Train a woman’s favorite inverted triangle men’s fitness 7 advice

Train a woman’s favorite “inverted triangle” men’s fitness 7 advice

Train a woman’s favorite “inverted triangle” men’s fitness 7 loyalty to tell the woman who loves the body of the man?




It’s not too late to start fitness now. Listen to Xiaobian’s seven-point advice and maybe help you on the fitness road.

1. Under normal circumstances, people who take part in fitness training for the first time will be very excited.

Especially when exercising the effect.

This is a reasonable incentive for you to participate in exercise more.

However, some people can’t wait to spend a lot of exercise as soon as they enter the gym, ignoring the warm-up before the exercise.

And excessive training often makes you exhausted and affects normal life and work.

This, Richard Coton, a judge of the American Training Board, pointed out that fitness is a long-term project, don’t think of becoming a bodybuilder in one day.

2. After waking up and training in the morning, it is two important timetables for your meal.

While training hard, you need to increase your needs. If you don’t have enough in the morning, you will feel suffocated in the later training.

Dr. Jacques Berne, an assistant professor at Colorado State University, said that mornings should contain small amounts of free radicals and some proteins.

Chicken protein is a good choice.

In addition, low-fat yogurt, milk and cereals are also good choices.

After training, you should eat immediately, because your body needs to replenish the energy it consumes.

Eating should include carbohydrates, protein, water, etc., and of course delicious snacks.

3, multi-training is good for you, it can make your body function develop in a balanced manner.

Although aerobic exercise is good for enhancing endurance and cardiovascular system, it has little effect on growth strength and strong body. Only by combining aerobic exercise and strength training can we improve physical fitness comprehensively.

4, do some exercise before training, but warm up before before.

First, do a 10-minute low-intensity scooter training.

This not only reduces injuries, but also increases body temperature before doing high-intensity exercise.

When the body tissue warms, you can do another 5 to 10 minutes of contraction, especially to squeeze out the muscle groups and body parts that may be used.

5, recovery is equally important for training.

During exercise, the necessary pauses cannot be ignored, because the body itself needs to have a full rest period to restore the state.

As a beginner, don’t do more than 4 major exercises in a week.

On the same training day, the same muscle tissue should not be trained many times. If there is pain in the previous exercise, don’t be awkward in the training.

In addition, comprehensive nutrition maintenance is a must, 5 or 6 times a day is a good choice.

Finally, you need to stay at least 8 hours of sleep, because enough sleep time can make your energy and body recover.

6, do not do the same exercise repeatedly.

Sports experts tell us that your body will change only when you force it. In addition, the more you exercise, the change can be.

And if you repeat the same exercise program in the cut, your body can only exercise a certain part, but some other parts and muscle groups can not get enough exercise.

This way, your body will be difficult to maintain balance and your physical condition will not be optimal.

Therefore, fitness experts recommend that exercisers should choose a variety of training, and often change, so that all parts can be exercised.

7, women like strong men.

Psychologists believe that men with strength are considered to be sexy, and those who exercise regularly even feel good about themselves and are also very attractive to the opposite sex.

This is why many women like men who are alive and kicking on the sports field.This feeling of self-confidence is very helpful for adhering to fitness training, it will make men fighting high and have a sense of accomplishment.

Women are pleasing to others, why are men not?

Yougrati: New Fashion in Fitness

Yougrati: New Fashion in Fitness

In a girl’s dictionary, “beauty” is always one of the keywords.

However, the gym’s schedule is always full of pedal exercises, aerobic Latin, women’s boxing, cycling . It is fresh to play a few times, and it is always the same over and over, but it is tiresome.

Yoga has been a hot knife, but as soon as the coach saw his feet rest from behind to his ears, he immediately thought of running away.

  I heard that the Star Fitness Club has a new flower head-YOGALATES. It is a combination of yoga and Pilates. It is suitable for girls who can’t stand strenuous exercise, but also have difficulty practicing yoga., And quickly went to experience it for yourself.

  As you inhale, let your stomach pile up on a hill to get a long mat and a pair of pound dumbbells.

