Fang Yu appeared!

“who are you?How did you find here……”
Middle-aged man frowns,He did everything secretly。No one can find it here……Why,Will still be discovered?
“It doesn’t matter who i am……But the money,I’m afraid there is no chance to use it!”Fang Yu Leng Leng。
“Humph!court death!”
The middle-aged directly threw a poisonous fog bag over。
Fang Yu quickly avoided!
The middle-aged man hurried away with his apprentice!
Want to catch him,impossible!
Fang Yu also knew that it was impossible to catch the middle-aged man right away。
but,Fu Lu can track them!
“Doctor Fang,Are they gone?”
The bodyguard saw Fang Yu walk out disappointedly,Asked。
“Yes……They are poisonous after all。It’s not easy for me to deal with them……I have to go back first。but,They were deterred by me,As long as I wait and draw the portrait。
Let law enforcers want them,They naturally have nowhere to hide!”
Fang Yu pondered,Slightly changed eyes。This time,After all, it was careless!
“it is good,The doctor will send you back!”
They said。
Fang Yu nodded,No longer hypocritical。


NS。Maybe you are really this disease.。Not necessarily the disease of your neurology。
Neurologist, haha, laugh,That’s like,Also don’t go to our department,Still to the endocrine department?
Then go to the endocrine department.,I don’t think about it tonight.。The emergency is touched, and the top of the hair is smile.。
These dialogues are of course the place where the patients and their families can’t hear.。
Walk away the neurology,I called the endocrine doctor.。
Ms. Sun has seen two consultations in a short time.,Faint feel worried,This will not be a tricky disease.。
The endocrine doctor listened to the illness,Nod,Said this situation does not consider the protox(Primary aldosterone increase)possible,If you don’t process it in time,In case of respiratory muscles in case of patients,Respiratory failure,That’s trouble.。
Ms. Sun heard this,Suddenly I feel that I have a breath.,Faceful。
Emergency doctor see,Say we have taken emergency measures.,Already added to your replenishment,Generally don’t have big problems,Don’t worry too much,Cooperate with us。
Introduce endocrine in the evening。
When reviewing the electrolyte in the early morning,Tone potassium has risen29ol/LNS,More than before。Ms. Sun, I feel that the hand is very good.,When the doctor went to the bed, she finally exposed a little smile.。
The feeling of no strength is really a helplessness.,Ms. Sun said。
Your wife has high blood pressure,You should accompany her for the hospital in the morning.,Instead of any reason,If you come to the hospital earlier,Maybe you have discovered the problem earlier,There will be no today.。
Blame you。The doctor is half-joke, and the Ms. Sun is said to her husband.。
it’s me,Blame me,Didn’t take care of your wife。I hope that the doctor can do their best to help us。gratitude。Ms. Sun husband is sincere。
The next morning,The Director of the Endocrinology will come to the room.。
Director listening to the medical history,Agree to first consider the possibility of primary aldosterone increase this disease,Director and Ms. Sun explained,There is a glandular body above the human kidney,Adrenal gland,The adrenal adrenal can secrete many hormones,One of them is aldosterone,If some pathological factors are caused by excessive secretion,There is a problem。Because aldosteone itself can cause sodium retention、Potassium、Extracellular fluid expansion、Hardbrose increase, etc.,So you will have high blood pressure、Performance of low blood potassium,And low blood potassium can cause muscle weakness,The lower blood potassium,The more muscle involvement。simply put,It is a lot of hormones in your body.,A series of performances appeared。
(The yellow triangle hat above is an adrenal gland.)
