Ten fingers,Continuously grasp the wood……

Chu Deirers have also been confirmed at this time,There is no suspected person in the east.,Only one Taoist、A lama,There is also a bald——These three people have been in Wu Kang,And in the eyes, the light is also explained in the identity of their experts.。
Three people,This is the first,However, there is only this prison.,Chu Deirers did not guess their identity,Other two people want to be a smart and beamon。
But since there is no unbeaten,Chu Deirers don’t have to worry about what……
I want to come and think,Where is the oriental?,Even if we work with Wu Sangui,Also self-contained,It is impossible to sway everywhere.!
Chu Deirers want to shoot,Solver wood and clear,However, someone is more faster than him.,It should be that when the wood is clear,I have already jumped from the second floor next to the restaurant.,At this time:“good,This brother said!”
“what?”Huang Rong saw,Light“what”Voice。
Chu Deirers see this,Guess this seems to be a young one-or-two young people——80% is to give Huang Rong to Huang Rong、Guo Jing。
At this time, Huang Rong dressed is very different.,Guo Jing did not recognize that she is the little 乞。
Just Guo Jing has already seen Wu Kang action,In fact, when the darts in the wood,He is already in the railing of the hotel,Is the Beiberman!……
“Another multi-tube idle?Ah!”Wu Kang ridicule,At one side attacked Guo Jing。
Mu Yuqing see this person is not much bigger than yourself.,There is no meaning of more enemy,Take a look,Visited Mu Jingci。
Mu Yiwei,Sigh in my heart——If the son is a male,Following,only……For Muyi, such a old rivers and lakes,Mu Wei Qing’s Men’s Pulling Defusion,I don’t even want to play my own ugly.。
Yellow Rong’s,That is the effect of true women’s dress.!
Young people who have jumped behind,Mu Yi……Or Yang Tiexin,First, I think this is good.,Then it will not come and think,Because under the urgent attack of the union,That thick young people have been dangerous。
In fact, in the expression of Chu Deirens,Guo Jing’s internal roots,In fact, we will win Wu Kang,Just two people’s internal strength,They are all true heart。
This method is really good to play the foundation.,But when I didn’t practice the famous hall.,Power is really weak……
Guo Jing, this point of strength,Fundamental conversion does not win,Instead, Wu Kang’s Jiuyin external work,Although just a scales and half claws、Constant system,But there is a lot of hard work than Jiangnan seven monsters.!
more importantly,Wu Kang is more active,And Guo Jing is slightly dead,Just“Sleeve”Trick,Just a few times。
Understanding of Wushu with Chu Deirers,According to the performance of the two now,Even if there is no adventure,Ten years later,80% is also Guo Jing’s effort more!
certainly,In essence, the two are still weak chickens.,Chu Deirers are not busy。
at this time,A burst of noisy,Chu Dee people see another direction,Six strong men carry a red top cace……
I saw that the Taoist lips were slightly moved.,Chu Deirers know that the sound of the sound of the sound,More than half is reminding Wu Kang——Your mother is coming.。
Wu Kang is like an Internet cafe.soloPrimary school students,After learning that the parents came,Immediate faint,However, Guo Jingzhen is the people,It doesn’t take the opportunity to attack,But dismantling,Zhang mouth advised:“If you apologize to this girl,I will not fight with you.!”
“you shut up!”Wu Kang still wants to tell the mother,I am looking for learning materials.,Naturally want to seal。
Libra, people can’t see it.,It is actually flying regardless of the identity.,One palm of Guo Jing,I still said in the mouth.:“Si!Old, first help you solve this kid,Solvely entanglement。”
Not yet,Just palm is already,Guo Jing is also very shocked,Secret:Master is afraid that there is no such Kung Fu……
Fluster,Norry again,But the instinct of the rack of arms,Want to block!
But if it is unmanned,In Chu Deire,Will only be played、Skull is smashed。
at this time,Including Chu Deirers,But there are two people at the same time,Another person is also a Taoist,It is from the hotel that is just Guo Jingyue.,and……Between the Chu Deirens,Just discovered each other,At this time, it is very tacit.。
Taoist fight,甩 了,And Chu Deirers are shaking,Blocking between other Wangfu to serve and relax……
Chapter 176 Iron sword
Seeing the people in the world,The youth you have to live in your hand.,Before, the king in the restaurant was repeatedly reluctant.!

