Xia Jian was eating,I thought about it and said to Tong Jie:“This kind of snack is not only available in Pingyang Town,If you apply for a patent in advance,Then we will industrialize this snack in the future,Do you think about the concept”

“Yes indeed!Mr. Xia’s brain is so smart。Mayor Tong,I think Mr. Xia’s idea is great,We have to get this done right away,Wait for the opportunity in the future to develop slowly”
When Wei Xiaoming heard Xia Jian say this,,He immediately got the spirit。
Tong Jie laughed and said:“It seems that my trip is worth it。Can really form industrialization,That’s great,It also solved the employment problem of the first person in Pingyang Town”
“Nowadays, the understanding of autocratic power is becoming more and more important。Our Pingyang Town actually has many local characteristics,You two come down and study it。Register more distinctive patents like this in the name of Pingyang Town Cooperative。Even if you don’t do this in the future,Others want to do,But the patent is with you”
Xia Jian was talking,While drawing with a pen on the paper。
Tong Jie smiled and said:“You are now a veritable businessman。A snack can be a business run,I don’t know what you think in your head”
“What do you think?Isn’t it just thinking about making the lives of the people in Pingyang Town better and better??As long as you have an idea in your heart,No matter what,You will wonder if doing this will bring any benefits to the people”
Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。His time is tight,Although others are back,But Bucheon’s bidding,He can’t let go。
Tong Jie nodded and said:“Mr. Xia is right。Don’t worry,I’m not going anywhere, Tong Jie,Just die in Pingyang Town!Since Ma Yan is going out to work,Then you bring me a word,Ask them to submit another copy of the plan for building a new countryside to me,To be directly delivered to me”
“it is good!Goodbye”
Xia Jian just left,Unambiguous。He got these two things,I have to go home again to make arrangements,After that, he has to rush to Bucheon。He didn’t even have a chance to visit his Hongjian company。
Wei Xiaoming chased to the yard,He whispered to Xia Jian:“President Xia!If Zhao Chunling and I become,You have to be our witness,I have to book this in advance”

Osheng bought singles and doubles,The normal odds are one to one,But the casino rules 20 draws。

In fact, this rule of drawing water is the real magic weapon for the gambler not to be afraid of the gambler winning.,No matter how powerful a gambler,Twenty hands down, the king of gambling is already a sure bet。
I’m not afraid of you winning, I’m afraid you won’t bet!
822 How can science and technology achieve magic
Ou Sheng takes back 1.9 million chips,Said mockingly at Bei Shiguang:“Bragging,80%Win rate!”
Bei Shiguang’s face was flushed red,After a pass to the calculation,This time I just threw one hundred thousand chips to the double。
“This one must win!”
Other gamblers also bought doubles,O Sheng put another two million on the bill。
Turn the turntable up again,Beads falling。
“13number、single、Second District、Green Wave Win;double,Pass kill!”
Bei Shiguang was a little bit superior in losing,It’s fast calculation with pen and paper,Luo lists a lot of formulas,In the end, I placed 200,000 on the double top。
Chen Xiu saw An An shaking his head,This Bei Shiguang uses physics knowledge to calculate is indeed accurate,But he doesn’t know,Gambling is ten gambling and nine cheating,Even more accurate,How could his puppetry be so powerful?,If you want the beads to jump in that square, that square。
The main thing is,Bei Shiguang’s mentality has collapsed。
He bet ten thousand first,The second bet one hundred thousand,The third one is 200,000,Always stack back,Totally in the gambler’s heart,Thinking of winning back all the previous losses。
“In that case,Give him a deep lesson,His talent should be placed on physics,Not on gambling!”Chen Xiu thought。
The next more than 20 games in a row,Bei Shiguang loses everything,I doubt my life,In the end, there were only less than 30,000 chips left,I have calculated more than 20 pages of paper but dare not start。

Insulin1Type diabetes patient,The consequences are very bleak。We don’t want to see similar tragedy.。I hope everyone can formally insulin the role。certainly,Insulin is not always so beautiful,Inappropriate use of insulin,Sufficient insulin dose is too large,At that time, it may cause hypoglycemia.。Hyperglycemia,Low blood sugar will also be,And the speed of the destination will be faster。so,Reasonable use of insulin is the treatment under the guidance of a doctor1Key to diabetes。