Director,Popularity is easy to understand,And amiable,Search Ms. Sun’s tears。But Ms. Sun does not understand,When will you start this disease?,Why is it suddenly so serious?。
You may have a long time this disease.,It may also be in the near future.,This is not good,As for why it will increase,It is estimated to be related to your movement,Studies have shown that exercise exercise、Or use diuretics, etc., it will also induce this disease.。Generally, the lower limbs are weak,Then the upper limb is weak,Finally, it may be breathing muscles.,Some people also swallowing weakness。
Next step,We must make a clear check,Do you have this disease?。As long as the hormone level inside the blood is knew。Director said with Ms. Sun。
Plasma aldosterone concentration、Uroated monoxide concentration,Because the concentration of aldosidone in the body is affected by the position,The aldosterone concentration is low when the lying position is low.,The aldosterone concentration is high when the position is,So, you should be in Ms. Sun.、Lift blood。
Also checked renin、AngiotensinIILevel,These two hormones are associated with aldosterone concentrations,These hormones are closely related。Thyroxine,thyroidBSuper also done。Because hyperthyroidism can also cause low potaemia muscle weakness。Director said。Don’t forget to investigate,This is a lesson。
Do hormone check,Further adrenal glandCT。Director said。Hormone level can only show that the hormone in the body is really high.,But what is caused by elevated,It is a neat gland tumor,Orgive,Or there are other problems,Still needCTTo further confirm。for example,Now there is a group of secret killers on the rivers and lakes.(Aldehyde),We as a decent person,I can only find these killers.,I have to find their old nest.,Take their old nest,Only。Where is this old nest??It is only one training ground.,Still there are several separate files,Can only rely onCTCome,CTCan see a problem with the adrenal adrenal,Still there is a problem on both sides,Tumor is one or more,Unclear,Can you cut off,It is very important。
Director’s metaphor,Ms. Sun suddenly understood。
There was a result.,Plasma is significantly increased in the plasma,Diagnosis of aldosterone increased disease。
At that time, the drug was used.,This medicine is specifically antler.,The function of aldehyde isonate is a sodium potassium potassium,The spironolactone is exactly the opposite,Is sodium potassium potassium。
afternoonCTThe result is there.。
Sure enough,Ms. Sun has a small tumor on the left adrenal gland.。Tumor is not very big,Probably diameter0,7。If not high resolutionCTNot easy to see。
It is estimated to be aldosterone tumor。Because this tumor is present,Result in increased aldosterone secretion,Thereby causing a series of issues,Including rising blood pressure(Ms. Sun officially diagnosed with high blood pressure.,Previously available,Just not diagnose)、Hypokalemia、Weakness。
Water falls。
Not a brain,Not a geometry weakness,Not hyperthyroidism,Not horizontal muscle solubility,But the aldosterone caused by this aldosterone tumor。
Director joked and said,You can buy lottery tickets.,So how many high blood pressure,roughly has10The person is because of the higher blood pressure caused by aldosterone.,This kind of high blood pressure is controlled with antihypertensive drugs.,Only use of the spironolactone,Or cut off tumor surgery。
director,Is this tumor vicious??Will not transfer?Ms. Sun husband is most concerned about this problem。
It looks like an adenoma,It can be said that it is a benign tumor,As long as surgery can cut off,The problem is not big。But there are also very little possibility of aldosteone cancer,Cancer is malignant,Specifically requires surgery to cut out to do pathological organization inspection。