Just standing still, the lights suddenly went out completely, and only two green lanterns shone on coach Casey, making people have a “settlement” mood.

  The course officially begins.

Immediately, a “mysterious garden” music sounded.

  The first step to becoming a Yograte is to learn “belly breathing”.

Ordinary people breathe, always with a slightly higher chest and a slightly closed abdomen.

The “abdominal breathing method” is the opposite. The abdomen is lifted when inhaling, and the abdomen is retracted when exhaling.

When I first started, I was a little overwhelmed-I took a deep breath, and the black hair couldn’t help but raise my head. When I thought of something wrong, I tried to swell my belly again.

  Lying on the mat with eyes closed, the coach put his hand on my stomach and kept stopping: “Higher!

-It turned out that until the belly bulged into a hill, it was considered “inhaling the right breath.”

  Yogalates is a combination of yoga and Pilates. Suddenly, Carmen sings a song to lie down with closed eyes and dim lights, which makes people feel drowsy.

Suddenly, Kathy picked up two small dumbbells, twisted her arms and twisted her waist, and the music also became enthusiastic from the etherealness of the “Secret Garden”-the famous “Carmen”!

So suddenly dragged into the excitement rhythm of the “Pilates” stage.

  It’s hard to keep up with the dance tempo, and I’m sweating!

But don’t be happy, you are still panting, and when the God is coming, the music has turned into a voluptuous Indian taste.

The coach sat on the ground and started practicing yoga-arms straight to the sky, toes straight, legs also turned to the sky, the whole person stood on the floor like a V shape!

Seeing other scholars do the same without changing the color, I had to bite the bullet and try it . well, admit that beginners can only be as messy as a tumbler . unexpected, this is just a piece of cake, the nextAlmost every action is like playing a “body letter” game, while stepping on one foot with both hands forward, the other leg is parallel to it, like a T-shape; after a while, the hands are compressed toward the sky, and the foot is resting on the other leg.Aiming at the top, the tip of one leg is like a lowercase B . The coach is always stable and steady, but I can’t stand firmly or sit firmly, and 45 minutes becomes extremely long.

  Tiramisu’s lifting, Tiramisu’s pulling movements only found out that Yograte was originally a unit of yoga movements, coupled with a unit of Pilates molding. In this way, it can strengthen the flexibility andIt’s more interesting to balance and take care of the increase in muscle strength than to do just one of them.

  Asking Kathy Eugrati exactly how to write it, she explained: “The mention of Tiramisu, the pulling of Tiramisu.

“But this girl who loves Tiramisu has the most enviable skinny and compact body. She said that after practicing Eugratia, she lost some weight.

  Ugrati Notes 1.

Do not eat for 1 hour before taking Eugrati.

Because there will be a lot of leaning and head movements, if there is food in the stomach, it may cause discomfort.


You will feel hungry after exercising, but do n’t eat right away. Drink some water or sports drinks first-this time, it ‘s easiest to get fat!


It is best to do it more than 3 times a week for this to be effective.


There are not many restrictions on clothing, just comfort.

In addition, sweating a lot when doing exercises, it is best to choose clothing made of breathable fabrics.


Although Yograti’s requirements are not as high as yoga, there are still some flexible movements. It will be difficult to do it at first. Don’t force it when you encounter this situation.

Do this again and again, and naturally meet the requirements.
When doing stretching, some scholars will feel cramps, because they have not done enough preparation before.

Therefore, before doing Eugrati, you must run and turn your joints to stretch your body.

If you really have cramps, you can rest on the mat for a while and wait for the next movement while recovering.

Frequently rubbing Yingxiang points can prevent colds

Frequently rubbing Yingxiang points can prevent colds

I remember when I was 16 years old, I went up the mountain and went to the countryside to go to the Northeast Corps. At that time, I was most afraid of getting sick because I was slightly sick because of physical discomfort.

