“Anyway, I will not raise idlers.,These things you help me sort.。”

The Daogu realm is still,Just as a hiker secretary,Help the spirit of the book and the book related to the nine-way,As a result,Can help the http://www.xiankezu.cn spirit to deal with complicated but not a tightening。
These things do not involve the core of nine turn,And boring,But it is part of the performance。
Spiritual sound,Daogam is blocked by the jade silk。
Yinyang Road fire arrangement,Taoist can’t resist the room,Horses are actually giving spirit。
As a result,A few hundred years,Under the thrill of the spirit,“Nine turn-up”Barely form,It’s just that some people need to verify it.。
This needs to find two or three talents.,Observe the entire process of their cultivation,Task for improvement。
Spiritual heart,Plan to go down the mountain to find an apprentice。
At this time, a white cloud is floating.,Falling in Jinxia Cave Door,White clouds,Out of a fat cactus。
“Brother,For a few hundred years,You have always been good?”
Fat cactus is the same as http://www.xunfeng123.cn the real person under the Yuan Sunda。
Spirit out,See him a bitter color,“Clean in the mountain,Have no effort。The brother is not going to find me.,Say。”
Too boss can see the spirit of the spirit.,Dirty,I want to know the brothers of all people.,Down to Yu Ding real cold noodles,Master respect,No wonder the teacher,Dedified Tibetan to him。
His mind is turning,Follow-up,“The teacher has left a magic pill and a spirit,Call me to destroy the magic pill,Lingzhu is looking for a good family,In the future, I will do the pioneer of the Wu Wang.,As a result, the younger brother went a time.,Tang Zhen Pills as Lingzhu,Reincarnation to Chen Tanguan General Li Jingji,Give birth to a baby name。
Although this baby is a natural killing,But essence is still teaching,He is destined to have a teacher,Treatment of the poor is wrong,Lead him into the right path,But there is a problem,That is the lacuuant of the Master of the Magic Pill.,Three years later,Spell,Tianji comes,He must be ten dead without life,Also ask the brothers, pity, I have been destined to have this disciple.,Teach me to solve the spell。”
It turned out that Yuan Shi Zun will leave the book to Yu Ding.,If there is a curse of the sky,Only Yu Ding really knows。
Too bifurcale, knowing that he is destined to have a disciple.,And if you have made a mistake?,It will not be the magic pill.,Harm to the world,Determined to suffer from ten dead。
Lingqi recalls it again,I found that Yu Ding real people did have a spell of the laculative spell.,And Yuan Shi Zun left a lotus lamp,At this time, it is in the hands of Taiyi.,He remembers that the lotus lamp should be the key things in this world.,So how many more people who have used too either in the future,So no hesitation,Teach the law of Tai B real people。
Tai B really has to understand the spell,Immediately, I want to go back to Chen Tanguan.。
The spirit of the soul is followed by the soul.,Ready to find disciples。
In fact, he saw that Tai B real person is the same as he knows.,Which disciples have been collected,I guess my heart,He is the disciple of this nine turn,Most of them are falling in that people named Yang.。
Be happy together,We will showcase,Sure enough, the fall of Yang Wei。
This is the life of Yu Ding real person.。
Shuntian escape,Against the war。The spirit is temporarily not going to fight against the sky.,Decided to take a look at it,Try another。
And that Yang Wei is really talent,I have a good harmful to him。
Although the practice is a strike,But I thought about the sky.,Or the number of times is right,That is also a problem with your brain.。
Monk as long as you do the right thing,And put into efforts,And not let foreign affairs have interfered with your heart.。
Lingxi Shi Shi Di Upper Yuquan Mountain。
This world also has a heaven,Built in the sky。
Today this largest,The world is not obvious,There are not many gods in territory.。
In short, I can describe it.,“Fairy,Tianery。”
The sky is coming from the Sanqing, one of the two sorrows.,This world is the ancestor of opening the land,Tianstrian is also born,This should be a clean。
As, the main jade emperor of today is not very stunned.,Since the three clears,I plan to rule,So I want to collect the fairy demon of the three worlds.,Really establishing the rule of three。
So an invisible fairy kill is brewing。
Linggui Jingluo Tianshu,After walking in the world,Naturally, this feeling。

“it is good!Got it,thank you!”

