Chujiang jade,Just talk,But there is a voice that sounds in advance。

“What is it?。”
With the sound,Front door push。
The old man came out.,“Strong me home,Is the guardian have arrived so?。”
Gu Yang Wang,Eyes are smashed,Ambient,“Fierce?”
“I am me。”
Both people look at each other。
Didn’t actively speak。
Suddenly,The clothes on the Qianyang body drums,A small momentum is quickly rushed。
In his eyes,The other party is just an ordinary old man,I am a pressure,It will definitely put it in an instant.,Let him go on the spot。
However, he didn’t expect。
Just a moment of lying the momentum,The old man is quickly lifted by the arm.。
Holding a pistol of a black hole in the palm。
No hand, hesitate to raise hand, it is a shot.。
This gun,Not accurate。
Not used to kill people。
But this gun is enough to use amazing to describe。
Gu Yang has to avoid it,The drums are turned off.。
Gu Yang smiled,“Very good。”
“Nor well。”The father is also a faint opening.。
Gu Yang did not be in the moment,Cold and cold,“I sent people to the next battle.,But put my people into this,If you don’t give me a business today,Hum!”
I heard him say this.,The old man is a little smile.,“Overcome?What do you want?,Moreover,Before you want to explain,First ask what he did。”
Gu Yang did not speak。
Of course, it is impossible to ask。
He is very clear,The opponent is so foot,Affirmation。
What I asked on the spot,Can only be self-suction。
“No matter what he did.,Do you want to make people in this way??Whether it is too arrogant??”
“I didn’t kill him.,Already gave a face。”

“This road is not,There is only the road in front of you.。”Take a breath of pink,“Ate,Let’s go in first,After robbing?”

“I solved you first, you are not very good.?”Jiang Hong louderd。
Satisten to the laugh:“You solve us,The second generation robot dogs also rushed up,You can’t escape。”Speaking, he told five people in the first military school,Less two people,But these five people are good.,Not just like fighting with the North Army School。
Is Zuo Luo really so strong,One person can easily deal with seven people in the North Military Academy?
The sight of the Take Riches is more than a few seconds in Zuo Luo Huan.,Also let the Ji Yue gave his idea。
“Ansteosaine information is opium poppies。”Suddenly。
“what?”Treatment of the ritual and listened to the words of the coming,But there is no reaction。
“Do you think the North Army School is eliminated??”Oki’s continued asking。
Not your first military school……Take this sentence is coming to your mouth.,Only when I first linked about it.,He shocked in his heart,Dew on the face of confused:“How do you know that the information of Anscape is poppy??”
“We have encountered,Almost sacrificed two players。”Semi-hairy half holiday,“They lead the second generation robot dog to us,In the case of we grabbed the energy block,Anscape released his pixel,The North Military Academy is also eliminated.。”
No wonder two people,But I’m trying to expose the look of the unbelief:“Obviously you have eliminated the North Military Academy,Also depend on the joint military school,Ansteosaine information is opium poppies?Do you know that this information is ranked first in the most rare information list?。You want to make a story,It should also be found a real basis。”
“Letter don’t believe you。”Oki’s voice has heard the sound of the second-generation robot dog behind the rear,Made a gesture for those of the first military school,Run forward。
I have already tried half a letter.,The more it is too much, the more you can say that the Northern Military Academy is suddenly eliminated.。Luo Shao is so able to play one person,There are also many people in the North Military Academy.,If you encounter a poppy,Almost allAlpha,It is easy to be eliminated。
“Keep up。”Treatment of ceremony。
The second generation robot dog is coming.,Why do you want to leave this first?。
The people of the two military schools all the way,Finally finally arrived in the central outdoor door。The outer gate is made of thick steel plate,No key and password can’t go。
At this time, the helmet channel of the first military school sounded the sound of the snow.:“team leader,We have entered the central room along the ventilation.,There are second-generation robot dogs,We have to get the technology take time。”
Not moved,The side of the side knocks on the helmet with the finger.,Subsequent to the test:“The joint military school has not appeared yet,They might go to find passwords and keys,Do we want to cooperate,First in addition to An Liang?”
now,Tracing ceremony has already believed 90%,Judging only the last step,Also choose to cooperate with Yundong Military Academy,It can be seen that he is jealous about the joint military school.。
“You don’t know where the Ansheng Jing is coming.,It is better to keep the Yundong military school here.?”Treatment。
“also。”Zuo Luo Huan,“However, in the case of a panoramic view of the panorama,Half you have to break。”
When I took it, I have observed since I was stopped.,There are no places where you can hide this.,What is true, the Yue is true.,Waiting for them to hit an interscape,Trouble is really big。
“I probably know which direction is in the joint military school.。”Ji Yue,“His pixelAlphawithOgaAll affect,But unable to be effective for second-generation robot dogs。”
“what do you mean……”Take a little bit of understanding,“I want to lead the second generation robot dog?”
“Choose in your Yundong military school。”Oki’s words are not urgent。
finally,I agree with the test.,But ask them to first go in the central room。
“Can,After entering,。”When you speak,Specially read a look, Zuo Luo,It seems that the hope of their first military school will rely on her.。
Treatment of the face is really not very good,The first military school will not have a Zuo Luo who can play.?After entering,Who can win still not necessarily?,The Yundong Military Academy also can play people。
After entering the ground,All routes and second-generation robotic dog positions are calculated in the brain of Ji Yue,So in a few places with them,Accurately discover the joint military school that is going to recall key and password clues in one data room。
“Now this point is going to lead the second generation robot dog。”Ohcompose allAlphaAll sent out,Only he and Qianmao。
Take a photo,There is only one left by sideOgawithBeta。
leftAlphaWe have very fast,Several two-generation robot dogs are chased in this direction。

