Teach you living and living

Teach you living and living

Reasonable arrangements for living and rest, proper handling of life details, maintaining good habits, establishing rules of activity in line with their own biological rhythms, to ensure good health and longevity, said living and living regimen, also known as living and tuning.

  Living and living care involves daily living, well-being, and work, convenience and convenience.

  Regular living in the living room often refers to the regularization of daily work schedules.

The daily routine should conform to the laws of natural yang and the physiological routine of the human body. The most important thing is the circadian rhythm. Otherwise, it will cause premature aging and life.

Ancient health homes believe that spring and summer should raise Yang, and autumn and winter should raise Yin.

Therefore, the spring should be “night, get up early, walk in the court, be slowed down, to make birth”; in the summer should “night, get up early, do not hate the day, make the mind no anger, make Hua Chengxiu”; autumn should “Get up early and get up early, and grow up with the chickens, so that the peace and tranquility, to slow down the autumn penalty; winter should be “early nights and nights, must wait for the sun, so that if you have a private mind, if there is income.”

  An accommodative sleep is a physiological need of human beings.

When a person is in a state of sleep, the tissues and organs of the body are mainly in a state of rest, and the blood is mainly transplanted into the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys, thereby being supplemented and repaired.

An ampere can guarantee people’s sleep, thus eliminating fatigue, restoring vitality, and conducive to human health and longevity.

To be well-rounded: First: you must ensure adequate sleep.

In general, middle-aged and elderly people sleep 8-10 hours a day.

  The second is: pay attention to bed should be soft and hard suitable, too hard, the whole body muscles can not relax to rest; too soft, ligaments around the spine and intervertebral joints are too heavy, can cause low back pain.

  The third is: the pillow is generally 5-9cm away from the bed surface, too low, the blood vessels connected to the head are over-congested, and the head surface is swollen after waking up; if it is too high, the blood flow in the brain may be poor, and the cerebral thrombosis may cause ischemia.Sexual stroke.

  The fourth is: to have a correct sleep posture, generally should be lying to the right, slightly curved legs, the body is naturally relaxed, one hand bent elbow flat, one hand naturally placed on the thigh.

In this way, the higher position of the heart is conducive to the blood discharge of the heart, and is sufficient to bear. At the same time, since the liver is located on the right side, the insulin in the right lateral position is increased in blood supply, which is conducive to promoting metabolism.

In the longevity survey, many long-lived elderly people reported that they had the most bowed position on the right side.

The ancient 谚 also said: “Stand like a pine, sit like a bell, lying like a bow”, “recumbent side of the side to benefit people.”

  The fifth is: to develop good hygiene habits, dinner should not be too full, and should not eat irritating and excitable foods, Chinese medicine believes that “the stomach is not harmonious and restless.”

It is advisable to comb your hair before going to bed. It is advisable to use a hot water bath.

Beware of labor injuries including care and injury.

Shenfangyu, this is an important measure to protect the kidney and solidify and avoid physiological dysfunction.

It is absolutely necessary to conform to nature, and it is not advisable to abstain from sex, but it is also necessary to control sexual intercourse and keep good health.

Preventing injury and injury, this is an important measure to maintain a strong body and avoid form injuries. In the work, we must adhere to the principle of gradual and orderly progress, pay attention to moderate labor, and must not reluctantly win, and should not be sedentary for a long time.

  The right place for people is inseparable from the natural environment. Chinese medicine has long proposed the theory of “corresponding to heaven and man” corresponding to the relationship between man and nature.

In summarizing the impact of the environment on human health and longevity, “Nei Jing” pointed out that “the high is its life and the low is its discouragement.”

Explain how long people live in high-lying areas, and people with low-lying areas are early.

Why are the geographical environments different and the length of life different?

Because of different regions and different soils and waters, soil and water and water quality have a great impact on food composition and nutrition.

At the same time, differences in meteorological conditions have different effects on human health.

In cold environments, cellular metabolic activity slows, human growth is prolonged, and complications in the aging process.

  The current census shows that Xinjiang, Tibet, and Qinghai, which live in alpine regions, are higher than the rest of the country in terms of the proportion of centenarians in the population and the longevity of the elderly.

In addition, the lighting, ventilation, noise and environmental beautification and purification of the indoor interior are closely related to human health and longevity.

  The influence of clothing on the human health should be closely related to the tightness, thickness, size and color of the clothes.

Ancient and modern health experts believe that clothing should not be wide and should be: “Spring yarn, summer silk, autumn wool, winter cotton wool.

“Underwear should be soft, absorbent cotton, carefully selected according to age, gender and solar terms.

