“Don’t do it yet,Let’s talk about the situation here,You know this site is not ours,”Scorpion knows clearly,A strong dragon can’t beat a local snake。

“You guys want,Since they dare to hack our goods,Then it must be fully prepared。”
“Maybe now,Many ambushes have been set up inside,Waiting for us in。”
The scorpion has a deep mind,Naturally can think of all situations。
“Firefox,Tell the base camp right away,Let them all out,Waiting on the periphery of the trading market。”
“It’s 7:23,If we haven’t come out yet at 8:30,It means the situation is not good,Let them destroy this place directly。”
The scorpion coldly said to Firefox,Obviously he is in a rage now。
Although angry,But he did not lose his mind。
“Yes,I will notify。”Firefox stays aside,Used the radio to start contact。
Chapter 22 Put a cold gun,Barrett showed great power
Once here,Qin Hao smelled a faint smell of blood。
From outside,This is a wild animal trading market,There are deer inside and outside,Broken limbs of bears and other animals。
But after Qin Hao’s sense of smell was improved by the medicine,Has significantly improved,He always feels that this smell of blood is consistent with the smell of blood in that village。
These animal carcasses outside are most likely to cover up the dirty trades carried out inside。
The crime of trafficking in wild animals and the crime of illegal trafficking organizations,That is not equivalent。
“No wonder,The data does not show the trading market of this illegal trafficking organization hidden here.。”
So concealed,It’s normal if no one investigates it。
“But what should I do to catch them all at once?”