Wudangben is heavy“Man”Without heavy“road”!

“So really regret,so……This battle is inevitable.。”Jinshi said two palms。
This is between this,Obviously the palm is slow,But it seems that two huge puppies are dramatically incitement.,A touch of wind, slightly blowing Zhang Zhen people。
Chu Deirers can identify,The golden wheel is not using internal force.、Pumping,Just seemingly flattened。
“And slow!”Chu Deirers broke out。
“This is my big dollar and Wudang.,What happened to Chu Lee??”Golden wheel asked Chu Depal。
“Do not,The national teacher must challenge the honorary owners of our alliance,Also will not be related to our alliance?”The Chu Deiren got up to the face of the golden wheel.。
“Honorary?”Golden wheel suddenly feels,It’s not enough to learn your own Chinese.。
“Zhang Zhen,This person is still a letter.!Otherwise, he is the same as his apprentice.,A hidden fan,Let you be old to find,Don’t you stand in an invincible place??”Chu Deirers deliberately。
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 670 The world second
Unfortunately, the gold wheel has not heard it.“fan”This stalk,After all, Huo Co will not go to tell his father’s father.。
It is a Dalba who has learned some Chinese.,At this time, I can’t understand it.“Fan sinter”,Even if you are busy, you will explain it.。
Gold wheel face,Strongly inherited that he did not put his own stupid brother,A palm fan fly out!
“hehe,Is Zhang Zhen people mean??Can the Chu League are Wudang disciples??”Golden wheel does not have on the spot,But look at Zhang Sanfeng。
Golden wheel see Chu Deireng horizontally,In fact, the heart is stable.。
He before night,Come to Wudang,Instead, it was hurt by Zhang Zhen people.、Be afraid。
These three days,That slight injury has healed,And it is inferred,Zhang Zhen people should be barely shot,This is coming to the door!
certainly,Golden wheel is also risky——If Zhang Zhen is not injured、Or there is no such thing as you think,That is not so simple this time.。
This time I came to Mongolian soldiers,Among them, the number of people’s soldiers is a lot.,He as a national teacher,I definitely can’t say nothing.,In case it lost a half……
kindness,Because I don’t know the battle for defeat.,Golden Way to Zhang Zhen people’s martial arts,Have great underestimation——After all, I just succeeded.,Think……This person is slightly better than I?
Chu Deirers come out,Instead, it is sitting in Zhang Zhen people.。
Zhang Zhen people have not spoken yet,Chu Deirers first break the road:“Although I am not a Wudang disciple,But it is also a half disciple of Zhang Zhen people.,and……Who said I want to represent Wudang??Jin Wai national teacher must provoke my Zhengzhou,The same is naturally unable to sit,After the national teacher wins me,Zhang Zhen people as a famous alliance,No later!”
Gold wheel:???
Jin Wai Sissed half of this beautiful Chinese logic,This is faithful……Chu Dean’s meaning,He is playing with him?
First win you,After that, you can challenge Zhang Zhen people.?
“Zhongtu etiquette,The old man challenges,Where is the rule of this kind of vehicle warfare?”Golden Wheel King angered。
“Buddhist rule。”Chu Deiren slammed——Do you call the law first to attack??
Internal situation,Immediately moved the sword。
摩 智 智 庄 宝 合 道 道:“Amitabha,Chu Lee,Nor don’t be reasonable。”
Golden Wheel is swaying,As if condemning his back thorn——摩 智 本 is recently,Let’s go to the big yuan together、Or cooperate with the big dollar,For this recent martial arts,But it is more and more zen another law king.,Jinshuben lacks trust。
摩 智 智 看 金 金 轮,Afterwards:“This may wish to,The national teacher first with the son of Chu League,If Chu League is unable to,That little mouth and fight with Zhang Zhen people。”
Although the two are the Kings of Tzon,But at this time, you can see the styles.。
Golden Wheel also has a high-end manager,But only solemn、Can’t see compassion,And Yu Muzhi is more and more zen.,Perserate attitude,Directly think is a modest monk,If you change your body,Putting a Shaolin Gao Song is also a letter——After all, it is not anyone who can see hidden in his mood.。
When the gold wheel stared at the Cutomo, I saw two eyes.,This talented:“Also!”
Although I doubt,智 智 has its own idea,But when you are, you have already proposed.“Two full beauty”Approach,Golden wheel is not good。
In fact, the gold wheel has also thought about it.,Do you want to come back?——By Doncans。

Wang Shouji laughed:“Mayor Xia!I didn’t expect you to have this and brilliant idea。it is good!Can’t hesitate about this,I will talk to Secretary Wang in the city tomorrow“

“Mayor Tong will enter the city with Secretary Wang tomorrow,To contact computer training,Must tell them,Closed training,During this time,Can’t make calls。You must discuss this with them clearly“Xia Jian made arrangements for Tong Jie seriously。
It was twelve o’clock when the three left,A rectification of village officials,It’s about to start。
First1524chapter Tentative
Ninth day of the first month,Some rural people call Shangjiu。This day is also a special day,There will be some shows to be staged in some places。Are all local programs,Such as high elevation、Yangko。
Pingyang Town is no exception,Early in the morning,The Yangge teams in each village are heading to Pingyang Town。This day will be a joyous day。
Xia Jian stood on the balcony in front of the office,Seeing the driver Xiao Zhang carrying Secretary Wang and Tong Jie to the city,His heart lifted up at this moment。There will be a big storm in Pingyang Town,He knew,Once this storm blows,Will involve the entire village of Pingyang Town。
It’s almost time to see,Xia Jian went downstairs,So he drove his car to Hejiapu Village,He is going to test the reality of He Shuicheng’s husband and wife。
Hejiaping Village,As a large village with thousands of people,There should be some entertainment。But because of the poor village hat。The village does not support any activities at all,So the villagers in the village can only run to the town,Or go to another village。
Along the way,Xia Jian met a lot of villagers who went to Pingyang Town to watch the show。