Xia Jian nodded to the waiter,Then wait for Heiwa to come over,So he gave him the little bag he carried。The two people walked inside。Maybe Zhou Li said hello to the door,As soon as they walked over,Then a little girl ran over,Took them to a special golf cart。
Sitting in this car,Looking at the beautiful scenery of the golf course,Xia Jian suddenly felt relaxed,I feel like returning to nature。If it wasn’t for this elegant place,He will yell a few times。
The car kept pulling them to Zhou Li’s rest pavilion before stopping。Xia Jiangang got out of the car,I saw http://www.guodalang.cn Zhou Li let go and walk towards him。
This woman’s white sweatshirt,I also wear big sunglasses on my face。Such a comparison,Her white face is even whiter。
“Waiting for you for a long time,You guys are a bit slow!”
Zhou Li laughed,And stretched out her white tender hand。
Xia Jian reached out,Shook her gently,Then he said with a faint smile:“Zhou Zonghao Yaxing,I chose such a beautiful place to play。Unfortunately you didn’t choose the right person,I am a person who doesn’t understand the joy of life,I’m afraid it will ruin your Yaxing”
“Why are you so poor now,Hurry up and change clothes!Let’s have fun today”
Zhou Li said,Reach out,Gently pulled Xia Jian。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I look good in this,No need to change,Besides, I didn’t bring any clothes”
“I’ve already been prepared by you,You go with my secretary!That’s like you,Playing golf in a suit,If you don’t believe me, look around。If you can find one,Then avoid”
Zhou Li said,So he grabbed Xia Jian’s arm。Her female secretary took a look,Ran over to La Xiajian,Makes Xia Jian very embarrassed,He doesn’t want to make a fool of himself in front of so many http://www.aukma.cn people,And followed Zhou Li’s secretary to the lounge。
A woman always has her advantages。Unexpectedly, Zhou Li prepared a set of sweatshirts for Xia Jian not only to wear properly,And he looks very handsome。He and Zhou Li go together,Jane is really a couple。This makes Xia Jian feel uncomfortable。Zhou Li is very happy,She saw Xia Jian came over,Suddenly happy like a little swallow。
Already here,Ze Anzhi。How does Zhou Li arrange,He can only play with her first。For golf,Xia Jian has been here before,The level of stool is smelly,So such a high-consumption place,He tries to avoid not coming,But sometimes it’s not so easy to avoid,Like today。
Zhou Li looked a little strange at Xia Jian,She took the trouble to teach Xia Jian again and again。Xia Jian didn’t care anyway。But when he saw sweat on Zhou Li’s forehead,She still has to teach him to http://www.thmos.cn play,Xia Jian is a little passive。So he calmed down and followed Zhou Li to learn。
By his ability,Quickly mastered the requirements。Unconsciously,It’s lunch time。Zhou Li said with a bit of reluctance:“You just don’t want to play with me,Deliberately?”

Have been waiting for a while,Still not waiting to come。

Gu Yi saw a time,There is still a meeting at two points.。
Jiangyue is very large,Sitting in the capital,He wants to expand its supermarket business,During this time, I found several suitable locations.,Preparation to decoration,These few years,He is in the career,Already has a small achievement,Revenue is also increased more than a few years ago。
Waited for about five minutes,I still didn’t see the patient said by my sister.。
Gu Yi goes out。
Open the ward door,His is a bit anxious,Walking around a woman wearing a disease service,,Low head is going to open the door,The two hit this way。
“what”Li Shuzhen was shocked,I can’t think of someone in my ward.。
Did not see the appearance of each other,I was hit by it.,The cane in the hand has been hit on the ground.。
Liuxu is http://www.jtyybz.cn inexplicable,How did she so unlucky recently??
NS,next moment,Her waist,A strong hand is tightly holding her。
Familiar aroma hits,Gu Yiyi,Low,Looking at the girl’s face,He is full of excitement。
“It’s you。”
“It’s you。”
Two people are in concert。
Gu Yi, the voice is can’t be trembled.。
Junmei, who looked at him, looking at it,He as always, the beautiful and beautiful,It’s just that the twilight of the taste is more deep than before.,He matures many。
Looking at him,The bottom is flashing and panic,I didn’t expect him to meet him so soon.。
Gu Yi dreams did not think,He will encounter her in Jiangyou。
They separate,There are six years in foot.。
In this six years,He went to the scenes of each meeting numerous times,But I didn’t expect to meet in this way.。
His and http://www.kangliex.cn Liuxu’s things,He never let anyone know,Just because you know,I can’t afford it.。
When she is walking,He did not let her leave,But let him leave him。
Since then,He often goes into the nightclub,Rendering his loneliness with the night。
Two people are right for a long time,Until Liuxu is uncomfortable“what”A sound。
Gu Yi came back to God,Looking at her feet hurt,Hug a princess,Turn around。
Liuxu is quietly leaning on his arms,His embrace,Still continued to warm。
This feeling,Let her feel very fulfilling,Satisfied,But I think about it six years ago.,She is full of haze。
And how can he appear here??
He is always in listening to your own news,Still monitoring her one fell?
“How can you in my ward??”
Her voice suddenly became very cold。
Gu Yi, the footsteps are slightly toned.,Put her carefully http://www.zzmaifang.cn on the bed。
Look at her down,See her face of her face,He hurts in his heart,Explain:“Bamboo,My sister let me send something to this ward.,I don’t know if you live here.。”
“younger sister?”
Li Shuyu looked up with him,“Your sister found。”
“Um!Her name is Blue Xin,Lu Shi Group Design Director。”