At the same time, we must pay special attention to the “spring is not busy to reduce clothes, autumn is not busy to increase clothes” spring and autumn and health measures.

True and false vertigo in elderly vertigo

True and false vertigo in elderly vertigo

Core Tip: After entering the elderly, various symptoms will continue to appear, high blood pressure, diabetes and so on.

The elderly vertigo is one of the most common clinical syndromes, leading to an aging population, and the incidence of this disease is increasing. It has received extensive attention from the medical community at home and abroad.

  Smith (1993) reported that vertigo is the third common symptom in outpatient clinics.

It involves multiple disciplines, and people often experience this disease throughout their lives.

According to statistics, vertigo accounts for 5% of medical outpatients and 15% of otolaryngology clinics.

50-60% of the elderly living at home have vertigo, accounting for 81-91% of the elderly outpatients; among them, the incidence of vertigo in 57-year-olds is 57%, and males are 39%.

  What is dizziness?

  Dizziness is the general term for dizziness and dizziness. It is glare with vertigo, unclear vision and dim blackness. It can not be dizzy when it is rotated by the object, or it can be dizzy if it is often seen at the same time.

  Classification of dizziness: true vertigo, pseudo vertigo one, true vertigo refers to the eye, body sensation or vestibular system disease, with obvious foreign objects or self-rotation.

According to different damaged parts, it can be divided into eye, proprioception and vestibular vertigo.

  Most of the symptoms of vertigo caused by vestibular system diseases are severe, such as Meniere syndrome, vertebral artery insufficiency, brain stem infarction, etc., often recurrent.

  Eye vertigo can be either a physiological phenomenon or a pathological one.

If you gaze at the scenery on the train, you can see dizziness and railway nystagmus; on the high bridge, overlooking the evanescent water flowing under your feet, it will cause your own reverse movement and dizziness.

These are physiological vertigo induced by visual and optokinetic stimuli, and disappear from environmental symptoms.

Eye diseases such as acute ophthalmoplegia can cause diplopia and dizziness.

  Dizziness caused by proprioception is called postural vertigo, seen in syringomyelia, vertigo caused by deep sensory disturbances and movement disorders in patients with syphilis.

  Second, pseudo vertigo refers to dizziness caused by systemic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, anemia, uremia, drug poisoning, endocrine diseases and nervousness, etc., almost all of them have dizziness symptomsThe patient feels “floating” without a clear sense of rotation.

  History and clinical symptoms and signs 1, pre-existing conditions before the onset of smokeless alcohol, emotional instability, fatigue and insomnia and other factors.

  2, vertigo episodes (1) night or morning attacks, sudden or slow attacks, (2) first onset or recurrent; (3) in some cases, onset, position change, neck twist, or a certain body position(4) The form of vertigo is rotational or non-rotating; (5) Whether the intensity can be tolerated, whether the consciousness is clear; (6) Open, closed eyes, vertigo is reduced or aggravated, sound and light stimulation, vertigo when changing positionWhether it is aggravated.

Mosquitoes are more difficult to deal with 3 kinds of weapons to drive mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are more difficult to deal with 3 kinds of “weapons” to drive mosquitoes

