Make tea with cold water for insomnia

Make tea with cold water for insomnia

Since ancient times, people have been accustomed to transforming tea with hot water. It is believed that hot water can foam the taste of tea and catechins, minerals, and other beneficial substances to the human body.

In fact, the effect of cold water tea is not bad at all. As long as you have enough patience, the fragrance of tea and nutrients will slowly leak out.

As a song from Xiangxi folk sings: “Cold water tea slowly grows .” The so-called cold water tea is brewing tea with cool white water or mineral water.

Office workers, car drivers, mountain climbers, etc., no matter where they go, as long as they can buy mineral water, they can enjoy delicious and healthy “cold tea” anytime, anywhere.

  On weekend nights, the reporter tried to make tea with cold water once and compared it with hot tea.

The reporter took out two identical glasses, added 3 grams of Xinyang Maojian, and then mixed in 150 ml of water, but one cup was filled with freshly boiled hot water, and the other cup was filled with room temperature mineral water.
The cup of tea just poured into the hot water immediately overflowed with the scent of the tea, with a bitter taste.

And the cup of tea poured into the mineral water can only smell a touch of tea when you get close to the glass, and you feel that it just has a little more tea flavor than mineral water.

After standing for an hour, drink a few more sips. The tea taste is relatively strong and bitter, but the tea brewed with hot water has a delicate fragrance but not strong. After a few minutes, there is still tea in the mouth.

Later, when I refilled the cup with mineral water, the tea tasted lighter, but the cup of “cold tea” still tasted delicious.

What made the reporter even more surprised was that after a few cups of “cold tea” fell down, the reporter did not sleep hard at midnight when he drank green tea at night, but went to sleep.

  How is this going?

The next day, the reporter consulted the information and consulted the experts to find that caffeine in tea has a refreshing effect. This is why many people drink tea and have insomnia. One of the great benefits of cold water tea is that it can reduce the extraction of caffeine from tea.Avoid people with insomnia.

  Some people have conducted experiments to brew tea with water at different temperatures. The amount of caffeine leaching in tea drops with the drop in water temperature.

Among them, the amount of caffeine leaching in brewing tea with water at 100 ° C is about 1 in brewing tea with water at 4 ° C.

35 times.

  It can be seen that people who have the desire to drink tea but have concerns about the irritation of caffeine may wish to drink “cold tea”. In addition to preventing insomnia, it can also prevent excessive coffee from causing rapid heartbeat and calcium loss.

  Although the amount of caffeine leaching is less when making cold water tea, does this mean that the leaching amount such as catechins will also decrease for the human body?

the answer is negative.

Cold water tea is slowly strong, as long as you have enough patience, drinking “cold tea” can also drink good nutrition.

Studies have shown that after 2 hours of cold water tea leaching, the residual acid, free catechins and other similar components in tea will extract more than hot water tea, and after 8 hours of cold water tea, the insoluble ester typeThe leaching amount of catechin and other ingredients can also reach about 70% of the tea brewed in hot water.

  In addition, research has found that tea contains a polysaccharide that not only promotes islets but also removes excess sugar from the blood.

However, this kind of polysaccharide is afraid of heat. If you make tea with hot water, it will be severely damaged, and cold water tea avoids this problem.

From this point of view, drinking “cold tea” helps people control blood sugar.

  Although cold water tea has many benefits, not every tea is suitable for “cold tea”.

Experts point out that the longer the fermentation time, the higher the phosphorus content in the tea, and the cold brewed tea should try to choose a low-fermentation tea instead of the phosphorus content.

In terms of the most common tea products, green tea is more highly fermented, followed by oolong tea, and the more fermented are black tea, Tieguanyin, and Pu’er tea.

  How to make tea with cold water?

The details are as follows: Prepare tea, cold water, mineral water bottles, etc.

Use cold boiling water to brew tea. The ratio of cold boiling water to tea is about 50 ml to 1 gram, which can be increased or decreased according to personal taste.

After brewing for 1-3 hours, you can pour out the tea and mix it, the tea flavor is delicious.

Unfinished tea can be poured into a mineral water bottle, tighten the lid, and put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate, not more than 24 hours.

