Obesity gene begins with hypertensive hyperactivity and activates obese genes

Obesity gene begins with hypertensive hyperactivity and activates obese genes

A large number of netizens on the Internet refused: “The diet is not effective, and the rebound is even more powerful. What should I do?”

“Obesity is an appetite (extraordinary), and the environment (such as stress) and many other reasons have jointly initiated the results of too many genes.

Lose weight, only the idea to turn off the obese gene!

  1, obesity gene makes appetite increase too much gene, how does it work in the process of human obesity?

  There are too many genes, and the energy that attracts people increases!

For example, the gene “FTO”.

  Scientists conducted experiments on 2,726 children aged 4 to 10 years old in Scotland. In the experiment, children were free to choose meat, cheese, bagels, various fruits and vegetables, water and other foods.

The results showed that children with mutations in the FTO gene prefer to consume foods such as traces, oils, and sweets, and they consume an average of 100 calories per meal.

  In other words, “FTO” changes the way people eat.

  In addition, dopamine, a brain nerve conduction substance, is mainly responsible for the transmission of pleasure, such as excitement and pleasure in the brain.

The study found that the proportion of obese and lean people, the number of dopamine receptor genes in the body is less.

In other words, they need to eat more food in order to have a sense of pleasure.

  2, obesity gene makes it difficult for adults to decompose excess genes, which will inhibit the body’s energy consumption.

  In the comparison, the researchers found that the weight of the Mexican-Americans found that the CRTC3 gene was active in pairs, because the expression of CRTC3 slowed down the rate of burning adults and slenderness led to obesity.

  Obesity is also associated with insulin secretion.

  In the process of adult breakdown, insulin plays an important role.

If the plasma is too low, it will decompose slightly, and it will accumulate in the human body.

  The study found that the DNA of obese people showed some strangeness.

Some DNA inhibits the normal secretion of insulin; some DNA inhibits the normal secretion of insulin.

In addition, β3-adrenergic receptors (β3-AR) are distributed on human abdominal fat cells. Studies have shown that mutations in the β3-AR gene have lower basal metabolic rates than non-mutant populations.

  In the obese population, there are more mutations in the β3-AR gene than in the non-mutant population, and the energy consumption of the basic life activities of the obese person’s body is reduced.

  Obese in childhood, a small number of cells, easy to gain weight in adulthood; but why do many people do not get fat when they are children, but also get fat after adulthood?

  American scientists have recently discovered a gene called Girk4 that is involved in regulating food intake and energy expenditure.

The normal function of this gene is disrupted and is a potential cause of obesity in adults between the ages of 20 and 60.

  More than 200 genes or chromosomal regions associated with obesity have been discovered this time.

  3, hypertension genes start genes in the beginning of hypertension, is genetic, but environmental factors will change the strength of the gene!

  The most typical is the American Indian tribe. Their lives have been extremely poor. After entering modern society, their lives have been greatly improved. As a result, more than 95% of the Indians have become obese.

  Furthermore, the number of obese children is now exploding, because junk food is cheap, highly convertible, and easy to obtain, tempting a large number of FTO genetic variants.

Studies have confirmed that the FTO gene has been presented in childhood, which is “related to the child’s overeating.”

  The initiation of the obese gene begins in the critical period.

  A mother was afraid of malnutrition and desperately tonic. As a result, she gave birth to a big fat boy weighing 13 pounds. This child has been obese since childhood, childhood, and juvenile.

  Why is this so?

Scientists have found that high levels of glucose and free fatty acids in the intrauterine environment promote protein release, and giraffes affect the appetite control and metabolic systems of the developing brain.

Further studies have found that fecal cells in obese infants do undergo metabolic changes that make burning adults difficult.

  4, excessive stress will also activate obesity genes German researchers from 2006 to 2007, surveyed over-rejected Germans, found that 25% of them are obese; and in the general population, the proportion of obese people is only 11%.

  British researchers have been studying the workplace for 19 years and found that “the population with high work stress is 73% more likely to suffer from obesity than those who never feel stressed.”

  Why does stress make people obese?

  Because stress activates the genes of high blood pressure – some of the excess genes have a lot of appetite: when people are in a stressful situation (such as facing financial problems or pressure from the boss), they will ignite your passion for food. When eating these foods,The stimulating hormone will improve.  Some extra genes can add a small amount of reserves: for our prehistoric ancestors, stress means natural disasters or beasts approaching, the body needs extra energy to cope with food substitution or fight with wild animals, so the process of quickly storing adults is veryimportant.

  ”Lack of malnutrition” is also a huge pressure on the body.

The study found that if pregnant women are malnourished in the early and middle stages of pregnancy, their children may be 50% obese in adulthood.

