Dongfang Ruiqing was shocked again,Actually all he can know is here,Follow-up,Including who stole the flame,Why did Luo Jiufang keep tolerating,He can’t even know,And it’s strange that the torch is missing,But nothing happened in the imperial court,Don’t say it’s punishment,I never even asked about it。

“Fortunately,Luo Tianzun has no regrets now,The man who stole the sacred fire has already traveled with him in the void。”
“Qiu Kejian?”
“Exactly。”Li Tan doesn’t hide it,My eyes have been watching Dongfang Ruiqing’s wound,Frown slightly,“The attack,Sharpness beyond imagination,If you talk to me for a while,I’m afraid it’s too late。”
“Please help me!”Dongfang Ruiqing suddenly bowed down,I’m not as strong as before、It’s a face-to-face strong posture,He has already stepped half of his foot into the realm of Tianzun,Mastering,Knowledgeable,Know your own body better,His situation at the moment is really as the other party said,Life is hanging by a thread。
Before meeting Li Tan,Dongfang Ruiqing felt that the injury was serious,But it won’t affect your life,So stick to the soul,Blockade,In an attempt to force the evil blue fire out of the body with powerful spiritual power,Then slowly recuperate。
But Dongfang Ruiqing tried several times to no avail,Shi Cai’s temporary stalemate gave him an illusion,Then these short words,His physical condition took a turn for the worse,The blue fire not only forced the spiritual force back again and again,And has begun to besiege his main organs,What made him most desperate was that even the tightly locked Shenzang was broken by the blue fire.。
“Dongfang brother don’t have to be polite,Since Li is here,Just to save your life,You put this young baby aside。”
This remark,Not only Dongfang Ruiqing is surprised,Even the boy was taken aback,He was not unconscious,Listening to the conversation between the two quietly,I just hope not to be noticed by the two for the time being,Then wait for all possible running opportunities。
But at this moment, he was spotted by this Raoshizi Tianzun,Want to run again,I’m afraid it’s really difficult,He even had a hunch,The other side stares at him,May take him away from Dongfang Ruiqing,Dongfang Ruiqing naturally guessed like this,So I opened my mouth and didn’t answer。
“This juvenile doll is Huo Tianzun’s apprentice, right??”
“Uh……Seems to be。”Dongfang Ruiqing thought about it a lot,dejected,Fate held in the opponent’s hand,Hard not to say,Hardly any hard air。
“what?Really good,This body is tempered so pure,Very rare。”Li Tan looked at the teenager as focused as picking vegetables in a vegetable market,Compliment,“Dongfang brother,Your life is worrying right now,Healing is important,How about handing this boy to Li first?”
This is an open request,Can also be called robbery,Li Tan,Where is the identity,No tricks needed,Just want to,The polite sentence has already given Dongfang Ruiqing a lot of face。
“amount,This one……”
“Don’t worry,Li speaks and counts,What’s wrong with saving your life first。”Li Tan stretched out his arm,A palm slapped Dongfang Ruiqing’s Tianling cover,Quick shot,The opponent has no way to dodge and parry,Li Tan’s palm,The other hand has dragged the boy to his side。
Dongfang Ruiqing was shocked and angry,He is always hugged,Arrogant,Suddenly being treated like this is still very uncomfortable,Even if the other party is Tianzun,Can control his life and death instantly,He also has the urge to yell at him,I just opened my mouth but couldn’t say anything。