In the night, the pillows screamed constantly, but in the meantime, only the mosquito-repellent incense and the mosquito-repellent waters could be put together; just a trick, even in the office, one would bite two or three big bags without any attention;Itching can’t be cured for several days, and some people even swollen the whole foot. People have been talking about this year’s mosquitoes seem to be particularly fierce, and some people say that this year is “the mosquito year.”
The British “Daily Mail” recently published a paper pointing out that this year’s mosquitoes are extraordinarily high. Experts say this is because the moist springs combined with the humid summer provide perfect conditions for mosquito breeding and survival.
The World Health Organization pointed out that mosquitoes are the first deadly animal killer in humans.
The mosquitoes in the late summer and early autumn are even more embarrassing. How to prevent mosquitoes has become a compulsory course.
The density of mosquitoes in Jiangsu and other places has soared. Ms. Zhou suffers from bites from mosquitoes and is often besieged in large hands on her hands, legs and feet.
“The most annoying thing is that when the light is turned off, it is ‘嗡嗡’, and when I can’t bear to turn on the light and prepare for it, I can’t find it!
“Mother Yang, who lives in the Beijing community, also feels that this year’s mosquitoes are very powerful: “Electric mosquito-repellent incense does not work at all, and mosquitoes still have it. It was not so serious last summer.
“The raging mosquitoes make parents have a headache.”
A mother complained: “Mosquitoes will especially bite and bite the child’s eyelids and feet.
A few days ago, the child’s head was bitten by a big bag, and it was not going to go down for three or four days. I was really worried about getting a virus.
The mosquito density monitoring data released by the CDCs across the country shows that the mosquito density in some areas has indeed increased this year.
The mosquito density in Hubei Province from April to May this year was twice that of the same period of last year; the mosquito density in Chongqing from May to June was more than five times that of the same period of last year; the mosquito density in Dongguan in Guangdong increased by more than 50% compared with the same period of last year; Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, JulyThe mosquito density is even 13 times higher than last July.
Dermatologists say that every year there are some patients who are allergic to mosquito bites, and the number of patients this year is about the same as in previous years.
However, the situation in Chongqing is not optimistic. Chongqing Children’s Hospital has treated nearly 4,000 children who have been bitten by mosquitoes in April this year, and some cases are more serious.
Mosquitoes are getting harder to deal with Experts, experts say that there is no exact data to confirm that there are more mosquitoes this year than in previous years, but the density of mosquitoes in some areas with large rainfall and even rain distribution has indeed increased.
It is confirmed by data that with the increase of global temperature, the distribution of Aedes albopictus (also known as “flower mosquito”), which has been living in the tropics in recent years, has become wider and wider, and the number and density have increased.
This kind of mosquito can be seen during the day, so many people think that “mosquitoes dare to bite people during the day” and feel that mosquitoes are getting more and more fierce.
The mosquito population is constantly evolving, which makes them more and more difficult to deal with.
Experts say that the essence of biological evolution is the survival of the fittest.
In the fight against human beings, the mosquitoes that fly slowly and sound loudly are killed, and the poorly resistant ones are “smoked” and the rest are called “fighters” of the vampire family.
With the continuous use of anti-mosquito drugs, the resistance of mosquitoes has generally increased, and the “attack power” has become stronger and stronger.
Research by the British Medical School found that mosquitoes are gradually “ignoring” DEET, a substance widely used in mosquito repellents and toilet water.
Three kinds of “weapons” to drive away mosquitoes Mosquitoes are the “number one killer” that threatens human health.
The dengue that threatens 2.5 billion people worldwide is transmitted by Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti, and 1 billion people in China are at risk of being infected.
Mosquitoes can also infect malaria, Chikungunya fever, and JE, which pose a great threat to human health.
Experts remind that scientific anti-mosquito should learn to use three kinds of “weapons.”
Physical weapons: mosquito nets.
Since ancient times, mosquito nets have been the most primitive and effective way to prevent mosquitoes.
Mosquito nets are suitable for the elderly, children, pregnant women and chronically ill patients with poor resistance.
The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends that mosquito nets and trousers are the best way to protect children from mosquitoes.
Chemical weapons: DEET.
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the use of DEET, Eminoin (mosquito repellent), ecaridin and lemon eucalyptus oil to drive away mosquitoes.
However, Tianjin drug research experts reminded that although these “chemical weapons” are not much in the electric mosquito-repellent film/liquid, they are pesticides. When the concentration is too high, headaches and nausea may be caused.
Therefore, it is best to use 1 to 2 hours when no one is at home during the day.
Electronic weapons: mosquito killers.
Many communities have insect-killing lights that emit blue-violet light, which use the phototaxis of insects to attract mosquitoes and then kill them with ultraviolet light or electricity.
There are also some mosquito killing lamps that use mosquitoes, such as carbon dioxide, temperature, and odor, to kill mosquitoes.
Experts remind that the fundamental way to avoid the bites of mosquitoes is to make them dislike themselves.Studies have shown that mosquitoes like the “taste” of carbonic acid, and also like people who have higher body temperature, are prone to sweating, and love to wear black clothes.

Therefore, when it is hot, wipe off the sweat in time, take a bath as soon as possible after exercise, use less perfume, body lotion and other cosmetics, try to wear black clothes as little as possible, and change the water to the vase and hydroponic plants once a week, so that you can get from the source.Drive away the mosquitoes.

After being bitten by a mosquito, you can apply some soap to the bite, alkaline substances such as baking soda, or use a hot towel for a while.

It should be noted that the more itching and the more itchy after being bitten by a mosquito, and it is not easy to dissipate, it should be avoided as much as possible.

Just 15 minutes after being bitten, the itchiness of the headache will obviously subside. You can apply some essential oils, cool oil and other products to cool and relieve itching. If you are serious, you should seek medical advice promptly.

Want to prevent aging, first practice legs and feet

Want to prevent aging, first practice legs and feet

“People are old and old” has become the consensus of people.

