“Old Taoist joked,How can a villager cause any vision,It’s really a hidden disease,I also hope that the leader will give me some guidance。”

Qingyunzi laughed,Don’t continue the topic just now,Ta Shi Shiran stood up,Walk to Li Tianzhen and take a closer look,Then turn left three times,Turned three times to the right,Then I returned to my seat and sat down,Nian Randao,“The layman is not a nightmare,It’s the entanglement of unseen old grievances。”
Li Tianzhi was surprised,Secretly, Qingyunzi is really good at it,Not a general magician,At least in terms of mental power, he is better than Cano,Regardless of details and reasons,I didn’t get into my mind even after I swept away my consciousness,Know the key to the problem,Daoist Baiyun can’t do it,Not to be underestimated。
“So according to Mr. Tao,How to solve this dream?”
“Tolerate poverty。”Qing Yunzi folded her hands together,Contemplation,There was no movement for a long time,Xiaodaotong ran back and forth twice,Pretend to renew tea,Actually, I don’t worry,Always staring at Li Tianzhen suspiciously,But Qing Yunzi didn’t speak,He didn’t dare to make trouble。
This boy Li Tianzhen recognizes,And it’s so cooked,He has lived in Liuyunguan for more than two years,Familiar with all the plants and trees here,Just in this chaotic time and space,This is the first time the other party saw him。
Qing Yunzi’s meditative appearance is the same as the situation when Baiyun Daoist thought hard,Li Tianzhi felt a lot of emotion in his heart,Two time and space are two worlds,I really don’t know if his coming is a blessing or a curse。
At this moment,There was a clear long cry from outside,Like a white crane crowing,Luan Phoenix flapping its wings,The sound is rolling,Shocking,Long time can’t get rid of,Li Tianzhen was shocked again,In that world five years later, it is the neighing of heavy songbirds,Introduced him into the world of Ziyuan,Sure enough, the long sound reappeared,But it’s definitely not the sound of heavy songbirds。
Although the sound just now is more prestigious than the heavy songbird,But lack of vigor,Too clean,And full of evil spirits,There is a sense of enchantment in the after rhyme,Has it changed again?Li Tianzhen’s ass can’t sit still,I really want to go out and see what happened。
And Qing Yunzi suddenly opened his eyes,Beard and hair,He stood up,“Voice of the Divine Bird,It seems that the vision inspired by the distinguished guest today is much more than that,Please follow the poor!”
Li Tianzhen’s throat is dry,I unconsciously raised the idea of resistance,Unexpectedly, the view of flowing clouds in the world five years later,In this chaotic time and space。
Chapter VIII Nine infants
Idea belongs to idea,Li Tianzhen still couldn’t help but follow the old way out of the room,Look up,There is only a small black spot in the blue sky,The so-called divine bird has long gone,And in the pleasing courtyard,The strange light lasted for several minutes before gradually disappearing。
This strange light makes people very uncomfortable,Obviously dazzling,The true feelings that give people are all dim and depressed,Li Tianzhi’s experience is particularly obvious,The gray mist in my mind is rolling rapidly,That was the former Godzang,It seems to repel this kind of light。
Qingyunzi’s big sleeves fluttering,Very emotional,Quickly walk across the courtyard towards the side corridor,And loudly,“Little friend,Follow me soon。”
This sound‘Little friend’Just like Baiyun Daochang’s tone back then,Li Tianzhen’s heart is getting more and more unreliable,Look at the corridor,I was shocked and stunned,An ancient arch really appeared in that once-familiar location,Black frame black paint,The mottle of the years is fully shown above,Li Tianzhen’s involuntary follower Qing Yunzi went straight to the arch。
There is a creaking sound,The sound in the chaos seems to come from outside the sky,The arch opens by itself in front of the old Taoist priest,The dazzling brilliance of the greenery in the garden suddenly appears,Breathtaking,Qing Yunzi turned her head and nodded slightly at Li Tianzhi,So he walked into the garden。
The lion heads on the two buckles in front of the door seem to come alive,Tooth and claw,A terrifying light shines in the eyes,Unspeakable evil,Hesitate,Li Tianzhen gritted his teeth and followed into the courtyard,Bang,The arch behind him closed by itself。
In front of us is a familiar bamboo forest and a familiar trail,Qingyunzi is like a fairy in the forest,Wandering to lead the way,Li Tianzhen once again felt the ubiquitous pressure in the bamboo forest,But this pressure is different from when I first entered Ziyuan,More than just pressure on the body and mood,And more emphasis on mental oppression,Very explicit,Straight to the soul,Li Tianzhen suddenly felt dizzy。

