“chase,Sister Yan said,This little guy seems to be waiting for rescue,He didn’t show the faith to work hard!”Angel Moy also chased after the angel。

But there is a saying,Care is chaos,This angel chased Thornton,Naturally know how good he is,Xin Zhao, a German star gun that has been inspired within a few days,He doesn’t think this guy can beat Thornton。
“Haha,You big bun,Eat later,There are a few meat buns here,I’ll pad my belly first,I’ll fight you later!”
Through the hole made by Xin Zhao,Thornton saw the people inside directly,Which is the bun in his eyes。
‘Why is Sister Lena not here yet?,This Thornton!’
‘No way,Fight!’
Angel Yan is right,Xin Zhao has been trying his best to keep himself safe,And then flying a kite,Thornton。When I saw Thornton was about to eat people,Xin Zhao knew he couldn’t hide it anymore。
Xin Zhao hit the ground with a fist,Then the light condenses in the palm of his hand,The black particles are condensed in the palm of his hand,A dagger at the last execution ground。
It’s not that Xin Zhao can’t condense bigger,But he has no time,This Thornton passed directly towards the person。
“Get out of me!”
step,Blue and white electric flashes,Xin Zhao slashed directly at Thornton’s claws。
‘Zizi Lala!’
Blue and white electric light,And the black particles make up the big dagger,Cut directly on Thornton’s claws without hesitation,Yin Hong’s blood flew out directly。
‘pain,It hurts me!’
Thornton looked at his paw,Then the battle axe in the hand,Without hesitation, he threw it towards Xin Zhao。

Call standflsg!

of course,You may not understand the meaning of this sentence。If you change to Chinese,Is to plant a flag。
This means that,After you said this,Our results will definitely not go in a good direction。
I’m really sad,When I was on earth, the eldest sister Lena said to wait for me to come back,Take me to Lieyang。At this time you said wait for me to come back,Then go to angel civilization。
This is just great,I feel that if I go this time,It’s almost impossible to return!”
Originally Xin Zhao didn’t believe this,But after listening to Angel Yan’s words just now,He felt an inexplicable meaning,Then he somewhat confirmed his results this time,Certainly not too good。
For Xin Zhao’s words,Angel Yan smiled casually,Don’t care。
Words of Xin Zhao,In her opinion,Belongs to feudal superstition,It’s when you don’t have a clear understanding of things,Then encountered some high-tech existence,Treat them like gods。
Just like him,In the angel’s propaganda,Some are thunder gods,Some are holy left,There are dozens of names,If Angel Yan is serious,That’s a fool。
But this kind of thing,Angel Yan was too lazy to argue with Xin Zhao,After all, this aspect of personal cognition,If you say,Easy to conflict。
Although Xin Zhao can’t satisfy Angel Yan’s fantasy of his male god in some places,But it doesn’t prevent him from becoming a friend of his own。
Think of it as a civilized angel,A king with a strong mouth,Except for Holy Keisha,Angel Yan doesn’t persuade anyone。
And now Xin Zhao gives her the pleasure of wanting to conquer。
“All right,I’m very curious,What’s the next sentence you just said about the fateful beauty,Make you so happy?”
“The next sentence is long and short,No one pays attention at all。”Xin Zhao lay on the ground and looked at Angel Yan,He first saw a long thigh,Then there is a big red short skirt,Shiny silver armor。
have to say,This angel is beautiful is willful,Obviously it belongs to the gaudy red,It doesn’t diminish the charm of wearing it,This is really unscientific。
“That’s it!”
After hearing what Xin Zhao said,Angel Yan gave him a blank look“All men are the same,Only focus on women’s appearance,Not paying attention to connotation at all。

This strength is not particularly powerful on the current continent.,Also,After all, this is the front training platform in Jianyuan,The master naturally cannot be here。

He has a way to deal with these guys,Grab the opponent’s fist while pulling it over,Then grab the opponent’s face directly from the front。
A face that has no elasticity,Turn to ashes directly in the flame。
Want to solve these guys completely,The only way is to blast off the opponent’s head directly,Xia Chenglong has long studied,So it’s very smooth now。
It’s impossible for these people to survive anyway,It’s also a good choice for them to die completely。
What’s more, their death also took away the black devil energy hidden in the body。
Only the bottom-level guy,Understand this,After all, a higher level cannot be eroded in an instant。
Too strong,But a lot of,Xia Chenglong was entangled in this attack next。
I thought there were only a dozen,It was only later that the number of training platforms here extended beyond a few hundred meters.,And from before to now, almost hundreds of them have been destroyed。
Chapter VIII Jianyuan token
This is not the way,The intensity of cultivation here is of little significance to Xia Chenglong at this moment,So there is no need to get rid of this guy。
But such a toss is really troublesome,He has to go down and have a look。
Frowned,One move,The swords in those guys’ hands came directly in front of Xia Chenglong,A burst of energy,All swords turned into countless sword pieces,Come directly around。
You must know that these sword films have the original fire that exudes forest white,As long as Zhan is bound to be transformed into nothingness。
So there was a piece of fire in this dark sword abyss,Looks quite spectacular。

