“Hello everyone,Thank you all for participating in my birthday party in your busy schedule,Birthday,Today I mainly want to take this opportunity to let my grandson and the dealer’s daughter be witnessed by all my friends……”

Master Cheng is obviously anxious to hug his great-grandson,Go straight to the topic at the beginning。
“grandfather,I was about to tell you this!”Before Cheng Shenyi finished speaking, he was interrupted by Hua Ziyu who hurried to the stage。
“Ziyu,You can’t talk about it for a while,Didn’t you see grandpa talking?”Shen Yi Cheng reprimanded。
“grandfather,I have a girl I like,I can’t be with the dealer’s daughter。”Hua Ziyu said directly regardless of grandpa’s reprimand。
“what?”Say what Hua Ziyu said,The eyes of everyone in the room are all on Father Zhuang。
“Hua Ziyu,Do you know what you are talking about?”Hua Tianyi scolded。
“Zhuang,Don’t listen to children talking nonsense,I’ll ask what is going on in a moment。”Hua Tianyi looked at President Zhuang with a pale face,I didn’t know how to explain it for a while。
“dad,grandfather,I’m not talking nonsense,I won’t be with the dealer’s daughter,I have vowed never to be with her。”Hua Ziyu resolutely finished speaking regardless of anyone’s eyes。
“You come down!”To prevent Hua Ziyu from continuing, Hua Tianyi pulled him down。
“dad,I do not care,I won’t be with the dealer’s daughter anyway,I won’t die!”Talking about Hua Ziyu and ran to the side。
“Sorry everyone,An episode,Young people are awkward,I’ll pay everyone for Ziyu to the dealer,Apologize to Zicheng,Today is the birthday party and I won’t mention anything else,Everyone go on!”
Doctor Cheng felt his face hot as he spoke,I just finished talking about my birthday,This will be slapped by my grandson。
“Hua Ziyu,I didn’t expect you to be such a man!”Hua Ziyu didn’t run to the other young,It is running towards Wang Mengmeng。
“That is,I do what I say。”Hua Ziyu said proudly,I didn’t even see the expressions of Qin Feng and Wang Mengmeng at this time。
I didn’t even see Wang Mengmeng gesturing to her father again。
Although Wang Zicheng doesn’t know what Wang Mengmeng is going to do,But he could see that Wang Mengmeng didn’t mean to be unhappy,And looking at Hua Ziyu’s solitary way by his side,Wang Zicheng didn’t feel any discomfort anymore。
Although I can’t hold on to face,This is in my own territory after all,And there are so many upper-class elites present,I will inevitably feel dull on my face。

(End of this chapter)

Chapter VIII Miserable cry
Qin Feng also hurriedly asked,He really doesn’t want to be in too much trouble。
“At the hospital,We are not so clear about the specific situation,”They don’t know what to say,Because at that time the old man shouted very sadly,But in some cases they are not sure。
Qin Feng first asked the security guard,When the security said it was going to the hospital,He went straight to the hospital with Huang Longwen。
In the hospital,Both people saw the old man。
That old man also looks like he is going to die,Anyway, all kinds of miserable screams,And there are reporters watching over there。
Chapter Eighty Five Nail in the eye
“Big brother,big sister,You must be fair。”What is blindness,These bastards are like this。
This kind of discourse,Qin Feng didn’t want to listen,It’s just a waste of my time。
Just thinking about my own side,Qin Feng is also a little upset,Because he really doesn’t want to cause so many troubles。
But some things cannot be changed。
At least until security comes,He can’t go。
Otherwise once it gets hacked,That would be even more miserable。
Just thought of here,Qin Feng is also a little helpless,Why are you so passive here??

When I am calm here,There is a place that is very lively right now。

On the way here,At this moment, there are a lot of top masters standing in place,Under unimaginable pressure。
These people are the elders of the Tu family and other forces in Lingxiao City。
They agreed to come and capture Xia Chenglong,Everything went well,They can reach the golden palace with Xia Chenglong。
But the problem is when they are halfway,Channel beauty suddenly appeared a powerful force,It’s hard to push everyone down。
Let alone walking,Even speaking is extremely difficult。
Think about it,Here is the top existence of the entire Lingxiao City,There are four warriors who have reached the peak of the holy realm,The others are all Saint-level martial artists above Rank 5。
Such a force, let alone the North Sea,Even in the place where the hidden dragons and crouching tigers are in Zhongyu, they can be domineering.。
And they are now“Penalty stop”,The problem is that there is no way out。
The Tu family elder is also considered a talent,Under this pressure, he can move slowly,Everyone else is completely dying。
Ma Lao and Huang Lao are very leisurely,Directly love at every turn,Gloating and looking at each other sweaty,Go forward with a sullen face。
Tu Jia’s own place has boiled his own identity,I’m afraid no one will believe this,But that’s the problem。
Elder Tu Jia really gloomy,When is there such a magic circle here,He didn’t even know,And I tried many methods but didn’t solve it!
Could it be the will of heaven,So that he can’t catch the troublemaker?
Do not,Absolutely not!
Tujia must not be destroyed because of him,Otherwise, he cannot face the ancestors of the Tu family。

in fact,There is no such thing as next time,Just polite。No need to spend money to treat,Save three or two hundred cigarettes,What else can Huo Guanghui say??