The reason is that humans have evolved in the environment of food debris, and the body has produced gene-saving genes that can enhance the body’s digestion, increase energy absorption, reduce energy consumption, and promote unfortunate synthesis.

  It is currently believed that prevention or malnutrition in infants and young children leads to an increase in gene expression levels and the differentiation of more stem cells into fecal cells.

  ”Insufficient sleep” also put pressure on the body.

According to a survey by a French scientist, if a person sleeps for an average of four hours in a row for two consecutive days, the hormone-induced hormonal obesity hormone in the body will nearly double, and the hormone leptin, which regulates the free content and appetite in the body.It will be relatively reduced.

  So how do we close the obesity gene?

  5, the scientific diet to close the obesity gene said above, FTO gene mutation is closely related to obesity, but the facts show that many children with this genetic variation are not overweight.

Further research found that “as long as you don’t eat too much, FTO will not make people fat!”

  How should we eat?

  Dieting or not eating stunned “hungry thin” science?

  Insufficient nutrient supply, weakened cell physiological function, the overall metabolic function of the body declines, and the energy consumption of basic life activities declines, so that you will even get fat (puffiness) even if you drink!

  What should I do?

  Use “high protein, low instant, low carb recipes”!

  Trace: It is mainly oxidative energy supply. When it is too much, it will enter the blood in the form of glucose, stimulate the islet to secrete too much insulin, and promote the synthesis of obesity. Therefore, it is necessary to “low blood sugar diet”!

  Lipids: involved in the formation of cell membranes, hormone synthesis, vitamin D3 synthesis, etc. There are three types of fatty acids (linoleic acid, linolenic acid, arachidonic acid) that cannot be synthesized by the human body and must be supplied by absorbed food.

Therefore, it is necessary to “absorb the lipids, and the amount is sufficient”.

  Protein: It is the building material of tissue cells, and the absorption should be “appropriate and sufficient”.

Animal protein, red meat, is eaten because of its high content of essential amino acids and all types.

  Vegetables and fruits: its potential “supplemental fiber”, which has obvious delipidization and hypoglycemic effect; can be used as an antioxidant to prevent free radical damage to the satiety center; vitamins, minerals, beneficial physiological functions and metabolism.

  At present, it is believed that the three critical stages leading to simple obesity in children are the three stages of rapid development of human micro-cells, namely: 3 months before birth, 1 year after birth, and about 10 years old.

  Closing the obese gene begins with the high blood pressure period.

First, prevent high blood pressure from being too light or too heavy.

When the child is born, the ideal weight is 6 kg?
8 pounds.

  In addition, the baby should be exclusively breastfed within 6 months of birth.

Breastmilk is tailor-made for your baby, and with manual intervention, it can be “malnutrition” or “over-administration”.

  At the same time pay attention: full sleep, emotional management, relieve stress.

  6, exercise can change the many results of recent research by obesity genetic scientists show that exercising one hour a day will change your obesity gene.

  Swedish experts found in the experiment that some extra over-metabolized genes lost methyl groups after free radical movement.

The gene after demethylation is able to convert protein synthesis more efficiently.

This will make it easier to turn into protein to achieve weight loss.

  They believe that calcium ions produced during exercise demethylate genes.

  A new study announced by the American Heart Association shows that a one-hour walk a day can change the genetic predisposition of obesity.

  In this new study, researchers at Harvard University measured the excess genetic potential of participants based on 32 observed obese gene variants.

It was found that the body mass index (BMI) of the participants increased by 0 each time they carried an obese gene.

13 kg / square meter.

Exercises such as walking can change the role of obesity genes.

  A study published in the Journal of the Public Library of Medicine shows that cycling for 5 days a week and exercising for 30 minutes a day has the effect of curbing excessive genes.
  Recently, the extra netizens lamented: “From a young age, I was fat and determined to lose weight. Suddenly, after seeing the age of 20 on the Internet, the number of cells will not change. My heart is cold. Is it destined to be a fat man for a lifetime?
In fact, through exercise, “reducing adult muscle gain”, the body will be strong and healthy!

How to solve itchy skin in winter


How to solve itchy skin in winter

Itching is a conscious symptom common to many skin diseases.

When the skin is itchy without other primary rashes such as blisters, pimples, it is medically called pruritus.

It has many causes, such as neurasthenia, endocrine disorders, diabetes, liver disease and so on.

  Winter pruritus is more common in adults over the age of 40, and the lower tibia is particularly severe.

These people have weakened sebaceous glands and dry skin.

In winter, it takes a long time to bathe, uses more soap, and dries the skin.

As the temperature drops, the itchy corrosion begins.

