Pregnant women depressed anxiety

Studies have shown that pregnant women’s anxiety depression is related to low birth weight and preterm birth, but a new study on recent published "Health Affairs" journals found that anxiety depression may also lead to higher cesarean section.Researchers at the University of Michigan University of Health use national data of more than 360,000 women during the 2008-2017 women to study, these female ages are 15-44 years old, about 24% of pregnant women’s first cesarean section.

The results show that women with anxiety or depression in front of prenatal diagnosis, the probability of cesarean section is about about greater than those with no anxiety or depression.The study said that perinatal emotions and anxiety dysfunctions affect 1/5 of the United States, from 2006 to 2015, suicide and self-harm incidence in childbearing age have increased more than double.The research also said that more and more people recognize the mental health during pregnancy. The risk of maternal suicide in the year after childbirth is particularly high, and cesarean section also includes other risks, bleeding, infection, and future pregnancy, etc..

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Taiwan’s leaders’ election results were announced

Original title: The results of the leaders of the Taiwan region announced that this newspaper Taipei January 17th (Reporter Chen Xiaoxing, Sun Liji) Taiwan’s leaders elections ended at 4 pm on the afternoon.

The ticket results that were released on the evening showed that the DPQian candidate Cai Yingwen, Chen Jianren was elected at Taiwan region, deputy leaders, 689474 tickets, and the ticket rate was%.In the other two groups, the Chinese National Party candidate Zhu Lilun, Wang Ru Xuan Shi ticket 38133365, the ticket rate is%; the party candidate Song Chu Yu, Xu Xinying’s ticket is 157,6861, the ticket rate is%.At the same time, the representative of the polls in Taiwan is also announced on the evening.

In the Taiwan Regional Legislagan, the Ministry of Democratic Government received 68 seats. The Kuomintang won 35 seats. The Times Power Party won 5 seats.Get one seat.

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The National Games badminton ended Chen Yuxi Wei Wei Shi Yuqi won the championship

Original title: The National Games badminton ended Chen Yifei Wan Shi Yuqi won the New Hua Xi Xi’an September 17th (Reporter Chen Gaogang, Yan Huang, Li Hua) Replenishing the 14th National Games badminton project. The Olympic champion, the Zhejiang team’s Chen Yifei Wanquan women’s single champion, the Jiangsu team’s Shi Yuqi 2: 0 lightly won the team friend Lu Guangzu, became the first National Games badminton male single champion after retiring.

  Chen Yifei played very patient in the champion war, directly defeating the Jiangsu team to the Jiangsu team in 21:18 and 21:15, and two consecutive gifted women’s singles.

In the previous group competition, Chen Yufei did not lose his ice.

  In the female double final, the Tokyo Olympics female double silver medal winner Chen Emperor / Jia Yifan defeated the national team teammates, the Hubei team of Li Yinhui / Du Wei.

Chen Xian said after the game: "We started from 2014. Now there is a very tacit understanding, in 2024, it is 10 years. I want to cooperate with my partner. I have been working for ten years.

"Shi Yuqi lost to Lin Dan in the men’s singles finals in this competition, with 21: 9 and 21:13 to take the teammate Lu Guangzu.

"Four years ago, the National Games lost to ‘Dange (Lin Dan)’, maybe because I was too nervous.

Now when I face a relatively critical scene, I will be more exciting. "Shi Yuqi said. In the five games on the day, only mixed double hit the third game.

The Tokyo Olympic Games mixed the double-championships and then gathered in the National Games finals. Wang Yubi / Huang Dongping was behind the winner of 3:10, and then realized the reversal of 21:17. After the championship of Tokyo, he once again defeated the Zhejiang portfolio. After winning the championship, Wang Yao is difficult to cover excitement, there is tears, and it is not easy to win. In the final men’s double competition, Zhejiang Combination Wang Wei / Zhou Yidong defeated the Tokyo Olympic runner-up Li Junhui / Liu Yuchen in 2: 0.