Thinking of West Cohen,Leo is a little bit angry,This guy almost killed him by Rayleigh,I didn’t expect to run away in such a short time。

And someone who has been lying on the ground is already greeting Leo’s relatives,Don’t know anything about the outside world。
“Haha,You actually want me to do things for you?”The boss ignored the blood in his mouth,Laughed。
“You should have seen the strength of my little brother?Do things with me,Won’t treat you badly!”
Leo really wants to take back these people,As long as we don’t do evil in the future, we can get along well。
More than seventy levels of strength,No matter where you are, you can be a boss,No one will dislike it。
“Leo,You dream!”Loudly。“Even if you are strong?If you want to annex my strength, you have to ask the Tianlongren to answer or not!”
Leo frowned,What’s the matter with Tianlong people?。
Don’t look at the shampoo land as the back garden of the dragon,But the Tianlong people will not come to these places。
I don’t know how to manage any forces。
“You want to talk to me?”Leo said coldly。
As the overlord of the world,The power of the Tianlong people is very terrifying,Maybe in the anime and manga, it is just a conceptual saying that the dragon man is the master of the world。
But not personally,Absolutely unimaginable,The world dominates the energy of these words。
Those unruly supernovas’ performances in the face of the Tianlongren are certainly to highlight the fearless authority of the protagonist.,But this is actually a true manifestation of the horror of power。
and so,After the other party said the dragon,Leo Ye…Not very concerned!
He doesn’t want to provoke the Tianlongren directly,But it doesn’t mean that he really regards Tianlongren as a master。
“You think i’m lying to you?”Vomiting blood while speaking loudly。“You’ll know if you come with me!”
Talking,The boss of the other party went straight in。

“This elite army is not easy,They should be the college champion team of Sujiang Province last year,Shortlisted this year4Strong‘Horror elite’Clan……”Feng Xichuan frowned,Very serious。

“Is it awesome?”Guo Yinzhe asked this question on behalf of several people。
“Say so,Their next opponent is Team Oscar,I heard some internal news,The Oscar team has given up,Their star player Dragon Fruit did not even participate in the training game!”Feng Xichuan passes this information to other players。
“Just kidding?The configuration of the Oscar team is still very strong,Pitaya is not a comprehensive glory value8.49Monster??”Zhang Song still remembers the three battles between the Flower and Grass team and the Oscar team,The number of times I was killed by dragon fruit……
“‘Horror elite’Is the e-sports team of Changchuan Vocational and Technical College,E-sports major,The current captain of the North Stars team, the fireworks of the Crimson Horses,There is also the spotlessness of the Tai Chi team,Are from this school,It can be said to be the e-sports Whampoa Military Academy in the province……”
“I remember!It is said that the comprehensive glory value of everyone in their school e-sports club is in8.42the above,Last year when the college students in the province won the championship, it was a record of victory……”Shunzi recalled。
“after all,So many professional players,The background of this team is not comparable to us……”Zhao Ping is a little discouraged。
Lu Yi saw everyone as if they were approaching enemies,Smiled,ask:“What was their ranking in the National College Student Professional League last year?”
“32Team,Ranked in the lower half……”Feng Xichuan answered truthfully。
“Our goal is to get first,Want to get a place in the league,This team will meet sooner or later,In addition to defeating them,No choice!”Lu Yi cheered up the team members。
“Ok,Master Lu,I understand what you said!”Zhao Ping rekindled his fighting spirit,He realized through Lu Yi’s words,If you can’t overcome difficulties,Improve quickly,Then all dreams are just empty talk。
“although,We were eliminated,Unable to participate in this year’s Glory Gun College Professional League Competition……Since I met such a champion team in the game,Then let this game,Come finish the game we didn’t participate in!”Feng Xichuan has tears in his eyes,Lu Yi’s words,Inspired his desire for this victory!

