“Uncle Rubin,I don’t want this money!”

Rubin put on a torturous look,There was a cold murderous look in his eyes。
“You pretend to be Qiao Hanfei’s nephew,Just want to lie to me and believe you,And then seize the legacy I left to Lily??”
“you did it,Get out of this billion dollars!”
I’ll wipe it!
This mouth is really smelly,It smells better than eating a big can of stinky tofu!
but,This is Rubin Qiao Tianyu knows!
Qiao Tianyu understands Rubin’s routine very well,This should be regarded as his ultimate test of Qiao Tianyu。
Hehe,Play tricks with me?
Qiao Tianyu is unambiguous,Immediately stretched out his right hand and threw it towards Rubin,Just listen“Snapped!.”A crisp sound,Rubin was beaten up.
This slap is extremely powerful,Beat Rubin’s eyes on gold stars,Head buzzing,But Qiao Tianyu didn’t want to let him go。
“This slap,I fought as Aunt Hanfei’s family!You let Aunt Hanfei give birth to Lily,But didn’t take care of them,You should hit!”
Don’t wait for Rubin to explain,Qiao Tianyu raised his left hand again,“Snapped”Slapped Rubin’s right cheek again。
“This slap,I played for Aunt Hanfei!Aunt Hanfei loves you so much,You let her down,Let her die alone,How did you be your boyfriend!”
These two slaps,Rubin has been completely confused,Mind,He hurriedly raised his hands to surrender。
Who knows Qiao Tianyu can’t say anything,Raised his right hand again。
There was another clear applause,Rubin was fanned out of the seat,Almost fainted。
“This slap,I played as Lily’s cousin!You are Lily’s only relative in America,Aunt Hanfei entrusted her to you,You put Lily in danger many times,How did your father become!”

Xiao Fan said lightly:“All right,Your own son will discipline yourself,If there is another time,You can think about the consequences in advance,I will definitely fulfill you!“

Fourth Master Huang listened to Xiao Fan without any emotional threats,One leg fell to the ground,No matter how,My son is saved today。
Fourth Master Huang also quickly knelt beside his son,Said:“Peace of mind,I promise,There will never be similar things in the future,I promise!”
Xiao Fan nodded,Leaving this restaurant with Lin Yoona。
Until Xiao Fan and Lin Yun’er were completely invisible,Fourth Master Huang was relieved,The whole body is softened,If it’s not for the eyes and hands,I’m afraid I will lie on the ground。
Young Master Huang came to his father’s side shivering,Asked:“dad,Who is this person?,why,Why would you……”
I didn’t wait for Master Huang to finish,Fourth Master Huang stared at him with a cold look,She was so scared that Master Huang swallowed the rest。
Looking at the obvious bloodshot slap marks on his son’s face,Fourth Master Huang is too unbearable,Sighed,Said:“I don’t know who he is,You just need to remember this person your dad can’t offend,You can’t afford to offend,You just need to remember,he,Stay as far as you are!”
Young Master Huang looked out the door,Although I don’t know what kind of loss my father suffered from that person,But can make my father so scared,The loss is not small if you want to come。
Thinking of what I did to him before,Young Master Huang is also scared,He stretched out his hands and held his father’s arm tightly。
After Lin Yuna and Xiao Fan walked out of the restaurant’s door,,Walked directly in the direction of the car。
Because the entrance of the restaurant is still some distance away from where two people parked,So two people walked leisurely on the path as they came。
Hesitated several times,Lin Yoona still asked:“you,That Huang Siye seems to be afraid of you!”
Xiao Fan“Ok”With a,Said:“Seems to be!”
Lim Yoona is sweating,When she is blind?It looks like that,Can still say“like”What?
Lin Yuna won’t give up,Continue to ask:“He offended you before?”
Xiao Fan organized the language,Said:“how to say!Be it,So I taught him a little lesson before。”

Because after Zong Xueqin came to the Golden Triangle,It only took a month,It has its own armed forces in the Golden Triangle,In fact, everyone at first,Think General Jin is the man behind Zhong Xueqin。

