The pactor says the story of a hockey lamp.

  In the showroom of Xujiacun, Wangyi Village, Tongcun Town, Tongcun Town, Kaihua County, Zhejiang Province, showcases in the showroom of Xujiacun, cherishing a unusual horse.

The mottled rust in this hocker showed the mark of the years, but also carried out the Red Army Warrior and the Soviet Warrior and the Soviet Union of the Soviet Union, witnessed the great victory of the Chinese Communist Party united to lead the people of all nationalities.In this issue, "The President’s Savory Collection", listened to the "Story of a Horse Light" from the "Park Pioneer" 8090 New Times Theoretical Propaganda Group.

  Editor: MA River film system: Hu Siyi Zheng Yuqi Yang Fan Yun Xie Xie: Open Media Group Produced: Xinhua Net Zhejiang Channel Responsible Editor: Ma Jiang.

Tibet Household Hospital: Tagged Plateau Country Care People’s Health

  "Everything serves from Tibet, all served in Tibet!" This is the purpose of the construction of Tibet.

Since its inception, this place is located in Tibet Hospital in Sichuan Province, will serve Tibet’s mission and the actions, 50 years, such as the health of the people of Tibet, since the health of the people of Tibet.In recent years, the horn of Qiki Huimin blows the plateau, and a group of batch in the village team deep into the grassroots.

The Tibet, Chengdu, Chengdu, is not willing, and 80 business bones in the past 10 years have been selection of 19 batches to the plateau countryside, and the root will be the benefit of the local people.

At the same time, Tibet’s Human Hospital also took the initiative to support the development of Tibet’s grassroots medical institutions in the "Yanshan Town, Yanma Town, Yanma Town, Yan Ma Town," Boarding ". Each batch must be sent a doctor or nurse every batch.

"This is the hard indicator of the resident village issued by Tibet to Tibet.

  "Medical service is the advantage of Tibet’s Office. We must use the platform of strong base Huimin to play the advantages of Tibet, in order to protect the lives of local people and physical health contribute to a power." As a early tangled Yang Jie, deputy director of the Office of the Office of the Strong Base Huimin, has a comprehensive consideration: before, Tibet is relatively weak, and the awareness of agriculture and herdsmen is relatively weak. Tibet, the hospital is to play its own advantages. Through a group of batch in the village team, the local masses have gradually established scientific health care concepts and contribute to the development of grassroots medical careers. In the case of the tension of the medical staff of Tibet, the work indicators of the strong base will receive the support of the Party Committee of the Tibet, we fully serve. On October 20, 2012, the first batch of Tibet’s first batch of people in the village staff was determined, and the deputy director of Tibet Household Hospital Li Chunwei, Li Chunwei, Li Chunwei, etc., and other four people opened a resident life.

"Everyone is full of difficulties from both families and work, and there is no need to invest in the work of strong base Huimin." Members of the leadership team of Tibet, the leadership of the Qi Qi Hui, agree, Tibet The hospital is built under the full support of the party committee and the government of the autonomous region. When we need us, we should play our role. In fact, Tibet has also used the actual actions to honor their commitment: from 2012, the selection of 19 batches of villages have been in the city of Xie Tongmen County, Shigati, and the Town, Naqu Town. 4 villages launched a resident work and sent the warmth of the party to the grassroots.

  Serving the people with your heart to do practical things, solve problems, do things well, and pay the "pulse" of the people to truly enter the masses. In the 7 villages that were already in Tibet, the villagers still remember which doctor gave him a drug, which doctor gave him a disease.

"What do you have done for the masses, and the people have a scales in their hearts.

Yang Jie said. In November 2015, the Tibet Household Hospital Li Zhizhi opened 8 people opened a new round of resident.

After arriving at Xie Tongmen County, the resident team first conducted health registration on the villagers in the village: Which villagers have a chronic disease, and they must focus on the document; which villagers have major diseases, need timely medical treatment … " Through this health-building, we found that there were more than 30 villagers in the age of 50, had more than 30 patients with high blood pressure.

Li Wom told reporters that the Village Task Force initially issued various drugs for chronic diseases to the people at once, and later found that they had a safety hazard in the drug, so the village team strengthened the health care publicity of medical villagers. Its medication has also been built, avoiding the villagers and multi-service, and the drug. Once, when Li Yong arrived in the village, I found that the villagers visited the diarrhea swollen more serious, this abnormally made him very concerned.