“exactly,I have some research on medicine.,Maybe help you,Mr. Walter wants to consider……”

The gravity of Walter began to aggravate,Outo retired some。
“enough,Oto!”Walt closed his eyes:“Stop these boring tests,If you want to know if I can still use the power of the law,I will show you now.。”
“Um……”Otto shakes his head,“Mr. Walter, you misunderstood,In front of the threat of the second law,We should pass the enemy as a friend.。”
Ali Stein knocked on the table,Open a virtual screen。
“Don’t waste time,Church,Let us start the meeting。”
Otto looked at Alinstan,Turning to Hanjiang,Stay more in him for a few seconds。
This look,Hanjiang is a little hair。
Cautious and suspicious http://www.songhuaer.cn inuto,He will not be like Xilin,Because of your own presence, some moths came?
“Is this a new generation of talents inverse entropy??”Outo does not look at the information on the screen,Instead, watching Hanjiang,Admire:“This is not a simple person.,Anime,Retrogractive entropy has one hand for cultivating talents.。”
Walter does not pick up,Han Jiang also does not pay attention to Otto。
Ai Minstan looks at the screen:“Mr. Bishop should know,We reverse entropy found the remains left by the last civilized era in North America.。”
“In that remains,We know that the collapse can not disappear.,but,Also writing something。”
“I used to have a scientist,Find a technique for sealing cracking。”
“Unfortunately,We look around the ruins,Didn’t find any information about this technology。”
Ai Minstan is paused,View Otto。
http://www.sxshengshi.cn “Subsequent,We are in the city found on the moon,I found that I was seal.,This proves this technology,Really exist。”
Outo heart smile,The two parties have produced a lot of contradictions due to the urban in the back of the moon.。
“If you can restore this technology,Human can completely seal the collapse,such a pity……”
Otto sang a red wine glass,“Unfortunately,According to what we know,In all remains of life discovery,There is no record of this technology。”
Ai Yestein control virtual screen,Plight:“Because of this technology,Not on the earth,But in the moon!”
“We analyzed the meteorite dropped from the moon.,The surface is rock,The internal is consisting of soul steel。”
“These soul steels include a special code,Just the meteorite in the falling earth,Most of them have been burned when passing through the atmosphere.。”
“If we can collect enough samples,By reverse engineering,Get a technique of sealing cracking。”
Han Jiang listened to the story of Alistan,I don’t think of her in my heart.。
To say that thoroughly sealing crash,Han Jiang dares to guarantee the backup of this technology in the void of Outo.。
Just Otto does not seal the crackle,He has its own ideas and intended。
Under the premise of mastering the collapse,Otto even promotes the development of collapse,What is it completely crashing?,Otto is not concerned,Even will damage。
“So I am going to go to a moon。”
“I need you to borrow me alone.,When I attract the second law,He collects soul steel samples in secret。”
“Ha ha。”Outo smiles very brilliant,“It’s a fun plan.。”
“However, this plan is not too risky.,After all, that technology,There is only a legendary。”
“Let you face the second law and my people,It is not proven technology to collect,this……”
Chapter 431 The money of the dead house is so good(Two in one)
Walter directly said:“I know that you have a little interest in the seal.。”
“Your goal,Is the power of the law,The second law is not coming out of the moon.,I think you should have a headache.?”
“When you have finished listening to the details of my plan,You will know,This is a trading that is very http://www.njllm.cnbeneficial to you.。”
Otto stood a little in place.,Then nodded。
Walter took a step forward,I don’t know what to say in Otto Er.。

at the same time,Just listen to the city lord Cao Wending and Xing Datou shouting loudly:“Show mercy!”