“Betty!”Cromwell Saint Magister ordered“This is your brother Wright,You go and clean up,Tell you about the other brothers and sisters。”The Cromwell Saint Magister suddenly felt a heart-stuck feeling。

A few students who are still alive,All a little frustrating,Not addicted to power,It is emotional frustration and then collapse,The most beautiful—Is a warrior!The youngest student is a foolish little girl,Although serious,But how can I inherit my alchemy?!Is it really my education problem?I hope this newly recruited student can fight for his breath!
Watching the little girl walk out of the courtyard clumsily,Cromwell Saint Magister said to Wright:“Wright,Betty is your school girl,She mainly studied alchemy,Her talent as a magician is average,Young grade,From now on, you and the other brothers and sisters will take care of her,You know。”Seeing Lay’s first name is,Cromwell Saint Magister waved his hand,“You can go down,She will introduce your brothers and sisters to you later,If you have something you can also ask them for help,They also have some power。”
“next time,You come here again next weekend,I will explain the fire magic for you。”
Letta thank you again,People exited the courtyard,Wiped a sweat,Although this teacher is very kind,But the aura of the sanctuary powerhouse is too scary。
after awhile,Little girl Betty seems to have changed her clothes,Bluffing and running to Wright,“Leiden,wrong,It’s Brother Wright,I’ll take you to meet senior brother and sister now!”
Speaking of pulling Wright out of the shop,Call a carriage,Drive along the road out of Heishui Street。
Along the way,Wright found that the little girl was clumsy,But in terms of knowledge, it is very mature,And unexpectedly talkative,The carriage just left the North District,Wright had some understanding of his senior brothers and sisters。
Teacher as the Holy Magister,Long life,My big brother、The second brother and the fourth sister have passed away long ago。
Brother San has stepped into the sanctuary,Just disappeared many years ago。It is said that this is already three thousand years ago。Until nearly three hundred years,The teacher only accepted the fourth student,Which is the oldest brother four in the current grade。
Brother Five“Joyce·Kito”,Yes‘Temple of the Earth’One of‘High deacon’,His position is much higher than the Obadiah priest in his hometown,He is also an eighth-level fire magician,but‘deacon’Different from‘Sacrifice’,Most deacons are to perform various tasks under the arrangement of the temple,Although he is quite old,No need to run for a long time,But it is also the city of Hanhano in the northern province of Gesa,Not currently in the Imperial Capital。
Six sisters“Garcia·Penny”,Now called“Garcia·Emma”,Married‘The Marquis of Emma’Patriarch of the previous generation。Is now the mother of the current Marquis Emma,It is also the only one of the three brothers and sisters who is resident in the imperial capital,I’m going to visit now。
Brother Seven‘Nelson’,It is said to be the only one who is quite strong and then apprentices,It is said that he has been training fighters since he was a child,I’m already a seventh-level fighter before I realize my magic talent is extremely high.,Even before becoming a magician,Have a great reputation in the mercenary circle,Now a ninth-level fighter、Eighth-level magician。Famous in the north of the empire‘Bear Mercenary Group’He built it by himself。
Wright now understands what the teacher said‘It’s a shame not to be a level 9 magician’Meaning,The students who feel that their teacher is alive do not have a ninth-level magician。There are ninth-level strong,But they are ninth-level fighters!Suddenly I feel a little stressed,Will I become a ninth-level warrior before becoming a ninth-level magician?!
Chapter Twenty Six Senior Magician