He immediately contacted a local hospital and conducted a related examination, and later was diagnosed as intestinal tumors.

Li Womo communication and coordination, for the visit to successfully did surgery, after surgery, he contacted him to Tibet, the hospital for fistula sewing.

  Li Ma is doing, it is a micro-shadow of Tibet, the hospital is careful. In the past 10 years, a batch of a batch of a batch of hospitals in Tibet has won the good reputation in the people with practical actions.

  After a good job of support, Tibet has a comprehensive consideration of Tibet, decided to carry out a counterpart support for the Ando County People’s Hospital of Ququa. In the past five years, 45 medical staff have been "biography, help, bring". To the grassroots medical institution, the new idea, new ideas, new technologies, left a medical team with unspeakable medical team.

  Yan Yunhong, Gan Yanfeng, Civilization, Shi Xiuhu, Liu Junfeng, Xia Zongjing, Chen Yong, Xie Lin Li, Xu Li … Their name is left in the history of Ando’s medical and health care.

Through a batch of counterpart support team, in 2020, Andora County People’s Hospital ushered in a historic breakthrough – successfully created "two" hospitals.

This is inseparable from the responsiveness of the medical team, and it is inseparable from the "five plus two" "white plus". In order to express the strong gratitude to Tibet’s Office, Andora County People’s Hospital and Andora County Health and Health Committee have issued a thank-you letter, and write: "From the development of diagnosis and treatment, medical technology skills training, standardized department construction, level In terms of hospital findings, the hospital is continuously promoted to the Andoutian People’s Hospital and the township hospital, which effectively promotes the improvement of medical service capacity, diagnosis and treatment level and medical quality, and lets employees, farmers and herdsmen. The masses fully enjoy high-quality medical and health services at home, we are deeply moved and cherished.

"Looking forward to the future, Tibet’s Human Households will never stop, will continue to fulfill the promise of high-quality medical services at home, and farmers and herdsmen. (Editor: Color, Wu Yuren) Share let more people see.

Under Helan Mountain, there is a dating of poetry and stars

"Star Sky Read" went into the third season of Ningxia. Ningxia Wen Hall is a "Star Sky Read" into Ningxia event, starting in 2019, now, it has entered the third quarter.

The theme is "Star Hometown Xingyao Ningxia", divided into "My Story" "My Hometown" "My Motherland" three chapters, tells the "Ningxia Wen Travel" to "Ningxia Industry" Struggle The charm journey of the beautiful new Ningxia is building, showing people’s Ningxia Story.

It is reported that "Star Sky Read" into Ningxia’s third quarter to further expand the popularity and influence of Ningxia Tourism in the country, especially in the Yangtze River Delta, so that "Star’s Hometown", "Helan Shandong Wine Culture Tourism Promotion", etc. IP The brand is deeply rooted. The activities are complementary through tourism resources, "poems Zhejiang" and "Seminan Jiangnan" are perfectly integrated, and through the form of "Media + Wen Travel" integration communication with network red large V and other forms, show the development of Ningxia Wenhaobao IP and domain tourism development. Under the most beautiful starry sky, use the best voice to tell "beautiful Ningxia".

People’s Daily bell: US provocative words and make a further tense situation in Taihai

Any of the United States "Take the Taiwan China" mitigation, any confusion is right, reversing the words and deeds of black and white, any political intimidation, will only push the Taiwan Site to further nervanic seniors recently claimed that from the deterrent and diplomatic perspective, the United States will take everything Action ensures that China’s mainland force unity will never happen. The US is irresponsible provocative words, not far from the fire, and seriously threatens the peace and stability of Taiwan. The US uses the "Taiwan independence", distorted the Chinese mainland China to Taiwan policy, and this is to promote "Taiwan China", which is a strong determination to realize the national unity of the Chinese people, firm will and strong abilities.

The current Taiwan situation is facing a new round of nervousness, the root source is that the Taiwan authorities have repeatedly attempted "relying on the unique", and some people are interested in "Ten China".