But all this is true,Not an illusion。

Liu Chen is laughing,Self-department,But a pair of eyes are filled with blood,A word a meal,Bite,“I didn’t expect my dream.,It turned out that my niece wants to kill me.!”
Liu Qingqing’s pretty face flash is complex,Quickly recover calm,Faint,“Liu Mr. Liu,Don’t think you are victim,You should be very clear,It is a boyfriend, my boyfriend.,Last night, I sent people to kill me.。”
Toned,Cold and cold,“Go wrong,Do it wrong,Will pay a price。”
This sentence,Liu Chen’s face change,Overcast,The grievances look at Liu Qingqing,“So to say……You all know?”
“Let Liu Feifei return to China,Is it for my grandfather and grandmother’s will。”
“It seems that you really know。”
Now now,Liu Chen is calmed down,No need to hide and conceal,“What do you know??”
“I know all your plans I know.,E.g,Sinai Royal Botanical Garden,You shot in summer,After that, I secretly picked the Beliman family to try to kill the knife.。”
“Ha ha,it is good,very good,It is my niece!”
Liu Chen rushing to clear the thumbs up,“Be right,These are all I did.,Do you want to kill me??”
This sentence,The atmosphere of the entire conference room suddenly went to the freezing point。
Also quiet to the extreme。
Foot and ten seconds,Liu Qingqing’s eyelids slightly low,Rotate slowly,At the same time,“Let the shares in your hands come out,You can leave。”
Liu Chen’s eyes,Mouth convulsion,Anger,“Clear,My niece,Your appetite is really big enough……Uh!”
Not finished,Be unable to stop。
I saw that Gaskel threw a document in the hand in front of Liu Chen.,“Liu Mr. Liu,Your company,Have the shares of my family,Every company has 20% shares,Just before you come,I have transferred to the honorable Liu Ms.。”
at the same time,Gaskel looks to everyone in the field,Old smile,“Allocate,I invite you to come.,Is a distinguished Liu Ms. Ms. Want to acquire the shares in your hands,Give me an answer after three minutes。”
After he said,Liu Qingqing is also facing everyone,Supplement,“Please rest assured,How much is it?,Will not be less,And immediately pay。”
Say,A waving。
Five or six white collar men and women who followed,Open file package,Take out a pair of documents,Start to distribute。
“This is the transfer of shares,If you agree,Please sign,Master the white paper,It is used to write your own bank card.,According to the market value,I will immediately enter the money into it.。”
More than 30 shareholders face each other,Some people have no idea。
In fact,They also look at itself,Certainly can’t keep the shares in your hand。
There are three big blacks to sit in the town,If it is refused,Maybe they are fine now.,But it’s hard to say in the future.。
Although they didn’t say a threat,Who is clear, what is going on?。
“I……I signed!”
One of the big shares of the belly,Some are not willing to write your own name。
Then write the bank card number on white paper。
He is now only expecting the other party to comply with the commitment,Really give money。

“Call my academic garden in front of my classmates,There are so many people here?!”De Lisa threat:“otherwise,You alone, you drink bitter gourd sauce.!”

Qi Yanna quickly asked for,Headmaster shouting for mercy。
Restaurant is full of laughter,Discuss the experience in the training of long-term market,There are also topics between girls。
“Hey Hey hey,There is still a man here.?”Han Jiang is dissatisfied。
“what,Excuse me,Excuse me,We actually forgot。”Tri silk smiled very exaggerated,Not too embarrassed。
However, the topic is back to normal.。
Ji is a teacher after all,Three sentences are inseparable from learning,Let Qi Yanna very troublesome。
After a meal,Skirts get up to prepare for meals。
When everyone went to the living room,Han Rong followed the Delsa。
“School leader,Eight borders”
De Lisa patted the chest:“rest assured,She is hidden very well.,Will not let anyone found。”
“Rin’s clone program has developed,Tomorrow officially started,Up to three months, you can use it.。”
After dinner, it is the link between the girls.,Even the old-fashioned people have joined them.。
Ji Zi is honest on the sofa, Hanjiang:“How about it,Do you want to join them?,Bone child in San Feria is a novel existence,They will not be opposed。”
Han Jiang hurriedly shook his head,He wants to play with the girls.,But I don’t want to be played by a girl as a novel species.。
Chapter 58 Go to me
Everyone is full of drinking,If you are tired, you can squeeze with Qiaa.。
Girls are a slim,It will not be too crowded in one piece.。
May be released in the pressure of the long-air market,Relax and play crazy,So sleeping down。
“Want me??”
Ten o’clock in the evening,Ji squeezed the wine bottle and felt a bite asked Hanjiang.。
Han Jiang looked at the sofa,on the floor,Girl with seven turning eight,Snind to shake his head:“Then I will go back.,See you tomorrow。”
Ji is close to Hanjiang,A special flavor is exuded in a wine,It is a bit floating in the eyes.。
“Don’t really live a night??”
Han Jiang’s mouth,Tell the body back:“Really want to go,I still have something tomorrow.。”
After drunk, Ji smiled missed Hanjiang.,Show the Queen Fan。
“I am not interested in children.。”
“School leader,School leader,Teacher Ji drunk, you will see her.!”Han Jiang’s de Lisa, who climbs not far, shouts。
De Lisa climbs up,While playing Harce,While confused:“what,Have ten o’clock,I am going to bed.,Aha!”
no way,Han Jiang carefully wings not let himself meet the girl’s body,Tell De Lisa:“Academic garden,Mature people should take care of others to sleep well.。”
I heard the maturity of these two sophisticates awake some,Sleeping, sleeping, waking other people,Let them sleep in bedroom。
Fortunately, the class is very awake.,Help De Lisa take care of Ji Miss,Let other classmates go to bedroom。
“Here is active,do you want?”Fuhua said to Hanjiang。
Han Jiang shook his head:“no need,There are so many people here.,I am afraid that I live in a room.,Everyone pleased you.。”
After that, Hanjiang went out of the dormitory,I have a lot of spirit by the evening wind.。
Back to your dormitory,Han Jiang simple cleansing, I slept.。
Three days from the long-term market,At noon the next day, Han Jiang went to Tri silk, they want clothes.,The result was told that it has been helped to wash out.。
After that, Han Jiang will go to the training ground as usual.,Just met Fu Hua is boxing。
“In the final team practice in the long-air city,I found that your move is very messy.。”When two people in private,Fuhua will point to Hanjiang。