After taking out the cold tea from the refrigerator, try to drink it within two hours.

Yoga: You can lose weight by breathing

Yoga: You can lose weight by breathing

Yoga movements can soothe tense muscles and emotions. At the beginning, muscles will be sore, and after a while, the body will feel as if it is comfortable after a hot bath.

Sisters who work in the office every day, take time out at home (or even after work) to practice these yoga moves, which can avoid muscle strain and lose weight and slim down!

  Exercises: First, sit sideways (stretch side waist) 1, cross-legged, hands on top of the body.

Note that the back end is upright.

  2. Inhale, lift your arms upwards, exhale and bend sideways, and maintain 3-5 breaths.

Note that the ischium does not leave the ground, relax your shoulders, and unfold your upper body.

  3. Inhale and restore, the exhaling arm is opened.

  Second, the cat type (exercise the lower tail) 4. Original movements: Open your legs and be as wide as the hip joint, spread your hands and five fingers, and support them on the ground in front of you. Your arms should be as wide as your shoulders.

Pay attention to the shoulders to support the upper body to reduce the pressure on the shoulders.

  5. Inhale, lift your head and lower your waist, and maintain 3-5 breaths.

  6. Exhale, lower your head and arch your back, keeping 3-5 breaths.

  7, restore and maintain natural breathing.

  Diet: The yoga teacher recommends that the daily diet should be as pure and light as possible.

There is no compulsion to change your yoga diet. Changing your diet is the beginning of a lifestyle change.

Changing slowly is more natural and beneficial than enforcement.

If you eat meat every day and every meal, you can try to reduce the meat from once a day to once every two days, and then once every three days, and so on, one day you will find that you are not wrong.It is impossible to eat meat, and light food will make your stomach clean and relaxed, and will help you to better practice yoga postures.

Playing together can make children uneasy

Playing together can make children uneasy

Playing games with your children is a great joy for parents.

But most young parents under the age of 30 were born in the 1970s. Their childhood games are hardly accepted by today’s children.

There are many young parents who really want to play games with their children, but they don’t know what to do.

Parents and children play games together, not only to make children happy, but also to use games to communicate with their children, open their young hearts, and truly understand their children.

  This type of game is called “game-like listening”, and allows children to play the lead role in the game, allowing them to express their most true feelings, thoughts and feelings through performance.

As a parent, you can observe the original inner world of your child, deepen the parent-child relationship in intimate communication, and help the child grow in a targeted manner.

  Only when the parent plays a weak and incompetent role will the child feel confident enough to show you his thoughts and feelings on important issues.

As an observer and listener, you have to seize the opportunity to help your child through laughter to approximate the tension caused by a specific situation.

  For example, a child wants to give his father an injection (the child has recently suffered a painful injection) and he has asked his father.

If the father is against the prestige of normal times, he twists his body in a funny way and pretends to run away, or pretends to scream in panic, and dramaticly says to the child, “No!

I don’t get an injection!

I beg you!

“The child will laugh, insisting that his father accept the injection he was forced to accept.

If in the game, adults can relax and play weak roles and let children play strong, children may play vigorously and smooth their negative memories in laughter.

  Continue this fun role reversal, let the child play their relationship with their parents in the game, so that the child’s tension and anxiety about a problem are resolved in laughter, and the child can reveal his feelings and understanding of the problem.

If the parents can keep playing and let the children laugh for half an hour and longer, the effect will be more obvious.

When many parents encounter nervousness in their children, the first reaction is reprimand, or dogmatic guidance. As a result, the child will become more nervous, and his thoughts will be more closed and closed.

Girly impulsive escape is wrong!

Girly impulsive escape is wrong!

女孩舒馨:“我是一名正读高一的女生,由于我的性格活泼开朗,什么烦恼、不愉快的事在我面前都似过眼烟云,因此学校的男女同学都叫我‘快乐天使’,They also like to make friends with me.

  ”But something that happened a month ago suddenly pushed me into the mire of misery.

That day, the school organized us to take a spring trip to Huqiu. A Feng, a first-year senior, found me in front of the car, asked me to go with him, and proudly held the camera in his hand to tell me that he was willing to leave me beautifulBeautiful shadow.