The three are looking at each other again,Obviously I can’t believe what Li Tianchou said。

“It doesn’t matter,Everyone has time to consider。”Li Tianchou smiled and stood up,“Pack up and reopen tomorrow,I promise no one will make trouble at least for a while。”Talking,He went to the door and pulled up the rolling gate and walked away slowly。Just left?The three people in the hall were stunned,I haven’t been relieved for a long time。
It was unexpectedly relaxed at three o’clock in the afternoon,Li Tianchou is on his way,I often get a call from Zhu Lei before I get there,All done。And never heard of Wang Fan’s change,I’m afraid Zhang Wen’s madness played a key role,Knocked the opponent hard,I’m probably more honest。But Wang Fan is not without gain,At least saw the result of the trial。
Some boring back to the courtyard behind the restaurant,Except Peng Weihua and Zhu Lei,Everyone is here。I can see everyone is very happy,After all, I collected five points in a day,The remaining two or two will not run,Yuxing’s strength has grown rapidly。Things will go away soon,This seems to indicate that Yuxing has gained a firm foothold in Fushan。
Li Tianchou didn’t think it would be so simple,But it’s not easy to make everyone happy,So don’t say anything,I’ll talk to Zhu Lei when I get the chance。He paid special attention to Zhang Wen,Looks a little depressed,Obviously it has something to do with my attitude in the Internet cafe today。take it easy,Li Tianchou understands that the wildness hidden in the bones of these people is not so easy to wear off,Can only continue to guide。
I finally received a call from Peng Weihua during dinner,This guy actually found Dong Hui’s wife,Things go smoothly,Broad Bean accompanied Fu Er and set off overnight。
To send away Fu Erde,Li Tianchou accidentally received a call from Liu Qiang,The other party’s very simple sentence,“See you soon,Tea in the old place。”Can’t hear the saltiness in the tone,But in a hurry。I happened to be looking for him,Li Tianchou simply didn’t even eat dinner,Left the courtyard in a hurry。
Or the table on the second floor of the tea house,Liu Qiang is already sitting there steadily,When Li Tianchou is seated,The waiter has started serving snacks。
“Brother Qiang, don’t be safe。”Seeing the other person looks good,Li Tianchou also let go,I grabbed a shrimp dumpling and stuffed it into my mouth,Shout delicious。
“Be careful not to choke。”Liu Qiang snorted coldly,As if there is something in the words,“Brother Tian is terrible now。”
“Ha ha,Don’t bury each other。”Li Tianchou wipes his mouth,Smiled,“Speak,What do you want?I’m pretty regular lately。”
“Where dare to tell,You are now big brother Jianghu,A hundred responses。It’s so chic even to grab the site,Of course I should call you my brother。”Liu Qiang cynicism,Obviously know what happened today。
“My grass。The rumors are not heard,That’s going to kill people。”Li Tianchou is not surprised,But still looks confused,“Are you calling me to talk about this all night??”
“Then what do you think will be discussed?”Liu Qiang’s face went cold,“Start grabbing territory now?Tell me what else you want to do?”
Liu Qiang’s bad tone,Li Tianchou is temporarily unable to judge the other party’s intentions,So my expression becomes serious,”I think you misunderstood。Yuxing is expanding its business scale,After all, so many people have to eat。But it’s different from what you said,In my understanding is cooperation,Yuxing is seeking to cooperate with many people。”
“Cooperation?Use machetes and fists??You can use these words to deceive an idiot,But shouldn’t tell me。”Liu Qiang gradually became angry,He didn’t care too much when he heard the rumors in the afternoon,But two violent cases occurred one after another and he had to take it seriously。Intuition tells him and Li Tianchou can’t get rid of the relationship,That’s why I was anxious to see him,But I didn’t expect this guy to be shy and careless,How can Liu Qiang not get angry?。
Li Tianchou looked at Liu Qiang calmly,I probably figured out what happened,This is a severe warning,Kind of similar to my attitude towards Zhang Wen at noon today。The difference is that Liu Qiang expressed it straightforwardly,And I don’t have,Because everyone has different positions,But he can understand that Liu Qiang is not malicious。“Indeed cooperation,Equity cooperation。As for your fist,It is inevitable in individual cases,Because there are always some people who are hiding in the dark will be jealous。”
“My grass,Just talk to me。What’s the difference between this and turf?”
“Essential difference。Cooperation is voluntary,White grab is just the opposite。”Li Tianchou smiled,“Just started registering assets today,Also to prepare for cooperation negotiations。”

