The elderly solve the troubles and simple six methods

The elderly solve the troubles and simple six methods

It is not terrible to have troubles. The most terrible thing is that it cannot be resolved.

How to solve the troubles, for the elderly, may be a major event of life and customs, must learn.

According to the author’s long-term practice research, the following six methods for solving the troubles are proposed: 1. It is good to leave the scene as saying: the eyes are not seen as net.

If the elderly are at the scene of troubles, the best way is to leave first, go to the nearby community park, go shopping in a big mall or supermarket, or simply go to a movie, if there is a comedygood.
  2, self-confidence “forget it, forget it”, constantly self-confidence; “don’t care about it, the matter has come to an end, no longer care,” can comfort yourself in this way.

Even a little bit of Ah Q spirit, said to himself: “The loss is cheap”; “People eat a loss is a good deed, I will live a hundred years old.”

“After encountering some people who are difficult to get along with, you can say: “We have never been in the past, so we don’t know each other.”

3, quickly forget that if you are worried about the troubles, you will definitely hurt your body.

Therefore, these troubles must be expelled from the mind in the shortest possible time, and learn to forget it, as if this had not happened.

  4, learn to vent in all anger, the most hurtful is “suffocating”, that is, anger and trouble are in the heart.

Scientists believe that “suffocation” has a profound carcinogenic effect.

Therefore, be sure to find one of the most intimate relatives or friends, and spit out your heart.

If necessary, you can also “snap a few times” without directly hurting the other party, in order to resolve the hatred of the heart, so that the anger will suddenly disappear.

  5, looking for happiness After completing the above four tasks, go fishing, play chess, sing and sing, dance, chat with friends, even water the flowers, write and write, read the books, do the same as you usually do.Things, looking for happiness, stretching a sullen heart and restoring a good attitude.

  6, enhance self-confidence and self-confidence is a kind of strength, is a good medicine to cure diseases, is a weapon to dispel troubles.

Especially when the disease is ridden, you must constantly warn yourself: “I will be better, I am not afraid of death, still afraid of disease?


Initially motivate yourself and establish a belief that you must win.

Wu Yan San umbilical can cure baby diarrhea

Wu Yan San umbilical can cure baby diarrhea

Infant diarrhea is caused by a variety of reasons, such as indigestion, lactose intolerance, rotavirus infection and other bacterial infections, which leads to increased bowel movements, increased stool frequency, and arteriosclerosis.

Although there are many methods for treating infantile diarrhea, the course is long and the cost is high.

The use of Wusong powder umbilical therapy is economical, convenient, and reliable.

  Take 3 grams of dogwood and clove 1.

5 grams, woody fragrance 1.

5g, Atractylodes 3g, Cinnamon 3g, Galla 10g.

The above medicines are researched together, mixed with vinegar, mixed with an appropriate amount, adjusted to a paste, applied to the umbilical cord, fixed with adhesive tape or wound pain analgesic, and changed every 2 days.

If severe diarrhea has symptoms of dehydration, rehydration salts can be taken orally.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that diarrhea is caused by inadequate diet, stagnation, or feeling of heat, which causes damp heat resistance in the middle coke, spleen and stomach dysfunction, so vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms occur.

Fructus Evodia, syringa hot, vomiting cold, warming stomach; woody lukewarm, stagnation and stomach air conditioning; cinnamon hot, Tongmai, Wenbu, bitter temperature of atractylodes spleen, spleen and dampness, sweating wide; gallic acid, Convergence and astringency, it is estimated that vinegar also has the function of convergence and astringency.

The umbilical Tongshen Acupoint is applied in combination with various medicines, which has the effects of ventilating and drying the spleen, relieves abdominal distension and regulates blood circulation, so as to achieve the function of rehabilitation and recovery of disease.

Open your arms while walking to prevent falls

Open your arms while walking to prevent falls

Core Tip: On the street side, in the park, you often see old people with their hands hanging or walking with their hands, but in fact, the walking posture that raises the arm can not only enhance the bone function, but also prevent falls and some chronic diseases.

  A study conducted by Steven Covings, a biomechanics expert at the University of Chicago in the United States, found that people’s metabolic rate of keeping their arms still and walking while walking is very different.

Arms for walking can make walking more efficient, equivalent to walking at a speed of 20% or at a speed of 10mm.

At the same time, the correct swing arm posture can maintain the balance of the body, coordinate the step frequency, and improve the effect of the leg movement.