Unfortunately,Vast majority1Type diabetes patients have not yet obtained regular effective treatment,This number may be hundreds of thousands or even more,This requires a long-term effort。Especially these1Most of patients with diabetes are children,More need parents’ attention。
I was brushed by a news for two days.,Dr. Li’s brain touched some treatment details(Factual brain supplement,Wales only,Inadvertently hurt anyone)。
One22Years old woman was urgently sent to the hospital emergency rescue room!
According to news reports,When the patient was sent to the rescue room,A coma,Blood pressure is only95/37Hg,Double-side pupils, etc.5,The emergency department of the medicine doctor quickly took blood for her。
The emergency doctor is most afraid of a coma patient,Dr. Li repeatedly introduced you.,certainly,stomach ache、Chest pain is also the most emergency doctor’s headache,Because these symptoms may be deeply hidden by fatal causes,And it is not necessarily to pull out for a long time.。
Coma is also the same。
There is a mouthful in the line:Low low heart lobe,Epilepsy interpretation of urine。Short ten words,But it covers common causes that will lead to a coma.。They said this。
Blood gas analysis、Liver and kidney function、Electrolyte、Blood routine、Coagulation、Bloodfluorfinum、Blood sugar detection,I still have a patient’s urine,Urinary routine、Urine sugar、Urindenant。
Waiting for results,Emergency doctors are not idle,On the one hand, reduce blood sugar in insulin,On the one hand, active fast replenishment。Use insulin to understand,Insulin is like a key,After entering the human body,Can drive glucose into cell utilization,Glucose will not be crowded in the blood vessel,Thereby reducing blood sugar inside the blood,Cells also get glucose utilization,Two full beauty。
Why do my daughter use insulin??Parents ask。
Such high blood sugar,Only insulin can quickly reduce blood sugar,Can maximize cerebral edema、Organ failure and other issues。The doctor explained a sentence。
Is insulin not addictive??Parents are very worried。
Will not。Patients lack insulin will be sick,It seems that the stomach is hungry.。Supplemental insulin is eating。
The result is very fast.,Blood gas analysis tips“Metabolic acidosis”、blood sugar30ol/L,The emergency doctor was scared,Preliminary diagnosis“Diabetes ketoacidosis”。
Look,SkullCTI don’t have to do it.,Because the patient’s coma is obvious。Such high blood sugar,Such an acoustic environment,It may cause a coma at any time.。
Diabetes is most often listening2kind,A kind of call1Type diabetes,Another kind of call2Type diabetes,Actually2Type diabetes is most common,Tens of millions of tens of millions of diabetes,95All2Type diabetes,Mainly insulin resistance or lack of insulin,Most of the middle-aged disease。1Type diabetes is young、Children are on the disease,Mainly because of islet damage caused by autoimmune,Cannot continue secretion of sufficient amount of insulin,Causes high blood sugar,Such patients may not know how to have diabetes,Wait until excessive intake sugar(Diet is irregular)、Or when the cause of severe infection, the acute concurrency of diabetes will be induced.
NS199chapter Don’t open the doctor
(No need to subscribe、Unmodified)
It seems that your daughter is the same,Diabetes ketoacidosis occurred,I know that I have diabetes.。Doctor continues。
Doctor explains,This is an acute complication of diabetes,There may be infection、Renal Failure、Acute liver damage, etc.,It will endanger life,Must be rescued immediately。
Given the critical condition,Urgently transferICUtreatment。
ICUNurse found,The patient’s blood is milky white,It is rare in young people.。This is the original words of the news,Does this still have to be investigated?。
And why does the female patient have ketoacidosis??
Inquiry,I know that the patient has recently been drinking milk tea.,Drink a lot of milk tea,Must take a large amount of sugar,Causes the blood glucose in the body is too high,Naturally, ketoacidosis。Very likely this young girl itself1Type diabetes,I don’t know if I have.。
Generally,1Type diabetes patients themselves have a tendenzone,In other words, this complication may occur when it is slightly unspeakable.。in addition,Many incentives can cause ketoacidosis,The most common is to infect,Whether it is a lung infection,Urologous infection is still infection in other parts。also,Interrupt insulin treatment also induces ketoacidosis,Various stress、Alcohol and some drugs(Glucocorticoid, etc.)It may also induce ketoacidosis。
When the patient knows that he is possible because of drinking too much milk tea and other drinks,High blood glucose is too high,Its blood is almost turned into“Sweet drink”Wait,Regret,And said that it will actively cooperate with medical treatment。This is also the principle of press。
However, if the specific patient is drinking milk tea to induce ketoache acid poisoning, it cannot be found.,But for one1Type diabetes patients,Diet is irregular、Excessive intake sugar、It is not right to use insulin hypoglycemic without regularity.,Even if you don’t have problems today,I have problems tomorrow。Even today is not a milk tea,The day after tomorrow may also be induced by ice cream。In short,No formal understanding、Formal treatment,Patients are exposed“Snipe”Under the muzzle。
Patient finally escape,Revolve。
The key is two,We also mentioned before.,An insulin,Another large amount of hydraulics。Because of patients with diabetic ketoacidosis, severe hyperglycemia、Hypertrophone、Various acidic substances accumulate and cause permeability diuretic,The ketone is discharged from the lungs to take a lot of water,The patient may have a bad appetite without having to eat, and there is a lot of moisture.,Therefore, the patient is generally very short of water.,Must give a lot。
Discharge,The doctor also explained the patient and his parents.,Insulin is used for a long time,It may even need to use life.。This is not a drug!This is not addictive。But the patient is inside islet cells in vivo or immunized.,Can not produce insulin yourself。The only hormone that can lower blood sugar is insulin,No insulin,Blood sugar will of course rise,Diabetes can’t control。
Insulin is life!
So it takes long-term use of insulin.。