Sorry after,Hu Yang took Huazai and others to leave。
That picture,I’ll talk about it after I go back。Old Shen and others were also acquainted and didn’t immediately ask,I’ll find out anyway。
Only the audience in the live broadcast room is itchy,I want to know if this painting is what Ms. Fang thought,Is it the work of Fan Kuan?。
Go back to Fitch’s house,Hu Yang saw Zhong Wenqiu’s parents。
After Father Zhong got off the plane,See son’s message,Learned that the flowerpot has been sold,2.3 million,The money is lying in the bank card。
The couple looked at each other,But no opinion on this result,Only joy。
To know,The flower pot was picked up,It’s totally a windfall!
of course,They know better,If it wasn’t for Populus, it would be troublesome,Help identify,This treasure will keep growing strawberries。and so,On their way,I just thought how to thank my son for the Hu brother。
My son invited everyone to dinner,But they think it is not enough。
After meeting with my son,Just discuss how to thank,Seal a big red envelope?
This kind of proposal just came out,Immediately denied by his son,Said don’t do that,Save brother Hu upset,I don’t like you at all,Is a very wealthy local tyrant。
Do those,It’s better to treat each other sincerely?For example, the souvenirs he sent at the beginning,Brother Hu gladly accepted。
of course,He knows that Hu needs popularity for live broadcast,So discuss with my dad,Plan to recharge one to two thousand,Help Ge Hu make a three-minute headline,Increase popularity。
“Thank you so much, Mr. Hu。”Father Zhong said gratefully。

Smiled and accepted the card in summer,Don’t forget to say against your will:“The young man really has vision,Know that among all these stones,What I am most optimistic about is the one in your hand!”

But let’s talk,The boss did not delay the work of swiping the card,Met such a fool who knows nothing,Of course, you have to swipe your card as quickly as possible。
Credit card,Sign the order,The boss handed the two things into Xia’s hands together,Said:“Congratulations boss!Keep things away,Look at this stone……”
“Put it in this car!”Xiao Fan pointed to the car behind Xia Tian。
The male colleague looked at Xiao Fan with such a stunned expression and spent 20,000 yuan to buy such a broken stone.。
Immediately said mockingly:“I said this,This is how you helped summer?I kindly remind you today,Judging by my years of experience,This stone is just an ordinary broken stone,You actually spent 20,000 yuan?”
Xiao Fan shook his head,Said:“There is definitely a good jade in it,Not the broken stone in your mouth。”
The male colleague didn’t expect Xiao Fan to be so stubborn,I was kind enough,He was so ruthlessly rejected。
Turn away angrily,Turn to summer:“summer,You heard it too,I kindly reminded him just now,But he just doesn’t listen。You should know,If you can’t pass the test,Then the money spent today has to be counted on your head,So when the time comes,You face more than just dismissal,And huge compensation,So I advise you to think clearly!”
The words of a male colleague made summer’s heart sink and sink,Although I don’t like listening,But she has to admit,What the male colleague said is right,Dismissal is acceptable,But in case you really want to pay the money,What do I do?
The male colleague’s face changed when he saw Xia Tian,I know what I said just now, summer is listening。
So immediately added:“do not worry,As long as you speak now,I can’t help you with a definition,how about it?”
Summer glanced at Xiao Fan who was calm,And looked at the unkind male colleague,Said in a bad tone:“not very good,You go quickly,Since I found Brother Xiao,I believe him 10,000,Let me persuade you to die!Humph!”