For a while, the US military has a sense of brush in Taiwan, US Members and government senior officials frequently visiting Taiwan, high-profile speculation so-called "Taiwan International Space Questions", and 恿 Allies have provoked events on Taiwan issues … US Pattern destroying Taiwan The status quo, the "Taiwan independence" forces, challenges a Chinese principle, undoubtedly playing.

The latest statement of the United States also "strives to" work hard in the past eight months "and the Taiwan issue, once again prove that the US" India Tan Strategy "is not aimed at third parties, but it is for hidden eyes.

At the fundamental, the US is in the "Taiwan independence" and inciting the Taiwan Sea situation to achieve its containe the geopolitical chart of China. The US is consuming to create a lie chain, claiming "China unilaterally change the status quo, the US has to take action", neither in line with the current Taiwan Nationality, and the rule of the Chinese-related policy position.

Realizing the unity of the motherland in peaceful way, the overall interest of the Chinese nation, including Taiwan compatriots. We are patient, wish to strive to strive for peaceful unity, but if the "Taiwan independence" split forces, even break through the red line, we will have to take panic measures.

The Ministry of Public Progressive Party "Relying on the United States", the US "Take the Taiwan China" moves, the US Taiwan is challenged in the first, and the Chinese side makes a resolute response, the facts cannot be reliable.

The US reversed causal, deliberately rendering China’s "change status", this kind of words and deeds, just prove that it is not Taihai peace, but use Taihai tension situations to suppress China.

Taiwan is part of China and solves the Taiwan problem is completely Chinese. China has a strong determination to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity, firm will, and powerful.

This is a basic point that should be accurately grasped when viewing the development of Taiwan Sea.

Regardless of the actions of the US, how to improve the door, it is impossible to block China’s completely unified historical general. The US should fully understand the height sensitivity of Taiwan issues, carefully handle the problem of Taiwan, and do not issue any error signals to the "Taiwan independence" split. Any "Tai Wahua" mutter, any confusion is right, reversing the words and deeds of black and white, any political intimidation, will only push the Taiwan situation to further nervousness.

China’s complete unity is the historical trend of unstoppable, will not change due to any person, any forces, any country. We are in the United States to abide by a Chinese principle and the three joint communiqués of China, immediately stop challenge a Chinese principle, and destroy Taiwan’s peace and stability, stop with "Taiwan independence" forces, give "Taiwan independence" forces, otherwise you will play with fire .

"People’s Daily" (03th edition, December 10, 2021) Edited: Ye Zhuang.

Seeds of Love – Record the principal of the primary school, Huangpu District, Shanghai, Teacher Wu Rong

On September 3, Shanghai Huangpu District Luwan, "Red Rrou", a small explanation, the smallest land, a Middle-aged, a Memorial, a Memorial Hall. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Ying photo will pass the wisdom of love, and the students of Luwan Central elementary school are often envious of the same age. In addition, they have a "cloud mother", because they have a "cloud class" that is independently developed.

For example, a smart cloud pen, a student is paused during the course training, and the data will be given to the teaching teacher. Teacher can more accurately understand the students’ class status, so that the corresponding teaching method is adjusted, and the design is more effective. Sexual training.

In order to liberate the teacher from a cumbersome teaching affairs, invest more energy to apply for teaching, Wu Rongqi proposes the integration of classroom teaching and informationization, and with her "cloud team", step by step to build a "cloud class" in the dream: It can automatically adjust the dark classroom lighting system, automatically monitor, trigger the air purification system of purification equipment, etc., so that learning is more "wisdom", the teacher becomes more "all-round". "Primary School is a child that needs a comprehensive education and styling.

Our teachers must not only teach knowledge, but also to master the child’s life, find accurate, find the ‘acupoint’ of them grow. "In order to implement the quality education of the country, Wu Rongzhen wants to introduce more rich extracurricular education, and will open the eyes and interests of the children. However, where does these courses come? The cost of social institutions and businesses How to pay? Wu Rongzhen thought, until a bold idea came out. "Hello, I am Wu Rong, the principal of Luwan Central Primary School, can you send our children to send some courses?" "In that year, Wu Rong said the scene of" seeking "class, Li Xiaohua, the original principal of Shanghai Business Tourism School, is still alive.