When walking with the arm, the two arms are offset by the pace of the pace, which can enhance the function of the bones and the chest, prevent the elderly from falling, and lead to periarthritis of the shoulder, emphysema, chest tightness and chronic bronchitis in the elderly.

  Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly can choose the “pendulum swing” arm when walking. The correct way is: the shoulder is relaxed, the two arms are bent at about 90 degrees, the two hands are half-handed, the natural swing, the front swing is slightly inward, and the rear swing is slightlyextreme.

Do not swing too much, do not use too much force.

The walking speed is preferably 60-90 steps per minute, no more than half an hour per day.

Persistent seizures, frozen shoulders, emphysema and other chronic diseases will improve.

Practicing Qigong treatment

Practicing Qigong treatment

Qigong conditioning Qigong treatment of lung cancer patients can clear the meridians, ventilate blood, and mediate emotions.

Cultivation of Qigong is beneficial to the recovery of lung cancer.

Practice method: 1.

Sit back and adjust to supine and calm down, the two palms overlap the back of the head, the lower limbs are straight, a buckling is 60-90 degrees, closed eyes, upwards, looking up on the dantian, the tongue against the upper jaw, the lip seems to closeClose, adjust the breathing (about 8-10 times, 3-4 times after 1 month).


Sitting on the seat, squatting on the seat, intending to guard the Dantian, holding the empty fist and bending the elbow to the ear, then pushing forward, exhaling, the foot is forced, then the two hands back to the ear, inhale, the heel force.

The mouth is slightly closed, the front is visible, and the breathing is long, for 10-20 times.

When you practice for a certain period of time, you can accompany the breathing when you breathe (calling time, sucking time).


Stretching the squatting position, sinking the shoulders and elbows, including the chest and abdomen, the two upper limbs flexed and lightly clenched the fists, placed on the outside of the two knees, kneeling down on both knees, aiming to defend the middle Dantian, and then both hands extended upwards to the shoulders, brightThe palms, the two feet and the ground jumped to the ground and jumped to the ground, and then inhale, and slowly exhale when restoring (breathing with the nose), the ratio of breathing is 5:1 or 4:1, about 5 per minute.-10 times.


Pick up the limbs and take the standing position. The legs are separated from the front and back and shoulder width.

Both eyes look forward, chest, abdomen, hand fists placed between the two waists, intended to guard the middle Dantian, running a small circle with the toe running, the mouth slightly closed nose breathing, the two arms alternately swing back and forth.

8 steps or 4 steps, run 30-50 steps per minute, 10-15 minutes is appropriate.


Lift your breath and relax a little. Keep your hands on Dantian, gently lift your hands from the front of your body, and inhale. When you lift your hands to the top of the head and neck, fold back. After sucking your feet, put your hands on the side of the body and slowly lower them.Hey, exhale, repeat the previous action when you put it to the next Dantian, for 5-10 times.


In terms of gaining power, the upper and lower teeth are gently smashed 36 times, and then the saliva is swallowed 3 times. After repeated 3 times, any activity can be performed.

If it exceeds retraining, it should be 15-30 minutes apart.


There are no restrictions on other postures. If you can stand, you can stand freely, and you can sit or be horizontal.

However, any posture requires natural relaxation, the eyes are slightly closed, and the tongue is on the upper jaw.

Facing the West, excluding the distracting thoughts, the thoughts of the milk bath flow to the whole body or in the pool, soaking in the body.

Slow and even, usually when you want to “loose”, the abdomen gradually reduces the depression, loose anus, ten toes also relax.

Breath control to 10-12 times per minute.

Repeated for 30-40 minutes, and finally stayed in the lesion area, silently “tumor disappeared” 30-60 minutes, received work.

How to break through desire

How to break through desire

There is a monastery in the western suburbs of Bangkok. Because of its remoteness, the incense has not been strong.

  After the original abbot was gone, Master Sottina came to the monastery to be the new abbot.

When he first arrived, he patrolled the monastery and found that there were bushes everywhere on the slopes around the temple.

Those shrubs grow freely, the trees are sturdy and open, and they look disorganized.

Sotinak found a scissors for gardening and gardening from time to time to slice a bush.

Half a year later, the bush was replaced by a hemisphere.

  The monks saw it, and did not know what the abbot was, and asked Sottinak, but the Master smiled and did not answer.

  On this day, a guest came to the monastery, and the guests were dressed and unassuming.

The mage received him.

Greetings, giving way, offering tea.