Han Fengdao is in shock,I suddenly felt cold in my arm,A vent of blood throughout the body,Then I saw my left forearm burst open,The big group of blood blossoms burst open。

This bomb,Scared him to death,About to escape,Suddenly he stopped moving。
Because his whole body,Was targeted by more than a dozen red dots,Densely packed。
The dozens of murderous auras locked him firmly,And the most desperate is,He didn’t even know where the gunmen were hiding?
This is clearly impossible!I am a Tier 8 powerhouse,How could it be locked by a hot weapon,And even the gunman can’t be found?
Han Fengdao was terrified!
With his strength,Not afraid of guns at all,As long as the opponent is murderous,He can sense it immediately,Whether it’s evasive,Or find out where the shooter is,Well-founded。
But now,Not only was he shot,And I can’t even find the location of the gunner,Those red dots aimed at,Like a group of ghosts holding guns。
Han Fengdao gritted his teeth fiercely,Full burst speed,The whole person turned into an afterimage,Rushed to the left,And used snakeskin to move。
Bo!A flash of blood on his thigh,Got another shot。
Han Fengdao’s figure is stagnant,Fell to the ground with a bang。
On him,There are still a dozen red dots staring at,Sweep around。
This time,Han Fengdao was completely shocked。
He is not a baby without actual combat experience,That’s why everything in front of me is so shocking,Because it has completely subverted his understanding of firearms。
With the speed of an eighth-level strong,Once it breaks,The human retina can’t capture,Not to mention using firearms to lock。
But he got shot twice,Serious injury,If it weren’t for the strong vitality of the eighth rank strong,These two shots can completely lose his combat effectiveness。
Han Fengdao’s fear,Can’t think of the reason。
At this moment,Lu Menglin walked out of the yard unhurriedly,Walked in front of Han Fengdao。

All forces started to act,The Tujia of Lingxiao City who had already prepared,Naturally won’t let this opportunity pass。

On the Tujia Wuchang,Elders are ready,They are ready,Look ahead quietly。
Compared to the strength of Shura City,The people brought by the Tu family are bigger。
All the forces that were originally hidden,Make people understand,Why Lingxiao City has not fallen into what others say for many years。
They haven’t experienced the battle six years ago,So many forces have survived,There are 16 martial artists who are above the fifth rank,This does not include several important elders in the family。
Perhaps the artistic conception they comprehend is not the strong one comprehended by the famous strong,But as long as the field has the power of artistic conception,That is standing at the top of the pyramid。
And the warrior who didn’t understand,In other words, there are dozens of people entering the Holy Realm below Rank 5.,They have different levels,Is also a powerful force。
Gathered here today,The so-called is one thing。
“Met the owner!”Elder Tujia speak first。
“Met the owner!”The warrior behind keep up。
Patriarch Tu is dressed in black,Looked deeply at the many warriors in front of you,Nod slightly,This is in line with the other party’s mysterious identity。
Then a woman appeared,This is naturally Zong Xueqin,Today she is different,That bright red gauze changed,Become a plain suit。
The original charming face is hidden by the light gauze hat,With a looming sense of mystery。

Hu Yang joyfully said:“It seems,My guess is correct!”

At last,Fitch and others turned their eyes to that picture《Snow treading map》,Is it really the work of Fan Kuan, a famous landscape painter in the Song Dynasty??
Say a few words on the shelf
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What if it happens?
About Chapter One Hundred and Forty Six
Chapter One Hundred and Forty Six,I found a technology,Then it might be up,Involving the army.Sensitive content,So blocked,Originally tried to change,But found it hard to change,So gave up。

Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Four Same thing,Six stories

Xiaohua remembered the oath under the moon,I still remember the desperate courage。
then,He was shaking body,Shouted:“It has nothing to do with Qiangwei!It’s my wishful thinking!”
It’s him,Wishful thinking?
Xiaohua’s face who shouted this sentence,She is willing to live for this sentence,Unwavering to die for this sentence。
he thinks,Never been so brave。
He is proud of himself at this moment、pride……
this moment,Xiaohua thinks he is the kind of indomitable man in TV and movies!
come on,No matter how cruel your Leopard is!Just come!Burst out all your anger!
Xiaohua’s eyes widened,The raging flames burning inside,As if turned into a fearless body protection magic,He will bear everything for love!
but,Abao smiled dismissively and said:“I’m done,Do you want to hit him next,Just casual。”
A leopard pulled Qiangwei into the darkness under the bridge,I heard Qiangwei say:“That’s not good,You already beat him,Something will happen again……”
There is a trace of loss in Xiaohua’s heart,He is most eager to hear Qiangwei’s fearless expression just wanting to be with him。
But after the loss,I think he shouldn’t think so,Qiangwei is afraid of A leopard,Of course,Can say so at the moment,What else does he have to complain about?