Lin Tianfu is the head of the Shenfeng Escort,Knowledgeable,I know that once Chen Xiu kills six doors,I’m afraid it will cause endless trouble,Also shouted loudly:“Brother Chen,No!”
The man only heard Chen Xiu snort in his ear,I just flew out sideways,A carp stood up,Feishen wants to fuck Chen Xiu again,Xing Catou shouted:“little six,Retreat!”
Command of the immediate boss,Although Xiao Liu was not reconciled, he obediently returned to Xing Catou,Said unconvinced:“master,I http://www.dsilearning.cn was not careful just now,Who is fast,The attack is weak,I can beat him!”
Xing Catou is silently looking at his apprentice,The other person on the side reminded in a low voice:“Yan Xiaoliu,Look at your own ribs!”
Yan Xiaoliu looked down and was shocked,I saw a big hole in my rib cage,If it wasn’t for Chen Xiu’s mercy just now,,I’m afraid I’ve been cracked!
Xing Catou stood up,Said politely:“This is Ye Chen who killed She Letian, a tyrant in Qinghe Town.,Just now the kid is unreasonable,Thank you for your mercy!”
“It’s not just your apprentice who was unreasonable just now,You can be equally arrogant!”Express
“I missed a hand,How could you be so polite?”
“It seems that the Primordial Continent is indeed a place where strength can speak,Go when it’s time to go,Don’t think about pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger!”
Chen Xiu’http://www.yeamax.cns heart fluttering,But seeing Xing catching head is already a lot more polite,He’s not cold,Is not cold or cold:“How offended。”
Not talking now,Quietly stood behind Lin Tianfu,He is afraid to talk more with these three head catchers,Can’t help but fight。
Lin Tianfu hurriedly reported his name,Kamikaze Escort also has some names in Aoki County Castle,Xing catches the head and dare not stand up,I simply asked a few things about last night,Lin Tianfu also answered politely one by one,In fact, these answers Xing Butou would have been asked by Daniel who came back early.。
See Lin Tianfu’s answer is the same as Daniel’s,I’m not asking too much now。Said to Cao Wending:“Lord Santo,WuiYiru killed my colleague this time,Down is anxious,I won’t be too polite with adults,Please send me two hundred soldiers,We are now entering the mountain to http://www.aicq99.cn conduct a carpet search!”
“Take official business first,I will send someone back to the city to transfer troops!”
“Thanks a lot!”


人在八百年前就已烧出了如此举世无双的神器,When I really should mention the sentence……It should not be the ubiquitual。”
Just finished,The money next to it always can’t wait to open.,“Summer,If you will sell this bowl to me,I am willing to have two billion,Twenty billion euros!”
This sentence,It’s like igniting a flame of explosive barrels.,The whole hall slammed,I suddenly appear in an instant。
These young people in the hall are not the master of identification,There is not much collection of hobby,Although I know this bowl value is high.,But only this。
But the total amount of 200 billion euros,Thoroughly put all http://www.shiliuzhuang.cn people to shook。
Two billion euros。
Is equivalent to one hundred or four billion yuan。
And in these people,Junyan, no extensive entrepreneurial success。
Just like Liu Qingqing’s Baihua Group,The profit of one year is just a billion。
There are still some young people in small family.,The whole family will not be able to take so much money.。
“If anyone can get one of the top ten rare treasures?,Put up a family absolutely no problem……”
Could not help but,People have thought about it before.。
I thought he was exaggerated.,I didn’t expect to be more exaggerated than him.。
Isn’t it an antique??
Even if you have a favorite value, you can’t value so much money.?
All over。

“It must be arranged by President Wu,President Wu is really more and more caring。”Wang Yufei couldn’t help but sigh。