Phi Jay is like a nobility that killed the animal,Its bloody picture,Let the little emperor who have never seen a big scene,Directly scare pants。

Time in this crisis,Little emperor can rely on,Nature has only its most trusted ministers。
“Ministerial,What should we do now??The lions will be crazy,He wants to kill me.,Ourselves!”
The little emperor is now scared to have no Lord.,Hello to catch the last life of the minister。
The minister is now a face of iron.,I didn’t expect that he did not gather enough strength to the night.,The latter has already started。
Now the current situation,The minister who wants to continue to the world is impossible.,But if you say today’s words,Not a completely no way。
Chapter 417 Night Wars Borde General!
“His Majesty,Can now stop rebellion,And betrayed only you.。
As long as you use the Queen Emperor of the Queen Generation,Did not try to kill。”
“Are you not always envious of the first emperor??Now you have a chance to kill rebels.。
I believe that as long as the majesty,I will no longer have someone to challenge your authority.,That’s afraid of the Junji, you can’t say this.。”
The minister followed the truse persuasion that this little emperor,The royal family has always been killed.。
And this killer,That is the master of the founding“Emission”Be left behind“Strong emperor”。
Prostitute body to the high throne,Initially also the strongest emperor,Both the origin of the emperor,It is also the vertices of all emilms,is called“Sower emperor”。
Legendary of this emperor power,Can even be comparable to the gods。
It is the highest vertex of emperor and alchemy,Because it is too powerful reason,Open the country is still worried that the hand falling into others,Therefore, let alchemists are making,Add some restrictions。
And this limit is to use this emperor,Must have a royal blood,Can be activated。
This is also why the minister is afraid that it has been right to hold.,But always stayed with a small emperor’s reason。
He has long agreed that there will be such a day.,This is that he left behind。
Original minister,The will be a rebellion,I didn’t expect it.“Andro”Earlier hitting the door。
And the minister did not think,In the past, the little child didn’t care.,Today, it will grow into such a huge power.。
Through just observation,Minister even discovered,If you add a night’s strength,The threat of this army even far beyond the dramatic army.。
Although the Guard of the Guodu is known as the strongest emperor,If it is the onset of the army,Minister also has a small confidence。
But now the words of the night,The minister feels that the hope of victory is estimated。
Originally he is planning to provoke the relationship between the night and Esdes,Refer to the night,Let Bude University join hands with Esdes,Coupled with the guardian of the country, thoroughly smash the night.。
But the plan can’t change the change,The most powerful Esdes is not here now,The nursing body is not activated。
But the minister also wants to retreat.,Although the guardian machine will not uniform,But it has the secret skills“Clear model”Ability to be used as a price,Extensive power。
Although the uniform can’t be night,But it is estimated that he can make him drink a pot.,And I am fully able to run at that time.。
Wealth has accumulated countless,Is lost power,But still can live。
As for the use of the high machine mystery skills,Finally, it will be eroded and become a small emperor of the murder.,Guan his ministers fart?
The little emperor has not used value.,Finally, you can take the temple,It’s already a pleasure to be honored.。
I pushed him to the throne.,Let it enjoy the taste of the world,Replay yourself。
The little emperor is naturally trusted to the minister.,Three words are not found in the north.。
Even the mind has begun,I only have a rebellion。
“The minister will go to the treasure house?,Supreme armor god is stored there,I can only start the emperor.,Let these tricks look good.。”
The act of secretly touched the minister,Naturally smashed the eyes of the night,He knows the man who knows the plot。
The presence of the armor god is known.,But for his strength,Just then。
But things that can be simplified,Why let the other party open to high emperor??
Night is a virtual hand,A few ice cones quickly condensed in the air,And to the minister to shoot with the minister。

