“Questions asked by women,Are there any other guys embarrassed to answer??“Xia Jian smiled,He asked back。

Lin Wei turned to Xia Jian’s side and asked:“Do you men like women like her??Big chest and no brain,So debauchery in the public“
“Ha ha!I do not know,I have to be such a woman who is not a good woman“Xia Jian avoids the most important,Very cleverly。
Lin Wei nodded,This woman came here for the man’s money.,And it’s a one-time transaction,She even the lover of others,Or Xiaomi is not,So she can’t even care about her face for money“
“Hey!You still have this insight?“Xia Jian turned to look at Lin Wei,Asked a little surprised。
Lin Wei smiled and said:“I’m hereSZHas been a secretary for bosses for many years,Although they are all women,But they listed,No difference from men。A brother of my boss,There are so many women like this around him,Changing almost every day,Feels normal“
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Don’t saySZSuch a coastal city,This is our place,A little boss,The women around are in groups,This is really nothing unusual“
“Not necessarily right,At least you are not“Lin Wei said with a smile。Xia Jian didn’t know that Lin Wei was asking for directions,But have no intention,It’s just that he just chuckled,Pass by。Questions like this,Just talk casually,Can’t go into it。
The two have rested,And jumped into the water again。As time goes on,Xia Jian, the more you travel, the better,He also has a sense of accomplishment,So that I forgot the time to go back。Until Lin Wei reminded him to go back,Xia Jian stopped now。
When they come out of Dongjiang Hotel,Night has fallen。Watching the lights everywhere,Feel the evening breeze,Xia Jian felt very comfortable all over。The key is that I feel a lot easier,It seems that learning to let go is also a learning。
Lin Wei drove Da Ben over,Xia Jian pulled the car door and got in。He laughed and said:“Find a place to eat,Call Mr. Guo to come out too“
“Let’s eat western food!Change taste“Lin said with a smile。
Xia Jian was stunned and said:“I’m afraid this place is not there!Have you seen?“
Lin Wei shook his head and said:“forget about it,I’ll call Mr. Guo now,I guess she might not come out,Because she said in the morning,She came to relatives“Xia Jian was taken aback,But I soon understood what Lin Wei said。
Phone through,It’s like Lin Wei guessed,Guo Meili said she was unwell,Don’t want to come out,Have to rest early。Xia Jian thought for a while,Tell Lin Wei where they are going。
An old street,Dim light,Look at the old old house,It makes people feel like traveling to ancient times。In the shop,The decoration is very particular,Fashion meets antiquity,Make people shine。
Xia Jian took Lin Wei to the small room on the second floor,A small but big table,Near the window,At first glance, it is specially designed for people who share the world of two people.。Sitting by the window,Can still see the outside scenery。
Lin Wei looked at Xia Jian,Said with a touch of emotion:“Thank you Mr. Xia!Can take me to such a good place。Really didn’t expect,Pingdu City also hides such a comfortable place“
Xia Jian did not speak,But called the waiter,He ordered a few farm dishes first,Then I ordered small pastries that women like to eat。When this thing arrives on the table,Lin Wei’s eyes are full of gratitude for Xia Jianke。
Sound on the wall inside the house,Classical music playing very quietly,Xia Jian was eating vegetables,While watching Lin Wei,She seems to be admiring a piece of art。Lin Wei is very calm and natural,She didn’t care about Xia Jian’s unbridled eyes floating on her body。