After spending some time to confirm the true identity of Wu Rong, Li Xiaofa patiently heard her for half an hour, sincerely said: "You are really love students." Cultural relics appreciation, West Point production … two weeks later, The 13 professional experience courses sent by the vocational school to the door, the two schools have been opened in the Central Central, and the cooperation between the two schools has continued to become a bright landscape of Shanghai education reform and innovation. The children’s class is rich, and the principal’s schedule is more full.

Go to the school at 7:30 in the morning, leave at 10:30 in the evening, no exceptions on the weekend.

School teachers know that Wu Rong is handling several things at the same time, it is home to meal, and I am busy sometimes sleeping for two hours.

"Others see me, I am busy a day, in fact, I am giving myself ‘find work’, I want to introduce some places, I want to introduce, let our children do not go out You can experience it, slowly find the interest in your life. "Wu Rong said. She is so reminiscent – no matter how many years have been graduated, no matter what her students; whether it is the teacher of Shanghai, it is still a teacher who helped the school, as long as she found her, she never said a "no "Character.

She is so cherished – I have to teach foreigners, she always asks the other party to arrange the time to schedule in the afternoon. In this way, she can go straight after the class, return to the night, and can stand at the school gate to welcome the child – smile, go, touch each other, the teacher and students "good morning". Wu Rong, 47 years old this year, selected a very cute picture as a WeChat avatar – a girl driving a cloud, meaning the dream of flying youth. In the past 27 years, the dream guidelines, the initial heart did not change.

(Editor: Prince Front, Wang Weiyuan).

Subway Line 2 Vehicle Completed assembly, static debugging first "Tianjin" unmanned subway offline

Photography Wang Tao Tianjin Northern Network News: Designed by Zhongqi Changchun Track Bus Co., Ltd. .

This is the unmanned subway in Tianjin’s first localized production manufactured. Tianjin Metro Line 6 is a high-end intelligent project in the field of rail transportation equipment. The shutdown vehicle is a smart subway train with intelligence, green, safe, and comfort, which utilizes the world’s top automatic Unmanned technology, using lightweight A-type aluminum alloy body, filled the gap in the manufacturing industry of urban rail vehicles in our city.

  The technology and management experience accumulated during the project promotion process, in order to promote the realization of local cars, local creation, local repair targets. Tianjin Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. Party Secretary, Chairman asked HD, said that in 14th, we followed the rail transportation and development plan of Tianjin and Binhai New District, and strive to build Tianjin electric locomotive as a railway transportation equipment industry park. (Jin Yun news editor Sun Chang).

The list of the new batch of national rural tourism key villages is released in Shanxi 7 villages

  Original title: The list of new batch of national rural tourism key villages is released in the list of 7 villages in our province, and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will release the National Development and Reform Commission "on the announcement of the third batch of national rural tourism key villages and the first nationwide countryside. Notice of Tourism Key Town (Township) List of Tourism, published the third batch of 199 national rural tourism key villages and the first group of 100 national rural tourism key towns (townships), and there are 7 villages in China.

  Shanxi enrollment third batch of national rural tourism key villages: Taiyuan City, Yuyun County, Jingyou Town Fengling, Lugu, Zhangzhou City, Lao Niuwan Village, Yangquan City, Wang Chao Village, Jinzhong Shouyang County Lenzhou Village, Changzhi City Pingshun County Yuejiazhai Village, Linyi City Yonghe County, Yonghe County, Yuncheng Yuncheng Longmen Village, Hejin City. The first batch of national rural tourism key towns (hometown) has: Yangquan Niangzi Town, Changzhi City Grand Canyon Town, Jincheng Yuncheng Town.

  It is understood that the two commissions have expanded the national rural tourism key village directory as a national rural tourism key village area, in accordance with the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee on the Comprehensive Promotion of Rural Rural Rural Rural Modernization, " "The planning scheme on comprehensive promotion of rural resolution and promoting urban and rural integration, all aspects fully exerted the connection function and element advantage of township Liancheng Village, bringing township construction to the regional center of rural tourism development, driving rural tourism clustering, scale Chemical development; on the other hand, make full use of rural tourism radiation effects, driving urban and country staff, capital, information, resource exchanges, and help from urban and rural elements to exchange, two-way flow, and promote urban and rural integration in the county. (Reporter Zhang Ting).

