at the same time,Just listen to the city lord Cao Wending and Xing Datou shouting loudly:“Show mercy!”

Lin Tianfu is the head of the Shenfeng Escort,Knowledgeable,I know that once Chen Xiu kills six doors,I’m afraid it will cause endless trouble,Also shouted loudly:“Brother Chen,No!”
The man only heard Chen Xiu snort in his ear,I just flew out sideways,A carp stood up,Feishen wants to fuck Chen Xiu again,Xing Catou shouted:“little six,Retreat!”
Command of the immediate boss,Although Xiao Liu was not reconciled, he obediently returned to Xing Catou,Said unconvinced:“master,I was not careful just now,Who is fast,The attack is weak,I can beat him!”
Xing Catou is silently looking at his apprentice,The other person on the side reminded in a low voice:“Yan Xiaoliu,Look at your own ribs!”
Yan Xiaoliu looked down and was shocked,I saw a big hole in my rib cage,If it wasn’t for Chen Xiu’s mercy just now,,I’m afraid I’ve been cracked!
Xing Catou stood up,Said politely:“This is Ye Chen who killed She Letian, a tyrant in Qinghe Town.,Just now the kid is unreasonable,Thank you for your mercy!”
“It’s not just your apprentice who was unreasonable just now,You can be equally arrogant!”Express
“I missed a hand,How could you be so polite?”
“It seems that the Primordial Continent is indeed a place where strength can speak,Go when it’s time to go,Don’t think about pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger!”
Chen Xiu’http://www.yeamax.cns heart fluttering,But seeing Xing catching head is already a lot more polite,He’s not cold,Is not cold or cold:“How offended。”
Not talking now,Quietly stood behind Lin Tianfu,He is afraid to talk more with these three head catchers,Can’t help but fight。
Lin Tianfu hurriedly reported his name,Kamikaze Escort also has some names in Aoki County Castle,Xing catches the head and dare not stand up,I simply asked a few things about last night,Lin Tianfu also answered politely one by one,In fact, these answers Xing Butou would have been asked by Daniel who came back early.。
See Lin Tianfu’s answer is the same as Daniel’s,I’m not asking too much now。Said to Cao Wending:“Lord Santo,WuiYiru killed my colleague this time,Down is anxious,I won’t be too polite with adults,Please send me two hundred soldiers,We are now entering the mountain to conduct a carpet search!”
“Take official business first,I will send someone back to the city to transfer troops!”
“Thanks a lot!”