The other party said that he had passed by, the car broke down, the driver was repairing the car, and he went to the monastery to see.

  The Master wandered around with the guests.

During the walk, the guest asked the Master a question: “How can people clear their desires?

“The Sotinak Master smiled and returned to the inner room to bring the scissors and said to the guests: “Gover, please come with me!”

He took the guests to the hillside outside the monastery.

The guests saw the shrubs in the mountains and saw the tree that the mages expanded.

  The mage handed the scissors to the guest, the article: “As long as you can repeat a tree like me repeatedly, your desire will be eliminated.

The guest took the scissors in a puzzled way, went to a bush, and cut it up.

  The work of a pot of tea passed, and the Master asked him how he felt.

The guest smiled: “It feels a lot easier to stretch the body, but the desires that are stuck in my heart seem not to be put down.

“The Master’s dagger said: “It’s like this at first, it’s just a matter of interruption.

“When the guest leaves, he will make an appointment with the Master and come back ten days later.”

  The Master does not know that the guest is a well-known entertainment tycoon in Bangkok. Recently, he has encountered business problems that he has never experienced before.

  Ten days later, the tycoon came; sixteen days later, the tycoon came again. Three months later, the tycoon has turned the bush into the shape of a bird of scale.

The mage asked him: “Do you know how to eliminate desire now?

“The tycoon replied with a sly look: “It may be that I am too ignorant. When I repeat it many times, I can calm myself up and have no trouble.”

However, after leaving you and returning to my life circle, all my desires will still pop up as usual.

“The mage laughs and says nothing.”

  When the “bird” of the tycoon was completely formed, Master Sottinak asked him the same question again, and his answer remained.

  This time, the Master said to the tycoon: “Do you know why I suggested you come to the slender steel plate?”

I just hope that every time you realign, you will find that the original cut will grow again.

It’s like our desire, don’t expect to completely eliminate it.

What we can do is try to replace it with a more beautiful look.

Indulge in desire, it will be like this sloping bush, ugly.

However, it often breaks down and can become a pleasing landscape.

For fame and fortune, as long as it has its own way, it is useful, and it is beneficial to others, it should not be regarded as the shackles of the soul.

“The tycoon is stunned.”

  Since then, through the arrival of more and more pilgrims, the shrubs around the temple have also been divided into various shapes.The incense is getting stronger and more famous.

Swiss Secret Garden Ticino

Swiss Secret Garden Ticino

Train from Zermatt to Locarno and eat pasta in the restaurant by the lake.

There are many private yachts moored on the lake. From time to time, there are luxury sports cars that we don’t know (or simply can’t see) on the road around the lake.

There are many villas dotted around the lake in the morning.

Married an Italian husband, the American beauty who has lived here for more than 20 years said to us: “This is the place where the rich people in Switzerland and Germany like to go on holiday.

“Few foreigners know Ticino, but everyone knows that living in Switzerland is a very good idea.

Usually the advice of the locals is that you have a choice between the usual lake and Ticino.

  A very important reason to choose Ticino is that Switzerland is not only a snowy mountain.

More importantly, Ticino has always been very low-key, especially for foreigners.

This area has always been a secret of the residents of Berlin, Switzerland, and has always been accompanied by high-end markets.

  For most outsiders, whether Swiss or foreigners in this area of Zurich and Basel, the purchase of houses in Ticino is concentrated in 3 regions, Lugano, AsconaAnd Locarno.

Among them, Ascona and Locarno are neighbors.

  Ascona is the smallest of the three regions, but it is almost a pure resort. In the summer, the northerners (in Switzerland, the northerners or the region means rich) account for the majority.

As early as the beginning of the last century, Ascona took the spirit of “returning to nature”.

The special thing about this lakeside town is that it is not a party place. There are many rich people coming here, mainly because you can take a leisurely walk instead of a lovely shop on both sides of the street. You can live quietly through the

  Lugano, on the contrary, is an important business city, Switzerland’s third largest financial center (the first two are Zurich and this), the only airport in Ticino and an international school are located here, businessFundamentally, many foreigners come to Lugano and live here permanently. When it comes to Ascona, it is more like the second home of people, even in the winter, full of vitality.

Locarno, next to Ascona, Lake Maggiore, is similar to Lugano and is relatively urban, a series of districts, not an international one.

Here, the summer film festival, as well as the big triangle pizza is relatively well-known.

  Switzerland is not a place to make the most profit in a short time, like buying and selling real estate in Miami or Dubai.