He is in turn wants the chairman to understand,Qin Ning is really not a good person。

Last thing,Lu Haozheng is doing,Grasp the evidence,I have driven her out of Lu Yong Group,At least in the group,She can’t call the wind now,Chairman can grasp the life of the stock。
Lu Wei’s face is ugly back to the chair,Gloomy:“Aguai already knows,No action,What do you think he is waiting for??”
Remember last time,He also reminded himself,Let him check Qinhuai。
This check,Sure enough harvest,Mu Ziyi said very right,He is sleeping around a wolf,And he never knows。
Liang Wei Road:“Chairman,The clothes of the Rut Group are very hot.,After connecting, Xia Qi,I personally found the blue-Xin cooperation.。
Maybe Lu is always busy with this time.?
Did not make any action。”
Lu Wei’s face,Punch,Qin Ning’s practice,Let his man have a very serious blow,His woman,It turned out to drive him a million money.。
He asked again:“Have you checked those money??”
Liang Wei Road:“Many parts use to buy shops and housing,Basically rent。”
Lu Wei is angry,Look,Qin Ning is not going to have to go to the old。
She bought her shop to buy housing,Just to leave it back。
Lu Haokai,Applications in business strategies are not very skilled,Despite how many years working ,He is still greedy,Do things in your hands,But eccentricity,I want to expand the company。
Although I want to stand in the mall. ,Must have a long gaze,But current situation,Lu Yi Group is not enough to expand。
What did this mother think about what??
Liang Wei also said something concerned:“Chairman,You just said it is right.,Muaster is absolutely will not give up,Miss did not find evidence,But Mu Weiyan has begun to acquire the stock of Lu Zhen Group.。”
Lu Wei’s eyes overflow a touch of angry,The clenched fist is heavy.,“I know that he will do this.,Who of which people have transferred to him,Which investors are also sold to him?,These must find out as soon as possible,He wants to achieve the purpose of adding shares with this purpose.,It must be to let us still have to disappear in Jiangyu Group.。”
After all, his son is disabled.,Mu Weiyan has a single seedlings,Usually very baby,This is something,He will not stay anything。
Both are people in a circle,What kind of person is he?,I am also very clear。
Liang Wei Road:“Chairman,I’m already checked.。”
Lu Wei nodded,road:“Help me about Mu Weiyan,I will apologize to him, I will apologize to him.,After all, our two have a good time.,Can’t ruin our two sex because of such things。”
Liang Wei listened to this,Frightened:“Chairman,There is no evidence that there is no evidence that Miss is doing.,Board of directors apologized,Isn’t the lady’s practice??”
Lu Wei,This is also the case,Heaven:“Liang Wei,I am going home.,I want to personally ask God.。
Speed and strength with Mu Wei Yan,Soon will succeed。”
Liang Wei nodded。
Lu Wei will go home when he goes to work.,This time,Still,He is only back。
Wang Hao is not at home,No one discovered him back。
at this time,Qin Ning is just comforting her in the land of the land.。
“Grace,So many days have passed,Do you have to be sad??”
Lu Wei just wants to knock on the door,I saw the door half hidden.,He is standing outside。
Terresis has lost a lot of time during this time.,Paled face,Eyelid ,She has no makeup,Skin is a bit rough,Lips dry,The whole person is like a serious blow.,Unpredictable。
She looked unfocularly glanced at a mother,Low voice:“Mother,The kids have a little better.?”
Qin Ning is cold and cold:“It seems that you still have to pay attention to him.,He has already been disabled.,You don’t have to think about him now.,I will introduce you to other men.,The condition is better than Mu Zizi。”

After listening to Li Xiaoyu’s report to Qi Rui:“Who sent the news?”