After all, the company’s security work has been outsourced to Black Rabbit Security,Wu Guoqiang also specifically mentioned before that special protection for company executives,Including Ge Lingyue’s global trip,The bodyguards dispatched by the Black Rabbit Security will protect the whole process.。
Although this is only a temporary trip to Inner Mongolia,But Wang Yufei is the boss of the company after all,Or the head of the Quantum Brain Project,The itinerary was naturally reported with Ge Lingyue,It’s not surprising that Wu Guoqiang knew this。
“It may be that you are considered a national treasure。”Lu Yuxin judged like this。
of http://www.wxruilimr.cn course,It is also very possible。
If you think in this direction,Then the real-name ticket system alone can’t be concealed by interested people。
“National treasure??”Wang Yufei thought for a while,Probably the main reason is to be afraid of enjoying the technology?
It’s really hard to estimate the value of Changxiang Technology now.。
As for him……
Ok,Wang Yufei feels that he is really not that precious。
But this also made the teenager feel that he might be too pushy,Looking back, it’s actually more comfortable to be the boss behind the scenes。The unobtrusive life is the most wonderful。
Happy time is short after all。
Especially for Guo Xiaoyi。
According to Han Qian,This trip to Beijing is probably the last long vacation of Guo Xiaoyi’s entire high school period。
Next high school、High school three must not relax。
As a parent,Whether it’s Guo Jianfeng or Han Qian,I still hope http://www.czshunhao.cn that http://www.zhuangyan086.cn Guo Xiaoyi can be admitted to a first-class university by her own ability。
At least it can’t be too difficult for Teacher Yuan to do?

“Night,I will know that your guy cheats.,You just used the mind to make the picture carton.!”

“fart,Laozi’s technology is so good,Is it cheating?,A bald area,Taking me for many years of game technology,I am not a minute.。”
Just in the black sperm in the mind,Describe your own vibration arm,When the boss’s perfect picture,A figure suddenly hits him,Directly put his entire body into the wall。
And just inadvertently attached to the night of Si Yu,It feels behind that there seems to have no pain came from hitting.,Seeing the black briquette is completely embedded in the wall,Just act as a back。
But at this time, the night is not much.,Because the bald head is already ready to delete the game record,Plan to destroy the evidence of the three wins just five games。
“Your bald head is really inspirable.,Want to do it is,Eat Laozi!”
Dragon Ball World Practice Game Technology,That is to hang the bald head toward one day,Now he is hard to win once.,Naturally, it will not let the bald head succeed。
So the game,Soon, I evolved into a real derived.,Qi Yu’s hand just hit the game’s delete file,I suddenly felt that it is a crazy strike.,Then he was directly flying directly.。
And this punch,Can be more than that of Qi Yu just,The body of the bald flying directly crashed into the wall of the room.,It became a meteor to fly away from the distance。
And the night is also instantly igniting blue airlamps,Super blue storm,Directly swept everything in the house,Subsequently, the body is also taken out.,Packed the Qiyu flying out before。
And the moment of blue airlane broke out in the night,The picture in Jenos is constantly jumping out of the red pop-up window.。
A bunch of high energy warnings,Continuous let Jenos keep the distance from each other,Energy response to each other,Already exceeded the operating limit of the computer!
Before“Warfare”after,Jenos’s equipment,It’s updated here.,Especially the force calculator,Is Jenostere Doboto Los Update。
But now Jienos sorrow discovery,No matter the speed of his war computing device update,,It seems that the speed of the strength and the power of the night, and the power limit of the teacher who can’t calculate the teacher.。
Looking at the nights like the explosion,Jenos is naturally not hesitant,Data compared to the game with Qi Jade,Jenos absolutely practical data clearly helps him more help。
As for the sweetness of the stove in the room, the black sperm,At this time, it is facing each other.。
They didn’t think of dreaming,Playing a fighting game,Actually, I’m playing with a real person.?
Black sperm looks at the far away Siyu and Night,Take a look at the sweetness of the side,The eyes are turned,Thinking now,Suitable for running?
Take the war of Qi Yu with the night,If you have discovered yourself by the other party,Then the consequences can naturally know,So after thinking,Black refinement or feel this kind of good opportunity,To save the next door
Being a punch,Make free falls in the air,But soon, I’ve been chasing the night.。
And a hammer that has been in the night’s eyes directly to the bald head,Let the light head free fall speed,Directly suddenly the third universe speed,Take the ground directly to the ground。
And look at the huge crater that appears on http://www.wffsj.cn the ground,Night in the air figure instantly dismissed,Brew into a large number of sandstorms。
at the same time,Heroes Association Headquarters Headquarters,The huge energy impact is detected at this time.,Judgment should be a geek disaster.。
“coordinateX666,Y666,Reaction according to energy reactions,Speculative disaster level is“Dragon”,But this value is still rapidly rising!”
The emergence of dragon-level disasters,I am alarmed the Heroes Association’s West,And see the coordinates of disasters,Xiqi is also tightly frowning,Because that position is actuallyZcity。
Chapter 945 Also become a strong bald head
If it is before,Monster happeningZcity,This will not make people feel strange.,Because it is itself a geek number area。
But since the war of the Ark Association,Showing terrorism will be better than the http://www.youzhihuagui.cn goddess race,NightlyZcity,Has been a blame’s penalty area。
And because of this reason,ZCity from the original high-risk area,Changed the high price area with ground prices。
But nowZcity,Actually there is a dragon-level energy reaction,In other words, the dragon level may appear.,Even the monsters。
“Notify Miss No. 18,ZLong-level disasters in the city,Her chance of her exhibition is coming。”
Xiqi did not think,Today, I just promised the 18th.,I suddenly appeared a dragon level today.。
To know“Dragon geek”Not a big cabbage?,Generally this kind of geeks,It is very few,
And this level of geeks,Usually evenSLevel hero does not necessarily handle。
But the strength of today’s 18th,Give a sufficient confidence in Xiqi,The same is not ordinarySLevel hero can be comparable。
But look at the continuous improved http://www.bomexsolar.cn energy response on the screen,Xichen hesitated,Still let people notify itSLevel hero’s throttle dragon roll and hell’s blow。
Xiqi’s idea is simple,If the 18th can solve the dragon-level disaster alone, it is nature.,If not,Also have a thrilling dragon, their level of insurance。
As for the new hero association,At this time, I also detected it.ZCity huge energy reaction,And also quickly responded quickly。
Self-defense team captain Axus、Original Heroes AssociationSLevel hero metal bat、Papo master lightning,Magnolio high,Four team leaders also wear a big pile of new hero associations,Ready to go to disaster location。
Although the weirdo appeared in this period of time,But most of them are a row of rivals.,Even ghosts are very small。