After all, this woman and General Jin were very close at first。
Even now, there are speculations,Zong Xueqin is just a puppet supported by General Jin!
But facing this rumor,General Jin really wants to cry,But similar to him also know,I can’t explain it myself,On the contrary, the more you explain it, the more tarnished!
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Six Tit for tat
So at the end, General Jin didn’t explain,Let outsiders guess what they want!
But there was a story between General Jin and Zong Xueqin,This thing is true!
General Jin slowly walked towards Zong Xueqin,And the lone wolf is in front of her,So the lone wolf at this time when General Jin walked in front of him,Also to General Jin,Stretched out his hand!
But General Jin at this time seems to have not seen it at all,These have passed the lone wolf,In front of Zong Xueqin,There is a little complicated meaning on the expression。
“long time no see,How are you these days?”
For someone like Zong Xueqin,Naturally it is impossible for her to be a lone wolf,Just treat General Kim coldly!
So at this time, Zong Xueqin showed extraordinary enthusiasm,At this moment, she deliberately pretended to look resentful,Take a look at General Jin:“What do you say,You haven’t come to see me for so many days,Now he pretends to care about others!”
General Jin saw this little look in Zong Xueqin’s eyes,I feel my heart is about to melt,At this moment, he walked forward quickly,I pulled up Zong Xueqin’s hand,I completely ignore the fact that the face of the lone wolf suddenly became so gloomy!
After all, in the eyes of General Jin,The lone wolf is just a little kid,Although he is somewhat unwilling to provoke him,But this does not mean that I don’t have the strength to settle him!
“Isn’t this a bit busy these days?,Blame me for this,Blame me,How about this,After this matter is over,You come to my base for a few days,how about it?”
How to stab a man’s appetite,At this point,If Zong Xueqin says he is second,,I’m afraid no one dares to support this number one!

But today I made a profit after all,Leopard watched the amount in the account rebounded,Feel more comfortable,but……I thought if the principal could be a little more,Then you can buy a more prestigious car earlier。

Thinking so,He couldn’t help but worry:“Gold,Do you think I have any way to collect more capital??”
“Yes,Mortgage your car to Wang Shuai to borrow some money,Negotiate interest。”Chen Wenjin answered casually,Like a joke,Shouted Wang Shuai:“This is too funny!I lend him money instead of putting more points into the account myself,Higher income!”
“If Wang Shuai doesn’t do it, you can take the car to Qinghe as a mortgage。”Chen Wenjin said casually,Unexpectedly, Abao suddenly sat up straight,Seriously thinking about it:“Take the car to Qinghe for mortgage?I go!I didn’t expect it before!”
“You’re serious?Rush for money recently?”Chen Wenjin thought about what he said before and wouldn’t care about it,Can’t help but wonder if Qiangwei cost A Bao a lot of money yesterday,Forcing him to feel stressed,Will become very eager。
Qiangwei listens to their chat,She chatted with Xiao Xiao and Amei in a low voice,Xiao Xiao opens an account to operate transactions,Qiangwei saw the numbers inside,Shocked and unbelievably counted the units several times,I can only believe that I didn’t read it wrong。Asked with a calm smile on his face:“Xiao Xiao’s family feels relieved,I can leave this account to you。”
Ami couldn’t help but laughed:“Xiao Xiao is a princess,She doesn’t care about the money,Xiao Xiao almost doubled,More than one million people are at her disposal,Awesome?”
“incredible。”Qiangwei is really shocked,What’s in front of you,Compared to the wealthy friends she thought,It’s just a difference。She thought Abao was too rich,One year younger than her,Driving by myself,Yesterday spent thousands of dollars without blinking。It turns out now,Xiao Xiao in front of him is in charge of nearly two million dollars,Still free!She prints money at home?Qiangwei didn’t think she should ask,But I can’t restrain my curiosity under shock,Ask Amei:“Do you all buy stocks with so much money??”
“It has nothing to do with me,Give me two thousand yuan for a birthday party on the biggest birthday in my family,Besides, I won’t give me much money at once,Not comparable to them!”May say so,Abao quickly connected,Lest she keeps on revealing the fact that the amount of money in his account is far inferior to the other three,Just smiled and said:“The three of them have the most money,I don’t have as many of them。Recently I ordered,I lost tens of thousands a few days ago,Today, the car bet Wang Shuai again and lost to him!Although I planned to change cars,But I didn’t plan to be so fast,Good market recently,Don’t want to move money,No car driving for a while!Terrible!”
Wang Shuai smiled slightly,It seems to give Abao a face:“Gambling,You are on your own,Must bet。”
Chen Wenjin realizes that Wang Shuai has a long-term plan,Abao can’t bet the car。He can guess what two people go out and say,But Wang Shuai doesn’t care about A Leopard’s car,But deliberately took advantage of Qiangwei’s affairs to get away the car,Must be to ensure that a considerable amount of time,Abao has no way to quickly accumulate funds to redeem and end the agreement。
Although Abao didn’t think of a way to increase the principal of the mortgaged car and make money quickly,But Wang Shuai is clearly prepared for this possibility,In other words, in his game,Need Abao to remain under control。
‘Wang Shuai deliberately let Qiangwei come here,Obviously use money to hit the rose,At the same time use her as a bargaining chip to ensure that Abao is in control……Wang Shuai’s goal should be Qiangwei,What is needed is to suppress Abao’s funds for a period of time,Otherwise Qiangwei won’t be used by him,Or the price he has to pay will be too great……tank,Kokichi……This guy is going to string them all together!’Chen Wenjin considered,Approximately understand,The key point must be the tank。
Tank must have talked with Wang Shuai,It should be an accident of the tank,In addition, I happened to know that Abao met Qiangwei,Prompted Wang Shuai to think。
‘This guy,It’s not at ease to reflect on the foot at home!’Chen Wenjin thinks maybe the other way around,Because of Wang Shuai was banned,On the contrary, they will be more active to find something interesting to do。This kind of thing,It was originally interesting in Wang Shuai’s eyes。

