How the child’s personality is shaped

How the child’s personality is shaped

We also need to recognize the role of self-education in character development.

Let us participate in some social practice activities, improve our self-education ability, and strive to make ourselves optimistic, frank, sincere, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-improvement, humor, caring, cooperation, sympathy, understanding, enthusiasm, liveliness, etc.
  Personality shapes content.

  To shape one’s own character requires two aspects of work, one is to cultivate a good character, and the other is to correct the bad character.

In cultivating good character, we should give full play to the role of teachers, collectives, peers, and social practices in character building.

We know that we have a very strong “orientation”. Teachers are our role models. We hope to gain trust, attention and praise from teachers. Once we get these, we will get psychological satisfaction and self-esteem.Self-confidence follows.

If a student often gets praise from the teacher instead of reprimanding and abandoning, the student is likely to have inferiority and even hostility, resentment and other emotions. Over time, he will bury himself for the bad personality of loneliness, indifference, inferiority, jealousy, etc.Hidden danger.

No wonder Makarenko said: “The basic principle in my work is to try to ask more people, and try to face one person as much as possible.”

In addition, to give full play to the role of class collectives and companions, students should cultivate their self-control, discipline, courage, caring for the collective, hard work, and dedication.

The collective provides a good educational situation for the character formation of the students. A good class collective is like a huge melting pot of character. Makarenko said well, “Only when a person has a lengthy land to participate in a well-organizedIn the collective life of discipline, perseverance and pride, personality can be cultivated.

“Personality and its shaping significance.

  The word “personality” is a very rich concept in psychology, and there is still no unified definition.

However, it is generally believed that personality is a relatively stable and socially meaningful characteristic system formed in practical activities.

In the personality phase large system, there are three samples, which are characteristic system (ability, temperament, personality), dynamic system (motivation, need, interest, variables, etc.) and self-regulation system (self-awareness, self-evaluation, self-experience,Self-prediction, etc.).

Personality has a core level in the personality system. It is generally believed that the sum of the unique and stable psychological characteristics manifested in people’s attitudes and behaviors towards reality is called personality.

Because of the special part of personality in personality, when we shape our personality, we should focus on the cultivation of good personality.

  We know that the shaping of students’ personality has a very important relationship with the comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness, beauty, and labor, and has outstanding characteristics in the school’s psychological quality education.

Former Soviet Union educator Macalenko was particularly recognized for character education. He attributed the purpose of education to a “personal personality training plan” and regarded character as the core of personality.

Einstein once pointed out: “Excellent character and steel-like will is more important than wisdom and erudition . Intellectual achievement depends to some extent on the greatness of the character, which often exceeds people’s common understanding.

It can be seen that personality has a great effect on a person’s life and career, and it should be cultivated and shaped as soon as possible.

The formation of character is the “alloy” of innate and acquired. It is based on hereditary qualities, and gradually develops and develops through acquired education, environmental impact, and personal subjective efforts.

Personality has both stability and plasticity, so we should educate us in time to shape a good character.