Toned,Naturally cold drink,“do not forget,Your mother is still in our homes.,If you don’t want them to die,now,immediately,I will roll me right away.!”

Wang Shengnong’s face is pale to the extreme,The little body is dramatic.。
She has been born,I only wait for five years.,Later, like a small wild cat wandering。
In other people’s bullying and smashing,Drinking, a day, one day。
She didn’t blame my parents,Little age has already understood many。
She is difficult to survive,Use the whole power to live,Little pays more money……She met the summer,Redemption for yourself,I thought I would have a happy life from now.。
But why!Why it came out like this。
Wang Shengnan does not understand,I also want to understand。
suddenly,One hand is gently held in her shoulder。
Wang Sheng male tears and women looked up。
Summer temperature,“Win male,You pass the past……”After the end,Immediately sound,“I have a way to deal with them.,But it is afraid that you are misunderstood,In the past,Soon will solve。”
“Summer brother……”“Go back。”
Wang Sheng male war walked out after summer,Extremely difficult to go forward。
step,Two steps,Three steps……Both parties are not far away,Can Wang Shengnan only feels more than 100,000 thousand miles。
When she walked,The legs don’t stop,It seems to fall at any time。
“Win male。”
Behind the sound。
Wang Shengnong figure is stiff,Tough,Light bite,Don’t let yourself cry。
Summer temperature,“Remember what I have said?,Whenever there is a darkness in the world,How unfair,Don’t give birth to resentment,Remember the heart to light……”“Um……Hoot……”Wang Shengnong’s voice with a crying chamber,Look back,Re-step。
White man disdain,“A small antique,You are very difficult,Also think about educating others,Ah……”Zhang Shiyun is even more,Hand ring shoulder,Wang Sheng male who watched it。
The long life lock quality of this wild head is good.。”
Just when Wang Shengnong is around the white dress,Other side,Laugh,“Poetry,This long life lock, I look familiar,Will not be a parent of the wild?。”
Wang Sheng male shadow,Under the bouting to protect the long life lock hung in the chest,“Do not,I didn’t steal……”Speech,White men’s face is cold,Extremely cold,A single hand,Strong suction。
Wang Shengnan felt a giant strike,Little body is from,Taken。
Immediately after extremely rude guns。
“It’s really good,Quality is not high,But the effect is very good,Not only can you,Also beautiful effect。”
He smiled and talked.,Those back to the long life,“Poetry,See if you are lost.。”
Zhang Shiyun rushed to catch,Lose a task,Sudden eyebrows。
“It is the long life lock I lost.,Xiaoyan,Don’t you want your parents?,Stealing my things, I dare to wear it.!”
“Not my stealing,That is my own thing,Is someone sent me a gift……”Wang Shengnong is in the eyes of tears,Loudly。
“Humph,Dare to argue!”
Zhang Shi Yun snorted,“Let me believe that I tear your mouth……”She stronged,Catch the arm of Wang Sheng male,Turning a few steps backwards。
“Uncle Qian Uncle,I don’t know where the wild man is handed over.。”
“Do not worry。”
White man,Summer stare,Abundance,“Poetry,Do you want him how to die??”
Zhang Shi Yun’s Eyeball,Grudge,“His mouth is very embarrassed,Today, I not only hit me today.,I still dare to marry me.,Uncle Qian Uncle,Let him get rid of him first,Then turn him into waste people,after all,Do not allow murder in the city……”“Ha ha,good,Listen to you……”White man is arrogant,Killing shot,Step by step to summer。
He is not too slow,Give people a powerful oppression,Sound slowly,Murder。
“Boy,I can only blame you.。”