In this era,This idea is absolutely fine,But who can think of it,After the Gulf War, people were suddenly shocked to discover,The slowness in my impression is like an old scalper、Only equipped with large bombers that become live targets for local ground air defense firepower and fighter air-to-air missiles,Actually jumped into an aerial precision strike platform,With a dozen long-range cruise missiles with a range of thousands of kilometers,The enemy can be attacked outside the enemy’s anti-aircraft firepower circle“Acupuncture”Precise firepower strike,On the contrary, the slow bomber has become a strategic weapon and equipment in the hands of the United States and the Soviet Union by virtue of its own advantages.,It can even perform global strategic strike missions,You say irritating but not irritating?

“I understand,”Chen Geng nodded slightly:“I want to ask,What is our attitude?”
“if possible,We certainly hope that this project can continue,”Wang Xiaodong is obviously really anxious,Didn’t circle with Chen Geng,Bluntly:“But now the problem is,The leader made a speech,Say don’t look at our self-funded project by Xifei,But even if this project is really successful,It is impossible to allocate funds to purchase this aircraft,So now comrades are a little confused,I don’t know if this project should continue……”
Even if Xifei took this4ReleasedH6Made it,The above will not allocate funds for procurement?
Chen Geng frowned,From this perspective,Xifei’s confusion and hesitation are completely understandable:For this4ReleasedH6,Xifei not only needs to raise funds by itself,Still shy face to Chen Geng“borrow”Up4station“tay”MK650-8Cengine,Just waiting for the success of this project in the future,Large number of national equipment,Xifei can earn back the initial investment,But now,The above clearly stated that it will not purchase,What should Xifei do?
Stop now,Although I will lose a little bit,But also stopped the loss in time,Keep the loss under control,If it continues,The next series of test flights and tests will require a lot of money.,The key is to make some leaders upset。
But Chen Geng laughed:The true fragrance law,Don’t look at the individual leaders above4ReleasedH6Terrible,But soon,They will find that this thing is really fragrant。
“in case,I mean if,”Chen Geng smiled:“If three to4In the year,This project will turn around,Xifei, do you want to keep going??”
As long as three to four years,This thing will turn around?
Wang Xiaodong’s eyes suddenly narrowed:what’s going on?What exactly does Chen Geng know?Why is he so sure after three to four years and not at other times,There will be a turnaround?
First926chapter First flutter
“Can you tell me,Is it a turnaround??”Although it is impossible for Chen Geng to tell himself,But hesitated,Wang Xiaodong still tentatively asked。
“Sorry,President Wang,I can’t say,”Chen Geng’s embarrassed way:“But i promise,You can definitely see in three or four years。”
Chen Gengyue said so,The more shocked Wang Xiaodong was:What exactly does Chen Geng know?Why is he so sure?Could it be……
A thought that hadn’t been thought of before suddenly came out of Wang Xiaodong’s heart,He thinks it is related to America,But what is it,He is not sure。
Aware of this possibility,Wang Xiaodong hesitated,In my heart, I am fighting against heaven and man for the purpose of whether to continue to persist.:If you keep going,What if the turnaround that Chen Geng said did not happen??the most important is,Xifei’s persistence may also hate a certain leader,This is not good news;
But on the other hand,If Chen Geng said that the turning point really happened?It’s just three or four years,Keep going,Hold on for another three or four years,May just keep the clouds open and see the moonlight……