In my spare time, I read the book that Yingxiang points can prevent colds, so from the beginning of winter, before going to bed every night, I have to rub the Yingxiang points with the thumb joints of both hands, from close to the widest part of the noseKnead up to the bridge of the nose, and then back to the widest part of the nasal wing for one time, generally press and knead more than 100 times.

I have stayed in the countryside for 8 years, and I have used alternative methods to prevent it. I have almost never caught a cold.

  In my experience, the time for kneading Yingxiang points should start from the beginning of winter and end in the early summer of the second year. If you have perseverance, you can stick to it all year round.

Yingxiang points are on both sides of the widest part of the nasal wing. If you rub the Xiangxiang points during bowel movements, you can also have a laxative effect; if you wash your nasal cavity with fresh water in the morning and evening, you can also prevent rhinitis.

The method of washing the nasal cavity with fresh saline is to pour the fresh saline into the hands, inhale it through the nose, and then spit it out. Generally, two glasses of fresh saline are used at a time.

Pay attention to rub a little emollient oil when rubbing Yingxiang Acupoint. Do not use too much force to avoid hurting the skin.

As long as you stick to rubbing the Yingxiang acupoint every day without interruption, combined with adequate sleep and drinking plenty of water, you can effectively prevent colds.

The height is hard to change, but the fat is not imagined.

The height is hard to change, but the fat is not imagined.

Yesterday, I took a day off and watched TV for a day. I saw the “We Dating” of Hunan Satellite TV at 12 o’clock in the evening.

There are five boys, four of whom are relatively strong, one is relatively thin, and the eighteen princesses do not like the thin one.

  After watching it for more than an hour, I understood that the girl now likes to be strong, and then look at me, one meter six or eight, weighing 54 kilograms.

Really thin, then think about how many times I have met each other for four years, and I have seen it. I don’t even talk about it when I am thin.

This year’s time, I didn’t see it, but she looked at my space photo.!

  I don’t want to say more about sad things. Some women are not looking for men. They are looking for men who can move marble. Although I look a little thinner, I am healthy, so I have to decide to increase my weight by ten pounds.Those who are not thinking in a line can sleep more at night and think about it.

  Adult height is difficult to change, but fattening is very likely. Think of it, immediately search the phone for half a minute and set a fattening plan.

  Three years ago, there was no serious action on the idea of fattening. I also bought a spirulina capsule that nourishes the stomach, but only bought one bottle.

Not much to buy, it is really expensive, I also bought kidney treasure, but also bought two bottles, making money is not easy, afraid not much use, I have not bought.

  Online search, there are five major reasons for weight loss, two of which are suitable for me!

The first digestive problem, this may be, I have had a stomach problem.

Second, nutrition plus eating habits!

It may be that I am working on a night shift, eating is not a fixed meal, and the food intake is not very good. There is no way. Now I still do my job well and start a business later.

I once thought about doing a favorite business, but also went through the market to understand, but that is nothing to find things to do, no Ben, come to Dongguan for four or five years, in my memory, did not buy ten times the fruit to eat, did not do it yourselfEat food, the company eats.

Men lie to women psychological motivation

Men lie to women psychological motivation

1. You wear this dress beautifully. Reason: Avoid conflict.

Men always imitate similar answers to their wife’s questions. This is unwilling to hurt your self-esteem, and you don’t want to trouble yourself.

  2, all right cause: Heal alone.

When a man encounters a problem, he always says that he is fine. In fact, he just licks the wound in silence.

They sometimes use lies to disguise themselves to avoid fearful dialogue.

  3. If you don’t want it, I don’t want the reason: Avoid yourself becoming a pervert who forced your wife.

When you say that you are not emotionally or physically uncomfortable, men can only conceal their inner disappointment, lest you be regarded as a person who only knows to pursue sex and does not understand gentleness.

  4. I called you Reason: Self-defense.

When you encounter a husband who forgot to call you, or because he was late for a date, and was unable to complete your task, he usually uses this excuse. In the eyes of men, lying is sometimes one of the ways to avoid being hurt.

  5. Past girlfriend?

Here’s why: self-protection.