Nine uncle persuaded Liao Wenjie on the street,On the one hand, it is worried that the livestock in the family is scourked.,If necessary, even the blood can’t be found.。on the other hand,Let’s choose the oceanian,The provincial city is very popular,He didn’t drink foreign tea,Worry。

Bring Liao Wenjie is different.,After all, it is a rich family who stayed.,Will also speak,Definitely don’t drink foreign tea。
Market,Nine uncle introduces a known meat shop,Cooked by each other,Liao Wenjie directly refused,Slip it on the street。
The people of the monograph should be far away from the secular,Broken Red Dust Atlantic Can Neutrally,Even if I went to the WTO。
But Liao Wenjie feels that the world is very good.,Especially the market in Renjiazhuang,There is no modern urban hustle and bustle,He looks fresh,The more you feel, the more you feel。
Nine Uncle followed Liao Wenjie for a while,Discovery is late,Good face refuses to tell the truth,Show Liao Wenjie,Take above first step。
When Liao Wenjie arrived at the ocean teahouse,Nine uncles、There is a cup of coffee in front of the talent.,Lord did not see,But there is a lady who is wearing a pink dress。
She is a daughter of my master Ren Tingting.,Good name,Flower season,Slim。It is the outer dress too mature,And her youth is not taking,A little awkward。
Liao Wenjie feels not reliable,WenQ is not so much,Pearl necklace is white and large,See him a pig brother,Suspension is fast.。
Ren Tingting is angry,I want a whole text.,Seeing that the teachers will not drink coffee.,Good heart, I have given them a sample.。
A mouthful of coffee,A mouth of milk,I added a spoon to my mouth,Shake evenly,I spit a bubble before swallowing。
Nine uncle is sick,Invention such a weird tea way,There is no more thinking more。
“Nine uncles、Wencai,I’m late。”
“Ager,You have just come,Help you point a cup of coffee。”
Nine uncle refers to herself,Two empty chairs,One is a master,One is left to him。
“No bar,Drinking this coffee, I want to drink juice.。”
Liao Wenjie sits down,Speaking of Ren Tingting curious attention,Looking up slightly smile。
As many young girls,Liao Wenjie looked up the moment,Ren Tingting lows skewers,Number of ants on the ground。
“what,This little brother is also nine unresur your apprentices.?”
Ren Master smiled and came.,Seeing Liao Wenjie,Dark road, good, back。
Grandfather,Rank,The name is obvious,Unfortunately, he has been,Family business is not as good as one year。Recently he also takes another way,Urgent to the old father,Refers to change the wind and water change dilemma。
“Laobang misunderstood,Ager”
Introduce it to,Ren to let Nine Uncle quickly drink coffee,It’s not good to drink cold.。
Nine uncle smells,Just learned to have a superior coffee skill,This is not true at this moment.,End the cup, you have to have a mouth.。
“Nine uncles,Real people do not reveal,It turns out that you will also drink coffee.。”
Liao Wenjie holds the wrist of Nine Uncle,Speech,WenQ sample,According to Ren Tingting process,Put the coffee as a mouthwash。
Ren to see the jungee,Break in the face of nine uncle,Praise:“First time I saw a coffee such as coffee.,Quite meaningful,I will try it again.。”
Silk,The hand of the nine uncle’s cup slowly put down,Serious road:“Ager,You go abroad,How about trying this cup of coffee?。”
“Oh,Ajie still stayed?”
Run asked:“Which country going,What to learn??”
“Neon and Europe have stayed around,Learn is mechanical engineering,This is a natural science and technical science.、Design By the theory of theory and the actual combination of application discipline。”
Liao Wenjie wants to say that the mechanical integration,I have not automated it in this year.,Decided to install a little bit。
“Ah, it turned out,Ajie is really powerful!”
“Yes,After another。”
Ren Tingting and WenQi heard a fog,Jiu Shi and Ren Lien,Locomotive engineering,Understand,They often listen to people。
“Nine uncles,The first step in formal drinking coffee,Should come to ice water first,Can clean the mouth,Can also help taste buds,This coffee shop does not offer ice water,Service is very unsatisfactory。”
Liao Wenjie shakes coffee spoons,Skillful tips for drinking coffee,He used to learn。