Xia Zecheng felt anxious,He whispered:“Didn’t you say you let me live with your mother??Why is it changed now??No way,I have to go there tonight”

”dad!Stop making trouble,Can you know something?!Xiaochen Chen Yi left,You and my mother disappeared,What do you think people in the village think?And what about your commissary??“Xia Jian said unhappily。
Xia Ze looks like an angry child,He said aggrieved:“What do you say?“
“tonight,I secretly took my mom to Bucheon,So that no one in the village can know about it。And you stay at home,Let’s take care of your commissary,Then I let out the wind,Just say that our family bought a building in Pingdu,Sent you to enjoy Qingfu“Xia Jian said,Take a look at Zhao Hong and Sun Yuejuan。
Zhao Hong nodded and said:“This way is good,It can be said to be seamless。But Uncle Xia must act like a bit during this time,The illusion given to others is that the aunt is always at home,In case the neighbors find out that the aunt is not at home,You have to be able to respond in time,Don’t show your feet“
“Rest assured,Don’t you just lie??You think I can’t do this?“Xia Zecheng squinted,He walked out of the room with his hands behind his back with a look of disdain。
Sun Yuejuan was going to Bucheon at night,She started to pack her own things。Zhao Hong persuades:“Aunt!You are going to a big city this time,It’s several times bigger than our average city。So some things are used,Went to buy new ones,We are not bad for this money,Don’t let people say we are from the country“
“Yes indeed!Big cities have everything,What else do i bring these for。I only bring a few clothes“Sun Yuejuan said happily,Because she knows she can see Xiao Chenchen at night。
The night is like ink,So black。Xia Jian carrying Sun Yuejuan’s luggage,Together with Zhao Hong, they opened the door of the car parked in Daben in the village committee compound。
A few people only waved in the dark,Xia Jian starts the Big Ben,It disappeared into the night with a whirr。at this time,The whole Xiping Village is very quiet,Everyone should have fallen asleep。
As soon as the car gets on the highway,Xia Jian increased the throttle,Let the car run quickly。Sun Yuejuan sitting in the back row said nervously:“Jianer!You don’t need to drive so fast,Wait until dawn“
“You sit down mom,nothing“Xia Jian comforted his mother loudly。
Xia Jian is actually to blame for this,If I can get married earlier,I won’t follow him to Bucheon。And also tired,This grandson is not his own。
Think of it,Xia Jian was full of guilt。The car stopped in the service area,Xia Jian made my mother Sun Yuejuan go to the toilet,And then persuaded her to eat something,And started driving and on the road。
Two o’clock in the middle of the night,Xia Jian received a call from Xiao Xiao,Xiao Xiao told Xia Jian,Their family didn’t sleep,Waiting for their mother and son。
Pretty smooth,At four o’clock in the morning,Xia Jian’s big run has stopped at the door of Beishan Xiao Xiao’s house。The car just stopped,The door opened automatically,After a while, Xiao Hei came out first,Behind it is Xiao Xiao wearing a coat。
Xia Jian introduced my mother and Xiao Xiao to each other,Then hugged Xiao Hei and made friends twice,Everyone walked into the living room together。Xiao Xiao didn’t lie。Living room sofa,Xiaochenchen sleeps in clothes,He is covered with a brand new blanket。Old Xiao and Aunt Ding are sitting beside him。
“Ouch!You are coming。This kid just fell asleep just now,What do you want to see her grandma?“Aunt Ding came over with a big smile。
Xia Jian introduced the people in the house to the old lady one by one,Old Xiao said tiredly:“This kid is too smart,Really lovely。You don’t have to look for a house anymore,Let your parents live in your original house,Let someone buy a crib tomorrow and put it on the side,This matter will not be solved“

At this moment, the wind wolf wolf king saw the tooth wolf collapsed on the ground,After sniffing and discovering that the tooth wolf is dead,Eyes quickly turn red,Make a stern wolf howl“Wailing——Woo——!”