Who is this,The look in her eyes can’t wait to strip off her clothes,The great mood was ruined immediately。

Chen Feng is also a veteran in love,How could he give up like this。He said with a smile:“Mayor Ma may have misunderstood,I came to Xiping Village to invest”
“Oh!Invest in Xiping Village?Then you came at the wrong time。Now Xiping Village does not need capital injection at all,Mr. Chen, please go elsewhere!”Ma Yan saw Chen Feng’s obsessive look,I won’t be angry。So she doesn’t have to think about it,Directly rejected him。
At this time,Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu ran in panting,They saw Chen Feng like this,I immediately understood something。
“Chief Chen!You came just right,This Mr. Chen came to our village to invest。I said that our village does not need capital injection now,He doesn’t seem to believe,You should take him to the office next door and explain to him,I am a bit busy here”Ma Yan pushes the boat along the water,Kicked the ball to Chen Erniu。
Chen Erniu,I immediately understood what Ma Yan meant,He smiled at Chen Feng and said:“Mr. Chen!Please follow me”
“Ah!Your Xiping Village is really rich,This is the attitude of an investor?What’s so great?”When Chen Feng saw Ma Yan, he didn’t even look at him.,This makes him extremely upset。
Went back last night,He sorted out what Wang Youcai said from beginning to end,Then I called some friends I knew,After verification,The head of Xiping Village is indeed a big beauty。
In order not to let Wang Youcai look down upon him,He felt that he was determined to win this time。Gave up the opportunity to sleep in,I got up early and cleaned up,Unexpectedly, Ma Yan didn’t even get a straight eye。
Take a look at Chen Feng’s style,Look at his posture again,Chen Erniu thinks this person should have some background。He laughed and said:“Mr. Chen,It’s not that our Xiping Village is rich,But this investment has been completed”
“Don’t tell me this,Man-made,You can’t think of a way,After all, I am also here for the development of your Xiping Village.!”Chen Feng was talking,He became an official。
Others are talking to Chen Erniu,But both eyes are always turning on Ma Yan’s body,This makes Xia Sanhu, who has not spoken, very upset。
Ma Yan has turned on the computer,Are busy processing a few emails,She doesn’t even bother to deal with people like Chen Feng。
At this time,A figure flashes at the door of the office,Wang Youfa stepped in。He said blankly to Ma Yan:“Give my wife a leave”
Wang Youfa finished,Without waiting for Ma Yan to speak,Turn around and leave。Ma Yan looked anxious,She shouted:“stop!Did you ask for leave like this??Don’t say anything,Please don’t say a few days,How do you tell me to approve this fake?”
“Wang Youcai had a car accident,The whole family rushed over,I don’http://www.ruixingsoft.cnt know how many days she needs to ask”Wang Youfa has no emotions,It seems that this matter has nothing to do with him。


