Certification of Yunnan Chengjiang Real Estate Registration Convenience Service and then upgrading

Since 2020, Yunnan Province Chengjiang City has implemented in-depth implementation of the spirit of "ventilation suits" reform and optimizing the environmental work conference, closely around "do not seek people, approval, and runs most", from streamlined, convenient, Quickly start, take the tree benchmark, the creation point, strong service, and continuously improve the work mechanism of real estate registration and handling process work, and comprehensively promote the improvement of real estate registration work. Entering the Chengjiang City Government Service Hall, I only see the window of the real estate registration certificate is under an orderly business, to optimize window settings, streamlined processes, promote one-stop convenience service, real estate trading department, registration department, and tax department unified to government services The hall, set the comprehensive acceptance window, implement "one window acceptance, parallel handing". At the same time, there is also a green channel, setting up a business window, promoting property rights registration services into enterprises, entering the community, entering the family, and focusing on the problem of the masses "to have difficulty, difficult to test".

The person in charge of Chengjiang City Real Estate Registration Center said that since the unification of the real estate is launched on 28 June 2016, the center is strictly in accordance with the relevant regulations, the registration of pre-trial verification – application acceptance – preliminary review – charge – certification – archiving " Process, and combined with the registration application materials required for dispersion, the real estate registration business is carried out to ensure that registration within 30 working days of legal processing.

October 2020, by adopting real estate registration and housing transaction payment, "one window acceptance, parallel handling" model and real estate registration, and further streamlined application materials, such as comprehensively cancel the copy of identity certificate, Cancellation of shareholder meeting resolutions, cancel the materials such as laws and regulations such as marriage relationships, and further simplify registration processes, such as consolidation or cancellation, and optimize to "Apply Acceptance – Review Walkbook – Fees – Archive" registration Process, eventually complicated to 2 working days to complement the time limit, improve the quality of service, enhance the masses.

"Now, give our business and owners to the most direct, most beneficial to provide our business and owners to provide a green channel, owners and enterprises come to handle, it is more fast, efficient, almost everything, almost every day. Neited.

Li Deliang, Manager of a Real Estate Development Company, Chengjiang City, said.

The relevant person in charge of the Chengjiang City Real Estate Registration Center, in addition to this, in order to improve the quality of service, help economic development, Chengjiang City Real Estate Registration Center is also limited to the registration time limit, and the real estate registration is committed to the commitment time limit to 2 working days, And strengthen planning supervision, improve planning enforcement, and eliminate the behavior of "first getting on the car, after getting on the car". The relevant person in charge of Chengjiang City Real Estate Registration Center said that the next step will continue to adhere to the "registration and efficient service according to law", do a good job in various registration work, and effectively improve the business and the masses. (Hou Rui, Bao Na Chengjiang Municipal Rong Mongolian Media Center) (Editor: Mu Jingyu, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.