  Cold is the precursor of itching, while heat is the cause of itching.

Enter the warm room from the cold roof, wash it with hot water, lie on the bed, and start to itch.

Can’t help scratching it, but it often gets more and more itchy and more itchy.

This is because scratching can damage the skin, strengthen the skin’s reactivity, cause bleeding, leave pigmentation and mossy sclerosis of the skin, making the disease incurable for a long time.

  Therefore, for patients who have had itching in winter, they should pay attention not to drink alcohol, not to eat spicy and other irritating foods, and do not use scratching, rubbing and hot water to wash itching.

When you feel some itching, absorb some creams or creams that have antipruritic effect locally. Do not scratch, wash and alleviate the symptoms, and gradually restore the skin to normal.

Clever use of Chinese and Western medicine to soak away stinky feet

Clever use of Chinese and Western medicine to soak away “stinky feet”

Athlete’s foot, commonly known as “athlete’s foot” and “Hong Kong’s foot”, is most common among all kinds of ringworm.
The skin of the feet, like the skin of other parts of the body, is constantly undergoing metabolism every day, and dandruff comes off at any time.
If you don’t wash your feet often, these dander will be mixed with sweat and dust and accumulated in the toe seams and skin folds. It is warm, humid and nutritious, and is an ideal “life paradise” for fungi.
If you put on non-breathable shoes, your feet will become hotter and more humid, which can easily cause athlete’s foot.
  How to type athlete’s foot 1.
Acute or chronic interphalangeal infections: are the most common types of athlete’s foot, including pimples, scaly, and dipping erosions.
It is characterized by pruritus, desquamation, maceration, and toe web slits. Itching can be mild or severe.
Redness and exudation can occur under white impregnated erosive skin, and sometimes unpleasant odors.
Various antifungal ointments can be used to treat pimples and scales. If it is erosive and wet, first use alum powder or athlete’s foot powder. After the skin is dry and desquamated, treat with 1% gram myconazole cream or compound rezoxin tincture;Patients with secondary bacterial infections should first use antibiotics to control the infection before antifungal treatment.
Chronic hyperkeratosis type: Cover the pale red skin with white fine scales, no blisters and pustules are seen.
Hyperkeratosis is usually limited to the soles, heels, and sides of the feet.
This type of athlete’s foot is often dry and without pruritus.
Various antifungal ointments are available for treatment.
Blister type: Infection is characterized by the formation of blisters, which usually begin on the soles of the feet, arches, and toes.
The blisters vary in size and can stand alone or merge into bullae, which are filled with clear liquid.
This type of athlete’s foot often has intense itching.
Can be treated with compound salicylic acid tincture, compound roxoxin tincture or 1% gram myconazole cream.
  Athlete’s foot can also be treated with traditional Chinese and Western medicine soaking feet, such as western medicine foot gloss powder, coral ringworm net, etc. Chinese herbal medicine hibiscus bark, snake bed, cork, gallic, etc. have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, or fungal inhibitory effects.Blister-type tinea pedis is more effective.
At the same time, immersion method is used to treat athlete’s foot, which is conducive to the complete penetration of the medicinal solution into the skin, comprehensive contact and killing of fungi lying deep in the skin.
  Foot light powder tincture Comments: powder.
It consists of Sophora flavescens, salicylic acid, benzoic acid and boric acid.
The general specification is 40 g / pack.
Add 1000-1500 milliliters of boiling water to each package of medicine powder, stir, dissolve, and soak for 20-30 minutes after warming.
1 packet each time, once daily.
1 course of treatment for 3 consecutive days.
  Efficacy: Insecticide, antipruritic, gather sweat, inhibit mold growth.
Can be used for various types of hand and foot tinea.
  Athlete’s foot ringworm comment: Alias coral ringworm net, consisting of coral ginger tincture, salicylic acid, glycerol, acetic acid and so on.
The medicine has the functions of disinfection, sterilization, astringency and antipruritic, and has a strong killing effect on a variety of dermatophytes such as Trichophyton floccum, Trichophyton gypsum and Trichophyton rubrum.
  When using, pour a bottle of medicinal solution (250 ml) into the basin, dilute it with warm water, and soak for 30 minutes.
The medicine has a strong penetrating effect on the skin, and can dissolve the skin keratin. It is effective against athlete’s foot, fingernails and onychomycosis.
  Glauber’s salt lotion Comments: 10 grams of Glauber’s salt, dissolved in 500 ml of boiling water, placed in a basin, when the water temperature drops to a moderate level, soak the affected foot in the solution for about 30 minutes, after the water is cooled, take out and dry naturally.
If there are secretions in the toe rupture, you can sprinkle some talcum powder on the affected area and use it 1-2 times in a row, which has a significant effect on athlete’s foot and a high cure rate.
  Comment on vinegar: Vinegar has a significant inhibitory effect on fungi. In addition to secondary bacterial infections, all types of athlete’s foot can be coated with vinegar or diluted with the same amount of water and soaked.
This method is simple and easy to implement, and can often achieve good results.