People around say,One by one,The eyes are worship。
Although Lin Hao did not say anything,But the eyes of the pair of small stars in the eyes,It’s enough to explain everything.。
“Bamboo,What is this?!”
Shen Xuan swayed,Ask:“Did I get what you do??”
“All finished,Just waiting for you.!”
Everyone nodded。
Then Shen Xuan and the old king lift a big pot of lamb,Moved to the outside of the table。
“Come,Come with me.!”
Shen Xuan smiled slightly,Pick up bamboo stick,“Wear a lean meat first,Wear a fat,Again a lean meat,So recovered twice,It’s almost!”
The rest of the people look at this situation,It is also wearing it like a model.。
Take a short while,More than 60 bicycles in the foot!
“All right,Next,Let’s carry out the last link!”
Shen Xuan smiled slightly,Say:“That is to start grilled.,This is the last ring,Also the most important ring,The mastery of the fire determines the taste and taste of the last meat.。”
Finish,Shen Xuan gave a lot of fadaks from the house,First burnt,Petalize the carhabage,I suddenly fell into the big pit.。
Also use bricks around the fire pit,Then put the barbecue rack over the top,After a while, I will come to the voice of Z.,A piece of meat is slowly passed out,Let everyone guys a mistake。
“Xuan Ge,You are really fragrant with this barbecue.!” The old king will embarrass each other.,“How do I feel better than five-star chef?!”
Five-star chef?
Shen Xuan admitted that his cooking is still,But it is only still possible,More than five-star chef,That is still some。
“You are touched a little.,How is it so exaggerated?!”
Shen Xuan is white,Tangible。
“The old king is hungry.,I want to eat it.!”
Liu Hao haha smiled,Rapida dismantles the heart of the old king。
“Xuan Ge,You don’t have a live broadcast!”
Chen Yao suddenly remembered what,Rapida reminded a sentence,“Many of the live broadcasts are also concerned about your business.!”
Remember this,Shen Xuan remembered。
“Correct,Many people say they want to come,But have work,Can’t open,Also ask me to tell you?!”
Lao Wang nodded,Say:“Xuan Ge,You still have a live broadcast,Report a safe bar with everyone!”
“Is going to open a live broadcast!”
Shenxuan nodded,“Then who will help me with my mobile phone?,Charge,By the way, live broadcast!”
“I’ll help you!”
Lin Wei two words do not say,Go forward,Get a mobile phone,Then charge the electricity,And drone connection,Finally opened live broadcast。
“Ding……Users are small to enter the live broadcast!”
“Ding……User small moon enters the live room!”
all of a sudden,Have a few hundred sorrows all over.。
“Xuan Ge,You can be broadcast live.,I am waiting for a long time.。”
“Yeah yeah,I have been in front of my mobile phone.!”
“Good guy,How many beautiful women in the yard,Who is it?!”

I heard this,Everyone does not fall to the air。

Even if they are not deep against the prostitute,But it also understands that this sentence is impossible for this sentence.。
The eye of the fish right is once again ejaculated.。
Su Chan grabbed the key points。
“summer,You said before,With your current ability,To crack too difficult,meaning is……You can still crack,right?”
Narrate,Everyone’s eyes are bright,Contains complex。
Summer nodded,Ambient,“If you give me a few years,I should be able to find some eyebrows。”
Toned,Swift,“But I noticed the breath of jade.,Fish sister,This jade should be made by you.。”
I heard this sentence,The face of everyone has changed。
Look at the right weight。
Rail and right weight nodded。
Here,Everyone does not help but sigh。
Some secret treasures are in the name,It means that this thing has been closely related to my life.。
Is it not allowed to touch?。
if not,Leave someone else’s breath,This name is not pure。
Looking at the right night,Summer heart。
“I can’t help the fish sister in a short time.,but,I can printed the illusion of the array of illusion.,Although it is just a surface,I can figure out pondering,If there is a eyebrow,I will inform the fish sister。”
“I can only have this.。”
Night nod,“Then there is a Larache brother.。”
Summer laughing,Take out a blank jade,Print jade figures。
After completion,Fish right away from Jade,Everyone also revealed this topic.。
The atmosphere quickly became hot again。
Su Xiangyang continues to study the map,Others are not disturbed,Mountaineering、Flourishing、Zhou Shi Poetry hit the idea to the summer。
They are very modest to ask questions about the problems on the front.,Summer has a question。
Don’t say anything else,In terms of refiners and beaches,He has enough confidence。
Deepen in depth,Talking about a few words,You can analyze the understanding of an alive array problem.。
Later,Lin Feng and Wood Cliff also joined。
Until this time,Everyone is really admired to the summer.。
“Lin Feng,Your young people talk about it.。”
Su Xiangyang suddenly stood up,“I want to go to your cave to turn off this picture.,It is very weird,It is also very interesting,Maybe you will find the secret of the big。”
Lin Fengyi,Continue,“Then there is a master of the master.。”
Su Xiangyang,The rest is a young generation of repairs,Atmosphere is more harmonious。
In the seat,It’s all the most talented generations。
Not exaggerated,Everyone has a legend,Have a magnificent growth history。