In fact, fitness anti-aging and anti-aging should start with leg and foot exercises.

Here we recommend a set of health exercises for exercising legs and feet: supine position toe and reset supine bed, double lower limbs stretch, feet together to do the flexion, alternating toe 30 times, five toe separation, close together 30 times, then yieldThe buttocks, knees, flexion and extension of the joints 30 times, this is the preparation of the overall movement.

Walking barefoot and practicing the flexor muscles and walking on the foot, that is, the heel lifts completely to walk with the toes. At this time, you will feel that the flexor muscles on the back of the foot and the calf are very tense. You can walk a hundred steps, you can’t do it all at once, you can do it separately.This is stronger than the exercise of the flexor muscle during walking. From the perspective of meridians, it is beneficial to the smooth three yin.

Heel walking and stretching the toes is to pick up the toes, similar to the small feet of women, walking with the heels, this is the extensor muscles on the front side of the lower leg, a hundred steps, dredge the Sanyang.

Lateral walking and practicing balance When walking to the side, it is mainly to exercise the adduction, the abductor muscle group, and to reinforce the muscle group with a small amount of exercise when walking forward daily.

In addition, lateral walking reduces the balance function of the vestibule and enhances the role of preventing ataxia.

Move 50 steps to the right and 50 steps to the left.

When the backward walking benefit cycle is reversed, the toe first touches the ground, and the center of gravity moves backward to the heel. This is beneficial to the venous blood twisting from the distal end to the proximal direction, and more effectively exerting the role of the “second heart” of the two feet, which is beneficial to circulation.
In addition, when reversing, the formula of the cranial nerve innervation movement is changed, and the nerve structure that is not commonly used is usually activated, which can prevent the brain from shrinking due to waste, and it is appropriate to step back one step at a time.

If you have a foot massage, if you have 3?
For a 5-year-old child, you can kneel on the bed, stick your feet on the bed, face up, let the child press your feet barefoot, the child’s heel is aimed at the adult’s foot, do the stepping action 50?
100 times, it is good for promoting blood return; without the help of children, you can massage yourself.

If the elderly can adhere to the above-mentioned exercise every day, they will definitely be included in the arrival of the first leg of the legs, and it is also conducive to the health care of the mind and brain. You may wish to give it a try.

Must see: How to break through the dark circles

Must see: How to break through the dark circles

The most important problem for the computer family is eye protection.

The eyes are the windows of the mind, protecting the eyesight, and at the same time reducing at least the fine lines and dark circles. No one wants to rush in and out with dark circles, leaving a bad impression on everyone.

Unfavorable eye protection will greatly reduce your work, and the sisters will act quickly!

  Prevent the appearance of fine lines: the method is to moisturize and nourish and strengthen moisturizing!

How to moisturize is not excessive!

Others will say, “Scorpio, there are fine lines under my eyes!

“There is moisturizing!”


The reason for the fine lines is that the moisturizing power is not enough.

  This time you need to use a mask or eye mask.

For dry skin, olive oil can be used as a moisturizing mask for intensive maintenance.

Neutral and oily can be used to drink a little yogurt every night.

The mask is made up, and the natural fine lines are LEAVE!

  Food supplement: Eat gelatin, red dates and longan every day instead of liver.

These three kinds are blood sacred products, eat less longan, three grains a day, red dates 10-20, Ejiao to eat sooner or later, twice a day.

  Product recommendation: The computer family uses a large amount of brains every day, and there are prominent eye lines and dark circles. Here, Xiaobian recommends some eye products that dilute dark circles and fine lines, and better evaluation of the network. I hope everyone canRestore your own eyesight.

  Eye protection guidance: raise one or two prickly pears in front of the computer to absorb radiation for you.

Stand up and take part in activities, take a deep breath, don’t sit still all the time.

A little farther away from the company’s printer, the radiation is even worse!

If the company is carpeting, then the lungs will suffer.

  Buy some almonds or drink almonds and raise your lungs.

I will nurse my body well and my face will naturally be better.

At the same time, the eyes look more attractive.