Qianqian thinking,Take a look at Feng endless, then look at Xia Chenglong。

“Uncle Long,I want to see mom!”
Xia Chenglong breathed a sigh of relief,I hope to hear what he wants next。
“I want to say goodbye to mom,And say goodbye to my aunt,Ok……Xia Xiaolong!”
“flourishing,You have to think about it,If you follow Grandpa Feng,I might not see my mother for a long time?”Xia Chenglong reminded again!
“I,I know,But Qianqian wants to be as strong as Uncle Long,Such mom,Aunt and them won’t be bullied!”
Qianqian did tell her heart,This is the most sincere confession of a five or six year old child。
Xia Chenglong’s heart is very complicated,Very happy and sad at the same time。
I didn’t need a little girl to bear all this,But I can see that the little guy is so sensible,I’m really happy for the Zhao family。
No doubt,Became the apprentice of Yuanzhong, the number one master of Dahua,Even the most useless waste may become one of the best in the country。
Not to mention Qianqian with innate spiritual roots?!
“Whoops,My little cutie,Do not worry,Grandpa Feng will definitely train you to become the most powerful master in Dahua,And beat those big bad guys away。”
“Hee hee,Then we pull the hook,No regrets。”
Make such a huge decision,And it hasn’t been decided by Wang Yazhi,To be honest, I feel a little guilty。
It’s just fate’s arrangement,No way to change。
“Surnamed,I hope you do what you say,If I find that Qianqian has a little bit of damage,Believe it or not, I dare to disappear from the mainland,Then hide for a hundred and eighty years,Come out to kill you。”Xia Chenglong looked at her proudly,Threaten severely。

Lin Lao Er said nothing,Turn around and run。

Instinctive reaction,In front of this powerful,He has no hope of victory。
Xia Chenglong came to the other side in an instant,The pliers-like hand directly restrains the opponent’s throat,Raise the whole person by the way。
can not breath,Even the aura in the body can’t work,Lin’s second child is in pain。
“I didn’t plan to shoot,It’s just that you people are too hateful,Even a little girl has to use it,This is your mistake。”
Xia Chenglong is also talking to himself,Because he doesn’t plan to give this kind of person a chance to speak。
Second Lin wants to struggle,But the next moment it came from my neck“Click”the sound of。
This guy with a bit of reputation at the bottom of Lingxiao City,Completely disappeared on the road,Just because he provokes people who shouldn’t。
The body lies quietly beside the car,As for the driver,He already ran away when Lin Lao San got down。
Xia Chenglong did not destroy his body,He just wants the guys who are still eyeing to understand,Some people are beyond their reach。
Chapter six hundred and twenty seven Nothing more
After Xia Chenglong’s work, he naturally returned to Yingzi’s hotel,When I entered, everyone was still sitting dead,After all, so many things happened during the day,Many people haven’t recovered yet!
Especially Qi Chong,He was very sorry,To save Yingzi,Let Xia Chenglong……
“Big brother,Let’s go kill the old man Lin,This thing is too frustrated!”Chuanzi pats the table,Stood up and said angrily。
“sit down,Do you think Laosan is so easy to kill?”
Don’t even think about it,The union at this moment must be heavily guarded,Not to mention that they are even warriors in the transcendent realm,Impossible to get in。

He has beaten the ground and surrounding walls before,It can be clearly felt that the ice wall here is connected to the entire underground world.,There is no way to break through。

But it’s different there,The color should be greener。
“Hold on to me!”
Tu Cancan too late to think,Ready to grab Xia Chenglong’s clothes。
It’s this time,There is still time to grind chirps,When the woman came over,Nothing,One foot directly,Towards that corner。
Single Xeon One Sword,Can cause terrible damage to a certain point,This is another gamble,As for being able, it depends on God’s will。
With sword aura,Really broke there,at the same time,The two flew straight in,And the ice sculpture that broke free at this moment also rushed over。
The two just entered,The ice sculpture also rushed over,Even stretched in before the neck。
But its body is too big,Can’t break through the door that is only one or two meters in front of you。
Ice Palace again,After the breakthrough, it drops again,Landing,The place at the moment is the same as before,But there are no ice sculptures,This is a pure ice hall。
“You can let go!”Xia Chenglong looked helplessly at the woman with her eyes closed and said。
Tu Cancan opened his eyes,Make sure they are alive,Let go immediately,And it’s not uncommon。
“cut,Who is rare!”


