Honestly,Fernandez·When Chen’s request was reported back,He actually didn’t understand why the superiors did not clearly refuse,Instead, he asked himself to hang each other,But whether I understand it or not,Since the superior’s order is like this,As a soldier,I can only obey。

Chen Geng laughed:“Then it’s settled!”
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Statham、Lalai Ford and the first iron rods that followed Chen Geng are really anxious,Regardless of the people from the Ivchenko Design Bureau,They dragged Chen Geng aside,I lowered my voice and said anxiously:“boss,You really want to fly MiG—29?”
“boss,Can’t fly!”
“Yes indeed,boss,Can’t fly,MiG—29But the most advanced fighter jet in the Soviet Union,After you fly,In case the Soviets call you‘Steal Soviet military secrets’The reason, dad, you caught……”
“Yes yes,boss,Let’s take a step back,Even if the Soviets let you fly,But you think you flew over the MiG—29Can hide from the United States?The military will come to you,Invite you to provide MiG—29Some features of,What do you do……”
Everyone is talking,Only one core appeal:Can’t fly MiG—29。
Chen Geng,He listened to everyone with a smile,Then I asked slowly:“Why are you so sure that the Soviet Union will let me fly the MiG—29?”
How many people look at me、I see you,Are stunned。

Endure despite having a different experience and living environment from ordinary people,But they are the same as ordinary people,They are also blood。

They also hurt,will die,So looking at the appearance of Keiko Matsudagawa,More distressing。
“Oh shit,You really want to make yourself like this ghost, you are satisfied?”Speaking of Qin Feng, he pulled Keiko Matsudagawa。
“the host……”Matsudagawa Keiko is completely unprepared,So Qin Feng’s sudden move,Terrified。
“To shut up。”Qin Feng finished,Quickly on Matsudagawa Keiko’s face,Innate instincts。
Qin Feng can’t control that much at this time,He didn’t want to watch Keiko Matsuda bleed to death。
Moreover,Look at her not plump body,Even if you can’t die,If it bleeds too much,The whole face is yellow and thin,Unhealthy at first sight。
Not seductive,Will the combat capability be so strong??And Qin Feng is now when he is employing people,He doesn’t want to get a vase back。
Besides,They will know these things about themselves sooner or later,And the people here except Chuan Keiko,Are the people I trust most。
As for Keiko Kawako,Since Qin Feng intends to keep her,It also proves that Qin Feng is willing to believe her,and so,Qin Feng did not shy away from saving her。
With innate qi wandering on Chuan Huizi’s face,In a blink of an eye, the blood on Keiko Chuan’s face,Has been completely absorbed。
And the original tender and handsome face,Except for two scars,There is no blood anymore。
This is not better than the previous face,But it’s not hard to tell that this is this pretty face,And what is different from before is,This face now,More scorn,It feels prohibitive。
“This,Big brother,You can spell!”The grasshopper asked incredulously。
He knows his

As a pure sweets party,Xin Zhao can accept the coffee is slightly bitter。

But you guy who makes coffee into Chinese medicine,Is it too much?,Have you considered the existence of our sweet tooth party?。
You devilish fellow。
‘This is sweet,This is sweet,This is sweet!’
Under the dangerous eyes of Lena and Qiangwei,Xin Zhao can only start to hypnotize himself silently。
Then he brought the coffee,Taste slowly,Ok,Slightly astringent entrance,But after slowly aftertaste,But there is an unspeakable sweetness,Worthy of being the top grade in coffee,It’s even coffee brewed by a beauty like Qiangwei。
Baton,Really great。
Seeing Xin Zhao’s kind of enjoyment,Qiangwei and Lena looked at each other,Then at the same time I suspected that my eyes were broken。
Xin Zhao’s taste is not a big secret,Anyway, as long as they are
Pay attention,Will know,Xin Zhao has never liked things with heavy flavors。
Like sweets,But I hate the sweet and crooked kind。
Like food taste,But it is very disgusting that the taste is too complicated。
Like coffee,But I like to add some sugar,To relieve the bitterness。
Looking at the coffee in Xin Zhao’s hand,If you didn’t cook it yourself,Qiangwei wonders if she made a mistake。
“what happened,Do you feel that I am extra handsome at this time,Temperament,But this is also helpless,My handsomeness is hidden among the stars,Will be seen by you,What a happy trouble!”
Shameless words come from Xin Zhao’s mouth,That’s a natural calmness。

“If you are my sister-in-law,Everything is incumbent,But unfortunately you chose someone else,We don’t give to outsiders!”