  ”A Feng is two years older than me. He is very carefree and cares for me. In addition, we live in the same building, so I have a little more intimacy with him than other students.

When taking a picture at a scenic spot, I almost fell in order to pose an unstable posture. A Feng grabbed me in a lunge and was shocked. His arm happened to be on top of my plump body, and it was suddenly an electric shock.The feeling spread throughout my body, I really wanted to make this feeling eternal, but in a flash I panicked and pushed A Feng’s hand away.

  ”I was lying in bed that night, and my head was full of A Feng’s shadow. The electric shock during the day always stimulated me like a caterpillar.

Since then, I look forward to being with A Feng every day, but I’m particularly afraid to see him. I’m afraid he will cut my mind, and I’m not ashamed of him for making jokes.

In order to drive A Feng out of my mind, I forced myself to read, often looking at the book without knowing what to read.

But it’s strange, for special novels, poetry and love guide books that describe love, I have a special issue.

Under the torture of this ambivalence, my academic performance declined.

  ”I know that this is the period of schooling and that this evil is the beginning of the fall.

But I do n’t know how to solve this kind of obscene thought . ”Actually, Shu Xin ‘s psychology is normal. This is an inevitable reflection of the sexual enthusiasm of adolescent boys and girls. There is no need to worry about annoyance or worry.Feelings of fault, shame or depravity.

When a girl enters puberty, her body will inevitably be accompanied by a series of unique sexual changes: menstruation begins, breasts begin to develop, and a slight deposition under the skin makes the girl ‘s body plump and rounded . these mean that the girl ‘s bodyThe secretion series begins to mature and estrogen begins to be produced.

This is a girl’s normal physiological phenomenon. Through the maturity of her physical development, sexual consciousness has begun to quietly germinate in her heart. She has an unusual feeling for the opposite sex, curious about them, admires them, and finds them attractive.
At this stage, many girls’ emotions will be confused: they want to show off their physical charm, but they don’t want to be noticeable; they want to get the boy’s favorite pursuit, but they are also afraid of being unpopular, or afraid of being considered humble and shameless.
  However, if, like Shu Xin, they have been confined to the view that sexual desire is degraded, guilty or obscene, or their views on “decent” girls are deeply rooted, then their sexual turmoil will be suppressed, although they are eager to grow upBecoming a woman, but at the same time with fear, always want to stay or go back to childhood, in order to escape the reality of youth commotion.

  So how do girls deal with sexual commotion in adolescence?

  The first is to boldly learn sexual knowledge and understand yourself.

You can learn about sexual knowledge without any hesitation, read some books in this area generously, or open up to your parents, teachers, and sisters, tell them your secret experience, and get knowledge from them.

As long as you have general sexual knowledge as a foundation, you will correctly understand the mature sexual physiology and sexual psychological changes that are developing, so that you will not be frightened, confused, upset, worried, and distressed by normal sexual commotion.

  The first is to concentrate on your studies and don’t fall in love early.

When boys and girls reach puberty, most of them will have normal sexual desires, but their strengths are different.

But sexual physiology and sexual psychology do not mature at the same time.

The former is much earlier than one.

Therefore, early love is extremely inappropriate for girls who are far from mature in sexual psychology.

And the most important thing is that the girlhood is the period when people are toxic and full of life, and the memory is the strongest. They are at the stage of learning with a strong thirst for knowledge. If they are adjacent to the quagmire of early love, unless they will be distracted by learning, it will delay their lifeThe golden age of schooling, and physiology will also be harmed by interference.

  Because 15-year-old girls are in the physiological stage of development, the inhibition and excitement of the brain are very calm, they are prone to emotional impulses, and lack self-control. They often show obvious “sexual impulses” in sexual characteristics.Knowledge and moral education, with little knowledge and shallow experience, is still in a hazy state of love and gender relations, and it is easy to “stuck.”

So if you have a hazy sense of love for a male student, you have to bear it.

  The third is to be generous and friendly.

In order to avoid “electric shock”, shouldn’t we associate with male and female students?

of course not.

The tighter and more separated the boys and girls are, the more mysterious, nervous and sensitive they are about sexual issues.

A girl who does not have normal contact with the opposite sex, once exposed to the opposite sex, will be too sensitive to sex and even think wildly.