Women are very curious about the situation of their husbands’ past girlfriends. When men with strong gender perspectives face these problems, it is conceivable to know how to perfunctory things. At the same time, they also understand that they must be honest and not entangle their lovers.

  6. How can I lie to you Cause: Let your lover eliminate doubts.

Men want to live happily, so this is the best way to dispel doubts in men’s mouths.

Winter morning refining destroys your body

Winter morning refining “destroys” your body

The weather is cold in winter, the indoor temperature should be appropriate, and the room temperature is most suitable for 18 ℃ ~ 25 ℃, too high or low indoor temperature is not good for health.
If the indoor temperature is too high, it will cause the indoor and outdoor temperature difference to be too large, which may cause a cold. If the indoor temperature is too low, the human body lives in a low temperature environment for a long time, which may easily cause respiratory diseases and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
  The thickness of the bedding should be appropriately adjusted according to the change of room temperature, taking the human body to feel warm without sweating.
Cotton clothes worn when going out should be made of pure cotton, which should be soft, light and close to the body to keep warm.
  In winter, the human body should pay special attention to the neck, back and feet.
  一要注意颈部保暖  有的人在冬季持续咳嗽且不易治愈,仔细观察一下,原来是因为穿开领服装暴露颈部,使寒冷的空气直接刺激气管所造成的,而改换高领服装并加Symptoms disappeared after using a fur collar.
  Second, we must pay attention to keeping the back warm. The back is the yang of the human body, and evils such as wind and cold can easily invade through the back and cause exogenous diseases, respiratory diseases and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Pay attention to keep your back warm. You should wear a cotton vest and keep your back warm during sleep to avoid cold and evil attacks, so as not to damage the yang.
  Third, pay attention to keeping the feet warm and the feet are the basis of the human body. It is the beginning of the Sanyin Meridian and the end of the Sanyang Meridian.
It is often said that “cold starts from the feet”, because the feet are far away from the heart, the blood supply is insufficient, the heat is less, and the thermal insulation is poor, so it is important to keep the feet warm.
In addition to keeping your feet warm during the day, washing your feet with hot water every night can promote blood circulation throughout the body, enhance the body’s defense ability, eliminate fatigue, and improve sleep.
  There are many ways to keep in good health in winter. To sum up, there are nothing more than mental health, food health and living health.
  The first is tranquility-based, maintaining the spirit. In the winter, stability and quiet are the fundamentals to maintain spiritual happiness and emotional stability.
  In “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, “if you want to hide your mind, if you have selfishness, if you have it,” it means that in the winter, you should avoid the interference and stimulation of various bad emotions, so that your mood is always indifferent and quiet.When things happen, keep things secret and undisclosed, keep your mind quiet and free your inner world full of optimism and joy.
  The second is to eat more warm food, less cold food, winter health supplemented by food health.
  Traditional health science divides food into three categories: cold, warm, and flat.
In winter, the climate is cold. In order to keep warm, people should eat more warm foods, and less cold and cold foods.
Warm foods include glutinous rice, sorghum rice, chestnuts, jujube, walnut kernels, almonds, chives, coriander, pumpkin, ginger, shallots, garlic and so on.
  The third is to go to bed early and get up late to avoid the cold and keep warm. The health in winter is expensive in the fresh air.
  In winter, it is especially important to ensure adequate sleep time. From the perspective of traditional health sciences, properly increasing the sleep time in winter is conducive to the hidden yang of the human body and the accumulation of yin status.
  Studies have shown that air pollution is most severe in the early morning in winter, and various toxic and harmful gases settle on the ground due to the decrease in night temperature. Only after the sun comes out and the ground temperature rises can it rise to the air.
  Especially in the early morning in winter, there is often fog. Foggy days not only cause inconvenience to traffic, but can also damage human health.
  According to measurements, the proportion of harmful substances such as various acids, alkalis, salts, amines, phenols, dust, pathogenic microorganisms in mist droplets is dozens of times higher than that of raindrops.
  If you exercise in the foggy morning in the winter, with the increase of the amount of exercise, your breathing will deepen and accelerate, and you will inhale more harmful substances in the mist, which will induce or aggravate bronchitis, respiratory infections, sore throat, ocular conjunctivitis, etc.Many illnesses.
  Many middle-aged and elderly people who like morning exercises go out to exercise in the dark in the winter. In fact, this is not physical exercise, it is tossing and messing with their bodies, often so, they will get sick!