“Ye Ye said,he does not know,Then he doesn’t have to tell your father。If you know,He has the responsibility to say。”Chen Xin’s answer,Sounds very convincing。

“This sounds very reliable……”Wang Shuai pretended to believe it,Added a sentence:“Originally,What big things can be around me?For the crooked master,All children play house,He doesn’t need to know。but,You know everything about me?”
“Ye Ye said,We have a close relationship with the father of the son,I am a few years older than the prince,But not many big ones,Should have known more,More familiar,What should be done。”Chen Xin’s answer still sounds reasonable。
Chen Wenjin thought that Chen Xin was unusual,I’m just wondering why Chen Xin was willing to live under the fleas before?
Shuai Wang is also very curious,More willing to give Chen Xin a chance to prove his knowledge,Just ask him:“You are a relative,Why do you keep listening to fleas??”
“Flea and I are good brothers,He has liked to be the leader since he was a child,I was used to it,And the flea is very witty,fast reaction,Ruthless,Really suitable for the lead,I also obey him。Ye Ye said I was young,I’m afraid I’m young and vigorous and don’t know the depth,Just wait for me to experience,Let me be alone。Yeah, protect me too,Deliberately let fleas face the cusp。”Chen Xin’s answer sounds sincere。
Wang Shuai showed a rather satisfied look,Keep asking:“What is going on with fleas?You said,How do you look down on me??I can’t use him personally!This thing makes me feel very angry!Severely destroyed the good impression of him in the past!”
“Ye Ye thinks like he just said。If there is nothing to say,Just a little。Who will the prince use,It’s more suitable to directly ask the crooked master,Maybe it means not to leapfrog?Actually, I don’t quite understand this,Personal guess。”Chen Xin’s words did remind Wang Shuai,Through the crooked master and the people who directly use the crooked master,Two properties,Wang Shuai wouldn’t have expected it,He just didn’t think that Ye Ye could refuse him for this trivial matter。
however,The reality makes Wang Shuai understand,This is like he is reaching out his hand to disrupt the power system established by the crooked master,Even if you know it will offend him,Still have to defend the authority in their own field。
“As for fleas——He is too high,And he’s too impatient。I advised him many times,Follow the crooked master,Take it easy,Don’t always think about climbing to the top of the mountain at a young age,More calmness can make Master Crook trust him,I can go up naturally。But the fleas won’t listen,He said that he has wine and is drunk,Heroes are not waiting,Heroes must create time。The flea feels following the crooked master,I can never be on par,Let alone more than。He calculated that sooner or later he would accumulate enough strength,Wait until the nobles help,Can fly into the sky。”Chen Xin’s tone is full of regrets,Sigh:“The prince can obviously be the nobleman of fleas,I advise the flea to take the initiative to explain the situation to the crooked master,Flea still didn’t agree。and so,I’m sorry for the result now,But inevitable。”
Wang Shuai nodded,understood,Another question:“and so,The fleas have been cleaned up?”
“Yes。Of course fleas don’t touch poison,His father sucked to death,Fleas are happy when they die。Because his father was alive to suck,Beat her mother to sell,For this reason, the flea beat his father many times。Fleas’ hatred of poison,But in the end he was burdened with a felony drug trafficking and died……”Chen Xin’s eyes are full of emotions,He is not a good acting person,undoubtedly,Good friends for many years come to an end,He really feels。
just,He won’t be soft-hearted。

“Morality?”Jack·Welch curled his lips in disdain:“Just like the saying you often say,What is the morals?,Can you eat?People with integrity can do media?”