“Military knife, please rest assured,They sent the information that they delivered in the mailbox.,The guerrillas only know that the superior is the comrades of the code.,I don’t know who it is.,Now I know that there is only the people of the military team in my identity.,Zhou Dawa and Jiang Tong,Jiang Xing brothers two,correct,The two brothers also asked you.。”
“What do you say??”
“I said that you are now the devils of Jiuli Mansion.,But they are half a suspect。”
“Give them a task,Eliminate the traitorous bandits outside Suzhou City,Do they have more than one hundred people?,People don’t have enough local guerrillas to help,remember,Be sure to eliminate all of these more people,Don’t stay in a living port。”After the rituit, I told the combat plan.,
“Yes!What elsewhere else?”
“First eliminate this bandit puppet army,I told them what to do next.。”
Jiang Xing and Jiang Tong don’t have anything now to run in the city.,Because Qi Rui has given them the station.,Jing Yun learned the telecommunications in Yan’an,Li Xiaoyu directly reported the secret code written by Qi Rui,Electricize this task。
Jing Yun said that it is happy to say the telegram.:“Miao knife gives us a mission.!”
Jing Yun knows that he is a real superior is a seedlings comrades.,Doctor is just a liaison。
“What task?”Zhou Da Liang asked,
“Dying a puppet army of more than one person,I know they,The head is called Li Han years.,Originally, there is no evil bandits nearby,More than three months, was approved by the devil special agent,Give them weapons and equipment, let them turn around into a puppet army,When they were pseudoranding, they were even more unscrupulous.,The villages around them are all fast.,Our task is to eliminate them。”
“How to kill?”Li Nancheng asked,
“Yes,Is our ten people enough??”Lu Zhengnian,
“do not worry,The doctor comes to the old guerrillas to help us,They have also changed their equipment now.,I am going to try new.。”
NS341chapter Judge
Eliminate this puppet army is very simple,As long as someone gives them a ventilation, I found an anti-Japanese molecule in a certain village.,They will pass now,Grab the anti-Japanese molecules are second to them,This is the main purpose with this reason to extort the villagers.。
Waiting for them is a warrior of the martial arts and the front of the bird gun.,Kill this to help the traitor is really simple,Don’t shoot,Because calculated,The bandits rushed to the black,The martial arts team members are quietly ambusted in the yard of the villagers.。
These traitors are unable to escape against anti-Japanese elements,One will be dispersed,They entered the village will be inserted by home.,This is a bandit consistent work style。
And waiting for them is the martial arts team hand,Zhou Dak,Jing Yun, this help, people can have accepted the trainee training.,One person kills three or five unpacking bandits is still really。
The guerrillas and other puppet soldiers have entered the village after they come to the Yellow Snake and then surround the village.,I found that the puppet army who wants to escape will directly hit the gun’s muzzle.,The martial arts team and some guerrillas pocket a traitor,Two piffles with the guerrillas outside the village will all destroy them。
This is almost no injury to the mourning team and guerrillas, and the guerrillas are almost no injury.,The only regret is that even the villagers have to quickly move away from the village.,However, the villagers know that this is the traitor bandit.,Almost no one has a complaint,There is also a place to stay in the village.。
Rui Rui let the guerrilla cooperate with the martial art team to eliminate the army, the army bought by the army is a chain reaction.,Kill these soils will make the devils to join the army and the well,Because it is possible to know this bandit opponent’s strength is definitely not bad.,At least it has to be multiplied。
“Li Han’s team was complete in Xiaobei Village.?”Connected to the phone is very shocked,
“We have seen the body,More than 30 of them were killed by people,Li Han people should have found ambush to exit the village.,But it was armed by the village,Li Han people escape from the village and being ambulted in the armed feet outside the village,Eventually all killed,Many of the villagers have a lot of worrying.,Asked about the remaining village guns, only less than five minutes。”
“Is there a living port??”
“no,This armed team is not simple,It is also the first time in the region.,We guess should be a well-trained special agent,Because the weapons in these people are much better than the Communist guerrillas.。”
“Rock,They must be nearby,Search,After all, it has a gun battle.,They may have wounded,Careful check,See if you can find a clue。”
Well Junxiu put down the phone to look at the map on Xiaobei Village, the more you want to,This time is obviously not a war,More like Li Han is designed,And the purpose is to put them all,There is still such a armed former around this Shanghai.!?
“Eight villages!Long!”Well Junxiu shouted,