Six traditional Chinese medicine diets for liver protection


Six traditional Chinese medicine diets for liver protection

First, patients with damp and turbid internal resistance complain of light mouth, bloating, edema, sleepiness, and white and greasy tongue coating, which are symptoms of wet evil invasion.

Food should be light, avoid too sweet and greasy.

The spleen and dampness, appetizing diet can be optionally used.


Atractylodes steamed mandarin fish material: 250-500 grams of mandarin fish, 15 grams of atractylodes slices, ginger onions, 15 grams of ham, 15 grams of mushrooms, seasonings, etc.

  Method: Steam on high heat for 15 minutes.


Sturgeon soup ingredients: 500 grams of anchovy, 10 grams of tangerine peel, 3 grams of sand, 10 grams of groceries wrapped in a gauze bag, seasoning, shallots, ginger, etc.

  Method: Put the gauze bag, onion ginger into the belly of the fish, fry the fish slightly with onion oil, add water and boil until the soup is milky white, and eat 2-3 times.

  Second, patients with liver-kidney yin deficiency type have hot hands and feet, night sweats, dizziness, soft waists and knees, and red tongue and little moss. They should replace Yangyin tonic and liver-kidney diet.


Chinese wolfberry steamed whole chicken material: about 1,000 grams of hens, 30 grams of Chinese wolfberries, a small amount of seasoning.

  Method: Lycium barbarum is placed in the chicken belly and seasoned, then steamed for 2 hours and eaten 2-3 times.

  2. Wolfberry winter wheat diced materials: 10 grams of wolfberry, 30 grams of lean pork, and 5 eggs.

  Method: Minced meat, egg broken and steamed and cut into granules.

Fry the meat, wolfberry, winter wheat, and eggs together.

  Third, patients with liver stagnation and spleen deficiency type complain of nausea and belching, loss of appetite, pain in the liver area, thin stools, and should be treated with Shugan Jianpi diet therapy.


Chenpi duck material: one duck, 10 grams of Chenpi, 10 grams of yam.

Seasoning theory.

  Method: After the duck is cooked, add seasoning, tangerine peel, and Huai yam for another 15 minutes.


Plum porridge, rose porridge, and coix seed jujube porridge Method: When the rice is added with water and an appropriate amount of sugar to make it slightly thick, add plum or rose or coix seed jujube to make it dense.

How the child’s personality is shaped

How the child’s personality is shaped

We also need to recognize the role of self-education in character development.

Let us participate in some social practice activities, improve our self-education ability, and strive to make ourselves optimistic, frank, sincere, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-improvement, humor, caring, cooperation, sympathy, understanding, enthusiasm, liveliness, etc.
  Personality shapes content.

  To shape one’s own character requires two aspects of work, one is to cultivate a good character, and the other is to correct the bad character.

In cultivating good character, we should give full play to the role of teachers, collectives, peers, and social practices in character building.

We know that we have a very strong “orientation”. Teachers are our role models. We hope to gain trust, attention and praise from teachers. Once we get these, we will get psychological satisfaction and self-esteem.Self-confidence follows.

If a student often gets praise from the teacher instead of reprimanding and abandoning, the student is likely to have inferiority and even hostility, resentment and other emotions. Over time, he will bury himself for the bad personality of loneliness, indifference, inferiority, jealousy, etc.Hidden danger.

No wonder Makarenko said: “The basic principle in my work is to try to ask more people, and try to face one person as much as possible.”

In addition, to give full play to the role of class collectives and companions, students should cultivate their self-control, discipline, courage, caring for the collective, hard work, and dedication.

