45 million bank deposits disappear, Hebei Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau: bank deposits violate regulations

45 million bank deposits “disappear”, Hebei Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau: bank deposits violate regulations
On April 9th, Sauna and Yewang were exclusively informed by Wang Xiangyang (pseudonym), the actual controller of Hebei Yangtian Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yangtian Communications”), for the “disappearing 45 million bank” reported by Sauna Yewang Telescope.In the case of “deposits”, he received a letter of response from the Letters and Visits of the Hebei Supervision and Administration Bureau of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission in the middle of March (hereinafter referred to as the “submission”).The submission stated: “The Agricultural Bank of China Yuanshi Sub-branch has violated regulations in the course of conducting business.For violations in the bank’s business process, our bureau will deal with them according to law.”On December 6 last year, Sauna.com published an in-depth report on the” disappearing 45 million bank deposits “, which quickly sparked heated discussions.According to reports, in 2012, in order to obtain a high interest rate, Wang Xiangyang entrusted the accounting director to deposit 45 million yuan in batches in a bank of Yuanshi.In the meantime, Wang Xiangyang once accumulated a “commitment letter”, promising a deposit period of one year, no inquiry, no advance withdrawal, no online banking, no SMS reminder.Two years later, when the company needed to withdraw money from the bank due to business needs, it found that the huge amount of overdue money had disappeared.The police investigation found that between August 2012 and December 2013, Wei Yanjun and his gang used fake stamps to transfer the funds deposited by Yangtian Communication to the account of Shijiazhuang Detian Trading Co., Ltd. under its actual control.In the meantime, due to the replacement of the seal by Yangtian Communications, Wei Yanjun and his co-workers made a second set of fake stamps, which once again tricked the bank into stealing.On the afternoon of the report, the staff of the Hebei Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau responded to the sauna. Yewang said: “We have received relevant information on this matter and paid close attention to it. This case is under court trial.If any illegal behaviors are found in the bank, they will be investigated and dealt with according to law.”After that, the Hebei Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau established an investigation team to investigate this matter.”The above submissions show that after investigation and verification, from August 13, 2012 to May 28, 2014, the reconciliation method between ABC Yuanshi Sub-branch and Yangtian Communication was by post, which did not meet the requirements of the Agricultural Bank of China Hebei BranchThe “Administrative Rules for Account Management” stipulates that “where depositors open settlement accounts across administrative regions, they shall adopt door-to-door reconciliation”.Regarding the issue of “seals”, the submission stated: “The Yuanshi County Public Security Bureau has filed an investigation for the crime of forging a corporate seal by criminal suspects. At present, the judicial organ is under trial and our bureau will continue to pay attention.”Sauna, Ye Dawei, editor of the night net Li Caiwei proofreading reporter Li Ming’s mailbox: lidawei @ xjbnews.com