Osheng bought singles and doubles,The normal odds are one to one,But the casino rules 20 draws。

In fact, this rule of drawing water is the real magic weapon for the gambler not to be afraid of the gambler winning.,No matter how powerful a gambler,Twenty hands down, the king of gambling is already a sure bet。
I’m not afraid of you winning, I’m afraid you won’t bet!
822 How can science and technology achieve magic
Ou Sheng takes back 1.9 million chips,Said mockingly at Bei Shiguang:“Bragging,80%Win rate!”
Bei Shiguang’s face was flushed red,After a pass to the calculation,This time I just threw one hundred thousand chips to the double。
“This one must win!”
Other gamblers also bought doubles,O Sheng put another two million on the bill。
Turn the turntable up again,Beads falling。
“13number、single、Second District、Green Wave Win;double,Pass kill!”
Bei Shiguang was a little bit superior in losing,It’s fast calculation with pen and paper,Luo lists a lot of formulas,In the end, I placed 200,000 on the double top。
Chen Xiu saw An An shaking his head,This Bei Shiguang uses physics knowledge to calculate is indeed accurate,But he doesn’t know,Gambling is ten gambling and nine cheating,Even more accurate,How could his puppetry be so powerful?,If you want the beads to jump in that square, that square。
The main thing is,Bei Shiguang’s mentality has collapsed。
He bet ten thousand first,The second bet one hundred thousand,The third one is 200,000,Always stack back,Totally in the gambler’s heart,Thinking of winning back all the previous losses。
“In that case,Give him a deep lesson,His talent should be placed on physics,Not on gambling!”Chen Xiu thought。
The next more than 20 games in a row,Bei Shiguang loses everything,I doubt my life,In the end, there were only less than 30,000 chips left,I have calculated more than 20 pages of paper but dare not start。