“you……you……you!!”Those admirers stuttered with anger。

“When my lady was devastated by public opinion,You are dogs that dare not bark,Now she is back to the altar,You ran out to protect the famous female king with your tongue,Humph,What kind of chickens and dogs are they,Or sign a fight with me,Or shut up and get out of my sight。”I wish Minglang said again。
Tell them a good reason,They can’t listen。
“and also,Which classmate will see me in the future,Or covet my wife,Don’t go through the gentle process,Sign the battle book directly,Make up twenty people,I cleaned up together。”
“You do not know how to live,I wanted to give you a lingering breath,It seems unnecessary!”Bai Jun’s son Yin Yaozu’s eyes have completely revealed the killing intent。
A desolate people,No one cares if you die。
And he Yin Yaozu killed this disgusting vagrant who had been rumored for months,It’s definitely a happy event in Zulong City State!
“Go,Militant book,Write more copies for me,There are many people like you in the entire Zulong City State,I lifted it together。”Zhu Minglang said。
The college allows students to post war books。
War books must be filed with the college,Usually send teachers to supervise,Prevent unnecessary accidents。
Dismissed Yi Yaozu’s support group,I wish Ming Lang sit in the school,Continue to finish this important monthly class。
This class will tell about the forest dragon in the forest of Lichuan,I wish Minglang don’t want to miss it at all,Because he still hasn’t figured out what dragon the little cub he saved was。
As it recovers a little bit,It seems to be very different from the traditional dragon,At least its skin muscle,Unlike normal dragon skin,More like smooth birch bark。

The sky is gradually dark,Ning Feifei’s figure is more lonely。

She is deep enough,The road in the community is paved with cement,Due to long age,Time long,Potholes are uneven。
Ning Feifei is stunned,The whole person fell forward。
European,Quickly walk in the past。
Familiar with the breath comes from the side,Ning Feifei is shocked,Lift quickly,I hit the eyes of European。
“European secretary。”
She shocked。
Ou Jingzhen is extremely cold,Sparkle,“How is it so uncomfortable??
Ning Feifei shook the head,He helped himself in a timely manner,She is fine,Feel his cold breath,She wants to rely on his arms,do not know why,At this moment, there is such an idea.。
only,She is very curious,Why do he appear here?。
“you”She wants to say,Watching him,A few seconds,She moved his eyes。
There is no more attention to European,At that time, I looked alone in the sidewalk.,It is not coming to follow,He follows his heart。
“worry about you,Follow the same。”
Ou Jing is talking about this,The expression is obviously unnatural。
He is indeed reluctant to,He gave himself a reason to make himself convinced.。
I am ghost to follow the gods.,He is really worried.。
Ning Feifei listened to this,It’s hard to press the incitement,I suddenly came out again.,He,Gave yourself delusion and hope。
But she“thanks,I’m ok,Thank you, Euro Secretary,You go back.。”
She tonight,It’s too tired.,Mom last night was a night,Today, go to work,She doesn’t have much energy to speculate in the heart of Ou Jing.,He is worried about this heart,She is very grateful。
Ou Jing, seems to have not heard her words.,The glamorous handsome lifts,Look at this old community,Eyebrow,“Do you live in this place??”
Ning Feifei smiles,Look at him brow deep,The heart is panicular,Tomorrow is getting hotter,But she feels the whole body cold,Between them,Trend。
“The European secretary believes that people like me,Where will it live??”
Indifferent sound,Suddenly, in the ears of European,But very harsh。
His lips are tightly smashed,It seems to see the feelings of girls in front of them,“Don’t stay tight if you live?,As long as you feel that it is home。”
The place where he lives is very luxurious.,Very large,But there is no feeling。
He will go to Lu Hao’s villa to live,There,At least some people will talk to him。
Lu Haocheng wedding,Move out,That villa is idle,He and Su Shengming past live。
Just between two big men,There is nothing to say。
Ning Feifei looks slightly,Just a man who has also been emitted outside the rejection of a thousand miles,At this moment, the eyebrows are lingering complicated and distressed expressions.。
Just turning an eye,It seems that there is no way,People feel just a illusion。
Ou Jingzhen recovered the past look,Dim light,He is a long and expensive body,Can be just shadow,Repeating the distingness of people。
The eyes of people entering into in the community,Falling on his body。
“Let it go,I have dinner for you.。”
European turned,But a few steps,I have not moved behind him.,He stopped,Look back,Ning Feifei still maintains the posture of the original position in place,Sheep,The weak body appears to be rushing in the night wind.,It’s so helpless。
“N’t you go??”