Following him, the six-level wind wolves and fang wolves saw the angry look of the wolf king,Could not help but shiver,They can’t imagine how angry their wolf king is when he loses his favored young son!
And Wright, who was less than three miles away, heard this roar,But my heart is wide,Because my back hand should be able to hold back for a long time。
And when the wolf king wailed,A ball on the ground suddenly exploded,The power of the explosion is small,The wind and sand that rolled up couldn’t fascinate the eyes of the wolf king,But the strong pungent odor after the ball exploded sweeping around。
Whether it is the wolf king,Still those giant wolves showed painful expressions under this strong smell storm,The sensitive sense of smell of wolf-like monsters has become a weakness!The smelly smell even made it quickly forget the human scent it just smelled!(You can refer to eating a mouthful of food and then a bite of devil chili!)
A few minutes later,Smell gone,The wolf king who has thought of the methods of vicious human beings is very sad and angry,But I don’t even have the strength to scream,Can only lie on the ground。And a few wind wolves and tooth wolves on one side,I’ve fainted a few times,The rest is lying weakly on the ground, unable to move!
Chapter VII Wolves(under)
In the jungle among the mountains at sunset,One after another howls of wolves sounded one after another,The other monsters in this jungle clearly felt the madness of wolf monsters,Wind wolf、Fanglang completely ignores some territorial rules among Warcraft,Rampage。
This behavior naturally angered other monsters in the jungle:A velociraptor mercilessly slaughtered a dozen wind wolves that had broken into its territory.,Just when it is complacent about protecting its territory,Quietly,A sharp claw across its neck,The blood from the lasing soon stained a nearby stream red,This velociraptor can’t understand it till death,Just a few middle and low-level wind wolves,Why did that old wind wolf make it himself!
The death of the velociraptor silenced other high-level warcraft in this jungle。
Things to know in this valley and jungle,The old wind wolf is indeed one of the highest-ranking monsters,As one of the only five eighth-level monsters in this jungle,At the same time, he is also the leader of the most wolf-like monster,The handle of the valley and jungle!But the relationship between the Warcraft community,It’s not just the strong take all,In fact, three of the five eighth-level monsters in the valley and jungle have their own ethnic groups.,The other two also have subordinates from similar ethnic groups,Implicit mutual restriction。
Under normal circumstances,The old wind wolf cannot be so unscrupulous!If normal weak meat eats,Eat some low-level warcraft,Even if it’s the subordinates of other four-headed eight-level monsters,There is no problem,But kill a seven-level monster,Especially one very powerful,A mighty raptor faintly ranked in the top ten in this jungle,That’s totally the same as another eighth-level monster in this valley—The green dragon is a direct enemy。

Monsters are really not the point,The main Tianlong people are too idle。

I’m free to compare each other every day besides having fun,Who has something special more than who。
And Char Rose is undoubtedly a mentally retarded shit-cutter,He is that stick。
I ran to other Tianlong people at every turn,The mentality of those Tianlong people exploded。
A group of people watched Charl Rose pretending,There is no way to break him,It makes them angry。
As the Denon people of the rich world,When have you been so angry?
It’s not what they want to watch others pretend,I should say very reluctant。
Only oneself,They must not be themselves as spectators,Watching others pretend。
Leo is not fast,At this time, the Tianlong people have left Mariejoa and came towards the shampoo.。
When Leo walks to area 1,,Five or six Celestials have arrived early。
Those with a little brain will come faster。
That fellow Charros must have said,Very few monsters,The six heads I saw that day are actually all,Now there are only five left。
Denon……There are already seven。
Seven Dracomen of different ages,30s older,Young teenager。
Don’t think you should be calm in your thirties,It’s not like that。
As a self-confessed world nobleman,They have been coaxed since childhood,Do whatever you want,In his thirties, he has a temper,It’s not much different from the ten or even seven or eight-year-old Tianlong people。
“My name is St. Torchak,You are the Leo who sold the Charroth monster mount?”

Ouyang Hongjiao pushed him angrily,Laugh softly:“As long as you can,Hurry up and tell what the situation is?“