The price here is similar to the price of the high-end properties of Tuscany, the centres of southern France and Spain, and London.

Each year, the maximum increase is 5%-10%.

  Part of the reason is that the government’s budget system prevents speculation, and foreigners who are not local residents face various restrictions when they purchase.

Four before and after sex

Four before and after sex

In the genital tract infections before and after sex, unclean sex is an important cause of illness.

As a result of the high sexual rise, couples refused to ignore personal hygiene.

  First, wash your hands, brush your teeth, and clean key parts before sex.

The reproductive organs are the areas that need to be cleaned before sex.

Unless men and women, the external genital mucosa has folds, it is easy to breed bacteria.

There are many bacteria between the male foreskin and the glans. If not cleaned in time, it will cause balanitis and dermatitis. These smegma are also harmful to women’s health and may cause cervical cancer in women.

Therefore, men should pay attention to cleaning the penis, the scrotum, turn the foreskin up, fully expose the glans, focus on cleaning the inner layer of the foreskin and the coronary sulcus.

Female urethra, vagina, vagina, germs are easy to infect each other, so women should pay attention to the size of the labia, vaginal vestibule and wrinkles around the clitoris, from the innermost layer to the outermost layer, wash from bottom to top, it is best to use warm water when cleaning.
  The bacteria hidden in the female vagina and male foreskin may be attached to the genitals of the other person through sex, and the vaginal secretions of the woman and the semen of the man remain outside, which is easy to breed bacteria.

The weather is still very hot recently, sweating more, and the body and key parts should be cleaned after sex.

“After sex, take a break and take a shower, this will prevent blood from flowing into the skin and muscles, resulting in other organs.

Li Haisong, director of the hospital male department, reminded.

  Do not over-prepare the “preparation work” before sex. Modern people will excessively pursue body cleanliness and body fragrance before sex, hoping to “add points” for sex life.

However, experts pointed out that excessive pursuit of cleanliness and fragrance before sex is an abnormal psychology that leads to sexual cleansing. Sexually cleansing people will have the following performances in the process of sex: before sex, you must clean the whole body and spray a lot of perfume toCovering the natural body odor; some people will use the scented wipes to rub a few times after receiving the caress, or simply get up and rinse for a while; some people will temporarily decide to let the other person rinse the body during the foreplay, and put the emotions of sexCompletely destroyed; even if someone sees semen, menstruation will be shocked.

  Experts believe that it is indeed very important to keep the body fresh and fresh during sex, but the human body has some natural body fragrance, which transforms the opposite sex to create attractiveness. Too strong aroma will destroy the atmosphere.

Generally, if you take a shower before sex and drink a sweet fruit juice, you can let the whole body emit a light and pleasant fragrance.

  After sex, men should not rush to urinate after urinating sex, which is good for flushing the urethra and avoiding infection.

For women, sex immediately urinating is a simple and effective means of preventing urinary tract infections.

Because the female urethra is degraded and straight, the bacteria of the vulva may be retrograde into the urethra during sexual life, causing urethritis and cystitis.

Experts say that men should not rush to urinate after sex, otherwise it will cause damage to the prostate.

Because the male urethra is long and curved, the length of urine passing is large, the time is long, the sexual life is just over, the congestive corpus cavernosum has not subsided, and the contraction of the urethral sphincter and detrusor has not been eliminated, thus causing high urethral obstruction, leading to urination.Difficult, even the urine does not come out.

At this time, if you are eager to urinate, reduce the pressure in the urethra, urine with bacteria and metabolic waste will enter the prostate, and this will lead to prostatitis.

Experts suggest that it is best to take a break after male ejaculation?
After 10 minutes, the urine was urished after the state of congestion disappeared.

  Need to be reminded that if there are frequent urination, urgency, dysuria and other symptoms after sex, you may have a urinary tract infection, you should go to the hospital in time.

  Eat a meal, don’t force your sex life after drinking. For men, keep strong when you have sex, lasting erection, consume a lot, and need multiple organs.

However, after eating, digestion and digestion, energy needs to absorb food, long-term blood supply increases, and the supply of blood in other parts of the body is reduced accordingly, penile erection is often unable to do so.

This phenomenon is particularly evident in middle-aged and older men.

  After drinking alcohol, it is not advisable to have sex. After drinking moderately, people are in a state of short-term excitement. Therefore, some people think that sex is better after drinking alcohol. This is also the role of nerve excitement, but at this time, sexual life is prone to excessive excitement or rough and reckless behavior.The rhythm is accelerated, and the glans are too sensitive and can cause premature ejaculation.