“Don’t do it yet,Let’s talk about the situation here,You know this site is not ours,”Scorpion knows clearly,A strong dragon can’t beat a local snake。

“You guys want,Since they dare to hack our goods,Then it must be fully prepared。”
“Maybe now,Many ambushes have been set up inside,Waiting for us in。”
The scorpion has a deep mind,Naturally can think of all situations。
“Firefox,Tell the base camp right away,Let them all out,Waiting on the periphery of the trading market。”
“It’s 7:23,If we haven’t come out yet at 8:30,It means the situation is not good,Let them destroy this place directly。”
The scorpion coldly said to Firefox,Obviously he is in a rage now。
Although angry,But he did not lose his mind。
“Yes,I will notify。”Firefox stays aside,Used the radio to start contact。
Chapter 22 Put a cold gun,Barrett showed great power
Once here,Qin Hao smelled a faint smell of blood。
From outside,This is a wild animal trading market,There are deer inside and outside,Broken limbs of bears and other animals。
But after Qin Hao’s sense of smell was improved by the medicine,Has significantly improved,He always feels that this smell of blood is consistent with the smell of blood in that village。
These animal carcasses outside are most likely to cover up the dirty trades carried out inside。
The crime of trafficking in wild animals and the crime of illegal trafficking organizations,That is not equivalent。
“No wonder,The data does not show the trading market of this illegal trafficking organization hidden here.。”
So concealed,It’s normal if no one investigates it。
“But what should I do to catch them all at once?”

Gu Yue could see what he meant from Xia Jian’s eyes。She gasped and said:“I’ll knock on the door,I am a woman,Even if they are angry,I can’t help it”