“He promised to hold the kick-off ceremony within these two days,But all expenses are paid by our venture group,Your town government doesn’t have to pay a penny for it“Xia Jian said,Grabbed the phone on the desk。
Ouyang Hong said:“How could this,It doesn’t cost much for a simple launch ceremony“
“Humph!Since it is done by our entrepreneurial group,Then let’s make it bigger,Not only to invite major media,Also invite the lion dance team、Yangko Team,We want to make a big noise,Promote our leisure agriculture to further places“Xia Jian sneered and said。
At this moment, Guo Meili opened the door and walked in,She asked with a smile:“President Xia,You find me?“
First0466chapter Transfer consumer groups
Xia Jian let Guo Meili sit down,Then said to her:“We have all completed the repair and leisure agriculture in Pingyang Town,Now this launch ceremony,I want to be bigger“
“Please tell me more specifically,I am here to execute“Guo Meili said with a smile on his face。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“First invite reporters from major media,It’s best to save the TV station,The reporter from the provincial newspaper is best,You can contact Mr. Wang about this,Let her help。And then do some fun performances,Like the lion dance team、Yangko Team,Best to have a concert or something best“
“Row,I’ll do it right away,But the time may be longer“Guo Meili said,People have stood up,Her work style is very similar to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“Preferably within three or two days“
“Ok,I understand“Guo Meili finished,Turned away。
Ouyang Hongchong Xia Jian spread his hands and said:“This was originally our lead,Get around,We became a supporting role,I don’t want to do this“
“It’s not that Mayor Huang is afraid that you will pay。But you can’t be idle,Government leaders,One cannot be less,You can take care of this,Don’t have any problems here“Xia Jian was a little worried and told Ouyang Hongdao。
Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“Do not worry!If I can’t even do this,I really should go back to my hometown to grow sweet potatoes“The two talked and laughed,Got off the Donglin Building together。

What Ni Xiaoli wants to ask is if anyone is injured,Wang Youcai is a bit vague。But she saw that Wang Youcai had grabbed the phone on the desk,I had to swallow the words in my stomach again。She was busy pouring a glass of water for Wang Youcai,This is what she should do。

Wang Youcai’s phone call to the boss goes through。He first told the boss what happened yesterday,It’s terrible,And then proposed to buy equipment。
When it comes to money,No one will be so happy。as expected,Boss stopped talking,Froze for a while,The boss said angrily:“Now the mine is contracting for you,Logically,You should buy these machines and equipment yourself,Since you just started, mom has trouble,I’ll buy the machine,Let’s share the money”
Wang Youcai listened,Although I feel upset,But he can hear it,This is the bottom line of the boss,Not to mention that the machine is purchased by the boss,Even if he pays this money,Also deducted from the subsequent payment。
Thought of here,Wang Youcai agreed,Because he has no other better way。
“Wow!Four to five million!If you split evenly,Then we have to pay more than 200,000 yuan?”Ni Xiaoli asked in pain。
Wang Youcai nodded and said:“Yes indeed!To reduce the accident rate,Only a little blood”Wang Youcai finished talking about this,I couldn’t help but breathe out,It seems that I have been busy again these months。
Coincidentally at this moment,The phone in his pocket rang,Wang Youcai panicked when he heard it。Didn’t you say before eight o’clock??It seems that when he arrives in Pingdu,They just stared at him。
Chief Wang Youcai let out a sigh of relief,I took out which phone and pressed the answer button,Then walk outside the door,One side:“Hey!”With a。
“Wang Youcai!Which piece of land next to Pingdu Park is going to be auctioned,You give me confirmation right away,I’ll call you tomorrow”Hoarse voice,I just pretended it on purpose。
Wang Youcai, who hung up, returned to the office,He sat down with a face。He was thinking,Who is this person??Isn’t it Hu Huiru?!probably not,Hu Huiru already knew about it,Do you need to pretend to be a fool to ask him??“The more Wang Youcai thinks, the more annoying。
Ni Xiaoli snorted coldly:“Don’t play with fire*Just fine“
Wang Youcai understood what she meant,She thought it might be a woman’s business that she ran outside to answer the phone,But this is a hundred times harder than women’s affairs,He is going crazy。
“All right!You go back soon!I want to go out“Wang Youcai frowned and said to Ni Xiaoli。
Ni Xiaoli snorted coldly:“Won’t come back at night?Be careful to break your waist“This woman said,Grab the bag on the table,Turned away,Looks like she is jealous again。
Now Wang Youcai can take care of these,He has to figure out to deal with this tricky thing。He couldn’t help but think of Zhao Desheng, the director of the Urban Construction Bureau,It’s a pity that he didn’t keep this person’s phone number。

