Two body shapes in the field are generally moving,Leave a debris。

Various exquisite killings,Every moment of instant dozens of times。
They are constantly colliding,High-speed attack。
Two people attack the enemy,Let all the masters have changed color,Then I looked at my eyes.。
In their eyes,Jun is at least to the virtual master。
And the battle of virtual masters,For many people,They are all in the event of a thousand years.。
This scene is too short.。
No one minute before and after,Bombard,A figure is bombarded in the air。
Vomiting blood。
It is Victoria。
So-called retreat,But it is a strong secret。
It is impossible to really call the blood of the ancestor.。
Victoria can force all the strengths,It is already enough to be proud。
“Victoria……”Summer figure ran out,Just just run a few steps,Stand unstable,The whole person fell on the ground。
He is also the same as the Junli Time.,But every hit in the summer is full,Consumption of spirit。
After that, you will be integrated with yourself.,Conside by gold needle,Strong combination。
Simply,He did not suffer too much trauma,Introduction is not heavy,But the evacuation of spiritual gods and vitality,Let him fight back。
But Victoria is different,Two transmissions,The whole person has been reddish by blood.。
Summer standing again,Do your best to rush to Victoria,“Victoria,How are you so stupid?……”“No relationship,Anyway, I am living for so many years.……”Victorian face is white,It is completely uncomfortable,“But also……We,We really have aid,As long as……Just insist on……Summer,You must live……”Not finished,Victorian look,The pupil is gradually scattered.。
“Victoria……Don’t scare me.……”Summer face is extremely rare to reveal the color of panic,Check her injury in Victoria。
Nai,At this moment, there is not only endless interest in his body.,Even mysterious energy consumes an empty。
“Ah……”Summer heart is like a knife,Be mad,Like a hurtful beast, it is generally rushing up.。
At this moment he feels heart in the blood,Constantly pray,Pray that Victoria is only temporary coma……But the scattered pupil and the gradual stop heartbeat,Let summer painstate。
“Turn to you。”
Jun Lin hand-held sword。
His body,Also left by Victoria a few injuries,Outline blood。
Summer is quiet,Put Victoria in the arms。
I have no need to say anything now.,Just look cold and looks at the Junli。
“You are very sad,Only one woman is willing to go for you.。”
Junli voice,Appeal。
But at this moment, his heart has a lot of pressure.,That kind of bad feelings are getting stronger and more strong.。
Summer has not responded,Just scorn each other。
“Since this,Then you will die.。”
Jun Lin face,Strong force torn air,狠 着。