I know that she has below in summer.,Continue to listen。

“Fortunately, this lady is very large.,Successful public numbers that are disguised as a bank in China,This number is not far from you,Twenty-four floors in International Hotel,2409Room。”
Summer is loose,“Thanks。”
http://www.sztcpzcwvrssxx.cn “nononono……Don’t thank me,Exx,Don’t thank me,I,In fact, I have been sorry for you.。I want you to forgive。”
Summer shoot forehead,“Maji,If you are looking for another man,Sorry is just Luo Tian,Not me。”
“Do not,Not this,I have no relauries。”
Maji quickly said a sentence,Then it is silent.。
Summer brows wrinkle,Realize,“Maji?”
I have a slightly smiling and laughing opposite.,Sound quality,But cold terrible,With boundless killing,“Exx……It turns out that you are in the Qinghai City, China,hehe,Ha ha ha ha ha……”
Hear this familiar voice,Summer is not hit by autonomous war,Improve big,“Maji,You special code dare to sell me?”
“Boss,I don’t want to,She is forced to me.,I am doing again.……”This time is the sound of Maji grievances.。
Summer cracking,I barely squeeze a dry laugh,“Hi,Fairy,have not seen you for a long time。”
“Yes,have not seen you for a long time。”The opposite sound is very,But what is said, it is extravagant,“but,We will soon see you again.,Exx,Can you hide your life?。”
Summer neck,“I didn’t hide you.。”
“I also didn’t say you are hiding me.,Leave your http://www.jlzhjbj.cn people,No, your hand is auxiliary,Do you think it is safe to hold the respected ring??”
Respected ring!
Summer pupil,“I do not understand you。”
“You will soon understand,I want to tell you,Many people are looking for you,And your whereabouts,Have been disclosed,If you don’t want to die,Or hurry back to your world.。”
Toned,The sound suddenly cold,Full of boundless killing,Bite,“Your damn bastard,It is best not to let me catch,otherwise……”
Not finished,Summer directly interrupted the phone。
“This crazy woman。”
A sentence,Summer a little headache,At the same time, I still regret it.。
I know that I don’t play this phone.。
Come out,Still solve the things in front of you.。
Think here,A taxi,Go straight to the International Hotel。
International hotel is very famous in Qinghai,Because http://www.51weixi.cn it is one of the longest hotels in the Qinghai age。
Especially in the 1930s,It is also known as the first high building of the Far East.,Nanjing West Road,Here is convenient,Shopping is convenient,environment of grace,Opposite is a picturesque people park。
The key is,This restaurant has received many historical celebrity,It is also listed as a key cultural relics protection unit.。
Even contemporary,Many social celebrities also like to settle here,To increase the grade。
All the way。
After getting off,Summer directly enter the lobby。

Blue Xin’s complained look at him:“Lu Hao Cheng,Don’t get inch,I am spending at home on Saturday.。”

Lu Hao is not tightly said:“Xiao Jun and Kiki,It seems to prefer to go to the library!”
Blue Xin smiled slightly:“Lu Hao Cheng,You can’t know my child more than I!”
Lu Haozheng slightly lips,Make a sentence in the bottom,Also my child。
He still said not to say:“Blue,On Saturday。”He will make arrangements。
Blue Xin looked at his stubborn,Can only compromise,This person,Can still still,I owe her heart is also uncomfortable。
“whatever!”She fadously throws two words。
Lu Hao Cheng listened,The gloomy face has a smile。
Blue Xin took out the phone,I saw Lu Haocheng gave her a lot of calls.。
She is slightly eye-catching,Looked at him,How did he call her??
Looking at my mother, I also called several calls.。
She quickly returned to WeChat,Let them don’t worry,She will go back when she eats meals.。
Mucreen that has been worried,After seeing WeChat,I am completely relieved.。
Not too traffic on the evening,Thirty minutes later,Lu Haocheng has driven a car to the parking lot of the hotel in Jiangyou.。
Lu Hao Cheng stopped the car,Blue Xin is going to solve the seat belt。
Lu Haochong first step,It seems that it is intentionally close to her,Help her to solve the seat belt。
Blue Xin helpless,Laugh:“Lu Hao Cheng,Be your girlfriend is really happy!”
Lu Haocheng listened to her,Slight,Watching http://www.jinshahaianxian.cn her eyes deeply。
immediately,His belly is black:“Blue,Be your boyfriend is also very happy!”
“”:Blue Xin。
“cut,You will tell me what I mean.,I am a girlfriend of your future.,not me!”
Lu Haocheng did not answer her words.,But get off,Go to the other side,Very gentleman pull the door,Let Lantin get off。
Lu Haocheng looked at her lips in her slightly.,She is like just now,Like two people。
but,She can laugh,Explain that she is good at this moment.。
Lan Xin get off,Looked a luxurious parking lot。
It is the most luxurious hotel in Jiangyou,Even the parking lot is very luxurious!
Lu Haocheng took her hand,Nothing,Go forward。
NS404chapter:Lobster feast

NS404chapter:Lobster feast
Blue Xin looked at him not to pull his hand from independently,Want to struggle,He is also tight。
Lu http://www.jiehuncheng.cn Haocheng seems to not care about the struggle of Blue Xin.。
For Blue Xin,He has a hegemony of the desire and overbearing love。