Peach blossoms open Chengdu Qingbaijiang people and towns waiting for you to punch

  March 18th, 2019 Sichuan Flower (Fruit) Ecotourism Festival Savings 2nd Nectarian Flower (Fruit) Festival and Township Tenth Cherry Picking Festival opened in Chengdu Qingbaijiang and township, the event will last until the end of June . During the oil peach flower (fruit), people and towns will also hold "Spring Breeze Terris Charms and" Art Writing Life, "Spring Breeze Tri · Happiness Wheel" Slow Ride, "Spring Breeze Terris, Takers and" Photography Activities, " The spring breeze is not as good as the "Peach Blossom Poetry and other online activities. The peach blossoms in the mountains are fighting, not only around the surrounding tourists, and it has become a preference for the prevention of teachers and students in the premiere.

At the opening ceremony of the flower fruit, Sichuan Normal University The Social Practice Base is officially listed in people and towns.

  According to reports, people and towns are located in the north of the forest park in Longquan City, Chengdu. The cherry planting area has more than a thousand mu. The nested area of ??nested is more than 10,000 mu, Sanyuan Village and Dongfeng Village have formed a ginseng peach base, planting oil peaches. Sanshu, three beds late, have been continuously carried out in a row of nine cherry picking festivals.

  There are also Sichuan mountain bike training bases, providing parking, camping, catering, riding, picking, etc., and tourists can taste the special farmhouse.

In terms of route, Chengdu tourists can arrive in NAV – Chengdu two – people and exports – Guihong Road arrived, can also pass the Chengnan Expressway – Qingquan Exit – the Qing people arrived, and the journey is about 40 minutes.

(Li Jie).

Protect the color of the underwater world

  Stepping on Sanya City, Sanya City, Sanya City, exquisite silver sandpass into a curved jade strip, and the sea is clear. In recent months, the Zhangyang and the team members have no time to enjoy the beauty, and they can’t take care of the heat, and they have been burying the coral nursery on the shore. The bathing bath is an off-research staff, a research staff from the Nanhai Ocean Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has been engaged in coral reefs. In recent years, the impact of human development and utilization activities and global climate change, coral reef all over the world faces new challenges.

In this regard, all the scientists and marine protection professionals have been actively looking for the technical solution for coral reef recovery, and the Zhangyang team is one of them. Zhang Yanyang said: "Today, with the increase in the protection of coral reefs, add a positive progress in coral reef protection and repair in our research team." Increased protection, promoting coral reef naturally recovering coral reefs It is mainly distributed in tropical and subtropical waters, which is a coral skeleton consisting of calcium carbonate, which is formed during thousands of years.

  "The importance of coral reefs in marine ecosystems is like tropical rainforests.

Although the coral reef only accounts for less than 2 ‰ of the ocean area, it is 25% of the species that gives birth to a variety of marine organisms.

"Zhang Yanyuan said," It can be said that there is a rich marine biological system where there is a coral reef.

They not only guarantee marine biodiversity and curb submarine desertification, but also provide a large amount of food, tourism resources, etc. "According to reports, there are two main methods that currently prevent the continued decline of coral reefs: one is protection, by removing the factors that cause degradation of coral reefs, such as human destruction, pollution, overfishing, enemy damage, etc., let the coral reef ecosystem self-recovery Another category is artificial repair, accelerating and assisting the recovery of coral reef ecosystems by human means.

  In promoting the natural recovery of coral reef, my country has continuously increased efforts.

Ocean Environmental Protection Law, Wildlife Protection Law, Fisheries, Nature Reserve Ordinance and other laws and regulations have content related to coral reef protection. In addition, my country has also joined international conventions such as the International Trade Convention on the Convention on Biological Diversity, including 5 national and provincial nature reserves involving coral reef protection, national special protected areas ( Ocean Park) 1.

  "Coral nursery" helps artificial ecological repair of the natural repair process of coral reefs is long and difficult, and some need to be hundreds of years. Therefore, the method of repairing natural and artificial combination has become an industry consensus.

  "Building a ‘coral nursery’ is a means of coral reef artificial ecological repair processes.

"Take a bath yang introduced," We need to take a frame of ‘nursery’ on the shore, and then secure it in the sea.