If you already have discrimination, fear and mystery against the opposite sex in your heart, then pay more attention to normal interaction with male students.

As long as you have a pure mind, your attitude will be natural, and it will not let the other party have any doubts or anxieties.

  It should be said that male and female classmates who are generous and friendly with each other can not only enhance friendship, but also learn from each other’s strengths.

However, when interacting with boys, in order to avoid misunderstanding, substitute open places; when traveling, it is best not to lean too close, and not to have any intimate actions; you should not spend too much time alone, not alone at nightIt’s best to meet; talk elegantly and naturally, don’t pretend to be brave; don’t use eyes to watch the opposite sex for a long time and enthusiastically, etc.

  The last is to strengthen emotional cultivation and improve self-control.Fifteen or sixteen is the age of innocence for girls, and it is also a “dangerous” age.

But as long as you strengthen your own moral cultivation, pay attention to cultivating your sentiments, concentrate on your studies, correctly treat adolescent sexual commotion, and have a clear understanding of the serious consequences of adolescent sexual indulgence, you will control yourSexual commotion, using scientific methods to promptly drive sexual desire, and spend the crucial and wonderful moment of life safely.

Time-sharing 24-hour neutral whitening_1

Time-sharing whitening

All-weather whitening skin care concept is what we have been focusing on.

But how can we really achieve all-weather whitening?

Effective time-sharing whitening is the key.

Effective protection from UVA and UVB during the day, prevent dark spots, freckles and uneven skin tone due to ultraviolet radiation and environmental factors; further inhibit the growth of melanin at night and repair damaged cells during the day.2:00 am is the golden time for skin repair. Use appropriate night-time whitening skin care products, so that the skin can be whitened for 24 hours, so as to achieve a perfect whitening effect.

Completely whitening, from the accumulation of bits and pieces.

  Daytime Whitening In addition to whitening and sun protection, the use of whitening products in the daytime is also one of the key to prevent whitening and prevent photoaging.

  Step 1: Remove horny skin and wash face with cold water.

  The skin is metabolized quickly at night, and the horny layer accumulates quickly. Using a mild exfoliating whitening cleansing product during the day can help remove old keratin.

  The second step: partitioning lotion, oil control and whitening are completed at one time.

  For T zone and U zone, use astringent lotion and whitening and moisturizing lotion, and tap along the pores to increase the saturation, leaving the skin refreshed and moisturized, and letting the skin penetrate texture.

  Step 3: Whiten the sun around the eyes and prevent photoaging.

  The fragile eye area is the dead end of sun protection and whitening. Using exclusive sun protection and whitening products can help the skin of the eye to be whitened safely, and prevent dark pigmentation and dark circles around the eyes.

  Step4: Anti-oxidation and whitening protection.

  Apply a whitening sunscreen to the entire face 30 minutes before going out, and the sunscreen can only form a sunscreen after the sunscreen is sufficiently dry to begin sun protection.

  Whitening at night The night is the golden time for skin self-repair. Whitening and maintenance must not miss the night time.

Because keratin metabolism is fast at night, you need to take the opportunity to remove spots.

  Step 1: Double wash your face to completely remove sebum dirt.

  When maintaining at night, first remove the makeup, then use a whitening facial cleansing product to remove the melanin remaining in the cuticle.

  The second step: whitening lotion to improve the subsequent whitening penetration.

  May choose whitening lotion with Chinese ingredients, not only whitening, but also anti-inflammatory, and conditioning skin health.

When you feel dull, you can use a cotton pad to apply lotion to enhance the effect of brightening and exfoliating.

  The third step: whitening essence, focus on starting from spots.

  Whitening Essence is a key step in nighttime whitening because it concentrates against pigments and spots.

When applying, start from the spot you are concerned about, and apply in order from cheekbones, cheek pores, T-shaped part, forehead and chin.

  Step4: Whitening SPA with nourishing cream and skin overnight.

  At night, it is best to use a cream-type whitening night cream that is not rich in moisture and moisture. The skin-friendly texture of the cream can bring a thick layer of whitening into the skin and moisturize and lock water, so that the skin is immersed in whitening care all night.