Zhu Minglang is waiting to enter the fourth round,Suddenly the queen of Xiayu country spoke。

“Fourth round,Only Master Zhu chose to follow up,The total is two hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars,Got this dragon egg,We will ask the master to unlock the incubation seal for it,Let’s wait and see。”Said the queen of Xiayu。
“We won?”Luo Shaoyan looked surprised。
Zhu Minglang didn’t expect to raise money,Everyone gave up。
“What a fool,Isn’t this egg made by those unscrupulous dragon egg merchants?,Deliberately invite some so-called masters,Make up a simple but folk story that makes people really think that the dragon egg falls,I never believed it from the beginning!”Said a rich businessman with a big belly。
“You didn’t believe it at first,You follow up to the second round?”Someone smiled。
“Because my shop has also promoted it,No one wanted it for ten thousand gold,The result was here,A group of people followed,Killing me。”The fat rich businessman said。
“is it,Maybe what you missed is really a dragon。”A Dragon Shepherd who followed up to the third round sneered。
“You don’t have to fight meaningless words,Wait for the result。”
Zhu Minglang ignored the ridicule of the rich businessman。
Luo Shaoyan’s face is not pretty。
It’s a rubbish to really hatch,I mean that Zhu Minglang lost 150,000 gold。
“You are the last to raise money,Ha ha,I admit that this dragon egg really gave people a very mysterious feeling at first,So I added the first raise,But if you look closely, you will know,The talent it has is actually very tasteless。”Han Su came,Said to Zhu Minglang。

Return without success,Lian Feiling immediately faced the situation of being besieged by three dragons。

The sword spirit dragon blocked his back,Bingchen Bailong and Shenmu Qingshenglong are flanking left and right,But this is even Feiling is also very capable,It is light as a crane sometimes,Sometimes as strong as a swallow,In the offensive of the three dragons, he didn’t lose the battle immediately.。
at last,Found a chance,Lian Feiling had a long distance from the three dragons,His arms spread out,Soaring like an eagle,When I arrived in the air,The gorgeous peacock robe on his body is constantly shining with strange light……
Different light and color are cohesive and interwoven,Finally turned into a brilliant peacock pattern,The peacock pattern is pressed down heavily on the ground,Comparable to a magnificent mountain,Hit everything on the ground fiercely。
Zhu Minglang didn’t know for a while what kind of magical power this even Feiling possessed,Although a bit weird,But this powerful attack,May not be able to shake his three dragons,After all, on the cultivation base,They are all tall。
Bingchen Bailong avoided this peacock picture,Also flew into the air,And got directly into the clouds。
The realm of Shenmu Qingshenglong has expanded recklessly on the earth,You can see that the sky vines that are only found in the ancient ruins have broken through the ground,They grow around the Shenmu Qingshenglong,Under the control of Shenmu Qingshenglong,Is constantly compressing the space of Lian Feiling activities。
Even Feiling has not dared to land,Those tough vines cannot be destroyed at all,And more and more flourishing,A jungle like a devil is slowly devouring everything around。
“call out!”
Sword spirit,The sword spirit dragon started its dazzling sword without any tricks,simply put,Where is the enemy,It just needs to burst out a powerful sword aura towards there.,The faster the better!
I got a perfect sword training stake like the ancient fly dragon,Sword Spirit Dragon is more satisfied with his sword speed,So this dazzling swordsmanship is as fast as a sickle wind blowing in after another,So that Lian Feiling didn’t dare to be scornful。
at this time,Female student Liang Sifan can also tell,Although Dean Lian Feiling did not lose immediately,But he is very difficult to deal with the three dragons of Zhu Minglang,And the other party obviously hasn’t understood his abilities……
If you want to be seen through,It’s estimated that the dean can’t hold on for long。

Qin Xiaomin tightened his collar subconsciously,She asked coldly:“Do you want me to stand on the road overnight?”

