Have been waiting for a while,Still not waiting to come。

Gu Yi saw a time,There is still a meeting at two points.。
Jiangyue is very large,Sitting in the capital,He wants to expand its supermarket business,During this time, I found several suitable locations.,Preparation to decoration,These few years,He is in the career,Already has a small achievement,Revenue is also increased more than a few years ago。
Waited for about five minutes,I still didn’t see the patient said by my sister.。
Gu Yi goes out。
Open the ward door,His is a bit anxious,Walking around a woman wearing a disease service,,Low head is going to open the door,The two hit this way。
“what”Li Shuzhen was shocked,I can’t think of someone in my ward.。
Did not see the appearance of each other,I was hit by it.,The cane in the hand has been hit on the ground.。
Liuxu is http://www.jtyybz.cn inexplicable,How did she so unlucky recently??
NS,next moment,Her waist,A strong hand is tightly holding her。
Familiar aroma hits,Gu Yiyi,Low,Looking at the girl’s face,He is full of excitement。
“It’s you。”
“It’s you。”
Two people are in concert。
Gu Yi, the voice is can’t be trembled.。
Junmei, who looked at him, looking at it,He as always, the beautiful and beautiful,It’s just that the twilight of the taste is more deep than before.,He matures many。
Looking at him,The bottom is flashing and panic,I didn’t expect him to meet him so soon.。
Gu Yi dreams did not think,He will encounter her in Jiangyou。
They separate,There are six years in foot.。
In this six years,He went to the scenes of each meeting numerous times,But I didn’t expect to meet in this way.。
His and http://www.kangliex.cn Liuxu’s things,He never let anyone know,Just because you know,I can’t afford it.。
When she is walking,He did not let her leave,But let him leave him。
Since then,He often goes into the nightclub,Rendering his loneliness with the night。
Two people are right for a long time,Until Liuxu is uncomfortable“what”A sound。
Gu Yi came back to God,Looking at her feet hurt,Hug a princess,Turn around。
Liuxu is quietly leaning on his arms,His embrace,Still continued to warm。
This feeling,Let her feel very fulfilling,Satisfied,But I think about it six years ago.,She is full of haze。
And how can he appear here??
He is always in listening to your own news,Still monitoring her one fell?
“How can you in my ward??”
Her voice suddenly became very cold。
Gu Yi, the footsteps are slightly toned.,Put her carefully http://www.zzmaifang.cn on the bed。
Look at her down,See her face of her face,He hurts in his heart,Explain:“Bamboo,My sister let me send something to this ward.,I don’t know if you live here.。”
“younger sister?”
Li Shuyu looked up with him,“Your sister found。”
“Um!Her name is Blue Xin,Lu Shi Group Design Director。”