Mo Mo leaves,Han Yuxiang still wants to make the last effort,Unexpectedly, Mo Mo blocked all her words first。
“Don’t say you have nothing to do with your colleague,If you have never moved,Or you really have our boss in your heart,You won’t let another man touch you。”
Mo Mo’s smile looks elegant,The wound is the deepest and most invisible。
“Officer Han,I asked about the information called Xing Tao,He has liked you for a long time,Very long,And in your actions,He can almost be said to have sacrificed his life。Worthy of heart,I wish you happiness。”
Mo Mo entered Yuan Qing’s room,At the same time, Han Genji raised his head and made a merciless knife。
All the words that came to the mouth were swallowed abruptly by the Korean Xiang,I just feel that my breath is strangled by something,Stay one more second in the inn,Korean Xiangduxyw.Feel uncomfortable。
“Since everyone no longer welcomes me,Then I’ll leave。”
Korean Xiang said lightly,She also has her own arrogance,Being humiliated several times,How can you be out of anger。Push the door to leave,When driving the door in Korean Xiangla,Xiangyang ran out and stopped her。
Looking at Xiangyang curiously,I don’t know what other tricks she has to use on herself,Anyway!
“I don’t know if I should call you Sister Yu Xiang or something else,Bad words,I can’t tell you,So your title,I also omitted!”
Xiangyang lowered his head,Han Yuxiang was a little surprised。
“I wanted to be cold to you,But I might not come to Xiang Chen,So even if I don’t contact,I don’t think you should leave feeling wronged。”
Xiang Yang looks at Korean Xiang,The latter also looks back peacefully。
I did nothing wrong,In Korean Xiang, there is naturally nothing worthy of atonement。

It’s not as simple as expected,As the boss of Daxinganling,How can there be no guards around it??

But this is not what they need to take care of。
Spirit beasts may be scary,But what is more terrifying than spirit beasts is human desire。
The three-way army has been dispatched,The mighty team began to cross the river,The originally huge spirit beast seems not enough to see in front of the mighty human martial artist。
Rolling,Was instantly attacked by countless martial arts,Even if the opponent is a fifth-level peak spirit beast, it cannot withstand such an attack.,So the humiliation of human warriors being killed in seconds just now came back。
The three-way army no longer hides,Because there is no need at all。
The guy in Quehe has given confidence,They can’t pass in front of the huge monster in a safe and stable situation,So I can only rush through with thunder。
The South Route Army began to charge under the leadership of Yue Wuhen,Crossing the Que River is the real battlefield。
Zhi Jian Yue Wuhen stood on the high rock by the shore and shouted:“All the masters of the gods will go with me to deal with the sky blue bull ape,After crossing the river, the others moved straight to the west,Whoever gets in the way,Kill it!”
have to say,Yue Wuhen is definitely a material for the younger generation,Whether it’s state or leadership,Are extremely strong。
Everyone has no problems with such instructions。
“Santo,Then i……”
“Go,But be careful,The guy at the sixth level,Not easy to deal with。”
“Do not worry,You have to protect yourself,Signal me when you cross,I will withdraw as soon as possible。”
“it is good!”
Asking the gods is asking the gods,If Mr. Lu didn’t care about them,I’m afraid it’s easy to escape with his strength。
A while,There are dozens of figures flying in the air to the south,Strong pressure erupted around them,This is a symbol that belongs exclusively to the realm of the gods。
The legendary asking god,There are dozens of them at this moment,And it’s just the team south of them,How can it not shock people。
These old monsters who never show up,Who is not the best man in his youth?,It’s just that I’m returning to the mountain forest in pursuit of a higher level!