“Oh!How about I drive you back?”Xia Jian was taken aback,Then asked。
Qin Xiaomin glanced at Xia Jian and said:“There are so many taxis on the street,Why should I let you drive me back?Don’t you really know,Did my mom and I fall out??”
Xia Jian just understood,He quickly pointed to a three-star hotel across the road and asked:“Is it ok here?”
“Ok!Nice here,Not far from the hospital,What’s the matter,I can also rush back in time”Qin Xiaomin saw that Xia Jian understood what she meant,Said a little happily。
Xia Jian took out his ID,Opened a deluxe single room for Qin Xiaomin。But the facilities of the Samsung Hotel can’t be wrong。Qin Xiaomin is more satisfied。
“wait for me a while,I’ve been in the car for so long,I want to take a bath”Qin Xiaomin finished,Took the small bag into the bathroom。Xia Jian wants to go,But dare not。He didn’t understand why Qin Xiaomin didn’t let him go?
Last night,He has been asleep for a while anyway,But Zhao Hong and my mother Sun Yuejuan did not sleep all night,It stands to reason that they should have a rest。
Qin Xiaomin went to take a bath,With nothing to do, Xia Jian lay on the bed a little tired,Lie down,He fell asleep。He doesn’t know how long he slept,When he felt a faint fragrance coming,He couldn’t help but opened his eyes。
I saw Qin Xiaomin lying beside him。Qin Xiaomin’s fragrant shoulders are bare outside the quilt,It’s so attractive。Xia Jian found out that although he was sleeping in his clothes,But he and Qin Xiaomin are very close。What’s even worse is that one of his hands is on Qin Xiaomin’s tall chest。
Xia Jianmeng sat up,Because of his excessive force,Simmons swayed twice under the big bed,Qin Xiaomin also opened his eyes slightly。She said softly:“I think you slept too deep,So I didn’t bother you,Just took off your shoes”
“Oh!I have to go to the hospital for my mother,She is too young to bear”Xia Jian said and quickly glanced at his watch,My days,It’s already past two midnight。
Qin Xiaomin nodded slightly and said:“then you go!Call me in time for anything“
Xia Jian responded,Then let go and ran out of the room。Xia Jian runs all the way,I’m recalling the scene just now。What does Qin Xiaomin mean??He walks like this,Did you break her heart again??
Due to time passed,The door to the inpatient department was locked long ago,Xia Jian called the security guard on duty,Good talk,People just don’t want to open the door for him。till the end,Helpless Xia Jian moved out of Dean Building,The security guard reluctantly opened the door in the passage for him。
Xia Jian squeezed to one side,Then went straight to Xiao Chenchen’s ward。Xiao Chenchen’s dangerous period has passed,So he lives in a general ward,There are four children living in it。
Xiao Chenchen’s bed is at the innermost window。When Xia Jian opened the door and walked in,The room is quiet。Zhao Hong fell asleep on the bedside of Xiao Chenchen,She sleeps too soundly,So that even the saliva came out。
On the ground by the window,Put a small bed,Sun Yuejuan curled up asleep on it。I still twitch from time to time,Feel like dreaming。

Thought of here,Wang Youcai drove the car to the biggest rush market in the city。He is cruel,What beef、Bought a lot of lamb。Winter is a good season for nourishing,He can’t treat himself badly。