Two body shapes in the field are generally moving,Leave a debris。

Various exquisite killings,Every moment of instant dozens of times。
They are constantly colliding,High-speed attack。
Two people attack the enemy,Let all the masters have changed color,Then I looked at my eyes.。
In their eyes,Jun is at least to the virtual master。
And the battle of virtual masters,For many people,They are all in the event of a thousand years.。
This scene is too short.。
No one minute before and after,Bombard,A figure is bombarded in the air。
Vomiting blood。
It is http://www.bcaofan.cn Victoria。
So-called retreat,But it is a strong secret。
It is impossible to really call the blood of the ancestor.。
Victoria can force all the strengths,It is already enough to be proud。
“Victoria……”Summer figure ran out,Just just run a few steps,Stand unstable,The whole person fell on the ground。
He is also the same as the Junli Time.,But every hit in the summer is full,Consumption of spirit。
After that, you will be integrated with yourself.,Conside by gold needle,Strong combination。
Simply,He did not suffer too much trauma,Introduction is not heavy,But the evacuation of spiritual gods and vitality,Let him fight back。
But Victoria is different,Two transmissions,The whole person has been reddish by blood.。
Summer standing again,Do your best to rush to Victoria,“Victoria,How are you so stupid?……”“No relationship,Anyway, I am living for so many years.……”Victorian face is white,It is completely uncomfortable,“But also……We,We really have aid,As long as……Just insist on……Summer,You must live……”Not http://www.nanninglianlv.cn finished,Victorian look,The pupil is gradually scattered.。
“Victoria……Don’t scare me.……”Summer face is extremely rare to reveal the color of panic,Check her injury in Victoria。
Nai,At this moment, there is not only endless interest in his body.,Even mysterious energy consumes an empty。
“Ah……”Summer heart is like a knife,Be mad,Like a hurtful beast, it is generally rushing up.。
At this moment he feels heart in the blood,Constantly pray,Pray that Victoria is only temporary coma……But the scattered pupil and the gradual stop heartbeat,Let summer painstate。
“Turn to you。”
Jun Lin hand-held sword。
His body,Also left by Victoria a few injuries,Outline blood。
Summer is quiet,Put Victoria in the arms。
I have no need to say anything now.,Just look cold and looks at the Junli。
“You are very sad,Only one woman is willing to go for you.。”
Junli voice,Appeal。
But at this moment, his heart has a lot of pressure.,That kind of bad feelings are getting stronger and more strong.。
Summer has not responded,Just scorn each other。
“Since this,Then you will die.。”
Jun Lin face,Strong force torn air,狠 着。

