Deal with women, do a superficial job

Deal with women, do a superficial job

Asked her to come out for the first time, but went all the way.

Ride to the estuary and accidentally kill a passing chicken!

She said it was disgusting, and I also felt very sorry. She also lost a dozen yuan for the chicken-raising wife.

Then, maybe the chicken retaliated against me, and for the first time in 10 years, I blew my tire halfway.

It is far from the scenic estuary and fell on the path of the barren mountains and ridges.

I had to push the car back, both were very embarrassed, and it was too late to get home.

  Before leaving, I asked, “Will you call me?

She yawned and said, “Wake up again.

“You say, do you still play?”

  Poor tour guide: Haha, the chicken had no reason with you and no revenge, but it happened to be because of you.

Can this be regarded as an escape?

If you do n’t puncture late, do n’t puncture early, and choose a date that is not important for you, choose a place in the wild mountains and mountains.

If you hit a debt, you are destined to repay it.

Pay it off, it will be all day long, the number of robberies has passed, good thing.

  So, would you be more comfortable?

  Luck is gone.

There is no drama, you have to see if you want to go on.

Destiny is like a drama, which one you sing and what role you play, sometimes you can’t decide.

The orchestration of nature, may not be a comedy.

But sometimes tragedies are more powerful and more popular.

For example, earlier in the Sichuan earthquake, Zhang Ziyi dropped the rally team to raise funds, but Sharon Stone threw out the “retribution saying”, both of them played well on the stage of life.Seen from the pole.

  Acting and acting must be “beautiful”, even if it is only “acting”, the surface effort often brings substantial benefits.

Women are most likely to do “surface” work, make-up, manicure, hair coloring, buying shirts, dressing up beautifully, at least, the chance of falling in love at first sight is more than the mean.

Therefore, women also value surface work the most, whether there is a “follow call” on dating, and they have said “I love you” several times . All of them must be scored.

  Men take the initiative to make phone calls, which is one of the “surface work”.

You sit and wait for her to call, it is both unhelpful and anxious. Why not call and ask her if she was tired or sleepy that day, showing caring consideration and taking the opportunity to make another appointment.

With luck, you can come to a good ending.