People who drink too much are in a state of neuroinhibition, which often leads to men’s inability to get an erection or erection, which affects the quality of sex.

Experts say that after long-term drinking, sex is easy for men to cause impotence.

In addition, alcohol can cause abnormal sperm development, affect sperm motility and morphology, and is not good for reproduction.

Don’t often smash the five corners

Don’t often smash the five corners

First, keep a good mood and don’t forget that the virtual fire is too strong to lead the rotten corner.

A good mood can balance the body and eliminate the virtual fire. After the virtual fire fades, the natural corner of the mouth slowly becomes better.

This is also the reason why people who have a hundred turns are more likely to rot.

Second, timely add vc, vb and other vitamins. If you look up a little on the Internet, you know that the rotten mouth actually shows the body’s internal vitamins.

If you don’t get extra supplements when you are eating, you may want to buy some auxiliary lozenges or vitamin tablets.

Third, drink plenty of water every day to ensure that you do not thirsty, then drink a little water.

Some people will say that I am not thirsty at all, is there a shortage of water?

Water shortage does not necessarily show a sense of hunger, let alone drinking water is not just to quench your thirst, but more to moisturize your lips, mouth and body parts.

Fourth, pay attention to this aspect of your diet is easier to understand, some foods should not only eat dry things, should be a reasonable mix, eat more moistening of the real thing, to drink soup.

At the same time, when choosing vegetables, you should add vitamin supplements, you should also eat more fruits.

Fifth, to maintain good habits This habit includes several times, such as the habit of going to bed early and getting up early, do not stay up late.

Do not smoke, drink, etc.

Because these factors are factors that easily break the balance of the human body, many problems occur in people because the normal environment is broken.

The coldest days hit 6 kinds of weight loss foods, warm fat burning _1

The coldest days hit 6 kinds of diet foods, warm fat burning

After the cold weather, it ushered in the coldest season of the year. At this time, you should eat more warm food.

The following small series recommend 6 kinds of weight loss foods, which can accelerate metabolism and increase body temperature, which is the best weight loss option in cold weather.

  Ginger – Quickly replenish the ginger ketone contained in the burning ginger (the spicy ingredient in ginger) to promote the secretion of norepinephrine, which produces a poor burning effect, but this ginger ketone component is only produced when ginger is heated, therefore,To improve the metabolic effect, please use it gradually after heating.

  Fat-reducing method: Brown sugar ginger tea can be placed with boiled brown sugar and ginger, which is convenient and simple.

Brown sugar ginger tea is especially good for girls, whether it is to accelerate body metabolism to help lose weight, or to prevent menstrual menstruation, it is the best choice for women friends to lose weight in winter.

  Cheese – Some high protein cheeses are high protein foods.

Protein is glucose, lipids, nutrients that require more energy when digested.

Therefore, it can speed up metabolism and make it easier for people to lose weight.

Although meat and fish are also rich in protein, cheese can be used only with a little bit of it.

  Fat-reducing method: Take a low-fat cheese in the morning.

  Make a healthy weight loss breakfast with wholemeal bread, lettuce, low-fat cheese, and low-fat ham.

These ingredients are low-fat, high-nutrient diet foods that help you metabolize at high speeds throughout the winter, even in the winter.

  枸杞-Delicious blood lipids contain a variety of vitamins, essential amino acids and linoleic acid, which can promote metabolism in the body. Modern research shows that medlar has hypolipidemic effects, liver protection, liver protection and mild liver resistance.effect.

  Fat-reducing method: Hawthorn tea is used for simmering, Hawthorn brewing boiled water into Hawthorn tea, 2 to 3 times a day, for 2 months, can achieve the effect of promoting micro-metabolism, lowering blood fat, and can reduce weight by more than 2 kg!

  Mutton – to lose weight, the right amount of high-quality red meat mutton contains a substance called “carnitine” or “carnitine”.

It is a natural natural vitamin nutrient, which is found in meat foods. After scientific research and analysis, it has been found that carnitine has a strong promoting effect on unfortunate metabolism.

The meat contains different amounts of carnitine. In every 100 grams of meat, pork contains 21 mg of carnitine, beef is 95 mg, and lamb is as high as 281 microns.

The increase in carnitine content exceeds the metabolism of adults, and if combined with proper exercise, the magical effect of “meat-reducing meat” can be achieved.