This argument is too strong,Chen Geng was completely speechless,Can only lift the thumbs up will be greatly convinced。
Jack·Welch then changed the topic,Said:“But thanks to these media reports,Our sales situation is getting better these days。”
Although these media in Europe have beenAMCCynicism,But whether it’s positive reports or negative cynicism,But exposure is exposure,For ordinary consumers in Europe,They can see about it in different media almost every dayAMC’S report,In the beginning, maybe because of these reportsAMCSomewhat negative impression,But people are caused by rebellious psychology,A little longer,A lot of people’s mindset changed:You say all dayAMCThat’s not good that’s not good,What’s wrong with them,You guys said one, two, three and four came out?If you don’t have a brain, say that this is not good, that’s not good.,What’s the difference with my damn boss?
“As of last week,Our weekly sales are close2000Vehicles,If these media can continue to give us such exposure,By the end of the year,It is estimated that we can reach8000Monthly sales,”Speaking of which,Jack·Welch’s happy posterior teeth leaked out:“It is expected that by the middle of next year,We can achieve the goal of selling 10,000 vehicles a month ahead of time。”
Sales growth,The more difficult it gets,Especially in the highly mature and developed automotive market like Europe,The market situation is basically saturated,belongAMCWant to have a bite,You have to grab a bite from other manufacturers,Although looking across Europe,This sales situation is not so remarkable,But if we can really achieve annual sales exceeding10Ten thousand,AMCEven if it is completely established in Europe。
Chen Geng is also very satisfied with the result,However, his focus is no longer pure sales growth,But another level:“Have European governments come to contact you??”
“Of course there is,I was about to tell you this,”Jack·Welch nodded:“The current Dutch government、Belgian government、Both the Greek government and the Italian government sent personnel to contact us,I hope we can realize the localized production of these cars now sold in Europe.、Provide jobs for Europe。”
Realizing localized production in Europe is the established strategy before,Also helps reduce costs,Chen Geng nodded:“Who gave the best conditions?”
“Currently the Dutch government,”Jack·Welch says:“They promised in the land、staff training、Preferential treatment for water, electricity and taxes,Is the situation in Belgium the same?,As for Italy……”
Jack·Welch pouted:“I don’t think Italy is a good choice。”
“Of course it is impossible to go to Italy,”Chen Geng laughed:“As for the specific country,What kind of preferential terms their government gives is of course very important,But if it’s those nationals who are greedy and greedy、And countries with Notre Dame,No matter how good the conditions they give, we won’t go。”

Qin Feng had already ignored this person’s meaning,Liu Xing said indifferently,“Let you introduce yourself first,Why is it so difficult?”

“Cough.My name is Emamba,Ancestors are black slaves,Was trafficked here to work。of course,Our family has lived here for generations!”
After Balabala,Liu Xing couldn’t help but interrupt,“Talk about your craft,Why can I make a medal?Have you been in contact with nobles?”
“amount,Be it,After all, the ancestors were black slaves,Work under the hands of nobles。In fact, there are some documents left in my family。In addition, the aristocratic master was very friendly to us black slaves。It was also until the father’s family went bankrupt in the previous economic crisis,I just left that family。As for now,I just want to rely on this craft to eat。”
Qin Feng understands now,It turns out that this Amamba family belongs to a certain nobleman“Employee”。Until that nobleman fell in his family,Bankruptcy due to economic crisis,And sacked all those employees。
Although this Amamba grew up among aristocrats,But I usually do some work such as lifting。Although I don’t have a single technique,But the problem is that Imamba is not willing to be an ordinary worker。
Go round and round,Went into the fraud industry。
Especially he has an impression of the nobles he had contact with before his death,Those nobles also have a lot of medals,Besides, in recent decades,These things haven’t changed much。So after I got familiar with Amamba,I’m really in this industry。
of course,His skills are still sufficient。Because in the days of displacement,He has followed forged documents“Master”of。But then there was an accident,His master was arrested and put in a prison。
There is no way Amamba can only hold up the banner by himself to ask for life。In the beginning, some small orders still made this Amamba a lot of gains。
Subsequently,He met Liu Xing on the Internet。The two parties also quickly reached a deal。
Of course,Amamba also observed,I only met Liu Xing when I didn’t think it was dangerous.。Who can think of,Finally let Liu Xing contain him

To know,Black people have excellent physical fitness,Even compared with Liu Xing,He is a monster,Who can think of,His body is actually not Liu Xing’s opponent,And was choked by him,Almost died!
“I’m done talking about everything you want to hear。Can you let me go now?”Amamba really wants to leave,Because he feels that these two people are a bit crazy。
Besides,This is the one who can kill him casually,Get involved with such a person,There are not enough lives to die, right?
“Don’t worry。A lot of work needs you,Say,Since you have followed the noble,You should know how to use these identities?”After Liu Xing finished,I feel a little uncomfortable,After all, he used to be a nobleman,I just lost my identity after the family fell。
“Big brother,I really can’t help anything,Besides getting some fake certificates,I’m useless,Really not the one who does big things。You just let me go?”Amamba begged for mercy。
“Ha ha,Now that I know our secret,You can only stand on our side,otherwise,You can only die!”Qin Feng interrupted suddenly,Then he took a pill from his pocket and stuffed it into Amamba’s mouth。
“Know our Huaguo’s medicine?Know Gu?If you are not obedient,We have a way to make you better than death!”