This proposal for Li Hui Feng,Ye Shuangzhou is naturally no more meaningful。

“Row,You choose,I will choose to find it directly.,And no accident,At the end of this year, it is a new round of village director.,Is there interest in Li??”
“Forehead,no,no,I don’t want to jump in the fire pit.。”
Li Hui Feng, but the pressure of Xu Laifu has so many years.,Just he is interested,I don’t want to do it.,After all, balance the relationship between the entire village,Also keep your relationship with the top,These things make him think about it。
He still likes it freedom.。
“alright,Since Lee my brother doesn’t think this idea,Then I don’t barely,Vegetable factory things you go to visit and see it.,I’m optimistic about talking directly.。”
Ye Shuangzhou doesn’t want too much to control the things of Li Hui Feng.。
After all, Li took the wind him or he understood.,Just exploitation,Whether you do anything is to benefit。
Just say the pig farm,Others raise pigs, I am afraid that I will not consider pollution problems.,But Li Hui’s first time is the problem of pollution.。
Vegetable factory is also,He can say that Li Hui Feng can be said to be very relieved.。
“Forehead,I am optimistic about this.?”
“Yup,You just have to be optimistic about it.,After all, let’s talk to two days.,This trust is not,That’s more and more。”
“Row,Then I will find it.。”
Li Hui promised to see the way。
Zhao Jiacun he first ruled out,After all, the land of Zhaojia Village is basically sold.,The question of Song Jiacun is Xu Laifu, always remembers some things that year.。
Taohua Village is a bit far away。
I want to go,He feels still a lotus village。
After all, the land of Lianhua Village is all of them.,Coupled with lotus villages in large shed area。
Still relying on a big river,It is also a good solution after the sewage purification treatment.。
Thinking for a long time,Li Hui Hui went to Xu Huifu.。
Xu Laifu has recently been more relaxed.。
The life in the village is getting better and better,The folks are getting more and more money,It is the best for him.。
Especially now as long as it is the youth of Lianhua Village,Basically, no wife。
Many people listen to Lotus Village,Rapida will have a homemade。
This is the same,Even people are willing to be in the door。
Such changes,Naturally, it is inseparable from Li’s credit.。
Lift Li Hui,Now there is no unpredictable whole lotus village.。
“Grandfather,Drink tea at home??”
Li Hui looked at the bottom of the small courtyard, Xu Lai Fu blened it in the tea cup.,Then I got a bite,Leisurely look,It is also the feeling of feeling Xu Laifu.。
Mood is also,I still understand the health.。
If this is the previous,Xu Laifu is not such a cool drinking tea.,Don’t say it’s gently.。