Step in the next second of the transfer array,Hua Xiaoyu earned the hands of the feather in the first time,Antiquity。

“Feather!What are you doing??!Actually, I really lost my lady and the little tree in Xiqi City.?!”
“What if they encounter dangers??!Those who stayed in Xiqi be able to explore information,Strength is not based on the master’s basics,In case of the danger of ladies and small trees,How do they find support??!”
Say,Hua Xiaoyu has an eye on tears,The eyes are full of regrets worry。
Wu Ming, looked at the headache, took the shoulder of the feathers.,road:“You cried,Have you to。”
More than 20 years of cold, the more cold, frowning,Before the top, it is rare to explain to Hua Xiaoyu.。
“The strength of the small tree is not low,And in the eyes of the outside, the small tree is five years old.。No one will be too guarded for children less than five years old.,The little tree remains around the lady.,Maximum you can’t help people。”
“Have him around him,Lady’s wisdom and talents,They will not have something。”
“We have to do,It is before they come to the city.,In the middle of the city,Such a lady and a small tree come,Can have a better choice。”
“We stayed there,Will only make the lady have more concerns,No more help,Do you hope that the lady is worried about us??”
have to say,The words of the feathers have successfully tangled Hua Xiaoyu.。
Tangled,Hua Xiaoyu did not continue to make a temper,Said to go back to the West。
This makes the feather loose tone。
A person comes out from the transfer,Started the plan of tie up in China。
Western Qiqiang Dungeon。
Yunqin has been silent in the palace after coming out of the palace.,The eyes are seriously staring at the cloud。
“Small tree,This world is large,There are also people in various personality,Good and bad,Lively,Cooling or evil。”
“So many people in the world,You are in your heart,Who is there??”
The clouds of the flat mouth have thought about it.,Spoken:“Mother,Xia Xiao sister,Uncle,And Ming An Uncle。”Of course, there is still that I haven’t seen it.!
I haven’t found them yet.,So can’t let the mother.,Otherwise it will let the mother are hurt。
Yunqin bent into the corner of the corner:“Then just the uncle, did you not put it in your heart??”
“Small tree!Don’t like him!Don’t put him in your heart.!”The cloud reply does not hesitate to answer。
“Um,now it’s right!That is someone you don’t put it on your heart.,so,He is not happy or happy is still anger,You don’t care?”Yunqin continues to guide the road。
Wake up the nose,“Humph,I am not happy, he is not happy.!It is best not to be happy.!”
“Um,Since we are not here,so,For what he said,We don’t have to care,do you know?”
“What is our small tree?,Others have no qualifications,Only small trees can determine their future。”Yunqin follows the good lure。
When the cloud suddenly understands,Mother is here to comfort him。
“Mother,I know,I am just a little unhappy.,is not it,As long as I am very powerful,More than that hateful,He didn’t dare to say those words.,I don’t dare to put us on this,Let the mother are not happy.?”Crowless stuffy。
Yunqin this understands,The original little guy has been depressed,I feel that I am not strong enough.,Not capable enough,Let her have been wronged。
Warm heart,Yun Qin feels that he chooses to bring this little guy.,Really a pair choice。
“It’s ok,Anyway, we have to leave here at night.,Don’t see him any more。”Yun Qin squatted the small guy black hair,Comfort。
“Mother thought of going out.?”Clouds in the eyes。
Yunqin is just a mysterious smile,The cloud and a smile did not ask again。
The night of the West Que is as usual as usual.,I don’t know if I have prison,Still the captain of the captain of the Daiwei,The defenders of the dungeon have not given the mother and son.。