"Olympic combination" lost the first game at 12:21, the second part of the second part of the second part of the second bureau has been biting until 23 flat. After winning the second game at 25:23, Zhou Yidong and Wang Wei rushed to the field and coach celebration. Among the bronze medal held on the eve of the day, Hubei Xiaoyuan Wang Yi defeated Fujian Team Tan Ning won the female single season army, Hubei team national hand Zheng Yu / Li Wen sister to overcome Hunan team Liu Xuanxiu / pit Wyder girl double pick copper, Guangdong team Ren Xiangyu / Feng Xueying defeated Hunan Team Huang Ji / Wei Yaxin won the double bronze medal.

Due to Fujian Team Xiaolong and Male Double Senior Liu Chengzhong’s retreat, Hubei Xiaoyun Sun Feixiang and Zhejiang Wang Yuli / Zheng Swin were divided into men’s singles and men’s double bronze medals. (Editor: Wang Lianxiang, Yang Di) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

November 10, 202, 0:00 to 24, Liaoning new coronary virus pneumonia epidemic situation

  At 0:00 to 24 November, 21 cases of new catenut pneumonia in Liaoning Province were diagnosed with a diagnosis (6 of which were unremptomatic infected), and the new 16 cases of native seminding, all of which were Dalian report;Added in harmful infections outside the country and reported in Shenyang.

There were 2 cases of informed infections outside the hospital.As of 24:00 on November 10, the province’s accumulated report was confirmed by 554 cases (including 141 cases of overseas), cured 463 cases, 2 deaths, 89 cases (83 cases, 6 cases).At present, there are still 94 (80 cases of local, 14 cases of overseas) infected hospital isolation treatment in fixed-point hospitals.+1.

Rongchuang China Wang Mende: Adhere to quality leading to build a beautiful city

  Xinhuanet Beijing September 17 (Wang Ji Chen) On the 16th, the Subcutong China Holdings Co., Ltd. was selected in Beijing, the signing ceremony was held in Beijing.

The two sides will carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation to build a national brand, helping to promote China’s brand construction and high quality development. At the signing ceremony, it is formally settled in China to "Xinhua Credit" platform. Wang Mengde, who was in China Executive Directors and Chief Executive, said in an interview that, fortunately, I was "Xinhua News Agency’s National Brand Project". For mergers, it is not only recognized and spur. In the future, Baochuang will explore an excellent brand building and dissemination of innovation initiatives, and continuously forging its own capabilities, strive to use better products and services, stronger industrial capabilities, and help national brands. , Contribute more strength for China’s beautiful life and beautiful urban construction. Continuous innovation leads the quality of the "Xinhua News Agency" is a comprehensive service reflection of the strategy of brand strong country, aims to "serve the development of national enterprises and help China’s brand building". The "Xinhua News Agency National Brand Project" is selected, and the industry head company is responsible.

  "Let the people live in a good house, enjoy a good service, this is what we have been doing these years.

"Just like Wang Mende, Bangchuang has always put quality first. In 2019, in the assessment of professional institutions, Bao Chuang was rated as the first product, and customer satisfaction was as high as 90.

  With long-term strategic strategies, it has gone high quality growth, and also wins the word of mouth, and has become a "Chinese family a good life integration service provider" trusted by millions of customers.

  In the first half of 2020, it was blended in China to achieve contract sales amount of approximately RMB 100 million, and the head of the industry was in the industry.

"2020 China Real Estate Brand Value Research Results" shows that the value of China’s brand is 83.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth.

  "Only provide good products, good service, meet consumption upgrades, and enhance the beauty of the people, and enterprises can have truly powerful competitiveness.

Wang Mende said that sustainable innovation leads quality people to meet the needs of people’s good life. This is the long-term adherence to the good life. Actively serve as "Beautiful City Assistence" Currently, China’s new urbanization has moved toward high quality development. The city needs multiple power to participate in co-construction.