Dongyuan elderly cleverly uses metaphors to maintain health

Dongyuan elderly cleverly uses metaphors to maintain health

Li Dongyuan, famous name, Mingyun, was born in 1180 AD, and died in 1261 AD.

He was from Jinding (now Hebei Zhengding) during the Jin and Yuan Dynasties. He lived in Dongyuan area in his lifetime, so he named himself Dongyuan in his later years.

He has a good medical skill and is one of the four members of the Golden Yuan.

He summarized a set of methods of health preservation, of which the theory of Yuanyu, a simplified use of metaphors, and descriptions of health preservation methods have great potential for the world.

  The text said: “The name and the body are close to each other, and the body and the goods are many. With the pearl of the Sui dynasty, playing the bird of the thousand centuries, the world will laugh at it.

“Means, who is closer to fame and body parts?

Of course, the body is closer, because fame and fortune are foreign objects, and the body is its own; the body and property are listed, who is more?

Of course, there are more possessions, only one body, and unlimited possessions.

If a person uses the precious Suihou pearl to eject birds that are thousands of feet away, it will inevitably be ridiculed by the world.

Similarly, if one is blindly pursuing fame and wealth, regardless of his body, wouldn’t it be taken lightly and abandoned!

It was as ridiculous as abandoning the precious pearl in exchange for a sparrow.

  Everything is born in heaven and earth, but man is the most noble.

Dongyuan elderly cherishes his life, behaves properly, has noble morality, does not associate with evil spirits, and never pursues fame and fortune.

But they are not old.

He said in “Distant Desire”: “The wreckage is sixty-five, the ears and eyes are half lost in audio-visual, the veins are boiling and upset, the body is drifting like the veins, the eyes are the soul, the spirit is fading the day before, the diet is dying in the morningTime, but it should be in the personnel, sickness is worse, with all of their own, not only the pearl of Suihou!

“Dongyuan warns people with his own experience that the importance of health must be valued as much as he cherishes the pearl of the Sui Dynasty.

  How to value life?

The elderly in Dongyuan said in “Afar” that he was comfortable with a light diet, reduced his anxiety, tempered his cravings, and talked nonsense to support his vitality, but not tired to support his body, and to be quiet and quiet to maintain his spirit., Natural gas will reconcile.

When there is righteousness, there will be no gap between disease and evil, and the disease will not occur or worsen.

Persevering in doing so is in keeping with the health regimen, and you can get the real joy of a healthy life.

Purity and less vain are basic requirements for health.

This reason must be understood by everyone, the really difficult thing is to follow this principle consistently, and if you practice it, you can get real health effects.

Tasty tomato squid soup

Tasty tomato squid soup

Seafood can not help people move their index fingers.

The tomato squid soup introduced today is sold well and tastes good, with homemade tomato sauce (I always feel that the tomato sauce in the package is a bit savory), be careful not to scent the tongue together!

  Seasoning: Oil (small grain): 1 black pepper: 1/3 tablespoon white sugar: 1/2 tablespoon lemon juice: 1/2 tablespoon salt: proper amount: 1.

Cut the squid to remove the internal organs and black membrane, wash and drain, cut a parallel knife pattern on the inside of the squid with a slanted knife surface, the depth is 3/4 of the thickness of the meat; rotate the squid 90 °, cut out oneParallel knife pattern, then cut into strips about 5 cm long and 3 cm wide; 2.

Wash the shrimp (first put it in the freezer freezer for half an hour, it is easy to peel), and gently pull your head down to see that the shrimp line is connected. If you pull it lightly, you can also pull the shrimp line and peel it.

  After peeling the shrimp, scratch it with starch, rinse it with water, and repeat it, so that the shrimp is smoother; 3.

Wash and remove the tomatoes, two of them are pureed with a blender, and the remaining two are cut into 6 cloves each; the garlic is cut into pieces;

Put flour in a hot pan, melt the minced garlic, pour in tomato puree and stir fry for two minutes; 5,

Pour light milk, water, black pepper and tomato cloves and cook for 10 minutes, stirring a few times in the middle; 6.

Finally, add squid, cook the shrimps, season with lemon juice, caster sugar and salt.

