Xia Jian was eating,I thought about it and said to Tong Jie:“This kind of snack is not only available in Pingyang Town,If you apply for a patent in advance,Then we will industrialize this snack in the future,Do you think about the concept”

“Yes indeed!Mr. Xia’s brain is so smart。Mayor Tong,I think Mr. Xia’s idea is great,We have to get this done right away,Wait for the opportunity in the future to develop slowly”
When Wei Xiaoming heard Xia Jian say this,,He immediately got the spirit。
Tong Jie laughed and said:“It seems that my trip is worth it。Can really form industrialization,That’s great,It also solved the employment problem of the first person in Pingyang Town”
“Nowadays, the understanding of autocratic power is becoming more and more important。Our Pingyang Town actually has many local characteristics,You two come down and study it。Register more distinctive patents like this in the name of Pingyang Town Cooperative。Even if you don’t do this in the future,Others want to do,But the patent is with you”
Xia Jian was talking,While drawing with a pen on the paper。
Tong Jie smiled and said:“You are now a veritable businessman。A snack can be a business run,I don’t know what you think in your head”
“What do you think?Isn’t it just thinking about making the lives of the people in Pingyang Town better and better??As long as you have an idea in your heart,No matter what,You will wonder if doing this will bring any benefits to the people”
Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。His time is tight,Although others are back,But Bucheon’s bidding,He can’t let go。
Tong Jie nodded and said:“Mr. Xia is right。Don’t worry,I’m not going anywhere, Tong Jie,Just die in Pingyang Town!Since Ma Yan is going out to work,Then you bring me a word,Ask them to submit another copy of the plan for building a new countryside to me,To be directly delivered to me”
“it is good!Goodbye”
Xia Jian just left,Unambiguous。He got these two things,I have to go home again to make arrangements,After that, he has to rush to Bucheon。He didn’t even have a chance to visit his Hongjian company。
Wei Xiaoming chased to the yard,He whispered to Xia Jian:“President Xia!If Zhao Chunling and I become,You have to be our witness,I have to book this in advance”