Qi Gong porridge for strengthening spleen and reducing phlegm to treat phlegm infertility

Qi Gong porridge for strengthening spleen and reducing phlegm to treat phlegm infertility

[Source]: Traditional recipe[Raw materials]: Pinellia ternata, Poria, Chenpi, Atractylodes 10 grams each, Xiangfu, Divine Comedy each 12 grams, Chuanxiong 6 grams, 100 grams of rice.

  〖Production〗: Remove the slag from the seven-drug medicine decoction, add rice (washed) and cook into porridge.

  〖Usage〗: 2 times a day, warm clothes on an empty stomach.

  [Effectiveness]: Spleen dryness, phlegm and fat removal.

Suitable for wet infertility and obesity.

  Attachment: The other placenta medicine name of the related medicinal diet is Ziheche, which has the effects of nourishing qi and blood, nourishing kidney and helping pregnancy.

How to take: Take fresh placenta from a healthy and disease-free mother, wash the blood, and steam or stew it.

The placenta is rich in a variety of hormones, which can promote the reproduction of the breast, ovaries, uterus, and female and reproductive organs. For hypoplasia, uterine atrophy, functional amenorrhea, uterine myositis, uterine bleeding, lactation, postpartumAnterior pituitary hypofunction has a total therapeutic effect.

  [Indications]: Deficiency, qi and blood loss, bone steaming to lose weight, labor cough and vomiting, consciousness, dream leakage, men’s sperm, women’s infertility, habitual abortion.

99% don’t know, 15

secrets for eyes

99% don’t know, 15 secrets for eyes

Although the eye is the window of the soul, little is known about it.

Recently, the US “Huffington Post” invited the American Ophthalmological Association to give a speech. Ophthalmologist Dr. Rebecca Taylor will explain the mystery of the eyes for everyone.


The limit of human vision is 6 meters.

  People with the best eyesight can see things from 6 meters away, but for most people, it is good to see things from 3 meters away.


Heterochromia can be inherited.

  Heterochromia is hereditary.

But if you suddenly find that the color of one eye has changed in your life, this may be iris heterochromia and you should seek medical treatment in time.


Some people have phobia.

  Fear of looking into other people’s eyes is called phobia.

It is a temporary disorder of high-level neural activity and a common disease in adolescence.

Adolescent men and women, physiological development is faster than psychological, coupled with academic pressure and other external factors, it is easy to produce this type of nervous system maladjustment.


Eyeballs recover quickly.

  Some eyeball abrasions can be at 24?
Heal within 48 hours.

However, eyeball scratches cause infections that can lead to blindness.

Therefore, when you feel eye damage, you should seek medical treatment in time, and use antibiotics to avoid infection if necessary.


Eyes may also be sunburned.

  The sunburn is characterized by pain, redness, and peeling. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause thickening of the tissue in the eyeball, which may require surgery to recover.

Wear glasses to prevent long-wave and medium-wave UV from damaging your eyes.


It is possible that vision improves with age.

  But this is not necessarily a good thing, because it may be a problem for health problems.

Diabetes, for example, can affect people’s vision, so if your vision has changed significantly, you should see your doctor in time.


Eyeballs are slightly smaller than spherical gum.

  The diameter of the spherical chewing gum is 27?
Between 28 mm, the average eyeball width is 24 mm; the size of the lens in the eyeball is equivalent to chocolate beans.

The lens has a focusing effect, and it is located just behind the pupil.


The visual center of the brain is located below and to the right.

  During a fall, temporary blindness can occur if the back of the head is on the ground, because the occipital nerve that connects the eyes to the occipital lobe is in the back of the brain.


The length of the eyes can affect vision.

  The short-sighted eyeball is longer than the normal eyeball, while the far-sighted eyeball is shorter than the normal eyeball.
A 1mm change in eyeball length will affect the distance you see things.

Eyeballs become larger through the growth of the human body.

  At birth, the width of the eyeball is 16 mm; when it reaches 3 years of age, the width of the eyeball increases to 23 mm; after entering puberty, the width of the eyeball will reach 24 mm and stabilize.


Melanocytes determine the color of the eyes.

  Melanocytes produce the color of the skin and iris.

Some people have more melanocytes, and their eyes are darker. The number of melanocytes is determined by genetic genes.


The eyes were lighter at birth than they are now.