Although Xu Hao doesn’t seem to have a serious distortion,Distinguish between the big and the bad,But there are many minor problems,Such as arrogance,Even Hua Tsai couldn’t help saying bad things behind his back。

Mr. Hong is very embarrassed at this time,seriously,If you make a mistake because of your own judgment,Cause loss to others,He will be guilty。At the beginning,When the organizer invites him,He saw such a rule,I was hesitant to participate。
suddenly,Eyes fall on Hu Yang,Eyes bright。
“That little friend Hu,What do you think?”He suddenly led the conflict to Populus。
Populus euphratica was taken aback,I didn’t expect the experts would take the initiative to find him,Ask his opinion。prior to,Isn’t it a bit hostile??So he could only do a little narration in his live broadcast room just now,Give the audience a brief explanation、Reviews and more。
“Haha!Really fragrant!”
“Did you finally get to my brother Hu??”
“It’s time for Brother Hu to play again。look forward to!”
“That old man is still very responsible,Don’t talk nonsense。”
“Just,The most unpleasant,It’s the shit expert named Xu,Not good at it,Bragging but crazy,If i was there,I must fuck him。”
As soon as Mr. Hong said something,The organizers panicked,Obviously I didn’t expect things to develop like this。
Old Hong nodded:“Hu Xiaoyou needn’t be self-effacing,Your ability,Everyone has seen it before,Give some advice!”
“Hong Lao,you……”

Most of the guests are old friends of Chen Limu,George is here too,to“Tian Lu”Salute,“Tian Lu”I thanked him and left,Indifferently to the next guest,This makes George wonder,He Tian Lu’s friendship in the past is not just a nodding acquaintance。

Facing George’s passion,I wanted to say a few more words to Tian Lu,Seeing Tian Lu’s disdain,Coldly to the next,Indifference like general acquaintances,Let George stop talking,Watching“Tian Lu”The back of Ye Xingkong’s departure,A very hurt look,Shrugged helplessly,Open the wine glass in front of you,The enthusiastic smile suddenly became rigid,Thought:“Tian Lu Ya Tian Lu,Is this too busy?,I don’t even care about old friends,I really can’t understand it。”
Ding Zhentian and Chen Limu toast on the field,Ding Keyu is here too,It just means that he is a member of the Ding family。No one on this field is close,Just to announce to everyone,My son of Chen Limu is engaged,Maybe everyone only knows that there is such a thing.。
At the ceremony,Tian Lu knows the book well and is generous under the leadership of Chen Limu,Meet the elders,Compliments are endless。1234
Ding Keyu put one hand in his trouser pocket,Raise the glass with one hand,Walked to Ye Xingkong:“congratulations,Ye Xingkong!”Two clink glasses and drink,but,Ding Keyu leaned close to his ear,Elaborate:“You can never replace Ke Lan’s position,Can never replace the position of Ding’s descendants in Sheng Blu-ray。”Cast Ye Xingkong a contemptuous smile,Then walk away。From outsiders,These two brothers are affectionate enough,Really weird。
At the ceremony,“Tian Lu”Not the focus on this field,But a decent smile,The delicate makeup with lights is also a beauty,Did not add to the image of Chen Limu and Ding family,Instead, it adds a lot。
At the request of Chen Limu,Only two couples will be introduced at the wedding,Intended to let everyone know,Held an engagement ceremony for his son and daughter-in-law,Chen Limu has descendants。
Second half of the year,Sheng Blu-ray is basically economic down,No innovation、No breakthrough,Did not get a major project,Seeing a few items can be safely obtained,Can’t help but fly,And Ding Keyu’s claim,Self-assertion、extreme,Let the shareholders complain。
Some shareholders were created by Ding Zhentian in the early years,Ding Zhentian’s great favor。It depends on Ding Zhentian’s face,Can’t Confront Ding Keyu,On the surface,Secretly lose heart,So far can only maintain the status quo。
Not progress means retreat,The visible future is a backward situation。For a long time,Ding will be eliminated by the market,Worries shareholders。
Some shareholders know that Ding Zhentian has already wanted to open it,He thinks life is to enjoy,So let the son take care of Sheng Blu-ray,No longer pay attention to world affairs。Shareholders’ attitude towards Ding Zhentian can only be said and stopped。
Ding Zhentian didn’t know,He can only remind his son Ding Keyu,We should spend our energy on the development of Sheng Blu-ray,Can’t just stay in place,When developing or cooperating projects,Must discuss with shareholders。
Ding Zhentian took the opportunity to meet at the engagement ceremony,Call Ding Keyu aside to talk heart-to-heart,I hope my son can do something,Have a broad view,Can’t stabilize,The trend of internationalization,Follow the trend,Develop Sheng Blu-ray Electric。In particular, I heard that several chain institutions have been cancelled recently,Very puzzled,Hope he reflects,I hope to hear the news next time,I hope that Ding Keyu will lead Sheng Blu-ray to a good development trend.,Don’t let this old bone of him return to control the overall situation in person。
Ding Keyu nodded vigorously、Promise,Must live up to his father。
After Ding Zhentian left,Ding Keyu threw the wine glass into the trash can,Gritted his teeth with hate,Mutter to oneself bitterly:This group of immortal shareholders,I don’t usually make a contribution,Sit at home and wait for the fisherman’s profit,Chewing the tongue from time to time,One by one lives impatiently。
But this time,And can’t fall out with old shareholders,The biggest root cause of Sheng Languang TV is still the human problem,No fresh blood,Shenglan can’t develop,Institutionally,How long did your old shareholders execute。Ding Keyu thought from a dim angle under the tree。
Attend the ceremony,The harvest for Ding Keyu is great,At least I met my rare father,Under my father’s suggestion,Find the crux of the problem and deal with it。