  Fat-reducing method: clearing the stewed mutton pot and adding the mutton to the cabbage to achieve the effect of “good and not fat” in the winter!

It should be noted that although the mutton is a beneficial slimming meat, it can not be eaten excessively, which will cause fire. In addition, the cooking method is also very important. Do not stir-fry and roast, the best fat-reducing cookingThe way is steaming, stuffy stew.

  Yam-reducing fat and breast yam replaces amylase, polyphenol oxidase and other substances, which can promote digestion and decomposition of food in human stomach.

Yam is unfavorable for water and moisture caused by weakness of the spleen and stomach, edema and puffiness, and the burning effect is very good.

In addition, yam helps breast enlargement. The mucus on the surface of yam contains the basic substances of female hormones, which can promote the synthesis of hormones. In the absence of slight accumulation of the fullness of the buttocks, eating yam in winter will help you lose weight without reducing your chest.

  Fat-reducing method: 薏 山 山 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 准备 山 山 山 山 山 山 山 山 山 山 山 山Add the soaked coix seed and continue to cook for 15 minutes, then add yam, red dates and simmer. Stir well and continue to cook for 15 minutes until the yam is completely soft.

Eat this bowl of “swelling weight loss artifact” will definitely let you enjoy “skinny” winter.

  Black tea – relieves greasy black tea containing catechins “black tea polyphenols”.

According to research, black tea polyphenols can control the rise of human neutral babies after diet, and inhibit the activity of absorbing factor activities.

  Fat-reducing method: After a full meal, a cup of warm stomach black tea will inevitably eat a little greasy food in winter. At this time, after a full meal, a cup of black tea thoroughly dissolves greasy, and it also effectively burns the body and makes you less guilty.

  ”Eating and eating to increase the amount of metabolism” enhances the metabolism of the four eating opportunities to make you lose weight with half the effort.

  (1) After getting up early – eat the heated ginger.

According to Japanese research experiments, the energy metabolism of eating 10 grams of ginger for breakfast within 3 hours after breakfast is increased by 6?

  (2) Before exercise – drink a cup of pure coffee.

It takes 30 minutes for caffeine to be absorbed and exerted by the body, so 30 minutes before exercise is more effective.

  (3) Before eating – eat or smell grapefruit.

Grapefruit contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, which is good for weight loss.

  (4) Weight loss stagnation period – edible natto.

Losing weight into the plateau is the reason for the slowing of basal metabolism.
According to research, supplementation with soy peptides restores basal metabolism.

Let the waist have a curvaceous aerobics

Let the waist have a curvaceous aerobics

Envy the thin waist of the stars?

I believe that not many women will say no, wearing a beautiful waistline will become more confident when they wear clothes.

The waist is not beautiful, but it has a very big relationship with the beauty and ugliness of the body. Do you want to make the waist evenly slim?

Then you can’t do this under the waist aerobics!

Remember to stick to it every day!


hzh {display: none; }  步骤一:首先要站在地上,然后把两手放在腰两边,两腿分开,先从左往右进行扭转腰部,使整个身体开始转动,再从右向左开始扭转The waist rotates the body 20 times on both sides.

  Step 2: Stand on the ground, then separate the legs, bend the waist forward, first touch the left foot with your right hand, then touch the right foot with your left hand, this action touches each time 10 times.

(Don’t be lazy, don’t miss it!

Step 3: Slightly on the ground, close to the wall, both hands support the wall from the shoulder, the body tries to bend backwards, the head looks backwards, and bends until it can no longer bend (if this action is judged by people’s adaptability)If the body can’t be done in place, don’t be too stubborn, otherwise it will be easily injured.) This action is repeated 5 times in a row.

  Step 4: Stand on the ground with both legs on the ground, bend the waist forward, bend the waist forward, and then bend the waist backwards, then bend to the left and right sides respectively, bend in four directions, bend in each direction 5Times.
  Step 5: Sit on your back, bend your knees to your chest, and then open your arms to the left and right.

In front, the hand needs to be attached to the ground.

Turn the body shaft to the right, the right arm touches the ground, the two arms do not move; turn the body shaft to the left, the left finger touches the ground, and the two arms do not move.

Repeat 10 times.

  Step 6: The body is lying on the ground, with the palms holding the pelvis, then the lower body and the waist, the toes straight, the back, the head and the arms on the ground.

The left and right feet are alternately bent to the right, and must not be bent. This action is performed 16 times in a row.

Don’t think it’s a lot of times, but it’s actually very effective.