  Because the pigmentation of the iris is not fully developed at birth, pigmentation occurs in the first year of life, so the color of the human eye will deepen with age.


Staring at the sun can make people blind.

  Remember when you were a kid, you used a magnifying glass to burn paper through the sunlight?

The same thing happens if your eyes are directly on the sun.

This is because the lens in the eye focuses the sunlight on the retina, which can burn the retina and cause permanent vision loss.

Its medical term is solar retinopathy, so never do it for curiosity.


The eyes are like two rooms.

  The cornea is located in the anterior chamber of the eye. It contains a liquid (aqueous humor) that contains nutrients that are good for the eyes and moisturizes the iris. The lens is behind the iris, which is located in the vitreous cavity, which is equivalent to the back room of a house.

This chamber contains a glassy liquid with a viscosity equivalent to egg white and is made up of water and hyaluronic acid.

The cause of mosquito disease is not exactly the same for everyone.

  With the increase of age, black spots will often fly in front of you, just like flying mosquitoes, hence the name flying mosquitoes.

For people over 55, flying mosquito disease is usually caused by separation of the retina from the vitreous membrane.

However, mosquitoes can also be caused by metabolism.

In the event of flying mosquitoes, seek medical attention in a timely manner.

Two diet recipes for beauty and beauty in spring

Two diet recipes for beauty and beauty in spring

Diet and cosmetology is one of the most important methods of beauty and skin care. It can correct poor nutritional conditions in the body, improve physical fitness and dull skin tone.

The following recipes for beauty skin diet can be adjusted according to your own situation.

  Tomato and rose drink: peel the tomatoes, wash the seeds and cucumbers, and use the right amount of fresh roses.

Grind and crush it, add lemon juice, honey, daily daily.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, diabetes, glutathione, and vitamin C can promote skin metabolism and reduce the pigmentation of the skin, making the skin delicate and tender.

  Stewed cabbage with chestnuts: 200 grams of chestnuts, shelled and cut in half, appropriate amount of duck soup, cooked chestnuts, add 200 grams of cabbage and seasoning, stewed.

Chestnuts strengthen the spleen and kidney, cabbage tonic and moisturize dryness, and regular eating can improve the complexion caused by yin deficiency, and can eliminate skin dark spots and dark circles.

High pH value of clothes can easily cause cancer!

High pH value of clothes can easily cause cancer!

Many of the current standards are translated directly from experienced countries. The regulations are perfect, but the enforcement is not enough.

In foreign countries, even if there is a problem with the product, even the company may have to close the door; however, this is rarely the case in Chinese companies, and most of the clothing in question is sold to the countryside or the price is reduced.

  The famous Kufamata Dyeing and Printing House in Kano, Nigeria, which was built in 1498.

  Good fabrics can enhance the competitiveness of garments in the international market. Beijing Science and Technology News reported on January 26, “What is the pH of this garment?

“” 5.

Don’t worry about wearing it, it won’t hurt your skin at all!

“In the future, if consumers go to buy clothes again, it is very likely that there will be such a dialogue with the salesperson.

Because from January 1, this year, 10 new national standards for “men’s suits and coats”, “female suits and coats”, trousers, neckties, and woven school uniforms have been officially implemented.

  The staff of the drafting unit of the standard, the Shanghai Apparel Research Institute, told reporters that most of the 10 new standards were upgraded from industry standards, and some were revised from the original national standard.

  Compared with the old standard in 2001, the new national standard has been adjusted in many aspects. It has increased the assessment requirements for clothing pH, decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, dimensional change rate after washing, and color fastness.”Woven school uniform” specifications.

The new national standard stipulates that the pH value of clothing in direct contact with the skin should be controlled at 4.



5. The pH of clothing that is not in direct contact with the skin should be controlled at 4.



For suits and trousers, the formaldehyde content must not exceed 300 mg per thousand.

  In fact, aromatic amines, formaldehyde content, and excessive pH values have always been common problems in clothing testing, but they have not caused enough awareness.

Professor Wang Jianming, director of the Lightening Engineering Teaching and Research Office of Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology, told the Beijing Science and Technology News that “During the production process of clothing, various dyes, auxiliaries and other chemical agents need to be added in the production process of printing and dyeing.

Large-scale manufacturers can control the use of these substances within a safe range during subsequent processing.

But if such chemicals are left in the clothes too much, it will have an adverse effect on the human body.

“In order to make clothes smoother, more resistant to wrinkles and stronger in color, garment finishing agents containing formaldehyde are used in the garment manufacturing process.

If you can wear clothes with excessive formaldehyde, the free formaldehyde will volatilize through the friction between the skin and the human body, and slowly accumulate after absorbing the human body, causing respiratory diseases and even risk of cancer.