Enough to eat,Wang Youcai drove to Chenzhuang。Go further into the mountains,I found that the day became more and more gloomy,It feels like it will snow immediately。Wang Youcai drove the car fast,He is most afraid of driving on the road when it first snows,The most insecure at that time。
God still gives him face,Although it is terrible,But still no snow。Liu Ying saw that Wang Youcai brought so many delicious foods,This woman couldn’t help laughing。
“Hey!Why didn’t Chunni come back??”Liu Ying suddenly discovered,There is no shadow of Yao Chunni in the car,She was a little surprised。
Wang Youcai patted Liu Ying’s plump hips gently and said:“Wouldn’t it be better if she didn’t come,We can live a life in the two-person world with peace of mind”Wang Youcai said,I can’t wait to hug Liu Ying,Hugged him to his bed in one breath。
Xia Jian originally planned to come to Pingdu the next day,But something happened in the company the next day,This delay is two days。Everything in the company is finished,He drove the car,Rushed back to Pingdu。
Had a bite of food in the city,He went to Baishui Town without stopping。Hu Huiru asked him to see the landscape tree planting base。This shows that this matter cannot be known to other people in Dongsheng Group,So he only had one meal in Pingdu。
The road from Pingdu to Baishui Town is still in the past,But the way to Chenzhuang,Xia Jian really dare not compliment。Okay,He drives a jeep,Besides, this road is not very long。
Looking at the gloomy sky,Xia Jian was still a little scared,If it snows, it will be troublesome。It’s not a day or two to cover the mountains with heavy snow。
Xia Jian is not stupid,So he quickly drove the car to the gate of the landscape tree planting base。But what makes him confused is,Why is the big iron gate closed tightly during the day?。
Xia Jian parked the car,Knock on the door。Knocked for a long time,A woman’s voice came from inside:“Who!what’s up”
Xia Jian is a little upset,He shouted loudly:“To check work”Xia Jian climbed on the big iron gate,Look inside through the gap in the iron gate。I saw a woman walking over in disheveled clothes,She walks,While still tidying up clothes。
Wait until you reach the gate,She asked again:“what’s up?what to check for?”
“I was sent by the group,Find the person in charge here”Xia Jian shouted loudly。He thought he shouted,This woman will open the big iron door for him,I didn’t expect this woman to turn around,But ran inside。
Xia Jian is angry,Raise his hand,No longer knock,But like a drum of war,Fight desperately。
Soon,The big iron door opened with a creak,A man scolded very upset:“Knock what knock?What to check…What”
Xia Jian glanced at the visitor,Can’t help being stupid。No one else,It is Wang Youcai。Xia Jian never thought,Where Hu Huiru asked him to come,The person in charge turned out to be Wang Youcai,It seems this woman did this on purpose。
“why you?”Wang Youcai was also surprised。But he reacted immediately,Because Xia Jian standing in front of him,The consultant Hu Huiru invited,And also the vice president of Dongsheng Group。
Xia Jian recovered,He took out his credentials and said:“Mr. Hu asked me to check your work here。I knew you were here,I really won’t come”

“The money is borrowed from others,I bet someone something for them”Speaking at this point,Xia Jian can only tell the truth。