Then, put some finger size coral filling limbs carefully cultivate on ‘nursery’, so they grow faster.

"The coral fair limbs have grown up, and the staff is like" tree ", and the healthy coral is ported to the sea area suitable for growing.

  In March 2008, the Zhangyang entered the Coral Ecology and Coral Reef Biology Discipline Group in the South China Sea Ocean of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

From 2010 to 2012, his topic group was cultivated to the corals of the Xisha Islands, got tens of thousands of coral primros, and aligned into the coral reef. Later, researchers have also developed a floating bed coral fuel-ranging nursery and applied to coral reef repair.

  "Floating bed nursery is placed on the height of 1 to 2 cm near the bottom, which is small by the waves, can cultivate a variety of corals and skeleton fragile corals. The month can increase from 3 to 5 times. When they grow to 10 to 20 cm long, we need to transplant it to the coral reef to be repaired, used to increase the number of corals in the region.

"Currently, the problem in which the ticket in the southern part of the South China Sea and the Xisha Islands has exceeded 300 mu, and" coral nursery "can supply a coral reef ecological repair with coral reefs for more than 40,000 strains per year.

  Artificial breeding coral difficulty is not small.

Zhang Yanyang said: "In subsequent research, we will also conduct long-term, continuous monitoring of different coral growth conditions, explore the growth rate of different corals, and provide theoretical basis for expanding coral breeding scale and coral reef ecological restoration. At the same time, New exploration will be carried out in the coral cultivation method. "Researchers must do a good job in coral reef ecological restoration and protection, but also pay attention to the prior to basic research, excavate the mystery of the evolution of coral reef ecosystems to find corresponding biological protection technology. "Everyone has to start from the small things around you, protect the coral reef ecosystem.

"The bathroom reminds the public, refuses to buy corals and crafts or souvenirs; do not step on, pick up corals; use small plastic products in life, reduce plastic pollution in the ocean; reduce carbon emissions, slow down the pace of global seawater warming, etc. These can be able to protect the colorful power of the sea. (Responsible: Zhao Xinyue, Bai Yu) Sharing let more people see.

Sichuan Jiange: Take the "Quadruple" to write a new chapter of the "four play"

Since this year, Sichuan Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province, the strategic opportunities, write deep-reviews, talent management, talent exchange, talent training, talent practice "four articles", with heart, "four play", deepen Zhejiang ProvinceThe exchange of people in Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, providing strong talent guarantee and intellectual support for the development of the two places.

"Home is almost returned" to expand talent management "new path" "I am a grassroots medical and health staff from townships. It is fortunate enough to participate in the Shangcheng District of Hangzhou to participate in the job. At the same time, study advanced medical philosophy and technology, for meThere are a lot of help growth, thank you for the organization to believe me and give me this glorious task.

I will work hard to work, and I will contribute my own power for the health of the local people.

Li Mingfang, a practicing physician, Bailong Town, Jiange County, said.

At the beginning of December, Jiange County selected 5 medical professional and technical talents such as Li Mingfang to go to Shangcheng District to carry out a job.

In order to strengthen the management and service of the Co-employment of the East and Western, Jiange County will have a multi-sector and the relevant units of Shangcheng, and the "Western Cadre Management Measures for the Western Cadres of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Zhejiang Province", formulated all kinds of supporting management services, innovation proposes " Five-one "task requirements, that is, a trafficked diary must be recorded during the time of handling, form a summary of the employment, a teaching experience, write a research report, bring back an advanced results, and promote the cadres and talents. In order to make the cadres in time and "home to return", the organizational departments of the two places provide funding for each employed cadres, provide funds, transportation, health, etc., solve the worries, let the cadres in the work. "Shangjian joy", built talent exchange "big stage" on October 20th, Yang Zhu Bin, secretary of Jiange County Party Committee, pointed out that when the party and government delegation of Jiange County pointed out that the Sword of the Sword, the mountains, the mountains, and seek common development Good start, hoping to work in two places, focusing on the "133" model in-depth cooperation, to deepen the exchange of cadre talent, increase the two-way traffic, two local training, and class learning exchange.