  For woolen clothing, acidic preparations are used; for cotton clothing, alkaline preparations are used.

However, after the clothing is made, its pH should be balanced within the acceptable range of the human body.

Human skin has a normal pH value of 5.


0, weakly acidic to protect the body from germs.

If the pH of the clothing exceeds this range, it can irritate the skin and even cause skin infections.

  The most lethal substance in clothing is the decomposable aromatic amine. Wang Jianming told reporters that azo dyes synthesized by aromatic amines are used by many small businesses in textiles, clothing, leather products, and home textiles.

Azo dyes will be absorbed by the skin if they come into contact with the human body for a long period of time. They will diffuse and react in the human body to decompose 20 kinds of carcinogenic aromatic amines.

After clothes made of this poison dye, it does not degrade water, is colorless and tasteless, and can only be detected by professional technology. It is difficult for consumers to find its traces.

“Decomposable aromatic amines are forbidden, but they have strong coloring power, high color fastness, and are cheaper than alternatives, so they are still used secretly by some manufacturers.

“At the end of last year in Indonesian traditional batik fabrics, the Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce had the responsibility to delist six unqualified garments because of the detection of carcinogenic, decomposable aromatic amines in the garments.

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision inspected 11 school uniform manufacturers in Beijing and found that two products had problems. One of them detected a decomposable aromatic amine, and the other had a substandard pH.
The manufacturer provided uniforms for many schools in Shijingshan, Dongcheng, Xicheng, Shunyi and other districts.

  One of the highlights of the new national standard is the separate listing of student uniforms.

In the past, school uniforms were often rough. They did not sweat in summer and did not keep warm in winter, and they easily faded.
  ”Students are in the stage of physical growth and development. The body’s ability to self-regulate and resist foreign harmful substances is poor.

Poor school uniforms will affect their growth.

“The staff of the Shanghai Clothing Research Institute said that in order to ensure the quality of school uniforms, the new national standard released this time is aimed at its washing resistance, color fastness, formaldehyde content, pH value, odor, decomposing aromatic amine dyes,The composition and content make strict requirements.

  ”The implementation of the new national standard can make the garment industry more standardized and the safety of garments higher.

Wang Jianming said that in the past, the control of formaldehyde, pH, decomposable aromatic amines and other indicators of clothing mostly stayed on the inspection of clothing raw materials.

However, if the fabrics submitted for inspection are qualified, it does not mean that the finished garments are qualified.

The new standard has a clear standard for ready-made garments. From the manufacturers of fabrics, printing and dyeing, to garment factories, every level is maintained, and the quality of ready-made garments will naturally be improved.

  However, Wang Jianming is also worried that the production of tens of billions of meters of fabric every year, and the production process of clothing is very long, so only random inspection of raw materials and clothing.

Under normal circumstances, large manufacturers will take the initiative to put the garment into the fiber inspection institute, quality supervision bureau and other units for inspection.

However, for manufacturers who do not take the initiative to submit inspections, the Fiber Inspection Institute does not have the power to force inspections.

  ”Now the inspection costs are very high, and many manufacturers can not do it.

If you want to detect all the indicators of a piece of clothing, there are many items. Just detecting the firmness, there are hundreds of items such as sun fastness, rubbing fastness, sweat fastness, and light fastness.

The cost of a complete test is calculated in 10,000 yuan.

“Wang Jianming said.

  Wang Jianming believes that the biggest problem faced by previous clothing standards is not that the rules are not detailed, but that the implementation is not thorough.

Many of the current standards are translated directly from experienced countries. The regulations are perfect, but the enforcement is not enough.

In foreign countries, even if there is a problem with the product, even the company may have to close the door; however, this is rarely the case in Chinese companies, and most of the clothing in question is sold to the countryside or the price is reduced.

  ”The presupposition of the new standard is important, but the thorough implementation of the standard is the top priority.

Wang Jianming said that for consumers, buying and wearing clothing requires some safety common sense.

  For example, when buying clothes, you must first smell the clothes for any odor, then wipe the clothes to see if they fade.

Whether it is underwear or jacket, wash it with warm water before wearing it, and dry it properly in the sun according to size.

Formaldehyde has a pungent odor and is easy to dissolve water. If new clothes contain formaldehyde, most of them can be removed by washing.

Zhentang senior membership system is launched, opening a new model of health care services

Zhentang senior membership system is launched, opening a new model of health care services

The golden autumn is cool, and the osmanthus fragrance is fragrant.

On October 17th, at the opening of the 3rd “Internet + Financial Pension” Industrial Innovation Conference in 2018, the “Old Age Membership System” platform launching ceremony held by Yu Zhentang at the Tianjian Pension Service Center opened a new model of health care services.