Diabetes increases 10 cases per minute 6 habits scientifically control blood sugar

Diabetes increases 10 cases per minute 6 habits scientifically control blood sugar

How many diabetic patients are there in China?
The figures given by the Chinese health department in 2013 are 1.
1.4 billion, the number five years ago was 92 million.
In the past four years, there have been 22 million more diabetic patients in China, with an average annual increase of 5.
5 million cases, an increase of 1.
50,000 cases, an increase of 600 cases per hour, an increase of 10 cases per minute.
  In September 2014, the Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology magazine published three articles focusing on Chinese diabetes. The article pointed out the reality that the incidence of type 2 diabetes in China has soared in the past 30 years.
  Behind the growing number of diabetic patients, there are 1.
500 million people are in pre-diabetes: blood sugar is not normal, but does not meet the diagnostic criteria for diabetes, is the situation between diabetes and non-diabetes.
These people may become new diabetic patients every day. At present, people with abnormal blood sugar in China have 2.

4 billion.
  Who is the most likely to become a target for diabetes?
People with mildly elevated blood sugar have appeared.
Some people may have high fasting blood sugar, some people may have high blood sugar after meals, or both, and such people have a high risk of developing diabetes.
Diabetes is family-inherited. If someone in the family has diabetes, the risk is 2 to 4 times that of the general population.
  2.Unhealthy lifestyle.
Obesity (especially abdominal obesity), sedentary, less exercise, and unreasonable diet (excessive intake of high-sugar and high-fat foods) are easy to “catch”.

“Three high” (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia) people with high risk of disease; suffering from fatty liver, coronary heart disease, coronary multi-vessel disease, patients with pancreatic disease and acute pancreatitis, are at high risk of diabetes.
  Six customary sciences control blood sugar
Recording the amount of exercise Most people overestimate the amount of physical activity they are engaged in.
If you can record the amount of exercise every day, you will have an honest evaluation of yourself and make it easy to develop a down-to-earth exercise program.
  2.Use a small tableware to reduce the amount of food, reduce the desire for food intake and calorie intake, and maintain a reasonable weight.
  3.Bring lunch to work Avoid eating lunch at a restaurant or fast food restaurant because it is easy to lose control of your appetite.
Fast food restaurants have a large amount of food, too much calories, and a lot of fat.
The study found a link between eating out and eating more.
During the preparation of your own lunch, you will have fine control over the ingredients and ingredients of the ingredients.
餐后测血糖  餐后2~3小时内对血糖进行监测有助于糖友在一天内更平稳地控制血糖水平,防止高血糖和低血糖的发生;在此基础上制订更合理的饮食和锻炼plan.
  5.Eat new fruits and vegetables This diet strategy allows you to get the anti-sugar effect of a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.
However, it is important to note that after tasting a new fruit (especially fruit), blood glucose levels are tested.
Some fruit’s glycemic effect is very obvious, and the next time you eat it, you must strictly limit your food intake.
  6.Regular chewing gum Chewing sugar-free chewing gum can control sugar lovers’ desire for snacks, but the amount should not be too much, because some brands of sugar-free chewing gum contain sweeteners that can cause discomfort in the stomach at higher doses.

Smile, more confident, more confident

Smile, more confident, more confident

Everyone will laugh when they are born. As the saying goes: “Laughter, a little less than ten years; a slap in the face, white heads,” but few people know that laughter is actually a good exercise.

  According to statistics, each laugh, about 80 muscles from the face to the abdomen to participate in sports.

Laughing 100 times helps promote blood circulation and heart lung function, equivalent to 10 minutes of boating.

  Japanese medical scientist Watanabe found in the health survey that most of the long-lived people have more psychological advantages than the average person, and one of them is a smile.

  So, what good is laughter about the health of people?

  Laughter is good for beauty, and the skin is elastic through the contraction of the skin muscles.

  Laughter can strengthen the heart and brain, speed up the heartbeat, increase blood flow, enhance myocardial function, excite the cerebral cortex, and enhance brain function.

  Laughter can promote breathing, expand the lungs, deepen and evenly breathe, and also enhance the self-protection of cough.

  Laughter can prevent diseases, relieve tension, relieve anxiety and stress, and help treat mental illness such as depression.

  ”The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Sutra” asked: “His is qi and Zhida, Rongwei Tongli.

“It can be seen that laughing can not only add fun to life, but also medical effects.

The health effects obtained by laughing and laughing every day are far from ginseng, jaundice and angelica.

  It seems that although in most cases, laughter is an external manifestation of inner joy, the facial expression of laughter will in turn affect emotions.

  When you are having fun, if your smile can be kept, your emotions will really improve, and you will be confident in your difficulties.

Historically, “to meet each other with a smile, enmity,” because of laughter, the situation of enemies becoming friends.

  It seems that the external smile will always affect your mood, and the people around you have a certain attraction.

Therefore, sometimes in the face of adversity, “strong smile” is necessary.

Laughter is a natural health product. Therefore, for health and longevity, life must be contented and laughed at life.