“It’s really not cheap to build a bridge,”Chen Geng nodded,If I remember correctly,The first bridge connecting Pudong and Puxi:The cost of the Nanpu Bridge project has reached8.2100 million,It’s really not cheap:“But if the city has a complete plan and plan for developing Pudong,I can consider investing……”

Chen Guodong hasn’t spoken yet,Someone asked in surprise:“Mr. Chen,Are you planning to donate a bridge to us??!”
No one speaks,Almost all eyes are coincident、All fell on Chen Geng’s face:Even though my boss has already said,Want to build a bridge across the Huangpu River、A bridge that can meet the requirements of developing Pudong,At least the project cost2.5100 million,This is a huge amount of money that the city finance can’t get,But Chen Geng is very rich,If he is willing to roll a bridge to the magic city……
Although I know it’s impossible,But everyone still can’t help thinking about this。
Everyone really understands,If there really is a bridge across the river between Pudong and Puxi,Pudong development is no longer a problem。
Chen Guodong felt that his chest was hit hard with a sledgehammer,Breathing will stop,Although knowing that this is basically impossible,But he still resisted the feeling of dizziness and cautiously asked Chen Geng:“Mr. Chen,you……Do you think so?”
Chen Geng was shocked:What do these guys think?Hurriedly waved his hand:“Mr. Chen,Don’t be kidding,A total investment of at least2.5I can’t afford to donate a billion bridge。”
Although Chen Geng had expected such an answer before Chen Geng spoke,Can hear Chen Geng’s answer,Chen Guodong is still a little disappointed:It would be great if Chen Gengken donated a bridge across the river to Modu。
Not only Chen Guodong was disappointed,The other leaders who accompanied were also disappointed:Ugh,It would be great if Chen Gengken donated a bridge across Pudong and Puxi to Modu,This way,The plan to develop Pudong is ready now。
Only Yuan Jia who exists purely as a display in the crowd,Light flashes in my eyes。
do not know why,Although I rarely communicate with my cousin Chen Geng,But Yuan Jia always feels that she knows Chen Geng well,I always feel that Chen Geng has thoughts about raising the cross-river bridge at this time.。
“Chen Geng,Do you mean you can’t donate a bridge,But you can fix this bridge?”Grit your teeth,Yuan Jia asked in a loud voice without rules。
Yuan Jia said this,The crowd suddenly calmed down。
No one blames Yuan Jia for talking nonsense,on the one hand,Everyone knows the identity of Yuan Jia,I also know Yuan Jia’s special mission in this reception group,on the other hand,Yuan Jia ignited the hope that had just been extinguished in everyone’s hearts:Yes,I don’t know Chen Geng,Don’t understand Chen Geng,But Comrade Yuan Jia is Chen Geng’s cousin,Maybe he knows more about Chen Geng。
Even Chen Guodong suddenly looked up,Looking at Chen Geng with scorching eyes。
The same as everyone’s mind,Reason tells him this is impossible,But from personal feelings,He hoped that Chen Geng could give a way to build a bridge across the river。