Wang Lin sitting in the back row took a breath and said:“It turned out to be such a thing!You are real cowhide。Can run an empty pot company like this,Really have you。No wonder Xiao Xiao’s attitude has changed when I come back this time”
“Is it okay??A good startup group,The unknown is ruined in her hands,How much is that!I feel uncomfortable when I think about it。But after all, it’s their property,She loves what,Fuck me”Xia Jian is talking,Stopped the car。
Wang Lin stretched her head out of the car window,Surprised:“what!This is it。Why didn’t the security stop you just now?,And let you drive in?”
“I said hello to them in advance,You don’t need to check again later”Xia Jian said proudly,Opened the car door and jumped down。
Wang Lin opened the car door,But no one came down。She opened her arms and said:“Carry me in,People are drunk”
Xia Jian smiled,Really walked over,Carrying Wang Lin and walking inside。Wang Lin at this time is like a child,She locked her hands on Xia Jian’s neck,And brought her smooth cheeks over,It made Xia Jian’s little heart beat wildly again。
Wang Lin crawled on Xia Jian’s back even when he opened the door。Just walked in,They hugged each other tightly,Seems like another sleepless night。
the next day。The two slept until 12 noon,If it wasn’t for the stomach to protest。Xia Jian didn’t want to get up at all。But when he got up,Wang Lin is still asleep。
finish dressing。Xia Jian went to the bathroom,When everything is ready, he sits on the sofa and drinks water。Didn’t you say that you are going to Pingdu??But Wang Lin sleeps so soundly,He can’t bear to disturb her。
What makes Xia Jian strange is that Xiao Xiao didn’t call him last night.。Xia Jian was drinking water,Turned on the phone,Accidentally he discovered,Today happens to be sunday,It’s no wonder。
When Wang Lin was asleep, she turned over and found that Xia Jian was missing.,She opened her eyes and shouted:“People?Where did you go?”
“Get up quickly!It’s almost twelve o’clock。Didn’t we say we are going to Pingdu??”Xia Jian on the sofa,Hurry up and follow this topic。
Wang Lin is a big deal,Xia Jian said it was twelve o’clock,Of course she got up as fast as possible。And then took a bath,Needless to say the truth in this。
Women are more touching before going out,So Xia Jian patiently sat on the sofa and waited for more than an hour,Dressed up,I packed up some luggage and Wang Lin dragged the suitcase and said:“Go chant!Guaranteed to arrive in Pingdu before dinner”
“It won’t take such a long time。But we have to eat something outside to get on the road”Xia Jian took over the suitcase in Wang Lin’s hands。

She understands,most of the time,When some life is coming,It’s not a hardship it.,But the fear in our hearts,Although human strength is weak,But the power of courage has infinite possibilities。

She hopes to use her love,Wake up the courage of his heart,No matter how difficult,She is willing to try it。
“Still don’t have a white feet,If you work hard or the same result,Why do you have to work hard?,Keep money,Have you been a better life?,Don’t waste money on me again,Don’t waste your energy on me.,my future,Just end here.,So I can’t dragging you.,You don’t understand.?”Fang Hao is exhausted,He feels that his dignity is in a little bit.,He anger,Angry, you can do it.,He hate,Why is it so unfair?,Let yourself have the same illness as your father。
Is this a magic of your family??
Zhang Dan Dan wiped the tears,Therefore, the town is settled in the center.:“Vast,I have always feel that,You know me,I am not a woman who loves virtual privileges.,These money is gone,We can also earn again,But life is gone,I will never come back.,I have never been you.,Not for a better life,We have been together for so long,Many things are me.,This time I have to do a home,We don’t call again.,Don’t say something to break up,We are together,Treatment of your disease,This is the most important thing we are now.。”
“But……”Fang Hao also wants to refuse,But by Zhang Dandan hits,Gentle lips cover his mouth,More merged,He is not easy to hardly,I collapsed in an instant。
the next day,Fang Hao’s courage,Come to the hospital with Zhang Dandan,Accept professional treatment,Before,Fang Hao is already good,No matter what happens next,He must actively and brave。
“How is the recent situation??Where can I feel uncomfortable??”The doctor asked the opponent’s vastness。
Fang Hao is in real way,Then I went to do a professional examination,Check out,He is indeed a diabetes。
“Although diabetes can’t be cured,But just control,Plus reasonable and healthy lifestyle,There will be no danger of life,Don’t affect your normal life。”The doctor said it was,Tone is very smooth。
“That diabetes and cancer,Which is more dangerous??”Fang Haozhen asked curiously。
“Why do you want to ask this??This is exactly two different diseases.!”The doctor asked unexpectedly.。
“But my father is also getting diabetes.,But in half a year,He left us forever.。”Fang Hao is very sad。
“Such thing?”The doctor asked curiously,I feel very shocked,Then I learned the detailed situation.。
“Don’t happen something like this,I regret that,Order should be because there is no timely control of the condition,Receive serious complications,At the end, the more fierce,Unable to pay。”The doctor said that it is regrettable.,Then encourage the road again:“So you now have to control your own condition more stricter,Resolutely don’t let similar things happen again。”
“Do not worry,doctor,We will be able to cooperate with you.,No matter what medicine you want to open next?,Or let me follow what kind of lifestyle and eating habits,I will strictly ask myself.。”Fang Haoyu said,It is a strong light in the eyes.。
He wants to defeat the disease,Break the magic curse,Woman who loves himself better,And put the snack shop more windy water。
“Do not worry,doctor,If he can’t do it,I will also urge him.!”Zhang Dandan also seriously,In her opinion,Fang Haoqi promised himself to come to the hospital,Actively accept treatment,It is the best thing.。
In the next time,Fang Hao strictly controls his condition,Adhering to a healthy lifestyle also has eating habits,half year later,His physical condition is getting better and better。
More important thing is,Zhang Dandan has the crystallization of their love,He became a father,Completed a transformation of an identity,After doing my father,He knows more about the burden of his father.,It also understood why his father did not actively accept treatment.。
“Dandan,I can’t hurt you.,Just because I love you,So I have to consider your future,I know that I am so selfish.,But please understand me.,I am also there.,I don’t want to be your burden.,So you still leave.~”Fang Hao said painfully,Full of heart is not sweet,But no power。
The most painful thing in the world is not too,I love a person deeply,But I have to break this feeling with her.。
Those dog blood movie stories will be written like this,Those love novels that make the little girl crying will also write,But life is often more cruel,Otherwise, there will be no such art comes from life.。
Sadness is often beautified,The sadness in the real life is not beautiful.,Will only make people more painful。
“I can’t leave.,You must cheer up.,This disease can be cured,I can accompany you.,Never give up,Until the disease。”Zhang Dandan is not moving,Still so firmly,The eyes are full of strong and affirmative eyes。
Jiao Xiaodi,I have been protected by Fang Hao.,Inside her heart,He is an invincible big tree,It is, she can get protected harbor at any time.,but now,He became fragile,Then she will force her own strength.,Strong strength,Protect him with your own strength。
Anyway, no one in this world,Men must protect women,Woman is also the same,Is to protect men,When men are injured,Women will stand together,This world is not a constant,But to a certain stage,There will be certain variables。
Square is very touched,But he still said hard:“I know you love me,You are my favorite person in my life.,No more people better than you.,But this disease I know,It is impossible to cure at all.,You follow, I will only drag you.,if that is the case,I will be more painful in my heart.,You don’t force me anymore.。”