During this process, some brand companies combine the development needs of the city and the industry to play their own advantages and help the development of the city. It is one of them in China. In the new pattern of the present, Blending proposes to actively practice the mission of "Beautiful City Association", relying on the rich industrial abilities to participate in the construction process of a beautiful city. Wang Mende believes that as long as every city is energetic, then China’s overall competitiveness will increase, and people’s lives will be better.

He pointed out that the industrial and urban development of the integrated layout is closely related. With the capacity accumulation and brand accumulation, it will make the city more competitive and better.

  At present, the six strategic sections around the "Real Estate +" layout, it has already had a certain ability in the industry: in the mainstation, the national housing sales ranked fourth, integrated service, with the strength of strength and Marketization expansion has become the fastest large-scale property management service provider in China; in the Wenbao, the conference industry, the integration is the largest cultural industry operator in China, and is also one of the country’s largest convention and exhibition projects. One of the holders and operations Business; and in cultural and medical conservation plates, Blending also continues to help the national film and television industry upgrades and the rapid growth of medical emerging industries. "Blending will adhere to the innovation leadership of quality people, and continue to contribute to the development of China’s urban construction in the social development of cultural, cultural, conference fairs, and integrity.

"Wang Mende said that in the next five to ten years, we will build a beautiful city will be the direction and mission of integration efforts. Public welfare is a business culture only with strong social responsibility, in order to be stable and long-youth. Therefore, Wang Mende said that Blending has always used public welfare as an important mission of enterprises, and the public welfare undertakings are part of the integration cause.

While providing a good life for the Chinese family, it is aware of the social responsibility and establishing a Bank of Public Welfare Foundation. As of now, it has accumulated more than 2.3 billion yuan.

  "We are doing public welfare, pay attention to effectiveness, long-term, long-term, continuous investment in education, rural revitalization, and civil build protection three major areas, can truly contribute their own power, play value, and effectively.

"Just like Wang Mende, the integration of its own abilities and resource advantages, focusing on three major areas, striving to explore more scientific, more sustainable innovative public welfare models, have also achieved the actual achievements and development of social practical effects.

  While insisting on the three major fields of public welfare, in the face of this new crown pneumonia epidemic, the integrace is also the first to provide donations and assistance in Hubei, Wuhan, such as Hubei, which is troubled.

In terms of stable employment, the bailout industry, the integration is actively contributing to the power, and the employees in the various positions are also concentriced in the epidemic, guarding the interests of customers and owners, and has achieved recognition of society. In addition, the Fusion Volunteer Alliance is an important part of the integration of public welfare undertakings. Through work together, owners, owners and partners participate in public welfare behavior, bring together multi-strength, and combine to provide a longer and resolute support for public welfare. In fact, public welfare culture is also part of the cultural culture. As Wang Mende said, it is necessary to create a "happy enterprise", which must not only make the employees and family members feel happy, but also create happiness to customers, and deliver happiness for the society. This is a better goal that is coming together.

Supreme law issued a contradictory dispute village

Original title: The Supreme Law Punches Promoting Contradictions Dispute Village Explorers Idea Xinhua News Agency Beijing October 18th (Reporter Luosha) Reporter learned from the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme Law has recently issued on accelerating the promotion of the people’s court mediation platform into the countryside, enter The guidance of the community, into the grid, promoting the one-stop multi-cultural solution of the people’s court to the grassroots, and effectively solve contradiction disputes in the germination, resolve the grassroots level.