Because of the attack inside the castle,May affect some innocent people,So Wright left a sentence,“I am waiting for you at the door!”Little feet,Walked outside the blue castle。

Soon,The strong men of the Horace family are all present,The purple-patterned black bear watching the guard beside Wright,They did not attack directly,But stand in Aga·Horace’s side。
“Three ninth-level fighters,One more than I thought、A hydra、Six eighth-level fighters,This is the foundation of your Horace family?”Wright didn’t hide his plan at all:“Defeat you all,I guess no one stopped me from killing Leslie·Horace。”
“Do it!”The battle broke out instantly。
“Hoo!”Heizi suddenly glowed with black light,Form a thin layer of armor,Pounced on,Pounce hard,Hit the side with Hydra。
Both monsters are more than ten meters high,Crazy fighting between the two sides,The nine heads of the Hydra spit out venom,But was blocked by Kuroko’s black armor。Heizi’s paws have a black luster,Push a claw,Just blasted a head of Hydra!However, the resilience of Hydra is too amazing,A few breaths,Recovered more than half!
Hydra,Is the top ninth level of Warcraft,Only better than Leiyun、Lion、The black clouded leopard is slightly inferior,Even the king of the Hydra clan,Blood of Hydra King,Adults are Sanctuary Warcraft。
The body of the Hydra has great winding power,Average defense speed,But highly toxic,And the resilience is amazing!
Purple Bear,As an adult, it is also a very powerful clan in the ninth level of Warcraft,Frontal attack defense is terrible,But the speed is slightly inferior。
But Xiao Hei is practicing in the valley,Also realized some quite special tricks!That black shiny armor,Actually cannot defend against force attack,It’s a trick to filter out toxins,A protective layer that will not be destroyed by force attacks。
No harm from toxins,The theoretically more powerful Hydra was firmly suppressed by Sunspot,Blow a head from time to time,But the resilience of Hydra is too amazing,Can barely support。
the other side,Three ninth-level fighters,Six eighth-level fighters,Siege Wright。
But the siege could not be formed!Wright is now at level eight,Just enter the micro-control vindictive,The speed is already equivalent to a normal level 9 powerhouse!And use the meteor gait,Wright’s speed is more than three times that of an ordinary ninth-level strong!
Triple speed!That’s a gap in the sky。Don’t talk about the eleven eighth-level fighters,The three strongest ninth-level fighters can’t keep up with Wright’s moves!
Wright is too lazy to use weapons,Right hand tap,Integration into the world,Easily stunned the eighth-level experts。
“Only the three of you are left!”In just five seconds,Wright looked at the three ninth-level fighters back to back,Joking smile。
Chapter 16 Combat
The three ninth-level fighters have different faces,,Some seem calm、Some cloudy、Some indignation。
suddenly,Aya·Horace let out a long howl,Hydra is stagnant,Struggling quickly to escape from the attack of Kuroko,It’s a bit faster,Quickly walked behind the three ninth-level fighters。

“Dare to make your own voice to the world,Zhao Xin,I am willing to call you the strongest。”