  Efficacy: nourishing yin and nourishing blood, strengthening stomach and spleen, nourishing skin and nourishing skin.

  Squid eats outside, especially with colleagues and leaders, generally do not order “fired squid”, who likes to be “fired” (fired)?

Not to mention the current economic situation.

  In fact, squid protein, amino acids and trace elements are very beneficial to bone development and hematopoiesis. They can also suppress the cholesterol content in the blood of the human body.Why did he bear a “crime” for no reason.

  Although it is called a fish, like cuttlefish and octopus, squid is not a fish but a mollusk.

There are fresh squid, dried squid and ready-to-eat dried squid on the market.

  Fresh squid is similar to dried squid in that it can be fried, roasted, fried, and used for soup (dried squid needs to be foamed).

Cantonese people like to put half-slap dried squid when cooking Laohuoliang soup, to enhance freshness and flavor, such as fange, lotus root, white radish and pork bone soup.

  When choosing fresh squid in the market, you need to pay attention to make up the body completely. It is pink, shiny, the body surface is slightly hoarfrost, the meat is thick and translucent.

  In addition, squid should be cooked thoroughly before eating, because it contains a lipid component, if eaten before cooking, it can cause gastrointestinal disorders.

  ● Beautiful soup heart water 1.

Light milk and butter are sold in supermarkets.

  Explode the minced garlic with fat to bring out the flavor of western soup.


Black pepper is available in supermarkets.

  Of course, you can also buy the raw grains and grind them with a grinder. The taste may be natural and simple.


Imported lemons are available in supermarkets or fruit shops.

  Local lemons are seen in the market, but the taste is not sour and slightly bitter.

  The easiest way to squeeze lemon juice is to divide the lemon in half from the middle and squeeze it by holding half of it with your hand, but it is a bit wasteful, and using a juicer is more “useful.”

Stomach cold pain dry mouth osmanthus porridge_1

Stomach cold pain dry mouth osmanthus porridge

Everyone should know that there are many types of stomach diseases, and cold stomach is one of the more common alternatives.

Stomach cold symptoms are mostly manifested by eating something slightly cold and stomach pain.

Such people need to eat more food to protect the stomach, poor eating habits will aggravate stomach problems.

So what’s good for Weihan?

The following editor will tell you about this.

  Stomach cold is mostly caused by bad eating habits, so someone should start to insert stomach cold from the aspect of diet adjustment.

For the question of what kind of food is good for cold stomach, here we mainly recommend pumpkin, carrot, spinach, sweet potato and other foods that have stomach-warming effects. In addition, we will introduce a better stomach-warming porridge “osmanthus porridge”.

  What food to eat for cold stomach? If you want to prevent cold stomach, you must develop good eating habits. You can eat pumpkin, carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes and other foods that have stomach warming effects, and you can drink more ginger water.
Pepper and ginger are healthy and warming condiments that can restore a healthy spleen and stomach and combat coldness.

Don’t eat cold food such as melon, coriander, pear, bitter gourd, persimmon, banana, crab, mussel meat, coriander, watermelon, amaranth, sugar cane, kiwi.

  Pumpkins Pumpkins are warm, sweet, and enter the spleen and stomach.

Can replenish qi, sterilize inflammation, relieve pain, detoxify and protect the stomach.

Pumpkin is rich in pectin, which can “adsorb” bacteria and toxic substances (such as heavy metals, lead, etc.), transforming detoxification.

Regular consumption of porridge, soup, etc. cooked by pumpkin can nourish the stomach.

  Carrot flavor Gan Ping, “Xiaqi Buzhong, Lipi spleen, Anwu internal organs, has the effect of healthy food.

“The rich amount of carotene can be converted into vitamin A, which can rejuvenate eyes and strengthen resistance.

  Spinach is sweet and cool, can moisturize the liver, nourish the stomach, and defecate.

“Li five internal organs, stomach and stomach, hangover poison.

“Spinach can promote stomach and starch secretion, increase appetite and help digestion.

The contained cellulose can help peristalsis and facilitate defecation, so it can nourish blood and facilitate defecation.

  Sweet potatoes are flat, sweet, and nourishing spleen.

“Buzhong, warm stomach, fat five internal organs.