“Forget it,Let me bear this eternal infamy!”

Qin Feng put on an expression that was beyond the heartache。
Watching this exaggerated acting,Bill somewhat understood why Qin Feng looked at him coldly at the beginning。It’s really impossible to believe that such exaggerated acting skills are true.!
“All right,I’m leaving if it’s okay。Can’t live here,I went to find other boys。”Bill really feels he can’t watch,So turn around and leave。
In this way,Qin Feng is even more embarrassed。no way,Because he originally wanted to communicate with Bill。But now,Bill doesn’t bother to care about him。Qin Feng can’t help it,I can only let the other person leave like this。
Back to Fengmeng headquarters,Qin Feng just sat down,I wanted to discuss something with Liu Xing。After all, I communicated with the killer king Bill,It is also necessary for Liu Xing to understand this matter。
But he was notified again just after he sat down and didn’t sit warm。
The black hand headquarters actually called for trouble。
To know,The Mafia is a large underground force across Europe。It’s just that there are many yellow-level masters in the branch of Dan。From this, it can be guessed that there must be more powerful martial artists in the headquarters of the black hand group.。
and so,When the call comes in,The other party yelled directly,“Feng Meng, right??You are very courageous,Those who dare to kill us?Does it mean to go to full-scale war with us??”
“amount.Sir, you can calm down。Actually,It was Ruord and others who shot me first,I killed them in one counterattack。Can’t blame me for this!”Qin Feng feels that his temper has been calculated,Actually explained to the other party。
But the person on the other side didn’t buy it at all,“Even so,You destroy all the members of the Adan branch of my black hand group,Isn’t it a challenge to us??You wait,We take the arms and extinguish your wind alliance。”
“Ha ha,If you don’t want the black hands to disappear,You can try。My death Qin Feng promises,If you dare to come and play against our Fengmeng,The black hand will become history。”
“Ha ha,What Feng Meng,What Qin Feng,I have never heard of it。I came out at the age of thirteen,At the age of thirty-three, he became the head of the Mafia group。Now i am forty eight,Fifteen years,The Black Hand Group is booming,Has become the world’s largest society,Now you threaten me to destroy our black hand?Kid,You are arrogant!”
“Ha ha,Old spray,How do you compare to spiders?The spider’s headquarters was blown up by my people,Do you think the black hand can be stronger than the spider?”
Finished,Qin Feng directly hung up the phone,Don’t care
What is the head of the Mafia group called Godin?。