Chapter Eighty Two Reappearance
“Cut off the source,To eliminate these bugs!Minano Hidei,Sun Keke,Zhu Rong,The three of you shot together,Block the ground first,Burning Worm!”Li Feihua methodically ordered。
The three apostles who were named by him nodded at the same time,Took the initiative to step forward。
That Zhu Rong was the former fire controller,He didn’t immediately make a move,But took a deep breath,Then hold your breath,Flames around,Obviously holding a big move,ready。
And that Sun Keke,Is the apostle who controls the earth wall,After he came forward,Palms out immediately,Spiritual power surges,The ground under everyone’s feet suddenly shook。
This strange wave continues to extend forward,As if there is an invisible magic hand under the ground,And the soil under everyone’s feet seems to be given vitality。
boom!Two large pieces of ground upturned,Like the lid of a carton,All of a sudden, it covered the seam where the black worms gushed out。
Of course, the continuous flow of insects is not willing to be blocked,They struggled madly,Humming,The ground suddenly arched up a big chunk,Seeing to be broken by the worm。
At this moment,The young apostle named Shui Minano suddenly squatted down,Press your palms on the ground。
He is a handsome boy,With long flowing hair,Like the hero in anime。now,A green light flashed in his eyes,Looks very strange。
At this moment when Xiuyi Minano shot,Even Lu Menglin was taken aback,Suddenly there is a very strange feeling。
Suddenly, countless powerful auras appeared in Fright God Valley,This is an indescribable feeling。It seems that there are thousands of troops being resurrected,This is a torrent of life,With unstoppable power,Rush out,Sweep the earth。
In an instant,The ground under everyone’s feet suddenly appeared green,As if a green stream is passing through the ground,And those plants on the hillside,At a speed visible to the naked eye,Crazy growth。
This abnormal state,Even Lu Menglin was shocked,Quickly communicate with Xiaozhi。
“what’s the situation?You won’t be controlled by others?”Lu Menglin asked。

Now Zhongneng International Construction Group is likely to be calculated by Sato Junji,Qiao Tianyu has the responsibility and obligation to help China Energy International survive this disaster!

Maybe some people think Qiao Tianyu is too fussy,Confident that I am a great country in China,Talented,How can you suffer?
However, the fact is,In recent years,My Huaxia Enterprise has been frustrated frequently in the world,Constantly paying high tuition fees,The painful lessons abound,Suffer too much!
Give a chestnut。
2008year,CITIC Pacific, a subsidiary of China Central Enterprise CITIC Group, invests in iron ore projects in Australia,Generate huge demand for Australian dollars。
To reduce currency risk,CITIC Pacific signs certain leveraged foreign exchange trading contracts with Australian banks。
However, there was a flaw in the contract signing,Targeted by international hedge funds,They use market rules,Leading the international hot money to quickly raise the Australian dollar exchange rate。
CITIC Pacific lost almost overnight147Hundred million Hong Kong dollars,A large amount of state-owned capital is lost overseas,Heartbreaking!
Over the years, as China’s economic strength has soared,Many Chinese companies go abroad,Contracting projects worldwide,Touched the interests of certain countries and forces。
Those forces frequently set obstacles to China’s enterprises,Suppress China Enterprise,The losses caused are hard to count!
And Junji Sato is the force most keen to attack China Enterprise,He is right that Huaxia Enterprise has just set foot abroad,Not familiar with world trade rules,Earn a lot of money in China Enterprise。
Since this life is determined to continue to be the patron saint of China Finance,Qiao Tianyu will never allow Sato Junji to harm the world again。
So this time,In any case, he must prevent Junji Sato from framing China Energy International Construction Group!
Arranged to leave the chubby face,Qiao Tianyu remembered again“Qiao Yuanshan”Things,I don’t know if GEODIS has asked。
He was busy using the room phone to hang up Qiao Daye。
“I have gotten through。”Geodaye said on the phone。
“About that Qiao Yuanshan,My dad checked the genealogy,Make sure there is no such person in Joe’s family tree。”
“No such person?”
Qiao Tianyu whispered in his heart,If Qiao Yuanshan is not from Qiaojiapu,What’s the matter with the list in the tiger stone box??