back to the long life,“Poetry,See if you are lost.。”
Zhang Shiyun rushed to catch,Lose a task,Sudden eyebrows。
“It is the long life lock I lost.,Xiaoyan,Don’t you want your parents?,Stealing my things, I dare to wear it.!”
“Not my stealing,That is my own thing,Is someone sent me a gift……”Wang Shengnong is in the eyes of tears,Loudly。
“Humph,Dare to argue!”
Zhang Shi Yun snorted,“Let me believe that I tear your mouth……”She stronged,Catch the arm of Wang Sheng male,Turning a few steps backwards。
“Uncle Qian Uncle,I don’t know where the wild man is handed over.。”
“Do not worry。”
White man,Summer stare,Abundance,“Poetry,Do you want him how to die??”
Zhang Shi Yun’s Eyeball,Grudge,“His mouth is very embarrassed,Today, I not only hit me today.,I still dare to marry me.,Uncle Qian Uncle,Let him get rid of him first,Then turn him into waste people,after all,Do not allow murder in the city……”“Ha ha,good,Listen to you……”White man is arrogant,Killing shot,Step by step to summer。
He is not too slow,Give people a powerful oppression,Sound slowly,Murder。
“Boy,I can only blame you.。”