Gu Yue finished,And walked over。Xia Jian is still worried,Followed up a few steps。Gu Yue raised her hand,Took a few hard shots on the door panel,And shouted loudly:“Open the door to shop!”
It may be the reason Gu Yue tried too hard,The commissary lights up soon。Just listen to a man’s extremely reluctant voice cursing:“Looking for death!”The local language is used in the back,Xia Jian can’t understand。
Gu Yue immediately said a few words in vernacular,Probably means they are drovers。Want to buy something to eat and drink,And you can give more money。
A few minutes later,The commissary door opened。A man stretched his head out for a look,When I just wanted to retract my body,Xia Jian has already dashed up。
The man in the canteen didn’t pay attention,Has been pushed back by Xia Jian two steps。Which man faced Xia Jian who charged in,A look of horror,What are you swearing?,But he dare not speak loudly。
Gu Yue quickly explained to him in vernacular,This person is quiet。Xia Jian saw that there was a landline phone on the counter,Catch and hit。
110Get through。Xia Jian hurriedly recounted the whole incident in detail。After hanging up,Xia Jian asked for a few bottles of water,And some snacks。Anyway, less than fifty yuan,But he gave this man 100 yuan,And told him not to find。
profitable,Everyone will be happy,The same for this man。Gu Yue slumped in a chair,Sipping mineral water,The whole person is rolled into a ball。He is really tired tonight,A woman like her,Ever so desperately。
Xia Jian is also exhausted,He drank two bottles of mineral water in a row。About half an hour later,A police car drove over,Stopped at the door of the canteen。
“Did you report the case here??We suffer110Command center deployment,Is the nearest local police station”The male policeman who got off the car said loudly。
Xia Jian nodded,Took a breath and said:“I called the police,We are the victims”
“it is good!Then get in the car!From now on,You two are under our protection”The male police said loudly。
When Xia Jian pulled Gu Yue into the car,Gu Yue stopped,She said:“Please show your ID”
Which male policeman reluctantly took out his police card and lighted it up,Then he smiled and said:“Believe it!Get in the car if you believe it。We have to send you to the city criminal police team”
“Why!”Xia Jian asked a little puzzled。
Male police said:“You this is a big case,The city criminal police team is responsible for detection”
First2334chapter misunderstanding
It took a morning,Xia Jian and Gu Yue came out of the city criminal police team,They are to cooperate with the police in handling the case。

“But now,How should we deal with this??”

Just watching those people around,In fact, deep down in their hearts,Even more eager to try。
After all, now,Such a thing,Essentially,Other people can see it completely。
So then,What should I do,Actually just these,It’s not simple。
“All right,Since this is the case,Then we should still have this need,Think of a way to do something。”
“To be precise,This is a good opportunity,and so,We must hold it firmly。”
“Who said no,Anyway now,Just watch it。”
When those people around,I didn’t forget to say here。
obviously,Such a thing,What kind of method is needed to solve it。
Let’s not talk about anything else,But here,Such a thing,Is indeed a very difficult problem。
And looking at it all,Now,Han Tianshan’s side,Lei Yong is very anxious。
“Mr. Han,otherwise,Let’s go right now!”
Actually among so many people,Lei Yong’s heart is the most anxious。
After all, as long as these things can be resolved,He can take back everything that belongs to him。
otherwise,Just keep consuming,No one knows,Next,What else will it become。
So next,Such a thing,What kind of method is needed to solve it。
Actually just this,It’s enough to make other people overwhelmed。

This proposal for Li Hui Feng,Ye Shuangzhou is naturally no more meaningful。

“Row,You choose,I will choose to find it directly.,And no accident,At the end of this year, it is a new round of village director.,Is there interest in Li??”
“Forehead,no,no,I don’t want to jump in the fire pit.。”
Li Hui Feng, but the pressure of Xu Laifu has so many years.,Just he is interested,I don’t want to do it.,After all, balance the relationship between the entire village,Also keep your relationship with the top,These things make him think about it。
He still likes it freedom.。
“alright,Since Lee my brother doesn’t think this idea,Then I don’t barely,Vegetable factory things you go to visit and see it.,I’m optimistic about talking directly.。”
Ye Shuangzhou doesn’t want too much to control the things of Li Hui Feng.。
After all, Li took the wind him or he understood.,Just exploitation,Whether you do anything is to benefit。
Just say the pig farm,Others raise pigs, I am afraid that I will not consider pollution problems.,But Li Hui’s first time is the problem of pollution.。
Vegetable factory is also,He can say that Li Hui Feng can be said to be very relieved.。
“Forehead,I am optimistic about this.?”
“Yup,You just have to be optimistic about it.,After all, let’s talk to two days.,This trust is not,That’s more and more。”
“Row,Then I will find it.。”
Li Hui promised to see the way。
Zhao Jiacun he first ruled out,After all, the land of Zhaojia Village is basically sold.,The question of Song Jiacun is Xu Laifu, always remembers some things that year.。
Taohua Village is a bit far away。
I want to go,He feels still a lotus village。
After all, the land of Lianhua Village is all of them.,Coupled with lotus villages in large shed area。
Still relying on a big river,It is also a good solution after the sewage purification treatment.。
Thinking for a long time,Li Hui Hui went to Xu Huifu.。
Xu Laifu has recently been more relaxed.。
The life in the village is getting better and better,The folks are getting more and more money,It is the best for him.。
Especially now as long as it is the youth of Lianhua Village,Basically, no wife。
Many people listen to Lotus Village,Rapida will have a homemade。
This is the same,Even people are willing to be in the door。
Such changes,Naturally, it is inseparable from Li’s credit.。
Lift Li Hui,Now there is no unpredictable whole lotus village.。
“Grandfather,Drink tea at home??”
Li Hui looked at the bottom of the small courtyard, Xu Lai Fu blened it in the tea cup.,Then I got a bite,Leisurely look,It is also the feeling of feeling Xu Laifu.。
Mood is also,I still understand the health.。
If this is the previous,Xu Laifu is not such a cool drinking tea.,Don’t say it’s gently.。

