“N’t why,You a civilian,Can’t help God!”Seal the cold and cold。

“laugh,Yuan said that you are always with him.,Then you should know,God’s gods in your mouth,Once too’civilian’!”Yun Qin,Obviously, I don’t believe the rhetoric of Feng Xu.。
Feng Xu Wei,Junqin,As if it is angered。
“How can you compare God and you??!”
“God is now the god of the whole South Wing,Supremacy,You are now alone or a door http://www.pkei8s.cn owner of Xiao Yunxiao don’t know the cloud.!Is there any qualification to mention God!”
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS418chapter Cheroid Princess
“”Yun Qin。
Looking at such exciting Fengxu,Yunqin really didn’t endure,Think more。
“I see,It seems that you really have a great opinion on me.。”Yunqin nodded:“only,you have,‘so’,Idea,Did you know??”
Feng Xu blinks,Ironically looked at Yunqin,“What’s the meaning?!You are ready to tell?!”
“Conformity?”Yunqin looked like a fool, glanced。
“Why do I want to let the Yuan know that you have this kind of mind to Yuanyuan??!Yuanyuan is my whole person.,I told him about this matter.,Is it necessary to give yourself a love??!”
“!!!”Feng Xu。
Who can tell him?,How is the topic to the enemy??!!
“Oh~I see!It turns out that this is your purpose.!You want to pass me,Let Yang Zhi,You know what he is not known,Let http://www.tyxlsh.cn Chang Yuan noticed you!”
“I said brothers,I have a child with Changyuan.,You still want to insert us into the middle,Do you know what you call this behavior??Small three!”Yun Qin means deep road。
“!!!”Feng Xu was shocked by Yunqin!
Stunned,I haven’t spoken for a long time.!
he,He didn’t think,This woman can actually come up with such a wonderful reason.!she,She actually said that he,I have that feeling for God?!!
What is this one?!Actually,Can you want to get this reason?!
do not know why,Originally, the enemy of Yunqin has hostile.,I actually feel that this enemy is so low.!
finally,This conversation is in the endless words of Feng Xu.,No one knows what the two have said in the end.,When you ask for a long time,Yunqin is just a mysterious smile,Not more。
the next day,With Anheng back, it can be reached.。
I saw Yunqin surprised.。In this ocean,Basically, the place where men,She finally saw a very beautiful girl.,It’s so happy.!
The purpose of the seal can be called back,Just want the seal to accompany Yunqin in front of the big marriage,Tour more and down on the South Wings。
Yes,Although the South Wings, the South Wings is busy.,But Yunqin does not know what is busy with the South Wing Palace?。
Yunqin decided to open the cloud doctors to the South Wings,so,I have been busy with the cloud doctor these days.。
It’s now.,It was blocked and went out.。
have to say,Although sealing character seems to be cold in other people,but,Probably shopping is a woman’s natural talent,Viship to the street,It seems that I have completely changed my personal.,For the delicious fun of every day, like several,Very professional!
The Hua Xiaoyu, who was first arrived in the god, was also very interested in the city of the South Wing.,Just followed it together.。Three women went to the huge palace like this.,Do not know,Just after they left,Nanyi Shenqong,Welcome http://www.puhuisl.cn a distinguished guest。
When the doorman came to report,It is the view of Feng Xu.。
“Maintenance method,Donghai Princess。”
Fengxu’s eyesight,Expression:“Where is people??”
“Be in the east gate,Please also ask the law to tell God Jun.?”Goalman asked。
Although I saw the maintenance method,But this kind of thing,They all need to report to God’s。
“I see,You go back first.!”Feng Xu said。
The patron will leave very quickly,Back to your own position。