According to reports, the “elderly membership system” platform is based on Internet technology, characterized by interconnection, mobility, openness, sharing, and service. Through online and offline linkage, members are the core, and the whole life cycle of 50+ middle-aged people is around.We will build a service system for all aspects of health, health care, and financial insurance.

For the middle-aged and elderly people, brand service providers, government agencies and other relevant personnel and organizations, the construction of an information platform for the management of old-age management services nationwide.

Yang Zhiyong, Chairman of the Senior Zhentang article: “The membership system for senior citizens is the result of our many years of research and development, covering health checkups, living and living, insurance protection, and residential care for the elderly. It aims to provide convenient services for the elderly.

“Overall, the platform membership level is divided into three levels: “wind”, “ya” and “颂”.

Zhentang uses the Internet of Things, Internet technology to upgrade older products, and uses information technology applications and intelligent products to upgrade old-age services to provide comprehensive, wide-coverage and intelligent aged care services for the elderly.

In the future, the platform will be committed to innovation and create a new model of old-age services, further enrich the health care service industry projects, and strive to bring new changes and upgrades to the old-age industry.

Yang Zhiyong, chairman of Zhenzhentang, said, “The problem of old-age care is imminent, and the establishment of “energy-raising forces” and the active exploration of new models of old-age industries are the only way to meet the growing demand for aged care services.

Tips for your boss to appreciate you

Tips for your boss to appreciate you


Let your boss see your performance.

Regularly report your work progress and completed tasks to the company, so that your boss can see and affirm your existence and contribution.


Requires more work and authorization.

Let your boss feel your expectations and enterprising spirit. This is an important indicator for them to consider promotion.


Take the opportunity to show your leadership.

When a new employee comes in, you can volunteer to “bring” him to show your enthusiasm and leadership.


Develop your own relationships inside and outside the company.

Through the internal and external networks of the company, you can not only get the latest information, but also get more opportunities when changing jobs and promoting positions.


Complete the work delivered early, and always complete the work assigned to you by your superiors in advance.


Bold and adventurous.

Put forward your new ideas to your boss, be willing to accept new tasks, new challenges, and let them sharpen your talents.


Enthusiastically participate in company activities.

Through the company-scale activities to deepen the impression of your superiors, you can also communicate with other department heads and personnel.


Learn from outstanding colleagues.

Take a closer look at other high-performing colleagues in the office and learn what they lack in you.


Strengthen your business capabilities.

Study foreign languages and computers, elective management, finance and accounting, and courses useful for future upgrades.


Plan your career.

Properly plan your career development direction and steps, remember: this is your own career, you have to master it yourself.

Holiday intensive maintenance saves awkward skin

Holiday intensive maintenance saves awkward skin

Season change is imminent. Due to the changes in the external environment, it is easy to cause the skin to appear embarrassed, dull, acne-inflammated, dry and rough, etc., when it cannot bear the huge burden.

However, please be assured that the beauty of MM, Mid-Autumn Festival, the National Day holiday is coming soon, make good use of the holiday for intensive maintenance of the holiday, and quickly become a big beauty!

  The skin embarrassment problem when changing seasons is quickly resolved. At the time of changing seasons, the skin will be more sensitive to any environmental stimuli. At this time, all maintenance procedures should not only be simplified, but also pay attention to mild effects. As for whether the maintenance products must be replaced casually, You can see the skin condition of the individual, but one rule to remember is to be simple, because if you carelessly replace all the skin care products at once, these skin care products that have never been used are likely to become the second skinThis burden, if it belongs to those with extremely sensitive skin, will show sensitivity, rashes, and other problems in the vertical where it has no room to adapt, so it does not prevent the use of increased or replacement intensive care products, which effectively provides skin care.The required water and nutrients, such as ampoules or masks containing hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, E or capsule protein, can effectively prevent dehydration, dullness and increase skin’s autoimmunity.

  Tips from the United States Editor: In addition to the above methods, drink plenty of water, and use some makeup sprays containing licorice, rose, or witch hazel every day to strengthen the skin’s water retention, which are all ways to enhance skin stability. But if youThe busy pink-collar people do not have extra time to pay attention to maintenance at any time. Why not plant a series of green plants or raise goldfish in the series to help increase the humidity in the office space. When you feel that your face is dry and tired,A cup of warm boiling water, then use the slightly emitted water vapor to perform a simple steaming action on the face, and then use a tissue paper to lightly block the small water drops on the face.

  6 steps for intensive maintenance: Moisturizing I don’t know when, our skin becomes more and more fragile.

