Mi Xiaochong glanced at Huang Shaotian gratefully,Immediately cast his eyes on the lake。

In fact, he faintly guessed something,When Master Wuhao defeated the evil god of Gupan,Seems to have another helper,And the inhuman expert who has always stayed with Wu Hao also indirectly proved this.。
How many secrets are there in Wu Hao?,Actually no one can tell!
From the red mist,Faintly shaking。
A moment later,Something came out of the lake one after another。
Everyone took a closer look,Almost taken aback。
Because I walked out of the lake,Turned out to be a monster。Behind it,Follow a dozen beast monsters along the way,One by one,Without duplicate。
Although the strength of the Golem Giant is not bad,But Mr. Wu Hao is here,And there is a forty-fifth level master,So Long Zhanye and Tu Shanming are very calm,No one acted rashly。
Wait for the magic shadow giant to come closer,Talent discovery,This ghost giant seems to be different from the ones I dealt with last time。
Although the appearance looks 80% similar to the previous Golem Giant,But the shape of this one is more powerful,The armor on the body is also thicker,And most importantly,It does not carry weapons。
And an even more shocking scene appeared,The shadow giant is taciturn,When I walked all the way to Master Wuhao,Kneel down on one knee,Give him a gift。
Golem giant kneels like this,The monsters following it all bow down to the ground,Seem unusually submissive。
And Master Wu Hao is about this scene,Seems to have been in his expectation,Not surprised,Instead, take the initiative,Reached out and touched the armor of the shadow giant。