“Paralyzed,This kid is too cruel,The old bandit is too fucking。”

“do not care,If he can’t do it, let’s go。This kid is alone,Copy guys around and fuck him,Catch that old woman by the way。”
“and also,Ah Fu takes over the old bandit’s men,Take someone up first;You are responsible for inspiring the people watching the excitement,I have to see who he dares to attack。”
After a few black people in the middle of the chaos whispered to each other briefly,Then quickly dispersed。
Li Tianchou looked around,No one at the scene dared to meet his eyes head-on,Including Wang Yuanling。Where did she ever see such a scene,I can’t believe this young man in front of me is so vicious、amount……brutal。
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Nine Pharaoh
Although Wang Yuanling’s face is still hot and painful,But it seems to have forgotten the hatred of the black man,But it’s hard to accept Li Tianchou’s methods。Right,Is cruel,She is very sure about this definition。Then I became scared,My Miss Hua Yunhua,Why would you like such a person as an assistant,Fortunately, Shin Yingjie is here。Ugh,No wonder……
“Grass mud horse!”Suddenly shouted,A short but stout man in black rushed out of the gangster,Holding a shiny machete in his hand,Keep yelling,“They murdered,Revenge the bandit brother。”
“Hit people at the construction site,Bullying the people,Killed。”Another man in black also started screaming behind the crowd。Immediately the surrounding crowd began to restless,There are even individual impulsive people who pick up bricks on the ground to prepare to fight with people on the construction site。
The gangsters are also starting to commotion,See the stout short man,In order to fuel the fire and boost morale,Swing a knife and slash at Li Tianchou,Very fierce。Three or four people in black jumped out of the gangster,Every guy is ready to besiege。
Manager Yang’s face was earthy,The legs and feet retreated suddenly,Wang Yuanling stood there blankly,Did not expect the situation to take a turn for the worse,She didn’t fully see each other until now,Not only premeditated,And well prepared,The ultimate move continues,This is going to kill the company。
She is very close to Li Tianchou,Manager Yang didn’t have time to take care of her when he took people back,At this time, facing the danger of being surrounded by several men in black。

Jiang Shuyan is frowning:“Humph,Don’t you use me??”

