Xiao Fan said:“Left yesterday,But it did come back this morning。”

Lin Yuner asked Xiao Fan:“Why are you back again?Didn’t we all discuss it??I’ll be back in two or three days,Why are you here again?Are you tired of running back and forth?”
Xiao Fan said:“Not tired,In order to see you earlier。”
Lin Yuner asked him:“What do you do when you come to the company??”
Xiao Fan said:“Isn’t the company gentle??And our company still has so many senior executives,What are professional managers afraid of?。”
Lin Yuna said:“The reason you didn’t eat last night was not because you worked late。Arrange cleanup early,Then come here。”
Xiao Fan said:“Wow,Yoona, you are so amazing,You can guess it。”
Lin Yuner gave Xiao Fan a roll of eyes and said to him:“Are you stupid?All agreed,I’ll go back immediately after working here for a few days,Why are you running back and forth??”
Xiao Fan said:“I’m not tired anyway。”
Lin Yuna said:“There is no place to rest when you come here,Where do you sleep?There are no vacant rooms。”
Xiao Fan said:“It’s alright,If there is really no room available, I will go back tonight,I’ll be back tomorrow morning,I’ll work with you anyway。I work hard,No other words。”
Lin Yuna said:“What are you talking about?I can run back and forth with you,I’ll go home with you, do you want。”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“Don’t let it go。 ”
Xiao Fan said to Lin Yoona again:“It’s okay if I live with the workers, it’s okay. I can’t deal with one night and two nights anyway。”
“I’ll follow you during the day,Go to the teaching building and do a good job,And I haven’t seen the teaching building there。”
“Take this opportunity,I can go and see if you have nothing in common with you when you work,I still want to see elsewhere。”
“This small village。I’m quite interested,Maybe it can be further developed,Some other things are possible to build a building here。”
“You don’t have to worry about me anyway,I am here,I want to be by your side anytime, anywhere,As long as you need me to shout,I came。”
“Then I want to see you?I can also come to see you right away。”