Zhou Li shouted,Stood up excitedly。

Hu Huiru’s face changed slightly,She doesn’t have a tit-for-tat theory against Zhou Li,But to a vice president:“Vice President Chen!Could you please tell this Zhou Li about today’s winning bid。Since Jianhong has won the bid,There is nothing to hide”
This Vice President Zhou stood up,He glanced at Tongli a little disdainfully and said:“Zhou Zong!Our Dongsheng Group reluctantly gave up love,For this renminbi。So I am very responsible to tell you,Hong Jian made 210,000 more than Lilong”
“what?Such a big project,They turned out to be only two hundred thousand more than us and took them all?How can this be,Could it be that you colluded in private?”
Zhou Li’s emotions are completely out of control,She ignored the presence of so many people,He said badly,Really not like a vice president of a group。
Hu Huiru said with a cold smile:“Alright, Mr. Zhou!You can come to our bidding,All employees of Dongsheng Group welcome you,But you guess,I’m afraid it will damage your image。Besides, I can tell you,This project Hongjian takes away,Is what I want to see the most。Because these projects were originally developed by Xia Jian,Now go back to his hands to manage,Couldn’t be more suitable”
“Humph!I don’t believe in such a broken company,Can still spend so much money?”
Zhou Li is still reluctant。She wanted to excite Nu Xiajian,But where is Xia Jian sitting,I just didn’t fall for her。
Hu Huiru quickly signed a contract here。After being reviewed by Guan Tingna and Chen Lan,Xia Jian signed his name on it。
The last link is transfer。Under the leadership of the two vice presidents and chief financial officer of Dongsheng Group,Chen Lan and Guan Tingna,And Li Yue went to the bank。
Hu Huiru invited Xia Jian into her office。What is puzzling is,Zhou Li and Xiao Xiao didn’t leave,I’ve been sitting in the big conference room waiting to see Xia Jian’s good show。
Hu Huiru asked Xia Jian to sit on the sofa,Then asked softly:“any drinks?I have everything here”
“Then have a cup of coffee!Drove the whole night last night,I’m really tired now”
Xia Jian smiled slightly,He yawned as he said。

“I know,I won’t do it!”The purple blood demon shook his head impatiently。

Wright nodded to Longshan Elf,Sitting opposite the purple blood demon。
Facing the Purple Blood Demon,Wright is actually very curious。
In his memory,The purple blood demon in the original book seems to be dead,Even his magic weapon‘Purple Blood Soft Sword’Were taken as trophies by Beirut,Even Wright had seen it with his own eyes back then,As an auxiliary artifact in the prison of the sealed plane。
But now I want to come,If the purple blood demon is not dead,That should be captured by Beirut,It may even be imprisoned in the cemetery of the gods。After all, this purple blood demon disappeared when he went to the cemetery of the gods.。
Then he appears in the God Realm of Life,Must be Beirut’s Xu。After all, Wright knows very well,What Beirut is not‘Suspected Dzogchen’or‘A super monster comparable to Dzogchen’,But the main god of the wind system。
The purple blood devil came out without his permission,It must be impossible,It’s 80% likely that this purple blood demon was sent by Beirut。
And also found myself in the God Realm of Life,Wright also had some guesses in his heart。
s‘potential’,s‘In theory, it can integrate the most profound principles’,Soul mutants are undoubtedly more than normal gods。
of course,As far as Wright knows,The few three-line soul mutants among the many planes at present,There is no law of fusion that reaches or exceeds the level of Dzogchen。Most of them are just like myself,Three lines, three laws, mysterious fusion,Relying on the power of the three-line fusion,The overall strength is close to Dzogchen—Without using the power of the main god。
Once both parties use the power of the main god,These few are equivalent to normal or relatively strong palace master level powerhouses—Even their use of the power of the main god is very low,Because of considering the combination of profound and divine power,The main divine fit,The main divine power can also exert a hundred times more power,Not much stronger than fusion power。And Dzogchen uses the main power of the same system,The strength has skyrocketed hundreds of times and nearly a thousand times。
But no matter what,in‘theory’on,The three-line soul mutation has the potential to surpass Dzogchen,The laws of the three systems each merge two mysteries,In fact, it is equivalent to fusing the same eight kinds of mysteries。
In the original,There are still about six to seven thousand years from now,In the plane war between the two god planes of light and darkness,Lei encounter soul attack,Cause the four-line soul to mutate。
But that is in the future,Panlong universe does not involve time、The systematic power of prophecy,Even if there are any special beasts with prophetic talents,But predicted Lin Lei’s fate。And before lei,The person with the greatest potential in this regard is undoubtedly a three-line soul mutant like him。
And among the known soul mutants,Wright’s three-line soul mutation,Is the earth、Flame and water。
These three lines,Coping with the three main gods in Beirut’s hands。