“Hey!You are running around for our Donglin Township,I invited you to dinner”Chief Li Xiang laughed and stood up,He led Xia Jianchao out。

On the street of Donglin Township in the evening,Looks very deserted。In front of a noodle restaurant,Mayor Li led Xia Jian in。There were only three or four people sitting in the room eating,When the boss saw Chief Li,,Greeted me with a smile。
“Mayor!What to eat tonight?The guests should eat something good!”The boss is a middle-aged man in his forties,He laughed and said,I can see that he and Mr. Li are very close。
Chief Li did not speak first,But to greet Xia Jian after sitting down,Smiled and said:“I have a bowl of noodles per meal,Did you bother you??”
“No no!You just have to come and eat,It means you can see my craftsmanship,It doesn’t matter what you eat。But you are thrifty,Eating for so long,But never ordered”The boss is laughing,Do it yourself,Pour two cups of tea for Mayor Li and Xia Jian。
Chief Li laughed and said:“Order tonight,You can listen。Spiced beef、Vinegar peanuts、Grilled vegetables、Homemade small fried pork,Two more bowls of noodles”
Really real,The dishes I ordered are also very grounded。Boss,I went back inside and greeted the chef。Xia Jian asked with a smile:“Chief Li’s family is not here?”
“All in the city,My wife works at the Land and Resources Bureau,The children are all going to school in the city,I’m the only one in the country,But pretty good,I’m used to understanding this kind of life”Chief Li said with a smile。
Peanuts are coming,Mayor Li laughed when he saw it:“look at me,Just peanuts for wine,But didn’t ask for wine,Isn’t this funny?boss!What wine is in yours?”
The boss was about to report the name of the wine one by one,Xia Jian stood up,Speak loudly:“Take the best,My treat tonight,Please remember,You can’t collect the money from the Chief Li,Otherwise I will be anxious with you”
“Good come!”The boss laughed and responded,Rummaged in the cabinet,Took out a bottle of Fenjiu。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“This wine is good,Open it up for us”Mr. Li’s face changed,He looked at Xia Jian,Looked at the boss again,But in the end he still didn’t speak。
Coincidentally at this time,Three men walked in shaking their heads,They straightened their eyes when they saw Chief Li。
“and also!Isn’t this Chief Li??Like you said,Never drink good wine,But this wine is at least two to three hundred yuan,Do you think this is a good wine?”A fat man walking in the front,Speak loudly。
The boss who was pouring the wine couldn’t help but said with a deep face:“Chen Sanwa!I invited the mayor to drink this wine,There is no good second,If you want to drink too,I will pour you two glasses in a while”
“Pooh!You don’t have eyes,I’m talking to Chief Li,What are you talking in?Does this restaurant do not want to open??”Chen Sanwa yelled loudly。Seeing the two people behind him,Deliberately kicked over a chair on the ground,A provocative look。
Chief Li took a look at Xia Jian,Can’t sit still,He stood up,Said quietly:“Just say what you want,Don’t be yin and yang weird here”