No use,I just pulled you to a battles.,Golden brother is coming,You are afraid of 啥,There are not many shares,He Laodhi’s restaurant you share,Fifth percent,Will be asked with the theme restaurant,After all, there is Li Jia himself.,I want to have any problems.。”
Although Li Hui Feng said,But Jiang Shuyan is still a little depressed.。
She feels that she was smashed.。
“Humph,That line,I am with you slow a battles.,But let’s talk about it.,If there is a great good performance,You have to add money to me.。”
“Hey-hey,Don’t say to add money,Just add shares。”
Sure enough, Li Hui’s words,Jiang Shuyan is also happy.。
Everything is almost the same,Li Hui Hui took Xu Ruyi.。
Back to the hotel,Li Hui Feng remembered a thing,That is, he doesn’t want Xu Ruzhen to stay in the hotel.,When I took the other party, I chose a set of finely decorated houses.,More than 10,000 directly wrote the name on the real estate license。
This makes Xu Ruzhen, I don’t know what to say.。
She feels that she is now who wants Li Anti-style.,Li Hui Feng will not hesitate to give her。
This feeling makes her both happiness and touched。
“Sister,I’m going back,I will give you here.,I will go back to deal with things over there.,Soon, let’s start to transport vegetables and fruits.,I believe with my vegetable fruit blessing,That Li Mei will definitely defeated us.。”
“All right,Don’t say these big words,Everything is slow,Nothing is a fat man,Slow down on your way,Remember not hooking the girl,I found that you can always encounter people like you whenever you have,I am no dare to take you everywhere.,I am afraid that you are so good to be taken away.。”
Xu Ruyu gave Li Hui with the wind,It is also ready to clean up。
“Hey-hey,My people are yours.,You are also mine,Who can’t help anyone?,How can I be taken away??
I have been very fascinated by the sister.。”
Suddenly I felt that Li Hui rose from behind him.,Xu Ruzhen is also a tremble。
“Don’t make trouble,I will give you a ticket.,If you delay, don’t blame me.。”
Li Hui’s natural clear is also the shame of the arms., At the same time, I also understand the other party’s meaning.。
“Hey-hey,Not blame,I want to blame me, I am too grateful to my sister.。”
Say,Li Hui is directly holding Xu Ru.,Directly rushing the round big bed。
Xu Ruzhen is also appointed by Li Hui,Even slowly cooperating。
For a long time,The sound of the house is gradually stopped,Xu Ru’s red halo was also in a long time.。
“Hey-hey,Sister,I don’t want to go, I don’t want to go.。”
“screw you,Hurry,This is more than an hour.,I will not send you.,You are going to the plane yourself.,I have to take a break.。”
Li Hui also felt the exhaustion of each other,I really kissed a little.,I will take a backpack directly out of the door.。
With Li Hui’s departure,Xu family is also open again.。
“Hill,You are sure you sent people to monitor them.?
And that young people have already taken a plane.?”
“Grandfather,But they went to the two hotels.,I don’t know what I do.,The two hotels have contradictory with Li Mei.,A family because of many old names,A family is Li Jia himself,Look, they are really preparing hard。”
Xu Rushan this time is also a lot of extra specific rules.,Since the last time I saw that Li Hui Feng took this after,He also knows some people still not afraid of him.。
“Um,This thing should not continue to trace it.,Because I have nothing to do with us,It’s you,Hurry and use the channel of the costume and medicinal materials.,At the same time, we have a Chinese herbal medicine for millions of studies.?