“Questions asked by women,Are there any other guys embarrassed to answer??“Xia Jian smiled,He asked back。

Lin Wei turned to Xia Jian’s side and asked:“Do you men like women like her??Big chest and no brain,So debauchery in the public“
“Ha ha!I do not know,I have to be such a woman who is not a good woman“Xia Jian avoids the most important,Very cleverly。
Lin Wei nodded,This woman came here for the man’s money.,And it’s a one-time transaction,She even the lover of others,Or Xiaomi is not,So she can’t even care about her face for money“
“Hey!You still have this insight?“Xia Jian turned to look at Lin Wei,Asked a little surprised。
Lin Wei smiled and said:“I’m hereSZHas been a secretary for bosses for many years,Although they are all women,But they listed,No difference from men。A brother of my boss,There are so many women like this around him,Changing almost every day,Feels normal“
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Don’t saySZSuch a coastal city,This is our place,A little boss,The women around are in groups,This is really nothing unusual“
“Not necessarily right,At least you are not“Lin Wei said with a smile。Xia Jian didn’t know that Lin Wei was asking for directions,But have no intention,It’s just that he just chuckled,Pass by。Questions like this,Just talk casually,Can’t go into it。
The two have rested,And jumped into the water again。As time goes on,Xia Jian, the more you travel, the better,He also has a sense of accomplishment,So that I forgot the time to go back。Until Lin Wei reminded him to go back,Xia Jian stopped now。
When they come out of Dongjiang Hotel,Night has fallen。Watching the lights everywhere,Feel the evening breeze,Xia Jian felt very comfortable all over。The key is that I feel a lot easier,It seems that learning to let go is also a learning。
Lin Wei drove Da Ben over,Xia Jian pulled the car door and got in。He laughed and said:“Find a place to eat,Call Mr. Guo to come out too“
“Let’s eat western food!Change taste“Lin said with a smile。
Xia Jian was stunned and said:“I’m afraid this place is not there!Have you seen?“
Lin Wei shook his head and said:“forget about it,I’ll call Mr. Guo now,I guess she might not come out,Because she said in the morning,She came to relatives“Xia Jian was taken aback,But I soon understood what Lin Wei said。
Phone through,It’s like Lin Wei guessed,Guo Meili said she was unwell,Don’t want to come out,Have to rest early。Xia Jian thought for a while,Tell Lin Wei where they are going。
An old street,Dim light,Look at the old old house,It makes people feel like traveling to ancient times。In the shop,The decoration is very particular,Fashion meets antiquity,Make people shine。
Xia Jian took Lin Wei to the small room on the second floor,A small but big table,Near the window,At first glance, it is specially designed for people who share the world of two people.。Sitting by the window,Can still see the outside scenery。
Lin Wei looked at Xia Jian,Said with a touch of emotion:“Thank you Mr. Xia!Can take me to such a good place。Really didn’t expect,Pingdu City also hides such a comfortable place“
Xia Jian did not speak,But called the waiter,He ordered a few farm dishes first,Then I ordered small pastries that women like to eat。When this thing arrives on the table,Lin Wei’s eyes are full of gratitude for Xia Jianke。
Sound on the wall inside the house,Classical music playing very quietly,Xia Jian was eating vegetables,While watching Lin Wei,She seems to be admiring a piece of art。Lin Wei is very calm and natural,She didn’t care about Xia Jian’s unbridled eyes floating on her body。