“Zhao Xin is about to block the whole network……Hahaha。”
“Zhao Xin Road is over.。”
“Go to his mother’s Wanda!Wang Hou will,Ning?”
“Zhao Xin’s battle……Ha ha ha ha。”
but,after this,wonder if it is or notIGOthers are stimulated。
Maybe they don’t want to lose.VG。
In short,IGEveryone,Operation starts to pull。
The front battlefield is temporarily hard to play,Then don’t fight first.,Let others single belt then look for opportunities.。
The fact also proves,this method,Indeed,forIGIt’s best to practice.。
Sides of the situation,after this,Falling into a temporary stalemate。
Both sides can’t find that kind of hammer sound,Decide the opportunity of the situation on the field。
Can only be entangled,Try each other。
Field25minute,After two sides played a wave of group battles,Suddenly entered the resilience on the scene。
This wave of war,YesVGSeize the opportunity,DirectrookieSindra kills。
then,IGThe backhand is coming soon.,Directly is to kill Mogana and Zhao Xin。
but,In this process,Tam and Serless blood volume are also inevitably,Falling to an extremely residual point。
See,IGEveryone has to start to choose to endorse.,Palace Qingwen’s commando is also very fastIGThe team is ringing。
but,whenIGWhen you want to retreat,VGHere,Naturally, I will not be willing to let them go.。
Tumm and Sierraz,In the front battlefield,Only one ember is still in force。
but……Casa,The status at this time is still veryOKof。
and,VGMedium single,Also at this time,Slowly support from the middle road。
next moment,Casha fly directlyR,ArrivedIGLineup team。
then,Her arms continue to raise,Void energy is also constantly smashed in the last Sierras。
The status of Serless has a very disabled,Skills are also in cooling。
See,He had to hand over his own flashes.,Then be swallowed into the abdomen by Tumm。
but……Anything else,Casa’sRSome are too arrogant。
At this time, her half-blood,Although it is not bad,But it is absolutely not good.。
next moment,TmQSkills accurate hit Caaza,Put a blood volume and shift speed。
then,Tam and Sierrat also removed。
The clockwork has been included,They continue to stay,Just say that it is giving a hair.。

槐 and Zhou walked to the living room。

He turned around everywhere,Obviously stayed here for a month.,Can now come in this way,He felt novelty and promotion。
Zhou Zhi picked up a plug in the mouth:“Let it eat,Did you not wait?!”
“Where is I!”
“Taste it,Very sweet。”
槐 tasted one,Can’t accept。
The news on the TV is still in the news,A candidate faces an interview with a show、A taxi driver is not only forgiven for the five red lights to help the test.,This is like this every year,Waiting for the college entrance examination, it may also explode some wonderful champion、Choosing the genus of hope。
“Eat so many wind dried beef,Does the god do not hurt??”
“Not hurt。”序 seriously fight。
“not spicy。”
“Is it tasty?”
“good to eat。”
The whole voice is a support。
Near noon,Old Zhou is also coming back.。
He saw the shortcomings after the order,Then I smiled and greeted.,And said that I am just because there is no thing in the company.,So it is only temporarily decided to come back to have lunch.。
The vision looks at them to perform。
This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 30 The first single business
“It’s so happy.!”
序 sitting in the bed,Tight,He is holding his stomach.,It seems that I want to fall directly。
He used to steal the days,If you have a week, there is a vacuer.,But the amount of delivery is also very unstable.,Like today, I have no concern, I am also very rare.。
“Today, Jiang Yu did a lot of vegetables.,Originally, I want to entertain you at the same table.?”
“They feel that I and Nan Ge are talking about falling.。”
“Just because of your brother’s trust??”
“You are very good at the same table.,Good look and fun,You can also try back to try。If it is successful?。There is no problem in failure.,I see that the young man is not beaten.。”
“Don’t dare。”
Zhou Zhiyun quickly put his hand,After finishing, he moved the topic.:“I found a part-time job again.,Waiting for the past,If you can, you can do a half day in the afternoon.。”
“I have found it again.?”
“That tutor is only four hours per week,I have not found other tutors.,I am still idle.。”
One more time,Zhou Zhihe is out of the door。
Jiang Yu has been sending them to the door.,It’s still hard to plug a bag of wind-dried beef to give seventh:“Summer vacation is coming to play aunt,I want to eat what to think about it.,Auntie is given you。”
“Thank you Jiang Yu。”

“If it is from the military,This is the next policy!”