“It’s really not cheap to build a bridge,”Chen Geng nodded,If I remember correctly,The first bridge connecting Pudong and Puxi:The cost of the Nanpu Bridge project has reached8.2100 million,It’s really not cheap:“But if the city has a complete plan and plan for developing Pudong,I can consider investing……”

Chen Guodong hasn’t spoken yet,Someone asked in surprise:“Mr. Chen,Are you planning to donate a bridge to us??!”
No one speaks,Almost all eyes are coincident、All fell on Chen Geng’s face:Even though my boss has already said,Want to build a bridge across the Huangpu River、A bridge that can meet the requirements of developing Pudong,At least the project cost2.5100 million,This is a huge amount of money that the city finance can’t get,But Chen Geng is very rich,If he is willing to roll a bridge to the magic city……
Although I know it’s impossible,But everyone still can’t help thinking about this。
Everyone really understands,If there really is a bridge across the river between Pudong and Puxi,Pudong development is no longer a problem。
Chen Guodong felt that his chest was hit hard with a sledgehammer,Breathing will stop,Although knowing that this is basically impossible,But he still resisted the feeling of dizziness and cautiously asked Chen Geng:“Mr. Chen,you……Do you think so?”
Chen Geng was shocked:What do these guys think?Hurriedly waved his hand:“Mr. Chen,Don’t be kidding,A total investment of at least2.5I can’t afford to donate a billion bridge。”
Although Chen Geng had expected such an answer before Chen Geng spoke,Can hear Chen Geng’s answer,Chen Guodong is still a little disappointed:It would be great if Chen Gengken donated a bridge across the river to Modu。
Not only Chen Guodong was disappointed,The other leaders who accompanied were also disappointed:Ugh,It would be great if Chen Gengken donated a bridge across Pudong and Puxi to Modu,This way,The plan to develop Pudong is ready now。
Only Yuan Jia who exists purely as a display in the crowd,Light flashes in my eyes。
do not know why,Although I rarely communicate with my cousin Chen Geng,But Yuan Jia always feels that she knows Chen Geng well,I always feel that Chen Geng has thoughts about raising the cross-river bridge at this time.。
“Chen Geng,Do you mean you can’t donate a bridge,But you can fix this bridge?”Grit your teeth,Yuan Jia asked in a loud voice without rules。
Yuan Jia said this,The crowd suddenly calmed down。
No one blames Yuan Jia for talking nonsense,on the one hand,Everyone knows the identity of Yuan Jia,I also know Yuan Jia’s special mission in this reception group,on the other hand,Yuan Jia ignited the hope that had just been extinguished in everyone’s hearts:Yes,I don’t know Chen Geng,Don’t understand Chen Geng,But Comrade Yuan Jia is Chen Geng’s cousin,Maybe he knows more about Chen Geng。
Even Chen Guodong suddenly looked up,Looking at Chen Geng with scorching eyes。
The same as everyone’s mind,Reason tells him this is impossible,But from personal feelings,He hoped that Chen Geng could give a way to build a bridge across the river。

Qin Feng looked at the old housekeeper,Walk slowly in front of him,Moved a finger,There is a cold wind around,Non-stop flow,Qin Feng raised his eyebrows curiously,I think this competition is really interesting。

The old butler didn’t say anything,Against Qin Feng, he began to prepare for an offensive,Qin Feng stood motionless and carefully watched the old housekeeper’s technique and the rotation of the breath around him。
At first Qin Feng saw the aura next to the old housekeeper,I thought he was a man of internal strength,Qin Feng was still a little shocked,But Qin Feng looked at it carefully for a while,I found that the breath is not like internal power。
The breath of the old housekeeper,It seems to be just normal air flow,To put it simply is the wind,And if it is internal,It must be a little bit
A little muddy breath。
Looks a little hazy,There is also some mysterious feeling,More like a cloud of mist。
This strange wind made Qin Feng want to take a good look at what tricks the old butler did.?
The old butler moved his fingers a few times,After that, he made steady progress,The hand drew a few arcs in the air,Qin Feng has a look,“Yo ha,Isn’t this a special posture for Tai Chi??”
After looking at the actions of the old butler,Qin Feng knew that this old housekeeper combined the ninjutsu of the Sakura Country with our traditional martial arts Tai Chi,There are still two brushes。
After a few breaths, the old butler suddenly opened his eyes that he had just closed,She slapped Qin Feng。
Qin Feng watched the old housekeeper’s palm hit forward,With a fierce wind,He is not afraid,Even curious and interested。Qin Feng directly raised his right palm,I also hit the palm of the old housekeeper。
So the palms of the two people face each other in the air,But they didn’t touch their palms directly,There is still a distance in between。
But both of them have already worked hard,Especially the old housekeeper,I saw the palm of the old housekeeper,The blue veins have already emerged。
It seems that I have exhausted my strength, but I can’t beat it no matter what,It seems like something is blocking Qin Feng’s hand。
The old housekeeper was surprised,He thought that Qin Feng also learned Tai Chi like him to have this aura,And it seems to be above him,He couldn’t help being shocked。

“Brother Bingxuan?Why are you here?”Tu Cancan recognized who the person is at the moment,Asked in surprise。