Subject, the grassroots people’s court and the people’s court should give full play to functional role, relying on the people’s court mediation platform, online docking grassroots solution power, through "please come in", "go out", build a hierarchical progressive source to prevent resolution contradictory dispute path, Form "longitudinal to the end, horizontal to side" grassroots to prevent resolution dispute network, promote contradiction disputes, discover, local adjustment, local resolution, and effectively maintain social stability and safety. Suggestions, for the dispute to the people’s court, suitable for the village (community), first guiding the village (community) in the jurisdiction, resolution, mediation; suitable at the township (street) comprehensive management center, the spear center, According to the grassroots governance units such as the Judicial Center, the grassroots governance unit docked with the people’s courts is resolved and mediated; suitable for professional sectic media mediation organizations were resolved and mediated by the professional industry mediation organization docked with the people’s court. Objectives, grassroots people’s courts or people’s courts assign solutions, mediation disputes, and judicial liaison should confirm the information of receiving disputes within 3 working days. The resolution, the mediation period is 30 days, and the date of accepting the assignment is calculated from the date of acceptance assignment.

However, the parties agree that the prolonging period can be properly extended, and the extension is not more than 30 days.

If the mediation agreement is not reached within the specified period or the parties clearly refuse to continue to resolve, mediate, and should transfer the program in time according to law.

At the same time as the request, special groups such as the elderly people who are not good at using smartphones, fully respect their online mediation options. For special group selection lines, mediate, mediate, participating in dispute resolution, mediation, and grassroots, and the grassroots solutions should help, guide their operations to use mediation platforms, to develop resolution, mediation activities.

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Telling oil painting spring story witnessed Shenzhen Dafen Legend

  Born in the state, longer thanks, working in the Si Wenhui, full of happiness and feeling, using ", 有 与" to describe his mood, justice. When Dafen appeared in the excavator, scaffolding and architectural workers wearing a hard hat, Yan Wenhui as if he heard, Dafen oil painting village’s pair of wings were issued a huge sound of "flapping". Drawing: In the pursuit of original and Dafen, a lot of life is unknown, go to the sea, the highlights of Dafen Oil Painting Village, shining the road of countless oil painting creators, so that it will eventually come here Dream, looking for poetry and distant in oil painting. Drawing the old forest, it is one of them.

  Taken approach the old forest in Dafen Oil Painting Village Old Wai’s studio, couple two people are drinking tea chat, a beautiful picture of a quiet life.

Van Gogh is a replica of "Sunflower", flashing golden gloss at the door, welcoming each visitors. The studio is mostly original work, the biggest original work – "Shenzhen", is relying on the painting room, silent display of the hardship and pride of the creator. This work was successfully selected for the ninth national (Dafen) Youth Oil Painting Exhibition.

  The annual forest said that it is difficult to choose the young oil painting exhibition in the country (Dafen). Since the exhibition, it has attracted a positive participation of young and middle-aged painters across the country. Every year, there are thousands of people to participate, and the ten exhibitions collected more than 20,000 pieces, with more than 1600 works.

  The annual forest is a Fuzhou, Jiangxi, and he likes to paint from a small entrance examination, and the college entrance examination participates in the scene of the two years.

In the days of the soldiers, the dream of the dream is always stirring.

After the end of 2001, he began to go to Fujian Quanzhou to learn the art, step into the field of commercial oil painting production.

Under the leadership of Master specializing in the production skills of Mediterranean, he mastered foreign trade oil painting order production processes. "I feel that Dafen Oil Painting Village is simply oil painting creators and enthusiasts.

"At the time, the publicity of the media on Dafen Oil Painting Village can be described as a vastness, so that the old forest in Fujian is full.

At the beginning of 2008, he took the beginning of painting. He chose to come to Shenzhen Chengjia. In Dafen, he rented this only 3 square meters of studio, and began to carry out various survival pressures. . It is not the professional art school from him, only diligent study and hard work, it is possible to find a foothold in this master. "I used to be a painter before, I realized that it is difficult to become a painter, I want to make a fortune through painting.

It is difficult to stick to the present if you like it. "A plain discourse is more important to see Jutong.

Fortunately, under the city, the two-level governments attach importance to and dominant, Dafen often holds a painting competition, the country’s sketch, etc. .