“Tianhan edible, righteousness and nourish the stomach, remove food and accumulate food, clear the intestines and lose weight.

  Weihan’s diet prescription: Osmanthus porridge As the saying goes: three points rule, seven points prevention, we can prevent stomach cold from the following two points: eating on time is a small step to protect the stomach, eating breakfast on time is a big one to protect the stomachHeaping steps, Jun does not see people suffering from stomach pain today, many of them do not eat breakfast in the morning.

Among them, “osmanthus porridge” is a good diet.

  Osmanthus porridge ingredients 30 grams of chestnuts, 60 grams of glutinous rice, 15 grams of sweet-scented osmanthus.

  First, cook the chestnuts, remove the shells, and cut the chestnut meat into the shape of fine rice; then wash the glutinous rice, put it in the pot and add water to boil; then sprinkle the chestnut meat together and cook into porridge.

Finally add sugar and sweet-scented osmanthus, and mix well.

  Efficacy: Disperse cold and relieve pain, appetite and promote fluid.

Suitable for cold stomach pain, dry mouth, belching and so on.

  Through the above sharing, I hope to bring help to cold-hearted friends.

Many people with stomach problems don’t know how to protect their stomachs, and they don’t turn their attention to treatment, so they may not even know if they have a cold stomach.

Everyone must pay more attention to their own body. The body is the capital of the revolution, and the health is the strength to complete the dream!

Deal with women, do a superficial job

Deal with women, do a superficial job

Asked her to come out for the first time, but went all the way.

Ride to the estuary and accidentally kill a passing chicken!

She said it was disgusting, and I also felt very sorry. She also lost a dozen yuan for the chicken-raising wife.

Then, maybe the chicken retaliated against me, and for the first time in 10 years, I blew my tire halfway.

It is far from the scenic estuary and fell on the path of the barren mountains and ridges.

I had to push the car back, both were very embarrassed, and it was too late to get home.

  Before leaving, I asked, “Will you call me?

She yawned and said, “Wake up again.

“You say, do you still play?”

  Poor tour guide: Haha, the chicken had no reason with you and no revenge, but it happened to be because of you.

Can this be regarded as an escape?

If you do n’t puncture late, do n’t puncture early, and choose a date that is not important for you, choose a place in the wild mountains and mountains.

If you hit a debt, you are destined to repay it.

Pay it off, it will be all day long, the number of robberies has passed, good thing.

  So, would you be more comfortable?

  Luck is gone.

There is no drama, you have to see if you want to go on.

Destiny is like a drama, which one you sing and what role you play, sometimes you can’t decide.

The orchestration of nature, may not be a comedy.

But sometimes tragedies are more powerful and more popular.

For example, earlier in the Sichuan earthquake, Zhang Ziyi dropped the rally team to raise funds, but Sharon Stone threw out the “retribution saying”, both of them played well on the stage of life.Seen from the pole.

  Acting and acting must be “beautiful”, even if it is only “acting”, the surface effort often brings substantial benefits.

Women are most likely to do “surface” work, make-up, manicure, hair coloring, buying shirts, dressing up beautifully, at least, the chance of falling in love at first sight is more than the mean.

Therefore, women also value surface work the most, whether there is a “follow call” on dating, and they have said “I love you” several times . All of them must be scored.

  Men take the initiative to make phone calls, which is one of the “surface work”.

You sit and wait for her to call, it is both unhelpful and anxious. Why not call and ask her if she was tired or sleepy that day, showing caring consideration and taking the opportunity to make another appointment.

With luck, you can come to a good ending.

At that moment love was in the guise of deception

At that moment love was in the guise of deception

At that moment, George seemed to know what was happening, desperately struggling and crying in the arms of the robber, and his mother had been forced out by security guards.

In the empty lobby, only George and the fierce robber remained.

Hearing the police, the bank had been surrounded by the gangsters, and the robbers could not escape.

Little George became the last straw of the robber, and he threatened to kill him if he could not get $ 50,000 and the Ford car above.

  Helpless little George looked at the police close at hand, crying in despair, he seemed to foresee the arrival of death.

Poor Lucy’s eyes were tearful, but she didn’t dare to make a little noise, for fear of infuriating the gangsters and making George’s situation more dangerous.