The collective provides a good educational situation for the character formation of the students. A good class collective is like a huge melting pot of character. Makarenko said well, “Only when a person has a lengthy land to participate in a well-organizedIn the collective life of discipline, perseverance and pride, personality can be cultivated.

“Personality and its shaping significance.

  The word “personality” is a very rich concept in psychology, and there is still no unified definition.

However, it is generally believed that personality is a relatively stable and socially meaningful characteristic system formed in practical activities.

In the personality phase large system, there are three samples, which are characteristic system (ability, temperament, personality), dynamic system (motivation, need, interest, variables, etc.) and self-regulation system (self-awareness, self-evaluation, self-experience,Self-prediction, etc.).

Personality has a core level in the personality system. It is generally believed that the sum of the unique and stable psychological characteristics manifested in people’s attitudes and behaviors towards reality is called personality.

Because of the special part of personality in personality, when we shape our personality, we should focus on the cultivation of good personality.

  We know that the shaping of students’ personality has a very important relationship with the comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness, beauty, and labor, and has outstanding characteristics in the school’s psychological quality education.

Former Soviet Union educator Macalenko was particularly recognized for character education. He attributed the purpose of education to a “personal personality training plan” and regarded character as the core of personality.

Einstein once pointed out: “Excellent character and steel-like will is more important than wisdom and erudition . Intellectual achievement depends to some extent on the greatness of the character, which often exceeds people’s common understanding.

It can be seen that personality has a great effect on a person’s life and career, and it should be cultivated and shaped as soon as possible.

The formation of character is the “alloy” of innate and acquired. It is based on hereditary qualities, and gradually develops and develops through acquired education, environmental impact, and personal subjective efforts.

Personality has both stability and plasticity, so we should educate us in time to shape a good character.

The place where the fairy lives in Namtso

The place where the fairy lives in Namtso

Namtso is very far away. He left the city of Lhasa for more than 200 kilometers. He spent the time imagining it in the snow-capped mountains and grasslands. He passed through a valley, yak and flock, tents and ghee, singing pastoral songs.It seems that because of the strong atmosphere of the human world, the missing Namtso is still far away.

  ”Where to go,” the little girl in the same car asked impatiently.

  ”To the horizon, to the place where the fairy lives.” The young mother stared at the child and then said, “Namucu, don’t be sorry for us.”

No, I said that although I haven’t seen Namtso, but in the pen of many people, Namtso has shown its charm.

But after I said it, my heart was not enough. I can’t guarantee that Namtso could make me marvel. Because of Shenhu, we can make it too much imagination and hope.

  Arriving at the Nagan Pass at an altitude of more than 5,000 meters, the car could not climb.

We got off the bus, the wind of the plateau blew the mountain, it picked up your clothes and blows your hair, as if you can raise your hand and fly.

When we pulled our hands and climbed to the mountain pass, everyone exclaimed: Namtso, the Namtso in the sky!

At the foot of the snow-capped mountains, in the place surrounding the pastures and flocks, it connects the gaps of the grasslands and the sky.

  Have you seen the movie “Dream Come True”?

It uses virtual methods to bring the beauty of people’s imagination to heaven, and now heaven is not far from us. It is so real and not in the face of it. It is more than the paradise of imagination.More ethereal, more distant.

It is 4,718 meters above sea level and covers an area of 1920 square kilometers. It is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet.

  After a strong tremor in the heart, we can’t wait to pounce on it.

  There is no road on the grassland. We followed the coach in front of the foreigner and turned to the rut to arrive at the place where it should be.

The road to the grassland seems to have no end, and Namtso is so unreachable that it is clearly in front, but we are not able to walk by it.

It is so big, so deep, but it is covered with some swamps around it, you can only land on a certain section of its shore.

In a certain array, we stopped the car, in the middle of the infinite grass, I was confused, I don’t know how to go.

The driver stood on the roof of the car and looked at the coach that we were squatting behind. We said that there was no shadow of the car. The grassland above appeared like this. We felt the mystery of the Shenhu Lake.

  Namtso, who was in front of him, only really came to the front of the grassland around it after more than 30 kilometers.