“N’t why,You a civilian,Can’t help God!”Seal the cold and cold。

“laugh,Yuan said that you are always with him.,Then you should know,God’s gods in your mouth,Once too’civilian’!”Yun Qin,Obviously, I don’t believe the rhetoric of Feng Xu.。
Feng Xu Wei,Junqin,As if it is angered。
“How can you compare God and you??!”
“God is now the god of the whole South Wing,Supremacy,You are now alone or a door http://www.pkei8s.cn owner of Xiao Yunxiao don’t know the cloud.!Is there any qualification to mention God!”
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS418chapter Cheroid Princess
“”Yun Qin。
Looking at such exciting Fengxu,Yunqin really didn’t endure,Think more。
“I see,It seems that you really have a great opinion on me.。”Yunqin nodded:“only,you have,‘so’,Idea,Did you know??”
Feng Xu blinks,Ironically looked at Yunqin,“What’s the meaning?!You are ready to tell?!”
“Conformity?”Yunqin looked like a fool, glanced。
“Why do I want to let the Yuan know that you have this kind of mind to Yuanyuan??!Yuanyuan is my whole person.,I told him about this matter.,Is it necessary to give yourself a love??!”
“!!!”Feng Xu。
Who can tell him?,How is the topic to the enemy??!!
“Oh~I see!It turns out that this is your purpose.!You want to pass me,Let Yang Zhi,You know what he is not known,Let http://www.tyxlsh.cn Chang Yuan noticed you!”
“I said brothers,I have a child with Changyuan.,You still want to insert us into the middle,Do you know what you call this behavior??Small three!”Yun Qin means deep road。
“!!!”Feng Xu was shocked by Yunqin!
Stunned,I haven’t spoken for a long time.!
he,He didn’t think,This woman can actually come up with such a wonderful reason.!she,She actually said that he,I have that feeling for God?!!
What is this one?!Actually,Can you want to get this reason?!
do not know why,Originally, the enemy of Yunqin has hostile.,I actually feel that this enemy is so low.!
finally,This conversation is in the endless words of Feng Xu.,No one knows what the two have said in the end.,When you ask for a long time,Yunqin is just a mysterious smile,Not more。
the next day,With Anheng back, it can be reached.。
I saw Yunqin surprised.。In this ocean,Basically, the place where men,She finally saw a very beautiful girl.,It’s so happy.!
The purpose of the seal can be called back,Just want the seal to accompany Yunqin in front of the big marriage,Tour more and down on the South Wings。
Yes,Although the South Wings, the South Wings is busy.,But Yunqin does not know what is busy with the South Wing Palace?。
Yunqin decided to open the cloud doctors to the South Wings,so,I have been busy with the cloud doctor these days.。
It’s now.,It was blocked and went out.。
have to say,Although sealing character seems to be cold in other people,but,Probably shopping is a woman’s natural talent,Viship to the street,It seems that I have completely changed my personal.,For the delicious fun of every day, like several,Very professional!
The Hua Xiaoyu, who was first arrived in the god, was also very interested in the city of the South Wing.,Just followed it together.。Three women went to the huge palace like this.,Do not know,Just after they left,Nanyi Shenqong,Welcome http://www.puhuisl.cn a distinguished guest。
When the doorman came to report,It is the view of Feng Xu.。
“Maintenance method,Donghai Princess。”
Fengxu’s eyesight,Expression:“Where is people??”
“Be in the east gate,Please also ask the law to tell God Jun.?”Goalman asked。
Although I saw the maintenance method,But this kind of thing,They all need to report to God’s。
“I see,You go back first.!”Feng Xu said。
The patron will leave very quickly,Back to your own position。