“you know?”Xia Chenglong whispered。
Tu Cancan nodded,Of course she knows,The young man of the Tu family,Have a high position in the whole family,Almost as a master trained as the next generation of patriarchs。
The key is that their relationship is pretty good。
“YoYo,I didn’t expect you to be alive,It seems this guy is a little capable,Can bring you here。”
Xia Chenglong is not interested in the chat between the two,Also not interested in how he is here,He wants to know if the other party threatens him。
Whether he is a genius of Tujia,Or Tu Cancan’s brother,Once the other party wants to do something with him,There is only one result。
now,Tu Bingxuan turned his eyes to Xia Chenglong,Did not speak,But look up and down carefully。
“I heard that a master appeared in Lingxiao City some time ago,Solved the president of the Warrior Association within 50 strokes,Compare it to you!”
From the moment he entered here,Already felt the attributes of the aura in his body,This is the right to stand in front of him and speak。
Tu Bingxuan smiled:“Don’t be surprised,What I practice is ice attributes,Here is my home court,Perceive more naturally。”
“What do you want?”Xia Chenglong asked directly。
Tu Bingxuan smiled again:“When my butcher held an ancestor worship,You should be the one who made the sudden move!”

Mi Xiaochong glanced at Huang Shaotian gratefully,Immediately cast his eyes on the lake。

In fact, he faintly guessed something,When Master Wuhao defeated the evil god of Gupan,Seems to have another helper,And the inhuman expert who has always stayed with Wu Hao also indirectly proved this.。
How many secrets are there in Wu Hao?,Actually no one can tell!
From the red mist,Faintly shaking。
A moment later,Something came out of the lake one after another。
Everyone took a closer look,Almost taken aback。
Because I walked out of the lake,Turned out to be a monster。Behind it,Follow a dozen beast monsters along the way,One by one,Without duplicate。
Although the strength of the Golem Giant is not bad,But Mr. Wu Hao is here,And there is a forty-fifth level master,So Long Zhanye and Tu Shanming are very calm,No one acted rashly。
Wait for the magic shadow giant to come closer,Talent discovery,This ghost giant seems to be different from the ones I dealt with last time。
Although the appearance looks 80% similar to the previous Golem Giant,But the shape of this one is more powerful,The armor on the body is also thicker,And most importantly,It does not carry weapons。
And an even more shocking scene appeared,The shadow giant is taciturn,When I walked all the way to Master Wuhao,Kneel down on one knee,Give him a gift。
Golem giant kneels like this,The monsters following it all bow down to the ground,Seem unusually submissive。
And Master Wu Hao is about this scene,Seems to have been in his expectation,Not surprised,Instead, take the initiative,Reached out and touched the armor of the shadow giant。

Xiao Fan said:“Left yesterday,But it did come back this morning。”

Lin Yuner asked Xiao Fan:“Why are you back again?Didn’t we all discuss it??I’ll be back in two or three days,Why are you here again?Are you tired of running back and forth?”
Xiao Fan said:“Not tired,In order to see you earlier。”
Lin Yuner asked him:“What do you do when you come to the company??”
Xiao Fan said:“Isn’t the company gentle??And our company still has so many senior executives,What are professional managers afraid of?。”
Lin Yuna said:“The reason you didn’t eat last night was not because you worked late。Arrange cleanup early,Then come here。”
Xiao Fan said:“Wow,Yoona, you are so amazing,You can guess it。”
Lin Yuner gave Xiao Fan a roll of eyes and said to him:“Are you stupid?All agreed,I’ll go back immediately after working here for a few days,Why are you running back and forth??”
Xiao Fan said:“I’m not tired anyway。”
Lin Yuna said:“There is no place to rest when you come here,Where do you sleep?There are no vacant rooms。”
Xiao Fan said:“It’s alright,If there is really no room available, I will go back tonight,I’ll be back tomorrow morning,I’ll work with you anyway。I work hard,No other words。”
Lin Yuna said:“What are you talking about?I can run back and forth with you,I’ll go home with you, do you want。”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“Don’t let it go。 ”
Xiao Fan said to Lin Yoona again:“It’s okay if I live with the workers, it’s okay. I can’t deal with one night and two nights anyway。”
“I’ll follow you during the day,Go to the teaching building and do a good job,And I haven’t seen the teaching building there。”
“Take this opportunity,I can go and see if you have nothing in common with you when you work,I still want to see elsewhere。”
“This small village。I’m quite interested,Maybe it can be further developed,Some other things are possible to build a building here。”
“You don’t have to worry about me anyway,I am here,I want to be by your side anytime, anywhere,As long as you need me to shout,I came。”
“Then I want to see you?I can also come to see you right away。”