On Escape,He is indeed not as good as Fengying Daojun。

But thunder, the god who controls a Tao, kills his opponent,But it’s easy!
If Fengying Daoist is not turned into a breeze,Invisible,As usual,This thunder is enough to hurt him seriously。
however,This is the attack of the god of desolation!
Three puppets,The strength of each one is almost the same as that of General Shan,Together, it goes far beyond。
Blue puppet,Three heads and six arms,Control six war knives,As if breaking through the sky。
Black puppet,Just two arms,Holding a heavy battle axe,Axe,But relying on weight to subvert the earth。
Crimson Golem,But 18 arms,Not holding a weapon,But the puppet itself is a magic weapon,Every one of its arms attacked as tricky to the heart!
Three puppets of heaven, earth and man,Under the cooperation, directly resist the god of thunder。
The three puppets take a step back,The mysterious black god thunder was also crushed by a combined blow。
“Yuan Yu?!”The god of desolation did not pay attention to these three puppets,His eyes crossed,A beautiful woman looking behind the puppet。
Yuan Yu Daojun!
“Aragami,Stop now,I can treat it as nothing happened!”
“Yuan Yu,You know that I will not allow you Tianqiongzong to give birth to a Taoist master who masters the strongest way!”Daojun Huangshen looked at Li Ming who was already standing behind Daojun Yuanyu。
“Then rely on your strength to speak!”Daojun Yuan Yu’s beautiful eyes are filled with unconcealed anger!
The four secrets of energy flew from the surface of her body。
Jiuyuan Thick Soil;
Jiuyuan Kamikaze;

This opportunity,It is really rare。

Because of red clay and blue clay pot,According to intelligence,It is indeed a murder。
“How to?”
Yu Wen Concrement is expected to ask。
“Not,This thing is Gao Boyi invented,He can have no means to guard。Nowadays, the two armies are critical.,How can it be so clever?,This tool is sent to us?
I see that it is the high Bohai I want to introduce the king.,When we attacked our burning grain,Let’s play us can’t do it.,Even with defense,Directly capture Pu 坂。
End will feel,Or don’t change the good changes!”
He Ruoyu opened again,Crazy spread, negative emotions!
“He Jun!In the end, you are coach or this king is a coach.!If you are energetic,There are many scarecrows in the Puchacheng City.,How to toss with you!”
Yu Wenxian anger,If you are worried about the destruction of the military unity,He hated that he will play the He Ruo.!
This Bilian has always said that this is not.,proceed if you can!
“He Jun,Qi Wang His Call us,I want to see it.,Have you broken the enemy。”
Dou Yi stands out of the game,He Ruo 弼 is not happy,But didn’t say anything。
“Qi King,End will feel,Today, the situation is greatly unfavorable to our army.,Local state counties have signs,Should be late,Try it, you don’t want。”
Liang Shi Yan stood out and said:“At the end, I will be willing to do this.。”
Yu Wenxian asked。
Everyone faces a black question mark,Feelings this grandfather just sleeping??
“Now, although the situation is unfavorable to our army,But the more important moments,The more you can’t panic。Waterway burning granary this……Risk is still a big,After all, our army is now hard to build a ship.,Also go deep into the enemy,Really a little difficult。
He Jun Jun said,I have not tasted it.。It is better to say, such as He Ruo,After three days,With these pottery,Sick attack Qi Jun。”
The chisel of Yuwen’s constitution。
Have a general,Including He Ruoji,All is shocked!
Just now I am impatient,He Ruozhen said that he was the same as the play.,You agree.?
“Qi King,Soldiers,Departure,Be uncomfortable.。Wait for a big event?”
Wei Xiao Xidai Ma is anxious。
Let He Ruoyi bring people to the enemy big camp,This is not too light.!I just said that I have said that I have said it.!
“I have already done,All the generals are going back to prepare.。”
Yu Wenxian immediately took the board。
Gao Bo Yi took Zheng Minmin and the Defense Army,Finally meet with the light of light,Entering the newly established Qi Jun Camp,I feel that this time I haven’t entrusted the wrong person.。
Although it is a grassland,But the chapter of the fight is more similar to the Central Plains army.,It is very strict for the requirements of the operation.。
after all,What he has learned is“Short assault”Tactics,This tactics in history in the end of the Nikun,Can be played in the north and no effort,Tired in the North Line,Positive tactics,There is a certain thing to have。
that time,Northern Diqi is no general,Therefore, once the North Week is poisoned in Hedong,Take the horse,From Shaoguan, threatening Luoyang。
Then I have to retreat.,Pauloyang。Always arrived after death,North Week began to occupy an advantage in the North Line。
This“Short assault”Tactics,The role of the operation is actually an attack and defense。Means of,The army of the army is short,Win a little,Do not win,Return to camp。