The police will not agree to any conditions for the robbers. A slight slack is a little encouragement to the motives of the offenders.

But with George in his hand, the robber’s finger just moved, and George could soon be killed by Huang Quan.

  Neilson, a negotiator who arrived in time, suggested that he be held hostage to replace the young George.

The smart, agile robber flatly refused, he knew that at a critical moment, a child had better control than a trained negotiator.

People’s attention and sympathy for a child will increase his assurance of escape.

Negotiations were temporarily stiff, and police comforted the robbers that money and cars were in preparation.

Nielsen’s top priority is to work hard to deal with the robbers, keep him quiet, reset the hostages, and prevent the sniper from reaching the designated time.

  At this moment, the robber seemed to grind the police without sincerity, and his expression became restless.

He made a final shout with little gun against George’s head, saying that if he could not see the car and money within 3 minutes, the child would go to see God before him.

  The nearly collapsing little George cried heartbreakingly in the robber’s arms, screaming shattering the hearts of everyone present.

The kind people outside the bank looked nervously at the unfortunate child through the glass, and no one knew what the end would be.

The troubled media have consulted psychologists at the scene and asked if the robbery would have some effect on George’s future.

Experts assert that even if he is saved, this thrilling scene will leave a lingering shadow in his heart, which will have an inestimable impact on his health and growth, and may be accompanied throughout his life.

  There are more and more people around, waiting anxiously for the latest developments in the incident.

The snipers had their own positions, and they waited for an order to pull the trigger.

The robber will die in less than a second without a chance to fight back.

Little George will be rescued intact.

  Everything is ready.

Just before the robbers decided to kill George with a fishnet, the police decisively ordered to kill him.

With a bang, almost simultaneously, three bullets from different angles hit the robber’s head accurately.

As the police had expected, he fell to the scarlet carpet before he could react.

  The moment Little George slipped from the robber’s chest, blood splashed over his body.

The bloody little George was stunned as if in front of his eyes, and stood there overwhelmed, as if stupid.

Neilson, the nearest negotiator, ran quickly and hugged George.

Facing the crowd and the omnipresent media, Nielsen suddenly shouted, “The exercise is over!

“Everyone froze there, staring at him for a moment without understanding what Nelson said.

“Yes, the exercise is over. This is just an exercise.

“He seriously claimed to people and the media.

  ”Is it really an exercise?

Little George, who had awakened from his nightmare, noticed Nelson in doubt, asking.

  ”Of course, because you haven’t had any warnings before, you can behave so realistic.

Now, I declare that the exercise has come to a successful conclusion.”Nelson comforted him carefully.

  Little George’s mother, Lucy, had stepped forward and hugged her son in tears.

  ”Mom, is this just an exercise?

“Little George stared at Confused Big Eyes and looked at Lucy.

  Nelson squinted at Lucy while he wasn’t paying attention.

Lucy choked and said, “Yes, George, this is a police exercise to take hostages.

“Several comprehension of Nelson means that the police also came forward and praised George, saying that he had performed very well and deserved the bravery medal submitted by the police station.

At this time, everyone seemed to understand what was going on, and they all praised George George’s presentation just now.


But I was still crying.

“The little fellow’s pale shell finally showed a ruddy color, and a few freckles on both sides of the nose were particularly clear because of excitement and shyness.

  The next day, the local media in Chenigles collectively lost their voice, leaving no mention of the bank case.

  Soon, Lucy left the town with little George and went to San Francisco.

Before leaving, George was still thinking about the medal that the police station had never submitted.

  Many years later, someone found Nelson, who had retired, and brought up the old thing, and asked him how he thought of saying that.

He said: “When the gun rang, I was thinking that this child is over, and he may not be able to escape the psychological shadow left by the terrorist incident in his whole life.

But as soon as I approached him, God gave me a revelation and made me say the phrase ‘End of the exercise’.

I am grateful to all the people present who directed a seamless scam with me to convince the child that this was just a police exercise without notice.

It is amazing that the little guy actually believed it.

“Yes, everyone in the town,” collusion “to deceive the cute little George.

The disaster did not leave him with a bad mark, and he can grow up healthier than anything else.