Since the establishment of Shangcheng District and Jiange County in April 2021, the two places have been carried out more than 3,000 cadres, and 19 people, the two-way cadres, involved in party and government, medical, education, etc., and contributed to the development of two places to contribute huge energy. . In order to promote the employment of the masses, the "Labor Collaboration Workstation" is set up in the two places, and the "East Western Labor Cooperation Skills Training Center" "The World Skills Competition Championship" "National President Studio" and other helping agencies. In June 202, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou – Guangyuan City, Jiange County, 2021, the first recruitment fair held in Jianxi County, providing more than 2,000 jobs for Jiancheng urban and rural laborers, effectively solving Shangcheng Enterprise "recruitment Difficult ", the" two difficulties "issues of" difficulty "in Jian Pavilion job seekers. "Taking people with fishing" Zhi Talent Cultivation "conveyor belt" On October 18, Jiange County "a hand" political quality improvement training course officially opened in Zhejiang University, 39 county-level departments and township leading cadres in Jiange County "a hand "Transformed" students ", surrounded by courses such as the spirit of the Red Boat, the integration of rural cultures, and think deeply.

"It is better to teach people to fish with fish, and this training opportunity is precious and very quench.

We must grasp the opportunity to learn, do not live up to the deep expectations of the county party committee, and transform advanced experience into the implementation of the practice of the county party committee ‘1233’ ruling Xing County strategy, in order to accelerate the construction of a socialist modern Jiange contribution. "Participants of the Judi County Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Relying on the special funds for the exchange of talents in the East and West, 3417 people in the county in Jiange County participated in different special training courses, and the participants basically covered all the counties, and the township main responsible comrades. At the same time, each participant strictly implements the "three one" requirements, that is, before the departure, the training will hold a mobilization meeting before the training, and the training must be written in the training. After training, it is necessary to write an idea according to the actual work.

At the same time in the training, Jiange County also polished the local training brand, relying on the innovation of the funds, the 4th "Xiongguan Lecture Hall", invited teachers in colleges and universities at Tsinghua University, and the members of the county party members and cadres. Combining, rural revitalization and other special lectures, nearly more than 3,000 people participated.

"Chuan Yue Hangguang" did a deep talent practice "Suggestive" "" The stone of the mountain can attack the jade. "After the Secretary of the Shuangliu Village Branch of Yuanshan Town, Jiange County, Li Guohu, who went to Shangcheng Shangcheng, Zhejiang, learned from local experience, and built an eco-turtle breeding base 110 mu, driving more than 20 employment in local labor, expect annual sales of more than 8,000 kilograms of eco-turtle, more than 500,000 yuan. Li Guohu said that in the future, he should teach the advanced experience learned to the country, leading everyone to get rich together. Since the beginning of this year, two places have intensified and deepening the poverty and deepening all-round cooperation, coordinating advantages and cooperative development – oriented, signing labor collaboration, Wen Travel, Education and Junjian Fields, and promotes the cooperation work The intelligence of talents has gone full of solid foundation.

Since the two professional and technical talents from Shangcheng Weijian and Education System, since the time, take the initiative, actively coordinated, promote the development of public utilities in Jiange County, is the "witnesses" and "practitioners" and "practitioners" in the two places. .

In the past six months, the professional and technical talents of the education system visited nearly 60 primary and secondary primary and secondary schools in Jiange County (72% of the total). By sending a lecture to the countryside and launching the lectures, there are more than 2,000 teachers and students, and 24 people in Chengcheng Mission team. Teachers bring careful courses for teachers and students in the 5 primary and secondary schools in Jiange, and coordinate Netease Public Welfare Tak Niu Reading Pavilion to donate to Yaojia Primary School Paper Books 2,000 books, and more than 500 pieces of cotton clothes.

The professional and technical personnel of the Weijian system effectively promoted 12 medical institutions in the two places to sign the help agreement. Using the weekend time, organized to go to the countryside, and the short-term flexibility helped 20 times, benefiting more than 200 people, organized in the organization Lecture 6 times, 3 times, new suitable technical demonstration 3 times, the number of trainees reached 210, and strive to create a team that is not going.

In recent years, people in the two places have provided strong talent support and intellectual guarantees for the revitalization of rural villages, education medical, grassroots governance, and industrial development. (刚 汪)) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.