Each of them is grinding from the killing.,Naked and naked,Live,No weak。

Greater,After the punishment, after the training of Tongtian Wufa,His swordsman、There is a kind of extraordinary discowably to the martial art.。
Not exaggerated,His eyes have been standing in a new height,To understand each of the battles。
One night,Western repairers in the distance,As early as possible, save the signal。
But until now,Still no one came。
Or,The strong is already coming on the road.,But take time。
at the same time,Another hill hidden clouds,I have already caught in the sense of feelings.。
This day’s night battle,Helping her too much。
Double martial arts,Both are extremely rare experiences,Everything itchy,Yunchu is not helpful。
……Summer Xuanlu,Finally broke through130Meter。
He waves,Shape rotation,At the same time, a long hanger。
this moment,His eyes,Is a new world。
And his understanding of art,Also reached a new height。
Universe,Everything is spiritual。
Any substance,Everything,There are unique frequencies。
This,That is, the truth is called the mystery。
In the perception of summer mood,At this moment, Golden Beast is running.,Failed to follow。
Each attack,It seems that the seeming force is huge,Impleinary rough。
His sword is on the huge claws that swallow the gold beast.。
的,This point,It happens to be weak。
Just hit,The huge body of the Golden Beast is connected,Stand unstable。
“when”Summer is another sword,Sweep the roots of the Golden beast right。
This sword is captured by the peak。
Swallowing gold beasts and stood storm,Can under this sword,Again,I lost my heart completely,Then after the sound,Turn to the ground。
More than 20 Western repairers in the distance are all。
They feel that the two swords in the summer,Not as good as the initial strength。
How to let the Golden beast so wolf。
“Be a martial art!”
Lin Yan’s face changed again,“His martial art is too strong……Already a day away,What haven’t come yet??”
One of them suffered,“The other two stars are on the way,They also need five or six days……”There is another person to comfort,“Rest assured, Lin, brother,This kid is strong,It also can’t break the defense of the Golden Beast……Uh!”

The sound is overwhelmed,The horses between the mountains are more like a tide.。

People have never thought,Summer actually said this arrogant,It’s similaritten.。
“Ha ha,summer,I said it before,I am not the same level.,I not only reflect the battle,I also reflect the level!”
Zhenlong smiled,At the same time, running in the body,The energy of the body is surging,Atax,As if there is no。
In the middle of the world,The breath directly broke through the Tianzun level,Enter a new realm。
this moment,Xia fat man swallow fluctuations have a special breath,As if and heaven and earth。
He stands there,The whole person seems to have suddenly been tall.,Give people a very weird sensation。
Just like a giant emerged,Bring more powerful oppression。
This is the image!
Mystery of the mystery of your own,Through the soul of the world!
The audience in all directions shouted,Sound waves are like tsunami,传 阵 回 音。
The rumor is really true.,In addition to fish, right and forest,Soil Tree Dragon really reached this mysterious realm!
The boiling sound between the mountains, one heavy。
The audience is full of enthusiasm.。
Zhen Longli,Laughing,“How is summer,You still go down.,You can’t stop my punch.……”
“Go down?”
Summer shink,Sound is not high,It is thoroughly。
“Previously said,Self-summer embarking on the road,Between the same level,Unable to defeat!”
On the ring,Summer shape is quite a sharp sword,It seems to form a general 璀璨,Transfer two sharp rays。
A stylish battle is accompanied by a powerful power outbreak.,The air of the earth is distorted。
He is like a war, wake up,Wilong exploded light,And the momentum is getting stronger,The horrible breath is one heavy。
Like a stormy,It’s like a goddown.,The sun in the sky is eclipsed。
His breath rises all the way。
Tianjun’s later period、Great success、Tianzun initial、Medium term、Later、Great success……
Silent in the mountains,Everyone tongue。