Some people may have congenital dry skin, but in addition to heredity, there are so many “drying factors” that are eroding a woman’s face.

Climate is a cause that cannot be ignored. The colder the air, the less water is carried in the air.

In autumn and winter, the dry, cold air enters the room, and it acts like a super sponge, absorbing moisture from the skin.

When you are on vacation, it is occasionally particularly important to do a good job of moisturizing. It is intensive to maintain during the vacation, and your skin will be on a level after the vacation!

  Recommended product of the United States: DHC moisturizing spray lotion 65g Evaluation: It can be used as a lotion in the office before drying or applying a mask, and it is also suitable for travel.

It also has a bacteriostatic effect to prevent skin problems.

  Intensive maintenance in 6 steps: freckle white and tender skin is not beautiful when it is spotted. Although freckle is a long-term task, if you take the time to do intensive maintenance during the holidays, you can dilute your awkward spots.

  Recommended product of the US series: SK-II Whitening Skin Rejuvenating Essence Essence Evaluation: Focus on light spots, strengthen the basement membrane, make the skin from real and whitening intensive maintenance 6 steps to go: whitening autumn and winter whitening is very important, hot summer, intense ultraviolet raysThe skins of the MMs have been tanned. Now it ‘s okay. In the autumn and winter, when the ultraviolet rays are not very strong, you must seize the whitening work and get back the white and tender skin yesterday.

  Recommended product by the US series: Estee Lauder Crystal Brightening Night Cream Evaluation: The formula is especially nourishing and rich, suitable for dry to extremely dry skin, instantly absorbed by the skin, deeply moisturizing function, a product that refreshes the skin!


Definitely worth having!

  Intensive maintenance in 6 steps: Don’t think that sun protection is not necessary in autumn and winter.

Many fluorescent lamps in DiscoPub do not have low UV intensity. After several carnival nights, the freckles will be exposed!

Applying sunscreen lotion at night may sound strange, but it is very necessary.

You can’t ignore the sun protection work when you go out. The sun exposure during skiing is easily ignored. You have chosen a milder and richer creamy product that can protect your skin from the cold, and a high-powered facial sun protection product, becauseThe strong light reflections from the sun and snow double the UV rays on your skin.

  Recommended by the United States: ityCity Block Sheer SPF 25 Clinique Daily Light Sunscreen Cream SPF25 Evaluation: It is also light, oil-free, and has a light base makeup effect. It has an unprecedented natural lightness and is easier to apply.

  Intensive maintenance in 6 steps: hydrating and beautiful skin, water is essential.

During the New Year, the weather is dry, eating greasy, and getting acne easily.

In addition to paying attention to drinking water in a timely manner, toner is also indispensable. The light flower spray water can refresh the main axis and replenish the effect.

  Recommended product by the United States: Vichy Vichy Runqua Deep Moisturizing Moisturizing Cream Evaluation: Continue moisturizing the skin for 24 hours.

  Intensive maintenance in 6 steps: Masks want to strengthen the mask maintenance during the annual leave. It is recommended to perform a deep cleansing, one to two moisturizations, and two functional facials (such as relaxing and whitening) within one week. UsuallyIt is best to do deep cleansing first, so that the surface of the skin does not accumulate some thick old waste keratin, so the effect of applying the surface will be better, if the function of the surface is not repeated (such as the ingredients contain acids), at the same time a dayIt’s okay to do cleaning and moisturizing, but it is better to try and participate.

  Recommended by the United States: LANEIGE Strawberry Yogurt Mask 80ml / 185 yuan Evaluation: The taste is very attractive!

After covering your face, be sure to massage, massage the essence like strawberry seeds inside, and moisturize your face after washing!

Not only is it hydrating, it’s still a little oily and tender, but not greasy!

Use it continuously and you will find your face as beautiful as poached eggs.

  Warm little TIPS: The mask is the easiest to accept in the secret care products, so it is recommended that MMs who use intensive care products for the first time choose a mask that suits them.

The mask itself is rich in essence, and it can stay on the skin for a complete time. In the process of use, the mask still replaces the contact between the skin and the air. It can absorb the skin and absorb nutrients, which is faster, more efficient, and continuous than ordinary skin care products.After several days of use, the effect will be very obvious.

And now there are many types of facial masks on the market, from parity to ladies’ level, the selectivity is very large, you can quickly choose a mask for daily use!

  Intensive maintenance for a few days during the holiday: It is recommended that you clean deeply on the first day, moisturize on the second day, and relieve pressure (or vitality) on the third day, moisturize on the fourth day, and whiten on the fifth day. Such intensive maintenance will definitely let you andYour awkward skin problem, say byebye, is guaranteed to give you a new look after your holiday!