Wei Xiao is unfair to say:“Don’t repair the interest rate for a few years,Continue to attack Pingyang line,Unplug the Pingyang Shanxi Linyi,水 关 为 边 边。
When,Once Jinyang has something,Can send a parcel to raise the mouse,Catch Jinyang in one fell swoop!
Jinyang broke,Qi State is a bone in the bones.。”
Pingyang is the outpost point of Jinyang in the mouse,It is also the big city,Pucha City in Chang’an。Equity is in Pingyang north in the south of the Mouse,Stull the entrance to the mouse。
From the south of the mouse,After the north,Fully face Jinyang!
Therefore, although the Valley of Mouse is very narrow and dangerous.,But not a dark road,It is the willingness of Jinyang from the west.。
Means of,North Week to Raiders Jinyang,We must first pull the mouse root in the north Qi force of the South Linyi Basin.,Then wait for the opportunity,When Jin Yang defense is empty,Catch Jinyang in one fell swoop。
This difficulty is not a general,Even in three years, it is difficult to divide the victory.。
“Six towns,Depending on Jinyang is a big camp。If it is the goal of Jin Yang,The other party is bound to fight against death。Under the enemy,We are too low.。”
Yang Jian said。
He is not very understanding,But he understands people。
Beat the city,Northern core military power six towns Xianbei military household,They will keep it,Not necessarily。Because Yucheng is the essence of Hebei Han people,Gathering place。
The military households who started with the six towns are not,They don’t have a painful pain。
Attack Jinyang,You are the old nest in Xixi Town!Xianbei Military Vietners will absolutely people on the battlefield,All the people are desperately desperate with you!
If Gao Biyi is here,I will sigh Yang Jian.!Because of the history of 高 玮 胡,Lanling king and dendroblid kill,When I finally attacked Jinyang,I’m almost killed by Jinyang Xianbei military households.!
“Really,In fact, he has an ambition.。”
Wei Xia width is not optimistic,But I didn’t say it.。
“Luoyang is the world,After the next,Hiwu Guowei,Benefits!”
Yang Jianjian“vehicle”Eat the bottom of Wei Xiaoxuan“elephant”,Say serious face。Laoliang,The strategic situation representing the North Week and North Qi completely reversed,Entered the strategic offensive stage。
“really,If you capture Luoyang,Can be tiered here,Whether it is attacking Nanyang,Or Yucheng,Or Jinyang,Some of the surplus。
Luoyang lost,Heyang three towns lost support,Will not fight。”
Wei Xiaoyuan said slowly。
How can Luoyang may not be a good place??
The problem is that you have to eat,I have to stay.!
This is a good thing than saying that Pan surnamed Jinlian sister everyone knows the beautiful flower.,Just do you have this blessing??
“I heard that the family of Qi Northern House and the Six Town is clear.,Everyone occupies Yucheng and Jinyang,This may be the key to breaking。but,Not time。”
Wei Xiaoguo is eye-catching,Eat a horse in Yang Jian,Then took the car!
Yang Jian is not in the wins on the chess board,He asked low to ask:“When is it right??”
Wei Xiaoxuan mouth spit out six words。
Jingde Palace is getting very,On the bedroom,A new,And the warmth of the warm is also burned on the wall.,Gao Bo Yi comes in,I feel that I have to wear it.。
“Who are you?”
A unfamiliar woman sound in the curtain of the bed,It sounds more than 20 years old.。
The sound is unfortunately and fear,She seems to see what people do not seek。
Gao Bo Yi did not answer,Instead, I opened it directly.,Then stopped。