The lake is wide and distant, like a crescent moon, embracing the grassland and cuddling the snowy mountains.

Near the lake, the blue light flashed, and the waves rolled to the shore, and the sand was washed away. I grabbed a stone by the lake and I wanted to swallow it.

The lake in the distance is submerged in the clouds of smoke, just to answer the bitter question of the little girl, the fairy is in the clouds, sitting under the lake.

  According to the custom of Tibetan tradition, in the Year of the Sheep, Nanmu will be connected in a circle, which is a pilgrimage to the Year of the Goat.

There are countless piles of horses on the lakeside, and there are countless people who want to turn to the lake. The reefs on the lake are also engraved with the six-character mantra of “嗡呗我咪哞”.

Now is not the season to turn to the lake, no one sells souvenirs, no guides, no merchandise, everything is original, use your life to feel the lake of God.

  No melancholy, no sadness, no impetuousness, a transparent heart like crystal, red jumping in the sun, red dust road has been left on the side of the Nagan Pass, you found that you are so simple for the first time, do not need to prayDon’t forget to forget that familiar life is like the past.

You didn’t think about boating on the lake, nor did you want to become a fish in the lake. You just want to be an eagle. After flying, you can guard the reef.

Namtso has no human creations and does not require human imagination to enrich it.

Namtso does not need language. It is in a place where a wide crowd is a place where Su Shi wants to fly by the wind. It is the cleansing place of the world, and it is the end of the world.

  I sat by the lake and couldn’t find the proper language to tell the mystery of Namtso and the immortality of the beautiful fireworks.

I just read the names of some people and said: I went to Namtso, I went to Namtso.

  I admire those foreigners. They set up tents by the lake, leisurely watching the lake and listening to the lake.

And we can only embark on the road of return after a short hug.

A feeling of leaving behind, a feeling of wanting to look back, as if it is the love of Namtso, so reluctant, so unforgettable.

  More than 30 kilometers of grassland road, I kept looking back, Namucuo blue is more and more incredible, every time I look back, I am shocked and jumped as follows: Hey, that blue!

  Once again, standing in the mountain pass, once again staring at the gaze, making a final farewell to the paradise of life.

At that moment, I felt heartbroken, Namtso!

There are some characteristics of newborn development

There are some characteristics of newborn development

1. The average birth weight of a newborn is 3.

About 0kg, length 46-53cm, head circumference 33-38cm.

2, newborns sleep 20 hours a day, about 3 hours are deep awake.

3, the newborn’s eyes are sensitive to light response, especially like to see the shape of the face, the newborn within 2 weeks can distinguish the face shape of the mother and the father.

4. The hearing of the newborn is quite sensitive, because the mother usually hears the voice of the mother’s usual speech and the rhythm of the mother’s aortic pulse in the fetus. Therefore, it is relatively quiet when breastfeeding, showing a sense of intimacy and security.When crying, as long as the mother calls for the child to be quiet, changing the call of the father does not have the same effect.

Newborns can also distinguish between high and low sounds.

The direction and duration of the sound, the newborns born on average 58 hours have been able to distinguish between 200 and 1000Hz.

5. At the time of birth, the olfactory center and peripherals are mature.

Newborns will actively look for nipples when they smell the smell of milk during breastfeeding.

6. The taste sensation of the newborn has been well developed and has different responses to different taste sensations.

Taste can be distinguished in only 2 hours after birth. It is pleasant for slightly sweet sugar water, painful for lemon juice, and can distinguish different concentrations of sugar solutions.

In the first few days of birth, baby girls prefer sweetness to baby boys.

7, the newborn’s touch is highly sensitive, especially in the eyes, forehead, around the mouth, palms, soles and other parts.

8. The newborn has tight fists in both hands, can raise its head for 1-2 seconds in the prone position, and has a reflexive choke movement.

When helping a newborn to stand upright, both lower limbs can bear a little weight, and step reflexes and foot reflexes appear.

9, the newborn also has a certain special physiological state, namely: physiological flavonoids, pseudomenstruation, breast enlargement, lactation.