Shen Mingfang nodded,Then use gestures to signal everyone to go out,Everyone glanced at Brother Bin,Then snorted like an amnesty and left clean。

“Why are you here??Is it to come to see my joke?”Brother Bin stared at Shen Mingfang coldly,Still angry。
“Ha ha,The fourth child is still so angry?Don’t worry,Let me see。”Shen Mingfang said,Slowly found a sofa and sat down。
Brother Bin snorted and didn’t say anything,He’s actually very tired and crooked,Usually the two are at odds,But due to the face of the kidnapper, there is no big contradiction。But at this time, I was embarrassed and was seen by the other side sturdy,Don’t have a good face。
Shen Ming understands at ease,No longer wordy,“Can’t tell on the phone,I’m here to convey the boss’s suggestion again,You have to seriously consider,Get out early。The background of that foreigner named Li Tianchou is not simple,Can get out of the game easily,Shin can’t help him。What road is it,The boss has asked someone to check,I believe there will be results soon。”
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Eight Lucky hit
“Then wait for the results to come out,I want to see where the bastard is。”Although Brother Bin is not convinced,,But the boss always pays such attention,I can’t help but feel a little guilty。But I was forced to run away in my own territory,That is unacceptable anyway。
Shen Mingfang smiled,“rest assured,Don’t care what he is,Just find out the way,The kidnapper always has a way to clean him up。You don’t want face,The point of the question is not this person。Have accurate news,You have been targeted by the Interpol,Have a number in your heart,This is what the abductee ordered,It’s up to you。”
“Criminal Police Team?Zhou Nan?”Brother Bin frowned immediately,Mention this person,He still has some scruples,Too much shit on my ass,It doesn’t matter if someone covers it,But the public security bureau’s personnel adjustment six months ago,Life is not as good as before。
Especially Zhou Nan,Belongs to the stone in the pit,Smelly and hard,As soon as he arrived, he put on a desperate posture against the so-called underworld forces。Because of two intentional injuries,I just bite on Brother Bin,Later the boss helped the puzzle,In addition, Bin’s reaction was quick and he was not caught,I’m still holding my stomach。
The abduction walked close to the character above,I can hear a lot of wind immediately,I’ve been beating my brother around me severely for the past six months,So Brother Bin also converged a lot,Finally, there is no big deal to be grasped by Zhou,Shen Mingfang’s meaning is quite serious now,This is indeed something to think about。
Seeing Brother Bin being silent,Shen Mingfang laughed,“Old brother is too worried,Escape temporarily,I didn’t let you move,Zidan Holiday,So fun。The boss of a month of kung fu can settle things,Waiting for the surname Zhou to get out with his master,After everything calms down,You come back,What to do。”
“What’s the deal with my business??The girls are gone,Please come back then。But the fan loses her hand,The problem is big,I’ll reopen when I come back,How much work would it take?This loss is gone。”Brother Bin shook his head and complained,Really unwilling。
Shen Ming let out a cold snort,“Keep people safe,People can talk about everything。We followed the abductee to fight the world,Not all with bare hands,Poor clang??Isn’t it what you want now??You really can’t turn around,Brotherhood for so many years,When you come back and reopen,Guaiye can still stand by?”
“Let me think again。”Although Shen Mingfang’s words make sense,But Brother Bin always sounds like it’s not good。He has a hunch,Can’t make it go like this,The land and brothers in hand are all gone,Maybe I won’t even have a chance to cry。
It’s not that the kidnapper is not righteous,But the power and ambition of a few old brothers has expanded too fast,Master Kidnapper’s control is not as good as before。Brothers don’t care who robbed his own territory,The only thing Guaiye can do is to open one eye and close the other and make the mud,Fait accompli。
“Ok。I have brought my words,You figure it out,Time is very tight。”Shen Ming let out a smile,Got up and left home。
Lying on the sofa and meditating for a long time,Ge Bin sits up,“I’m not going anywhere?”This is the final result of his careful consideration,Let him treat his wife、child、He can’t do all the business,Besides, there are a bunch of brothers waiting to eat。